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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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roads in new jersey passable. could be a different story this time tomorrow. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. hundreds of schools closing because of the snowstorm, others didn't open at all. philadelphia's public and archdiocese will dismiss in about a noon in an hour. schools scrolling at the bottom of the screen. septa normal trains and trolleys as needed announcing
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the schedule this afternoon. new jersey transit full systemwide cross honoring of rail, light rey rail and bus tickets because of the approaching winter storm. through wednesday. that's wednesday. philadelphia national airport, officials say some of today's flights have already been canceled. united airlines announced it canceled all flights into and out of philadelphia tomorrow. many townships in our area declared snow emergencies and some in effect. we have an entire team of first alert meteorologist, weather reporters covering this storm and working to bring you the most up to date information. we begin with first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn. >> vai, this is definitely going to be a major snowstorm for parts of the area not the entire area. we still have a first alert out mainly for tonight and into tomorrow. we have some very serious weather conditions coming in. the peak of the storm when the snow is going to be falling the hardest, wind blowing the
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hardest, it's going to be tuesday morning. there's going to be a huge contrast in snow totals across our area. so you want to pay attention to these maps because if you think you're getting 15 and end up with two, it might be an accurate forecast you just haven't looked at the map. here is the past hour. this is part one. the weak part of this one-two punch that we see. there's light snow coming through philadelphia area even a little bit of mix precipitation back to the west. some in western pennsylvania virginia some offshore. nothing has come together yet. so that's why this is all on the light side. and it's going to stay light as we go through the day tomorrow. we have to wait for this storm to develop offshore, has not done that yet. when it does it's going to pull in all sorts of moisture from
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the ocean. blizzard conditions from long island up to boston. that's where they are getting this historic storm. it's not happening here. it's happening up there. heavy snow in parts of our area. no doubt about that. and the greatest amount of snow the farther north and east you are, closer to new york city. so 10 to 15 inches mercer county, much of burlington county and into ocean county. six to ten across eastern pennsylvania down through many of the jersey suburbs and down toward atlantic city. look at the drop-off back to the west. three to six inches farther to the west. now, here is an example of what is going on. this is one computer model that actually brings a lot of snow in eventually. here we are 11:00 tonight and look. there isn't much.
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so this afternoon into early this evening, that is not the peak of the storm. so if it's not snowing hard by 8:00 tonight, that doesn't mean the storm isn't happening. by 6:00 a.m. again, this model has six for philadelphia, 12 for trenton, 18 for new york city. again, we'll get this contrast. we're not making this stuff up. this is just out of one model that sometimes tends to be a little on the high side for snow totals. so you'll notice they are down a little bit. we're going to be seeing some occasional light snow. it's windy. it's going to be cold all day, but much colder tonight and tomorrow when things get not just inconvenient but dangerous. more on the breakdown and who gets what where and when with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you very much. now let's head to montgomery county to get an update on conditions there. kacey live you've been in
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montgomery county since early morning. tell us what you're seeing there. >> reporter: yeah. i see the conditions changing hour by hour. take a look at the roads. in the last 15 minutes, the snow and wind have picked up. it still is light snow but wind is a factor. it's really driving snowflakes into you. you can tell any of the thin layer of snow that we saw in the early morning hours, that's dissipated. roadways are wet for the most part. you should keep in mind there are slick spots because we have temperatures hovering at or below freezing. if you take a look over here,iver talked to a number of people today, everyone i talked to is preparing for this storm in one way or another. there are major runs on rock salt washer fluid. a short time ago we went to akers hardware store where we saw a shovel shortage.
