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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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off in western chester county. we continue the first alert during the night tonight. slush judge snow at first and then a chance for freezing drizzle. there will still be a lot of moisture around and there could be some of that icy spots, even into early saturday. sun doesn't rise until 7 a.m. temperatures are critical and meteorologist brittney shipp has more on that. >> you can see it's pretty close to freezing. 31 in doylestown. coatesville at 32 degrees. that's what we'll be concentrating on as we go into the next couple hours. wool get rid of snowfall and rainfall but temperatures close to freezing. 32 degrees in furlong. quakertown, 32 degrees. we won't see the temperatures dropping off much more but it will be cold enough for residual
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moisture to refreeze. if we take a look at fleetwood, 30 degrees right now. sinking springs at 32 as well. as i show you your future cast for the lehigh valley the suburbs heading into the poconos, you'll notice our temperatures hover around the freezing mark. at 6 p.m. we see the snowfall lighten up. by 8 p.m., it's all gone. that will be our next concern, is the freezing drizzle. that's going to last until your early morning hours on saturday. you have to watch out for your secondary streets, also your parking lots. coming up, i'll take another look at your county by county breakdown of all of our temperatures and when you can expect the snow to move out. people in chester county are seeing their fair share of the snow today. >> reporter: first day of spring, huh? >> oh man, it's crazy. i'm waiting for sunshine. i had enough of this winter. >> reporter: we should be thinking of the smell of fresh grass and little league fields we're instead dealing with
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another round of winter weather. the principal at st. thomas the apostle school sweating out the decision about two-hour delays versus closing school versus letting kids out. the logistical weather nightmare he shouldn't have to deal with this time of the year. >> i have six or seven public districts, and students that come from delaware. each school district has its own transportation. >> reporter: most roads were okay today, thanks to the recent sunny days where the road surface temperatures went way up. we found some slush on the back roads in chester county. we're trying to give spring the green light. at low riders bikes and boards in downingtown, they're tuning up bikes. they have their new spring bikes and skateboards priced to move but when you look out past the snow, that's not good for biz. >> it definitely slows down the bicycle business for us. snowing, no, not so good. >> that was tim furlong reporting snoon an umbrella was enough to protect against the snow in westchester today. snow stuck to those parking meters but sidewalks were mostly clear in the center of town.
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>> pretty scene as the snow fell on merchant street in audubon, new jersey earlier today. just a few people out in it. looks like a lot of people decided to i don't know watch the flakes from inside, i guess. let's check conditions in philadelphia. >> nbc10's justesse gary. >> reporter: the heavy wet snow has been falling all day long. as a matter of fact, it's falling from the light post almost hitting us. the streets, they are slushy but passable. ouch the conditions well they are miserable reminder that winter will not take the hint and leave. the weather was vexing for both man and beast. dan mccray walking his english bull dog, lincoln. the 12-month-old pup had to search for a clear patch. >> i put my boots away coat
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away. had to pull it back out today. >> reporter: all forms of winter staples saw new life. hours before the official start of spring, when it felt like the dead of wishtnter heavy, wet snow blanketed vehicles and streets. dreams of changing seasons would usher in sunshine. >> sad it's the first day of spring. >> ready for spring to come for real. you know this here is -- it's still winter. you know any time we get this much snow, it's winter. >> reporter: the inclement weather slowed travel heading into the evening commute. still, area residents soldiered on knowing can't get much worse from here. >> you just dress appropriately. >> reporter: back live here in center city, i checked in with septa a short time ago. they said the system is up and running just fine. they want to caution people to be careful on the platforms when waiting for buses because it is slippery. and i'm going to caution you that when you're under a light
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pole the snow that's falling -- wayne, thank you. there's snow falling off that light pole. if you heard me say ouch earlier because it hit me on top of the head. we'll have an update on conditions in the next hour. center city jesse gary. >> thanks. phil yl international has been reporting significant delays and cancellation because of this weather. 23 you're picking up someone or have a flight call ahead using this toll-free number. 1-800-phl-gate. nbc10's christine maddela is watching the hundreds of cameras in the first alert traffic center. how is it? >> we've seen several accidents throughout the afternoon on the major interstates and highways. this one has been out here for quite some time. this is interstate 80 on the westbound side of the pocono interchange. you can see just how stacked up if you see through this limited visibility, just how stacked up it is out there as people in help trucks tend to this crash here. i actually received a tweet from
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someone stuck in this. major delays, if you are in the poconos today. so, take it easy. and we have seen another accident. this is on route 100 on the southbound side near kirkland avenue. another delay stacked up here. so, as the volume increases this afternoon with the afternoon rush some of these delays are just going to get worse out here. taking a live look at interstate 95, not looking too bad at this hour. this is at woodhaven drive right now, woodhaven road. throughout our area we are seeing mostly just wet roads. like you heard tim furlong say earlier, some slushy areas, some patchy of icy roads, especially in untreated surfaces. take a look at our drive times. this is early for these kind of delays but 95 if you're heading southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street speedway 37 minutes. take a look at schuylkill expressway, 43 minutes there. >> keep tabs on this storm using the "nbc10 news" app for your smartphone or tablet.
