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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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skyforce10 live right now over the plymouth township police department where a con sha hawken police department has been accidentally shot. sources tell us the officer's gun accidentally fired and hit him in the leg. the officer is alert and talking, we're told and is expected to be okay. that's the update there. right now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, murder caught on tape. this is new video that shows the deadly confrontation inside a philadelphia laundromat. police call it a straight up execution. >> the victim was shot chevrolet times at close range. the clue that police will help catch the killer. >> investigators want you to see what the suspect was wearing. the victim is 25-year-old eric norman. he was a stay-at-home dad who went to the laundromat at 53rd and springfield every day to buy a lottery ticket. they describe him as a good guy
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with a wife and young child. here's the surveillance video. if you look closely the shooter is wearing a philadelphia water department jacket and hat. he came in several minutes after the victim and started shooting. you can see him bend down and fire the fatal shot at norman. police not sure if the killer worked for the water department. >> we are working with philadelphia water department their bosses in hopes of trying to identify this person whether he's an active employee or an ex-employee or somebody just wearing a philadelphia water department jacket. we are working with them and they are working with us. >> that killer shot the victim in front of shocked customers right in the middle of the day. right now there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. anyone with information is being asked to call philadelphia police. "nbc10 news." >> thank you. new information right now about last year's deadly gas explosion in ewing township
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mercer county. the new jersey board of public utilities finished their investigation into the blast. ed boubthey will have to pay a combined settlement of more than $1 million. the march 4th explosion killed linda saratelli, who was working at home and it destroyed or damaged more than 100 homes. skyforce10 is there as dozens of students and staff suddenly left a south jersey high school after feeling sick. they walked from the building to a nearby athletic field before some went to the hospital. the students were sickened at paulsboro high school a short distance away from the paulsboro refinery which is now the focus of an odor that may have made the students and staff sick. rosemary connors live with this update. >> reporter: jim, within the past half hour, i went into the emergency room here at the
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medical center to get a status check of the remaining two students who are left behind of the 15 who were brought here right from the school. those two students, they are in the process of being discharged. so everybody that was brought here from the school, they will be out of here. a few parents have brought students in to get checked out so they may be here through the early evening. >> never want to have to go to the hospital because of an issue with school but be thankful nobody's really hurt bad or anything out of the ordinary. >> reporter: when parents sent their children off to paulsboro high school this morning, the emergency room was the last place they expected to pick up their kids at the end of the day. >> she told me her nose is burning, she has headaches. she told me that she's dizzy, she doesn't feel well at all. >> one of my friends had to be carried out on the stretcher. she has really bad asthma and breathing problems. >> reporter: firefighters police and emergency crews
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tested the building while students were dismissed for the day. the nearby paulsboro refinery tells nbc10 it was a leak in the top of a tank storing partially refined oil that caused the fume says. >> kids passing out and getting sick from this it's not right. >> reporter: the wind today didn't help the problem, both neighbors and government leaders tell me the strong odors from the refinery are not unusual. >> kind of a norm around here. >> this is just about not every day but it happens off and on. >> we've always had really weird smells come out of the refinery. it is normal for people that live in paulsboro and in this area. sometimes you worry about it you know. >> reporter: parents and students tell me that really the odor started on monday. today it was the -- it was the worst of it. i did speak to representative with the refinery. they tell nbc10 the leak they've been trying to remove that partially refined oil from that tank and really today was their last day of doing it. they call this incident
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unfortunate but say the whole time they have been in touch with the school. reporting live in woodbury, rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." if you saw the sun out there, don't let it fool you, right? >> the wind makes it clear we're not done with winter yet. meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> unfortunately, the cold is going to stick around. it's a big difference yesterday to today. our current temperature, below freezing in poconos. 41 in pottstown. mid-40s in philadelphia. this time yesterday we were in the 60s. feels like temperature with our strong wind speeds, 37 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 33 in pottstown. feeling like 18 in mt. pocono. 35 degrees in atlantic city. we're seeing wind gusts close to 25, 30 miles an hour. those wind speeds will subside as we head into the rest of the night. 37 degrees by 9 p.m. 35 and cold by 11 p.m.
