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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  January 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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9:00 on this saturday. live team coverage as we check conditions all across the region and in your neighborhood. let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz . the conditions vary where you live. >> much, much less to the south and much more to the north. we have snow on storm number one and two comes sunday night and into monday. the heavy portion of that storming moving up to the northeast into new england. we have just some patchy light precipitation now. a little bit of rain a couple of snow makes but nothing significant. temperatures at or above the freezing mark and with the help of the sun's rays the roads are on the wet side. we find some patchy, light rain.
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tupper 30s so i don't expect any kind of icing during the day. there may be icy patches tonight. then we deal with storm number two am. the seven day in a few minutes. we are watching the roads for trouble spots. a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. the gerard point bridge. it's a little bit cloudy out there. at philadelphia international airport there is an average deof about 35 minutes for arriving flights. also some skroelgs at the bottom of your screen. there's still a number of accidents on the roads. there have been 126 crashes this morning and 225 other drivers have called for help. the advices we've been giving to
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drivers, be careful. if you can, stay home. any trouble spots right now? >> right now we're not seeing any trouble spots. we've moved above the freezing mark which is great. this is a shot in the lehigh valley. you can see on the roadways now this is a look at i-78 and according to penndot there is a speed restriction because of the weather so we're going to check back in shortly and we'll have an update for you. this is a live look at spring garden very little volume on the roadways now which is in keeping with the saturday morning as overnight they worked quickly to lay salt.
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95 is the main thoroughfare. we are not seeing any problems fortunately on 95. we'll take a look at new jersey roads. >> good news out there this morning. >> team coverage continues on this first alert weather day with a look it at the roads from the street level. randy gyllenhaal is live in storm force 10. randy, have you had any problems navigating the highway ss and side streets? >> reporter: we've been up and down the schuylkill and much of the snow melting further south. here on the side streets let me show you a live picture as we drive down right off main street. you can see the side streets are starting to get a little better. we have four or five inches lots of heavy, wet snow. this is the problem we're going to be facing. the power lines could cause problems because the snow is so
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heavy and wet. we even saw a transformer start sparking earlier in the morning that will be part of the problem going forward as well as cleaning out all of the sidewalks and the top of these cars because this is such heavy snow that it will take a lot of effort to get your car cleaned off. take it easy. we could see power outages. we're live in landsdale. that heavy, wet snow. be careful if you are shoveling or clearing off your sidewalks. if you are planning to fly today or picking somebody up at the airport, the faa has issued a ground delay at philadelphia international. flights are running 35 minutes behind schedule. some two dozen flights have been canceled. the best advice check with your airline before heading out to the airport or call the
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airport's toll free information line. some crews got a head start clearing sidewalks early this morning. they began as the snow was still coming down. these men were plowing here in north philadelphia just after midnight. from north philly let's head out to bucks county and check in with matt delucia live in bensalem. earlier you were in who arehorsham . >> reporter: we went down the road a couple hours ago and the roads seem to be improving. this is street road a mile away from i-95. it's still wet. some of that heavy slush out here. a big difference on the roads from what we saw around 4:00 this morning.
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we took the extension and this was a mixed bag of precipitation. first snow, then rain, then snow again, sleet, and back to a little more rain. they were pushing the slippery mix off to the side and quite a few people have been out trying to shovel all this. they are trying to get round one cleaned up before round two comes tomorrow. >> it's definitely plowable snow and got to shovel off these sidewalks and take care of the properties for sure. >> reporter: is it difficult to drive in? >> the main roads are looking good. side streets and the parking lots are getting worked on. the main road is pretty wet. >> reporter: and that snow is very heavy. it does pack pretty well and you can see what the plows are doing out here, pushing a lot of that slush off to the side of the road and you can see just how icy it is.
