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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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shoot me. please don't shoot me and they still shot them one time. >> the boys were captured on crucial surveillance video. police have arrested two teens and a 14-year-old will face lesser charges, but 15-year-old brandon smith is in custody and charged with murder. while hamilton remains on the run and police in all districts are looking for him. >> turn yourself in. come see us before we come see you. we know who you are. >> reporter: police are asking for help tracking him down includeing offering a $20,000 reward. live at the police administration building randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking snow and it could create headaches for our friday commutes both in the morning and in the evening which means we are looking at an all-day weather event for the last day of winter. >> hard believe. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz. this could mean snow and a few inches depending on where you are. >> depending on the surface. there could be more on the grass than on the roads by the end of the day. we're issuing a first alert for this kind of messy storm that we're going to be having here. slushy snow across a good bit of the area. it will affect the morning and the afternoon rush hours and the heaviest of that snow on the pennsylvania turnpike as you will see in just a second. it looks like it's just rain but as it moves into the cold air it will turn to snow. the timeline shows that it could start between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. in much of the area especially toward the south and west and then it becomes heavier. it becomes slushy as we go through the rest of the morning. the peak of the storm might be right around the middle of the day and in some areas it will
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change over to rain in the afternoon, keeping the amounts down a little bit and it could possibly end in freezing rain in parts of the area. the general amounts of snow three to six inches from the pennsylvania turnpike northward and two to four inches across much of the rest of the area. more on the snow totals and the timing with the seven day in just a few minutes. >> count on nbc 10 news and nbc to alert you if there are school closings delays or early dismissals tomorrow. we'll send out notifications directly to your smartphones and tablets and the second the district makes an announcement. tim furlong has been talking to road crews who are in transition mode right now. >> tim, they have been patching those potholes and now they're getting redady for another blast of winter weather. >> jacqueline look it looks like spring out here. this isn't supposed to happen but winter will punch us in the gut one more time and if you're waiting for the crew to fix the
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pesky pothole in your commute, if it isn't fixed today it's not going to happen tomorrow either. potholes. we found some real dashboard shakers. we also found plenty of hub caps, the alloy and plastic victims of our long war with the season but on this last day of winter you do see plenty of road crews out filling hole but unfortunately tomorrow their work will be interrupted. >> i'm sick of the snow. >> more snow and wintry mess say agents which end in dot will be out fixing. >> penndot tells me tomorrow will be the 27th weather response of the season and they've used 161,000 tons of salt which is closer to the record amounts they used last year. in pennsylvania they have 20,000 tons left but they do have the ability to get more if they need it. nobody we spoke to today hopes they need it. >> will you sled and do something fun? >> i'm going to definitely not even look at it. i'm going to pretend it's not
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there. >> reporter: as we come back live the road surface temperature feels very warm and dell dot said they found 80-degree readings in some spots on some delaware roads so it made pothole patching a little easy and any weather that falls on these roads tomorrow could be easier to clean up. coming up at 5k clo:00, we met this dude who gambled that we were done with winter weather and he lost. i'm tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> see you at 5:00. you can track the approaching snow when we're not on the air including snowfall predictions where you live with real-time radar at the tip of your fingers using the nbc 10 news app for your smartphones or tablets. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the official findings of a d.a. investigation into the police shooting death of a philadelphia man late last year. a case that stirred controversy and called police action into
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question. >> the facts show a tragedy, a terrible tragedy but not a crime. want long after the d.a. laid out its findings the family of the man killed made their own case. nbc 10's deanna durante spoke to that man's family. >> tell us what action are they taking in light of today's findings? >> reporter: they're asking for the district attorney to release the evidence in this case publicly. they say they want everyone in the public to be able to view the videos that they saw and make their own determination and they also say now that a decision has been made whether or not criminal charges have been filed it moves a way for them to begin the civil court proceedings. >> this was not the case of an unarmed man running away from his vehicle being executed by police, but this young man for reasons known only to him and his god chose not to submit to the authority to the men in uniforms who had badges and had
