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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  March 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we are live on the scene of a fire at a popular restaurant where george washington once stayed. and more breaking news as we're covering a camden home that crumbled with people still inside. and the family says this is something they warned the city about many times.u(nvt from the 50s to below freezing, tb[pk first]z6nw82 me areas. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. how about highs in the 50s today? are we ready for that on a monday? i think we are. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has that and a first alert for the possibility of freezing rain this morning. right. just for the next couple of hours we have that threat. there's precipitation and it's cold. that's not a great combination when dealing with the morning commute. visibility is fine over philadelphia now and precipitation is very light. and in many cases, not even reaching the ground because the
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low levels of the atmosphere are just so dry. but until 9:00 a.m. we do have the possibility of some light freezing rain. icing on some surfaces and the sun is going to melt everything. and it will cure all our problems in a few hours. from philadelphia northward to the area possible with icing until 9:00 a.m. and on the radar, we're seeing more and more of the green, which is just the regular rain. and we have the pink which is the icing. so that's helpful. and temperatures creep up a little bit. you can see some of the rain not reaching the ground here but the low levels of the atmosphere are dry. and these are the actual reports from the major reports. the only place reporting any precipitation is trenton with rain. and they are at 37 degrees. so they are in pretty good shape. but allentown, reading lancaster, even wilmington the temperature is around freezing.
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so that's why we have to watch it until temperatures go up. patchy light icing. 33 degrees. clearing by 9:00. and then sunshine and 50 by noon. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has the latest on traffic. good morning to you, glenn. good morning to you at home. we'll start things off in new jersey right now with a live look at 73 right at interstate 295. you can see a few drivers out there with the roads here dry and quiet. 295 is free of any incidents out there right now. and checking drive times on 95 southbound, that's typically where we get the volume as we approach the 6:00 mark. right now 13 minutes is the drive time southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway with the vine also clear. thank you. 5:32. we continue to follow breaking news out of new jersey where crews have been on the scene of a restaurant fire for several hours now at the historic sergeantsville inn ten miles north of lambertville. katy zachry is live from the scene.
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you just talked to the mayor earlier who called this the heart and soul of his town. heartbreaking for him to see. >> reporter: it really is heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking for many of the firefighters who were called in to battle this blaze for two hours as the fire raged. and right now you can see some of those firefighters are still on the roof area. the fire is out and for all intensive purposes they tell me it's under control. but they are breaking through some of the roof and some of that second floor to make sure that there are no more hot spots. we'll go to some of our pictures we had sent in to us from a first responder of the fire at the height of it. these pictures are from around 3:00 a.m. where you can see flames just leapt through the roof. the fire we are told started on the first floor. an alarm inside the restaurant notified the fire department and police that there was a fire underway when they got here. you can see from the pictures what they were up against. so they called in backup throughout the area. the fire as i said has been put
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out and is under control for all intensive purposes. what you have right here out at the scene is dozens of firefighters standing around taking in the magnitude of this historic restaurant. the sergeantsville inn dates back to the 1700s. you had people like george washington stay and dine here. other historic figures throughout the years. and most recently the restaurant and the hotel have been in operation since the 1700s. but most recently it was taken over in the last decade or so by someone who is very well-known in this community and has just made it a wonderful place for people to gather. so we are gathering more information from the number of people who are coming out from their homes and coming to see this historic site, which so sadly was taken by fire early this, mo. that's the latest live in sergeantsville katy zachry "nbc 10 news." and at 5:34 we're covering more breaking news from overnight. seconds away from disaster.
