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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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these devastating incidents serve as a reminder that our law enforcement officers perform a job that is extremely serious, that is deeply heroic and it is deserving of our most emphatic support. . >> holder said these acts of violence that threaten reforms that people around the country have been working toward. >> nbc 10's deanna durante live in police headquarters where she talked to commissioner ramsey. an emotional day with the commissioner and he spent time with officer wilson's family? >> reporter: ha r arrived about an hour ago and we talked to him after he spent the entire day with the police officer's family. he says that his family as well as the family here and the philadelphia police department will begin saying their good-byes to officer wilson tomorrow. >> it's going to be a long two days and we'll get through it but it has had its more than its impact on the men and women of the department, but we'll come together and we'll get sthem
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through it and the family through it and anyone watching just say a prayer for his two boys, 10 years old and he just turned 10 years old last monday and a 1-year-old who will never know his father. >> the police officer from the city's 22 rnd district was gunned down while battles armed robbers inside a gamestop a week ago today. his viewing will be friday evening and side are saturday. a funeral service will be held at the palest ra on the university of pennsylvania campus. ramsey says in a heroic way officer wilson died he does expect police from around the united states to attend. >> the wilson family has been very, very good to work with and have done everything they possibly can to accommodate the kind of funeral that we're accustomed to giving an officer who has been murdered in the line of duty. >> reporter: police commissioner ramsey says he has heard from officers as far away from california that say that they plan on attending the funeral and the events on saturday. he says it is too early to know
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just how many officers will show up and how many people from the general public to pay their respects. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> philadelphia city council also took time to remember officer wilson by holding a moment of silence before today's meeting. >> thank you so much. >> today's tribute, just one of many across the city to honor the fallen officer. wilson was shot and killed a week ago today. he was an eight-year veteran in philadelphia's 22nd police district. wilson was buying a video game for his son at the gamestop store in north philadelphia last thursday when police say the two men came in to commit a robbery and the shootout happened and officer wilson was killed as you know. carlton hips and ramon williams are both charged with his murder. hips was injured in the shootout and he's still recovering in the hospital. >> wilson's heroic actions were honored by police in massachusetts. members of the philadelphia police department were in boston
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for the irish-american ice hockey game. before taking to the ice, the massachusetts state police presented the officers with a hockey sweater bearing wilson's name. the tribute include a flag presentation and an honor guard. to other news students in the state can expect a bit of a breather. >> they're calling for fewer standardized tests. nbc 10 tim furlong was there. >> no doubt some students are thrilled with this but they're not entirely off the hook are they? >> reporter: it's a messy situation and still not going to be resolved yet. the dropout rate is very low compared to the last 30 years and the governor wants to reduce some of the numbers of standardized tests these students take because they take a lot of time to prepare and they rely too heavily on the furt tests and it's time to get rid of some of these standardized tests. >> they look and sound like
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restaurant workers and these are culinary workers. some of these kids may or may not farewell on standardized tefrts and now the state wants to cut down on the ones they take. >> the assessments we do use are valuable and effective if done right, but let's not have too many assessments. >> governor markell said the state might help the 19 school districts reassess the ones that are outdated or redundant. the state will require districts to use a smarter balanced test and given once a year and it's the first time the student's writing and critical thinking skill. >> today is not about compromise and today is about constantly improving. he has heard from parents and teachers who say too much class time is spent prepping kids for state tests and he and the governor, the job evaluations have not been tied to the test results and they heard from a growing number of parents who do
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not want standardized tests at all. >> i believe this push for opting out is unproductive and i think it's unfair to our young people. >> the governor says standardized tests help students to improve. some say the state focuses on bad results and punishes the teachers with those results and the teachers from the christina district and the red clay district will gather here tonight to issue a no-positive vote and secretary mark murphy and other state education leaders and we'll take you inside as they make that announcement and tell you why. we'll see you again at 5:30 and i'm tim furlong, nbc 10 news. speaking of tests a new standardized test has been the target of much debate in jersey. now they can lose federal funding if the students don't take this exam. the p.a.r.k. test is designed to see how students are on nationwide standards. some parents want their student
