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tv   NBC 10 News at 7am  NBC  January 25, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, it's coming our way. the nbc 10 first alert radar is tracking a second storm that's expected to drop more snow in our area. here's a live picture from cape may, the jersey shore, and some areas of south jersey which just saw rain yesterday. we'll likely be seeing snow this time around. and we take a live look from i-95 in south philadelphia. drivers heading out tomorrow morning should prepare for a messy monday morning commute. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. it is now 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, january 25th. let's get right to the first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. and brittney this morning is looking good. today is looking good and then after that things start to
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change. >> yeah things start to go downhill as we head into the next 24 to 36 hours. but if you take a live look outside right now, mostly cloudy start. kind of overcast on this sunday but we're going to stay dry. however, we have a first alert that will go into effect sunday at 10:00 p.m. and last all the way until tuesday. snow is expected to move in after 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. that is going to lead to a messy monday morning commute. we've extended the first alert until tuesday, with the possibility of a major snowstorm late monday heading into tuesday. we could see this clipper restrengthen and turn into a nor'easter. so that's something i am going to continue to track. we've got to stick with us because everything keeps changing, but our radar shot right now shows quiet conditions. here's the clipper system. it is going to head our way, as we push into our overnight hours tonight, so your sunday is safe. so as we head into the overnight hours, that's when the light snow moves in. i'll let you know what to expect in my full forecast. >> all right, brittney, the next round of snow is just enough
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that it will make for a messy monday morning commute. and depending on how this storm develops, south jersey could be dealing with the brunt of it especially when all is said and done. nbc 10's matt delucia is live along the atlantic city expressway and hamilton township. good morning matt. >> reporter: good morning, ted. yeah south jersey got lucky yesterday. not any snow out here just mostly rain. but overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning we could certainly see some more accumulation of snow out here. and we're along the atlantic city expressway starting to see more traffic out here heading southbound, towards atlantic city. but the drive from philadelphia down here was not bad at all. now, over in pennsylvania, pen doth told us that they would be watching the roads throughout the day today and make a decision on how to get a handle on the next storm, as it comes, later tonight. most of the salting and plow crews are getting some rest ahead of the clipper system that we're expecting. and we do have plenty of salt that is still out on many of the
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roads. and that will help until the snow begins to fall. of course, some of the side streets are experiencing some difficulty as well. as we look live once again out here in this parking lot you can see a lot of that moisture still remains out here in this parking lot. and along the surface street that we've been coming down all morning. and they've got the salt out here right now and icing is definitely a concern. right now, we're hovering around the freezing mark but so far, not really seeing any slippery conditions at this point. live along the atlantic city expressway. i'm matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> and you can stay informed about any winter storm heading our way with the nbc 10 first alert weather app. you'll get alerts, radar, and the latest forecast right on your smartphone or tablet. down it for free at the app store. >> new from overnight, police in gloucester county are looking into a shooting at rowan university. it happened on mullica hill road around 1:00 this morning. police tell us one person was wounded and taken to cooper university hospital.
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we are working to find out the victim's condition and more details. in philadelphia investigators are looking into the cause of two fires. flames broke out around 3:30 this morning at a deli on toursdale avenue in the wissinoming section of the city. officials say several fires broke out inside. no one was hurt. and this fire at a philadelphia dry cleaners is also under investigation. flames broke out just before 11:30 last night at cedar avenue and 55th street in cobbs creek. the fire chief tells us the apartment above the store was vacant. no one injured here either. happening today in kent county, family members are asking community members to help them search for a delaware missing mother. keisha hamilton and her two kids were the subject of an amber alert two weeks ago. this morning, a search party will meet on main street in chesswald to look for any clues into her disappearance. hamilton was last seen at her home in smyrna on january 9th. the amber alert was issued the next day for the mother and her
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children. that night, indiana state police found the kids safe with their father cortez hamilton but keisha hamilton was not with them. neighbors told nbc 10 she and her husband had domestic problems. cortez hamilton faces charges of endangering the children's welfare and assault. he has since been extradited back to delaware and is now being held in a correctional center near smyrna. loved ones and friends in montgomery county are remembering a family murdered by a relative. funeral services were held yesterday for aaron flick, his wife patricia and their teenage daughter nina. they were shot to death december 15th inside their home. mourners braved wintry weather yesterday to attend the flick's memorial service. authorities said it was difficult to figure out legal next of kin because so much of the family was killed. bradley stone murdered the family while they slept. tricia flick was his ex-wife seize sister. stone also killed his ex-wife, her mother and her grandmother. his teenage nephew survived being stabbed.
