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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> and right now at 11:00, nbc 10 first alert radar is tracking a winter storm that will arrive before the evening commute. it is set to bring our region triple trouble. snow, sleet and freezing rain. good morning i'm vai sikahema. it is dry and clear out there now, but it will be much different by this -- by this time when most people are trying to get home from work a little bit later. we already have some school closings and early dismissals. check at the bottom of the screen for that. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with our forecast. glenn? >> vai, we have issues of first alert for today. this afternoon, into this evening, because we have got a
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triple threat here. it is relatively brief snowfall. that's not the biggest problem. accumulating sleet. those are the frozen rain drops that bounce when they hit the ground and also some freezing rain in parts of the area. it is all going to impact the evening rush today. here is the storm right now. the storm is in the blue the darker blue is the heavier snow. the leading edge already starting to get into berks county. it is back to the west and it is moving right into this direction. it is going to start as snow. temperatures are below freezing. the ground is being cold. so any untreated surfaces that snow is going to stick when it comes in here. it is not even above freezing in southern parts of our area. here is the general timing 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. the snow starts. in general, across the area not
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every place. but 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. that's when we're getting the changeover to sleet. and things are going to get icy on the untreated surfaces. 6:00 to 9:00 generally icy, sleet and freezing rain. we will be seeing a change to rain in at least parts of the area by 9:00 tonight. there is the snow coming in as we go through the afternoon. the pink is the icing. fairly large area right there during the afternoon rush. and we start to see a changeover to rain. but not soon enough. this is just part one of a three-part storm. we'll get into the timing of the rest of it with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. get all the new nbc 10 -- the all new nbc 10 app for the latest forecasts, alerts and advisories on the approaching winter weather. it is a free download in the app store. skyforce10 over breaking news within the past hour.
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a tractor trailer overturned on the exit ramp from 76 east to the pennsylvania turnpike in king of prussia. state police tell us that the tractor trailer that you're looking at is carrying about 30,000 pounds of glass and it did not block any traffic. and police are investigating a crash in montgomery county this morning that sent a car into the creek. you see the damage done from this dramatic skyforce10 video. four vehicles were involved in this early morning crash. the accident happened just before 7:00 this morning along tookany creek parkway near ashmede road in cheltenham township. jesse gary is live. have investigators been able to figure out what caused this crash? >> reporter: vai, that's what they're work on now. they're inside doing that. i'm waiting on a briefing from the deputy chief of the cheltenham township police department, hopefully to give us more information. we shot this ground video showing the scene and the skid
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marks from the impact of the crash. cheltenham township police say it happened at tookany parkway and ashmede. no one was trapped inside. only one person taken to a hospital. officials tell me that person is either at einstein medical center or elkins park hospital nonlife threatening injuries. all the vehicles towed from the scene, tookany parkway reopened at this hour and we're waiting for a briefing from the deputy chief. live in cheltenham township montgomery county jesse gary nbc 10 news. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will deliver his first budget address in harrisburg. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at the state capital. rosemary what is the governor expected to say during his speech today? >> reporter: well vai, the session is getting under way right now. and then the governor is expected to give that speech at 11:30. as i was heading outside of the capital, i saw quite a few of
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our state reps and senators filing in very quickly to get their seats. the governor will address them at 11:30. he is expected to present what is being called an ambitious and bold multibillion dollar spending plan before this joint session of the legislature. some of the more controversial proposals expected in the budget include raising the state's personal income tax and sales tax. that's in part to help fund a property tax relief program for municipalities across the state. that's a proposal that is expected to be met with some resistance. some other budget details could include a reduction in the city wage tax. so folks in philly should be listening carefully for that. also, the governor has expressed in recent weeks that he wants a new 5% tax on natural gas drilling to help fund public schools. of course that has been a major issue, especially in philadelphia, so that's something that we're going to be following. and that's really what we're going to be looking at once the speech is made. what is the aftermath? what is the reaction and the reception from this republican led legislature and the citizens
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of pennsylvania? we're going to be following all of this for you. i'll head back inside so i'm in place for that 11:30 speech and we'll have the details throughout our afternoon newscast starting at 4:00. reporting live in harrisburg i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. get in there before you lose your seat. the governor's budget address begins in less than 30 minutes. count on nbc 10 for full coverage. we'll take you back to harrisburg when the governor's remarks begin. we'll also be streaming this speech on the nbc 10 app. and happening now, controversy on capitol hill israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is getting set to address a joint session of congress at this moment. the speech is criticizing u.s. nuclear negotiations with iran. and several dozen democrats have chosen to skip today's speech. let's take a live look now at congress. and house speaker john boehner invited netanyahu as a graduate of cheltenham high school to appear. looks like the prime minister is just making his way into the
