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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  January 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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travelers. united airlines are cancelling flights today and tomorrow. snow emergencies. that means you can't park your cars along snow emergency routes or they will be towed. that information is scrolling across the bottom of your screen. we have an entire team of first alert meteorologists and traffic reporters to bring you the most up-to-date information on the storm. let's begin with bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill this is going to change over the next 12 24 hours, right? >> we have seen some change in just the last hour. light snow is falling in the atlantic city area. new jersey is getting colder ahead of schedule. clouds are over the city. we have seen light snow overnight in philadelphia. right now, it is just cloudy. a first alert weather day issued today. accumulating one to two inches. the heavier snow comes overnight
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tonight and into tomorrow. add to that strong gusty winds. possibly 50 miles an hour at the shore. blowing and drifting snow will greet us first thing tomorrow morning. the snow is falling in the pocono mountains. most of the snow is off to the north and west. as i just mentioned in the last few minutes, the snow popped up in portions of upper cape may county, into ocean and burlington counties. the light snow will be mixing with rain closer to the coast. meantime it's all snow north and west and light for upper chester, montgomery bucks county and lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. the snow is going to be on and off today. the cold is going to stay. 31 degrees in philadelphia right now. expecting the temperatures to hold during the day, if not come down a bit by 9:00 to 30 degrees. gusty winds feels like it is in the 20s.
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increasing winds. noontime looking at light snow in the area. future weather, hour-by-hour when i'm back in ten. let's check in with traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning to you, bill. bucks county route 202 at route 611, snowy conditions out there. you can tell the road has been treated. expect to see problems out there this morning. slushy and slippery on the sides of the roadways. the secondary roads and neighborhood roads, for sure. an accident in lower providence. we are following an accident right now out of plymouth. tracy? >> this snowstorm could reek havoc on mass transportation. the morning and evening rush will not be effected. that may not be the case tomorrow. they will have an update later today. new jersey tran sis planning regular service today.
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rail bus and light access service. they say they will cross-honor tickets. they are not changing schedules for today as we take a live look at 30th street station in philadelphia. amtrak is planning for a normal schedule today. the agency issued a travel adviseory that means the schedule could change tuesday along the northeast corridor. the winter storm is expected to kriping airports across the northeast. philadelphia international say some of today's flights have been canceled. united airlines was cannesling all of tomorrow's flights tomorrow. 800-phl-gate is the number to check on your flight. >> snow started to fall in parts of the area mainly north and west of the city including montgomery county. katy zachry is live in lower moreland township.
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katy? >> reporter: we have seen a lot of plow trucks tracy. i spoke with several drivers. if you are just waking up in the next few hours, this is what you are going to wake up to. i want to get close where my microphone can reach it. there's a layer of snow on the car but ice. you need your scraper. allow for extra time to warm your car up scrape your car from the windshield from the hood. get that layer of ice and snow off it. we are in a parking lot. if we widen out, you can see this pavement has been treated. i spoke with several plow drivers. this is great. some of the more local roads, this is belmont avenue here. we took red line road to get here. there were definitely spots where it was slick. i talked to several plow drivers out this morning.
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here is what they are saying about the difficulty in treating these roads over the next 48 hours. >> it's a combination of clean up from anything that melted overnight, trying to knock down all that ice and we are putting down a salt sublayer to keep the roads somewhat decent. as it snows, you have to plow and salt again. it's going to be a mess until probably thursday. >> reporter: again, that plow driver was telling us about the snow and ice left over from the weekend, which you are seeing in this area now. the snow we have had the last few hours overnight, that's added to some of the slush and the ice and the snow that we had over the last 24 hours. so a lot to gear up for. we are going to stay on top of it. i'm going to check in with the streets department. more in 25 minutes. back to you guys. the snow is coming down
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right now. as you can see on the radar, it's light in parts of the area. again, bill mentioned overnight tonight is when it will intensify and the winds increase and the heavy snow start to come down. parts of new jersey will see the highest snow totals they have seen in a long time. jesse gary is live in trenton mercer county where a foot of snow may fall. what are they doing to get ready? >> reporter: plows are out. we are talking county flies. he's pulling back in place, he's been driving around spreading salt. we have seen private contractors putting salt down in hard to get to places like over by the parking garage. it's having an effect. there is moisture on the street but it's not frozen. this is wet with salt. so it is having an impact. last night, the trenton city plow operators were getting ready, loading up their trucks
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for what's going to be a long long shift. they have a dozen plows and operators focusing on the streets. they will focus on the major arteries, then move to the side streets. with showing the city county and state plows out. officials are asking people to stay inside. >> as it goes into the later part of monday night into tuesday, we want people to use extreme caution as the storm comes in the way it's going to. we want people to stay off the street. >> reporter: i'm going to make calls to the county staff. we are trying to get an update as far as operations this morning. i'll have that in the next 30 minutes. jesse gary nbc 10 news. everyone wants to know about schools. here is what we can tell you. philadelphia public schools announced they are letting out at noon today. we also have i checked on the website, over 120 schools outside of philadelphia that are
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either closed or delayed. you can sign up for alerts to let you know if your child's school is closing through our website, sit not a pain steaking process. we will alert you when a closing or delay is announced. at 5:08 following breaking news from washington. we got this information ten minutes ago. a spokesperson for president obama says some kind of device has been found on the white house grounds. this is new video that's in. that spokesperson says a device does not seem to pose a threat to anyone. the president and his wife are in india right now. they are not at home. we'll continue to follow this breaking news. at eight minutes after 5:00 the approaching storm and what's happening tonight. >> bill henley is following that and getting new information. when bill was briefing us he said and this is what you should listen to.
