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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  January 31, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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on nbc 10 news today, officials are trying to figure out what caused 11 train cars to jump the tracks in south philadelphia this morning. we'll update the investigation into this derailment in a live report. brutally cold temperatures and strong winds are creating unbearable conditions outside this morning. and tomorrow, there may be some snow and rain for your super bowl sunday. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist brittney shipp is watching the changes in the forecast. brittney, it seems like the big issue is that wind and wind chill. >> absolutely. this is going to be a mixed bag as we head into the weekend. we start off the early part of your weekend with bitter cold conditions. we're talking about wind chills below zero this morning. if you can postpone the errands, that's the way to do it. the flags are really moving. wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour with the wind advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m.
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the actual temperatures 15 in philadelphia. the feels-like temperature is 2 below. the actual temperature 17 in dover with a feels like temperature of 1 degree. it doesn't get that much better as we head into the rest of day. temperatures barely struggling to get out of the 20s. 19 degrees by noon. bitter winds and then by 4:00 p.m., 23 degrees. by 8:00 p.m., 22. we'll still be dealing with the wind chill through most of today. the wind speeds should drop just a little bit. the second part of the story, as we head into tomorrow we are tracking this system right here. it's going to move closer and bring snow. it's also going to bring rain and that's going to happen sunday pitt as you're probably heading home from wherever you watch the super bowl. i'll let you know how that will affect your sunday plans coming up in my full forecast. >> just within the last 45 minutes, hazmat crews wrapped up their response to a train derailment in south
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philadelphia. in addition to the weather, that's the other story we're watching this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia has been monitoring the situation. tell us what's happening right now. >> reporter: rosemary seconds ago i was on the phone with csx. they tell many i a crew is out here responding to the derailment. 11 cars did rerail just after 3:00 containing crude oil. we moved closer to the scene in the past 30 minutes. we'll give you a look at what's been going on out here. fire trucks left a little more than 30 minutes ago. the area around 11th and patterson by lincoln financial field and the wells fargo center was shut down for about an hour. originally we could not get this close. it was considered a hazmat situation early on. it was found these derailed cars were not leaking. and we have seen other trains moving on other tracks. it is not a complete shutdown here. and that csx spokesperson tells
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me that passenger service in the area is not affected either. and at this point, it is still under investigation. so we'll give you another live look out here. some of the crews already responding. the cars did not leave the track. so they remained upright, i'm told but derailments, they tell me are unusual and now the process is under way to get those cars back on track and continue on. for now, live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a gloucester county firefighter was injured overnight while responding to a house fire. nbc 10 was on west cherry street in wynonna as crews spent more than an hour trying to get the flames under control. we are working to learn more about the condition of the firefighter. as soon as we get an update we'll bring it to you. >> we are learning more about why rob mccord stepped down as trsh yur. he's admitted that he threatened cam bane donors.
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nefertiti jaquez stopped by his home to speak with him. he did confess to using his position as treasure to strong arm donors into giving him money while running for governor last year. >> this was a mistake i made during the governor's race. there were a couple conversations where i made a bad mistake. >> his mistake prompted him to release this video statement. the lawyer insists despite initial reports, mccord will plead guilty to some federal charges. watch his entire video confession right now on our nbc 10 news app. we know the sex scandal surrounding the philadelphia fire department may involve dozens of people. it centers around a female paramedic. she filed a complaint alleging sexual misconduct. the source also says the paramedics shared nude photos and video of herself with
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colleagues and had sex on the job. .city continues to investigate the allegation. now to news from wilmington. police say no. >> chas will be filed against a man who was questioned about a possible attempted carjacking of a federal agent. police initially told us that the homeland security agent was parking inside of a wilmington garage when a man tried to take his car. the agent fired at the man but missed. police eventually took a suspect into custody but officers now tell us that what happened did not rise to the charge of attempted carjacking. they have not given further details. the agent's actions are now being investigated. a pennsylvania state senator is proposing a bill to honor a trooper killed in an ambush outside a police barracks in the poconos last fall. you may remember this. an exit in pike county would be renamed for corporal bryon dickson. eric frein is accused of killing
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dickson and wounding alex douglass last september. frein pleaded not guilty in court this week. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. big day in center city the philadelphia auto show kicks off. the doors open at the pennsylvania convention center at 9:00 this morning. the event features hundreds of new vehicles from dozens of manufacturers. the car industry is confident that business will be booming thanks to major savings at the pumps. with gas prices in the region below 2 bucks a gallon. >> there's a correlation between gas prices and consumer choice. >> throughout the last couple years, the people that wanted to buy the suvs and beautiful muranos and so forth, $50, $60, $70 to fill a tank now they're doing it for $30 and $40. >> again, it kicks off today and ends february 8th.
