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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  January 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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u@ d is still gusting. bitter cold. >> the winds are gusting. they're 35 miles an hour mickaking temperatures feel colder. it feels like 3 degrees in allentown. 2 below zero is what it feels like in redding. tomorrow morning, it's going to feel even colder. here is the future feels like temperature waking up saturday morning. areas north and west will feel near 5 degrees below zero. philadelphia feeling close to zero and much of south jersey
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and delaware saturday morning with the wind that's going to make temperatures feel close to 1 degrees in the morning. the question is going to be where the rain/snow line sets up. we'll talk more about that coming up. he confess tds to using his state office to shake down campaign donors. >> nbc 10 has more questions for him. you spoke to mccord again tonight. what did he have to say this time? >> reporter: he told us that the charges stem from an incident last year. he could not say what he did. he admitted to strong arming
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donors into giving him money. >> you say on video you threatened two people. >> i really want the statement to stand for itself. just conversations where i made a bad mistake. >> reporter: it forced h edd him to make a statement his lawyer released earlier today. >> i stepped over the line by trying o the take advantage of the fact that two potential contributors hope to do business with the commonwealth. i said they should not risk making an enemy of the state treasurer. clearly that was wrong. >> reporter: mccord apologized for his action and said he was resigning immediately. his attorney says he will plead guilty to certain federal charges. his lawyer also made it clear there's no suggestion that mccord stole or misused any campaign funds. >> i just want to jiesz. i think there will be more clarification as is legally
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appropriate at the right time. >> reporter: just yesterday he said he would resign on february 12th. he said he was aware that he was the subject of a federal investigation but said he did not expect it to become public so quickly. now that it is public he decided to step down immediately. that's the very latest. new at 11:00, police say no charges will be filed against the man in connection to what they were calling an attempted carjacking of a federal homeland security agent. police initially told us the agent was parking inside a downtown garage.
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police later took a suspect into custody. officers say what happened did not rise to the charge of attempted carjacking. the agents actions are being investigate investigated. the ride sharing lift only began operating in philadelphia a few hours ago but it's already run into trouble. it's impounded one lift car today. that's because the ppa regulates taxi service in the city and considers lyft to be illegal. the agency says it will fine lyft drivers $1,000 if they are caught giving people rides. the vehicles are easily identifiable thanks to their glow in the bark mustaches. the case first measles case since 2012. the woman caught the disease while abroad. she never had thed04 vaccine. the health department track down people who had contact with her. none of them have come down to
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symptoms and all were vaccinated. ♪ ♪ she was raped and murdered 15 years ago. she was just five yearc' the time and would have been 20 years old today. police found her body inside a building just a few blocks from her home. they believe her suspected killer is hiding out in his native honduras. nbc 10 has learned as many as 40 people have been filed a complaint alleging sexual misconduct. she shared news pictures and engaged in sex acts on company time. it's not known when the city's investigation will be finished. house democrats have wrapped up their trip this morning. joe biden spoke to the caucus to
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close out the retreat that featured an appearance by president obama. democrats say they are focusing on on helping the middle class. the challenge is getting more people engage and willing to help. >> we leave philly the land and home of american democracy, united, shoulder to should with the middle class who want to dream even higher. we know that. >> the retreat coincided with the visit by the dnc. philadelphia is the finalest to hope the 2016 democratic national convention. new information on the momentums leading up to shug knight's arrest. the co-founder fought with a man before running over the man and a friend last night. the friend died. he was trying to escape a group of attackers and accidental ran over the men with his pickup truck. former philly jason worth headed off to jail outside washington, d.c. tonight. he's going to serve five days after pleading guilty to wreckless driving.
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in july virginia police pulled him over driving his porsche 105 miles an hour. worth won the world series with the phillys back in 2008 before signing with the washington nationals three years lalter. family members have filed a $50 million lawsuit after a graduate was killed in a d.c. subway tunnel. she died two weeks ago after an electrical malfunction filled with smoke. she graduated from drexel in 1976. she was trapped on the train for 45 minutes. we have been tracking the path of this balloon all week. one for distant when they surpassed 6,000 miles. the other after they had been in
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the air for 143 hours. the pilots one american and one russian even been tweeting pictures all week. they hope to land any time now. we'll keep you posted. single digit temperatures. then snow ice even rain. more winter weather will start in time for sunday's big game. i'm tracking what to expect outside your door and what time it will move in. coping with autism in philadelphia. the new plan you'll see. the treatment that's the first of its kind. the drug just approved that could stop you from binge eating.