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to skip the exam. >> disappointment and elation today in center city philadelphia. the russell biers charler school held their lottery and there were 1500 applications for just 23 openings and many were frustrated by the news they received today. >> we'll apply to charters again for next year for first grade for her and our younger daughter when she gets up to the pre-k, kindergarten level, but we'll see. >> the 23 kids who got the good news today will start kindergarten at the school next september. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> more sunshine and mild temperatures in philadelphia's square, but things are colder out there today and that's thanks to the winds that have arrived. let's find out how long these winds will stick around. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. they got strong at times. >> we will be seeing it die down
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just within the next couple of hours and we have a decent wind out there at citizens bank park and it will be used less than a month from now for the home opener for the phillies. it's almost feeling like baseball weather we said yesterday. 51 in philadelphia now where it's only 44 in allentown and 36 in mt. pocono and still feeling like winter and especially when you factor in the wind and we're finally not seeing a gust in philadelphia and that is a sign the wind is already starting to go down. it's bone dry around here and the humidity incredibly low, but look down to the south and a lot of humidity down there and a lot of rain and some of that coming in our direction and obviously, not for the rest of the day and we'll be seeing these temperatures go down into the 20s overnight tonight and some places much lower than that. and i'll talk about how cold it will get and with the rain in
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the seven day in a few minutes. >> see you then. happening now, a former enemy on eagles turf. could he be making a move from the boys to the birds? that's the question this afternoon about former dallas quarterback demarco murray. sky force 10 delivered murray as he landed en route to south philadelphia today. this is the latest development in what's been a busy off-season week for the eagles. >> i'll say. the team is working lots of moves as it gets red for the new season. comcast sportsnet john clark is closely watching development from south philly. has murray signed on the dotted line with the eagles? >> not yet. demarco murray is here at the complex. he's meeting with chip kelly and the eagles officials and it is expected that he will sign a five-year deal with the riegels for over $40 million. as you saw, the allegel has landed and take a look at demarco at the eagles facility and if you want confirmation that he'll sign with them and he was handed an eagles hat and
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this is a fascinating situation because the eagle, of course have the 2013 nfl rushing leader in mccoy and they traded him. so they are getting the nfl's leading rusher from last year and they are taking him away from the dallas cowboys and demarco murray would become the first player in 68 years in the nfl to actually switch teams after leading the nfl in rushing. he has actually averaged a little more than shadey in yards per carry and he's older than lesean, but he hasn't had as many carries and has had some injury history, but it looks like demarco murray is leaving the cowboys and coming to the eagles and we'll have more at 5:00. for now, i'm john clark. back to you. >> so much news it could make your head spin. the irs is warning taxpayers about a huge nationwide scam. fake irs agents have targeted more than 366,000 people
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already. they've made harassing phone calls demanding payments. the phony agents threaten jail time. more than 3,000 people have been duped out of $15.5 million since october of 2013. >> the treasury department and deputy inspector testified about the scam in front of a senate committee today. the criminals have called people of all ages and all economic levels. >> the scam is so simple we'll never be able to prevent anyone from picking up the phone and calling up and demanding money. when the money dries up the criminals will go away. >> lawmakers say the key to stopping this kind of crime is education and making sure the public knows that the irs will not initiate contact by calling you on the phone. police are investigating the death of a man found in a north hampton county motel. officers found the man's body at the quality inn last night. the coroner said the death is
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suspicious and is being investigated as a homicide but he is not saying how the man died. prosecutors have made a big mob bust in new jersey. it involves members of the cavalcante crime family. the allegations against them include plotting to commit murder and promote prostitution in new jersey. yes, my son overdosed! >> that's a real 911 call. it's part of one of the new tv ads in the new castle county's heroin trap program. the campaign is primarily targeting teens with ads on busses, tv radio and social media sites. the heroin site also has interactive maps so kids can see where heroin arrest, overdoses and deaths have happened in the county. >> if you mess with heroin there can only be three outcomes. you will either end up in prison, in recovery for the rest