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stone died the next day of a drug overdose. police said stone's killing spree followed a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife. tomorrow morning, a burlington county community will come together to remember a new newborn who police say was set on fire and killed by her own mother. a memorial service for the infant is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. at brownsville united methodist church in pemberton. witnesses found the baby on fire in the middle of simon town road on the night of january 159th. police say the newborn's mother hyphernkemberly dorvilier used an accelerant to set the baby on fire. she remains in jail after not posting bail. a theft trial is set to begin this week for a former philadelphia police officer. jerold gibson is accused of taking some marked bills he was in charge of. gibson is the former son-in-law of former pennsylvania governor, tom corbett. next people in our area are
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bracing for round two as we track more snow moving into our area tonight. brittney shipp is watching the timing of this storm. brittney? >> that's right. it is a first alert weather day as we head into our overnight hours tonight and pushing into your monday morning commute. we want to make sure everyone stays safe so i'll go over all the details in our changing weather forecast. that's coming up in just a bit.
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. ten minutes after 7:00 now. people in the lehigh valley are bracing for another round of weren't. the last storm dumped up to 8 inches of wet, heavy snow across that area. it helped if you had a snow blower instead of a shovel. and at rockland park in bethlehem, kids finally got a chance to break out the sleds for the very first time this winter. >> because we got a new snowboard over there. and it was fun when we went down the hill and. >> experts say the lehigh valley is in the path of this back-to-back storm which is heading our way. >> that's right. we are expecting big changes to the forecast. today is going to be a first alert weather day. goes into effect at 10:00 p.m., lasting all the way until tuesday. here's a live look outside right now. you don't have anything to worry about as we head into the day
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today. temperatures right now at 36 degrees in philadelphia with mostly cloudy skies. 35 in allentown. 30 in the poconos. and a closer look at our radar shows quiet conditions but it's this quick-moving clipper system that is going to bring us snow overnight tonight. and that's going to linger into your monday morning commute. so, hopefully you can just take your time getting to work maybe go in a little bit later, if possible. we are going to see that snow continuing on and off throughout the day on monday. looks like more rainfall in atlantic city with this latest model closer to 8:00 p.m. but light snow to start. that's going to make for slippery travel conditions. as far as today is concerned, by 9:00 a.m. 34 degrees and cloudy. by 2:00 p.m. 40 degrees. by 5:00 p.m. 37. i'll go over your changing forecast coming up in just a bit. >> and brittney nbc 10 viewers have been sharing their weather photos and videos with us. this one from gilbertsville, montgomery county showing horses basically horsing around in the snow. we want to see your photos. show us the snow in your neighborhood, just download the
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nbc 10 news app and send those photos and videos our way. a garage collapses at a north jersey hotel. next we'll hear from a philadelphia man who was staying there when it happened.
