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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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8:00 tonight. we should still be dry. if you have friday night plans by 8:00 we'll have a lot of clouds around. by 10:00 foent, that's when we see showers getting closer. most rain by 10 p.m. should be west of the area. it's still overnight and into early tomorrow that we see even more rain covering the area. coming up i'll show you a closer look at the timing and which day will be the best to get outside. now, an update on breaking news. skyforce10 showed you in kensington section, crews are working to remove a school bus stuck in a sinkhole. this is happening along east ontario streets. all students are off that bus. apparently, there is water coming up from that sinkhole so the water department is responding as well. to another sinkhole the weather's to blame for one in montgomery county that forced crews to shut down a busy road there. plymouth road is shut down between the blue route and butler pike. workers are trying to make sure the bridge that crosses plymouth creek is safe. from skyforce10 you can see a
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pile of rocks on plymouth road. they'll be put in the sinkhole, which is actually in the creek bed. the threat is to the wall and the abutment of the bridge. crews are diverting the creek to get the water out of the sinkhole. couple snowstorms we had, a lot of snow's been melting and ice has been melting and there's more water, you know. it finds its way. >> exposed gas and water lines are making the project more complicated. happening right now, the men and women in blue saying good-bye to a fallen comrade. >> a viewing is under way for philadelphia police officer robert wilson. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live in west philadelphia. what an outpouring today, randy. >> reporter: a very somber moment, but such a show of support from police officers across the region. you can see them lined up outside the funeral home. just after 3:00 i can show you video of hundreds of police officers lining up two blocks
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from this funeral home. they marched in silent procession and were greeted by the family of officer robert wilson iii. the father of two was gunned down last week while on duty. now, this is the first of two viewings. another will be held tomorrow. he will be laid to rest tomorrow morning. now, his colleagues even strangers here on the streets, say he was a fighter. they'll remember his heroic actions during the gun battle that took his life. >> it's emotional. it's going to be a rough couple of days for the family for the philadelphia police department and the community. the way officer wilson went down fighting till his last breath, he protected a lot of people. >> this is somebody who was actually a heroic thing, you know. he was doing his job. >> reporter: in addition to the hundreds of police officers philadelphia eagles coach chip kelly also stopping by to pay his respects and philadelphia mayor nutter also here to show support.
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police officers from jurisdictions around the area coming here to philadelphia to also pay their respects tonight. we're live in west philadelphia. randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." >> thank you. another viewing scheduled tomorrow morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at palestra at university of pennsylvania. funeral services follow there at 10 a.m. officer wilson will then be laid to rest at a cemetery in delaware county. officer wilson's viewing and funeral will impact traffic tonight and again tomorrow in west philadelphia and around the palestra palestra. we have detailed information about detours and street closures on the "nbc10 news" app. now new at 5:00, we're getting our first look at police dash cam video after a scuffle between a driver and bordentown police. >> it happened during a traffic stop in burlington county this week. and the driver at the center of it says he plans to file a lawsuit. nbc10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in south jersey. you spoke to the mayor and the union.
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>> reporter: i did. and the union tells me they will defend this police officer's actions. i also asked bordentown city police for their dash cam video so we can show you the difference between what the passenger's cell phone video may not have captured. we just got the dash cam video about a half hour ago. >> get out of the car. >> police officer -- >> reporter: too scared to exit his vehicle, abdul believes he had been racially profiled. he asked his passenger to keep the cell phone video rolling wednesday. he said he feared what might happen next during this encounter with bordentown police sergeant. >> i asked you a simple question. >> get out of the [ bleep ]. >> police brutality. >> reporter: but police paint a different picture and a new angle to the video. they say the driver was defiant, deliberately refusing when asked four times to show his license and registration. police also say the sergeant asked 20 times for him to simply exit the car.