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of your life or you will die. >> the website also offers heroin treatment options and schools can use the site to teach students about the dangers of the drug. to south jersey now where camden could give up control of its massive demolition project according to the courier post. the county would begin managing all of the contracts. camden wants to demolish nearly 600 abandoned and unsafe buildings and phase one began earlier this year and several problems have delayed the project. concern is growing over trains rolling along the rails through our area and what they are carrying. today, local leaders took action hoping to protect the community and nbc 10's doug shimell was at philadelphia's city council today, and doug we've seen tragedies elsewhere. the city council is trying to prevent that from happening here and how do they propose doing that? >> the basic claim is that many of these tanker cars that come rumbling in and around
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philadelphia neighborhoods puncture too easily and the demand is they should be replaced. >> the rail car hanging over the schuylkill river in 2014 was followed by another derailment in philadelphia a year later. and many of those rail lines and tank cars run behind margaret calhoun's block on stillman street. >> if something like was that to happen how much danger are we in? >> reporter: it seems like last month's fiery derailment in west virginia from flaming crude oil that has cég punk you are-proof tank cars. it's just sitting here so anything could be in them. >> reporter: it's why philadelphia city council approved a resolution pushing the feds to mandate tankers. >> tank cars in use today and none of them are designed to safely transport this oil and this resolution rightly calls on
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the federal government to prohibit their use now. >> they know that going from single wall to double walled rail cars will cost the rail companies. >> just like any other big business, you know? unless you step up and make sure that you hold them accountable with a heavy hand i don't see them moving forward in any aspect. >> and ken yata johnson has been in contact with the biggest transporter csx and we tried contacting them as well for a response and we are still waiting. live in south philadelphia i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. delaware county is highlighting economic success and county initiatives. nbc 10 for the address, and among the hiels discussed, revitalizeation of refineries on the waterfront as well as new transportation projects. >> today we have every reason to be bullish about the economic value of delaware county.
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and it is through the partnership that we speak growth and sustained economic success. >> another topic of discussion destination delco. from our jersey shore bureau the latest revel casino is expected to be decided today by a bankruptcy court judge and that judge deciding multiple options with the florida developer. among them approving the sale or giving the revel more time to court potential buyers. our cold weather and snow couldn't have helped february not kind to atlantic city. new figures show the casino revenue declined last month by 15% compared to a year ago and that's when there were 11 casinos operating instead of the current eight. those casinos won just under $80 million last month.
4:16 pm
a hearing today in harrisburg to discuss how montgomery county spends its casino revenue. a commonwealth financial authority distributes the money and under the new bill it would be distributed to non-profit organizations across the country. >> this additional income source would help to offset budget cuts and to some of our country's most treasured looks. >> the valley forge resort and casino opened just under three years ago. >> several people are hurt after a bus carrying a college bowling team crashed in indiana. the accident happened this morning on a highway just north of louisville kentucky. onboard that bus 16 members of the mens and women's bowling teams and their coaches. some of the injuries are said to be serious. the bus was on its way to a tournament in tennessee. new information on that military helicopter crash off the florida coast. crews found the bodies of two
4:17 pm
servicemen today the bodies of two others are believed to be still inside the wreck. earlier in the day searchers found the main site where the helicopter crashed tuesday night. seven marines and four soldiers were onboard. >> the responders out there were busting their butt to try to get out there and rescue people and the support that we got from the local community, state, federal, has just been awesome and i can't thank you enough for that. >> the chopper went down amid dense fog during a training mission, continuing bad weather is now hampering recovery efforts. president obama says he still has faith in the secret service chief with ties to our region even after the latest scandal to plague that agency. >> investigators still want answers about the allegations two senior-level agent his been drinking when they crashed a car into a white house barrier. nbc 10's keith jones is live in the digital operations center with the black eye. >> these agents are about as close to the president as you can get. >> perhaps arms length even.