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eating pizza during the season. that means free pizza after the season. what a country! order now through super bowl sunday at and you'll get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl at checkout. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. union workers gathered outside in convention center in protest tonight. they were protesting the black tie tailgate. guests enjoyed food cocktails and entertainment while getting a look at hundreds of vehicles
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at the auto show. what happens when children with autism become adults? >> that's the question philadelphia is trying to answer with a new plan that's the first of its kind. nbc 10 randy is live at city hall. >> reporter: we got our hands on this new report from the city. it recommends philadelphia sets up a central hub to provide information and help to families dealing with autism. they will also be targeting adults. many of whom are living independently on the autism spectrum. when kilil has game night with his family. >> now it's mom's turn. >> reporter: he feels comfortable, relaxed. when he steps outside to for school work or take the bus it can feel like cay youshaoschaos. >> i was thinking to stay at my mom's house.
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>> reporter: he's 21 now. he's aged out of system. the services he had are vanishing. >> absolutely. a lifeline quarterback. somebody there's to be the support for them. >> reporter: lawmakers in philadelphia warn that thousands of children with autism are quickly becoming adults. >> it's a tuna mi. the reality is once you know that, we as policy makers have a responsibility to hack. >> reporter: a new report recommends more social services and career training for adults with autism while getting employers on board to hire them. >> we're ten years ahead of everybody else in the country. we want philadelphia to be the first one to some friendly city. >> reporter: independence is coming but slowly one step at a time. >> it took me a very long time to understand independence. i still think, for the most part, i am like walking in those baby steps.
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>> reporter: he's succeeding in college. he wants to become a engineer or musician. there's a new tool in the fight against binge eating. for the first time the fda has approved a drug to treat the disorder. it was approved to treat adhd in 2007. today the agency cleared the drug for adults who overeat. standard treatment involves counselling and in some cases anti-depressants. super bowl weekend is here. the big game kicks off sunday. >> patriots will be relying on help from a player from burkes county who burst on the scene just two weeks ago. john clark is live in phoenix.
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this guy an eagles fan as a kid. >> reporter: that's right. james devlin's family have made their way to phoenix, arizona for the super bowl. they are so excited. everybody back in gilbertsville, pa is excited for him as well. we have a lot of music. james has waited all his life for this moment and there's a twist. >> i was an eagles fan through and through. philadelphia across the board. they were all my favorite teams. >> reporter: he grew up in gilbertsville. he was 16 years old when he saw his bird lose in the super bowl to the patriots. >> i was devastated. back in 2004 i remember rooting against my current team the patriots pretty hard when playing in the super bowl. it's the only super bowl that i ever experienced the eagles in. >> reporter: james now has chance to win a super bowl ring.
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he helped the patriots get here with a touchdown in the afc title game. his dad cried. >> my dad's a big softie. i got that trait from him as well. it takes a true man to show true emotion like that. >> reporter: his parents are coming out to arizona. he appreciates the support he's getting back home and his roots have helped him get to this moment. >> it's a tough region. it's very blue collar. you just kind of it taught me to just go to work and put my hard hat on. it's been an absolute blessing. >> reporter: we wish james devlin the best even though he plays for the patriots. take a look at chip kelly. he was playing slingshot. he was playing corn hull with lots of fans out here.
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hopefully one day chip will be taking the eagles to a super bowl. i'm john clark live in phoenix, arizona. really starting to feel like the biggest event in the world. back to you. >> right in the middle of it. thank you. nbc 10 is the play to be during super bowl weekend. it's a live half hour behind the scenes look at the pre-game excitement. that's tomorrow night at 7:30. then it's time for live coverage begins sunday at noon. kickoff at 6:30. you'll see it only right here on nbc 10. it was rainy day for super bowl fans in phoenix today. now the same system that created this sogginess is headed our way and could bring us some snow. >> let's get the forecast. we saw snow earlier and seems like that's not tendhe end of it. >> we are tracking something.