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that's a family's story this morning after part of their house collapsed in camden. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene for us this morning. matt, you found out that the problem may be the end result of something that could have been fixed years ago, right? >> reporter: well, chris, the people who live here say they have been trying to get the city of camden help them with repairs after the house next door was torn down back in 2003. i'm going to get out of the way so you can see the extent of the damage. the entire front portion of this house came crumbling down part of it right on line street here in camden. police are still out here on the scene keeping an eye on this. but there were people here home at the time. four people got out unharmed. but here's what happened. one of the residents said she was in the middle section of her house when the front section started coming down. she ran for the back door and got out okay. but you're going to hear her talk about her experience and then you'll hear from a newspaper reporter who just happened to be here yesterday doing a story about the dangers
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of this house. >> i was laying down. and all i heard was my husband call to everybody to get up and out of the house. >> it was really a mess in the front room. you could see where water was coming in. yeah, i took pictures. >> reporter: right here you can see the photos of the house taken just a few hours before this collapse happened. and i have reached out to camden officials this morning to find out what has been going on here. another live look at the property. you can see that the entire area is blocked off here so people are not allowed around the sidewalk area. again, i mentioned that police are out here on the scene. of course as the day progresses, they will try to stabilize the structure as best they can. but take a look at all the damage. pretty miraculous that everyone got out without a scratch. live in camden matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." the time is 5:36. happening today, a charity will hold a prayer vigil in honor of fallen officer robert wilson. the vigil is scheduled tonight at 6:00 in front of the video
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game store in north philadelphia where officer wilson was killed in a shoot-out last week. police arrested two suspects on murder charges. the community gave officer wilson's comrades at the 22nd police district a boost of support at roll call yesterday. nbc 10 was there when clergy from all over philadelphia let the officers know the whole city misses officer wilson. and you can use the nbc 10 app or go to to learn how people actually around the country are rallying to help officer wilson's family. lacking support from his own party. this morning a new nbc news poll shows chris christie may have his work cut out for him if he decides to run for president. glenn? and we're starting the day off with some patchy light rain. and it's freezing possibly on some surfaces. it's going to warm up though. some will like the seven-day coming up next.
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we got up to 50 degrees yesterday, but we start with a first alert with some precipitation falling. this is only until 9:00 a.m. until we get rid of the icing north of philadelphia. we'll end one a really nice and mild afternoon. still 35 in philadelphia. still a little precipitation reaching the ground. and i'm sure a lot of people are happy about that. this is the area of possible icing until 9:00 a.m. from the philadelphia area northward. and the radar shows there's patchy, very light precipitation. and the day will end a lot better than it's beginning on this seven days. we'll take that. thank you, glenn. checking some of the drive times right now, 76 eastbound from the blue route to the vine 12 minutes. 13 minutes on 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. and if you're traveling the blue
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route northbound from 95 to 76 that will take you 15 minutes. a live look at the lehigh valley is coming up. the top used cars for teens. we have the just released list of safest and most affordable cars for your new driver. and we are on the scene of this breaking news this morning. this is in camden. a building collapse. some frightening moments for the family who lived there, but they say they have been worried about this for years.
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5:44. nbc 10 has been on the scene of breaking news where a piece of history went up in flames. this is the sergeantsville inn that was destroyed by fire this morning. nbc 10's katy zachry says the building is a total loss and the mayor is like the heart has been ripped out of that community. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. and we are also watching the roads this morning as the potential for freezing rain is with us this morning as we see the temperature hovering just above freezing in philadelphia at 35 degrees. traffic is moving well here as we see on the schuylkill expressway in this live view. but if you see rain falling, keep in mind things could get slick out there. happening today, the public gets a chance to comment on philadelphia philadelphia's new demolition policies. the city council came up with
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new rules following the deadly market building collapse in 2013. the hearing will be held this afternoon to get public input on how new rules are being enforced. happening today, the boston marathon bombing trial will resume with more emotional testimony expected. dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial began last week with jurors seeing new images of the bombings to kill three people and injuring hundreds. dzhokhar admits to thement bo mment bombing but says his brother was the mastermind. and homeland security secretary jay johnson will address a group of people today along with president obama. and a plane took off from
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abu dhabi that will fly day and night using solar cells on the wings and special batteries. two swiss pilots will take turn on the controls and hope to return in june. 5:46. from our delaware bureau authorities are looking into the shooting death of a burglar after officers responding to a barry call at a rite aid yesterday morning. the trooper fired his weapon after the suspect dragged the officer with a stolen car. the trooper suffered cuts and bruises and is on administrative leave. and police in new castle county are calling the shooting death of a wilmington man a homicide. nbc 10 was on the scene along route 13 yesterday where police found a van riddled with bullets. 32-year-old shelton johns was killed and a woman was hurt. police have not said what led to the shooting but are investigating if another car found nearby is connected to the case. a story of survival and sadness in utah. a fisherman found a car
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overturned in a river with a baby inside. that baby was still alive. investigators believe the car crashed late friday night and the baby was strapped in a car seat upside-down for about 14 hours before she was found. the little girl's mother did not survive the crash. this morning the baby is in the hospital in critical but stable condition. and we start the week the way wednesdayed last week with a first alert. this time it's just a brief one because we have a little bit of light freezing rain that is possible in parts of the area. i see some untreated surfaces but only until 9:00 a.m. the sun will melt everything and warm everything up. and in philadelphia itself it's already 35 degrees. so it is above freezing. and we don't even have any precipitation reaching the ground here. at least not at the moment.