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i'm actually slipping a little bit, so i'm going to get out of the way. you can see the road in bensalem. that guy told me he already has back pain from shoveling all this snow. there have been some weather related accidents and power outages. the bulk of outages are in delaware county. we're seeing the heavy, wet snow piling up on the power lines and tree branches but the roads, the major ones at least, seem to be improving as the morning continues. live in bensalem i'm matt delucia. this morning penndot is still out on the roads making sure they're safe for drivers who have plans this morning. brad rudolph joins me live for an up. good morning, brad. >> good morning, rosemary. >> tell our viewers where are your crews really seeing those difficult, really impassable areas? [ inaudible ]
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there are some speed restrictions not in the philadelphia area but -- highways that folks might be traveling on. there's a 45-mile reduction on i-78, i-80 jv 81 176 and 380 along with u.s. 22 222, 422, route 33 and 309. so if you're heading out in those regions, use extra caution and obviously speed restrictions . watch your speed and increase your following distance from moat riss around you. >> really quickly, what's the plan for tomorrow? >> well we have a lot of materials on the ground right now that will help us as we head sunday night he into monday for the morning commute. our plows will be back at it again salting and plowing for that storm and make the roads very passable for commuters monday. >> brad rudolph with penndot. you thank you, brad.
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we are tracking the changing weather conditions on this first alert weather day. is a live look at the poconos mountain ss. it was still snowing really around 7:00 this morning. of course it has all tapered off. that system has moved out. however, we are tracking this second storm that is coming tomorrow. we'll take a quick break and then we'll be right back.
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at 9:10 it is a first alert weather day here at nbc 10, and what does that mean? we are focused on the weather and it's not just for today. it's for tomorrow as well. taking a live look at the it first alert radar, this system is now over new england. so the snow has stopped in your neighborhood. that's what you should be seeing right now. it really depends on where you live. some areas just had rain. other areas saw as much as 8 inches of snow. so keep that in mind as you head out today. just be careful. again, we do have this other system moving through tomorrow. you can stay informed with the
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10 first lert weather app. we'll be sending out alerts with updated weather information directly to your smartphone or your tablet. one storm down another to go as we've been talking about this morning. much of our region is cleaning up from snow and slush that accumulated on the roads overnight. we're keeping an eye on the forecast. glenn? >> yeah this storm number two is going to be drastically different than storm number one. the type of the snow the track of the snow who is going to get the heaviest snow. the details coming up next.
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i'm sure a lot of people this morning will be proceeding with caution especially katy, given what we saw last weekend, those really terrible accidents. what are you seeing? >> i'm just speaking to that. new jersey state police tweeted i think they responded to over 100 accidents this morning and included in that tweet they said much better than what we saw last weekend. that's in everyone's favor. taking a look at new jersey roads, this is a live look up in mercer county 95 right at scotts road. it's been cleared from the roadways. this is example where how you live you'll see different conditions. in camden route 38 and route 70. further south we go to millville, look at that. we're not even seeing snow on the ground there. of course no snow on the roadways. a look at 55 right at route 49,
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again, in millville. that's what you're dealing with if you wake up in new jersey. in a few minutes we'll talk about what delaware drivers are seeing on the roadways there. i want to draw your attention to area bridges. there ises a speed restriction of 25 miles an hour for the ben, betsy, walt and commodore barry bridge. the pedestrian walkway is closed on the ben franklin because of the weather. all right. some good information. katy zachry with traffic for us. we want to check in what's happening at the airport. as we mentioned earlier, the winter storm is causing delays and cancellations. joining me now by phone is diane from philadelphia international. good morning, diane. >> how are you? >> i'm doing all right. i think for the most part everyone is doing okay, so that's the good news. tell us happening at the airport right now. i'm sure people want to know are there flights delayed, how much are they delayed by? >> we have been under a ground delay program since about 6:00 a.m. this morning.