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7:14 on your sunday morning. thanks so much for being with us. 36 degrees as we take a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert weather radar is showing another weren't storm system expected to arrive by late tonight and meteorologist brittney shipp is cominge inging up with your full first alert forecast. a different weather system blew powerful winds across southern california yesterday. the gusts toppled trees and
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power poles while damaging buildings. tens of thousands of people lost electricity. lifeguards in malibu had to rescue some kayakers who were blown out to sea. in north jersey the top deck of this parking garage collapsed as a snowplow was trying to clear it. there's now a crater-sized hole atop garage at the empire hotel in secaucus hudson county. officials say the combined weight of the snow and the plow caused the collapse. frank bono from philadelphia was staying at the hotel. >> i didn't seen it go into the hole. i seen it plowing and all of a sudden i seen it there with the bucket sticking out of it. >> one car was destroyed and the snowplow operators suffered minor injuries. engineers will determine if the garage can be rebuilt. say good-bye to this bridge near kansas city. demolition crews imploded one of the main spans of the bridge over the missouri river. transportation departments from missouri and kansas are picking up the tab. a new bridge with multiple
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traffic lanes is expected to open next year. this morning, we have just released video of a kidnapping in texas. surveillance images show a man robbing a woman at an arlington atm, forcing her into the trunk, and then driving off. the woman managed to escape a short time later and call for help. police hope someone will recognize the man to track him down. happening now, president obama is in india, meeting with that country's prime minister over the next few days. he and the first lady arrived in new delhi overnight. officials greeted the president with an elaborate welcome ceremony at the presidential palace. president obama then laid a reef at a memorial for gandhi. the white house says the goal of the trip is to strengthen the relationship between the two leaders in an effort to make progress on climate change defense, and economics. >> a strong relationship with india is critical for america's success in the 21st century. >> mr. obama is the first
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president to visit india twice and also the first president invited to the country's celebration called republic day. those festivities the take place tomorrow. it marks the anniversary of india's constitution. this morning president obama offered condolences to the japanese prime minister after isis released a video online which claims they have killed one of two japanese hostages. the islamic state group is now demanding a prisoner exchange for the second man being held. the militant group initially wanted $200 million to free the men. that deadline passed on friday. today, japan's prime minister said the isis video is likely authentic and that he is speechless, following the news of the hostage's apparent death. he says japan will not give into terrorism and once again, called for the release of the second man being killed. at a republican summit in iowa, new jersey governor chris christie is sidestepping activists who doubt he's conservative enough to be
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president. last night, protesters heckled christie and former texas governor rick perry over immigration policies. christie joked to the audience saying don't they know i'm from new jersey? the governor still has not declared himself a white house candidate for 2016 but he told conservatives, they shouldn't let his blunt style turn them off. >> i can tell you that you'll always know why am. you'll always know what i believe. and you'll always know where i stand. >> christie said he's an example of someone who's won campaigns in blue states while being true to conservative principles. if you still need to sign up for health care under the affordable care act, you have only three more weeks to do so. the open enrollment period for 2015 ends on february 15th. people got help enrolling at the gallery at market east in center city yesterday. experts answered their questions about signing up and making changes. also yesterday in philadelphia, some uninsured people got free health checkups.