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from philadelphia northward, the possibility of a little bit of icing is out there until 9:00 a.m. and the radar continues to show some returns here but a lot of this is not reaching the ground. we checked the surface reports to see if anybody is seeing any of it. the stuff is back in central pennsylvania and is reaching the ground. we'll keep an eye on this. it is mostly regular rain but in chester county, a little bit of pink. that's the possibility of a little bit of light icing there around the west chester area at the emt mo. the temperatures coatsville has something wrong with that one. 32 in wilmington. but it's above freezing in some areas. we'll see what we have in chester county. yeah that's the real temperature for coatsville 29 degrees. 32 in westchester. 29 in westtown. we have temperatures below freezing. the roads are cold so watch out
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for the untreated surfaces getting any kind of icing. but it's not going to last very long. glenmoore at 29 degrees. and a couple different reports in coatsville near 32. chester springs, 33. phoenixville 32 degrees. berlin, 35. during the day today, that early light icing and just a few spots are patchy. but clearing conditions for everybody. and by this afternoon, it's sunny. the temperatures are in the 50s. a lot of people will be happy. not much wind. and we get 50 degrees yesterday. a high on friday near 26. that's pretty amazing. the average high is 50 this time of the year. so 48 tomorrow. despite the clouds, some rain coming in late in the day and at night. not real heavy rain. and then it drops into delaware on wednesday. kind of chilly on thursday. and friday. then a wetter system comes in
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with more rain over the weekend. and 5:50 we'll see if any of the freezing rain is showing up on the area roads. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is always watching cameras to see if she sees slick spots on the roadways. >> i'm not seeing anything hit the ground just yet. this is a live look at center city, philadelphia. the majors in and out of the city are quiet including the vine street expressway 76 and 95. for drivers in the lehigh valley, route 22 at airport road pretty average start there. a couple more cars out there, but no more accidents or delays. for drivers in new jersey checking the drive times here 42 northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge will take you five minutes. and it's a 12-minute trip on 295 southbound from route 38 to 16. tracy? thank you. ten before 6:00 right now, experts released the best used car for teen drivers. according to consumer reports, the most safe and reliable vehicles under $10,000 for young drivers include the chevy malibu, ford focus and the
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hybrid ford fusion. the study took into account how the vehicles handle in emergency maneuvers and also tracks stopping distance. well after flirting with the $2 mark for gas prices prices at the pump have jumped 29 cents in just the last month. the national average for the price of regular gas is $2.56. analysts say the higher prices are linked to maintenance work at refineries and decreased productions. here's a look at the local prices in the region. the average price in the five-county philly area is $2.62. the lowest price is in south jersey with the average at $2.25. a once in a i havelifetime opportunity for three local skunts. how steve harvey and disney world are making dreams come true and helping high schoolers
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prepare for the future. and daylight saving time. how long it takes for your body to get back on track.