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room to a standing and rousing ovation. netanyahu insists he isn't in washington to disrespect president obama. the president calls netanyahu's visit to congress a distraction from the focus of preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> i think it has been a distraction. i think that in the meantime negotiators are going full speed ahead. ultimately what has been remarkable is the international unity we have been able to maintain. and saying to iran you have to show the world that you're not pursuing a nuclear weapon. >> the president said he's not meeting with netanyahu as a matter of policy since the israeli prime minister is running for re-election in two weeks. we may take you back to it live and listen in for -- in a few moments, but if you want to see it the speech in its entirety, we're streaming it for you right now on and our nbc 10
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mobile app. new information at nbc 10 republicans say the house will vote as early as today on a bill to fully fund the homeland security department through the end of the budget year without immigrant restrictions. house speaker john boehner outlined the situation for rank and file gop members during a closed door meeting earlier today. lawmakers and congressional aides said the house plans to vote on the bill despite conservative opposition. and investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a two alarm church fire in burlington county early this morning. the fire started before 3:30 in the morning at easton bible church on foster town road in haines port. one of the pastors lives in a home attached to the church and we tell matt delucia we couldn't sleep, smell the smoke and went outside to see what is going on. >> maybe an electrical something going on with an outlet got up to check that out. >> i got closer to the door
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smell it more and look out and saw across the way, you know our house is here and across the way could definitely see that door was completely on fire. >> part of the building that burned dates back to the 1800s. fortunately no one was hurt. and a fire at an apartment building this morning in camden county forced about half a dozen people out of their homes. nbc 10 was on the scene of the wayne terrace apartments in collingswood. investigators tell us the fire started in the bedroom in a unit on the bottom floor of this building. a firefighter was hurt when he slipped and fell but no one else was injured. and engineers are testing the soil at the center city intersection where six people died in a building collapse nearly two years ago. a committee hopes to break ground on a memorial at 22nd and market streets on june 5th. that's the second anniversary of the collapse. crews are testing the soil to determine the type of underground foundation needed for that construction. and philadelphia man is on
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life support after police found him passed out inside his car in north philadelphia. after the man was taken to the hospital, doctors realized he was shot in the face. police returned to the scene, but found no evidence there. but they say his car had been blocking the street since 8:00 yesterday evening. and no one had called police. they're still trying to sort out exactly what happened. and two people hospitalized after an accident in the honey park section of the city. nbc 10 on west honey park avenue and north front street overnight. a van overturned after colliding with another vehicle. both victims are in stable condition. we're working to find out exactly what caused that accident. hillary clinton's e-mail practice is under scrutiny. did she violate federal law when she was secretary of state? we'll tell you why her e-mail account is causing controversy. and a fiery crash on a florida bridge and this is not first time there has been a tragedy at this location. glenn? well the mess this
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afternoon is just one part of a three-part storm. i'll show you what's in store for tomorrow and into thursday coming up in the full first alert forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> and nbc 10 first alert radar is tracking a winter storm that will arrive before the evening commute. that's it what you're seeing on the screen the blob of massive white and pink and sort of huish
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blue. it is set to bring our region triple trouble. snow, sleet and freezing rain. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your full forecast and he'll have that coming up in a few minutes. and breaking news out of gloucester county this morning. a verdict is in in the case of a washington township police officer charged with misconduct and falsifying a report. nbc 10's cydney long is live for us in woodbury with a verdict. >> reporter: i can tell you he was smiling with a little skip in his step holding hands with his wife as 44-year-old officer dibuonaventura emerged from the doors here just a few minutes ago, telling us he feels vindicated with this not guilty verdict. dibuonaventura was found not guilty on all 14 counts, which included abuse of power and official misconduct and tampering with official documents or police reports. he told us he was just doing his job when he pulled over
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assemblyman paul moriarty for illegally changing lanes at green tree road in the summer of 2012. and that traffic stop all caught on police dash cam video, turned into a dui charge for moriarty. those dui charges were later dropped, but the jury saw the video several times and a number of police officers testified against dibuonaventura during the course of the trial, which began on february 4th. officer debon chen structureibuonaventura and his attorney told me they thought the case was tainted from the beginning. dibuonaventura told us he waved and thanked the jury as he left the courtroom and he said he loved being a police officer and he will pursue doing that again in the very near future. ultimately he faced anywhere from 10 months to some 70 years behind bars. we just talked to him a couple of minutes ago. he was here with his family we're working on turning some of that sound around for you. you'll hear what he has to say