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>> if they stop me and they tell me to give license and registration or get out of the car, you do it. >> reporter: not on camera but by e-mail bordentown's police chief told us today the stop was lawful. he says a broken taillight and out of state license plate didn't show up in the system. police in bordentown often carry out stolen car arrests near the auto auction. >> we're always on guard as police officers. motor vehicle stops can turn into a deadly stop at any time. >> reporter: retired police officer, attorney, head of the fop says an officer has discretion to tell a motorist why they're being pulled over either before or after they present their identification. >> he and his attorney say he was trying to comply. you didn't see that? >> i saw no complying whatsoever. >> reporter: and the burlington county prosecutor's office did confirm for us today that they do not need to independently investigate this traffic stop. the driver's attorney told me
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bordentown has been put on notice. they plan to file suit next week. mt. laurel cydney long "nbc10 news." right now the hunt is on for a killer. >> and a philadelphia neighborhood is on edge right now after a man is shot and killed while he is walking his dog. nbc10's deanna durante is live from the overbrook section. >> reporter: 51-year-old james stuhlman lived on this street for ten years, maybe a little more. they say it was 35r9 of his routine to come out here and walk his dog and it was less than two blocks from his house that he was standing on his street when he was shot and killed. >> this is a nice neighborhood. you can see i walk my dog around here all the time. >> reporter: it's a neighborhood where everyone seems to know each other. all day long people are out walking their dogs. it's not a place where people say they fear being robbed or killed. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they're searching for answers after james stuhlman took his dog for a walk and never came home. the husband and father was shot
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and killed less than a block from his house. his money and wallet were found on him and his dog stayed by his side as he lay on the pavement. >> if anyone has any information, if they saw anything please contact our unit. >> reporter: today police are hunting for more surveillance video and searching through what activities neighborhood cameras may have captured. police have no motive for the crime and they can't be sure why stuhlman was shot. you can't say this was random he saw something -- >> we don't know. it's too early to tell. >> reporter: now, part of stuhlman's routine, according to police, was to bring his young daughter on those dog walks with him in the evening. they say last night he told his daughter, stay inside, i'll walk alone alone. police captain says that saved his daughter's life. if you have any information about this case there is a $20,000 reward out there leading to an arrest and conviction. reporting live in overbrook, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." cementing philadelphia's future on education, mayor nutter wants it to start extra early. next, his proposal to make an
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early kindergarten program a citywide reality and how you can weigh in on his plan. also new information about the victims of the deadly military chopper crash off the coast of florida. we've learned one of them has roots in our region. and check out this huge emergency response in new jersey. how an animal sent crews to a water treatment plant.
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and here is a live look at the first alert weather radar. we have a lot of rain that's going to move in. this will start your weekend but it won't finish the weekend. i'll show you the seven-day forecast coming up. right now sky force 10 is over breaking news in gloucester county. take a look at this house fire. skyforce10 over these flames. thick, black smoke in woodbury heights near maple. we're making calls on this but we don't know if anyone was inside at the time this fire broke out, if everybody's out okay. we're working to find that out. no word if there are any injuries. this house heavily engulfed in flames right now in woodbury heights, gloucester county. we'll keep you posted. now to update that breaking news we've been telling you about, a bus stuck in a sinkhole in philadelphia's kensington section. nbc10's george spencer just
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arrived on that scene. the important news here george, the students were taken off that bus. >> reporter: yeah that's what we've heard, jacqueline, but talk about an unexpected school bus ride home. take a look at these live pictures, you can see the school district of philadelphia school bus obviously stuck in what has turned into quite a large sinkhole here. those front tires actually not touching any road surface, dangling in the sinkhole that is perhaps, 20 feet deep right there. at times since we've been out here on the scene, we've seen the broken water pipe beneath this sinkhole actually spraying up from underneath the bus. there were nine students and three adults. apparently a driver and two aides plus the school kids who were on this school bus when it hit this sinkhole. i've talked to a couple of neighbors out here who say until this afternoon, this was simply a buckle here in the road. a post-winter buckle they had not paid much attention to. obviously with a sinkhole of this size, it is a whole different story. and it seems this school bus making its normal rounds hit it
