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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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coming back though. if you have a little girl, she's going to tear the wall out. i got something for you. >> what? >> this is
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bus and light rate operations have been suspended. service is suspended for now. some septa buses could be detoured today because of snow. regional rails are operating on a saturday schedule and all philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed today. we're still watching for what other schools in this region will do. we have a team of reporters. nbc 10 reporters and photographers scattered across the area to show you what's happening in your studio and in our studio we have our first alert weather team watching the roads so you know exactly what to expect throughout the day.
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let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his forecast. bill, the snow is coming down across much of the area now. >> yeah, we've been watching it spread inland over the night as we expected but we're not going to see the intensity it looked like we were going to see over a couple of days. that's happening in new england. that's going to have a major impact on travel in our area. we're getting snow now, south philadelphia. you can see the snow is coming down. we've gotting bursts o heavier snow, buth4 far the heavier snow is well off to the north and east. boston will see heavy snowfall. philadelphia is seeing snow spread through the area and at times will get a burst of snow fall. that is accumulated snow though. it's not going to be the heavy snow inland. at the shore you'll see several inches of snow tapering off this
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afternoon for the atlantic city areand a it's quickly spreading across cape may county and into eastern cumberland county at this time. add to that strong gusting winds and the potential for strong blowing snow along the coastline still exists during the day. inland, yes, snow is falling. that's fairly light snow. you can see the wind is with us in philadelphia. if you're looking right toward the city from here at nbc 10 studios. this morning you'll see light snow. 24 degrees by 9:00. snow will still be coming down, but it will be on the light side. it will be winds that will be persistent and gusty winds at 30 miles an hour in philadelphia and the gusty winds will start to taper off. we'll go through it hour by hour. but first let eek check in. >> this is a live look at toms
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river, route 37. you can see the roads are completely covered, blanketed in snow. earlier i was able to see a little bit of blacktop where the plow truck have been through. these are some of the cameras we'll continue to monitor for you throughout the morning. we have speed restrictions bridges at 35 miles an hour. new jersey transit has suspended service today. paco is on a modified schedule. but the kimlin line is suspended. >> snow has been falling for parts of the shore for most of the overnight hours. here's a look at the boardwalk along atlantic city a couple of hours ago. that's where nbc 10's matt delucia is right now. how are things looking? >> reporter: the snow is continuing to fall.
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i'll give you a look. the plows have been by in the past few minutes, but as you can see while we were driving up coating in many spots, but the?a had it happen
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with previous snowstorms where cars could not get down. they've become stuck, stranded. >> reporter: and back out here on the boardwalk, you can see the snow is very light and fluffy. you can see over here the tracks of the plow that just went through here. this was about 10 or 15 minutes ago. you can see the snow falling right now. 's starting to accumulate once again out here. the plows are coming through, just trying to clear this boardwalk but it is very slick out here because there's no treatment out here on the board. so you've about got to be careful while you're walking out here. it can get very slick. the temperatures obviously below freezing. it is cold out here. you've got the wind coming off the ocean and it's making things feel a lot worse out here. we're going to stay out here on the boardwalk. i've been talking with folks who have been outside, pushing the snow away. one guy told me he's trying to get a head start so he doesn't have more work to do later on. for now we're live in atlantic city. e i'm matt delucia "nbc 10
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news." people in wildwood won't be digging out of snow this morning. they'll be dealing with this flooding. high tide. as often happens, the high tide pushed into wilewood. in cape may, not many snowflakes falling. i don't see a one looking at beach avenue. it will fall there soon but maybe a cup pouple of inches there. back in philadelphia pretty impressive weather we're seeing in center city coming down very steadily in this video near the museum of art you see in the background there. our first team alert coverage continues with katy zachry. katy, what are the roads like?
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>> reporter: hi chris. we're in the downtown area of philadelphia. we're crossing over lombard street. the wind has died down a bit and the flakes are not falling like they were. you can see some of the side streets and the smaller streets in center city you're going to see are not plowed. now, you'll notice there are cars on either side of us. that's because this is not a snow emergency route. if it were a snow emergency route, cars would not be allowed on either side of the street because that parking ban went into effect in philadelphia around 6:00 yesterday. as we know late last night it was announced that philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed today because of the weather. so kids are off of school and they're going to obviously enjoy this snow that's fallen on the ground. now, to get here we were on 76. and i can tell you the roads, the interstates, 95, 76 are very wet. the snow is just falling.