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coulding ing coming up at 11:30. cydney long, nbc 10 news. four people were killed and three others hurt in a multivehicle accident this is in jacksonville, florida. authorities say two vehicles that slowed on a bridge yesterday afternoon when a tractor trailer hit them. the accident causeed this fire. all four people who died were trapped inside the vehicle. officials say there have been around 1200 crashes on this bridge in just the past three years and they're looking at ways to make the bridge safer. as hillary clinton inches closer to announcing a presidential bid in 2016 there are new allegations that could haunt her. when clinton was secretary ofively used a personal e-mail account to conduct government business a potential violation of federal requirement ss s requirements. nbc's kristen welker is following developments. >> reporter: according to the new york times, when hillary clinton served as secretary of state she exclusively used a personal e-mail account for all
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government business, a personal violation of federal regulations which say the e-mails of federal officials are government record and must be retained. >> archivists and watchdog groups say this is not hot how it is supposed to happen. all government officials are supposed to ooze ed tod to use their government e-mail account to do their government work. >> reporter: it is not clear if her personal account was protected. >> what some experts said was mrs. clinton allowing her e-mails to be more susceptible to being taken by hackers? >> reporter: according to senior administration officials last year the state department asked former secretaries of state dating back to madeleine albright to submit their records for, quote, proper preservation. last month, the congressional committee investigating clinton's response to the attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi asked the state department for some of her e-mails. officials at state say they turned over at least 300 and that's when the revelations started to come to light.
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a spokesperson for clinton wouldn't comment to nbc 10 news but told the new york times that clinton has been complying with the, quote, letter and spirit of the rules. the news is becoming fodder for republicans, including jeb bush who recently released thousands of e-mails from his time as florida governor tweeting last night, transparencyun unclassified hillary clinton e-mails should be released. >> it is hard for me to see it mattering to votes at this point but it gives a huge opening for republicans to continue to pound on hillary clinton as being secretive, trying to hide something. >> that was nbc's kristen welker reporting. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> a one, two, three punch here the first punch is calling for a first alert weather day. that's just the first part. and that is some snow but generally on the briefer side
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accumulating sleet and freezing rain more significant issue and it will impact the evening rush in parts of the area. here is snow sleet ice, with this messy commute, and more to come with parts two and three later on. we have cloudy skies now. the snow is starting to move in fairly quickly. it is 30 degrees. very light wind. and of course the roads are cold, snow is going to stick when it comes in. sticking to untreated surfaces. that's for sure. and if it comes down heavy enough even treated surfaces can have some problems. there is the mid-20s to near 30 degrees. 32 in millville and atlantic city. and as the snow hits the temperature will get knocked down at least a little bit. you can see it is getting a little heavier, you get closer to harrisburg not all of this is reach the ground yet. but it will and it is going to
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increase. this area of icing, back in the pink that is in ohio right now. getting in as far as the general timing the snow starts 2 to 4:00 p.m. after that as we go into the afternoon rush it is going to be sleet in a lot of the area. starting to get things icy and 6:00 to 9:00 generally on the icy side with some sleet and freezing rain. before eventually changing to rain. tomorrow morning's rush should just be wet. here's the timing as we go through the afternoon. this particular model gets rid of the snow really fast. and even by 3:00 it has gotten mainly icing, sleet across a good bit of the area. here we are, 5:00 afternoon rush all of pennsylvania counties in the sleet or freezing rain some just plain rain down farther to the south. these areas will get off a lot easier than philadelphia area and points to the north and west
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are going to get the most icing here. as we go through 8:00 9:00 you can see that rain line moving up as the warmer air is coming in. so this is not going to be icy all night. we have rain moving in later tonight, into tomorrow morning's rush into tomorrow afternoon. a rainy day tomorrow. but mild. and then here we go tomorrow night, colder air comes back and then we go back to the sleet and eventually snow. there is the thursday morning rush, 5:00 a.m. and that snow is continuing to spread across the area. and some of it on the heavier side, that's 5:00 thursday afternoon. and we're still talking about snow. here's the ice, perhaps up to a quarter inch up in lehigh valley. just a little bit of snow with round one, but round three here the general significant snow
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accumulation over just about the entire area. again, more on that coming up in the next half hour. afternoon snow and sleet coming in and, again, getting heavier, increasing problems as we head toward evening. just a rainy day tomorrow high of 48. and a snowy day on thursday with temperatures not going anywhere or falling. bitter cold on friday. but at least finally get a nice dry weekend. that's been a while. >> it has been a while. thank you, glenn. the politics of school meals. nutritionists are flocking to the nation's capital today. we'll tell you how it could change what your kids eat at school. that's coming up. plus, more good news for coffee lovers. researchers discover another apparent benefit of the morning cup of joe.