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don't let the light snow you are going to see this morning and afternoon fool you. a significant accumulation the intensity of the storm will come later tonight into tomorrow morning. >> bill you were briefing us earlier. people are going to be able to drive and get out. >> you will be able to do things today. light snowfall on and off for parts of the area. now, just starting to fire up once again. the heavier storm comes tonight. that's the storm we are talking about. one two two inches of snow today. overnight tonight, this thing fires up and through the morning tomorrow, doesn't look like it's tapering off until tomorrow afternoon. but, there is light at the end of the snow tunnel. allentown, light snow at 20 degrees. 29 in northeast philadelphia cloudy skies. atlantic city is seeing snow. the temperatures drop at the shore.
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the wind is blowing and going to be so strong tonight. in the early morning hours, wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. lots of light snow scattered in pennsylvania and maryland and further north and east. this one won't fire up until low pressure offshore takes place. that hasn't happened yet. right now, light snow in upper bucks county and lehigh. it's not that impressive. some minimal accumulation. a dusting this morning. now, we are seeing snow take shape in atlantic county and burlington and ocean counties. some mixing with rain along the coastline. the temperatures are dropping later today. here is light snow now in gloster county and moving in to south philly. the light snow is on and off. as the low fires up offshore and deepens, that is when we are going to see heavy snow
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spreading knot and east. you will see blizzard conditions if you have to do traveling. >> look at the potential snow totals for philadelphia much of the i-95 corridor. as much as a foot is possible. further to the west, the further you get away from the developing low pressure that will minimize some of the snowfall. you can see in ports of lancaster county chester county it's still significant snowfall and accumulating for central and southern delaware as well. look at the seven day forecast. i'll show you when this one will be tapering off when i come back in ten. >> let's check the roads for you if you are headed to work or getting supplies for what's to come. >> jillian mele has her eyes about the area looking a roads. seeing problems out there? >> no accidents.
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this camera is a good idea of what i have been talking about. chester county route 100. on the main portion there, you can see the highway. the road looks good there. it looks to be treated. then right up in this area, when you turn off the roads, the on and off ramps, the side streets, use caution. you can see the tire marks in the snow. that can make things slippery even on a quick turn. we have seen a lot of accidents as a result of something like that. so we are dealing with speed restrictions right now. on 495, down to 45 miles an hour. that's the entire stretch for drivers in delaware. same on portions of the new jersey turnpike. speeds reduced to 45 miles per hour. >> thanks. you can count on nbc 10 to update you on the road conditions so you know what to expect. storm force 10 is looking for problem spots. we'll let you know if we come across anything that could
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impact your commute.
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here is the very latest as we continue to track what will become a major snowstorm. hundreds of schools are closed or dismissed early today. philadelphia public and parochial schools will let them out at noon. septa is planning normal service today but will make changes. new jersey tran sis cross-honoring tickets because
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of the storm. many townships declared snow emergencies. that means you can't park on snow emergency routes. check with your township. some are already in effect. that information is listed at the bottom of the screen. math matt delucia is live this morning. where are you right now? >> reporter: tracy, right now we are in philadelphia on route 1. we will give you a look out here. we are stopped at a light right now. not a lot of activity here on the roadway. there we go we get that camera for you. we have seen the salt trucks that have been out. of course, the plows are not out. they are out and ready to go. we have seen a few of them parked along interstate 76 coming up through this area. we went over the bridges, ben franklin bridge and didn't see issues there. a lot of salt is on the roadway
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here. as we are moving on northbound roosevelt boulevard, the road is damp right now. we haven't seen snow flakes here within the past 30 to 45 minutes that we have been on this stretch of the highway. we are heading to bucks county and will give you an update in a few minutes. live in storm force 10. i'm matt delucia. >> thank you, matt. 5:17. we are going to take our minds off the storm for a bit, not for long to focus on super bowl xlix. we are less than a week away. the new england patriots will leave boston ahead of the storm. seattle seahawks already in place getting ready for the big game. our team is in place. keith jones joins us live from phoenix where it's about 3:15 in the morning, leading up to the coverage. what's the weather like there in arizona? let us live vicariously through you for a moment. >> reporter: chris, it is 54
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degrees. a lot different than the situation where you are in the delaware valley. it is going to affect the super bowl. the snowstorm expected in the northeast. here is how. there's a travel advisory from south jersey up to boston. we checked flights at the airport. so far, the 6:00 a.m. flight out of boston is on time. there's a flight out of filly, that is also on time. it's clear, the super bowl is big business here in phoenix. if your flight is scheduled fortomorrow or wednesday, you may not take off in time and the super bowl will lose out on those days of business z. back live here i want to show you super bowl central and the heart of downtown phoenix. you can see the roman numerals set up super bowl xlix. panning over to the right, there's a lot to take in here. this is a 12-block perimeter. 1 million people are expected to be here. there's a stage set up here.