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an illegal handgun. >> in this grainy video, police say you can see the struggle of two philadelphia police officers and brandon tate brown. seth williams released the video, witness statements and photographs like this one of a loaded gun lodged between an armrest and passenger seat inside a car driven by tate brown. >> i choked and i cried. >> tania brown dickerson says she is upset about the decision by williams not to file criminal charges against the police officers. her lawyers said they want to know more about the initial traffic stop. >> so which one was it? did his car match a robbery, were his lights off or was he being pulled over while black. >> he had only his daylights on when officers stopped him and said the officer's statements are backed up by witnesses who say tate brown was combative in trying to get to the passenger side of the gun where that gun was stashed. >> and the ultimate evaluation while it was a terrible tragedy, a grave tragedy, it wasn't a
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crime. >> the district attorney used crime scene photographs and where the car was on the ground and the dna tests on the gun had brown's dna on that handgun. reporting live deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> sky force 10 over breaking news in southwest philadelphia. we are being told there is a stabbing investigation inside a chinese restaurant along lynnburg boulevard. we do know a knife has been recovered and we are unsure at this point of any injuries and if there are injuries how serious they are. once again, a stabbing investigation on lynnburg philadelphia in southwest philadelphia. overseas now to the latest on a deadly attack on a museum in tunisia. the islamic state group isis is claiming responsible for yesterday's attack now. security forces arrested nine people in connection with the
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attack and forensic teams are at work in the bardo museum. two gunmen stormed that site yesterday killing 23 people most of those victims were foreign tourists. an italian cruise line says three of those passengers were among those killed. the ship left tunisia and the cruise line has canceled all upcoming stops in tuneisian ports. the attack the worst at a tourist site in tunisia in more than a decade. tunisia's prime minister vowed his country will not succumb to extremism. back here at home police on the jersey shore think an unattended campfire is to blame for a ten-acre brushfire in ocean county. it happened off nautilus drive and barnegat township. they're urging people to be cautious because it was put under fire danger in recent days. new video in montgomery county. they're still trying to figure
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out what started last weekend's fire at the school. flames destroyed the academy saturday. it is the private learning school with just under 70 students and those students are attending classes at grass college where temporary classrooms have been set up. >> skyforce 10 over west kensington where a dump truck took out a power poll thise this morning. the pole landed on a parked car, but no one was hurt. picot came out to check the lines and no power was affected. >> mine months ago along the atlantic city expressway that killed two people including a little boy. today some of the survivors are pointing the finger of blame at ana#uևu)h city casino. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long spoke to the mom of the boy killed and those survivors. >> cydney they allege racial discrimination and alcohol were involved. explain that for us.
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>> reporter: jim and jacqueline that's right. this was a family of six on vacation and the two adults in the party were admittedly drunk and they were forcibly removed from the tropicana without explanation despite the fact that a toddler was in their care and they had paid for a hotel room several nights. the negligence in this case forced them out on the roadway on the expressway proving to be fatal. >> because of prop qanakan tropicana instead of planning my son's birthday i'm planning his funeral. she didn't know it would be the last time she would ever see him. >> i just started a new job and i couldn't take time off and i was working and trying to bring in the money. >> 4-year-old sincere was one of the four people killed and ejected from the truck his grandmother was driving and it happened in the atlantic city expressway lanes. >> cell phone video of the wreck too graphic to show. it happened an hour after
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tropicana casino resort hotel allegedly kicked the family out, despite the fact they had a prepaid hotel room and despite the fact that toddler boy was in their company. shayanna's mother-in-law, she says was intoxicated and those drinks provided by the tropicana and in no condition to drive. >> hold them liable. they saw my son and they didn't care. they saw the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated. >> they announced a $30 million lawsuit of the tropicana. the casino accused his clients of underaged gambling. >> even if it's true it doesn't justify anyone in this case a casino ejecting two intoxicated persons who had been gambling and drinking on the casino floor, it makes no sense why they were kicked out. >> it's one thing to remove them from the casino floor, but by law the casino had no right to deny them their hotel room.