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they have only a few shovels. one of our customers said despite the forecast they are planning to stay open. we know they need the basics for shoveling out and deicing their property but they will need last-minute driveries from the warehouse because their stork, as you see, is so low. >> hoping for a delivery of more rock salt shovels, all that stuff. >> what's your mind-set for the next 4 hours. >> have you gone to the grocery store? >> yeah i already did. >> what was that like? >> it was mobbed, every store i went to. >> hardware stores and grocery stores aren't the only places busy. i can tell you gas stations like this one has been mobbed with drivers pulling up filling up their gas attention. we've seen plow drivers filling up their vehicles. we've seen quite a lot of vehicles with a number of gas
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containers they have been filling up with things like generator and snowplow at home. just a lot of hectic time for people as they are dealing with this weather. they know what's coming. they have been watching our forecast and trying to prepare for it. reporting live katy zachry nbc 10 news. >> thank you, katy. nbc 10 jesse gary live with how people are getting ready for the snowstorm. you heard katy a shovel shortage, how are things looking there? >> reporter: there will be a shovel shortage here too. it has picked up in the last few minutes, gusty winds. however, snow is not sticking to heavily salted roads in south jersey we've seen plow trucks all morning long. route 38 east and westbound traffic moving freely. the snow is sticking to grassy surfaces. i'm standing on the grass. there's snow here but not on the
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sidewalk and not on the street. the only problem you're going to have is on a grassy surface. as a result people using this break to get out and get things done. >> not slippery. everything is fine. walking from the car to here, very easy. >> yes i have to get gas and food and everything. >> are you going to take care of that today? >> yes. >> the same people running around right now promise they will not do this tomorrow when the worst is set to hit. we'll update conditions live in camden county jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> jess thank you. many schools in our area are having early dismissal. nbc 10's matt delucia live in the endora neighborhood of philadelphia. matt can't tell really if the snow is falling. there it is. we see some flakes there. tell us about it. >> vai, we have seen light snow falling throughout the morning. it's been picking up over the past 10 to 15 minutes.
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we'll give you a look out here. untreated side streets are a little bit slick right now, some of that accumulation on the side of the roads. road crews have been working on it several hours, especially major roads and highways. we're outside immaculate heart of mary where parents are gathering to pick up kids. tens of thousands of philadelphia students about to be dismissed so they can get home and out of this mess. that early dismissal happens at noon. the decision was made last night to close schools early. philadelphia is not alone. we have early dismissals throughout our viewing area pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. at last count 361 closings have been reported to nbc 10. but not only classes but after school activities are being canceled as well. of course, we did see several school buses on the roads this morning. plenty of students went to class and places where the snow left a coating to an inch on the surface. of course, the question now is what's next. making calls to the philadelphia
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school district to see what if any, plans are being made for tomorrow. typically that is evaluated as the day goes on. i'm going to continue to make some of those phone calls as soon as i get off the air. for now reporting live in endora, matt delucia. the storm expected to krm airports across the east. flights from philadelphia international airport canceled united airlines announced it will cancel all flights in and out of philadelphia international tomorrow. if you have a flight scheduled or picking someone up from the airport, call this number ahead of time save you a trip if their flight is canceled. 1-800-phl-gate. meanwhile am track is not changing any schedules yet. here is a live look at philadelphia's 30th street station. right now am track is planning for a normal schedule today but that could change depending on this storm. of course you can track this major snowstorm with the same technology our meteorologists
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use and you can do it all from your smartphone. download nbc 10 first alert weather app. now is the perfect time to do it. we are continuing to follow the major snowstorm but we'll also get a check of other news including a pregnant woman stabbed. we'll tell you how she fought back against her attackers coming up. plus we're not the only area bracing for effects of the winter storm. we'll show you how parts of new england are getting ready. glenn. >> i'll show you the timing for when you should be seeing the heaviest snow in your area and give you a look of expected snow totals for your area coming up.
