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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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and that breaking news is this, 30 years of history up in flames. nbc 10 is live on the scene as firefighters try to save what they can of a historic restaurant. and how the building collapse happened just in the nick of time. and winter not over yet. part of the area faces the threat of an icy commute. good morning, i'm chris cato. yes, it's above freezing in philadelphia at 33 degrees. but some of you will see freezing rain this morning. we'll begin with chief
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meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. good morning. good morning. it is not above freezing in philadelphia where temperatures are below freezing and there's some precipitation. it is just cold enough. we have a first alert out there today. at least until 9:00 a.m. for some light freezing rain. icing on some surfaces untreated surfaces but as the sun comes up it will melt everything really quickly. this is the area with possible icing until 9:00 a.m. and it extends down to philadelphia, out to burlington and ocean county west to chester and lancaster counties. this is the radar. a very weak system that is moving very rapidly, but all it takes is just a little bit of freezing rain. you can see a fair amount of montgomery county covered. it's not all reaching the ground yet, but that pink does indicate that we have icing on the radar. but we're not seeing any
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official reports of icing yet. but patchy light icing by 6:00 a.m. 33 in philadelphia. but we have temperatures below freezing in many of the suburbs by 9:00 a.m. where we are into the 40s. by noon we are up to 50 degrees. all right. we'll get into more isolated temperatures hour by hour as this changes in a few minutes. now to first alert traffic reporter jillian mele with a check on the roads. good morning to you glenn. if you are waking up in the lehigh valley this is what it looks like in allentown. route 22 at airport road. just a few drivers out there. for the most part it's clear. we are not dealing with traffic incidents as far as accidents or delays go. same situation on interstate 78 as well as the northeast extension. the blue route is quiet this morning. checking some of your drive times right now between 95 and 76, you can see it is pretty average between the 15 and 16
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minutes. breaking news. in new jersey firefighters are battling a raging fire that broke out at 2:00 this morning at the historic sergeantsville inn. these photos are courtesy ryan nelson. the fire is not under control. the firefighters are on the scene and so is katy zachry. as soon as they establish a live signal we'll bring it to you. a family in camden barely escapes the partial collapse of their home with just seconds to spare. matt delucia is live on the scene of this disaster. matt, this collapse came as no surprise to the family. >> reporter: no surprise, but it came for a few frightening moments. just behind me the police remain on the scene of this house that crumbled into the street. police tell us they had concerns
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this might happen since the home next door was demolished 12 years ago. fortunately, four people got out okay. but the folks here have been trying to get the city of camden try to fix up their property following the demolition next door. but they say their concerns were not addressed. here's what happens, one of the residents was in the middle section of the house when the front section started coming down. >> i was laying down. and all i heard with my husband say, everybody get up and get out of the house. >> reporter: and right here you can see the photos of the house taken just a few hours before the collapse. here's a thing a newspaper reporter was out here doing a story about the dangers of this house just yesterday. i'll have our interview with her at 4:30 but coming up live we'll be making calls to camden officials to find out what has been going on here. for the moment crews are trying to clean up the debris and
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stabilize the structure as best they can. there are other row homes here attached to this property but so far no damage done to those properties. a double shooting in the west oak neighborhood of philadelphia sends two people to the hospital. two men were sitting in a car on stinton avenue when they were approached from behind and opened fire. the victims took off and drove themselves to the hospital. no word on any suspects or a motive. and we have new information this morning on a multi-vehicle accident in bucks county. group route one in langhorne has reopened. a driver slammed into three other cars. seven people were hurt. they have not yet heard about charges for the wrong-way driver. happening today, a charity will hold a prayer vigil in honor of the fallen philadelphia police officer, robert wilson. that vigil is scheduled for 6:00
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p.m. in front of the video game store in northeast philadelphia where officer wilson was killed in the shoot-out last thursday. police arrested two men on murder charges in the case. the community gave officer wilson's colleagues at the 22nd police district a boost of support at role call. the whole department misses officer wilson. >> we want them to know to let out the emotions and concerns. we are here for them. they are not alone. >> that they have the love and support of the community. and we realize that we need them and they need us. >> and that's the choir at st. martin's parish honoring the life of officer wilson sunday morning. they held a mass at the church which is located just a block from where the deadly shooting took place on thursday.
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and they collected more than $5,000 set up for the fund for officer wilson's two sons. also yesterday a group held a rally at the gamestop store where wilson was killed. people there said they want to prevent violent crimes by creating change through education and action. people around the country are remembering officer wilson's family. you can use the nbc app or head to to learn how hundreds of video gamers raised money over the weekend. download the app for free in the app store. happening today deliberations will resume in the murder trial of the so-called black madame pat winslow. she's accused of causing a woman's death at a hotel in 2011 by giving her butt injections for a silicone enhancement. and a man is accused of beating a woman and trying to
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rape her. reginald green is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in an attempted assault crime. last month green asked for directions at septa's jefferson green station. the man pulled her into a room and attacked her. grief counselors will be at shipley school to help them deal with the loss of a student. the boy was found covered in snow yesterday. last night hundreds gathered at the school as questions of how he died quietly linger. parents say he was upset after problems with school work. >> if you have a question or a concern about yourself or a friend or someone you don't know let people know. talk about it. get the support you need.