4:18 pm
two high-level secret service agents and one of them an elite member of the president's detail. for now, both of these men have been reassigned after allegations they may have been drunk when they crashed through a security barricade. according to the washington post the men had been at a late-night party last week and were driving a government car. on top of that the post alleges that officers s wanted to conduct sobriety tests at the scene, but were ordered by the superviseor to let the secret service agents go. these new allegations put the agency back on the hot seat. >> the deep seated concern is that the shine of the secret service has been rubbed off. we cannot keep having this discussion. >> >>. >> in charge of the investigation. witnesses say the carree lights were on and they were driving erratically at the time and they were in charge of that investigation and this investigation is a significant
4:19 pm
test for the new agency's director, that being, of course joseph clancy. he is from our area by the way and grew up in the philadelphia area and graduated from villanova university. reporting live keith jones, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it wasn't nearly as warm as it was yesterday, but couldn't have asked for more sunshine and a bluer sky out there. plus, desertlike winds are very low humidity today, if your skin is chapped or dry, blame it on the weather. blame it on the low humidity. we got the lucky 13th, tomorrow friday the 13th will be lucky in the weather department and a lot of sunshine and less wind and we do have some weekend rain that is on the way. flags still blowing pretty hard out here and not quite as hard as it was earlier in the day and we have a 16-mile an hour wind and relative humidity and 17%.
4:20 pm
10 degrees colder than it was. 46 in trenton and 48 in glassboro and some places not even getting to the 50-degree mark today after many getting to 60 yesterday, but that's about average for this time of the year. the wind directions are coming out in the northwest and the dry wind obviously and now 10 to 20 miles an hour and it will be gradually going down and let's watch this over the next couple of hours. by 6:00 i'll bet you those numbers are lower. let's see if that happens. bone dry across the area now. down to the south, not so. a lot of rain and not organized yet, but it's all headed in this direction. it's obviously not going to affect us tomorrow morning. let's see if it gets here by dinner time. nope. coming in after 9:00 10:00 and once it gets here it's raining
4:21 pm
all night and it's raining all saturday morning. some of it on the heavier side as you can see. there's 11:00 a.m. and still raining. now as we go into the afternoon, it's not a steady rain but we get some showers around and maybe even -- look at that. that would suggest, perhaps some thunderstorms in parts of the area. it will be relatively mild on saturday and by sunday it's dry for the most part but it is windy and another windy day. we've got a few of them in the seven-day forecast for tonight, clear and colder but that wind diminishing and look at the temperatures, though 29 for the low in philadelphia and 19 in some of the coldest suburbs that still have the no cover because the wind will be dying down and starting off with sunshine and the clouds increase late in the day and rain comes in at night and highs in the low 50s and right on average for this time of the year and there's that rainy day on saturday but look how mild it is and 60 degrees and some computer molds suggest
4:22 pm
warmer than that but this is temporary and there's the wind on sunday dry weather monday and then a windy st. paddy's day. this was a gang assault. >> this young girl brutally attacked inside a fast food chain, but she won't file a report. who is now coming forward to help police bring the suspects to justice. >> a huge safety issue. >> pennsylvania's crumbling bridges putting drivers in danger every day. the nbc 10 investigators dig into the millions of dollars raised and who they want to replace them with to keep your kids safe in the classroom coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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4:26 pm
walnut. officials tell us it's the first brand new residential tower to be built in philadelphia in over seven years. construction should be complete in two years. the building will go up at fifth and walnut streets just steps from independence hall. it will be a glass needle tower that stands 26 stories tall. officials say more than half of the building's condos have already been reserved. the willmington blue rocks want your help naming the doughnut dog. what is this thing? it's a hot dog covered in raspberry jam and bacon and served on a krispy kreme doughnut bun. now you come up with a name for the dog use the nbc 10 news app to submit your sentry by tuesday. the winner gets to throw out the first pitch on opening night and they'll get four tickets to the opening night game and, i don't know, a taste test? do you want to taste that, renee? >> i'm adventurous, but i think i'm going to pass on that one. >> any ideas for a name?