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to a developing story. philadelphia police are questioning suspects now in the murder of a teenager. the 18-year-old victim was found strangled inside her house here on hartfield street in kensington today. now to a developing story. an off-duty new jersey police officer is dead and two other officers are in critical condition after a head-on car crash. that crash happened on the west shore highway in staten island new york. the off-duty officers all worked for the linden police department in new jersey. a fourth person in that car, who was not a police officer, was also killed. investigators say the car was going in the wrong direction on the highway when it crashed head-on into a truck. all of the occupants are in their 20s. the driver and another officer who was in a backseat are in critical condition. the struck driver was hurt but we're told he's going to survive. in west philadelphia a woman was found murdered inside a boarding home. investigators tell us she was shot in the head.
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her body was found near a burned mattress in the dining room of this home on spruce street before 7 a.m. this morning. skyforce10 over the scene of a home invasion in philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood. two men terrorized an elderly couple after breaking in through a back window on murray street. the intruders were wearing masks, attacking a man and woman in their 70s with pepper spray. police are looking for two men that ran off with several items they stole from that home. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with new information in the murder of a man walking his dog in overbrook. the high school freshman wanted for allegedly pulling the trigger has surrendered to police and said to be cooperating with investigators. >> 15-year-old tyfine hamilton is one of three teenagers charged and in custody. we have reaction from philadelphia's police commissioner. >> and the city's top cop isn't holding back. >> reporter: he's not. he calls this murder senseless
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and stupid. if you take a look at the scene where the 51-year-old man was killed a week ago, people have left tributes to him. philadelphia's police commissioner saying he hopes the suspects spend the rest of their lives in prison. >> here's a guy that, according to what i'm hearing ask they not kill him and they shot him anyway. >> reporter: 51-year-old james stuhlman died after police say this man, tyfine hamilton, shot him in the chest in a botched robbery attempt as he was walking his dog. >> how much money can you possibly have walking your dog? anybody that has a dog knows -- the most you've got your keys with you. you're walking your dog, so what are you going to get from something like that? it's just stupid. >> reporter: sources tell nbc10 hamilton is talking to investigators telling his version of what happened here last thursday. nbc10 was there as the home belonging to his father and stepmother was searched by police. investigators have recovered
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weapons but no word if they found the gun used in the murder. police say they spotted hamilton and two other boys, including 15-year-old brandon smith on a neighborhood surveillance camera. smith was arrested earlier this week and a 14-year-old is charged with lesser crimes. >> hopefully they spend the rest of their lives in jail. >> reporter: we talked to students at overbrook high school today. they tell us that they're stunned this kind of thing happened so close to their school. they say teachers have been talking about it all day and some upper classmen have been taking time to talk to students telling them violence is not the way to go. reporting live in overbrook, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." tackling violence from our delaware bureau it taking on crime in a town called murder town usa, by "time" magazine. they came together to launch an anti-crime campaign called called #302gunsdown and wore t-shirts and wrist bands displaying that name. students say the campaign is their way of saying they're
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tired of crime and they want to feel safe. >> i feel like as a whole, we should move together. because, you know the shooting is not going to stop unless we drop it in people's minds, you know, that we're just killing each other. >> they also held a moment of silence, then released these balloons to remember the victims of violence. dozens of penn state students came together to demonstrate against a fraternity accused of posting photos of naked or nearly naked women on a facebook page. some of those women were asleep or passed out. this was the scene around noon today at state college. organizers say the demonstration was designed to show support for the victims while urging university administration to take more action. the state college chapter of kappa delta rho has been suspended for a year. so far they have identified two photos they believe could lead to criminal charges.