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>> an autopsy will be done to determine exactly how he died. well, the end of the day is going to be nice but at the beginning we have a first alert for some patchy ice this morning occurring mainly north of philadelphia just for a couple of hours here. but a nice afternoon will come in and you won't believe how nice it's going to be. at 9:00 a.m. you can see the temperature in central new jersey. it's not all that cold outside. it's not going to be cold or windy. it's a very weak system not very much precipitation, but if the ground feels wet it could be icy in some areas. you can see that's the pink that's the ice.
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as we go in you can see montgomery county and bucks county, the upper portions especially in the lehigh valley that are seeing some patchy ice. the temperatures in some places are below freezing. allentown, 29. quakertown 27. doylestown, 31. blue bell 36. 28 in coatsville. and now the roads are generally on the cold side. it was pretty cold all night last night, 32 degrees. 32 degrees in wilmington now. watch this hour by hour because the temperatures are so critical and just a little bit of freezing rain can cause some problems. and there we go by 8:00 a.m. you can see the computer is showing the precipitation falling apart. and then the sun starts to co out and it actually gets fairly mild. look at this. 51 to 54 after that early light icing. especially sidewalks and driveways, bridges and overpasses. keep an eye out for that. clear and mild in the afternoon.
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well, we'll see how mild it's going to be for the rest of the week with the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. all right, the mid-50s is looking good. we'll take it. nbc 10 first alert traffic now, jillian mele is watching the roads for us this mop. any signs of any problems out there this morning? we are not reporting any serious accidents or delays on the highway. it's a quiet start near center city, philadelphia. this is the vine street expressway. that's the westbound side as drivers make their way out to 76. you can see the vine is clear and that's clear the entire length of 76 that is quiet at this hour. checking the drive times route 100 southbound will take you five minutes. four minutes is what we are seeing on the route 30 bypass eastbound from 340 to 202. thousands of people marching with one message. next, the commemoration of a landmark moment in selma, alabama. and what is being done this week to mark the anniversary. plus an amazing story here
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of a baby found alive after a car overturned in a frigid river. how long that child may have been trapped upside down in the wreckage.
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4:14 this morning. history going up in flames here in new jersey. these are photos raging at the sergeantsville inn in sergeantsville, new jersey. the fire is not under control as it has been burning since 2:00 this morning. the restaurant there has been standing since the early 1700s. we have a crew there on the scene as they are setting up their live signal right now. we'll bring you live pictures as soon as we get them established. happening today, the boston
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marathon bombing trial will resume with some more emotional testimony expected today. the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev opened with a dozen prosecution witnesses taking the stand. the jury heard graphic testimony in two days from the victims' family members and first responders. and they saw new images of the twin bombings to kill three people and injuring hundreds. defense lawyers committed dzhokhar committed the crimes but said his brother masterminded the plot. and remembering selma after a weekend celebrating the 50th anniversary march for racial equality. thousands of people gathered yesterday to remember the sacrifices made during a brutal confrontation known as bloody sunday. police beat and used tear gas on marchers on that day in 1965. those protesters helped bring about the voting act of 1965 and many say the journey isn't over.
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>> i love to see everyone gather for this cause. hopefully this will wake us up inside. >> selma is not in the past selma is now for everybody here. and everybody has their own personal selma, their own bridge to cross. >> on saturday president obama joined survivors and their families to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday march in selma. members of a wisconsin community are calling for justice after a white police officer there shot and killed an unarmed black man. people in madison held a prayer vigil for tony robinson jr. the 19-year-old was shot to death friday at his apartment. police went there after getting calls that robinson was attacking people. police said robinson then attacked an officer who opened fire. state justice authorities are investigating. and from our delaware bureau now, authorities are looking into the shooting death of a suspected burglar at the hands of a state trooper. this happened after the officer responded to a burglary call at the rite aid yesterday morning.