4:27 pm
>> no. we have to work on that. >> indigest dog. >> name that hot dog. >> heart attack on a bun from glenn. >> all right. keep them coming as we look live at blue rock stadium in wilmington. the team willjo choose the maim for the dog by the 28th. moving right along. today, unwelcome guests that have shown up in one new jersey backyard. >> and getting them to leave is becoming more of a challenge than first thought. >> one woman's challenge to get rid of die oaties and why officials are refusing to help and the advice they're offering may be hard to believe, plus this -- >> it's a huge safety issue. the main villain in this story is the federal government. >> the concern over bad bridges in our area and the nbc 10 investigators asked federal officials what is being done been this emand the frustration over the funding and the finger-pointing.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news into nbc 10 is this accident here between a school bus and what looks to be a delivery truck. this is right at the intersection of school house lane in -- school house road in gypsy lane. the east falls neighborhood of philadelphia. looks like cars are getting by and as we zoom in you can see that is a fedex truck. no reports of any injuries and you see cars getting by there and this again is at the intersection of school house and gypsy lane. we will stay on top of this story and bring you more information as soon as it comes in to nbc 10. >> speaking of transportation pennsylvania's crumbling bridges are a danger to those who use them or go under them. >> since the nbc 10 investigators exposed the
4:32 pm
problem state leaders have called the federal counterpart to find a fix. nbc 10 investigator mitch blacher asked them what to do. >> pennsylvania came up with $1 billion to fix broken bridges and only a quarter of them state leaders told us the leaders need to step up and chip in. >> when laties charleston steps into his truck, his first and last thoughts are about getting home safely to his daughter. >> she's my world. i have to get home every day. >> to get home he has to drive over pennsylvania's 5,000 structurally deficient bridges. >> it's a huge safety issue and you have to constant lie be paying attention. >> drive with them and you quickly realize how much attention it takes. weight restricted enclosed bridges are everywhere. here we have one of the bridge weight limits is 19 tons. >> reporter: some next to
4:33 pm
firehouses and others so rusted there's no choice but to close them. >> at some point you have to do your job. >> jake corman helped pass a bill that raised more than $9 million to fix the state bridges. the state had to do what it could without help from washington. >> it was clear they weren't moving very fast and instead of waiting and allowing our infra infrastructure to crumble, we went out ahead of them. >> the state senator isn't alone alone, from the state secretary and we would love for the federal government to act to ed rendell. >> the main villain in this story is the federal government. >> pennsylvania's past and present leaders want washington to act. >> i think they are right that they've done their job and they need the federal government to do its job now. u.s. congressman mike fitzpatrick represents box county where the sellersville fire department has to drive six miles around the weight-restricted bridge to reach half the borough. i'm committed to finding the resources to invest in the
4:34 pm
infrastructure and this is the year to do it. the congressman has voted yes on every infrastructure funding bill that's crossed his desk. >> i think we haven't done a good job in providing certainty about the highway and the surface transportation piece. >> senator pat toomey has voted no on four federal infrastructure bills since 2011. he cites bills that don't involve infrastructure. >> if legislation is wasting money, i'm not going to support it. >> even if it helps to fix the state. >> you have to weigh the pros and cons of a given bill. >> senator toomey and congressman fitzpatrick is most concerned with the trust fund which runs out in three months. >> doing these highway bills for six months or 18 months or two years isn't enough. >> both men represent the state with the most structurally deficient bridges and they represent latif charleston about the weight restriction. >> you don't know until you get caught in a situation that could be difficult to get out of.