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piling up the pennies for pre-k. the delaware valley of association for education of young launched its initiative at pennsylvania convention center. thousands of pennies collected by educators were presented to governor tom wolf. >> the argument i can make so early, there is not a better investment we can make as a commonwealth that invested in early child hood education. if question get that right, it really works. >> governor wolf called for $120 million increase in preschool funding in his budget. highlighting the importance of investing in students. nbc10 at south philadelphia's e.m. stanton school where u.s. secretary of education arne duncan joined political and education leaders for discussion. he talked about how pennsylvania
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is the state with the most inequity in funding. >> if the legislature can come together in a bipartisan way, then the children here in stanton and across the state would have access to so much more than they have today. that's the hope and the goal. >> secretary duncan also took a classroom tour at e.m. stan it ton. a philadelphia city council caught up in a facebook controversy says he is not quitting. manny morales spoke today about what his manager calls a facebook fiasco. he says he wants to concentrate on the campaign and voters and not the controversy. earlier this week nbc10 reported on accusations against morales, his opponent and current councilwoman sanchez, showing racist sexist and home mow phobic comments on his facebook page. morales says he never posted those and his facebook page was hacked or the posts were photo shopped. >> i'm saying they are not my views and i did not make those postings.
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love every human being as equal, all. that's what i will do. i will work for all constituents of this district. >> moerms is challenging sanchez for district 7 seat. his campaign says they're doing an internal investigation into the posts and will release the results when they get them. you've probably seen these do a.c. ads. now the group is launching a new promotional push called atlantic city the entertainment capital of the jersey shore. they want to pull the plug on the $30 million budget but that hasn't happened yesterday. atlantic city has a big summer entertainment schedule. famous names set to perform there include madonna, the who, joan jett, bob dylan lady gaga and jerry seinfeld. nova nation is flying high this afternoon after that blowout victory in the first round of the ncaa basketball tournament. >> now the wildcats prepare for the next challenge, which comes
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tomorrow. >> the wildcats clobbered lafayette by 41 points last night at pittsburgh. round two challengers, north carolina state. comcast sportsnet neil hartman. >> reporter: nova finished up practice at consol energy center about a half hour ago. it's a quick turn-around for the wildcats after their blowout win over lafayette last night. they'll take on eighth seeded north carolina state tomorrow night at 7:10. the wolfpack winning in dramatic fashion on a buzzer-beater to beat lsu. here's villanova coach jay wright moments ago on the match-up tomorrow night. >> they were at their best when they beat duke. we saw that in the second half last night. they weren't making throughs but battling on the boards. they're inside people. really, really have stepped up and they've had great guards all year. so i think they're playing their best basketball coming off that
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second half. and we're playing our best basketball, too. so this should be a great game. >> villanova has not lost in two months. they have a school record 33 wins 27 of those wins have been by double digits. in pittsburgh neil hartman, comcast sportsnet for nbc10. and nbc10's keith jones is still in pittsburgh covering the villanova wildcats. you can see keith tomorrow morning from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and again from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. so count on "nbc10 news" and comcast sportsnet to bring you highlights and game results of the nova/nc state showdown tomorrow night on "nbc10 news" at 11:00. well it's been snowing all day. still snowing outside our studio here on city avenue. this is city avenue itself. you see the traffic is moving along okay.