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we stay nice and quiet heading into tomorrow but take a look at this next system i'm tracking. that is going to make its way closer to us on the first day of spring on friday. we expect snow and a snow/rain mix. i'll go over all the details in my first alert seven day forecast. students from a montgomery county school went back to class today. >> when they arrived, the classrooms were very different than what they're used to seeing. a saturday morning fire destroyed destroyed wyncote academy. they are looking to rebuild as investigators get to the bottom of what happened there. deanna durante is live at the scene. >> reporter: investigators want to know who was hirnd this fire and what happened here early saturday morning. the school a total loss. students and staff showing up nearby grats college four days after this fire destroyed the school. >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: four days after the
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devastating fire broke out inside, students and staff are together again. they're not far from the home that the fire marshal says was destroyed by someone. >> i'm just happy to have -- happy everybody is okay. >> reporter: students are grateful no one was hurt saturday morning. the building school splice are a total loss. hanging in the school's temporary home photos of what the school once looked like. >> it's horrible to do it to a historical site, to do it to a school and put not only the staff out but the students out of the school of a historical building and everything. it's very disappointing. >> reporter: this school was nrch to serve kids who need extra attention in the classroom with small classes and individual attention. students today are asking who was behind the fire and why? >> obviously didn't have any regard for us. >> reporter: alumni are working to show students they do care. a go fund page has been set up and former students are working to set up a benefit to get the school up and running again. >> i hope that the community knows what a wonderful school that this is.
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>> reporter: now, you're taking a live look at the building here. police tell me that they have not been able to go inside the building and get a better look inside but they are hoping maybe a large crane scheduled to be here in the near future will give them a look from above. the fire marshal not commenting much further other than saying the fire was incendiary in nature. reporting live deanna durante, "nbc10 news." police say a gps device in the vehicle of a murder suspect led them to the body of his missing wife two states away. 26-year-old erica crippen has been presumed dead since early january. police uncovered her body beside this sykesville mayor mashgs rural dirt driveway yesterday. authorities say kyle crosby labeled points of interest on the gps device and police say the harsh winter helped their investigation. >> frankly, that may have been of assistance to us in the long run, the fact her body was relatively well preserved when she was found yesterday.
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>> police discovered crippen's body the day after her mother-in-law, jo crosby, was arrested for helping her son cover up the crime. an air force veteran and new jersey native pleaded not guilty to federal terror charges. he's accused of trying to join islamic militant group isis. prosecutors say former airplane mechanic pugh was stopped at a turkish airport in january. officials found his laptop containing information on border crossings into syria. turkish authorities denied him entry. that's when he was deported to the states and arrested. >> even after having been discharged several years ago, this is someone they want to put in front of a camera they want to declare his loyalty to isis. >> court records show pugh's laptop was loaded with nearly 200 jihadi propaganda videos. in all, 23 americans have been charged with trying to fight for isis. a woman came to nbc10 trying to get more information about the night wilmington police officers shot her brother.
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you saw it on this newscast as breaking news back on january 15th. police told us that night they shot 24-year-old marvin jones after he shot at officers during a traffic stop. police later admitted jones never fired a shot but the court documents show the officers shot him during a struggle. where they say he pointed a gun at them. jones is still at christiania hospital paralyzed from the neck down. and his family tells us they don't believe they know the whole story. >> it's hard to see him like that. we're going to keep praying. we'll get through this. >> wilmington police say their internal investigation is still under way and the officers are still off the street. the delaware attorney general's office will soon launch its own investigation. to a developing story. penn state's president is talking about the fraternity sex scandal rocking the campus and beyond. the frat has already been shut down for a year. next what the college is saying
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about the scandal and the students involved. also looking for a few good bets. some of the biggest employers around held a job fair today and none of the interviews involved a handshake. next gearing up for game fim. we'll take you live to pittsburgh as villanova and lafayette get ready for their college basketball tournament introduction.