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the garces foundation provided medical and dental care at its community health day in old city. participants were able to get their teeth cleaned and checked for oral cancer even fillings and extractions. there were also blood pressure cholesterol, and diabetes screenings. >> in the event that they need follow-up care it's also an opportunity to give them information of where they can go to seek medical treatment, as well as dental treatment. >> the garces foundation also offered the free services to philadelphia's immigrant community. good morning. a dry sunday expected for us. we could see a little bit of patchy ice in your early morning hours as you head out. just with the leftover moisture refreezing. so be careful on some of our untreated roads and sidewalks. a messy monday morning commute in store for us as light snow moves in into our overnight hours, lingering into most of monday. and then we track the
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possibility of a nor'easter or a significant winter storm monday night into tuesday. but a look outside right now, we are seeing temperatures closer to 36 degrees, mostly cloudy our community is at 73%. feels-like temperature at 26 with our wind speeds out of the southwest at 16 miles per hour. across the rest of the region 30 degrees in the poconos 35 in westchester, 36 in philadelphia. mid-30s in glassboro. temperatures in dover at 36 degrees. it is a cold start to the morning. our feels-like temperatures mainly in the 20s this morning. 25 in atlantic city 29 is what it feels like in dover. satellite shot shows the clouds moving in. we're also seeing quiet conditions, but that's going to change as we head into your overnight hours tonight. this is a system here that is going to make its way closer to us, already bringing snow to chicago, rain to st. louis. it will be on the move throughout all of today. by midnight that's when we see the light snowfall stretching all the way out to the shore. i-95 corridor some of our
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suburbs here going to see that light coating of snow and the snow will continue on and off throughout the evening. so by 6:00 a.m. by the time you get up and get ready to head to work, we're dealing with slippery road conditions. keep your umbrella handy as we head throughout the rest of your monday, because we do expect to see on and off, light snow showers. we could see our snow totals anywhere between 1 to 3 inches with the heaviest amounts closer to the i-95 corridor and parts of south jersey. now, pushing into monday night, into tuesday, that's when we're watching for what happens with this system here. so it will be to the south of us and we could see it strengthening, heading to the northeast, and we could see those winds whipping around from the northeast, creating a potential nor'easter. we're watching the track, and if it strengthens, if it does if all of these conditions are ripe we could see another round of heavy snow monday night into tuesday. so this is something we're going to continue to watch. one of the models here suggesting that we could see anywhere between 6 to 8 inches.
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for the northern parts of burlington could see higher amounts, 8 to 10 inches. this is one possibility if all of those components come together. make sure you stick with nbc 10. we'll continue to update this part of the forecast because it's a little uncertain right now. the computer models are not agreeing. but for sure what we're going to see is a dry start on your sunday today. snow after 10:00 p.m. a messy monday morning commute. and we'll have to watch what happens for monday night into tuesday. your wake-up temperatures as we push into the next few hours, by 9:00 mid-30s. we will see temperatures warming into the 40s as we head into the rest of today. dry conditions expected and then the snow moves in overnight, lingers into your monday possibly into tuesday. a cold start on wednesday with our overnight lows dropping down into the teens. >> and just a reminder nbc 10 and telemundo 62 have teamed up with comcast to help viewer wos lose their power during winter weather recharge their devices at participating comcast xfinity locations. just search "power up" on the nbc 10 news app.
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there's been a drastic drop in the number of students applying to drexel university but school officials are happy about it. find out why, when we come right back.
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drexel university is seeing a big drop in applications for the class of 2019 but school officials don't mind it. there has been a more than 50% decrease in applications from the year before. drexel started charging an application fee of $50 and scrapped their vip fast application. school officials say they want to attract students who are truly interested in the school. today, students in our area will begin to celebrate catholic schools week. and this year's theme is catholic schools, communities of faith, knowledge, and service. in bucks county, students at nativity of our lord school will take part in events all week and then thursday they'll participate in the school's biggest service project ever a