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construction crews are working on the roof of it. you are going to see bands. we are here all week long to bring you the behind-the-scenes look here at nbc 10 and in phoenix. i want to hear your questions. tweet me or find me on facebook. we'll ask super bowl officials your questions here in phoenix. we are live, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> kick off at 6:30. that's a long pregame. they should all be long. you can catch all the action here on nbc 10. that gives plenty of time to get warmed up for the game. >> it is 5:19. this morning, it should be okay compared to this afternoon and tomorrow morning. >> jillian, seeing problems on the roads? >> nothing major. this is a live look at ft.
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washington at the pennsylvania turnpike. this road has been treated. the roads are looking wet. watch on the shoulders, the on and off ramps. you need to slow down and use caution out there, especially on some of the side streets. in plymouth meeting, in the process of clearing. that shouldn't be a problem. lower providence right now, an accident at yerkes road. we are seeing some speed restrictions on highways as a precaution. delaware, 495 is down to 45-mile-an-hour. drivers in new jersey a portion of the new jersey turnpike is down to 45 miles per hour. so far this morning, we are not seeing speed restrictions on area bridges. we are also not dealing with too many issues when it comes to mass transit. for now, things are looking good.
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we are tracking some snow. it's coming down lightly in the pocono mountains. that's not the only spot seeing light snow. reading at 23 degrees. now philadelphia reporting light snow. we have been tracking it on the first alert radar. it's popped up in atlantic city too. look at the temperatures at or below freezing for most of the area right now. add to that gusty winds and we are in for a major winter storm, especially overnight tonight and into tomorrow. so far, what we are getting is fairly light precipitation. light snow is going to be on and off during the day today. you can see it falling in upper montgomery bucks county and north and east is where it looks more impressive. this is light snowfalling eastern. cumberland county into burlington and ocean county. we are seeing snow firing up just in the immediate philadelphia area. you can see upper salem county and glouster.
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snow is on and off during the day today. this is 11:00. expect a light snowfall to continue on and off during the afternoon hours. getting around today is not going to be bad. but, as we go into tonight, you can see 10:00 is steadier snow. it's starting. the late evening hours, it really comes down overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. if you have to do it somewhere, do it today. best night to stay in. tomorrow, plan on saying the heavy snow is going to make it difficult to get around. as far as snow totals up to a foot in the lehigh valley for much of montgomery and bucks county. the northeast, lower bucks county and into portions of montgomery county we could top 12 inches easily. closer to a foot and a half of
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snow. as far as the storm, we will be goating going tonight and tomorrow morning. the heaviest likely before noon. then it tapers off. the temperatures low 30s. sunshine on wednesday. a chance of snow coming through on thursday. it looks like light stuff for thursday. then look at the cold morning. friday morning after another cold morning thursday it is going to be cold in through the weekend. temperatures in the teeps saturday and sunday. we'll be right back.
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it's a cold start this morning and some areas of snow. we are going to see on and off light snowfall. it is coming down in the pocono mountains, but we are tracking a major snowstorm for overnight tonight and into tomorrow. out the door right now, 20 degrees at 5:26. jillian mele is in the first alert traffic center. it's not going to be easy to get around. >> no it's not. you were talking about the flurries popping up in south philadelphia. this is 95 near the philadelphia international airport. you can see the light flurries on the camera. it doesn't appear to be affecting traffic too much. getting around is tough in lehigh valley and bucks county. i'll show you in a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm katy zachry where the snow stopped, but it left a thin layer under it hear
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that? it's ice. slick conditions in some spots coming up. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in trenton. light snow wind and lots of salt on the roadways keeping things melted. coming up, the county the city their plan to keep the roads clear, right after the break. this winter, experience something new in new york state. from the exciting slopes of catamount. to the soothing spa at
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heavy snow and strong winds to come later. this is just a start of what will be a major snowstorm and what you get depends on where you live. here is a look at the first alert weather radar. you can see every part of the area will get some snow. again, the heaviest stuff is still ahead. i'll show you what it's doing outside. light snow falling in philadelphia. some slick spots on the roads. basically, now is the time to go out and get anything done before you need to before the worst of the storm arrives. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. notice the icon in the middle of the screen. we have a first alert weather update to help you get ready for the weather headed your way. >> philadelphia public and parochial schools are closing early. we have about 100 delays posted. storm force 10 driving around checking out road conditions f


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