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wet, slushy roads. the main roads. but there is still lots of side roads and especially farther to the north, there will be more snow on the roads. the slushy roads, we continue the first alert throughout the night because of a chance of freezing drizzle developing on top of that with icy spots dwong early on saturday. how much snow has fallen? so far up to 5 inches in some of the northern suburbs. 2.2 at philly airport as of 2:00. we'll keep updating those amounts through the evening. you can see the back edge of the snow moving eastward so it's a limited amount of time. it's already ending in lancaster county, parts of berks county about to taper off in chester county. the heaviest of the snow in burlington and ocean counties. we have some in atlanta county that's pretty heavy and some in
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philadelphia itself that's pretty hard. on the bigger view dryer air back to the west but a lot of clouds. we're not going to be clearing out here. and the visibility isn't going to be going up a whole lot. you can see the visibilities now, generally pretty low because of the snow and the fog and this is going to be kind of critical overnight tonight. this is not one of those cases where the winds come in and the dryer air comes in. here we are, 10:00. the visibility is still bad. still moisture around in the air. you don't want moisture on top of fresh snow as temperatures go down below freezing. 6 a.m. still some places with practically no visibility. now we watch the temperatures. those places are right at the freezing point right now. others barely above it. so, we watch that as we go through the evening. along with the snow ending.
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holding close, allentown, pottstown, through the night. we have to monitor the temperatures, degree by degree, hour by hour. because we do have the possibility of freezing drizzle and icing that would result. so, the snow ending early. you saw it on the radar. the back edge of it continues to move it away. and from west to east. and then a chance of freezing drizzle. by morning, the low 30. in philadelphia, 28 north and west. tomorrow morning fog. that snow going to be around. it's not going to melt until later in the day. it will start melting pretty nicely, although we've got a lot of clouds during the day tomorrow. then another little cold shot coming on sunday. it will be breezy and unseasonably cold. the average high is 54. even colder than that on monday. tuesday is cold especially in the morning. we'll get melting and refreezing as we go into monday and tuesday morning. then we finally warm up.
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thursday, 62 degrees with showers. >> with the weather we're getting outside right now. it may be hard to wrap your head around this. spring is a little less than 2 1/2 hours away. it officially arrives tonight at 6:45. not the way we would have expected to welcome in spring. who can say no to free water ice? today rita's continued the tradition of giving away water ice on the first day of spring. store owner mark rollins says it's the first time it's snowed on free water ice day for him. >> have to shovel on the first day of spring. but we're still excited to spread rita's to everyone who comes today. >> the most popular flavor is mango. got to try that one, i guess. >> that does sound good. this unrelenting weather hasn't just been a problem for people. >> it seems to have an affect
4:21 pm
everywhere, including with some sea creatures. concerns at the coast as marine mammals wash up. why the experts are warning the curious to steer clear. plus scandal for the state police. he's the top pick to lead pennsylvania troopers. now a confession to a crime leads to new pressure and a response from governor wolf, the man who nominated him. and an appetite for change. science is getting involved with popular foods we eat every day. now the government weighs in with their opinion on fruits and vegetables that could end up in the produce aisle.
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this wet, slushy mix may delay the afternoon commute. the nbc10 cameras show us the snowy situation right now in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. it looks pretty, but you do have to be careful with the slick roads. septa's teaming up with
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local universities and philadelphia schools to help the disabled learn to travel on the transit system. these university of the sciences grad students are working with students from parkway west high school. kids have cognitive disabilities or autism. they've been working with the grad students for 12 weeks in this unique program. it's a win-win situation. the grad students need the experience to earn their degrees and the high school students are learning life skills. >> it's like any other students they need repetition. just because they have autism doesn't change the fact they need a lot of reiteration, so they really perform well when things are taught to them over and over again. just like any other student. >> one of the high school students recently got a job and is relying on public transit to get back and forth to work. you may hear loud noises this weekend around joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst. artillery training is on the agenda there. people who live near that base might hear noise or feel the
4:26 pm
ground shake from the training exercise. they say when the weather is overcast the noise can travel further. back to our top story. look behind us the snow coming down in center city. >> you wouldn't think so on first day of spring. it's the last blast of winter spring. just a couple hours away. of course, it doesn't look like that. as stormforce10 makes its way around mt. holly in all the snow and slush. yeah, it's going to be a slushy mess. i'm urging extra caution tonight because of that threat of icing. i'll tell you which areas could see the biggest temperature drop plus when the storm stops and the thaw begins. coming up tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, he's always had an eye for basketball. but his playing days are over. tonight why allen iverson wants another shot.