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mini thon in support of penn state thon. the event raises money for the fight against pediatric cancer. we're keeping a close watch on the next weren't storm and nbc 10's matt delucia is talking with drivers this morning along the atlantic city expressway. matt? >> reporter: and so far, so good out here ted. but, of course later tonight and into tomorrow could be a very different story. we're talking with state officials here in new jersey and pennsylvania, what they're doing to keep you safe out on the roads. >> that's right. it's a first alert weather day that goes into effect 10:00 p.m. tonight, lasting all the way until tuesday. we are tracking big changes with your weather. i'll go over all the details in my full forecast.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, getting ready for round
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two. as you can see on the first alert radar, this storm is moving fast and it's expected to hit our area late tonight. and here's a live look outside at the center city skyline. today will be the calm before the storm hits later on. and we take a live look from the atlantic city expressway drivers heading this way tomorrow should be prepared for potentially dangerous conditions. good morning everybody. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. thanks so much for being with us. it is now 7:30 on this sunday january 25th. and let's get the very latest on this complicated forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we're going to have a lot of changes as we head into the next 24 to 36 hours. but for your sunday temperatures will stay close to average, warming into the 40s, dry and cloudy and then overnight, that's when our changes start. live look outside, it is a cloudy and dry start to your sunday. we are going to see a first alert weather day go in effect
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until 10:00 p.m. tonight. snow is expected into our overnight hours, that's going to lead to a messy monday morning commute. we've extended this first alert until tuesday. we are tracking the potential for a major snow storm late monday lingering into tuesday. the path on that second half monday night into tuesday is still a bit uncertain, but for sure you can expect snow to start off your monday morning commute. and right now, dry conditions on our satellite radar. but as we take a closer look there's a clipper system that will head our way. it will be here by midnight tonight. and as we head out the door this morning, our feels-like temperature, 19 in the poconos. it feels like 26 in philadelphia, mid-20s in atlantic city. i'll go over all the details and what you can expect for the rest of today coming up in my full forecast. >> a dry start to your sunday in south jersey but changes are on the way for your monday morning commute. nbc 10's matt delucia is live along the atlantic city expressway in hamilton township. >> reporter: this time yesterday, we had a lot of rain
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coming through the area and also some snow up to the north and west but right now it is dry, as you mentioned but drivers are experiencing some better conditions at this point. we're here at the farly service plaza along the atlantic city expressway. some of those vehicles are out there right now. and south jersey did manage to escape that first round of snow yesterday, but the folks out here are definitely preparing to see some accumulation later tonight and into tomorrow. now, over pennsylvania penndot has been telling us they're going to be watching the roads throughout the day and make a decision on how to get a handle on this next storm that's going to happen later tonight. and most of the salting and plow crews, they are getting some rest right now, ahead of this clipper system. there's still plenty of salt on many of the roads. of course some of the side streets are still untreated, at least in some areas. and of course you have some of the driveways and sidewalks that are untreated as well. so a lot of people are going to have to be extra careful as we get into this next winter storm. but, of course, for the most things are looking good right
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now. we'll take another live look out here along the atlantic city expressway. and you can see this parking lot out here is still wet, but we see a lot of the salt out here right now. you can see that shine coming off the sasasphalt. there are a couple of spots that are a little bit slick. we have a little bit of ice and are hovering around that freezing mark. of course, this is usually the time of day when it is the coldest. so the folks out here who are driving, they're taking it extra slow, extra careful, and preparing for the next one. live along the atlantic city expressway this morning, i'm matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> if you want to track the storm that's headed our way, download the nbc 10 first alert weather app. you can check out the radar, get alert, and the latest forecast on your smartphone or tablet. you can download it for free at the app store. new from overnight, a busy night for firefighters in philadelphia. authorities are now investigating two fires. one happened around 3:30 at this corner deli on toursdale avenue in the wissinoming section of the city. the flames were put out in a matter of minutes.