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the plow trucks, salt trucks are out there making your drive much easier on the majors. coming up in a bit we'll take you to west philadelphia and show you the roads from there. >> all right katy. more from you in a moment. let's take a look at the poconos. you can see steady flakes falling there. this storm is a bit of a different monster here. they must just get a couple of inches from the poconos unlike the past weekend when they had more than 7 inches there. our team of meteorologists including bill henley were working around the clock. you were on the air just after midnight doing updates every half hour. you could see the snow moving in. one thing people need to be aware of this is going to be an event spread out over several hours today, right? >> yeah and actually spread north and east. that's where the snowfall is going to be. this storm system formed
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offshore as we expected. deepened offshore, but deepened farther offshore so we're going to see less of an impact mostly in our area. the snow comes down making for some challenging travel inging conditions this morning. the visibility has come down. that's one of the indications of seeing heavier, steadier snowfall and that's what we're getting for this morning. it's certainly accumulating. that's what we're going to see for much of the morning. the heavier snow will be right along the coastlines with gustier winds. that will lead to blowing, drifting snow mostly right along the coastline. hour by hour we've been tracking it and it looks like the projected snow totals keep coming down. great news in our area. allentown waiting for snow. 26 degrees. also in philadelphia and atlantic city. as you see from the live pictures we're getting snow. this is the snowy scene here.
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you can barely make out the ben franklin bridge. this is the leading edge of the snow. southern chester county you're not getting anything. the farther east you go the more snowfall you will see. snow is now falling across montgomery county into chester. you can see some of the heavier snow moving toward the philadelphia area. the trenton airy will see more snow as we expected than the philadelphia area though the snow totals won't be anywhere near where we thought they were going to be. that's heavier snow falling in southern ocean county. there are blizzard warnings still in effect for northern new jersey. as far as snow totals. in addition to what's already on the ground by 6:00 this morning, another-inch in philadelphia trenton, millville, and cape may.
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by 7:00 8:00 9:00, 10:00, we'll still see some light snow, accumulating snow in pottstown. you'll see 2 inches on the ground in philadelphia 3 inches in trenton, but the atlantic city city area, 2 inches on top of what is already on the ground. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. >> all right. 4:12. let's get a check of the roads again. nbc 10's jillian mele will take us across the area. >> you can see the snowy conditions we have. statewide bans in new jersey. majors are quiet as a result. route 37 in toms river still covered in snow but then we head south, this is route 9. you can clearly see the blacktop out there. a big difference in the conditions especially in portions of new jersey. for drivers near center city, philadelphia, this is what 76 is
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look like right at the vine. the vine is clear. we're not reporting any big accidents. it is pretty quiet out there. in lehigh valley thwart airport road and here along 95 you can see depending on where you're going or waking up, the conditions are vastly different. chris? >> we'll check in you within a few minutes. you can count on your weather app. you can get free downloads to your phone or tablet and watch a live streaming newscast out there. our first news team coverage is next. we'll look at the impact of air travel. will won't be a lot of that out of philadelphia. and we'll give you live looks of how other cities are looking in the northeast. you see management there.
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it is 4:15 on this tuesday first weather day. you can see steady snowfall coming down right in front of our camera there and very wet roads out there. traffic obviously light at this hour. people have been urged to stay at home if possible today due to uncertain road conditions out there there. there's a lot of snow coming down steadily and we're looking at accumulations to build through the morning. meteorologist bill henley will be back with more on that in a moment. light snow also covered the snow along route 33 in mercer county overnight. a driving ban is in effect across new jersey now. officials are expected to review that later this morning though. nbc 10's jesse gary is live for
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us with conditions there. jesse, what are you seeing? >> reporter: the snow has picked up in the past hour chris. not snowing heavily but snowing at this point. i'm standing on this road that has not been plowed but it has been salted. it is on the road and it is slick and you want to watch out for that. also take a look at that plow making a turn. we've seen lots of plows out on the roadway. not many drivers but plenty of plowers and salters are out. coming up in the next 30 minutes we're going to hear from officials here as they drive around and check on roads in different areas. live in mercer county new jersey jesse garry, nbc 10 new.
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>> parts of bucks county had an-inch of snow. philadelphia international says most flights are canceled today, but they say there are no plans to close the airport itself. cruise worked throughout the night to be ready when airlines resume operations later today. conditions much worse in new england, of course. a blizzard warning still in effect there. the blizzard slamming the area with heavy snow and wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. this is a live camera here positioned in braintree, massachusetts. you can't see a lot except the snow coming down there right across the camera. almost whiteout conditions across the coastline there. new england still getting pounded by this even though we dodged a bullet and a live look at times square eerily calm
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there. strange to see very little movement there. calmness has fallen over the city. the mayor warned everyone this could be a historic storm in new york and although they were not getting snow they thought, looking at 2 inches still they're hunkering down for heavy snow and winds in new york. a live look here in portland maine. you can see the wind is kind of shifting the camera there. you see snow falling steadily. it was a picturesque scene before the wind picked up. blizzard warnings still in effect for parts of new england and the main coastline there. winds up to 40 miles an hour. gusts up to 55 miles an hour. certainly different conditions there in that part of the country. 19 minutes after 4:00 and now we're moving on to super bowl xlix. we're five days away from the sunday night showdown between the new england patriots and the seattle seahawks and have we mention thad you can watch the game right here on nbc 10?