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>> announcer: now you're nbc 10 first alert weather. >> just about 11:15 this monday morning. 28 degrees out there as you take a live look at i-95. jillian will be along in literally a minute to give us an update on the roads. so far looks pretty good for now. meanwhile people in the boston area packed supermarkets as agencies like national guard and state police are getting their game plans in place for the snowstorm. the storm will be the first big test for governor baker and his administration. parts of new england could see blizzard conditions as you just heard glenn say, out of this winter storm. gas stations were packed as people in connecticut filled up ahead of the approaching snowstorm. across the state, utilities called customers to prepare them
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for possible power outages. connecticut governor malloy is ordering the state emergency operations center to be activated at 4:00 this afternoon. as promised, let's get a check on how the major roads are looking at this hour. first alert traffic is being monitored. >> not that bad, one accident on the atlantic city expressway eastbound near route 40. this is a live look in trenton route 29 at warren street. we see a couple flurries along route 29. as you can see the roads for the most part are looking wet. but you can expect slippery conditions. 495 at philadelphia pike in delaware, pretty much the same across the board now. this is a live look in montgomery county blue route near toll plaza, free of accidents on the highways in pennsylvania, which is good news. that includes lehigh valley. this is interstate 78 at cedar crest boulevard. keep in mind your bridge surfaces can get especially
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slippery. i wouldn't be surprised if later on we see restrictions on bridges and highways, also when it comes to pass transit, right now no significant issues but we'll keep you updated throughout the day. >> crews preparing for roads in the upcoming snowstorm. let's take a look, penndot spokesperson on the phone with us. let's start with inventory. do you have enough salt? how many plows do you have out there. >> we had 394 trucks penndot and contractor trucks to salt throughout the morning. we have cut back a number of contractors and sent them home. we have state trucks and kept a limited number of contractors on in the four suburban counties. with the plan vai, is later this afternoon as we continue to monitor the second round of winter weather coming into the region, we're going to be bringing more contractor trucks on board. vai, we will be over 400 trucks at that point later today when
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the heavier snow is falling. as far as salt we're good on salt. coming into the weekend we had over 92,000 tons of salt stockpiled. friday into saturday some last night also. our salt supply is very healthy. >> gene glenn "hurricane" schwartz will be here in another second. a few minutes ago was telling us the further north and east you go, the worse the storm is going to be. tell us where you're concentrating your efforts today. >> yes. well, as i said we've been salting, keeping roads wet throughout the night and into this morning. travel has been very smooth. we are anticipating the philadelphia area lower part of bucks county delaware county seemed to be the areas that are probably going to get more substantial snow than say, chester county and maybe parts of northwestern and upper bucks lower montgomery.
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the eastern part of our pennsylvania district seems to be the area where we're going to have to concentrate or forces realizing also even though chester county may get six or seven inches of snow that's still a considerable amount of snow to be removed. >> gene how about your advice to those in the afternoon rush later on. >> well give yourself plenty of time to travel vai. hopefully heavier snow comes late enough so we can get the evening rush hour home without any significant problems. but i think what i really want to say, once the heavy snow begins to fall we really ask motorists if they don't have to travel postpone their trips as long as they can. let crews get to work. the less traffic on the roadway, especially when we get into a heavy plowing situation, vai, our plow trucks will be able to move much faster. we try to do our best to keep up with the storm which has the potential of dropping a significant amount of snow per
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hour at the height of the event. >> gene our good friend at penndot, thanks very much for the information and advice. we wish you well. >> thank you very much. meanwhile local power companies gearing up for potential problems with the storm. peko says their crews are ready to go and they are monitoring the weather. pg&e ppl, trimmed trees, more poles. atlantic city, it says its crews are prepared to restore any outages out there. if your power goes out. nbc 10 and telemundo teamed up with comcast to help you out. you can charge your devices at some comcast xfinity locations, to find one search power-up. comcast parent company of nbc 10 and telemundo. >> nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn
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"hurricane" schwartz. >> it's been a fairly quiet winter overall, but that's about the change. we have first alert weather conditions generally for tonight and into tuesday morning. it's a major snowstorm for much of the region not all of the region as you'll see, because the snow totals are going to range from about two inches to 15, depending on where you are. new jersey is going to be the hardest hit. it's going to be blowing and drifting. major snowstorms for a lot of counties in new jersey. now, you can see on the radar things are broken up. nothing has come together yet. these are the types of storms that have to come together. they don't just form in the south in this giant area of precipitation moves up here. those are the easier once. this is not. a band of snow in newcastle county out through salem and camden gloucester county burlington counties moving up towards the philadelphia area.
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then give you a little bit of a burst. temperature about 30 in philly. look how cold to the north. northeast wind. that's going to be bringing down colder air. as we go into tomorrow morning, it's going to be a lot colder than that. that will let the snow stick a little bit better also lead to a fluffier type of snow than what we're seeing now in new jersey and delaware where temperatures are in the 30s. see the wind flow out of the northeast already. so why we call them nor'easter. 35 miles an hour winds in wilmington and 30 in trenton. they will be at least that strong tomorrow morning, probably even stronger as this storm develops offshore. again, the types that are easier to predict coming up from the south, already developed down here in north carolina this one is developing just east of our area. what it's going to have to do is throw moisture back. when that happens, that is the trickies type of big snow
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forecast. because how far back will that heavy snow band come? we know they are going to get clobbered in new england. they are going to get clobbered in new york city. but how far to the south is that going to go? the places where we don't get into that back side of the storm, not going to get that much out of it. so here we are. poconos, lehigh north and west. snow in the afternoon. the darker the blue the heavier the snow. 8:00 tonight. there's that heavier snow starting to come back. so through the afternoon rush don't think there's going to be a lot going on. look at this. midnight we're sure getting heavier. much of the area is getting some of its heaviest snow. by what would be the morning rush tomorrow it's already tapering off in burks county. you're not going to get a big storm in burks cannot. you had a bigger one on friday. there's tomorrow.