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the time right now is 5:36. bryn mawr college is apologizing after an e-mail controversy on campus. that e-mail only went to students who have a high body mass index. we'll explain. plus new information this morning into a gruesome discovery in san francisco. police are questioning a man who may have information on a suitcase that had body parts inside of it. the hostage situation between isis in japan is still up in the air this morning. a dead lean has passed but the fate two of men are unknown. thank you, cable
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. if you can stay inside and sleep in, i would suggest you do so. our temperatures this morning, bitter cold. that's what you can expect when you step outside. here's a closer look outside right now. the flags are blowing. that's contributing to our really dramatic wind chill we're dealing with. our actual temperature is at 15 degrees. feels like 2 below.
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wind gusts close to 30 miles per hour. that is all the makings of an uncomfortable morning when you step outside. a closer welcome at our currents throughout the rest of the region. 11 in allentown, 3 degrees in mt. pocono 18 in wildwood. the temperatures range between 24 and 29 degrees, bitter cold conditions expected to stick around. our wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour and then we're watching this next system that is going to bring us snow as we head into your sunday afternoon and evening. and also rain depending on where you live. i'll go over the details and what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> looking forward to it. thank you brittney. tyler mathisen has a look at this past week on wall street. >> wall street wraps up a tough week and month after stocks ended mostly lowering with that following a string of disappointing earnings and trbling outlooktrbl
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ing troubling outlooks for some u.s. companies. earnings were better than others apple made an astounding $18 billion profit in its last quarter, the most ever by any company anywhere anytime. it sold nearly 75 million i-pointi-iphone iphone nearly ten every single second around the clock. gdp grew at 2.6% despite the fastest pace of consumer spending. the federal reserve said the economy is in good shape, solid, strong. it's going to romaine patient before raising benchmark interest rates, however. a change on the menu at mcdonald's amid changing consumer taste. the ceo of mickey d's will be replaced by the man who ran the chain's european operations for a while. fidelity investments say the
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average 401(k) savings balance hit a record high of more than $91,000 last year. and that thousands of american savers become millionaires in 2014 at least on paper as the stock market rose. i'm tyler mathisen. get all your business news on cnbc. next a highway crash caught on camera. we'll tell you how this scary situation, look at that, came to an end.
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now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta. this is nbc 10 news. at 5:44 here's a live look at the comcast center in philadelphia. it's a cold one out there this morning. the temperature right here at the nbc 10 studios, about 15 degrees. guess what? it feels a whole lot colder than that. in some areas, negative 15 negative 20. brittney's seven-day forecast is just a few moments away.