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for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. hurry call now it's your last chance. this offer ends march twenty-first. happening today, nearly a thousand nutritionists are descending on capitol hill to lobby for change over the new school lunch standards. while first lady michelle obama and other proponents want to give kids healthier eating options, critics argue the new menus are costly and unpopular. they say fewer students are participating. yesterday, lawmakers introduced legislation that would relax rules by the u.s. department of agriculture, rehrquiring less sodium and whole grains. there can't be a one size fits all and other options need to be considered. meanwhile, more good news this morning for coffee drinkers.
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researchers in korea say people who drink an average of three to five cups of coffee a day were less likely to have signs of clogged arteries. experts aren't sure why exactly, but believe coffee might improve insulin sensitivity. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is speaking out about what he said to the president. we'll hear from him coming up in our next half hour. and new controversy over a portrait of president bill clinton. a local artist speaks out about the hidden message he said he put into the painting.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> and right now, just about 11:30, nbc 10's first alert radar is tracking a winter storm that will bring a triple whammy to our area. we're talking about snow, sleet
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and freezing rain. and it is all set to begin before the evening commute. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with that forecast. glenn? >> vai, the first part is going to start as snow. and that's why we have the first alert out for this afternoon and into the evening. we have got some snow not going to last all that long but it is not going to change to rain. it is going to change to sleet in most of the area. impacting the evening rush. eventually it will change to rain but not until much later. there is the leading edge of the snow, this is the ice in the pink and the green is the rain. it is not reaching the ground on the leading edge here but it is snowing pretty hard at state college right now. and that is now moved into lancaster and about to come into other portions of the area. you can see temperatures are in the mid-20s there. any snow would stick immediately to untreated surfaces only 30
11:31 am
in philadelphia, and barely 32 to the south. so in general, the snow starts 2 to 4:00 p.m. changes to sleet in many places between 4:00 and 6:00, getting conditions increasingly icy. and then even icier where it stays as sleet and freezing rain this evening between 6:00 and 9:00. some places like philly south may start to change to rain by 8:00 or 9:00. regular rain. and just getting wet. here is the leading edge the snow hitting the poconos and lehigh valley first. then the other northern and western suburbs, but then it changes to this sleet and that's pretty early. only 4:00 in the afternoon. so the snow is not going to last that long. it is how much sleet is going to be falling during the afternoon rush that will determine just how bad it is going to be. even new castle county
11:32 am
delaware into the sleet by the afternoon rush. that's part one of three with the storm. part three is going to be the whopper, the details of that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. breaking news out of glout, gloucester. the verdict is in on an officer charged with misconduct. cydney long just spoke it the officer outside. what he did say? >> reporter: he told us he is simply elated with this verdict and that he feels vindicated by this jury of his peers. this trial was only supposed to last about two weeks or so and it did go an entire month. he also wants to return to a career in law enforcement, saying that he loves being a police officer despite the fact that some of his own colleagues testified against him. this is video of officer joseph dibuonaventura coming out of the courthouse a few minutes ago with his wife and family by his side. we were the only television station to speak with him
11:33 am
moments after walking out of the courthouse, a free man, found not guilty on all 14 counts which included abuse of power, official misconduct and tampering with official documents, all tied to that july 2012 traffic stop of assemblyman paul moriarty. take a listen to what he had to say a few minutes ago. >> i feel vindicated. i didn't do anything wrong from day one. all i did was tell the truth and did my job. and that's what the taxpayers of new jersey pay me to do. and i felt confident that if it got in front of 12 normal nonpolitical people that they would see through it. and they did. it was great. and i just want to go home and get out of this stuff and hopefully get back to work. >> and dibuonaventura waved and thanked the jury as he left the courtroom here a short while ago, again saying he loved being a police officer and hoped to pursue that again.