4:35 pm
>> senator toomey and congressman fitzpatrick are just two of 20 politicians ss elected in pennsylvania. another is bill shoofter from the central pennsylvania and he didn't have time for an on-camera interview, but his spokesman did give us this statement in part there are significant infrastructure needs and he has a full agenda working to address those needs and you can bet we will keep an eye on their progress and for the investigators i'm mitch blacher nbc 10 news. >> thank you, mitch. how bad are the bridges you cross every day? you can find out. just search by zip code just use your nbc news app by your smartphone or tablet. >> your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> blue skies, sunshine all across the region today. nbc 10 on the campus of drexel university where folks were still bundled up the winds made it feel cooler than yesterday. >> nbc 10 first alert chief
4:36 pm
meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> it is definitely cooler today and the sunshine though and the sky. the sky is just spectacular color of blue. this is up in the poconos and the other reason i wanted to show this to you is look at all of the ice that's melted there, and just in the last few days with this warmer weather things have changed significantly. the temperature has changed since yesterday. it's down about 10 degrees. mid-40s to the low 50s plus the wind on top of that making it feel even cooler. it's bone dry now, but there is rain that's going to be coming in for the weekend. tonight, though the wind gradually dies down and breezy by 6:00 and less wind by 8:00 and it's starting to get colder by late tonight and it will be a cold start tomorrow and we'll have a wet weekend and the timing of that in the next few
4:37 pm
minutes. governor chris christie will be able to put his money where his mouth is if he officially announces a run for the white house. they've launched a super pac called america leads. that group can raise unlimited money and christie is behind other potential republican candidates and a recent nbc news poll found 57% of primary voters would not support christie for the nomination. protecting your water. that's what pennsylvania american water is promisings to do by upgrading 15 of the water storage tanks. three of those tanks are in bucks, chester montgomery county and the company will spend nearly $7 million on this project. pennsylvania american water is the largest utility in the state with 2.2 million customers. spring is just about here and philadelphia is preparing for a little sprucing up. the city announcing plans for the aith annual philly spruce cleanup in germantown today. the community will work hand in hand with city departments to get things looking beautiful. city wide clean up will take place april 11th. >> this season i want to
4:38 pm
encourage philadelphians to extend their spring cleanup beyond their homes and do something great in their own communities, as well. help make our tremendous city even better and cleaner. >> log on to nbc to find out how you can volunteer. today a fast food fight at the golden arches. >> and it was not over the mcnuggets. >> nbc 10 with the reason behind this brawl at this mcdonald's restaurant. and later student safety is becoming a bigger concern. today why one school district is telling local police to stand down.
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4:41 pm
it was all about the kidney today at the medical center. they hosted several events in honor of world kidney day. patients with kidney disease learned about treatment options, support services and how to cook kidney-friendly recipes. early detection can slow the
4:42 pm
progression of kidney disease and delay the need for dialysis or transplant. health insurance for millions of children now in the hands of congress. funding for the health insurance program is set to expire at the end of september. bob casey joined other lawmakers to push for an extension of the program. they're proposing a new bill to extend funding almost five years. one new jersey woman has a pet peeve about the creatures in her backyard. >> it seems they've turned her old doghouse into their new home. >> they howl so loudly that i can't sleep. >> she can't sleep and that's not her only concern. today the advice from the experts to her. they want her to make some noise. >> all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, 200 years of history burned to the ground and now there's new information about this restaurant fire and why fire investigators want to hear from you.
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a 16-year-old is in custody after this brawl caught on tape. the video from manhattan was posted on facebook and the footage shows several girls beating another teen as bystanners shout in the background, but no one called for help. police say the fight was gang related. two coyotes are now calling an abandoned doghouse home. >> the north jersey family who lives there says are say the incessant howling keeps them up all night long. that was a quick recording of the coyotes on the homeowner's home. each night for the last three days the coyotes have slept there. the homeowner and her daughter say they don't know what to do. >> one time i each thought it was my mom 2wñ7screaming. it was so loud it sounds like shrieking noises. it's really scary. >> the owner said she was told to make loud noises to scare them off and board up the old
4:47 pm
doghouse. so far nothing has worked. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> you could hardly walk around today without feeling the wind. the breeze is blowing as people stroll through center city philadelphia this afternoon. and tomorrow it will not be nearly as windy. it feels like a desert out there. the wind is bringing in dryer and dryer air. the humidity is as low as it gets this time of the year and that's why your skin may be cracking and exceptionally dry today. lucky 13th, tomorrow the 13th, yeah. beautiful day. sunshine for much of the day and less wind and weekend rain still a sure bet as we've been saying all week. bright blue skies out there, 51 degrees, wind 16 miles an hour but the humidity 17%.