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right now on "nbc10 news" at 4:30 snow falling in parts of our area. parting shots from old man winter with spring on our door step. here's stormforce10 showing us the snowy scene. this is in mt. holly, burlington county. first alert weather team says the worst of the storm is moving out of here. >> there could be other problems ahead if you're planning to head out on this friday night. this is a live look at kennett square. you can see the snow sticking to the sidewalks there there. those streets are slushy and the sidewalks slippery, so take it slowly. >> glenn mills road snow sticking to the right but roads moving okay. >> pretty much the same situation in washington township gloucester county. cars on egg harbor road had no
4:31 pm
trouble navigating through some wet roads. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back now. >> you are watching the storm as it starts to wind down. how much longer before this is out of here? >> it depends on where you are in our western suburbs. we're already seeing a significant change. that live shot you saw in kennett square it was hardly snowing at all. it's still snowing in south philly. i-95 just wet. we continue to monitor those main highways but we have a first alert out for highways beyond the big ones. to the smaller roads. bridges, overpasses sidewalks, driveways, slushy snow. and then a chance of freezing drizzle as we go through the night, creating some icy spots for early on saturday. you can see over the six-hour period, everything moving from west to east. in lancaster county it's almost over. berks county the western part
4:32 pm
of the county just about over. lehigh valley getting close to the end of it but we continue to see some of these dark colors in the blue. in burlington county down 295. also parts of ocean county getting some pretty heavy snow. totally different story to the west. chester county has really seen a change here. but we have to monitor the temperatures as they go below freezing, just barely. that could create some of that icing. we'll continue to follow this hour by hour as we go through the day with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. i was contemplating last week whether or not i should take the ice scraper out of the inside of my car and put it in the trunk. i thought, sure, i could put it in my trunk, no more snow. luckily i didn't. it continues to be a mess out there. >> smart move jacqueline london. christine maddela keeping her eye on the trouble spots on the
4:33 pm
road. >> you need that to brush off your car and this accident on interstate 80 at pocono interchange, it's been out there for hours, still causing problems, a big backup out there. as you can see, they have heavy duty equipment to tend to that. most of the area are seeing wet roads. be careful, there are some slushy spots, especially on the shoulders and some in the medians, on the grassy surfaces. if you're making turns, entering and exiting interstates on the ramp just be careful. there are some slushy and slick spots as snow continues to fall in parts of our area. take it easy. we've seen several accidents, disabled vehicles causing slowdowns. 39 minutes woodhaven to the vine street expressway. at the jersey shore, questions remain today about the evacuation of a rehab center in ocean county. these ambulances from atlantic county helped move 300 passengers from crystal lake
4:34 pm
center in bayville. a fuel spill caused strong odors. we have been calling the center and the fire department. we are not getting any response right now about whether those patients are still evacuated. a big thank you today from the philadelphia police department to some school children. they honored slain sergeant robert wilson iii in a special way. the kids from decatur elementary sends letters of encouragement and appreciation to the officers of the 22nd district where sergeant wilson served. the police say this act of kindness certainly goes a long way. officers wanted to offer their thanks to the children. sergeant wilson murdered earlier this month. he was gunned down as he tried to stop a robbery attempt. the police commissioner says wilson saved the lives of other people in the gamestop in north philadelphia when he confronted those suspects. the department's medal of valor has been renamed in his honor. wilson was in full uniform and police say two brothers open fire on him. carlton hipps and ramone williams are in jail. they await trial.
4:35 pm
governor tom wolf says he is standing behind his choice for pennsylvania's top cop, despite a new scandal. colonel marcus brown was head of maryland state police before wolf's choice to be head of pa police. he apologized for taking down two roadside signs critical of him. governor wolf says he's 100% behind his nominee. >> he acknowledges he made a mistake. he was acting as a father and was upset with what he saw, that his children were seeing and he has apologized for it. seems to me he's done the right thing. he behaved humanly and in the end, humanely and legally. >> and as wolf said brown says those signs were put up in front of his children's bus stop. as a father he didn't want his children to see them. happening this week in new jersey, a rally at the state house in trenton to push for the legalization of marijuana.
