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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EST

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good morning. soaked. coast to coast weather woes this morning. in the west drenching rains and threat of flooding and mudslides. in the northeast, another snowstorm set to bring another foot or more of snow to places that need it least. dy has her eyes on it. holding out hope. the family of the captured aide worker is speaking out after reports she was killed. family feud. a brawl erupts among bobbi kristina's relatives. >> how many people are fighting? >> it's got to be eight or ten people. >> this as the daughter of the late whitney houston clinging to
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life. and a 14-year-old is alive and well this morning after being trapped under an icy lake for 15 minutes. >> there's no really explanation but how god wanted me to live for a reason. i'm alive. >> he is telling his story exclusively to us today, saturday february 7th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today," with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. >> let's get to the top story. that is the weather. in parts of california and washington state, nearly a foot of rain has fallen in northern california causing flooding problems. this is what they are calling the pineapple express bringing
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strong winds with it knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. nbc's miguel almaguer is in sacramento for us. miguel good morning. >> reporter: lester the rain has finally let up after pounding the region. buckets of water overnight. the sacramento river did rise a couple of inches but has gone down. this is all brought on by the pineapple express that could bring up to 10 inches of rain in northern california before this is all said and done. in the region hundreds of thousands of people lost power. accidents across i-80. it was shutdown for some time last night. many people today are cleaning up. in washington state, there was flooding there. six or eight homes under 4 feet of water. there was concern that mudslides could be triggered next. the region needs this water to escape the drought-stricken three years of drought. we will not get the much-needed
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snow we need to pull out of this drought. the rain will continue again for the next 24 to 48 hours. the next round will hit tomorrow. lester. >> miguel almaguer thank you. >> dylan is tracking the pineapple express. you have more in the round of snow making its way to the east. >> we cannot catch a break on either coast. it is the pineapple express because the moisture generates from hawaii. it is a nickname to indicate that stream of moisture off the pacific and dumps inches of rain. northern california already reports of 9 to 11 plus inches of rain. you see it is lightening up a bit. we are seeing steady rain. as far as the heavy pockets near portland and seattle. another stream of those heavy downpours will continue to move in as the moisture comes off the pacific. we are looking at still through the next 72 hours an additional 3 to 4 or 5 inches of rain
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across northern california and up into parts of washington and oregon as well. now on the east coast, we already have a winter storm watch all in blue here. notice this cut off. northern new jersey into parts of southern new york and pretty much across connecticut except the coast. along long island not in the winter storm watch. that is where the rain/snow line is set up. we could see icing on top of just a few inches of snow in new york city. you go to upstate new york and massachusetts all areas hit hard. this will all fall saturday night up until monday. it is a long duration with a couple inches here and total was 12 to 15. it is not all coming as one big storm. it is progressive over the next couple days. >> you can plow and shovel. >> you can stay ahead of it a bit more. >> glass half full. dylan, thanks. let's turn to another developing story.
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alleged death of american aide worker held captively isis. authorities say kayla mueller was killed in a jordanian air strike. her community is in disbelief, but parents remain hopeful. let's begin with nbc's joe fryer. he is in her hometown of prescott. >> reporter: her parents say she are hopeful she is still alive. they are releasing information on the woman kidnapped a year and a half ago. someone passionate about helping refugees. no visible signs of mentioning kayla mueller in prescott arizona. we have helped to keep her name quiet. someone from their hometown became an isis hostage. >> it is sad. a young person like that trying to do good and this happens.
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>> reporter: a humanitarian aide worker she was captured in 2013 after leaving a hospital near aleppo syria. isis said she was killed in an air strike by the jordan and air force. officials say there is no evidence corroborating those claims. skepticism is high on the streets of prescott. >> i think it might be just a ploy on their part. you never know. >> i feel very saddened for the family that they have to wonder whether their child is alive or dead. >> reporter: mueller's passion is no secret for humanitarian work. documented in the high school newspaper and she talked about her work along the turkey and syria border. for as long as i live i will not let this suffering continue. she is extremely devoted to the people of syria.