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locally they're weather right now will be moving over here. what a coincidence. bitter cold winds as we go through tonight. it's very windy outside now. feels a lot colder. by tomorrow morning the start off your weekend it's going to feel below zero through a majority of the area. really cold start to your saturday. then we go into sunday. we're tracking rain and know through the area and this will lead into monlds morning as well. let's take a look at the morning temperatures tomorrow or morning feels like temperature when you factor in the wind. minus 4 waking in allentown tomorrow. feeling like a minus 2 in pottstown. philadelphia feeling like 2 degrees and feeling anywhere from zero degrees to maybe 1 degrees in you're lucky. a cold windy start tomorrow morning. here is a look at the big picture. you see all the wet weather down around arizona right where we saw the rain in the video. this weather system will be tracking across the country and
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moving into our area. we have two different tracks that can play out. two different forecasts but we're watching them closely because a small shift in the track could mean snow for some. rain for others. we'll be watching this very closely. by monday morning we could see an area of low pressure to the south. rain could stay a little farther to the south. in this situation we can see more snow across that jore majority of the area. really not too much different. the slightest change in the track could make a big difference depending on where you live. if the area of low pressure is closer to philadelphia we could see the rain/snow line farther north which would mean more rain starts to move into the area. less snow through the entire area. as far as the chance of snowfall, 4" or more falling through this event in the allentown area. we have a high chance of that. through the philadelphia area medium chance. south jersey and delaware that
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chance will stay low as we expect mainly rain or mix out of this event. the area where we say medium chance which is the critical area we're wamping for the rain/snow line which could dictate where we see quite a bit of rain or snow. something we're watching very closely. i think this may be an event where we have to watch it move in and set up and see where the cold air is placed as we get closer. windy and very cold as we go through tonight. 12 degrees philadelphia. 8 degrees in the suburbs and areas north and west. tomorrow windy and bitter cold through the day. it's going to actually feel colder when you factor in the wind. we go into sunday. we'll have the late rain and sthoe moving in. again the critical area that i showed you is going to be around the philadelphia region. that's where the rain/snow line will be. it's the rain snow/line is south of philadelphia that means we get know if the line is flort of philadelphia, we get rain which would impact the snowfall tote
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it wills. this will be something we'll be watching very closely. you need to remember that either way you got to stay updated through the weekend. if yoir not in front of a tv we'll be updating you on social media. >> get that app on your phone. it's great. >> things can change constantly with this. through the weekend you cannot pay as much attention but you really have to this weekend. >> we'll be updating. >> and cold tomorrow. you just want to stay inside and not run any errands. >> i got a pass. i don't have to run any errands. >> you have to talk to your wife about that. we're not finished talking about the super bowl? >> could we ever be finished. they're out in arizona. they're not dealing with any of that nasty weather. jeremy will discuss his contract negotiations with the eagles. the sixers welcome back an old friend tonight who took on the minnesota timberwolves. we have highlights ahead.
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placers from other teams are out in arizona. one of those players eagles wide sever is hoping to resign with the birds. john clark with one-on-one with mackli nerks. >> i saw you tweet out you're not cutting your hair until you get a deal. >> i'm in the used to it being this long. >> do you think a deal will be done? >> both sides have made it clear we want to get something done.
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i also understand what's at stake here. i'm not going to try to get too caught up in it. >> yesterday he said i might have to do some restructuring to get you paid. >> as far as what he does with his deal that's not my place to comment on that. there's no reason why you can't keep us both. that's one of the most ridiculous things i've heard. >> former sixers returned to philadelphia for the first time to face his former team. now with his new team the minnesota timberwolves he talked about his new surrounding. >> it's very weird. i was like this is terrible over here. it happens. it's part of the business. you get traded and guys move onto different cities and have to play for different teams. >> hoping to make his old team wish they had him back. we remember him like this nice moves right to the rack. fourth quarter sixers trying to close it out.
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collects the ball in a low post and slams it home. michael carter williams coming up driving in. 17 points. sixers win it. back to back. 10 #-94. they try to climb back into that playoff race. you can see the game at 7:00. that will do it for sports. we're right back with more news after this. machine
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♪ with the card most accepted in the
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philadelphia region you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. . if you're skiing in the poconos this weekend i'd add the deep freeze layer. >> it's already feeling like 12 degrees below zero in the g poconos now. it kind of hurts when you walk outside even here for philadelphia and the surrounding regions. it already feels like single
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digits. i want sthoe i want to show you the two different scenarios. rain through parts of south jersey and delaware. this track would give us more cold air, more snow and rain farther to the south. this is one scenario. we're also watching a different set up. this would be giving us a little warmer air moving in. you see sunday 10:00 p.m. there's rain/snow line already. we'll be sehv5ájz and snow moving in. this right around philadelphia notice how there's more rain here in the scenario. in this case more warm air moves in. rain/snow line north of philadelphia. it would mean more rain for the area. this will be one of those situations where we have to watch it set up as it's moving in and see where the cold and warmer air because a little shift in this track could make a big difference for a few counties something to raep keep track of. as we go into tomorrow morning windy, really cold. we're going to be tracking that storm. >> something's coming. some kind of mix.
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>> tomorrow 12 degrees for the low. >> that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> stay warm everybody. thanks for watching. the tonight show is next.
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- don cheadle kate bosworth musical guest, lecrae


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