4:36 pm
several different groups in the garden state who want legal marijuana plan a rally tomorrow at 2 p.m. the so-called million joint margins at the trenton transit center. that moves to the state house. local superstar mo'ne davis will be at the barnes and noble in center city tomorrow night, signing her new book. 13-year-old davis, the first girl to throw a shutdown in the little league world series. the book is a memoir of her success on and off the pitcher's mound. >> making everyone want to throw like her. >> we wish. today a little extra food for thought. >> the proposed changes to some of the most popular produce we eat every day. also today -- >> reporter: seals showing up in large numbers on jersey shore beaches. >> we're getting five six, seven calls a day. >> reporter: why the harsh winter has so many seals coming ashore now. also potatoes that won't bruise apples that won't turn
4:37 pm
brown. wait until you hear how they plan to do that. the produce of the future. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- gamblers won more than $1 million with unshuffled cards at this a.c. casino. now they're betting on a judge to save their winnings. at issue, we are officially in march madness. brackets are filled. the big dance is under way and the games will rake in billions of dollars. we discuss if student athletes are entitled to a slice of that pay. coming up at 11:30 sunday following "meet the press."
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jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail. might want to take it easy out there. wintry mix has the potential to create hazards on the way home. showing the afternoon rush along
4:41 pm
interstate 95 in south philadelphia moving along pretty well there. they are safe the world from federal health officials on genetically engineered potatoes and apples. today the fda approved the foods for sale. the fda also stated food was altered dna is just as nutritious as the real deal. the approved potatoes are sold under the name innate the apples under arctic apples. carseat maker graco must pay $3 million in fines for taking too long to report a problem. federal officials say the company was too slow addressing complaints about difficult to open car seat buckles. they must also spend an additional $7 million improving child seat car safety. the company replaced the faulty buckles. u.s. department of secretary said quote parents need to know that the seats they trust to protect their children are safe and that when there's a problem, the manufacturer will meet its obligation to fix the defect quickly. the danger of texting may be
4:42 pm
getting through to teenagers. researchers say they are steering away from the practice of texting and driving. the news isn't all good. while slightly fewer teenagers have texting behind the wheel, they are still multitasking. teens adds minute to changing clothes or shoes while driving. others say they put on makeup, change contact lenses or do homework. her job is to serve and protect. and a job like that sometimes comes with perks, including rubbing elbows with the most powerful people on the planet. from the streets of camden to 1600 pennsylvania avenue that's what happened to this police officer. today she tells local kids what it was like to have a meeting with the president. well snow continues to fall, like here in overbrook. we're looking at the potential for some dangerous conditions in some areas heading toward night fall. find out when the storm will make its exit and i'm tracking improvements for your weekend. my exclusive "nbc10 news" seven-day forecast.
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drivers won't be getting anywhere quickly in these conditions as we take a look at the afternoon rush along interstate 295 in burlington county this friday afternoon. to a big thrill. from camden new jersey to the white house. >> today a local police officer who recently met with president obama shared her experience with some local students. nbc10 at st. joe's cathedral school in camden where camden county police officer virginia ma matias spoke. this is a photo from that visit. president obama invited her and several other officers from around the country to discuss policing strategies with him and with vice president biden. at the time she told us it focused on how law enforcement
4:47 pm
and communities can work hand in hand. the students of course, asked her what it was like to visit the white house. she also encouraged students to follow their dreams. we've had snow falling all day. and it continues across the area. this is just outside the station. we showed you city avenue the main road a little while ago. this is monument avenue the side road. this also looks like it's mainly just wet. and the traffic is going okay. but we have a first alert continuing through the night tonight because of the possibility of some changes going on here. the slushy snow ending and some
4:48 pm
freezing drizzle developing. it's going to be a lot of moisture hanging around in the atmosphere. just cold enough in some spots to create icy spots. actually the driveways and sidewalks as you get up in the moempk. some snowfall totals in new jersey, florence voorhees, 4 inches so far. we'll continue to update these and tweet them and send them out to you. boyertown, 6 inches. 6 inches in lynnport. 5 in media. and it's almost over in some of those areas. you can see the back edge of this very, very clearly. it ends in lancaster, half of reading, it's over already but still coming down pretty hard in new castle, delaware. but not for long. coming down hard in burlington, county. ocean county getting hit hard now. philadelphia had a burst coming through, but now it's much lighter.