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in 2011, she took part in a virtual youtube sit-in. >> i am in solidarity with the syrian people. i reject the brutality that the authorities are committing against the syrian people. >> reporter: in the life of the 26-year-old woman, the muellers say the thread is a quiet leadership and desire to serve others. mueller's relatives say last may was the first time they received confirmation he was in captivity and proof she was alive. in their latest statement released by the parents, they speak to those directly holding mueller. they ask to be contacted privately. lester. >> thank you. more air strikes against the terror group from jordanian all in retaliation over the killed pilot. we have nbc's keir simmons in
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jordan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the jordanian f-16 was not involved in the bombing campaign today. it is the 500-pound bombs attached to the wing there. all morning, we have seen the fighter jets taking off from here. the jordanians are utterly rejecting the isis claims their bombs killed kayla mueller and all morning, as i say, we have watched the bombing campaign continue. one by one, jordanian jets took off this morning. their target? isis fighters and bases. the unconfirmed claim from isis that an american hostage has been killed in the bombing raids has not shaken jordan and resolve. f-16s are taking off from the air base here head for isis targets in syria. there goes another one. we were invited to see for
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ourselves the professionalism of the jordan air crews. the fighter pilot, mu'ath al kaseasbeh, burned to death by isis had taken off from this very base. jordan's leader say the retaliation will be relentless. >> we have to increase this and step up this not just air campaign but as we said and we promised we will go after these guys with whatever and everything we have. >> reporter: the public mood in jordan shifted. thousands on the streets yesterday. a protest headed by the queen herself. >> the message to isis is jordan will never go down. you can never bring us down. >> reporter: the u.s. military is providing close support for the jordanians. two u.s. f-22 fighter planes landed in jordan this morning alongside jordanian jets that had taken off laden with bombs. those jets landed two and a half hours later.
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in almost every case as far as we can see, their pay loads empty. their deadly message to isis delivered. and every one of those pilots has returned safely today and a greater effort is being made, erica erica, should a pilot go down they can rescue that pilot before he is captured by isis. >> as these strikes continue keir can you give us a sense of how effective they have been in hurting the military capacity of isis at this point? >> reporter: well clearly they have done a huge amount of damage to isis. there are reports and of course it is difficult given the terrorist territory you are talking about. hundreds of militia being killed. at the same time an air war will never win a battle. at some point, it will come down to forces on the ground.
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iraqi forces, kurdish forces moving on to mosul. an area overrun by isis last year. that will be crucial. clearly the bombing campaign is a continuing and important part of that. >> keir thank you. the fighting intensifies overseas this morning, but here at home president obama is getting ready to ask for congressional approval to fight isis. we have kristen welker at the white house with more on that. >> reporter: lester good morning. the isis claims that the american hostage killed is adding urgency to the fight on isis. the white house is ready to request it will send to congress asking for a new authorization to use military force against the terrorist group. now one of the key sticking points should the language prohibit the use of ground forces. of course president obama has been adamant he will not send troops into the combat role.
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some want that information written in the legislation. many republicans disagree and top administration officials have argued that such language could tie the president's hands if ground troops are needed in a different capacity for example. the administration has said it wants it to pass with bipartisan support, but with most pieces of legislation, there will be a debate. final passage could take several months. >> kristen welker thank you. there are developments on both coasts with the measles outbreak. sheinelle is following that for us. >> good morning. officials in california say the number of concerned measles cases has risen to 103 since the outbreak at disneyland in december. this as doctors prepare for an outbreak in massachusetts. they are on alert after the super bowl last week. arizona has seven confirmed cases. we will have more on the measles coming up in a moment.
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now to taiwan where officials are investigating whether pilot error caused the crash caught on video of the plane crash. 36 people were killed wednesday when the plane plummeted into the river after engine failure after takeoff. investigators discovered the pilots shutdown the good engine while trying to restart the other. the ntsb is investigating if the third rail contributed to the high death toll on the train crash in new york. five passengers were killed along with the driver of the suv that collided with the train. metro north is the only commuter railroad in america to collect power from the bottom of the third rail rather than the top. the rail is angled in a way that could have led to snapping and spearing the train. a highway traffic safety study finds fewer people are drinking and driving, but more drivers are high behind the wheel. the study conducted from 2013 to
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2014 found one in four drivers tested positive for marijuana or other illegal drugs. drunk driving dropped 1/3 since 2007. it is not every day that firefighters get a call for a horse stuck in a bathtub. it happened near sacramento california. the horse fell into the tub which is used for her food. rescuers tipped the tub on the side and brought the horse up to her feet. the horse, named phantom, uninjured. >> a horse in a tub. >> you don't get that every day. dylan is back with a check of the rest of the country's forecast. >> i bet she won't make that mistake again. head first. across the country, obviously, we are looking at both coasts. the snow that is eventually going to develop in the northeast later on tonight and tomorrow. right now, lake-effect snow off lake ontario. on the west coast, we still have rain and the gusty winds.