11:34 am
he did face anywhere from 10 to 70 years behind bars and could have lost that opportunity to be a public servant. we have not had the opportunity just yet to reach out to washington township police chief rafael nunez or assemblyman paul moriarty. we'll do so and tell you the reaction as well later today on nbc 10 news. live in woodbury cydney long nbc 10 news. happening right now, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is about to deliver his first budget address in harrisburg. wolf is expected to propose a dramatic restructuring of the state income tax and cut school property while pouring more money into public schools. governor wolf is also expect fod push for corporate tax cuts and higher taxes on natural gas drilling. wolf's plan must be approved by republican controlled legislature. we'll continue to monitor the governor's budget address and if you want to watch it for yourself in its entirety streaming right now on the nbc
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10 app. happening now, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is addressing a joint session of congress. here is a live look now at that address. his speech is under way. let's listen in for a second. >> iran is gobbling up four countries right now while it is under sanctions. how many more countries will eran devour when sanctions are lifted? will iran fund less terrorism when it has mountains of cash with which to fund more terrorism? why should iran's radical regime change for the better when it can enjoy the best of both worlds aggression abroad prosperity at home. this is a question that everyone asks in our region. israel's neighbors, iran's neighbors, know that iran will become even more aggressive and sponsor even more terrorism when its economy is unshackled and it has been given a clear path to the bomb. and many of these neighbors say
11:36 am
they'll respond by racing to get nuclear weapons of their own. so this deal won't change iran for the better it will only change the middle east for the worst. a deal that is supposed to prevent nuclear proliferation would instead spark a nuclear arms race in the most dangerous part of the planet. this deal won't be a farewell to arms -- >> prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu, listening to him. as expected he's telling congress that israel's very existence depends on iran not getting nuclear weapons. he thanked the united states and president obama for supporting israel. house speaker john boehner invited netanyahu to appear. he insists he's not in washington to disrespect the president, but the president called the visit to congress a distraction from the focus of prevebt preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon.
11:37 am
>> it is understandable why israel is very concerned about iran. we are too. but what we consistently said is we have to stay focused on our ultimate goal which is preventing iran from having a nuclear weapon. >> mr. obama also said he's not meeting with netanyahu as a matter of policy since the israeli prime minister is running for re-election in a matter of two weeks. however, obama did stress that he expects the u.s./israeli relationship to remain strong. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is talking about some of the findings from the task force on 21st century policing. he co-chaired that task force. nbc 10's doug shimell is live in center city with this for us with more on what the commissioner had to say. doug? >> reporter: well, you know you look at the policing task force, 59 recommendations, they all appear to be common sense. police commissioner charles ramsey was appointed by president obama to co-chair the
11:38 am
11-member panel over the last three months, they have been trying to figure out ways to prevent deadly police officer involved shootings like the ones that sparked unrest in ferguson missouri, and in new york city and commissioner ramsey says the key findings were such things as more transparency about police operations, more diversity among police officers and more deadly force training for those officers, but he says the key recommendation is to undo the us versus them dynamic. >> for years we heard we're fighting crime, it is a war on crime, war on drugs, war on this, war on that and we're not at war with the communities that we serve. we have a job to do. we certainly have to arrest people who are committing crimes and so forth, but we ought to have a larger responsibility and that's to protect the rights of individuals, to protect the -- >> reporter: commissioner ramsey says the task force stopped short of an outright endorsement of things like body cameras, which philadelphia police are experimenting with. as well as drones. they said she want to embrace
11:39 am
new technologies but not limit themselves to those because they said technology is continually evolving. and the commissioner also says by the end of the week that task force will also generate some new policies about deadly force training for the nation's officers. live at police headquarters doug shimell, nbc 10 news. we are learning more this morning about three officers involved in the deadly shooting in los angeles. police leaders say those officers had special training on how to deal with the homeless and mentally ill. law enforcement sources tell nbc 10 news -- they say the audio is more telling than the video. >> and checking out our top stories now, investigators in burlington county are trying to figure out the cause of a fire at church and haines port. the fire on foster town road started before 3:30 this