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and it opened up obviously quite deeply. we know philadelphia water department is on their way to the scene on ontario street. we'll be speaking to them and bring you the very latest. that is the latest here live in kensington, i'm george spencer, "nbc10 news." new information on this week's military helicopter crash off the coast of florida. today we learned one of the 11 service members killed was from new jersey. the helicopter went down in fog during a training mission on tuesday night. captain stanford henry shaw iii of basking ridge is among the 11 killed. he served two tours in iraq. basking ridge in somerset county in north new jersey. captain shaw attended ridge high school there and was captain of the lacrosse team and student government president. there's a new push to get local kids into school earlier. today philadelphia city leaders took the next step to create a universal pre-kindergarten program. philadelphia mayor michael nutter signed an ordinance
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putting the issue of universal pre-kindergarten access on the may ballot. if the measure passes a special commission would be created to come up with a funding formula. the mayor promises money won't be shifted from one group of students to pay the estimated $53 million annual cost of universal pre-k. >> our city is going to lead and grow in the 21st century. we must, we must we must improve student outcomes at all levels of education. >> education analysts believe this ballot initiative has implications beyond philadelphia. passage could create a ground swell of political pressure on state lawmakers to do the same for districts all over the commonwealth. education expected to be a top subject in the race for the next mayor of philadelphia. nbc10 and telemundo 62 are proud to partner with the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce to host the debate for philadelphia mayor. it's the first time all the candidates will square off in
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the same room. i'll be moderating that debate tuesday, april 7th at 7 p.m. live at the kimmel center, which you can watch right here on nbc10. and we want to give you a chance to ask your questions of the candidates. all you have to do is click on the "nbc10 news" app or secret service director joseph clancy faces a looming deadline tonight. he has until next wednesday to convince congress he'll get his agency under control and out of the headlines. nbc10 national correspondent jennifer johnson has more on that deadline. >> reporter: one of the agents under investigation, mark connolly, had been signed the elite job of protecting the president's life but now connolly and special supervisor george ogilvie are accused of driving their car into a white house barrier after leaving another agent's retirement party at a nearby bar. >> if this is true making those types of decision to show up on the job, perhaps drunk, it doesn't get any worse than that.
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>> reporter: the house oversight committee is investigating, asking director clancy for answers by wednesday, asking if others leading that party drove their personal vehicles under the influence of alcohol. all caught on surveillance video, now in the hands of investigators. members of congress want the agency to clean up its act, starting with these two agentses. >> this is career-ending for them, but it ought to make us look more deeply into the agency itself and into the men and women we depend upon. >> reporter: clancy has only been on the job a month, appointed by the president after numerous security lapses under the former director. lawmakers learned of this latest situation from whistle blowers. the two agents have been reassigned and the supervisor who let them go that night is also under investigation. jennifer johnson, nbc news washington. >> much more on the secret
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service scandal on "nbc nightly news" airing right after "nbc10 news" at 6:00. new information about a deadly police-involved shooting in madison, wisconsin. a preliminary autopsy has been released in the death of tony robinson. it reveals that the 19-year-old was shot in the head, torso and right arm. but it doesn't say exactly how many times he was shot. he was shot and killed by a police officer earlier this month after a confrontation at an apartment. he did not have a weapon. want to update you on the breaking news. skyforce10 over that house fire in gloucester county. crews just started getting water on this fire as we've been watching this. this is in woodbury heights near maple. part of the roof has collapsed and heavy flames still coming out of that roof with smoke as well. again, firefighters working on this fire right now. we don't know if anyone's been hurt. we'll continue to check on this and bring you updates as we get them. new developments in the fraternity scandal at the university of oklahoma.