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as we go into tonight and tomorrow we will see a reinforcement of the heavy rain across northern california. it stays heavy in seattle and oregon. we have some mountain snow. we could use more mountain snow to beef it up for the summertime. right n a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. back to normal, temperatures in the low 40s. it will feel good compared to the 32 we had yesterday. a mention of cloud and suns, milder, even milder on sunday into the low 50s. mostly cloudy skies by sunday 51. rain arrives on monday from the city south and east a mixture foot north and west 44. 39 on tuesday, and a cold blast by thursday just above the freezing mark, into the 20s on friday. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. lester. >> dylan, thanks. concerns raised over the safety and potential health risks that may be related to the popular
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e-cigarettes. the researchers at the universi o on rochester tested on mice and it can cause lung damage. dr. natalie azar is an nbc contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> these are marketed as not as bad. they found the free radicals. explain the hazard they found in the mice. >> lester you said we do think that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional because they don't contain the number of carcinogens we worry about developing cancer. the back story is what is generated in the vapors and what is in the liquids? could that confirm a risk long term of lung disease. >> not necessarily cancer but something else. >> a smoker has a risk of cancer and chronic pulmonary disease. that is how people end up on
7:17 am
oxygen. the study took human lung cells and studied mice. they said what is happening to the cells exposed to e-cigarettes. they generate free radicals. you know how we take anti- anti-oxidents. >> they are marketing these with flavor. the risk is they are popular to the kids attracted to the flavor and they are not bad for you. >> lester, the e-cigarettes contained more free radicals and caused more inflammation than regular tobacco. >> do we know what is in them? the fda doesn't require to list what is in them. is it possible each one is not the same as the last monthone? >> 100%. that is why we want fda regulatory over this. they are not required to list
7:18 am
the substances in them. they found they contained traces of an aluminum and nickel and other elements that long-term inhaled could cause damage to the lung. the study clearly showed this. of course this is on a cellular basis. they are not drawing a conclusion and saying these patients will end up with copd but the suggestion is there. >> we need more on this. >> we will once there is regulations. >> dr. azar good to see you. erica. lester thanks. an update for you on a story we brought you earlier this week. there has been an incredible outpouring of support for a man's commute that involved 21 miles per day. we have francises with more on the story. >> good morning, eri story you love to hear about.
7:19 am
james robinson had been walking to work for years after his car died and he could not afford another one. his story made headlines this week and james is sitting pretty. you can blame james for tearing up. this is a life changing gift. it was like a marathon each way into a drive. >> i do this five days a week. >> it is unusual for someone's commute to grab national headlines, but robinson's 21 miles to work did just that. his story was inspiring. prompting people around the country to give more than $300,000 in just five days. >> james asked for advice with handling the money and put it in a trust fund. that is in the works. >> on friday another surprise for the strong-willed 56-year-old. a new ford taurus. >> what do you think? >> it will remind me of where i
7:20 am
have been. >> blake first spotted robinson walking and shared the story with "the detroit free press." >> i think he likes where he lives. he likes the people and his work. he wants to do his thing and get to work easier. >> an easier commute and more positive outlook. >> everybody knows you are supposed to go up and down in life. it has been mostly up up up. >> as you can see, james is one happy man. since this has been a while since he has driven he has to wait until he gets used to the car and behind the wheel. when you have a bad day, just think about him. >> i misspoke. i said 21 miles in a day. that is more than enough. i want to be clear. what a great update on that story. >> absolutely. >> thanks. just ahead here five words you should not say while you are on a date.
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you will want to know these. the hilarious hash tag that is getting a lot of love but first this is "today" on nbc.
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valentine's day is exactly one week away. if you are looking for a long lasting love this year we will hopefully help you in that search by telling you whatnot to say. >> sheinelle is in the orange room with love advice. >> that's a first. it takes five words to ruin a date. according to twitter. a hash tag with a lot of people laughing lately. it is #fivewordstoruinadate. people are tweeting in deal breakers in five words. some are speaking from
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experience. others for a laugh. sorry, i forgot my wallet. after that expensive dinner. this one, don't worry. it's not contagious. i refuse to eat a salad. what if he says healthy appetite for a chick. usually i date beautiful women. guys how about this? you sit down from across the girl and you hear this. i've chosen our baby names. use the #orangeroom. five words you think will ruin a date. i have plenty of girlfriends who have chosen a baby name just don't tell them. >> i knew mine in sixth grade. i didn't use them. i had boys. >> it wasn't a date but i was at a restaurant. the waiter said to me this is a big meal. i ate the whole thing. they looked at me a little judgy. >> i was hungry. still to come on "today,"
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speaking of love what it is like to direct a movie full of
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nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:00. it's cold outside right now. but things will warm up. let's check in with meteorologist michelle grossman. good morning, michelle. >> we are starting out cold this morning, looking at mostly cloudy skies. more clouds and sunshine as we head throughout the day. we're seeing a little bit of wind but we'll see a southwesterly flow. it is cold 28 in philadelphia 21 in allentown, 20 in mt. pocono 27 in wildwood. we'll end up right around 43 degrees later on this afternoon. back to normal. it will feel good compared to the past few days. not as cold by sunday 51. monday, we're looking at a chance for rain in the city
7:27 am
south and east a mixture north and west 44. a cold blast for thursday mixture of sun and clouds 23 on friday. this morning investigators are resuming their search for the cause of a fire at an auto body shop in the frankfurt section of philadelphia. skyforce 10 was first on the scene last nightcap turing flames tearing through the shop and garage on heyward street. nobody was inside the building. fire officials praised a neighbor who rushed to a nearby firehouse to alert the crews to the flames. firefighters managed to rescue two dogs that were inside the garage. they're doing okay. friends of the body shop's owner tell us that his prized collection of race cars was likely destroyed. new from overnight, two people are in the hospital following this car crash in east falls. nbc 10 was on the scene along roosevelt boulevard at fox street. police tell us at least two cars collided just before 3:00 this morning. i'm rosemary connors. we'll head back to the "today" show. i'll show you in 25 minutes for another update. have a good one.