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if you have not heard that you can take note. this is the place to watch it and there's our countdown clock. five days and 14 hours. look at that. video here for the patriots. tom brady, center screen, getting off the screen yesterday, trying to shake the shadow of deflategate that has somewhat tainted their championship. there's the owner robert kraft. keith jones is live with coverage. keith, what's going on now that both teams are in town? >> reporter: the day is going to be very central. i want to step out of the way and show you the scene here. you can see a lot of the booths are completely covered in tarps. while we received word of rain most flights have been canceled. there are changes you mentioned,
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chris, from the philadelphia airport. every flight but one to atlanta is canceled. flights to phoenix were canceled. we caught up with an eagles fan who planned on only coming to the pro bowl and now he's stuck here. there are worse places to be stuck, i suppose. >> 30 degree weather 60 degree weather. you know. that's a no-brainer. >> you're taking off -- >> that canceled. wednesday. we'll see. third time's a charm maybe. >> we were supposed to leave monday at 3:55. it got bumped to 8:00. that moved. then wednesday at 8:00. that got canceled. it was moved to 11:00. hopefully that's the last time. >> he and his buddy are going to play it by ear.
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what better time. today is media day. it starts at 12:30 eastern time a time when all of the player must talk to the media, but more than anything else, if you've ever seen a media day, it's a spectacle, silly questions, silly answers. and nbc 10 has you covered as they begin their festivities at super bowl central. chris? >> we know you've got something up. everyone wants know the latest on deflategate. we know you've got information coming up for us on football and how they can become underinflated, right? >> reporter: our crew had a great interview with the people at wilson who make every single football by hand. in fact there are only two people who sew the footballs. we talked to the woman who's making them for super bowl xlix. she's telling us there's no way, she'd stake her 37-year career on this. there's no way unless you used a
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needle placed it into the hole and let some air out that. story's coming up at 4:45. we'll see you then. super bowl sunday kicks off with pregame fun at noon. six and a half hours. you can see all the action right here on nbc 10. i'm not sure about air in footballs but a lot of the steam has been let out of the storm in our area, and that's good news. there is light snow falling. that's what we're going to see in philadelphia today. reading, cloudy skies. scattered snow in berks county, light snow in philadelphia in trenton with temperatures in the 20s. it doesn't look like we're going
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to have to use a shovel near the amount. right now we're looking at light snow falling in poconos mountains. that's good news. we'll see light accumulation during the day. gusty winds in some spots. calm in allentown, but go to the south. winds are steady at 20 miles an hour and we're seeing gusts at 30 miles an hour. that is cold air that's going to be pumping into our area. look at the windchills. 10 in trenton, 18 degrees in wilmington. it's going to be cold if you're heading out the door and it's going to stay cold. snow for most of the morning. snow will be snowiest and heaviest at the jersey snow but come inland and you'll see lighter and lighter snowfall. accumulation will be a greater than in philadelphia. as you head toward the shore you see southern ocean county is getting showers right now. moving into the atlantic city area you'll see snow even into cape may and light snow into
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philadelphia and some of the western suburbs as well. but the farther west you go the less snow you will see. and philadelphia we're looking at an additional 1 to 2 inches of snow before this thing tapers off this afternoon. gusty winds, yes. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. tomorrow here comes the cold. 15 degrees. if it's left on the ground it oohs going to stay on the ground with temperatures in the teens. sunshine and a bitter wind on wednesday and a bitter start thursday with afternoon sunshine breaking for clouds. clouds increasing, leading to a chance of an early shower friday. doesn't look like a big event. temperatures will be cold on friday morning and back down into the frigid zone on saturday and into sunday. some very cold air. it moderates sunday when we have a chance of rain and snow. when you're in your car, count on nbc 10 first alert weather on your radio. we'll be delivering updates every half hour on more fm 101.
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we'll be right back.
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a live look of snow coming down in atlantic city but don't be deceived. a live look at the sideways snow over philadelphia. we're watching the snow falling. we're right back after this on first alert storm coverage on nbc 10.
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