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want to go to breaking news from skyforce10. look at this mess right here. we're told a trash truck caught on fire had to dump its load of garbage right onto the roadway here. this is lincoln drive and cherokee street. because of all this lincoln drive is partially blocked. you see the traffic trying to get by the northbound lanes of lincoln drive blocked here. a trash truck caught fire and had to dump its load right there. fortunately, no injuries as a result of all of this. in western pennsylvania researchers are looking for a man who fell from an observation deck in a park and floated over some falls. the man fell trying to take a picture at the state park in fayette county. he was with a group of friends at the time. the army corporation ofs of engineers is trying to lower the water level using hydraulics. sweeping changes anaunsed for the fraternity at university of oklahoma. the national fraternity of sigma
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alpha epsilon announced changes today. nbc's jay gray will detail what will be different. >> reporter: allegations and in some cases evidence of racism dangerous and even criminal behavior at fraternities from the northeast through the southwest. a criminal investigation is under way at university of houston where five members of a fraternity have been suspended after allegations of hazing. while at vanderbilt university police are trying to dpern who's responsible for spray painting three swastikas inside the jewish fraternity alpha epsilon pi, all on the heals of this video uncovered by students at the university of oklahoma that shows members of sigma alpha epsilon chanting racial slurs. the national organization announced a four-part initiative that demands mandatory diversionty training for all
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members and the first national director of diversity and inclusion. >> there is no end game, so we will constantly stay on it and this will constantly be a focus for zeus as it continues to be a focus across the country. jay gray nbc news. experts believe friction will grow between the u.s. and israel over the peace process and iran. prime minister netanyahu had a decisive re-election win yesterday, and he did it after rejecting the u.s. policy that calls for a palestinian state. netanyahu campaigned on capitol hill against any nuclear deal with iran. he won republican support. >> there will be a confrontation. not over the palestinian issue but over iran if there is a deal. >> a spokesman for president obama insisted netted yeahanyahu's win will not substantially impact john kerry's urgent negotiations with iran. kerry called netanyahu with
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congratulations. still no comment from the u.s. embassy in tokyo after death threats were made against ambassador caroline kennedy, who was there giving a lecture at a tokyo university when someone called the u.s. embassy and issued the threats. this comes just after a u.s. ambassador was attacked in south korea earlier this month. this is video just after mark lippert lippert was attacked by a knife. he was treated for cuts to his face and arms. he described it as a scary incident. the attacker was arrested immediately afterwards. an investigation continues. look at this video. hard to believe no one was killed in this massive pileup in ontario. about 50 cars and tractor-trailers collided east of toronto. police say snow squalls and pack the road caused this crash. four people were hurt with minor injuries.
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good evening. one of the final days of winter but it still feels like it. you'll see temperatures stay well below average even as we head into the rest of the day tomorrow. we'll recover a little as we head into the weekend but we track snow. spring officially starting on friday. as we push into the weekend, our temperatures will recover a bit. next week cold again. for philadelphia right now, 45 degrees. plenty of sunshine. don't let the sun fool you. we have wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. sustained wind speeds at 18 miles an hour. feels like temperature in the 30s and it will stay that way as we head into the rest of the night. poconos feels like temperature of 18 degrees. feeling like 34 in allentown. 34 in trenton. feels like it's only 34 in mt. holly. 35 in atlantic city. the feels like temperature right now in dover at 38 degrees. so it's a chilly night ahead for us. it will feel a little better once the wind speeds die down a
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little bit. our 24-hour temperature change map shows we're 20 degrees colder in atlantic city same in millville and parts of dover. actual temperature, 40 degrees in allentown. 48 degrees in dover. here's our wind speed, gusting up to 36 miles an hour in atlantic city. gusting up to 33 in mt. holly. 30 in fchl. 29 in allentown. up to 30 miles an hour in the poconos. it's a very gusty evening. our satellite radar shot shows our next system a system that will bring snow and a wintry mix heading into friday. that will affect your commute both in the morning and as you head home from work. here's a closer look at our future weather model. it shows us exactly when the precipitation will start to move in. this latest model shows it moving in at 10 a.m. it's possible this could start a few hours earlier. once this starts you'll notice it keeps going throughout the entire day. by the time you head home from work if the central southern