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i don't do moments. my tastes are very singular. you wouldn't understand. >> back on a saturday morning. february 7th 2015. that is the lego version of "fifty shades of grey." it racked up more than 1.5 million views on youtube. we are less than a week away from the premiere of the movie. we will speak with the movie's director about what it was like to shoot the film and if she is really had a few with the author of the book. could you fit a family of four in a 400 square foot home. why more and more people are down sizing. >> that would be rough.
7:31 am
i may end up divorced. and have you ever looked at your kids playing in the ball pits? it looks like fun. now the grown ups can get in on the action. we will tell you where. >> i want to do that. >> i like that. a little after-show ritual. later, we will take a look at what is going on with tiger woods. the golfer had to withdraw from another event due to injury. is the end of the road coming for his career or can he turn things around. let's begin this half hour with the latest on bobbi kristina brown. the daughter of whitney houston fighting for her life this morning in an atlanta hospital. this as her family members fought outside of the hospital. that brawl leading to a 911 call. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more for us. >> reporter: she was the only child of star bobby brown and the late whitney houston.
7:32 am
born in 1993 bobbi kristina brown found herself in the spotlight as an infant. and quickly followed in her mother's footsteps. >> she idolized her mother whitney houston. on the other hand she grew up in a household that was very insecure. her parents were involved with drugs, so at times, they were not available to her. >> reporter: her childhood documented in a reality show. when she was 14 her parents divorced. her cousin posting on facebook what seems the odds are against her. doctors don't see any hope for change. it looks impossible for her to stand again, still pray for bk. this week's "people" magazine that sources show that relatives have been singing whitney houston songs.
7:33 am
>> this is the greatest tragedy that struck them. they are reeling from it and trying to figure out what to do. >> reporter: the emotions are running high. >> how many people are fighting? >> just about eight or ten people. >> reporter: during a birthday party for bobby brown, his sister tina brown hit her son in the head with a bottle. no charges were filed. as for bobbi kristina doctors are not commenting on her condition. police are remaining tight- tight-lipped about the investigation. a week ago, a friend found bobbi kristina face down in the bathtub. the attorney representing max lomas said a cable technician was there. >> that person needed to access the house. that is how they ended up finding bobbi kristina. >> reporter: now almost exactly three years after her mother was
7:34 am
found dead in a bathtub, family members are keeping a close watch over her only daughter. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news atlanta. >> dylan is outside with another check of the forecast for us. good morning. we have apparently a big birthday here. who is turning 40? that's you. is this you on the picture. i get it. who is this? >> my mom and dad. >> they are saying happy birthday? >> they came with us. >> where are they? >> they are here. >> i'm putting it all together. we have a really warm coat. what is this? >> coyote. >> i guess it keeps you warm. you need something out here. we have really cold temperatures all across the northeast. we have just bracing for the next winter storm. a winter storm watch in effect all across the northeast. notice how it doesn't include new york city. most of the snow is going to stay just to the north of new york. in and out of snow tonight and sunday and monday.
7:35 am
snow and ice in the new york city area monday. to the north of that we will see more and more snow accumulate. we are not getting 12 to 15 inches of snow all at once. it accumulates saturday through monday. a slow process. hopefully that keeps the crews ahead of the snow. on the west coast, we are looking at lots of rain. already 9 to 11 inches of rain has fallen in ca and a does saturday morning, i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. back to normal temperatures into the low 40s. it will feel good compared to the 32 we had yesterday. a mixture of clouds and sun, milder milder on sunday into the low 50s. both days we should keep it dry, mostly cloudy skies by sunday, 51. rain arrives on monday from the city south and east. a mixture to the north and west. 44, 39 on tuesday. clouds and sun. a cold blast by thursday just above the freezing mark and into the 20s on friday. have a great day. and that's your latest
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forecast. guys. >> dylan, thanks. just ahead, turns out bigger isn't always better. why down sizing the size of the home has made meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. things made with love are the best things. and that's exactly why avocados from mexico are grown with love, all year round.