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she'll take a closer look at the chance of snow for tomorrow and monday. you can get updates by the way anytime on your smartphone or tablet. all you have to do is download the nbc 10 first alert weather app. it's free. it will give you the radar, the extend forecast any alert and of course the seven-day. ohio has rescheduled executions for seven death row inmates meaning that no one will be put to death in 2015. the state is trying to find lethal drugs. a new execution policy calls for ohio to use drugs that the state had difltd obtainn difficulty obtaining in the past. police are questioning a man in connection with human remains found inside of a suitcase. investigators say the man was in the area where the suitcase was discovered on wednesday. a dna laboratory is working with police to help identify the victim. take a look at this dash cam video. this shows an accident in iowa. this comes from a car that was
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narrowly missed in the crash last week. alexis as you saw comes up on on its wheels. the lexus caused a chain reaction that sent two other cars into oncoming traffic. the driver of the lexus is suffering serious injuries. efforts to free an isis hostage have stalled. the islamic state militants are holding a japanese journalist hostage. the group's dead lien for killingkill g killing a jordanian journalist. militants control a third of both iraq and syria. the white house is weighing in on the measles outbreak in the u.s. president obama's press secretary says his boss believes sign should leave their to get their children vaccinated. the cdc insists that the measles
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vaccine is 97% effective. officials traced most of the infections to visitors at disneyland near los angeles. measles cases are recorded in half a dozen states including one case as we mentioned earlier in the broadcast in delaware. the virus is highly contagious. symptoms include fever, runny nose and a rash. from our south jersey bureau would be middle school teacher of making offensive statements in class has resigned. joseph mann taught social studies inning kro -- crockett middle school. as part of the settlement, mann will get $27,000 in salary. bryn mawr college is apologizing for an e-mail advertising a fitness program to overweight students. the e-mail list was created using records compiled by the
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college's health care center. students with high body mass indexes were invited to get counseling nutrition advice and a fitness plan. the e-mail drew criticism from students and others who called it unethical and an invasion of privacy. school says it's sorry to those who were upset and offended and the school will rethink its approach in terms of fitness and health moving forward. the fda approved a drug to treat binge eating. it was first approved in 2007 but yesterday the agency cleared the drug for adults who overeat. an estimated 5 million adult americans have binge eating disorder. standard treatment usually involves counseling psychotherapy and in some cases anti- antidepressant antidepressants. 0adair of american and russian pilots have traveled farther and longer in a gas balloon than anybody in history. they beat the previous record of 137 hours and 6,500 miles. the pilots left from japan last
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sunday. they plan to land today on a beach in mexico the baja california peninsula. very nice. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we have a lot happening with our weather as we head into the weekend. first of all, we'll see bitter cold conditions to kick off your weekend. as we head into tomorrow super bowl snow. by the time you're heading home from your super bowl party, you could see snow or rain. i'll go over which areas will see what. staying cold for us the temperatures are staying well below average. in philadelphia 15 degrees. our humidity is at 45%. wind speeds out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour gusting up to 28. close to 30 miles per hour. that's making the feels-like temperature closer to 2 below zero. the actual temperatures 3 degrees in the poconos, 11 in
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allentown, 13 in glassboro, 17 stone harbor and 17 in dover. the feels-like temperature, 18 below in the poconos, 5 below in allentown, 3 below zero in atlantic city. it feels like 2 below zero in wilmington and here's why, we're seeing very strong wind gusts. this is a cold northwesterly wind moving in. we're seeing wind gusts up to 32 miles per hour. in atlantic city. 28 in millville. 21 in pottstown, up to 40 miles per hour in the poconos. and a closer look at our satellite radar shot shows quite conditions. we'll see sunshine as we head into the rest of today. as we push into tomorrow afternoon, heading into the evening, that's when we'll see this system move in closer to us. and that's going to push in as we head into your sunday afternoon. this is how it's going to progress. you'll be fine as you're heading to some of your super bowl parties or running errands earlier in the morning.