4:49 pm
and that trend may be down for the rest of the evening. 31 in kennett square. as we watch this temperature very carefully. you can see how borderline it is for so many places. oxford in chester county 32. in delaware pretty close, too. middletown 33. mt. holly, 32. vineland, 33 degrees. it's all about the temperature. now that the moisture's going to hang around it's not going to be snowing. but we watch temperatures at the shore, too. this is the rain at 6:00. temperatures well above the freezing mark. 8:00 well above freezing. so, we're just talking about wet roads from beach haven into the delaware beaches. it doesn't look like it's going to drop significantly. it's not going to drop to the freezing point in that part of the area. but it will be marginal north and west especially.
4:50 pm
the places with the most snow have the best chance of seeing some icy spots later on tonight with a freezing drizzle. so, the snow is ending early from west to east. 30 by morning in philadelphia. 28 north and west. you're going to dry out gradually during the day tomorrow. we have fog in the morning. the moisture hanging around. but then we get well up into the 40s later on during the day. some places could hit 50. nobody's hitting 50 on sunday. a cold front comes through. it's breezy and cold. even colder on monday. the average high is 54. we're not even close to that. until the end of the week, that is. look at thursday. 62 degrees. even if we get some showers, that's rain showers. a lot of people might be a lot happier with that. one of the other things we have to watch this evening is possibility for power outages, the heavy, wet snow up on the trees. >> you can see how heavy it is when you're trying to brush it
4:51 pm
off your car. >> it is heavy to shovel. makes for great snowmen. >> on this first day of spring. >> yeah. >> safe to say a lot of people have had enough of winter, right? >> yeah done. it's not just having an impact on people though. today seals stranded at the shore. how the severe cold may be to blame. and why you may regret it if you feel tempted to help these creatures in crisis. all new tonight on nbc10 at 5:00 gambling on the legal system. why card players from the golden nugget are hoping a lawsuit will put cash in their pockets.
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looks desolet out there. sure bet the snow kept people inside. if you're at the beach this weekend, you might see one seals is what we're talking about. they're showing up in big number as long the coast and experts believe the harsh winter weather is likely a factor. >> ted greenberg tells us the sightings are also prompting concerns about safety. >> reporter: they're being spotted along the jersey shore, seals turning up on the sand. >> it's been busy. we're getting five six, seven calls a day. >> reporter: in over a week 40 harbor and gray seals have been reported. >> that is a large number. >> reporter: with calls coming from every coastal county. seal sightings are common in march, but not necessarily this many in such a short time span. the head of marine mammal stranding center says blame the
4:56 pm
brutally cold that froze the back bay. >> now that the ice is melting, they're out in the beaches feeding, waiting for the herring to come up the coast. >> reporter: they say if you see a seal on the beach, keep your distance. try to take' photo of it, send it to them and let the experts check it out. >> just give us a call right away. they're very aggressive. their only defense is biting. and if he latches onto you, you'll be feeling that pain for some time. >> reporter: with the exception of two seals still recovering at the stranding center, most have been healthy. more will likely surface in the coming months a display of nature close to people, with instincts from the wild. tetd green ted greenberg, nbc10. next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, winter's last snow behind us. >> oh we're revving up our live team coverage. >> that's right. it's been an all-day affair. our next concern even as the snow moves out is freezing drizzle. i'll let you know what to expect as we head into the rest of the night and also your weekend
4:57 pm
forecast. also mystery solved. the ocean stole a family's vacation memories when it washed away this camera. the camera was found but no one knew who owned it until now. next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00 snowy conditions causing crashes across the area. take a look at this photo from atlantic county.
5:00 pm
on the atlantic city expressway at 3:00 this afternoon. new jersey state police tweeting out more than 130 crashes have been reported since the snow got under way. >> the snow has been falling all day as the last hours of winter tick away. nbc10 cameras were in germantown as the flakes fell steadily. >> a look at conditions on i-295 south in mt. laurel burlington county. traffic moving along at a crawl. >> the first flakes began falling this morning and the winter weather continues. here's a look at nbc10 first alert radar. >> first alert weather team tracking the snow with temperatures hovering near the freezing mark. let's get right to nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the snow is winding down in parts of the area. the flakes are getting smaller. you can see i-95 more clearly. the snow is accumulating at the parking lots but not on i-95 itself. we do have a first alert continuing through t


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