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parts of delaware mainly rain. if you look closer to philadelphia or wilmington the northern parts of delaware we expect to see snowfall and more of a wintry mix. if you live close to the suburbs suburbs, lehigh valley that's mostly accumulating snow during the day. we do expect to see accumulating snow. different precipitation types, slippery conditions for everyone. how much will we see? 3 to 6 inches for poconos, lehigh valley. 1 for 3 for wilmington philadelphia stretching out to mt. holly. closer to the shore, we're expecting closer to a trace to 1 inches where we'll see warmer temperature. heading into the rest of the night, the temperatures will drop down pretty low, clear skies. down to 19 degrees. tomorrow we'll see an instant replay of today with temperatures staying below average between 42 and 45 degrees. our only saving grace tomorrow we're not dealing with the wind speeds. seven-day forecast shows as we head into friday we're tracking the snow and rain mix. temperatures drop down to 34
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degrees. we dry out heading into the weekend. villanova wildcats just over 24 hours from their first ncaa tournament game as the top seed in the east. >> they will face the lafayette leopards in pittsburgh. comcast sportsnet's neil hartman is in pittsburgh with more. >> reporter: villanova arrived here yesterday afternoon. they've already had a few practices here in pittsburgh. they just finished a public workout at the consul energy center. jay wright told me he wants fresh legs and fresh minds. this will be their 35 game of the year tomorrow against lafayette but it could be the start of something special. >> i hope we have a good chance. you know being number one seed definitely helps. i think one of the things that we've all learned through the years of this tournament anything can happen. and i just think we're the kind of team that we really --
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honestly, we could beat anybody. we really could. but we're not -- we're not super talented that we couldn't lose tomorrow you know. it's just -- you know we -- our closest game of the year this year was against bucknell you know, at home. and, you know, a similar team to lafayette and they won their league. >> reporter: fran o'hanlon is the coach for lafayette, a star player at villanova in the late '60s. i saw him a couple minutes ago. he said it's a great day but tomorrow it all changes. this will be a tough game against lafayette against the number one seed villanova. neil hartman, comcast sportsnet for "nbc10 news." >> thanks. and count on comcast sportsnet and nbc10 to bring you all the excitement from pittsburgh as nova and lafayette prepare to tip off. keith jones will report from pittsburgh tonight on "nbc10 news" at 11:00. on it while we deal with another shot of cold air, remember things could be worse. look no further than western
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pennsylvania. that is where ice jams are doing much more than choking the flow in this river. why homes are in danger. and this little girl reached quite a milestone. she raised $100,000 for cancer research. how she did it and why the cause is so close to her heart. and skyforce10 over this breaking news along lincoln drive. . pile of burned trash is partially blocking the northbound lanes at cherokee street. we're told a trash truck caught fire. quite a mess. no one hurt here. you may to want avoid northbound lincoln drive for quite a while.
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starbucks is launching a new
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campaign some are calling a social experiment. barista at 12,000 starbucks across the country will initiate a conversation about race by writing "race together" on customers' cups. the ceo of the coffee chain says he knows this is an emotional issue but hope it starts a conversation. customers are already talking about it. >> i think everybody needs to be engaged in talks about being more involved with other people. >> it's not a good idea because it's promoting racism by not promoting racism. >> according to starbucks' ceos baristas only have to take part in the campaign if they feel comfortable. new at 5:00 today some big names in the business world met with veterans looking for jobs. but the meetings weren't face-to-face. it was a virtual job fair online only. instead of dressing up driving to a conference center and handing out resumes, job seekers logged onto the computer. for a few hours they chatted with local executives and interviewed for positions.