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>> and the grandmother who was driving does face dwi charges. witnesses also reported seeing beer cans all over the roadway and sincere, the little boy, may have been the only one wearing his seat belt that morning. we have been trying to gain response from the tropicana casino both by email and phone. we have not heard back. we will let you know as soon as we do. live from atlantic city. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. the driver of a tanker truck that crashed and burst into flames in camden county will not face criminal charges. sky force 10 was over that scene as flames poured from that tanker. the truck was carrying 8,000 gallons of fuel when it crashed on the ramp of u.s. 130. the driver was going too fast around that ramp and he was cited for careless driving and illegal possession of multiple driver's licenses. a big fight on campus.
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police tell nbc 10 several students were involved and five are now facing charges. a school security guard and a police officer was hurt and their injuries are not serious. a gloucester county school reopened after an odor sent several students and staff to the hospital. state environmental officials tested the air quality of the high school this morning. they found the air was safe and there was no danger to students or staff. 15 people had to go to the hospital yesterday after complaining of headaches and dizziness. officials believe an odor coming from the refinery was to blame. >>. >> and then to close the school because of some smell and what is going through our air. >> the refinery says they were fixing a leak in a large storage tank and strong gusts carried the odor to the school. the tank has now been resealed. sky force 10 was over north philadelphia today where a driver crashed a car into several homes.
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this was the scene on hilton street around 9:00 this morning. the car hit at least three houses and you can get a better look at some of the damage from the ground here. the hopes appeared to be vacant and it's not clear what caused the driver to hit them, but no one was hurt and no word if any charges will be filed. a chester county attorney will spend up to 24 years in prison for sexually abusing a child. lawrence carroll was arrested last year for crimes that happened in the 1990s. the victim told police that carroll assaulted him more than 20 times starting at the age of 6. a judge sentenced him to serve between 12 and 24 years in state prison. >> hillary clinton paid a visit to the jersey shore today. the likely presidential candidate gave the keynote speech during the camp conference of the atlantic city convince center. the conference brings together professionals from the tri-state area. they can teach people in washington a thing or two about how to get things done.
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>> you have the red cabin. the blue cabin had to come together and actually listen to each other. wouldn't that be a novel idea? and today was the last paid speech on clinton's schedule. she's expected to enter the presidential race next month. >> she has faced many questions lately over her use of a personal email account while serving as secretary of state. clinton insists it was only for convenience and that all official emails were saved for record-keeping purposes. . just under three hours now until tip-off and tournament time. and that's when the wild cats of villanova take on the leopards of lafayette college and the ncaa action happening tonight at pittsburgh. >> and that's where we find comcast sportsnet's neil hartman
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and two teams from our area with a lot riding on this game. >> reporter: a lot riding on it jim and jacqueline. i'm at the villanova team hotel and they'll get a sendoff in 25 minutes and there's an alumni event in the lobby. i'm joined by the color analyst and has been associated with villanova for over 40 years and he knows how good this team is in villanova history. where would you put them? >> at this point in the season they're better than anyone else, 32 and 2. now is the time when the teams are measured. the '85 team won and so we'll see with this people. >> the '09 team was a third seed and they got a scare when the american had a lead at halftime. the wild cats were down 14 in the second half and the guy had a wide open three and the wild cats came back, won that one and advanced to detroit. >> i know the fans behind us are hopings that not as close in
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this game coming up at 6:50 tonight here in pittsburgh. let's send it back to you guys in the studio. >> now to see which team comes out on top in the first-round showdown be sure to join jim and join me as well for game results and highlights tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. back now to sky force 10 and the breaking news we told you about at southwest philadelphia a stabbing investigation inside this chinese restaurant around lynnburg boulevard. no word on the number of injuries or extent of those injury, but police are telling us a knife has been recovered. count on nbc 10 to bring you new information as it comes in. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the cold air is in and now all we need is precipitation to add up to snow and that's why we have a first alert out for friday for this kind of slushy snow that we're expecting.