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basically that means that planes that are on the ground at other ports are being held there for a period of time before they can take off. and right now we have delays averaging about 35 minutes. we also have a handful of flights that have been canceled and this is down sharply from what we saw earlyier this morning when there were nearly two dozen flights rifg and depart arriving and departing. things seem to be improving at this point. the most important thing we want to get out there is that if you're scheduled to fly today or even you're coming to the airport to meet someone arriving on an inbound flight check the flight status. and you can do that by checking directly with your airline, by calling 1-800-phl-gate or
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checking the airport's website >> with philadelphia international airport, thanks for being with us diane. as you heard diane say, if you have a flight scheduled today or if you are picking somebody up from the airport, this is the number to keep with you, 1-800-phl-gate. you can check directly with your airline and airport is tweeting. if you're on twitter, you can check with them that way as well. >> your first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we have back-to-back storms here. storm number one pretty much moving out. much precipitation left. here is that band of snow at the back end that we'll be watching during the afternoon. you can see how light and patchy everything is. 's see what the next one is looking like. here it is. a clipper. it will beer so a fluffier type of snow. much more widespread. folks in delaware and south
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jersey didn't get anywhere with the first one, you're going get some with the second and maybe more than just a little bit. temperatures right near or just above the freezing mark in most of the area, 31 degrees in doylestown and in kenneth square. they do tend to read a little bit lower but there may still be some icing on top some of the tree limbs. washington township 32. trenton up to 33. we're well into the 30s across south jersey and delaware. 8 inches of snow in macungie. nearly 6 in parts of mercer county. only one inch officially at philadelphia international. more snow totals the lehigh valley 7.9. hopewell, 5. ambler 3. 0.1, practically nothing in
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delaware. here is the first storm moving out. dry weather coming in tonight into tomorrow but tomorrow night here comes the snow. there's 10:00 tomorrow night. and look at this. 8:00 a.m. monday snowing across much of the area. affecting the morning rush. doesn't seem like much about that. maybe a little bit of rain into southern delaware there. but look how long this hangs around some of the newest computer models suggesting that the next storm intensifies offshore, slows down which would increase the snow amounts and extend the duration of this second storm meaning a lot more potential snow accumulation so we want it to come back 6:00 tonight, 11:00 tonight, follow it tomorrow because that second stomach could be pretty significant. patchy rain and snow this
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afternoon. highs in the upper 30s. icesy patches developing late tonight as temperatures drop into the 20s. the best day of the weekend obviously sunday. wet roads generally this afternoon. but there's that snow monday. maybe even monday night. and then look how cold it gets the rest of the week. >> right now we're going to check in with this week's "wednesday's child." he is a tech wiz who likes to stay busy and this teen is looking for a for of family to love and support him. vai sikahema induces us to brandon. >> reporter: we met brandon at the discovery 14-year-old. he's a sweet kid who loves electronics and staying busy. >> brandon is a techie. he loves playing on his tablet playing on his ds.
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a lot of times i come over we play angry birds on the ipad. he loves playing with electron electronics. >> reporter: he currently lives in a foster home and would do well in a home with structure and guidance. >> i think bran done would do well in a two parent or single parent home. he needs structure and routine. he needs it to know things are consistent for him with his schedule and day-to-day activities. >> reporter: the ideal family is patient and loving. they will be able to advocate for his needs. >> they need to be patient with him. it's going to be an adjustment for him when he does move into a new home, a for of home but i think if you give him patience and guideance he will succeed in a family. >> reporter: brandon is ready for his forever home. >> i think he's a great kid. he deserves to have a family. >> reporter: brandon is this week's "wednesday's child." >> sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our website can and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center
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1-866-do-adopt. the first of the back-to-back winter storms is moving on out of here. but the damage is already done. we have plenty of snow and slush across the region. we have team coverage of today's changing weather conditions and a look ahead he at the next storm.
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at 9:24 on this saturday morning, yep, a familiar sight and a familiar sound throughout much of the day, people plowing out there. this is in delaware county right on westchester pike in havertown. some neighborhoods saw as much as 8 inches of snow. it all depended on where you live. let's get a check with first
9:25 am
alert traffic reporter katy zachry. what are you seeing? this is a live look in the lehigh valley where 78 meets 22. drivers are adhering or are required to adhere to a speed re restriction of 45 miles an hour. there's a speed restriction on 22. there are bridge restrictions, also some epta delays because of the weather. >> thank you katey. i know you didn't put those shovels away. we have another storm coming through this guy was shoveling the sidewalk on church street. and plow trucks were up and about early this morning clearing away the snow and slush. still ahead, we are tracking the
9:26 am
aftermath of the first of the back-to-back weekend storms. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in bucks county for us. >> reporter: it's a slippery mess people are experiencing throughout the area. take a look at some of the roads out here in bensalem. i've been talking to drivers on how they're navigating all this. more on that coming up . and we are live in storm force 10 navigating your neighborhoods. you can see all the snow. nothing is plowed and next what people are doing to dig out. looks like a messes in parts of the area. other places got nothing as far as snowfall. wait until the next one. details and timing of storm number two up next.
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you can find something for everyone with the i love ny app. so plan your winter getaway at or with the i love ny app.... and see what's next one place where they are certainly appreciating the snowfall on this saturday the poke know mountains. plenty of people at camel back mountain resort. if you are heading out to do some skiing snowboarding or some errands, just take it easy. the snow and rain is all gone and we will get a break but be prepared for another storm and a messy commute at the start of the week. good morning.