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a vet we spoke to says the program,, changed his life. >> you're dealing primarily with all veterans that are transitioning out of the military looking for work. and with companies that actually understand what that is and how they can leverage it. >> according to its website, veteran recruiting's virtual career fairs have helped pair 11,000 veterans and jobs. communities up and down the jersey shore will be coming back to life. >> thousands will be flocking to the beach as summer approaches. there's a lot of uncertainty in these crashing waves. why environmentalists are sounding the alarm about an offshore drilling proposal. under arrest for stealing beer. what police say this woman didn't hit a bar, restaurant or store. and
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. right now at 5:30 in a matter of weeks, the beaches across south jersey will be full of sunbathers. tonight there are growing concerns about what may some day happening in the water. >> talking about the possibility of oil drilling within 100 miles of the jersey shore. it's drawn harsh criticism from
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the state's tourism industry as well as environmental groups. >> tonight in atlantic city people are voicing their concerns about a controversial proposal. nbc10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live there tonight. >> reporter: that public meeting is going on here at the sheridan hotel and many people showing up have visions of a disaster. birds covered in oil, massive slicks in the sea. environmentalists fear images like these could be seen at the jersey shore if oil and gags drilling is allowed off the east coast. >> they're threatening to take away our clean ocean economy. >> reporter: members set up this display at the same atlantic city hotel where an open house-style public meeting is being held on the controversial proposal by the obama administration. >> i understand we need gas and oil, but there's going to be a better way. is there has got to be a safer way. >> reporter: the proposal would
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potentially permit oil exploration in 2021 in a section of the atlantic ocean stretching from georgia to coastal virginia, including an area that's about 100 miles south of cape may. >> with the prevailing currents any accident or spill there would end up hitting new jersey's beaches. >> we're listening carefully. we haven't decide as an agency to go forward in the atlantic or not. >> reporter: environmental advocates, politicians and fisherman fear an accident would be catastrophic here. >> we would have all the devastation that's occurred in the gulf. and we don't want to bring the bp oil spill to the shore. >> reporter: the bureau expects to have a final decision by the end of next year. can you weigh in at this meeting until 7:00. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, "nbc10 news."
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one look at the sun on the water and the skyline right there. that skyline really is gorgeous. it's clear. the sun is out. but don't be fooled by that sunshine. we only made it into the 40s today. >> the wind didn't help either did it? tonight it's going to get even colder. nbc10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp with tonight's forecast. >> as we head into the rest of the night, it will feel very cold, especially because our wind speeds are gusting upwards of 30 35 miles an hour. temperatures are going to be closer to 41 but the windchill is going to feel like it's 33 degrees by 9 p.m. feeling like it's even colder than that. by 11 p.m. 35 degrees and cold. keep that in mind as you head out. take a look at these wind speeds gusting up to 35 miles an hour in atlantic city. 30 miles an hour in fflt and up to 30 miles an hour in the poconos. we've been dealing with niece wind speeds all day. they started yesterday and they'll start to subside as we head into the rest of your
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evening. average this time of year, 52 degrees. i wish i could say the rest of the work week looks better but it's going to get colder. friday we drop down to 34 degrees. that's not the biggest story with friday. we're also tracking snow and a wintry mix on the way as we head into the majority of your friday. i'll go over the timing, how much snow you can expect when it will start and stop. that's all coming up in my first alert forecast. police in the lehigh valley arrested a suspect in the killing of a man inside an easton hotel. they say noble shot white at this quality inn. noble is facing robbery and homicide charges. the district attorney tells nbc10's own mother alerted police. >> her son, jeffrey noble jr., called, claiming that he was in the car of a person that he had shot. he also told her that he needed clothing and was coming to her house. >> noble got into a standoff with police at his mother's house after the shooting.