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[vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. we're back now with something of a new move in housing. families giving up the huge bedroom homes to live in a
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smaller space. we have craig melvin with more on that. >> a much smaller space in any circumstance. smaller than that. the tiny house movement. you might think when a family down sizes they miss the space, but people who are living smaller are happier. >> tall ceilings and a lot of natural light. >> reporter: many think bigger is better. don't count the morrison family among them. they say their tiny house is the best choice for the family of four. >> doesn't feel small. >> reporter: they didn't always live like this. the morrisons were living large. >> living in the large house was a detriment.
7:41 am
>> reporter: there wasn't room for anything else. the family decided to down size. >> we went from a four bedroom over 2,000 square foot house to 317 square foot tiny house. >> reporter: turns out, they reaped huge benefits. >> we have money now to spend on things that are fun and things enjoyable for us rather than spending money we don't need. >> our quality of life has improved so many ways. >> reporter: they are not alone. darren williams designs homes like this one with the efficiently planned use of space. >> this slides in and you have a queen size bed. >> reporter: the price tag, $35,000. >> how many square feet? >> this one is 132 square feet. >> reporter: the average size of a house in the country is 2,500 feet.
7:42 am
a tiny home is typically 1/10 of that size. this movement is so popular now, it is the subject of a popular tv series. "tiny house nation." small's big appeal ranges from convenience to cost. most tiny homeowners don't have a mortgage. not sure if a tiny house is for you? you can give one a try for a night here in america's only tiny house hotel. consider it your mini home for the night. just minutes from downtown portland oregon. >> how is business? >> business is amazing. it looks small from the outside, but they have everything you need. >> reporter: and that's the case for the morrison family too. >> we are living here without sacrifice. >> reporter: living large by going small. >> we actually enjoy it and love it. >> and everyone we talked to said the same thing. the family of four oh, my gosh. there is a family of seven we
7:43 am
could not track down. they live in a home 400 square feet. they make it work. >> when you downsize it is amazing how quickly you forget. i came back to new york we went to a space half. we threw out all of the stuff. two months later, i don't remember what it was. >> simple living. >> i have stuff in storage. i have not seen it in a year. i should let it go. >> throw it out. >> we cleaned out our storage space after not seeing it. >> you are not tempted to buy a big screen tv. >> we are always tempted. >> this is true. >> your footprint is smaller. craig melvin. up next what it was like to direct the movie "fifty shades of grey." ♪♪ the adventures you've been imagining. the heroes you've been admiring. the worlds you've been dreaming of. ♪♪
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on the perfect gift for your valentine. kohl's. this morning as part of our series "fifty shades on today"
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the person responsible for bringing the book to the big screen is with us. we will speak with sam taylor-johnson in a moment but first a clip from the movie. >> do you stock cable ties? >> yes, we do. i can show you if you want. >> please lead the way, miss steele. >> sam taylor-johnson is here with us. you said that is one of your favorite scenes. >> they both have good humor. it plays out so well in that part. >> you have seen that scene a number of times. you are the director. you are watching the process as it gets put together. yesterday was the fan screening. we know what an enormous fan base there is for the book. you went to the fan screening. can you breathe a sigh of relief after being there? >> i did not know what to anticipate. i felt the excitement of the fans and adrenaline of
7:48 am
everything. it was really overwhelming. it felt a little beatlemania-ish. >> there is a huge amount of support for the book, which is so enormously popular otherwise you would not have a movie. there are women who mainly women, who love this book and see it empowering. a separate cast that sees a lot of what happened in the book as demeaning and setback for women. how do you balance those as you go through the process? >> the movie, i set out as a goal to empower the character and to feel like she is not the one with any control or sense of where she is going. by the end of the movie, everyone will feel that she is the one in control and she is the one with the power. that was really important to take her on the journey. >> some of these scenes are steamy to say the least. was there ever a moment as a director where you are on set
7:49 am
and they are in the scenes and you felt like i don't think i should be here right now. >> it never felt inappropriate because we set the scenes until the end of the shoot. the shoot was nine and a half weeks which was intended. by the time we got to the last few weeks, we had a real trust and bond between the three of us. when we were in the scenes there is a crew and lots of people. >> yeah. >> it is uncomfortable, but i have a job to do. it is almost like choreography. it is not as awkward as people imagine. it is and it isn't. >> i have to ask, there were reports of scabbles between you and e.l. jane. >> she gave me a wealth of material to work from. the tussles were about should this be included or this or is this visual or not.