11:40 am
morning. no one there was hurt. and a philadelphia man is on life support after he was found inside of a car in north philadelphia. he had been shot in the face police found no evidence of a shooting on arizona street where the man was found. police say his car had been blocking the street since 8:00 p.m. and no one had called police. and two people are hospitalized after an accident in the honey park section of the city. nbc 10 on west honey park avenue and north front street overnight. a van overturned after colliding with another vehicle. both victims are listed in stable condition. we're working to find out what caused this accident. and the murder trial of the philadelphia woman accused of performing an illegal butt injection is postponed until tomorrow. closing arguments were set to begin yesterday in page winslow's trial. but the judge delayed the proceedings because the defendant was sick. winslow is charged with third degree murder in the death of a young british woman who flew to philadelphia for a butt enhancement in 2011. today, investigators will return to a montgomery county
11:41 am
sheet metal plant, they are trying to figure out what started a massive fire here. this broke out around 5:30 last night at trico metal products on wyandotte road. crews evacuated people around the facility and they shut down the power to hundreds of customers. the fire burned intensely for more than two hours before firefighters were able to gain control. >> there is no hazardous materials or anything that is affecting the community. however, as a danger to firefighters there was multiple explosions and a building collapse. >> firefighters spent the night dousing hot spots and no one was hurt. controversy over presidential portrait a local artist speaks out about the hidden meaning he says he inserted into a painting of president clinton. that's straight ahead. this afternoon's weather matches the beginning, the final part of the three-part storm will give us the biggest problem. i'll show you the timing of all of it ahead in my full first
11:42 am
alert forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> just about a quarter to noon. first alert radar is tracking a winter storm that will arrive before the evening commute. you see it there in the massive white and pink moving towards our region. and glenn is calling it a one, two, three punch as in snow sleet and freezing rain. and speaking of glenn, nbc 10
11:45 am
chief meteorologist will be along with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. and now new controversy about what you may not see in a portrait of president clinton hidden in a basement of the smithsonian in washington. nbc's peter alexander has that story. >> reporter: for a presidency scarred by a second term scandal, it was bill clinton's moment to shine. a presidential portrait. >> i think he did a marvelous job, nelson. and i thank you very, very much for what you did. >> reporter: nelson is artist nelson shanks who painted everyone from princess di to pope john paul ii. but it is what you're likely to miss in clinton's portrait that shadow to the left of the president,v oss the administration, across mr. clinton's presidency. >> reporter: earlier shanks told the philadelphia daily news it actually literally represents a shadow from a blue dress i had on a mannequin that i had there while i was painting. >> i was aware that it was a
11:46 am
blue dress and it had a certain echo let's say, of some history that we're aware of. >> reporter: shanks called his subject the most famous liar of all time. critics have long said there was something sketchy in this sketch, pointing out what is missing from clinton's left hand, his wedding band. the portrait is now in storage, part of a standard rotation the gallery says but shanks is convinced the clintons wanted it down. >> i think the painting should be seen by the public. the national portrait gallery should not be intimidated by whom ever is intimidating them. and that's undoubtedly people who approached them on behalf of the clintons. >> the clintons have not asked us to remove this portrait from the portrait gallery. >> reporter: now as hillary clinton ramps up a potential white house run of her own -- >> thank you, all. >> reporter: -- a fresh look at this president, with all of his shad heow shadows. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. the artist says he has not heard from the clintons since speaking
11:47 am
out about the portrait and president and mrs. clinton did not respond to an nbc request for a comment. less than three months after the u.s. and cuba agree to restore diplomatic ties amazon may be laying the ground work for shipping items to the island nation. a ship to cuba button was seen on amazon monday by reuters reporters in havana but the option doesn't seem to work and they got an error message when they tried to order something and have it shipped to cuba. unclear how quickly amazon could start shipping stuff to cuba. jeff bezos has family ties his adopted father miguel was born there. and he came to the u.s. at the age of 15. spring break is around the corner and if you're traveling, experts say to save money on your flight there is just one thing you need to do. leave on a tuesday. fare compare price tickets to orlando in february. they found traveling sunday to sunday would cost close to $500. while traveling tuesday to sunday would cost an average of 300 bucks. so while many consumers choose