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no one was hurt. the other fire happened at this dry cleaner's on cedar avenue and 55th street in cobbs creek. this happened just before 11:30 last night. the fire chief tells us the apartments above the store were vacant. no one injured there either. also new from overnight, a philadelphia police officer is being treated for minor injuries after his car was rear-ended. nbc 10 on the scene at 52nd and market in cobbs creek. the accident happened around 2:30 a.m. police police arrested the driver who they suspect was drunk. in camden county cherry hill will pay $400,000 to settle a lawsuit over a man who died while in police custody. joseph pierce's widow claimed that he did not receive proper medical attention following his arrest back in 2007. pierce died of an apparent heart attack after police said he stabbed a man outside the cherry hill diner. this morning, police in wilmington are looking for two bank robbers. they held up the wells fargo along philadelphia pike yesterday morning. investigators say one man
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demanded cash from the tellers, while a second man controlled the customers. according to officers they got away with some cash. happening today in kent county families and friends will search for a delaware mother who has been missing for more than two weeks. keisha hamilton and her two kids were the subject of an amber alert. less than half an hour from now, a search party will meet on main street in chesswald to look for any clues into her disappearance. hamilton was last seen at her home in smyrna on january 9 president. the amber alert was issued the next day. that night, indiana state police found the kids safe with their father cortez hamilton but the mom was not with them. neighbors told nbc 10 keisha hamilton and her husband had domestic problems. cortez hammelilton now faces charges of endangering the children's welfare and assault. he has since been extradited back to delaware and is being held in a correctional center near smyrna. round two, as we've been telling you. we're tracking a second storm
7:36 am
heading our way and it's expected to drop a lot more snow than yesterday, right, brittney? >> that's right. we have a first alert issue as we head into your sunday night, sunday into monday. we expect a messy monday morning commute, so we want everyone to stay safe. i'll go over all the details, the timing what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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good morning. 7:39. 36 degrees. here at nbc 10 a bit cooler though, in the pocono mountains. you're taking a live look at camelback in the poconos. looks like the lifts there are already running. and after we got some snow yesterday, it was new england's turn. icy conditions on this major highway near boston caused a grocery truck to flip on to its side. parts of massachusetts got up to 8 inches of snow. yesterday, the storm also dropped some snow down south. this is a look at nashville, tennessee. drivers there ran into slick roads and several accidents and more snow is expected tonight. that's right more snow is
7:40 am
expected tonight. so we have a first alert that will go into effect tonight at 10:00 p.m. although it will be a dry start, we will see a messy monday morning commute. and then we're tracking if this system is going to strengthen and bring us additional snow monday night, heading into tuesday. but right now, our conditions in philadelphia, mostly cloudy 36 degrees. the windchill at 26 with our wind speeds out of the southwest at 16 miles per hour. for the rest of today, we are going to push close to our average for this time of the year 40 degrees by 2:00 p.m. by 5:00 p.m. temperatures at 37 degrees with cloudy conditions expected. across the region 30 degrees right now in the poconos. 35 right now in allentown. mid-30s in millville and our radar shot shows just a few clouds making their way through our region. we are tracking this next system, which is a fast-moving clipper here. you can see it's moving snow right now to chicago, parts of st. louis seeing rainfall, and this entire system is going to move quickly. by midnight, take a look we're dealing with light snowfall. widespread throughout parts of
7:41 am
south jersey the i-95 corridor into the suburbs and also for the northern parts of delaware. that's a quick coating expected to linger as we head into your morning hours. on and off, light snowfall. by 7:00 a.m. as a lot of people are trying to head to work we're dealing with moderate snowfall. light snow near the i-95 corridor and snow expected on and off throughout the day on monday. we could see more of a wintry mix closer to the shore. but then we get by monday night, that's when things get really interesting with what happens to this clipper once it moves offshore. is it going to strengthen? is it going to stay closer to our coast and bring us heavy snow? that's the thing that we're going to watch. we could see additional amounts of snow monday night heading into tuesday. we've extended the first alert through tuesday, anticipating possibly a significant snowstorm monday night into tuesday. but today, dry start to your sunday, snow expected to move in tonight after 10:00 p.m. that will lead to a messy monday