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welcome back to nbc news 10 today. i'm rosemary connors just before 9:30 on this saturday. live team coverage as we check the conditions all across the region. let's begin with nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. this storm moved quickly. >> it moved quickly and split the area right in half. practically no snow south of philadelphia. the snow got heavier as you got further to the north during the night last night. but it's all up into new england now. we have a band back in central pennsylvania we'll have to keep an eye on. the roads still wet from all the moisture and the headlines, well the first one was pretty much gone. moving out the light rain and snow patchy around today. storm number two comes sunday night and into monday. we're at or above the freezing mark and with the daytime hours a lot of melting going on and the streets just wet. it's not even that warm to the
9:31 am
south. as we go through the afternoon, still plenty of clouds around. patchy areas of light rain and maybe some snow showers as we saw coming in from the north and west. we're well above the freezing mark so we don't expect that to stick. the next thing to stick will be the snow coming in from the west. really not much doubt about that now. comes in tomorrow morning, affect the morning rush across a bit of the area and then some questions just how long this thing is going to last and how heavy that snow is going to be. more on the timing and potential for storm number two . >> thank you, glenn. we are keeping an eye on the area roads this morning in the aftermath of this storm . this is a live look to the left of your screen i-95. it appears traffic is moving smoothly. an update on what's happening now. we checked penndot and they tell us there are speed restrictions on bridges and on the lehigh
9:32 am
valley highway so keep that in mind. according to peco there are about 1,100 without power. flight cancellations and average delays of 35 minutes. again, we are checking the traffic this morning. let's get to katy zachry who has more about some accidents out there and the improving conditions. >> and an update just to add to your updates from new jersey state police if you're on the new jersey turnpike north of exit 8-a, there's a speed restriction of 5 miles an hour. south is 45 miles an hour. fortunately if you're waking up in delaware this morning, you do not have any speed restrictions on the roadways. this is a live look along 95 at 495 where a few days ago when the last front moved in we had speed restrictions on 495. delaware and areas south of philadelphia the jersey shore, got by unscathed. another look at delaware route
9:33 am
1, just to show you that those of you waking up in delaware you're lucky. it's just wet roadways. you don't have the slush many of our other areas saw throughout the morning. we do for mass transit riders s septa, we are following some delays. >> thank you, katy. we have crews out in the field. our coverage continues with randy gyllenhaal live this morning in storm force 10 out in the yousuburbs. randy, what are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: it's a tale of two roadways, the highways and main streets are pretty much clear at this point. the snow has either melted or penndot crews have swept it all away. on the side streets and smaller roads, a live look. you can see much is still covered . there's at least three, maybe four inches of snow on the ground and the neighbor also have to take their shovels, get a workout. a guy on the right is putting
9:34 am
that snowblower to good use. it is wet, heavy snow so it is going to be a workout if you're traveling your driveways or sidewalks. it's going to take longer. take it easy. don't get too worked you up. the other ishsue we're facing the power lines are going to be in a dangerous situation because the heavy snow will drop those branches and heavy snow onto the power lines which could cause some power outages. here is a live look behind us as we continue following the streets here. it looks like the neighborhoods are starting to dig out after 4 inches of snow fell. live in storm force 10 randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> in addition to the other suburbs we've been in chester county this is. plow trucks were out clearing the slush so people can get by easily. now that the sun is up we're seeing more people out there on
9:35 am
the roads. surfaces were mostly wet for drivers at lincoln highway and cowan road. we'll try to get you that video in a moment. we see it right here. our crew also found a plow truck. that will be a familiar sight and that's a good thing. if you are heading out today, we want to make sure you're safe. we'll head now to check in with matt delucia live along sweet road in bensalem. you were out all last winter covering the storms. talk to me about the perspective from last winter to today. >> reporter: a lot of people out here this morning tell me, you know what, they're thankful it's not like last year. this ises reminiscent of what we saw, a of snow, the wet, heavy snow, and of courses all that stuff about the power lines or the power outages possibly happening that randy was mentioning and so at this point people are just keeping their fingers crossed that this is it as they wait for the next one to
9:36 am