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new information in the case of robert durst, the heir to a new york real estate empire and the suspect in at least one murder. durst has been moved to a state prison in louisiana with a mental health unit because he's considered a suicide risk. he's in custody on gun charnlgz, waiting to be transferred to los angeles to face murder charges in the death of his friend susan berman. durst, a grad way of lehigh university also had a brush with the law in our area. in 2001 he was arrested for stealing a $6 sandwich in northampton county. at the time durst was on the run from authorities in texas for the murder of his elderly neighbor. 12-pack of beer will cost a south jersey woman $25,000 if she wants to get out of jail because that's her bail. barbara is charged with burglary and police say she used a lawn chair to smash the glass door of a home in the farming ton section of the township. witnesses say she left the home,
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carrying that 12-pack of beer. she was taken into custody a short time later police found her in a car not far away. lock up your tailgates, that's the warning from new castle county police. they say they're investigating eight thefts of tailgates from pickup trucks. all years, makes and models are being targeted and it's happening all across knew castle county. we have new information about billing mistakes impacting thousands of loelgts local utility customers. officials with south jersey gas say a computer glitch and the snowstorm caused 12,000 customers to receive incorrect bills. after meter readers sent in gas usage numbers, south jersey gas thought the higher winter bills were a mistake and lowered them. right after, a march 5th snowstorm kept readers from many meters and the computer sent out estimated bills that were way too high. >> those that may have overpaid two options available. obviously, we will issue a credit to them.
5:37 pm
or we can also issue a credit on their account. >> if you're one of those customers that received an artificially low bill and now can't pay the actual higher amount south jersey gags says they can put you on the payment plan until you're caught up. stockton university's new island campus in atlantic city will offer 23 summer courses. students will be the first to get a look inside the university's new boardwalk facility. stockton took over the old show bolt casino. if you enroll for three courses, you'll only pay the price for two. fighting fighter, that is the plan in parts of south jersey. these flames no emergency but are, in fact part of a plan. why this team from the new jersey forest fire service spent their day torching everything they can find. this little girl fights
5:38 pm
cancer for a second time. she's already thinking about others. have your own generosity and others helped her reach quite a goal.
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the new jersey forest fire service says it's working against the clock to help stave off potential firefighters. normally by now the new jersey forest fire service would be finished setting these controlled fires to burn up brush that help could feed a wildfire. not this year. they say a frigid february is to blame. the state's pinelands were snow covered during what is usually the peak season for prescribed burns and that forced state authorities to extend these efforts by two weeks. >> the less we get done this year, it may prevent us from stopping a wildfire in the end of april. >> with so few days left to
5:41 pm
deliberately set preventive fires, they fear more snow in the forecast could cause delays. i'm nbc10's vinz lattanzio. lots of parents do it when their kid is acting out in public they point to a nearby police officer and say, jimmy, if you keep being bad, that cop will lock you up. such a message however innocent has bad consequences for both the children and police. according to septa's top cop. he's planning to arm his officers with messages for parents who use police as a way to scare their kids. tap on the nbc10 app right now to find out how officers will be approaching the issue with parents and then tell us if you agree with the idea in this digital exclusive story. jimmy? >> i'm never in trouble, vince, come on. we aren't quite in the deep freeze but winter weather still creating problems. check out this ice-choked river in western pennsylvania. the thick ice chunks are bursting from their banks and putting people in danger.
5:42 pm
spring is right around the corner but we're still dealing with cold temperatures and now snow. i'm tracking what it means for your friday. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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a look at our top stories. philadelphia police are looking for this man. he gunned down a customer at a laundromat last month.
5:45 pm
today police released survey lance video thoughing he was wearing a water jacket. paulsboro refinery says there was a leak in the top of a tank storing partially refined oil. more than a dozen students and two staff members were treated at the hospital. students at wyncote academy attended classes at a nearby college because their school was destroyed by fire saturday morning. investigators are trying to figure out who's behind that fire. now to late developments from penn state where a fraternity remains under fire. ex explicit photos. today the national fraternity says they're fully cooperation with the investigation. no members have been singled out for their roles. pictures of nude seemingly unconscious women were linked to private facebook pages set up by the chapter. the university's president just wrapped up a news conference.