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the local chapter of sigma alpha epsilon hired the same high-profile attorney who represented timothy mcveigh during the oklahoma city bombing trial. this is the video that starked national outrage. it appears to show members of the fraternity on a bus singing a racist chant. the fraternity was kicked off campus and two of its members expelled. >> i think there was a premature rush to judgment. >> on what kicking them out of the house? the expulsions? on what? >> well, i think all of those. plus, perhaps, more. >> jones says the group is outraged over the university's president's shutting down the fraternity house and branding sae members as bigots. he does not represent the two students dismissed from the university. an american health care worker who tested positive for the ebola virus is being treated at a maryland medical facility. the patient arrived at the national institutes of health this morning after contracting the virus. doctors say the aid worker was
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volunteering with ebola patients in sierra leone. eight americans have contracted that virus. they're now ebola-free. doctors warn the ebola crisis is not over. >> ebola hasn't gone away. it's kind of slipped off the radar screen. the epidemics in sierra leone and guinea continue and continue to need our help. >> this is the second american to receive ebola treatment at the nih medical center. the patient remains in isolation while doctors determine whether the patient is critically ill. president obama is in arizona today where he is set to visit the phoenix va medical center. you might remember that hospital made national head lines for falsifying wait times for veterans seeking medical appointments. the new va secretary has since implemented changes to help better serve veterans. the president will be briefed on the progress that's been made. well dry and clear weather
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today makes this the perfect time to get out and get some spring planting done. nbc10 along pine street in center city today where dry conditions and a lot of sun made for perfect conditions for a landscaping front and backyards, if you have a yard. otherwise, well, you can put them in a planter right there on the window sill. as we go through tonight, we'll see big changes. we are tracking rain. you may have noticed, compared to earlier today a lot of sunshine. now we're seeing a lot have clouds moving in. the rain is going to be here for the start of your weekend, so we are looking at a rainy saturday. you'll wake up tomorrow morning and it's going to be raining. then we go into sunday, a lot better as we go into the second half. weekend. definitely the day that you can make those outdoor plans. here's a live look at the radar now. so we are dry. currently no rain just yet but it's not far away. it's moving into western pa and we have a lot more rain down to the south and west. all this moisture has to move through before we clear out. this is a lot of moisture. we're not going to be clearing until sunday once it moves in late tonight. a live look across center city,
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looking pretty good right now. but we are seeing the increase in cloud cover. overcast skies at the moment. temperatures are not too bad. 46 degrees. could be a lot worse compared to what we've seen in the past couple weeks. the visibility is looking good, aside from the clouds moving in. we don't expect anything too bad as we go through tonight, except that rain moving in. here's a look at future weather as we go through the next several hours, that rain gets closer. if you have the friday night plans, by at least 11 p.m., we should be mostly dry. the rain will be right on our door step right around washington by 1 p.m. it will be moving in closer to midnight. overnight into early saturday. so, here is what it looks like now into 7 a.m. saturday morning. temperatures are going to be in the mid-40s. upper 40s possibly south jersey and delaware. these are going to be some mild temperatures. now, there is a freezing rain advisory up in the poconos, higher elevations. that's mostly for the overnight hours. so we could see a very short period of freezing rain there. otherwise, we're going to keep warming through the day as a result. noon, 1 p.m. saturday we still
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expect widespread rain. it's going to be a rainy day. temperatures by noon should be in the mid-50s. around philadelphia, 50s. through the afternoon 4 p.m., we could see a heavier area of rain south of philadelphia. that's possible. temperatures in about the mid to upper 50s across the area. and then late saturday night, we could have a few more showers trying to move through before we finally clear out. the clearing wouldn't really be here until early sunday. along with the clearing we'll see winds increasing. so sunday's going to be a nice day, cooler but those winds will be here too. for tonight, though rain develops overnight tonight. heavier by sunrise. temperatures dropping tomorrow mid-30s north and west. tomorrow we'll have quite a temperature range through the area. we could have some spots near the mid-60s south of philadelphia, like south jersey maybe some areas in delaware. but farther to the north like the lehigh valley we can only be in the upper 40s. the morning rain will be steady. the afternoon hours and into the evening, we'll have some showers around. so, a little more scattered late
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in the day saturday. sunday we clear up. temperatures low 50s. next week doesn't look too bad but he can cool down to the 40s by wednesday. battling bullying. a bucks county school could soon become a national model. why the centennial school district anti-bullying campaign caught the eye of a u.s. senator and how he intends to revamp schools and students across the country. and the changing philadelphia skyline, a 47-story hotel is in the works for center city. and we'll continue to update you on this breaking news. sky force 10 over this house fire in gloucester county. crews, as you can see, are getting water on the flames. part of that home is nearly gutted. right now, no word on injuries or if anyone was inside that house.