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three to six inches burks county western portion of chester county, six to ten philadelphia, up through montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley. but lower bucks and mercer county, you get 10 to 15. also burlington. now in the philly i-95 corridor 6:00 tonight you've got a wintry mix to the south, a little light stuff around i-95. that's not going to cause a lot of problems. but look how fast it changes. by 10:00, those dark blues are coming back in from the ocean and conditions can go down very quickly. that is what we expect. through tomorrow morning what would be the rush. then it starts to weaken. there's that 6:00 to 10:00 for most of philly. the biggest amount should be northeast philly. there's burlington county getting hit hard. farther to the south and east not that much in delaware. we've had bigger storms than
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that certainly, over the last couple of winters. for today, we expect generally light snow. it's going to be windy, temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. tomorrow morning, that's when it's going to be at its worst. that's when you've got to kind of plan in most of our area not to be traveling. there's heavy snow tapering off in the afternoon. very windy during the day. especially at the shores coastal flooding there. then look how bitter cold forth rest of the week. we have a chance for snow on thursday and bitter cold over the weekend. >> thank you glenn. we continue to follow what is shaping up to be a major snowstorm. this is a live look now at camel back mountain in tannersville. you see those skiers, those boards lining up there. going to get fluffier stuff skiers and borders covet so much. we'll be back with crews in the field coming up just minutes away.
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this morning philadelphia police are searching for two men who stabbed a pregnant woman during an attempted robbery. investigators say the pair approached the woman overnight on wiping avenue in the feltonville section of the city. the woman who is licensed to carry a gun fired a shot at the suspects who ran off. we put in a call to police to check on the woman's condition. we'll update you when we find out more.
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we're continuing to track preparations for our major snowstorm. this is a live look at the "jersey shore." one place that's expected to see significant snowfall over the next 24 hours, we're also awaiting a news conference from new jersey governor chris christie. that's happening in the next half hour.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> 11:31, we continue to follow a major snowstorm developing in our area as you take a live look at the city hall largest municipal building in the country with 700 rooms. in about 30 minutes, one of those rooms will hold a news conference with mayor michael nutter. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. glenn. >> vai, half of our area is going to see more snow than philadelphia and the other half
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will be less snow. but it's not going to be your typical kind of distribution as you'll see in just a minute. we have a first alert mainly for tonight and tuesday. that's when the conditions will be the worst, especially tuesday morning. i don't think there will be much of a rush hour tuesday morning. the snow totals are going to range tremendously across the area literally from two to 15 inches. so the slightest adjustment of the track of the storm or speed of the storm could have a significant impact on how much snow you're going to get. so we're going to have to monitor this very closely as we go through the day and night. this first little band here coming up towards philadelphia area. this is all part of part one of the two-part storm. part one is just kind of a nuisance thing, at best. things have not come together yet. they are not expected to come together yet. you have to wait until tonight and tomorrow morning, a slow evolving thing. so yeah there's going to be
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snow, slick spots on treated surfaces as we go through the afternoon. but we have to wait for this storm to really strengthen off the new england coast, questions related to how much is it going to strengthen how fast is it going to move up to the northeast. that's partly going to determine how much we get, too. there's no doubt we're going to get smashed from new york up to boston. missouri of us don't live between new york and boston or going to new york and boston. so when you think the word "blizzard" don't think here. it's up there. heavy snow across northern new jersey and some of it coming down toward our area. of course the heaviest snow the closer you get to new york. ten to 15 inches mercer burlington county maybe even long beach island. much lower amounts farther west and south you go. six to ten inches in this wide