5:46 pm
>> criminal implications here. and the police force and stays college is investigating. the fraternity is suspended. the university will go through its process of examining the evidence. >> school officials say they're working to determine which students may have been involved. bulldozers are buzzing in parts of north jersey as the state starts moving residents out of flood-prone areas by buying up their homes. it's happening in a number of places in middlesex county including woodbridge. this is house number 15. the house across the street will come down and so will the one next to it. to date more than 400 north carolina homeowners have accepted the christie administration's buyout offer. most are in sayerville and woodbridge. there were mixed emotions today for one of the owners of this home. >> hard to see it go. we lived here.
5:47 pm
we have so many memories. >> i also feel very relived to know that this is the final chapter of what was a really rough past four years or so five years. >> the state's goal is to buy up and demolish 1300 homes as pre-sandy market values so families get out of harm's way and have a fresh start. the land becomes a natural barrier for the next big storm. the banks of the allegheny river are overflowing with large chunks of ice causing flooding and damaging homes. a deck of this home in parker armstrong county didn't stand a chance as large ice chunks took aim. people who live and work along the river are scared. >> when it happens, it happens quick. it rises real quick. ice gets real big. starts pushing and it's a force to be reckoned with. >> residents say it is the worst ice jam they've seen in more than 20 years. the good news, according to the national weather service, the
5:48 pm
floodwaters are beginning to recede. and a winter-like conditions will continue in the final days of winter with official spring starting on friday. we will recover and dry out but over the next few days it will stay cold and then the snow moves in by friday. philadelphia, 45 degrees. mostly sunny skies. feels like temperature, only 37. winds out of the west-northwest gusting up to 30 miles an hour. wind speeds are causing our feels like temperatures to feel like only 18 degrees in the poconos. feeling like 34 in trenton. 34 in mt. holly. feels like 35 degrees in reading and wilmington. 38 in dover. feels like 35 degrees in atlantic city. the coldest evening ahead for you. actual temperatures are in the mid-40s throughout the region. 42 in trenton. low 40s in allentown. actual temperature in poconos,
5:49 pm
closer to 31 instead of 18. our wind gust this is the culprit here, gusting up to about 36 miles an hour in atlantic city. up to 32 in millville. up to 30 in mt. pocono. as long as we have cooler temperatures and wind speeds, our feels like conditions will be very cold tonight. we to want keep an eye on the next system moving in as we head into friday. tomorrow we'll stay nice and dry. it won't be until friday morning and possibly over your morning commute we start to see snow moving in. then it will turn more to a wintry mix and eventually rainfall. by 10 a.m. wul see the system organize itself and get closer to us. it could move in a few hours before and that would affect your morning commute. once it starts it will continue throughout the entire day on friday. by 5 p.m. as you're ladying home from work, we're still dealing with accumulating snow. closer to philadelphia our suburbs, stretching out to the lehigh valley and poconos. by 5 p.m. we're dealing with more of a wintry mix or straight rainfall for the shore central and southern portions of
5:50 pm
delaware. we start to see moisture moving out as we get closer to 9 p.m. on friday we'll start to dry out. our temperatures will recover heading into saturday. from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on friday, we'll start to see the snow moving in. by 9 a.m. to noon more of a slushy wet snow. and then we'll see more of a snow/rain mix from noon until 5 p.m. the next concern even once we get done with the storm system is that all the leftover moisture with temperatures dropping below freezing will turn into ice. you want to be very careful on friday night. how much snow we'll get, 3 to 6 inches possible for the lehigh valley into the poconos. closer to our suburbs, the southern parts of montgomery county. 1 to 3 inches also including burlington county camden gloucester county all in the 1 to 3-inch range. along the shore, cape may to dover, a trace to 1 inch of snowfall. tonight, we'll see mostly clear skies but very cold conditions.