4:48 pm
that's more like las vegas humidity than philadelphia humidity and the 24-hour temperature change we're down about 10 degrees and the poconos are down 14 degrees from this time yesterday. the wind coming out of the northwest. we're still getting gusts in parts of the area and 29 miles an hour at northeast philly and 25 in wilmington and millville, but a few places now are not reporting gusts and that's the first sign of the diminished wind. we're very dry, of course along the east coast and this area of moisture building and getting closer and there's just no doubt that it's going to be coming here. the clouds increase tomorrow afternoon, but no rain by 6:00. later at night, more like midnight or so we may get that rain could be a little bit of a wintry mix in the poconos at first in the middle of the night, but they're going to get into rain as well and with temperatures on top of that saturday 7:00 a.m. and you'll
4:49 pm
see why they're adding them and pretty cold to start off with north and west. watch what happens as we go through the day, steady rain all morning on the chilly side and then in the afternoon as it breaks up a little bit and it's not a steady rain and it's just showers. that temperature could get up to 60 degrees and in some places more than that. dover, 65. how about that? and then we dry out as we head into sunday so quite a difference between saturday and sunday. sunday is the day, if you want to stay dry, if you're worried about wind saturday is the better day. it will be windy sunday. clear and colder with the wind diminishing tonight, 19 north and west and that's pretty cold. increasing clouds tomorrow and the rain comes at night and generally after 8:00 or 9:00 at night and then all morning on saturday and that tapers to showers in the afternoon and the high of 60. a windy day on sunday and nice
4:50 pm
and sunny monday windy st. paddy's day and then it turns cold again. today a different kind of protection plan for schools. >> some say it will put students in danger. >> children can't learn if they're not in a safe environment. they need to feel safe, and i don't think you can put a price on that whatsoever. >> today why one local school district is telling the police department their services may no longer be needed.
4:51 pm
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today the issue of school security has one camden county police chief simmering. >> he said the schools that officers patrol now want to replace police with private security. nbc 10's south jersey reporter cydney long is live in gloucester township where she
4:54 pm
spefrnt the day checking it out. >> why does the school district want to make this switch. >> reporter: i would imagine it all boils down to money. this is a cost issue for this district that's trying to do more and right now with less state aid. today we talked to the of choo of police and the superintendent and parents about what happens next. >> we don't want a tragic incident to occur in a school and we have someone there with a weapon to stop it. >> the police chief believes the gloucester school board is treading on dangerous turf turfo replace retired cops. >> the bottom line is it's too expensive. >> currently, it's too expensive. >> ever since the horrifying sandy hook tragedy. >> newtown, gloucester has obtained two full-time sros to protect from intruders to
4:55 pm
bullying from social media. police cost the district $200,000. gloucester township employs a licensed social worker and converted this whole home into a mentoring and counseling resource center. in time the time that juveniles commit a second crime is down. >> they need to feel safe and you can't put a price on that whatsoever. they study and explore all options and says it's not a done deal. >> i'm not for privatization at all. i would rather have the local police do it. >> i commend chief earl for everything he's done and we work well together and this is a sticky patch right now and we hope to get through it. >> reporter: it is also important to note that this will not affect the high schools here in gloucester township. their school resource officers will remain in place. the superintendent have about a
4:56 pm
month to make their decision as to relates directly to their pickal budget which must be decided and approved by the end of june. live in gloucester township i'm cydney long. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts now. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> nbc 10 has just learned more than one school bus is involved in this crash with a truck and students were onboard. a live report from that accident ahead. and a beautiful day today, just cooler with some wind around. coming up i'll show you some rain that will be moving in to start your weekend and how long that will last. there's another chance to begin again, nearly two and a half years after hurricane sandy, storm victims have another chance at getting the cash they need next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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nbc 10 breaking news. nbc 10 continues to track the school bus crash in the city's east falls section. we've just learned twozv busses are involved as is a truck. nbc 10's randy jillen hall is live at the scene. >> reporter: this appears to be a chain reaction accident across the street from the philadelphia university's raven hill campus. the scene has now cleared and let me show you video from a couple of minutes ago. it appears the school bus ran into the back of a fedex
5:00 pm
delivery rubbingtruck. the students were greenwoods charter school nearby. officials at the school tell me they were taken away on another school bus and two were observed by medics on the scene, but they say no children were seriously injured and the kids are fine and are going home. unclear right now if anybody was onboard the philadelphia charter bus, but the scene has cleared in the past few minutes and three vehicles involved and a chain reaction accident. randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. we're following breaking news in south jersey right now. sky force 10 over the scene of a nightclub fire in vineland cumberland county and this is the double d gentleman's club on south delsea drive. we just checked, we are told no one is reported hurt here. stay with us for updates. and also tonight we've learned new details about how philadelphia will say good-bye


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