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a bucks county commitment to end bullying is getting a big push from bob casey, who says he's using the centennial school district as a model for what he wants to see in school districts around the country. for three years they've implemented anti-bullying initiatives. students say they're doing just what's right. >> and it breaks my heart
5:27 pm
seeing them. >> i was bullied myself before by a few people. and it's really not nice to be bullied, but this program has really, really helped with bullying. >> the principal of william tenet high says since introducing the program, suspensions there have dropped by 50%. happening right now, hundreds of casino workers are rallying in atlantic city. >> nbc10's ted greenberg is there. ted? >> reporter: what they're protesting and the message they have for customers next in a live report. and emergency workers in new jersey respond to a wild rescue at a water treatment plant. what they had to pull from the water before time ran out. plus teachers upset over the parking tickets they received outside of their school. new tonight at 6:00 how nbc10 questions for the parking authority solved the dispute.
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updating you now at 5:30. skyforce10 over this house fire in gloucester county. it still has flames on the rooftop. heavy smoke coming out of roof and firefighters on the scene working really hard to battle this house fire in woodbury heights, barlow avenue near maple. it's been burning for about 25 minutes now. and we still don't yet know if anyone's been hurt in this fire but we'll continue to check.
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right now at 5:30 waiting on the rain. check out nbc10 first alert radar. this huge system is headed our way tonight and will bring rain for one part of the weekend. >> the rain that caused this flooding in louisiana, now headed this way. shreveport got 2 to 3 inches of rain in a very short period of time. drivers found themselves in the middle of rising floods. we are in for hours of rain. tonight and tomorrow. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us. we're not expecting that kind of flooding are we? >> no, it will not ruin your whole weekend. you know it's going to be the first half of the weekend, but you can get a lot of stuff done with rain. a live look near citizens bank park in nfl. we've seen increase of clouds and overcast skies. it's ahead of the rain. the rain will be here for pretty much the entire day saturday. later in the day it will start to break up. here's that big area of moisture. it is approaching.
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as we go overnight tonight it's going to start to move in. mostly closer to midnight. as far as the temperatures are concerned across the area mid-40s in philadelphia also south jersey and delaware mid to low 40s. if you're headed out this evening, it is still on the chilly side. the clouds will still be here so by 6:00 temperature around 47 degrees. 8 p.m. 43. we should still be dry by 8:00 tonight. by 10:00, we'll see showers approaching. most of the area though should still be dry. showers should be west of us. bied any mid-night, we'll see more showers move in overnight and you'll be waking up tomorrow morning with rain. coming up, i'll show you the timing of the weekend rain and how much better sunday's going to look. >> all right, sheena. with all of that rain moving into our area for part of the weekend, now's a good time to make sure you have the free nbc10 weather app on your smartphone and tablet. it gives you access to radar, the extended forecast and weather alerts and warnings for your neighborhood. happening right now, hundreds of casino workers are rallying in atlantic city.
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>> employees from the embattled trump taj mahal want their voices heard about the loss of their benefits. ted greenberg is live in atlantic city this afternoon for us. ted, the protesters there behind you. >> reporter: they certainly are, jim and jackie. you can see those casino workers are picketing very loudly here outside the main entrance to the trump taj mahal along pacific avenue. they're demanding that the casino restore their health and pension benefits and are urging customers to go elsewhere. this demonstration comes one day after a federal judge approved a bankruptcy reorganization plan for trump entertainment resorts, which owns the taj mahal. that move clears the way for its chief lender billionaire carl a can icahn. icahn averted a threatened shutdown of the casino by pledging millions of dollars to get it through bankruptcy. however, the city's largest
5:34 pm
casino workers union remains locked in a legal battle with the company over its court-appointed elimination of health care and pension benefits in order to cut operating costs. many are now getting health insurance coverage under the affordable care act. >> one-third of my salary goes to pay for my benefits. and, you know my wife has had a couple bouts with cancer. it's cost me one-third of my salary to make sure she has the kind of benefits we need. one-third of it i can't afford it any longer to keep paying. >> we to want get the public's attention and let them know now early in the season that we're fighting carl icahn and his thugs and that you know there's no reason to patronize the taj. not many patronizing it as it is. >> reporter: i reached out to trump taj mahal and carl icahn's office, and i got no responses. live in atlantic city i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news."