5:51 pm
temperatures drop down to 19. heading into tomorrow on your thursday, plenty of sunshine. similar to today but unseasonably cold. temperatures range between 42 and 45. not dealing with the strong wind speeds tomorrow so it will be a little better. seven-day forecast shows the snow moving in friday fog, and temperatures will reach 50 degrees. every child has a goal and some are far beyond their reach. >> you'd think raising $100,000 would fall into that category but mission accomplished. this is mia. we've been telling you about her and her desire to help people suffering from cancer. next, how she made her dream become reality. and coming up new at 6:00 banning the box. why one pennsylvania city will no longer force people to reveal their criminal history on a job application.
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5:54 pm
an update on a story we told you about last month. a local 10-year-old who is raising money for cancer research while treating herself for a rare double dose of cancer. >> mia hit her goal of $100,000 in a huge way. she's the first child to raise that much money for alex's lemonade stand in such a short period of time. >> what is one thing you think will make the world a better place? >> getting rid of cancer. >> that's what she told us back
5:55 pm
in february. the bryn mawr fourth grader was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in her young life. she survived kidney cancer when she was 2 years old. now she has a large tumor in her pancreas. doctors say it's unrelated to the first cancer and very rare. >> this is the first in my career. >> gifts from friends and relatives poured in, but mia asked people to donate to alex's lemonade stand instead. she raised money for the foundation in the past but decided to boost her goal from $10,000 to $100,000. mia, who has since started a gruelling round of chemotherapy reached her goal in record time. >> it was really cool. i was in the hospital and i was just like what $100,000? >> she's a pretty determined little girl so i'm not so surprised. >> reporter: today she and her parents, both local rabbis met with jay and liz scott who now run alex's lemonade stand n honor of their little girl who started the foundation. alex died in 2004 after raising
5:56 pm
more than $1 million. >> the world is a different place today for kids with cancer than when alex was around. and i think because of people like mia,ist going to be a different place in a couple years than even it is today. >> reminded me a lot of alex the fact she was going through something, she wanted to do something to help other kids and it's so generous. >> she said yesterday that maybe the reason she got to this that we're going through this so-to-help other kids. it was a powerful thing to say. >> so powerful. she has such a living spirit and determined will. there's even more good news. mia's family just learned the tumor is responding to chemotherapy. now mia has decided on a new goal of $250,000. all you have to do is go to the "nbc10 news" app to learn how you can help. renee and jim? coming up next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 an officer accidentally shot inside a montgomery county police department. >> we're working to gather the latest details on the breaking
5:57 pm
news, including how the shooting happened and the officer's condition. plus south jersey investigators find the missing piece in a murder investigation. how the suspect's own car finally led police to the victim's body. well spring just a couple days away we still can't shake this cold weather. plus, i have an update on the snow moving in for friday. that's next in my first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a woman disappears, her husband charged with murder. key evidence was missing until today. >> the body of erica crippen was discovered in sykesville maryland. >> right now at 6:00, how police finally cracked this case. it took police 77 days to find erica crippen's body. >> it was discovered yesterday more than 130 miles from her home in mt. laurel new jersey. police say her body was dumped on some farmland. as you heard in the small town of sykesville maryland. her husband, kyle crosby, already facing murder charges. south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is following the new developments. >> reporter: they say his own gps helped find the body? >> reporter: that's right. it was an older model garmin gps just like this one inside his murdered wife's vehicle. police tell us he named two points of interest. one of them idk, to mean i
6:00 pm
don't know. >> there was a second location identified in the gps with the label "maybe," so we began to think he was looking for areas, perhaps, where the body could be dumped. >> reporter: well preserved from a brutal winter and beneath branches, police say they uncovered the body of 26-year-old erica crippen tuesday in sykesville maryland a rural town of 4,000. loved ones learned her neck hands and feet were bound by electrical cord. >> her nose and mouth area were covered with silver duct tape. >> forensic investigators tell us they've been dissecting the gps since crosby's january 12th arrest in new jersey in erica's ford taurus. >> the timing of the discovery of erica's body yesterday was purely coincidental with the charges of jo crosby on monday. that much i can tell you. >> reporter: this arrest affidavit details kyle's mother jo


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