7:50 am
it will happen between two very very visual people. you know visual with the book and visual with the screen. we got through it. it is there. it is successful. >> i have time for a yes or no. we are counting down to the premiere. are you on board for two? >> yes. >> excellent. great to have you here. thanks so much. just a reminder "fifty shades of grey" hits theaters next friday. just ahead, time to start jumping for joy. we will take you to london where adults are having more fun than kids. but first this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
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l'eggo my eggo. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:00. a little bit cold and cloudy out there but it will improve. let's check in with meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle? >> good morning. we are cloudy, cool we're seeing temperatures mainly in the 20s. by this afternoon, into the low 40s. much better than what we have been. we are waking up to cloudy skies, 28 right now in philadelphia. just 22 in allen twen 24 in millville and 27 degrees in wildwood. by this afternoon, up to 43 degrees, right around normal for this time of year. even milder on sunday 51. monday, that's the day we're watching for rain, philadelphia, south and east. a high of 44.
7:57 am
back in the 30s on tuesday. by thursday right at the freezing mark another cold blast. bitterly cold on friday partly sunny, just 23. this morning, investigators will continue to look for the cause of a fire at an auto body shop in the frankford section of philadelphia. skyforce 10 was first on the scene last night capturing the flames that tore through the shop and garage on heyworth street. nobody was inside the building. fire officials praised a number who rushed to a nearby firehouse to alert the crews. firefighters did manage to rescue two dogs that were inside the garage. the new jersey department of health confirmed its first case of measles this year. health officials say a 1-year-old baby did have the disease but has since recovered. now, this comes after a confirmed case in delaware and a possible measles case in montgomery county. a 15-year-old boy in montgomery county is suspected of having the disease. test results are pending. still, local day cares are taking extra precautions because kids can't be vaccinated until they're at least a year old.
7:58 am
i'm rosemary connors. we'll see you back here at 8:30. pe nn state is right here in greater philidelphia. ♪ we are top ranked by corporate recruiters. ♪ there's new scholarship money available. ♪ we have four year degrees so you can finish here. or at another penn state campus. ♪ and there's no application fee when you visit here. penn state in greater philidelphia. download your application fee waiver at:
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8:00 am
good morning. it's saturday february 7th 2015. here is a look at today's top stories. a deluge for days. weather systems hitting both coasts this weekend. in the west, non stop rains causing mudslides and on the east coast, preparation are under way for up to a foot of snow of the. holding out hope. the parents of american aid worker kayla mueller say they are hopeful their daughter is still alive despite claims by isis that kayla was killed by a jordanian air strike. and miracle survivor a truly amazing story after a 14-year-old boy gets trapped under ice in freezing cold water
8:01 am
for 15 minutes. his team of doctors and nurses in disbelief he managed to survive. we will hear from all of them, including the brave young boy exclusively. good morning. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. we are thrilled to the on the plaza with the crowd this morning. not huge because it is cold. loyal. small, but mighty. i'm lester holt alongside erica hill and dylan dreyer. >> it is a little chilly. it is not snowing. dylan is not in a puffy coat. >> i wish i had one. it is cold enough for a puffy coat. coming up in a bit, some fun for kids of all ages. how would you like to jump in one of those ball pits that you see your kids do. there is one for the ground ups in london. we will take you there and you will hear from the people who have found their inner child. right now, we want to head inside to sheinelle. she has more on the questions surrounding the american woman
8:02 am
held hostage by isis. sheinelle, good morning. >> good morning. the white house waits for proof that isis killed the american aid worker. we have joe fryer in prescott. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. there are a lot of unanswered questions about the fate of kayla mueller. her parents released a statement saying this causes them concern, but they are hopeful she is alive. isis claims she was killed in an air strike by jordanian forces. there is no confirmation. there is skepticism on the streets of her hometown. mueller's family provided more information about the 26-year-old woman. she was kidnapped in august of 2013 after leaving a hospital near aleppo syria. the family received confirmation of captivity last may. the statement by the parents, they are asking those responsible for holding mueller
8:03 am
to contact the family privately. she has been dedicated to helping victims of syria's civil war. a local newspaper quoted her as saying for as long as i live i will not let this suffering be normal. her family says kayla found the work heart breaking but compelling. she attended high school in prescott and than went to northern university. because her family worked hard to keep her situation quiet for her safety a number of people here in her hometown were not aware of what was going on. sheinelle. >> joe, thanks. meantime u.s. prosecutors arrested five people for sending money overseas. a sixth suspect is out of the country they are immigrants from boston living in missouri and illinois and new york. in upstate new york roads are open after blinding snow caused a pile-up on friday. 40 vehicles involved including
8:04 am
four tractor-trailers. no serious injuries were reported. traffic was stalled for hours. talk show queen rosie o'donnell is quitting "the view." she is expected to leave next week. her quick exit follows turmoil among the hosts and slim in ratings. o'donnell left the show in 2007. and finally, a woman in florida who apparently did not know she was pregnant until her third trimester got a surprise when she delivered birth. she gave birth to a boy and she is in the neonatal unit. he is the biggest baby born at the hospital and one of the largest in state history. i hear it was 19 hours. she delivered him naturally. 14 pounds. >> she delivered a 4-year-old.