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more confusion over the sale of the former revel casino in atlantic city. today a bankruptcy judge denied the sale of the revel to florida developer glenn straub. the judge decided she did not have jurisdiction to approve the $82 million purchase. there will be another hearing monday to reconsider the decision. a hard landing for this helicopter. skyforce10 over that scene after the pilot's emergency landing on a small strip of land belonging to a farmer. now, we're unsure how many people were on board. we do know everyone made it off safely. investigators are looking at what forced that pilot to land. new video into a man philadelphia police have robbed a number of philadelphia businesses. suspect seen here at a rite-aid. police say between february 3rd and march 3rd a suspect with a similar description robbed eight businesses using demand notes. in some of those robberies he
5:36 pm
has shown a gun. a deer back in its natural habitat this evening after taking a spill at a water treatment plant in north jersey. happened the sewage authority in union county. officials believe the deer slipped under a security fence and into one of the tanks. now, at first the deer was swimming in the nine-foot deep tank. finally made its way to a shallow outer trough. it took firefighters, 12 of them, with harnesses to lift the deer out of the tank. once on dry land, they rubbed the deer to get its circulation going and then released it into the woods. today philadelphia mayor michael nutter announced a designed partnership for the future. sls international hotel in center city. real estate developer, with chairman of hospitality company sbe. they will handle the hotel's interior design. the building replaces the former philadelphia international records at the corner of broad and spruce streets. that is where legendary
5:37 pm
entertainers kenny gamble and leon huff produced their hit songs. both men were honored during today's event. some montgomery county students got a taste of israeli politics today. nbc10 visited barack hebrew academy in bryn mawr where students played the role of israeli party leaders in mock elections. we spoke with the deputy counsel to the region who was impressed by the students' political knowledge. >> i think it's extremely important because that sends a very strong message of the strength of the relationship between israel and the united states. these students care. they care about their country, the united states. they care about the relationship with israel. and look what they've done. >> this mock election comes just days before israelis go to the polls on march 17th. pope francis today celebrates the two-year anniversary of his papalcy. what he's saying about the job and what his future with the church may hold.
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here's a live look at the nbc10 first alert weather radar. we have a lot of rain to our west and our southwest. and this will be here for your weekend. coming up i'll show you when it will start in the rest of your seven-day forecast. a hands-on real life cyber security challenge for what could be the next generation of cyber defense workers. teenagers from around the country are in washington. they're competing in the cyber defense championships. their objective, find vulnerabilities in a virtual operating system keep viruses, hackers and stolen information at bay for more than six hours. one new jersey competitor said knowing the risks of using the internet is crucial for everyone. >> i think that at least at a basic level, everyone at my age and even younger should at least have a basic knowledge of cyber security and what they're doing on the computer. >> today's finalists received an
5:41 pm
all-expenses paid trip to washington, d.c. and they met with elected officials as well as decorated military officers and veterans. pope francis is scheduled to arrive in philadelphia in about six months. and today he marks the second anniversary of his election by predicting he won't be pope for long. he first appeared as pope on the balcony of st. peter's basilica back on march 16, 2013. in an interview with mexican tv he predicted his time as pope would be four or five years. pope francis will make his first u.s. visit in the fall. it will come at the conclusion of the world meeting of families the last full week of september. pope francis will visit philadelphia at the end of that week. the weekend of september 25th, just over six months away. what a week for the eagles right? a new quarterback, a big ticket running back makes you wonder what's next. a lot of rumors flying around.
5:42 pm
mariotta played for chip kelly in college. he just so happened to be in our area today. hmm, sheena. >> it's a coincidence. we have a lot of rain on the radar. it's moving in this direction. it's going to start off your weekend, too. coming up, i'll show you the timing and when it will leave. plus a police-involved shooting in south jersey that received national attention. still ahead at 6:00, who's now suing the police department accusing them of excessive force.
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two viewings for the officer. another will be held tomorrow morning before he is laid to rest. philadelphia police are searching for the shooter who
5:45 pm
killed a man out for a walk with his dog in overbrook. officers found 51-year-old james stuhlman on the ground about a block from his home on woodcrest avenue last night. he died at the hospital. investigators say they have no suspects and no motive. atlantic city casino workers are protesting outside the trump taj mahal. they are demanding that the casino restore their health and pension benefits and are urging customers to go elsewhere. the demonstration comes one day after a federal judge approved a bankruptcy reorganization plan for trump entertainment resorts, which owns the taj mahal. well some big changes through the day today. we started off with a lot of sunshine and now we have overcast skies. this is all leading to rain so we are tracking rain later tonight. mostly overnight. but it is going to start off your saturday, so we have a rainy saturday in store. the first week of the weekend, we're looking at rain pretty much all day.