come tomorrow night. we'll tell you that folks out here are still driving as we look out on sweet road. we see some vehicles taking it easy, taking it slow . some of the side streets do need a little bit of work. major roads have been getting that special treatment all morning. every few minutes another plow does come through here. we have seen people cleaning up the parking lots and sidewalks he is especially amid the fear that whatever is left out here could turn to ice. we've been hearing glenn talk about the danger of shoveling this kind of snow. it is very heavy and it is wet. and you can see what it's doing. the plows are pushing the snow right off to the of the road here and the rain has nowhere to go so it piles up into a big, slushy puddle. so the drivers out here they're trying to navigate this mess. i've been talking with them all morning. >> good tires. take it slow . take it slow. >> that's the way to do it. >> drop it down to first gear, that's your strongest gear. that will get you through if you do get stuck. pop it down into first gear and
9:37 am
move on. >> reporter: and that guy there tells me he wishes he was skiing right now. definitely a do shoveling this walkway over here. a lot of people just trying to get the parking lot clear, trying to get the sidewalks clear so that people can get to where they need to go on this saturday morning and, of course as i mentioned i want to show you what's happening out here is that when these plows come through, you see this little band of snow that's pushed off to the side but you have all the rain that fell a few hours ago and it's just piling up out here. you have a big, slushy mess there. everyone is real ly concerned that if the temperatures do drop throughout the day and into the night that all of this could turn to ice. people just trying to get the upper hand on this as we wait for round two tomorrow evening. live in bensalem i'm matt delucia nbc 10 news. thank you, matt. the weather may be partly to blame for the next one. a suspected drunk driver is
9:38 am
behind bars after crashing into a police car. this happened overnight in north philadelphia around 2:30. the snow was falling at this hour. the officer was blocking traffic at a construction zone when police say the drunk driver hit the cop car. the weather, of course did not help. the officer was taken to temple hospital with minor injuries. in delaware county police are trying to determine it if the weather was a factor in this two-car accident in chester. nbc 10 was on the scene along highland avenue where the crash happened just before 1:00 this morning. the video shows damage to the front porch of the house there and tire tracks in the snow. peco crews were on scene but nobody lost power. at 9:38 this morning here is a live look at i-95 in south philly. roads are wet at best. snow covered in some areas. katy zachry will be back next with more traffic and glenn "hurricane" schwartz will have more on that next storm we are
9:39 am
expecting tomorrow. you can count on nbc 10. stay with us.
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good morning, i'm katy zachry. if you're just waking up with us, you're in luck. you missed the worst ss on the roadways because of the weather that moved in overnight. this is 78 right at route 22 in the lehigh valley. there are speed restrictions in place for 78 as well as route
9:42 am
22. also for those of you traveling in philadelphia new jersey septa is operating on a ten-minute delay. delays of up to 20 minutes on trains and new jersey transit will be cross honoring tickets throughout the day because of the weather. we want to show you some of the conditions out there on the roads in case you haven't gotten up out of bed or left the house. this is video from pottstown pike in chester county. not a whole lot of snow on the ground out on the streets, a lot of that has been plowed. slush is what a lot of people are dealing with and, of course if and when the temperatures drop, the concern is there may be some freezing going on and some icy conditions out there on the roads. with today's storm moving out and the next one on the way for tomorrow night, you can stay informed with the nbc 10 first alert weather app. if you haven't downloaded this yet, this is the time to do it. we'll be sending out alerts with
9:43 am
updated weather data. if you need more information head to our website. still ahead, we will check on more area roads. we'll alsos some more details on what's happening with mass transit and glenn has a weather update. >> that's right. storm number two is going to be significantly different than storm number one. i'll explain and have the timing coming up next.
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at 9:45 on this saturday
9:46 am
this is a pretty welcome sight, a nice peck tour because the storm has moved out. we will get a break, however, we are tracking that next storm coming tomorrow night. if you didn't get snow this time around glenn schwartz will have details coming up. delays and some suspensions happening on mass transit this morning. we check in with kristen geiger from septa. tell us what's happening with the bus roots and the regional rails and trolleys. >> our bus service is operating well. we have weather relate ed conditions and on regional rail our airport west trenton lines are experiencing delays up to 20
9:47 am
minutes. chest hill west we have ten-minute delays due to switch problems. >> any problems with your bus drivers earlier this morning? >> we were receiving reports from some of bus operators about icy conditions so we were able to keep -- our goal is really to keep the service running and to do it safely. those icy conditions are getting better. >> thank you, kristen. >> you're welcome. >> you can see from that picture over marked street that the conditions on the roads are getting a lot better out there. we've been with you all morning long. katy zachry has been watching the traffic cameras since very early this morning.