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as we get into the afternoon, if you live closer to allentown, norristown reading, we could see a dusting or moderate snow coming down by 2:00 p.m. that's before the game starts. as we head into the rest of the evening, by the time you're heading home we are going to see more of a rain/snow mix here along the i-95 corridor. mainly rainfall for south jersey and along the shore. the pink area is the rain/snow line. that's what we're going to watch. this model, it slowly moves to the north. we're not going to get a whole lot of snowfall at first for the i-95 corridor. this is again, going to depend on the track as we get a bit closer tomorrow afternoon, heading into the overnight hours into monday. right now, here's a chance for snowfall, 4 inches or more we have a low chance to see that much snow in south jersey and the shore. we have a medium chance to see it for the i-95 corridor and a high chance a pretty good chance of 4 inches or more for the lehigh valley heading into the poconos. one thing we are going to
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conts'ue to watch along that i-95 corridor is how quickly north that rain/snow line moves. that's going to determine how much snow we get versus rain. we'll keep you updated. you'll have to stick with us. the track is still a bit uncertain just like the last storm we head into today, eventually by the afternoon the seven-day forecast forecast shows we will prepare for late snow more of a mix if you're closer to the shore. we'll see another snowy start to the morning. on your monday if you look closer to the lehigh valley and the poconos heading into tuesday, bitter cold conditions expected. it is officially super bowl weekend. we are counting down to tomorrow's big game here on nbc 10. fans are pumped for the matchup between the seahawks and the patriots. it's the nfl commissioner though, who is right now taking center stage. we'll talk about it after the break.
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the excitement is building in arizona with just one day left until super bowl xlix. as nbc's sara duloff reports -- >> reporter: superball weekend arrived gray and dreary. wet and wild times in the arizona desert not putting a damper on fan's enthusiasm. >> we're going to win the super bowl. >> repeat. >> reporter: is temperatures in the 70s are expected sunday. >> we're excited for the opportunity and i think it will be a great matchup. >> it's really getting close. we can feel it. we're ready for game time. >> reporter: before game time a review of the nfl's past season. >> he's been a tough year. >> reporter: roger goodell discussed recent problems and pledged a continued focus on the
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new personal conduct policy. he pledged a thorough investigation into deflate-gate. >> this is my responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. i represent 32 teams. all of us want to make sure that the rules are being followed. >> reporter: goodell prommed to release investigator's final report to the public. transparency between the nfl and the fans who invest so much into its team. in phoenix, sara daloff. the most popular food a market search firm says that vegetables top the list of foods eating on super bowl sunday. we're not just talking about the celery sticks that come with the wings. vegetables have been tops for 30 years. a little b less surprising is that there's an increase in sales around this time of year for salty snacks wings and pizza for the big game. pizza hut plans to have 60,000
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drivers delivering 2 million pizzas. just before kickoff it expected to get about 1,700 orders per minute. the super bowl is the most gambled on sporting event in in america. the big game will generate $3.8 million in illegal bets. those winnings are taxable income. tax experts say some people don't realize it while others choose to ignore it. nbc 10 is the place to be during this super bowl weekend. tonight, john clark will host a show focused on the pregame excitement. kickoff is at 6:30 with coverage starting at noon. the only place to watch it is right here on nbc 10. coming up in just a few moments, we'll talk to keith who
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is live in phoenix as our coverage of super bowl xlix continues. here in philadelphia much different picture compared to what they're dealing with in glendale, right, brittney? >> it will be close to 70 degrees tomorrow in phoenix. but for today, we are going to see temperatures starting off with wind chills below zero in philadelphia. we're tracking snow and rain as we head into tomorrow night. i'll go over the details in my first aée q oid them? because i don't want to... you know what? i'm gonna bring my maintenance guy in here to tell you all about it. roddy! so, uh, without your fee your checking chamber can't run smoothly. every time you put money in it causes, uh...deposit friction. gotta get some fiscal lube on there. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. [ defeated] okay. [ male announcer ] avoid monthly maintenance fees
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, a train carrying crude oil goes off the tracks in south philadelphia. as you can see, firefighters and hazmat crews were called to the scene. next we'll update their investigation. super bowl weekend is officially here. the fans have arrived in arizona. we'll take you there, coming up in a live report. a double whammy for our weekend forecast here in philly. a bitter cold start that ends with wind and rain. how it may affect your super bowl sunday plans. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. 6:00 on this saturday.


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