5:46 pm
second half of the weekend for sunday, it's going to be a lot better. the rain will clear out but those winds will pick up too and temperatures will be a little cooler. if you're headed out any time soon here's what it looks like. mid to low 40s north and west. 46 in philadelphia. for south jersey and delaware temperatures here are right in the mid to low 40s. we're not going to get too much colder as we go through tonight. we'll be staying around 40 degrees for most of the area by early tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, we could get fairly mild through the area. here's a live look at the radar. big picture shows all the way west and southwest where you can see all the rain, this has to move through before we dry out. obviously, it will be several hours of rain to start off your weekend. locally, on the radar, though, we are nice and dry. again, if you are heading out soon, don't worry about the rain immediately, but it's really going to be overnight tonight when that rain moves in. and early tomorrow morning it will continue as you wake up. future weather here just shows the increase in clouds as we go through this evening. by 10:00, 11:00 tonight, the
5:47 pm
rain gets closer. you notice around washington this is mostly on the lighter side. this will move in overnight tonight while you're sleeping. then when you wake up tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning, i think we could have heavy pockets of rain. temperatures around the mid-40s through the philadelphia area. through the afternoon hours. by the middle of the day, noon, 1 p.m., we could be in the mid-50s. dover, possibly 58 degrees. that's pretty mild. everyone well above freezing. we're just talking about rain here. areas north and west, upper 40s through the afternoon some areas could get closer to 60 degrees the farther south you go. then we could have some heavy areas, that's saturday, 4 p.m. this all starts to slide offshore. by the evening hours tomorrow the bulk of this moisture should be out of the area. we could even have showers around even by 10 p.m. tomorrow night. temperatures still in the 50s by then. then we go into sunday it gets cooler. we start to clear out, see more sunshine. those winds pick up sunday. sunday will be a windy day, but a clearer, dryer day for the area.
5:48 pm
tonight the rain develops, heaviest closer to sunrise. there's a chance we could see a little freezing rain very early tomorrow morning for the poconos mostly. tomorrow morning, though, the steady rain is here the afternoon showers are here too, later in the day. 48 degrees some areas to the north. 65 degrees possibly in some areas of south jersey and delaware. sunday looking better windy, but cooler. low 50s that's where we should be this time of the year. monday we're mild near 60 degrees. st. patrick's day looks, good too. we drop into the 40s as we end out the week and first day of spring, that friday we'll be watching that day very closely. want to go back to breaking news with skyforce10 headed to south jersey. shot from the tail cam. >> we know who suspicious packages were found at joint base mcguire.
5:49 pm
they have evacuated base commissary and exchange as prekaug. no one is hurt. packages are under investigation. stay with nbc10 as skyforce10 is headed to that area right now. after a dizzying week of big-name trades you think, what else could happen? >> nope. >> what other rumors are flying around eagles nation. >> because chip kelly's former college quarterback and highly coveted player in the upcoming draft is in our area. john clark is live to explain the latest chapper of eagles intrigue. >> that's right. eagle fans are trying to figure out if sam bradford will be chip kelly's quarterback or could chip end up with his former oregon quarterback, marcus mariotta who is in town. chip has said he's the most talented player he's coached at oregon. chip loves him. chip over the last few days says he's not going to mortgage the future to trade all the way up and get mariotta.
5:50 pm
marcus today says he doesn't think trading for new quarterback sam bradford would stop chip from getting him if he wants to. >> he's been an incredible piece in my life. he gave me an opportunity to play collegiately. he's been kind of a mentor for me. whenever i needed someone to talk to he's been there for me. i hope that relationship continues. >> when was the last time you were able to talk with chip or text with him? >> yesterday, actually. you know, he -- we were able to call after pro day and just talk a little about the process. he wanted to check in and see how i was doing. >> playing for chip kelly at oregon and the system he runs how do you think that will equate in the nfl for you? >> you know it would make the transition a little easier obviously, you know, playing in a system you're pretty familiar with. with that being said, we'll have to see what happens. >> yeah marcus says he talks to chip a lot. of course, the eagles have the 20th pick coming up in the draft. we'll have to keep up with this speculation, the intrigue will
5:51 pm
continue, until after the sdraft is over next month. for now, i'm john clark. >> we'll look forward to that. you know kids can be so creative and competitive. >> and today both those qualities were on display in philadelphia. next, watch more than 800 local students power up for bragging rights in a robotics competition.