7:42 am
morning commute. monday's snow will be light throughout the day, on and off, 1 to 3 inches possible and monday night into tuesday, that's the big question mark with the track of that system becoming uncertain right now. we do expect to firm up some of the details as we head into tonight, indefinitely and tomorrow. so stick with nbc 10. as far as today is concerned, 35 to 40 degrees, cloudy and dry. snow moves in after 10:00 p.m. and then your seven-day forecast. tomorrow, it will be a cold day, as well. 32 for our high. same thing on tuesday, another cold start on wednesday, with our overnight lows dropping down into the teens. >> all right, brittney. and parents, now is a great time to sign up for the nbc 10 school closing alerts. in the event your child's school is affected by the weather, we will alert you via text or e-mail immediately. all it takes is your cell number or e-mail address. the irs is now accepting 2014 tax returns. and the agency is warning that this year, many taxpayers could face longer lines, longer waits,
7:43 am
and longer forms. nbc's kurt gregory takes a look at how to make things simpler. >> reporter: it's hard to believe, but it's that time of year again. tax experts say even though you may be looking forward to a refund don't be too quick to file. >> you want to make sure you have all that material before you start filing or before you take it to your tax preparer. because if you file it and something comes in a week or so later, you'll have to re-do it. >> and don't forget any charitable gift receipts mortgage interest statements or property tax bills. anything that could be a deduction for you. >> pull the records together summarize them put them in good order, it helps you get a better return. >> reporter: with new rules in effect this year people who purchased medical insurance through health care exchanges will receive a 1095a in the mail. >> this is like a w-2 and you only get it if you got insurance through the exchange. >> reporter: and there are even
7:44 am
more forms for those health care tax credits. but for most americans -- >> if you got insurance through your employer there's just a box that you need to check on your return that says you have health care coverage for the whole year. >> reporter: for free advice go online to but the wait to talk to someone might be longer. the irs says due to budget cuts it may be able to answer only half of the 100 million calls expected this year. just one more reason that could make this tax season especially taxing for millions. kurt gregory, nbc 10 news. potential candidates for next year's presidential race were in iowa this weekend. next nbc's chuck todd weighs in on some of the biggest names in republican politics. and the dynamic duo, tara lipinski and john weir are back. what part they'll play in this year's super bowl coverage.
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happening today, it's the last day of the philadelphia home show in sther center city. the doors are open from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. the show highlights the latest
7:48 am
trends in remodeling decorating and gardening. great music mixed with great acting in center city last night. oscar winner al pacino tops the bill for the 158th anniversary concert and ball at the academy of music. the philadelphia orchestra added just right note. violinist simone porter joined pacino as a special guest star. a collection of abraham lincoln memorabilia sold for more than $800,000 at auction this weekend. a lock of hair removed shortly after the president was assassinated went for $25,000 and a letter written by shooter john wilkes booth sold for $30,000. other items auctioned off yesterday included a clipping of linen from lincoln's death bed and a white house funeral admittance card. let's go to new york and say good morning to lester hotel and erica hill and get a look at
7:49 am
what they've got for us. hi guys. >> hey, ted. >> just ahead on a sunday morning, we're keeping a close eye on this double whammy. most folks in the northeast digging out from one weekend storm and now focused on a stronger storm headed this way. up to 2 feet of snow expected in many areas. dylan will have the latest ahead on that. and latest on the controversy over that deflated ball. one week to go until the super bowl and patriots coach bill belichick tried to put things to rest with his scientific explanation. will it do the trick before the big game? we'll find out. plus while you're watching the super bowl you'll notice a few ads showing the softer side of dad. it's a big look in advertising this year. we'll take a look at why. and singer/songwriter jason mraz is headed back to school. we'll show you how he's helping to bring music and arts education to the school as part of a new effort hoping to turn them around. and donald trump joins us live when we get started on a sunday morning here on "today". >> all right, see you at 8:00 and we'll be right back.