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people seeking gender equality marched in new york yesterday in honor of national women's day. they marched from the united nations to times square. this mark eded other marchs to demand equal rights and pay for women. hillary clinton is the center of a growing controversy over her e-mails. there is increasing pressure for clinton to explain how and why she used a private e-mail account during her years as secretary of state. clinton has turned over her e-mails to the government for review. right now it's unclear if she broke the rules or law. democrats are now urging her to speak on the issue. >> she needs to step up and come out and state exactly what the situation is. the silence is going to hurt her. >> clinton has yet to formally announce she'll run for president next year.
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many people believe new jersey governor chris christie is getting ready for a run at the white house, but a new poll says she still needs to win over republican voters. the nbc news/wall street journal poll found six in ten gop primary voters say they can't see themselves supporting christie for president. meanwhile, nearly half of those voters said they would support former florida governor jeb bush. happening today, pennsylvania senator bob casey will be in this area pushing for an anti-bullying bill inspired by school policies in bucks county. casey will visit william penn high school later this morning. he's expected to hear local students and teachers talk about the school district's anti-bullying program. the senators bill calls for every school in the program to have an anti-bullying program like that one. and designed to help the city's most struggling schools. they will look at overcoming challenges involved in learning and school enrollment at public
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facilities. and the weekend of a lifetime. >> it certainly was for local teens who got to experience mentoring and got to have a lot of fun at disney world along with rubbing shoulders with one of nbc 10's biggest stars. two students from south jersey and one from philadelphia hit the magic kingdom over the weekend with steve harvey. steve harvey hosted the students for an educational program featuring work shops and speakers. officials selected 100 students from across the nation to take part in that. >> i want to take that learning experience and really listening to the speakers, because they have been through their struggle. and instead of us going through the struggle they can teach us how to work around our obstacles. >> and of course the winners also got a lesson in fun during their all-expenses paid trip to disney world. happening today, president obama will unveil a new program to boost training and hiring of high-tech workers around the country. sources say the president has
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gotten hundreds of companies and local governments to sign up to the program known as tech hire. the idea is to generate higher wages for careers like software development and cyber security. well, today people will get more details about apple's new smart watch when the company officially unveils the highly anticipated gadget. apple says the watch has a lot of functions to help with daily tasks like opening your car door buying coffee. it's all expected to have medical advantages like tracking your heart rate. the snatchmart watch will hit the market with a price tag of about $350. >> but can it give you back an hour of sleep? >> nope. if you are still getting used to daylight saving time, hang in there. your body will adjust eventually. most of us set the clocks an hour ahead before we went to bed saturday night. if you are feeling groggy, you should be back to normal within a day or two. new research actually shows most of us only lose about 28 minutes
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of sleep because we dend to get up a little later in the morning after the time change. stick with us. we'll help you get through the next few hours. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. a historic restaurant in new jersey goes up in flames. we are live as a community tries to figure out what is next at the sergeantsville inn. and more breaking news in camden county where a house collapsed overnight. and the family living there says they warned the city this would happen. and a cold start to the day as we look live over center street, philadelphia. freezing rain could mean an icy commute for some drivers. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. how about highs in the 50s to start the week off? glenn "hurricane" schwartz is in with more. we have a first alert this morning, right? yes. we have light precipitation moving in for parts of the area with temperatures below
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freezing. not a great combination. especially when the atmosphere overall is too warm for snow. visibilities look good in philadelphia. no problems here at the moment. we do have a first alert until 9:00 a.m. this is for some patchy areas of light freezing rain on untreated surfaces. keep an eye on that. if it looks wet, it's possibly going to be icy in some areas. the sun is going to melt it all as we go into 9:00 a.m. so this is the area with the possibility of icing. again, only for a couple of hours. you can see on the radar there's plenty of that action on the radar, but a lot of that stuff on the eastern side is not reaching the ground. there's more coming at us from central pennsylvania. and mostly in the northern areas it looks to be headed north to the lehigh valley and the pocanos where we get icing there. in southeastern pennsylvania much of the area is above freezing. but we still have to keep our eye on that with a close call. we'll


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