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it will be sticking to everything and sticking to the trees and not a lot of wind and it will be beautiful looking to a lot of people and it looks like it will affect the morning and evening rush creating slippery conditions. we've got a lot of sunshine there now and not a lot of wind but it is cold. 44 degrees and only a 6-mile-an-hour wind out there. as far as the storm is concerned i expect it to be all snow north of the pennsylvania turnpike and especially in the higher elevations, you'll see the greatest amounts. snow generally changing to rain in the afternoon across this area right in the philadelphia north delaware and much of south jersey and mainly rain farther to the south. so that's the broad picture of it. right now we have temperatures in the 40s, but the humidity is very low and tonight temperatures drop into the 30s and by tomorrow morning when the precipitation is in, it could be
4:19 pm
enough to start sticking on untreated surfaces. a lot of it has been going straight to the east during the day today, but it's just now starting to make its turn up in our direction. once again, there is a lot of moisture in this thing. so it starts generally between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. in parts like bucks county and mercer county and burlington county that may not affect you during the morning rush but in new castle county delaware, for example, chester county. yeah. it may have an issue there with this slushy snow that's going to start and it will get heavier as we head toward the midday hour across a good bit of the area and that will change to rain during the afternoon and then we'll watch what happens in the evening and could end in rain with the philly northern suburbs. as we go into friday this computer model again is too slow with this. very often the snow comes in faster than the computer models say, but look at the darker
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blues indicating a little bit heavier snow that certainly peaks in the early afternoon and by the afternoon rush this computer model still is snowing in philadelphia and may be at its peak there, but we think if it's going to change to rain it will be happening at that time late in the afternoon. >> three to six inches north of the pennsylvania turnpike all of the way up to the poconos. two to four inches from wilmington, up through philly and trenton, burlington county and all of the counties in new jersey bordering the delaware river and also kent county in delaware. portions of kent county and much less to the south. clouding up with a chance of snow by 6:00 a.m. in some parts of the area and the temperatures down about 30 and in philadelphia, 25 in the suburbs, snow changing to rain late in the day for at least parts of the area staying to the north and highs only in the mid-30s. the seven-day forecast one day
4:21 pm
to get to 50 and that's saturday and the cold winds return sunday and there, look at that cold on monday and then we get a little bit milder later on. it is taxpayer money and we want to be able to spend it appropriately. >> do you think you can do that? >> the city of philadelphia ignoring a report they're spending too much to lease spaces in some of the city's nicest building. the nbc 10 investigators ask why" a year after the report was released it's spending more money on leased spaces. a major company adding more than 100,000 vehicles to a recall and why restaurants in one area isn't having the health impact they were expecting coming up on nbc 10 news.
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a revived plan to patch up deteriorating bridges in philadelphia specifically bridges that aren't owned by the city. the councilman davido would take
4:25 pm
action if the owner of a strucker refuses to take responsibility. >> last night i was at a civic association meeting and they complained about a bridge where basically all of the asphalt had fallen off and now the concrete is starting to fall off and it's not a city-owned bridge and they're frustrated. >> the city would allow to fine the owner of a city and structure in bad shape or take legal action if the necessary work isn't done. a war of words over the trump taj mahal is only getting worse. today investor carl icahn released a scathing letter to the casino's main union. icahn is the soon to be owner of the taj mahal. he is battling the union over health insurance costs. members are refusing to switch to government-run coverage and the issue is now being appealed in court. in his letter icahn compared the union to mobsters. and he wrote in part it all reminds me of the bygone era when organized crime would
4:26 pm
demand grocers pay for protection or suffer bricks being thrown through their store windows. one union member called icahn's actions abhorrent. back now to our breaking news. >> the search for an alleged teenage killer 15-year-old define hamilton a freshman is charged with murdering a man who was walking his dog last week. hamilton is considered armed and dangerous. two other teenagers have been arrested in connection to this case. >> how much wasted space are we talking about? >> hundreds of thousands of square feet. >> spending on space. new at 4:30 how much one local city is shelling out for office space and storage. the nbc 10 investigators with the high dollar rents paid for by taxpayers right here in our area. glenn? >> winter is not going away quietly. i'm tracking snow and a messy mix that will last just about all day tomorrow. find out much snow to expect where you live in my nbc 10