8:05 am
>> he shook the doctor's hand. dylan has a check of the forecast. top that one. >> i realize what you said. that was good schtick. >> you don't usually compliment me. you usually roll your eyes. >> i like that one. that caught me funny. it is cold outside. feels-like temperature in plattesburg, 1. we have the huge ridge in the jet stream. it is cold in the northeast. look at how warm it is everywhere else. we should be about 10 to 25 degrees above average. and a good saturday morning, i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. back to normal today, temperatures in the low 40s. it will keel good compared to the 32 we had yesterday. a mix of clouds and sun, milder into sunday. 51 by sunday. rain arrives on monday to the
8:06 am
south and east a mixture to the north and west. 44 monday into the 20s on friday. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. now over to funny man lester holt. >> i have norvhave m jokes for you. the news is about snow. anything wants to hear more of it coming, especially in boston and chicago where they are digging out from the last mess. now people who have not gotten to clear their sidewalks are getting shamed into getting it done. here is nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: boston crews scrambled to clean up the snow as another blast heads in this weekend. >> about three feet of snow in one week. >> reporter: it is scenes like this. cars buried on public streets. sidewalks virt virtually impasse able that brought comments from everyone. >> it runs your life.
8:07 am
>> reporter: all this snow also brought out the snow cops. these door tags mean a $50 ticket in somerville near boston. >> safety is at the forefront. we are not here to embarrass people. we have rules. >> reporter: even secretary of state john kerry could not escape the long arm of snow laws. he too, was fined for neglecting to clear the sidewalk outside his home. and despite being criticized for hosting a parade for the super bowl champions while streets remained covered in snow. boston mayor asked people to snap pictures and sent them to city hall. >> i ask you take a picture with the address. we will send somebody to the house to give them a ticket. >> reporter: in philadelphia they have taken matters into their own hands. taking pictures and posting them online hoping to shame the homeowners. in chicago, claiming dibs on
8:08 am
parking spots is a time-honored tradition, a pregnant woman came home to find her space still hers. a ray of sunshine among the miserable weather. for "today," ron mott nbc news boston. >> you were in boston and i was in chicago. people would put out chairs. it is equity. >> they put out anything they could. a broom. as long as you don't take the space. >> it is sacred. tiger woods won't be playing golf after withdrawing from the tournament citing a golf injury. he isappearing to be struggling with the game. today's correspondent craig melvin is back with the story. >> good morning. tiger is one of the greatest golfers, but the game this season has gone from bad to worse. he withdrawn from the last three of the nine tournaments he started.
8:09 am
some suggest it is more than just a back injury. tiger woods made it part way through the opening round before he could not take it anymore. pulling out of the farmers insurance open in torrey pines on thursday. blaming on weather delays and tight back. >> i got cold standing out here. everything started deactivating again. >> reporter: this is the third time he withdrew from a tournament in the last 12 months. last week he shot the worst round ever as a pro. an 82. at times, he looked like an amateur. some wondering if the golfer has the yips. extreme nervousness causing one to miss easy shots. >> the hands do an involuntary flinch. >> reporter: it is an issue other pro athletes faced.
8:10 am
two on the baseball field and lost their ability to throw accurately. the nba's roy hibbert struggled to sink shots. this appears to date back to his divorce from elin. despite that tiger was on the way to surpass jack nicklaus. after the scandal, zero major wins. >> when you juxtapose the astonishment with the sadness he is playing now, it is tough to watch. >> the 38-year-old gets another shot to win in three weeks at the honda classic, guys. >> craig, thanks. now to a truly remarkable story of survival after a 14-year-old fell through the ice and under water for 15 minutes. he is telling his story exclusively to nbc news. kristen dahlgren has the story
8:11 am
for us. good morning. >> good morning. five to ten minutes and you are likely to suffer brain damage. missouri teen john smith was without oxygen for longer than that. he is home and he can walk and talk. boy does he have a story to tell. john smith doesn't remember much after this picture. he and two friends posing out on the ice of lake. >> there is one child under water. >> reporter: a scramble trying to pull john to safety. >> there is no explanation but how god wanted me to live for a reason. i'm alive now. >> reporter: doctors agree calling john's survival miraculous. >> he was gone. i never felt someone that cold in my life. >> reporter: they had little hope when john came in. he had been under icy water for 15 minutes. they tried to revive him for almost half an hour. then called in his mother to tell her he was gone.