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corridor from the eastern portion of lehigh valley down through montgomery philadelphia, down into gloucester, camden counties and lesser amounts as we go into chester county. delaware, you're not going to get a whole lot out of this. southern delaware very little. cape may not that much. but some places are really going to get a lot. now, this is one of the models we follow very closely, the european model. it was the first to latch onto this as a potentially major storm. by 6:00 it doesn't show much of anything. so the afternoon rush not going to be a big deal i don't think. watch what happens as we go into wednesday. this particular model goes up to nine inches, 21 in new york city. it has much higher amounts in yesterday's forecast. so things have changed a little bit in that regard. we'll start breaking down what we executive depending on where
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you live with the seven day in a few mince. >> all right. thank you, glenn. we're all bracing for this major snowstorm. people in some parts of new jersey can see the most snow. jesse gary live when we checked with you earlier we saw snow that stuck to the grass. has it gotten any worse in the last half hour. >> vai, conditions pretty much called camden county officials and they said no major problems reported in the county but they have all hands ready to go for the brunt of the storm. as you can see traffic still moving along route 38 both he's and west. there's a red light, that's why it stopped. traffic moving freely. we didn't have any problems as we drove south on 95 to trenton a short time ago. as a result people out hitting stores and malls before roads become impassable. >> they are fine so far. yeah i mean we'll see tomorrow. my husband traded my big suv in for a small volkswagen so i'll
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have some navigating today. >> we don't walk tomorrow. we stay in. >> mom? >> i concur. >> that's valuely jurgenson and her moem mom. they walk the mall religiously each day. tomorrow is an off day because of the storms. they will miss the mall until the storms move out. in case you're wondering and want to stay on top of this use your app on smartphone and that will give you snow totals and information all through day and night. live in cherry hill camden county jesse gary. >> good advice for everybody. let's get an update on storm conditions in montgomery county. katy zachry has been out there since 4:00 in the morning. when we last checked with you it was windier and more snow. tell us what's new now. >> that's exactly right. in the last 20 minutes or so the snow lessened.
11:37 am
you can't see the flakes like you could when i was last talking to you. the wind is there, it's cold. take a look. this is a perfect example of how untreated surfaces sidewalks, driveway you'll walk into maybe half an inch to an inch. it can be slippery in places. in contrast look at this major road here. this is a pretty busy stretch in montgomery county where there is no layer of snow. it is just wet. there's most. so traffic is really drying as though it were a rainy day. we've been driving throughout much of montgomery county throughout the morning as you said, vai. that's what we can lyingen the conditions to rainy conditions. how are people acting in montgomery county just hours before this major storm. take a look behind me. this is a lull in what has been a very busy run at this gas station. so gas stations have been mobbed for lack of a better word. hardware stores their stock of
11:38 am
shovels, of rock salt of washer fluid, that is out and grocery stores some of the staples are not in some of the big grocery store chains. people went to the store yesterday, and, hence, they have gone -- >> and meanwhile, this is video that just came to nbc 10 snow in lehigh county. one of our crews stopped in bethlehem where people are getting ahead shoveling and clearing this first layer of snow off of their cars. am track is not changing any schedules, at least not yet, but here is a live look at philadelphia's 30th street station. a little hazy trak planning for a normal schedule. let's get a check on how roads look. traffic reporter christine maddela monitoring.