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right now at 4:30 a parting blow from old man winter. we are just over 24 hours away from spring's arrival and we find ourselves bracing for snow again. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been warning us about that. >> you have the timing of the snow and that couldn't be worse for the rush hours, right? >> yes. it looks like it will affect both rush hours and the fact that a lot of it will happen during the day may help us out in some ways. i'll explain that. >> we have a first alert weather day for tomorrow for this messy, messy precipitation we're getting and the snow generally on the slushy side and it will
4:31 pm
be a very heavy, wet snow and then morning and afternoon rush both affected by the heaviest of that snow north of the pennsylvania turnpike. we do expect this rain that is down to the south to start moving to the north right into the cold air and that will be making it snow. so the snow starts 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. and the morning rush and then gets heavier later in the morning, but it's kind of slushy and the strong march sun having an impact on that mixing or changing to rain in the afternoon until at least parts of the area and then a chance of a change to some freeszing rain during the evening hours. we expect the highest amounts of snow north of the pennsylvania turnpike up to three to six inches especially in the higher elevations where it's a little bit cooler and that has a big impact in march snows. two to four inches across much of the area from northern delaware up to trenton and then
4:32 pm
less than an inch farther to the south. more on the timing and totals with the rest of the seven day in just a few minutes. >> glenn, with snow on the way stay in touch with the winter storm and its impact where you live and get updates wherever you like by tapping the weather apps for the smartphones and tablets. >> millions of dollars spent to lease space in the nicest buildings in philadelphia. the tenant the city. >> they're digging through records and looking even at why even after a critical report philadelphia ended up signing more leases and spending more money. investigative reporter mitch blacher is reporting. how much is the city spending? >> we're talking about $25 million for philadelphia to lease one million square feet of office space. it's not the first time the city has been accused of not using what taxpayers pay for. nine floor inside the aramark tower for $5.5 million. seven floors at 13th and chestnut for another $4.5
4:33 pm
million and more than $2 million for a floor inside this building at sixth and walnut. in all, the city of philadelphia leases 37 spaces costing nearly $25 million a year. >> a lot of places that just have too much space. >> mayor nutter appointed businessman tom knox to chair a review of city property in 2013. that report concluded the city appears to lease far more space than it needs and knox says some offices with million-dollar views were only used for storage. >> how much wasted space are we talking about? >> hundreds of thousands of square feet. >> the nbc 10 investigators found since the report came out in november 2013 the city of philadelphia has leased 200,000 additional square feet and spent nearly $2 million more on rent. the taxpayer sees more money, more square feet after you just got a report saying you're wasting space and money. >> again, i would always say
4:34 pm
that the conclusion is easy to state, but the specifics are? that are attached to that need to be understood. >> the deputy mayor overcease the city's public property department and he says some of that extra office space now houses the philadelphia police department special victims unit and a department of human services office. knox and his the city negotiates property leases and hiring more people for the department of public property. >> i don't know if he's implemented any of the recommendations in that report at all. >> what changed after that report? >> process. what does that mean? is that how someone would secure it for the city? >> no. the factors that they use and evaluating what the departmental needs are. >> for now the city needs the space. >> it is taxpayer money and we want to spend it appropriately.
4:35 pm
>> do you think you do that? >> i think we do. >> we asked to see some of the city's leased office space, but we were told it would be disruptive to city business. for the investigator i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. more people are calling on a philadelphia city council candidate to withdraw from the race. nbc 10 reported earlier this week on the accusations against manny morales, his opponent and current city councilwoman maria quinones showed us racist and homophobic comments he put on his facebook page. today leaders from the clergy lgbt and african-american communities came out to condemn morales. they say if he won't withdraw from the race the democratic party should withdraw its endorsement. >> we have now given this to the party. the party had this before we went public and we have yet to see any action and this cannot continue. >> morales told nbc 10 he never posted those messages and that
4:36 pm