8:12 am
>> i started praying very loudly. god, please don't take my son. >> she came in here and walked in and sat down and yelled out, come holy spirit and said his name. few seconds later, we had a heart beat. it gave me goose bumps. >> it was just a miracle. and everybody just started crying. >> the light of my life. >> reporter: but would he ever be the same. john kept defying the odds. within 48 hours, he opened his eyes. then the basketball loving teen gave doctors a sign his mind was still okay. >> we used to say, john, pretend your left-hand is lebron james and the right is michael jordan. he got all of the questions right. >> reporter: on friday rescuers met up with smith giving him some cavs gear. although he knows they have given him the greatest gift.
8:13 am
>> thankful i'm alive now. >> i want to thank our st. louis affiliate for the help with the story. smith has a cough. he is in physical therapy. the rescue squad had just practiced their ice rescues right before this happened. everything fell into place. >> listen to those nurses. i got the chills. imagine being in that room. incredible. let's go over to dylan in the orange room. she is with the plaza fan of the day. >> i have paula here from rochester, new york. you are cancer free since wednesday. >> i finished my last radiation treatment then. >> congratulations. you are in the orange room. >> still to come on "today," having a ball where the adults are jumping for joy, but first these messages. i vow to wow my family with a vacation they'll never forget. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale, and there's no better time
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natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. back now on a saturday morning with a great way to get rid of the stress from work and maybe be a kid again. you feel far away. do i smell? >> no. >> better. you want to start again? >> you pick it up.
8:17 am
>> do you remember the ball pits you used to jump in as a kid? now they are making them for adults. nbc's kelly cobiella is in london. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: hi lester. when was the last time you played? i mean really went for it? that's what this place is about. it is called jump in. how can i resist? one, two, three! an adults only plastic playground. going for a swim. i'm swallowed up by plastic balls. where you can be a kid again. i'm going under. it was a holiday surprise for
8:18 am
employees at design agency. >> once i came up with the idea it just excuse the pun, snow balled. >> the way to get the creative juices flowing. a permission slip to play straight from the bosses. >> really addictive. how do we make people smile. >> reporter: worked for me. in fact it worked for so many people they invited all of london to try it out for two weeks only. proceeds going to a children's charity. they are fully booked and the calls keep coming. turns out a lot of us are longing for a reason to take a break. how's this for an excuse? psychologists say it is really good for you. >> if we play more and work just a little bit less we'll probably be more efficient. >> reporter: and we might even learn a thing or two. i have never been great at diving but i'll give it a try.
8:19 am
hmmm. maybe not. i'm like seriously afraid i'll break my neck if i try it. i know i won't. i'm in a ball pit. that whole adult thinking coming in. guys i had so much fun with this. i really hope you get a chance to try it too. the organizers are actually thinking about taking all of this on the road. stay tuned. in the meantime one last shot. >> try it. there you go! that's it. >> the first stop is going to be the plaza? studio 1a? >> i hope so. get an orange one. that looks like fun. >> so much fun. kelly, thanks. >> we'll be right back but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:20 am
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jewelry store in america... ...and, apparently antarctica. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪ good morning. i'm rosemary connors. just ahead on nbc 10 news today the investigation is just beginning into the big fire at a philadelphia auto body shop. flare-ups this morning forced crews to return. we'll take you to the scene and a live report. we're still seeing many 20s on the map but we'll be milder by later on this afternoon,
8:27 am
closer to normal and milder on sunday. i'll have your numbers straight ahead. the measles outbreak spreads to our area. we'll tell you about the new cases health officials are tracking this morning. and the dead line to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act is fast approaching those stories and much more coming up next on nbc 10 news today at 8:30.
8:28 am
8:29 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> flames flare up this morning at the scene of a massive fire at an auto body shop in philadelphia. an update on the investigation is just ahead in a live report. a police dispatcher faces charges following a deadly drunk driving crash near the jersey shore. investigators say this is not the first time he's been in trouble. we will get a break from the bitter cold today and tomorrow. here is a live look over the ben franklin bridge. how warm will it get before we
8:30 am
return to the winter chill? we'll talk about it in the first alert forecast. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the warmup and to be clear, michelle we're not talking about 60s or 70s but for us it's warm right, for february? >> absolutely. we've been so cold it will feel like the 60s and 70s to us. but we'll be in the 50s tomorrow compared to where we have been it will feel pretty good later on this afternoon. not looking that great. we have a boundary just to the north of us. that will keep the cloud cover in place. there will be peeks of sunshine clouds and sun. 29 in philadelphia 22 in allentown, 23 in lancaster, 27 in atlantic city 28 degrees in wildwood. if you step out this morning, getting the errands done getting to the basketball games, it's a cold start to the day. we're 12 degrees warmer than this time


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