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police say the trooper fired his weapon after the suspect dragged the officer with a stolen car. the trooper has cuts and bruises and is now on administrative leave. police in philadelphia are looking for a gunman in a gas station shooting. it happened yesterday at the gas star on frankford avenue in mayfair. two customers got into an argument pumping gas. one shooting the other in the arm before driving off. the victim is in stable condition. investigators are now looking at surveillance video that captured the shooting. police in new castle county are calling the shooting death of a wilmington man a homicide. nbc 10 was on the scene along route 13 yesterday where police found a van riddled with bullet holes. 32-year-old shelton johns of wilmington was killed, a woman was injured. police have not said what led up to the shooting but they are investigating to see if another car found nearby is connected to the shooting. well, a miraculous story of survival in utah. a fisherman found a car that had
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crashed into a river. a baby was inside still alive. investigators believe the crash happened late friday night and the baby was strapped in that car in a car seat upside down for about 14 hours before being found. the baby's mother did not survive. this morning the little girl is in the hospital in critical but stable condition. the first report into the disappears of malaysia flight 370 shows that the battery on the plane's data recorder locator beacon expired more than a year before the jet vanished. yesterday marked one year since the flight disappeared. the report blames a glitch in maintenance records for crews not replacing that expired battery. experts say that gave searchers less of a chance to find the plane. a different locator beacon on the plane was working. family members of flight 370's passenger and crew gathered for a day of remembrance yesterday and vowed to never give up searching for the missing plane
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that was carrying 239 people. well, we finally got up to 50 degrees yesterday. and you might think that's the end of winter but we have a first alert because the temperatures are just low enough we have just enough precipitation for light freezing rain. we have some icing on untreated surfaces. and the sun of course is going to be melting this. and it's just a matter of hours. most of the day is going to be just fine but until 9:00 a.m. these areas have some patchy areas of possible icing on untreated surfaces especially the sidewalk or driveway. now philadelphia itself is 35 degrees, but it's not above freezing everywhere. as a matter of fact, in many parts of the area it is below freezing. that is indicated by the pink that we see here. that is not all reaching the ground either.
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it's a very weak system. you can see theis more oppressive than what is here. but you can see the pink on the radar and you have seen the results of this over96wrecent weeks. montgomery county bucks county, lehigh valley some patchy areas with just a few drops. that's all you need. let's go up to the lehigh valley to see what temperatures are like. allentown, 29 degrees. that is an official temperature. right at the ground level it is possible it could be a little colder especially on the bridges and overpasses. whitehall, 27 degrees right now. as we look through the morning, some places with just regular rain. some with a little bit of freezing rain. and only a few flakes of snow up toward the pocanos. this is a very weak system. here's 7:00 a.m. you may be colder in philadelphia than doylestown. so kind of a weird system. we had the temperature go way
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down during the morning hours, early morning hours while it was clear. now the precipitation is moving in. so the early light icing and then the sun is going to start coming out. by late morning, it's going to be a really nice afternoon. and the seven-day forecast is 53 degrees. and then a stronger system comes in tomorrow with rain late in the day and at night. it drifts to our south. the southern sections on wednesday. and we have colder weather coming in on thursday. and it's kind of chilly. the average high for this time of the year is 50. so we'll have a lot of days below that. and it looks like a more significant rain by saturday. 4:21. time to get another check of traffic. nbc 10's first alert traffic jillian mele is checking out the problems for us. any big problems? >> no big problems soer fa. this is 76 near university avenue. you can see both directions of
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the schuylkill expressway, just a few drivers out there. it is 4:21 in the morning and it looks that way with no delays. northeast ex-tension drive times are 22 to 23 minutes between quakertown and the toll plaza. no accidents there. heading north to the lehigh valley, the allentown area specifically, you can see interstate 78 22 and the northeast extension. we are getting all green on the maps meaning we are not reporting any big problems. chris? ♪ well, that music at st. malachy church paid tribute to the irish routes on sunday. now parishioners hope to preserve the church's future. they need to raise $200,000 to pay for important repairs. st. malachy was built in 1852 for immigrants. people hungry for gender equality marked international women's day.
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hundreds of men and women marched from the u.n. building to times square to mark similar times in history to mark equal rights and pay for women. a prime target for hackers. next, the government agency that could be putting hundreds of travelers at risk every day.
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in delaware the library is moving forward for plans to build a new library there. high blare officials have brawn their request to ask for money to build a new library. a future use of the current building is part of the decision.
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funding will continue and construction of the new library building has not been affected. president obama will be speaking at the national league of city's conference today at a gathering of 2,000 leaders. he will speak to a range of homeland security issues. could cyber attacks hack into the faa? the agency systems are not up-to-date and could be vulnerable to a cyber attack to allow someone to access sensitive information. they can shut down the system while planes are in the area or steer planes into one another. yesterday chuck schumer asked the faa to make changes recommended for that report. >> the threat of a cyber criminal taking over this system makes your stomach sink. >> the report includes 17 public recommendations and dozens more
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that will be kept private because they contain sensitive security information. i'm chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. i'm tracking some rain that could lead to slippery conditions for parts of the n we'll break down when you'll see the rain and when it should move out. jillian mele is now watching the roads. so far so good on the blue route right near mac dade boulevard. going through the cameras i'll bring you a live picture of route 309 coming up in the next few minutes.
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that breaking news a historic restaurant decimated by fire overnight. this is the first live picture of the scene where we are gathering new information as fire crews work to salvage what is left. and breaking news in camden this morning where a home crashed to the ground as the family inside escaped barely running to safety and they are blaming the city for the collapse. plus, a milder morning but the dangers of winter are not over yet. after a spring-like weekend, parts of the area face the threat of an icy commute this morning. but we have you coveredful. good morning this is "nbc 10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we have awesome temperatures for today. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the join of bringing us those. good morning, glenn. good morning. right now for the next few hours we have to watch the weather and roads. we have to watch the sidewalks because we have a first alert out for potenti


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