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religious extremism and terrorism continue to make world headlines and that will be the top issue this morning on nbc's "meet the press." joining us now for a preview with moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. chuck, thanks for being with us. good morning. >> good morning to you, ted. >> following the attacks in paris earlier this month and now
7:53 am
reports that isis has executed a japanese hostage, there's been a lot of talk about terror and extremism. muslim faith. is violence in the name of religion ever really just about religion? >> well, look in this case you're going to have a lot of muslims who argue that it's not. that what's happening here with these radicals in yemen and syria, that they're using islam, but they're not real muslims, that they're perverting it. and i think there is a healthy debate that's going on. it's taking place actually inside the white house. do you call it radical islam or radical extremism? there are some folks who say, you have to call it for what it is. it's a growing strain inside the muslim community. others argue, no it's not. you can't do that. and i'll have kareem abdul-jabbar who noted, when the kkk burned crosses, all christians weren't condemned by folks who were connected by the
7:54 am
kkk, and the same thing that needs to be thought of. just because somebody kills in the name of islam, that doesn't mean all muslims agree with how those terrorists act. >> interesting conversation, to be sure. chuck, it's also a big political weekend with several republican presidential hopefuls making their way to iowa. what's on your radar as we see all of these potential candidates including new jersey governor chris christie come together? >> look i would have to say that the candidate that -- which one does not look like the other when it comes to this iowa event, chris christie was the one that didn't really fit the conversation that was taking lace in iowa yesterday. that was mostly a very conservative crowd. in many ways a social conservative crowd. that's why you saw mike huckabee and a rick santorum and a ted cruz get such enthusiastic responses and why a chris christie did not. but, he was trying to sort of set the table and saying look i'll talk to all conservatives, i'll go anywhere hoping that somehow, that maybe even if they
7:55 am
don't groo with him 100% of the time, that they will consider him. but what i'm watching here this does feel as if that ultimately you have candidate jockeying in these sub-primaries. we have a social conservative primary. you saw that for the most part yesterday in iowa. an economic conservative anti-washington primary. the koch brothers are hosting an event tonight. and then we have the establishment wing that's fighting it out. i would put chris christie as sort of in that wing but of course jeb bush and mitt romney are the more come innocent player players there. but it will seem like they'll end up facing off in a top three or four atmosphere, which will then decide who the actual nominee is. >> chuck, thanks so much for being with us. we're looking forward to the show this morning. that's coming up later this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. of course chuck's guests will include former arkansas governor and potential 2016 white house hopeful, mike huckabee. also, nba legend kareem abdul-jabbar, on his views about
7:56 am
religion and sports. again, "meet the press" right here at 10:30 on nbc 10. the super bowl is just one week away and crews in arizona are putting the final touches on the stadium. that includes 180,000 l.e.d. lights. it will be the first time a super bowl will be played under all l.e.d. lighting. the upgrade also includes faster internet at the venue. two well-known figure skaters with local ties will serve as nbc reporters for the super bowl pre-game show. tara lipinski and johnny weir will be interviewing sleshs during the official super bowl xlix pre-game. weir was born in coats skpril spent time in new jersey and newark, delaware when he was nine. super bowl xlix takes off next sunday as the patriots take on the seahawks in glendale arizona, and only one place to see the game. and all those much-talked about commercials right here on nbc
7:57 am
10. and today our keith jones and comcast john clark arrive in arizona. look for team coverage on-air and online leading up to the big game. tonight, we'll have a different competition on nbc 10. the miss universe pageant. attendants from 88 countries will gather in miami for the event. nia sanchez will represent the u.s. she is the first person from nevada to be crowned miss usa. the "today" show's natalie morales will host the pageant, which airs right here at 8:00. brittney, you are tracking a messy start to the week. >> that's right. so it will be fine as we head into the rest of your sunday but overnight, we'll see more snow moving in. expect our temperatures to push pretty close to 40 degrees. 35 to 40 is a range, cloudy and dry, snow after 10:00 p.m. it is a first alert weather day. our first alert starts at 10:00 p.m. lasts all the way until tuesday. we are expecting a messy monday morning commute, so just take it easy on the roads. >> we will stay tuned. the "today" show is up next. we'll see you at 9:00.
7:58 am
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good morning. bracing for a blizzard. the northeast closely watching a potentially historic storm set to pound the region with up to two feet of snow from new york all the way to boston. dylan is tracking its path and the potential impact. full of hot air? a defiant bill belichick calls a surprise press conference offering a more scientific take on why the patriots ended up playing with under inflated footballs last weekend. >> we all know that air pressure is a function of the atmospheric conditions. >> will the nfl and football fans buy his explanation? we're live in arizona at the site of super bowl xlix. taking potshots. the feud over "american sniper" even uglier this morning. michael moore sending new provocative tweets, sarah palin


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