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
pushing her husband's plan to for the state's school. she held a roundtable discussion with teachers and administrators. this is part of the governor's schools that teach tours. >> just hearing these, you know these stories, these experiences you have on the front line it's sobering. it really is sobering. >> the governor's budget plan restores funding for education that was taken away over the last four years. he wants to increase school funding by $2 billion over four years. well it's a challenge that's been months in the making. more than 800 area school children competing for bragging rights in the mid-atlantic region's first robotics district competition. >> the two-day event in chestnut hill is bringing together some of the brightest young minds on the planet.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: part olympic competition, part rock concert. these teens and students have spent weeks building their robots but it's more than just the competition. >> we would like to do better and win and we also know we'll have fun, making new friends and having new experiences. >> that's what i love the most about it. a lot of collaboration, people helping each other out, you know helping newer teams get acclimated to how the competition works. >> reporter: the whole idea behind first robotics is to build science, engineering and technology skills through the sport of robot. science teacher james martin runs the robotics program at this year's host school sch academy. >> participating in a competition that has a stacking object and putting trash cans on top. it's called recycle rush.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: last year martin's team tied for fifth in the world. the winner decided here tomorrow will go on to next month's district competition at lehigh university. nbc10. the competition is free to the public and runs all day tomorrow at springside chestnut hill academy in chestnut hill. comcast, nbc10's parent company, is a sponsor of first robotics. coming up next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 -- gathering to pay their final respects. >> police officers from around the country are here in philadelphia to say good-bye to officer robert wilson iii. live coverage next as the community pays their last respects. hours and hours of rain making its way into our area later tonight. i'm tracking saturday's soaker and when conditions will clear up. my exclusive nbc10 first alert forecast. . plus teachers' cars ticketed outside their school but they told nbc10 they have passes to park. new tonight at 6:00, how our questions for parking authorities got their tickets canceled.
5:57 pm
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5:58 pm
gathering to say good-bye to a hero. >> we have to get through it. we've got to get the family through it. >> philadelphia police the community and officers from across the country pay their final respects to officer robert wilson iii. >> we just never, ever forget. >> there are no words that can
5:59 pm
instantly take away the pain. >> tonight, the tribute to one of philadelphia's best men in blue. >> skyforce10 over the francis funeral home in west philadelphia. hundreds of people have been lining outside for the last few hours to attend a vigil for officer wilson iii. tonight begins two days of good-bye that police commissioner charles ramsey says he wishes he didn't have to go through. >> and officers from around the country are showing up to support the philadelphia police department right now. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is live tonight outside the funeral home in west philadelphia. randy, what an outpouring of support. >> it was a somber few hours, but such a huge showing of support. officers from philadelphia, across the region, even across the country coming here to pay final respects to a fallen police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. marching in formation silently for two blocks hundreds of
6:00 pm
philadelphia police officers approach the funeral home. they're greeted by the family of fallen officer robert wilson iii, an emotional moment as crowds of friends, police even strangers here watch from the street. >> this is somebody who was actually a heroic thing, you know, he was doing his job. >> reporter: she goes to church with the wilson family and her son is also a police officer. >> because my son's out here every day, i'm a concerned parent. >> reporter: the dangers of this job on everybody's mind today. officer wilson a father of two, a loyal 22nd district cop was gunned down last week at a gamestop store in north philadelphia. his colleagues say he died a hero. >> the way officer wilson went down fighting till his last breath, he protected a lot of people. it's going to be a great tribute. it's unfortunate we have to do it again. >> reporter: these marches feel all too common for officers here. police commissioner charles ramsey says he's seen eight officer funerals during his short tenure. in this case, officer wilson


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