11:39 am
>> we'll check with amtrak and new jersey transit to keep you abreast of all the changing conditions due to weather. let's look at the roads, lehigh valley interstate 78. like katy was saying mostly wet but with strong potential for icy spots and freezing. be careful when you're heading out. this is new jersey. as we look throughout the community, we have hundreds of cameras and we're monitoring the situation as the storm moves in. most of the snow is limited to these grassy surfaces in the median. you can see the road surfaces are pretty clear on the majors. those secondary untreated side streets, that is where you might have problems especially on those sidewalks and some driveways that are untreated. take a look if you are traveling any of our bridges. the ben franklin, betsy ross franklin, commodore, have restrictions in place due to the weather, 35 miles per hour. here is a heads up for mass transit travelers. new jersey transit line river line is temporarily suspended,
11:40 am
but that is actually not weather related. they are having a problem on the tracks a fatality on the tracks actually. the river line is suspended between camden and penstock and i'll keep you posted on that. vai. >> thank you, christine. within the last hour an nbc 10 crew stopped by headquarters in newark. as you can see salt trucks loading up and heading out. officials say crews have been out treating the roads since last night. they also have some advice for drivers. >> i would just encourage everyone if you don't have to be out there, don't be driving. if you are out there, keep your distance from our trucks. let our guysb;%o the work. they are putting down salt plowing. so give us plenty of room. >> they will be checking radar throughout the day to figure out the best way to dispatch crews. there have been a number of cancellations at philly international airport. let's check in airport
11:41 am
spokesperson. diane, bring us up to speed. what's it like at the airport right now. >> good afternoon, vai. right now we're seeing numerous flight cancellations. there have literally been hundreds of flights canceled already coming into and out of the airport and we expect this trend to continue for the rest of today and into this evening. in fact the airlines have already announced cancellations for later on this evening and into tomorrow morning. so it's very important if anyone is planning to fly today or tomorrow, they should check their flight status. they can do that directly with the airline or by calling 1-800-phl-gate or checking the airport's website. many of the airlines are also offering their passengers the opportunity to change their itinerary without customary frees if they are traveling during the affected periods.
11:42 am
so travelers can also contact their airline directly if they wish to change their itinerary. >> and diane, we've been reporting throughout the morning that united has canceled all of its incoming and outgoing flights for tomorrow. you expect that some of the other airlines may do likewise. >> that is a possibility, vai, considering if this forecast holds true, and we're seeing the the worst end of it that may be the story. but again, it's important that if you're planning to fly today and tomorrow you need to contact your airline and check your flight status. >> diane from philadelphia international airport, showing you there the number 1-800-phl-gate if you have a flight out today or tomorrow or expecting somebody to come in be sure to call that number before you head to the airport. thank you, diane. >> thank you, vai. dramatic video from out west. an amazingly close call caught
11:43 am
on camera. a driver diverts disaster by mere seconds. we'll have that story for you straight ahead. glenn. >> how much snow are you going to see in your area? another look at the timing of the storm coming up ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology
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. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 15 minutes before 12 noon as we take you live to cape may new jersey at the beach there. we're expecting a press
11:46 am
conference with new jersey governor chris christie at any moment. when that happens, we'll bring that to you right away. in the last 30 minutes we got new information about when philadelphia school district will make a decision about closing schools for tomorrow. nbc 10's matt delucia just spoke with officials. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a school official. he tells me no decision has been made yet as to when philadelphia schools may be closed for tomorrow, when that will be announced. but the folks there are still reviewing the forecast and that decision should come by midnight. first we'll show you out here along this road in andorra a nearby school about to let out early because of the snow and early dismissal in effect. you can see the snow has been falling. it's fairly light right now. the side streets are a little slick. a few minutes ago we did see a truck from the street department spreading salt on east cathedral road.
11:47 am
the school is immaculate heart of mary. parents are gathering to pick up their kids. early dismissal happens at the top of the hour. we have early dismissal throughout our viewing area today. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we have seen several school buses on the roads early this morning. parents are taking the roads with caution as are bus drivers as they come to pick up kids. again, no decisions on closure. we'll have them and they are scrolling on the bottom of your screen. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. thank you, matt. the clipper system affecting us this morning moved through central ohio yesterday and left two to four inches in the columbus area. drivers had to take their time on snow coated roads in pittsburgh and throughout the morning there. as much as eight inches were expected in higher elevations in
11:48 am
southwest pennsylvania. two children are in critical condition. two others have life threatening injuries after they fell through the ice on a maryland pond yesterday. officials say the four kids were walking on an ice covered pond on a park in baltimore county. the ice broke and they all fell in. officials warn people to stay off of ponds and lakes. they say warming and thawing makes even thick ice unstable. local power companies gearing up for potential problems with this storm. peco says they are ready, monitoring the weather. pse & g, will have more crews in case power goes out. ppl said they trimmed trees, put up more polls. atlantic city electric said its crews are ready to repair if outages happen. nbc 10 and telemundo teamed up with comcast to help you out. you can charge any devices at comcast xfinity locations.