his page was hacked or the posts were q5yphotoshoped. he has now deactivated that facebook page. >> an accident involving several cars tied up traffic during the morning rush. fairmount park. the crash happened around 8:00 near the st. joe's boat house. no one was hurt. it took more than 14 hours, but a tractor trailer that crashed near the ben franklin bridge last night is no longer causing traffic problems and the crews removed it from the 676 ramp this morning. it's been causing a mess since it crashed around 8:30 last night and the truck was filled with kiwis and the cleanup took quite some time because crews needed to remove the fruit by hand. new information today on a story we told you about earlier this week on nbc 10 news at 4:00. ocean county authorities arrested a man in connection with a hit and run that killed a man in tom's river. mark is charged with leaving the scene of the crash. police say he took off after hitting and killing jeffrey
4:37 pm
michael as he walked along route 37 last friday. >> philadelphia's men and women in uniform will trim their waistlines to raise money for a good cause. philadelphia fire commissioner derek sawyer and captain michael weaver of the police department kicked often the annual battle of the badges competition with a ceremonial weigh-in today. the goal of the 13-week competition is to encourage police and firefighters to get in better shape by dropping pounds. in recent years the fire department's come out on top, but police have a new plan this time around. >> we plan on winning the third year in a row and -- no pressure, but we look forward to it. >> this year we're going to win. we'll deliver doughnuts to all of the fire companies in the city of philadelphia. >> very tricky. weight watchers will donate $10,000 to the hero thrill show in the name of the winning department. >> a competitive nature there. >> yes. today, a scare on the street and it was all captured on live
4:38 pm
television. >> the result is smoke continues to billow from this area. live right there, you just heard it. >> the blast that sent 100-pound projectiles through the air and had people running for cover. and next adding to the list the other vehicles just being recalled because of concerns over faulty air bags. >> all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the ocean took it and then gave it back. a camera found in the sand. what police found when they turned it on and why they need your help.
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4:41 pm
honda is adding nearly 105,000 vehicles to its recall of driver's side air bag inflators. those inflators can explode with too much force. the added vehicles include honda pilot suvs, civics and accords. with these added vehicles honda has recalled 5.5 million cars nationwide to fix drivers' air bags.
4:42 pm
a new study suggests having fewer fast food restaurants in the community won't help people lose weight. researchers found that obesity rates in southern los angeles continue to rise after 2008. that's when the city enacted a law restricting the opening of new fast food restaurants. somebody in our area may have just become an instant millionaire. >> the numbers that added to a newfound fortune, plus this. >> what is the mayor trying to hide? this is bizarre. >> feeling left out, residents of the jersey shore demanding answers from their local leaders get something else instead. today tempers flare again. take a look at this. this storm is coming our way and it's going to bring snow with it. get the timing and my update of snow totals in my exclusive first alert storm forecast.
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sky force 10 over breaking news in camden county and over this disabled train here and patco and the high-speed line commuter train. this is san eastbound train just east of hattenfield. another train arrived to transfer passengers and is taking them to their destinations and of course the high-speed line connects south jers toe philadelphia. thousands of commuters rely on that every day. >> on to better luck for some people and check your powerball tickets. >> there is a $2 million ticket out there this afternoon. someone bought the ticket at metro news on frankfurt avenue and that's in philadelphia's frankfurt section. the ticket met all five white balls and not the red powerball. the ticket was sold with the power play option which means it's worth $2 million. 15, 33 47 and the powerball was 8. >> now your nbc 10 first alert
4:47 pm
weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> winter started nice and mild in december and it got active in february and now arch march as we end winter and start spring with the slushy mess that we're expecting tomorrow in much of the area affecting the morning and the afternoon rush. we have a lot of sunshine out there during the day today 44 degrees and very little win thes for a change in the low to mid 40s and we'll help things a bit and warm up the roads a little and so is the sunshine that we've had during the day today and the first snowflakes should melt when they hit during the day tomorrow. it's been dry and colder the last couple of days. this rain is moving straight east and it will be taking a turn and every single computer model in the world says that and
4:48 pm
so we have to believe it. the snow starts 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. and by the midday hours that would be the peak of the storm and becomes a slushy snow because of the heavy not of the snow will be fighting with the march sun that's trying to melt it so it may accumulate more on grass than in the streets. the snow/rain mix may change to rain in the afternoon in parts of the area,a at least and there's also a chance that there may be freezing rain in the dark in some of these areas especially the ones that are just the battle of the snow from the pennsylvania turnpike northward all snow except for perhaps a little bit of a mix toward the end, and the snow changing to rain in much of the rest of the area and farther to the south. we expect the snow to move in around daybreak and it's a different computer model and we can see it snowing even in