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to fly weekend to weekend to make every minute of their vacation count, fare compare says delay your departure base on tuesday and you'll save. remember the ice bucket challenge? well, when people dump freezing cold ice water on their heads to raise awareness and lots of money for als, it has been about six months since a challenge took the nation by storm. and $115 million was raised. locally that amounted to thousands of new donors a new van to transport als patients and an increase in home care hours. that's just the start. find out how else the charity stunt is being put to good use right now on our nbc 10 app. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, we had a big mess on sunday, we have got another mess coming later on this afternoon. and the first alert out for that. snow to sleet to ice, freezing
11:49 am
rain coming in. much of the area that's coming over like the next six hours or eight hours. a messy commute, but that's part of those next eight hours and more to come. we have got a three-part storm, and the last part is going to bring us the most snow. right now we have cloudy skies in the area. the clouds continue to thicken up during the afternoon. 30 degrees. the wind is very light. humidity is fairly low and that's why the early part of the snow evaporates before hitting the ground. it looks more ominous on radar than it really is. mid-20s to near 30 degrees now for much of the area. low 30s further to the south. we're not going to warm up a whole lot more during the day today and when these radar echoes start to come in that will close the temperature level off or go down. it is snowing hard in state college. the leading edge of this is not reaching the ground. yet. but it keeps throwing moisture
11:50 am
into the -- even dry atmosphere eventually. it is going to get wet. lancaster county getting some. see some of the pink echoes down near washington. the warmer air, higher levels is already getting close. that's why this snow is not going to last all that long. two to 4:00 p.m. in general the snow starting. 4:00 to 6:00, sleet in much of the area starting to get things on the icy side. and after 6:00 it gets even worse because we have sleet, freezing rain. now, later on during the evening, the rain comes in as temperatures rise overnight tonight. tomorrow morning is not going to be an icy or snowy commute. here's what to expect as we go through the afternoon. this particular model changes the snow to the sleet pretty quickly, maybe too quickly. but we'll get a little bit of accumulation of the snow and then the sleet on top of that.
11:51 am
then here comes the warmer air bringing just rain. but most of the area from philly north and west that's all snow or ice by 6:00. by 8:00 9:00 it is starting to get just rainy. by 10:00, only the lehigh valley and poconos are seeing the ice. by tomorrow morning, everybody is seeing rain. tomorrow afternoon, pretty much everybody is seeing rain. and then here comes the cold air for wednesday night and into thursday morning, the biggest question mark, i think, is in southern parts of the area how much snow is going to be falling. but there it is thursday afternoon, this model has snow around. the chance of four inches or more, this is two days ahead of time, this is not for this afternoon. it is pretty high from the whole philadelphia corridor from trenten down to wilmington, all the way up to the lehigh valley.
11:52 am
it goes lower as you get further south. that's a fairly high degree of confidence this far ahead of time. and some computer models suggest significantly more than that. afternoon snow and sleet, temperatures up near the freezing mark. remember things start to get icy later today and into the evening. but it changes to rain by tomorrow morning. it is just a rainy day. mild day. and then it is a snowy day on thursday with temperatures falling. bitter cold friday. finally a dry weekend but we lose an hour of sleep as we turn our clocks forward. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen," cate blanchett is on. and then nbc 10 news at 4:00 this afternoon. delivered to your doorstep, the plan that would bring the lottery to you instead of you going to your state store. it would bring lotto tickets right to your home this afternoon at 4:00. now to an update on our top story, not guilty on all counts. the jury deliberating in the trial of a washington township police officer accused of abusing his badge took only ten hours to reach a verdict. this is video of officer joseph
11:56 am
dibuonaventura coming out of the courthouse a few moments ago. he was accused of falsifying reports after pauling over paul moriarty in the summer of 2012. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with a quick check of the afternoon. >> the afternoon is going to be going downhill on the gradual side. first, we get some snow coming in starting around 2:00 to 4:00 for much of the area. changing to sleet. then some freezing rain. so it is a messy afternoon commute, though. later you stay out, the worse it is going to be at least in the rush hour hours. but if you wait until 9:00 10:00, 11:00 tonight, especially from philadelphia area southward, it will start warming up enough to just turn to rain and the driving will be a lot better. then it is a rainy day tomorrow and a snowy day on thursday. thursday is the day where it is going to be the most difficult travel. >> just about everything in the next four -- >> that's quite a variety.
11:57 am
>> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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