9:48 am
conditions seem to be improving. >> we've been showing you video where the crews did a great job clearing it. chester county got more of the precipitation and moisture from this storm. you can see some of the snow is still on the roads so something to keep in mind and then another vantage point you can see there is still moisture on the roadways there. we heard from accept at that and the delaware river port authority is telling us there are speed restrictions in place. also on the ben that pedestrian walkway is closed because of weather conditions and we've been checking in with the airport throughout the morning.
9:49 am
you definitely want to call ahead. >> first alert weather with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> not a lot left on the radar. the main storm moved up into new england. this is the back end of it. it's just the wet roads and then we watch the temperatures. it's up to 34 in allentown. coatesville and chester county 33. some of those areas had the significant snow and have the best chance of getting some refreezing. mt. holly 33. mid to upper 30s in southern
9:50 am
delaware. only had one inmuch of snow at philadelphia international while we had 5-8 further north and west you go the more snow there was. delaware the biggest amount was a tenth of an inch. this is storm number one and it that will lead to a dry peter from tonight into tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon and then this clipper from the west and tomorrow evening it starts to snow. this will be a colder storm. a fluffier time of snow. not as heavy or wet as we saw last night and then it hangs around a bit.
9:51 am
transportation leads to heavier precipitation and longer lasting. here is monday evening. here is tuesday morning and there's still snow on that map so we have to tune in at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight with new computer guidance on this next storm. 38 for the high in philadelphia. maybe even 40 in some spots. tonight clearing. tomorrow a decent day. partly to mostly cloudy near 40 degrees. not a lot of wind. sunday night and monday a different story . colder with the snow. many hours of snow. maybe into monday night or
9:52 am
tuesday morning and then it is bitter cold. we don't really warm up much all week. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy.
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at 9:54 on this saturday here is a live look at the center city skyline. we do have some clouds out there. we don't have clear skies today. we are getting a wreak from the rain and snow. we are tracking another system coming in tomorrow. the winter storm is causing delays. they are averaging just about 35 minutes. keep this number handy and get the latest information.
9:55 am
we're concerned about power outages today. we've been checking in with pse&g. across the bridge in pennsylvania peco is reporting about 1300 outages, most in fill. they say they are prepared for any problems that may come up as that heavy he snow may weigh down tree limbs and power lines. helping viewers recharge devices at participating come tass locations. search power up on the nbc 10 news app for more information. we do want to get one more check of the roads katie? >> good news is during the last hour very few accidents reported
9:56 am
as a result of the weather conditions. there were a number of accidents. fortunately they were able to be cleared quickly. we didn't have a high volume of traffic. for new jersey drivers, this is a live look it at the 42 freeway right at the new jersey turnpike. we heard from new jersey state police on the turnpike in our area there's a speed restriction of 45 miles an hour. so taking a look right now at 295 at church street to show you theying conditions, moisture on the road way there. >> glenn, if anybody is watching your forecast yesterday like i was, you hit this on the mark. yesterday you described it as not a major storm but it was going to cause some problems? >> and especially in northern areas north of the pennsylvania turnpike. we hardly got any snow in south filly. the poconos, they got a nice amount, about 8 inches, and then we have a break during the day tomorrow and the next storm
9:57 am
sunday night and monday will be a longer lasting one. it will be more widespread, places in delaware and south jersey didn't get snow with the one last night will get some snow with the second one. fluffier type of snow, too. >> this is changing. people want to stay on top of it, download the nbc 10 app.
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-i'm sara gore, and this is "open house." this week we're visiting a spacious modern masterpiece in pacific palisades. we're getting design inspiration in brooklyn. plus, we're on the hunt in beautiful fire island with tony award winner jerry mitchell, and broker, jon wilner. but first, unparalleled coastal living in santa monica. -there are so many things to inspire here as soon as you walk in and see the view of the pacific. -welcome to "open house." today i'm coming to you from a thoughtfully designed space in tribeca, right here in new york city. perched high in the sky, this light-filled loft is a peaceful retreat in the heart of this bustling downtown neighborhood. with panoramic unobstructed views, a spa-like bathroom and chef's kitchen this sophisticated home


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