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to find one close to you search power-up on nbc 10 news app. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10 and telemundo 62. a close call in california. look at this. a security camera captured a billboard crashing down in the exact spot that pickup there had just pulled out of moments before it happened. this is during a heavy winter storm in north hollywood over the weekend. two other vehicles were crushed by that billboard. luckily no one was hurt. the american academy of med tricks is once again affirming its position against legalizing marijuana because of the potential problem to kids and teens. studies show young kids who use marijuana are less likely to finish high school or college arnold at risk to develop lung problems and substance abuse issues. the academy opposes the use for medical marijuana with children except in life threatening
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cases. the studies warns about e-cigarettes and vaping. the user applies an electronicul)x charge to nicotine. rather than inhaling smoke they get the vapor. it produces formaldehyde higher than regular cigarettes. national gas average $2.03 right now. that's down $0.03 in the last week. analysts monitoring crude oil prices say any smaller cuts will be smaller or won't come at all. pennsylvania suburbs, you're paying right now $2.27 a gallon. across the river in new jersey the average price there is $1.86. in delaware you're paying about $2.07. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we continue to track this winter storm that is going to be
11:51 am
a major winter storm for many parts of the area but not the entire area as you'll see, because the snow totals are going to range tremendously depending where you live to two inches to 15 inches. new jersey is going to be the hardest hit with blowing snow drifting snow. the closer you are to new york city probably the harder the snow is going to fall. you can see a band of light snow coming through. this storm in two pieces. the first piece is just kind of a nuisance. that's happening during the day today. maybe even into the early evening hours. get a little dusting out of this. temperatures are going down. so treated surfaces could get a little slick. it's not the main part of the storm. these are the types of storms that a lot of people are thinking what storm? what storm? where is the storm in writes the storm in there it is. it comes and hits you right at the end and can really dump a lot of snow in just a short period of time. temperature 19 in allentown, 21
11:52 am
in redding and pottstown, colder air down from the north. that trend will continue. mild in georgetown. delaware 41 degrees. so the storm developing offshore. it's not one of those coming up from the south and all that moisture comes here starts off with light snow gradually gets heavier. totally different kind of storm. these are the most difficult to forecast because the speed that it goes up towards new england is going to be critical. pretty sure there's going to be a blizzard from long island up to boston. so nobody is traveling that way. toward new york city heavy snow borderline whether they get a blizzard. long island should. if anything rain. no problems until 9:00 tonight we're starting to get it coming back down from new york. comes straight down the
11:53 am
coastline. so we can go from rain to heavy snow like that. follow the weather tonight. there's 11:00. snowing pretty hard. 3:00 a.m. the darker the blue the heavier the snow. so we continue to see snow into the morning. but in cape may itself probably in the three to six inch level. six to ten for much of the rest of cape may county. ten to fifteen for atlantic county. right on the edge here with atlantic city. look at delaware three to six. central delaware two to four and southern delaware. parts of our area literally only going to get two inches. the i-95 corridor, it's kind of backward because generally more snow to the west. chester county gets nailed. upper montgomery burks complaint gets nailed. not with this one. there's 7:00.
11:54 am
there's heavier snow starting to come in from new york. that's heavy snow 10:00 tonight. real heavy snow middle of the night. that's where you might go to sleep and not much there. when you wake up tomorrow morning, oh, there's the storm. here we taper off as we go during the day. ten to fifteen, much of mercer county burlington county maybe even parts of lower bucks. northeast philly gets more than center city out of this one, gets way more than delaware county and chester county. again, three to six in a good bit of delaware. so these can be adjusted. a small adjustment in the area could mean a big difference in the amount of snow to fall. here is the future wind gust out of the northeast. atlantic city seeing gusts close to 15 miles an hour coastal flooding into today and tomorrow.
11:55 am
it's also bringing down the colder air. so for the rest of the day here is what we're going to be seeing. occasional light snow, a little rain to the south, temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. seven-day forecast heavy snow especially in the morning, taper off later in the day but it's going to be windy. it's going to be blowing and drifting in areas of heavy snow.r)q' withh3hjqá m# bitter cold on wednesday and into thursday another chance of snow. not a huge storm but we really have a cold pattern going into the weekend. super bowl weekend is going to be frigid. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> here is a live look with our cameras inside city hall where we are expecting a news conference from philadelphia mayor michael nutter on the snowstorm preparation. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. we'll be right back with more storm coverage.
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