4:49 pm
dover, delaware and even in atlantic city and it's a widespread area and there's a mixing here coming in the afternoon into the philadelphia area and it could change over to rain a little bit and then it moves out. the amount of snow three to six inches from again, the turnpike northward especially the higher elevations will get the higher amounts and that's true in philadelphia too. chestnut hill will get center city and we'll get more than we get in northern kent county and that's the one inch farther to the south. for tonight, we are clouding up and we have a chance of snow coming in by 6:00 a.m. and especially in chester county newcastle county and 30 for the low in philadelphia. during the day tomorrow slushy snow changing to rain in the philadelphia area south later in the day and the temperatures barely above freezing and just enough above freezing to prevent things from sticking a
4:50 pm
widespread way. >> and it's saturday and then another cold blast comes in for sunday, monday is really cold for spring and then we finally start to see the temperature go back up toward the middle of next week but it's a pretty rough way to start the spring. >> to say the least. >> a battle between snow and sun tomorrow? i hope the sun wins. >> the rays are coming through those clouds battling, if the sun was out totally it would be a different story. >> yeah. it's all about radiation and surface temperature and the water quality content of the snow. it's all sorts of complicated stuff. >> i feel like i just went back to school. >> it's just the beginning. >> thanks glenn. >> take a look at this. >> live right there you just heard it. you just saw that manhole cover go right up into the air. this is a result --
4:51 pm
>> that is a manhole explosion on live tv this morning in indianapolis. firefighters and news crews were already there because several other manhole his already been blown off. electrical problems and underground cables caused those blasts. no one was hurt but plenty of customers lost power. well they just wanted in. >> instead they say they were kept out. >> what kind of kangaroo politics are we talking about here? >> today, making waves at the jersey shore, but this isn't in the surf. the battle between residents and elected leaders in one coastal community.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
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shut out. that's what some people at the
4:55 pm
jersey shore claim happened to them as they were trying to get answer about controversial decisions made by the city council. >> we showed you how tempers flared at a meeting. nbc 10 jersey reporter ted greenberg went back. >> this is betrayal of the public trust. >> tempers flared in cape may's convention hall when more than a dozen members of the public were kept out of a news conference being held by officials. >> what kind of kangaroo politics is being played here? >> we wanted to hear the facts and it's very upsetting. >> the event was to clarify to the media this month's decision by city council to bump police chief robert sheehan down to the rank of captain at the end of his one-year probationary contract. >> today's meeting was simply to make ourselves available so that all of you did not have to continue to come one by one and
4:56 pm
we answer ail of the questions. >> and the vote march 3rd prompted the resignation of the councilman jerry enderwise. >> the city council's decision was based on facts. >> the move surrounding sheehan was based on information they had by ongoing investigation into improper use of comp time by another member of the police department. >> adhering to my duty that we could not go ahead until this matter was resolved. >> it's just the way politics is in this city. >> i asked the mayor if he and other council members might reconsider their decision and he said there's always that possibility and not until after any investigations have concluded. in cape may, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 getting red for snow. >> what? winter is not going down without a fight. >> today is the last full day of winter, but snow is still headed our way. brittany? >> winter wants to hang on for
4:57 pm
the last few hours with the snow system i'm tracking and i'll let you know what that means as we head into your friday. >> also a month-long mystery continues at the jersey shore and a camera flushwashed on to the beach and full of vacation memories and police need your help on finding its rightful owner.
4:58 pm
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now your nbc 10 first alert
5:00 pm
weather. >> on nbc 10 news at 5 clk, just call this the sun and calm before the storm. here's a live look at the center city sky line. there was a winter chill in the air today on an otherwise dry day though. >> yeah. and that winter chill is going to usher in a last shot of winter weather, unfortunately for us who were so looking forward to the arrival of spring and you can see the huge green blob on first alert radar is headed our way and it will bring in the area snow and rain for much of the day tomorrow. >> yeah. some areas could see several inches of snow. penndot moving from pothole philly to the snow attack mode and crews have pretreated the roads ahead of the storm. >> that will be with us for most of the day tomorrow like it or not. >> brittneyship is here to tell us what to expect. >> they've issued a first alert for tomorrow and you need to be on alert for the slushy snow that will affect your morning commute and evening commute and some of the heaviest snow


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