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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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overage to keep you prepared. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. where's the rest of the snow right now? >> well it is exiting stage right into new jersey. you can see the live shot of i-95. we've been watching all afternoon. not seeing snowflakes. the traffic is moving fine. and the visibility is improved. we continue to have the first alert out there. not just for the messy roads that exist right now but also for the potential of freezing drizzle as we go into the night. there will be a lot of moisture hanging around. not a lot of wind. we're not going to see the humidity drop a lot. that could create some icy spots early on saturday until the sun comes up. you can see over the six-hour period, everything is moving. to the east. and ending in lancaster county berks county lehigh valley poconos, about to end in chester county. it's even changed to rain in some areas. and what a sharp edge from heavy snow in northern burlington
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county to heavy rain in southern burlington county. that's pretty amazing. it's now raining in northern delaware and just about into the philadelphia area. we had a little snow in center city and rain not far away and the temperatures borderline. right on the edge of the freezing mark. as the sun goes down, we do have the chance of getting some icing. more on the temperature changes and the rest of the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. an update now on this single car crash along the atlantic city expressway in atlantic county today. new jersey state police say two people have died from their injuries after this crash this afternoon. only one westbound lane is getting by right now. taking another live look at the roads from stormforce10. this is merchantville, camden county. again, a reminder for drivers in philadelphia lincoln drive shut down in both directions because of a tree down near gypsy lane. one of the first spots to see
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snow today in our area was chester county. nbc10's tim furlong live tonight in kennett square. what are conditions there right now? >> reporter: the good news is it's not snowing any more. can you probably see on our camera, it's spitting rain here. this is what is left. kind of a little slurpy like material on top of my car here. you can see that's what's leftover on the sidewalk here too. that could freeze up overnight. as for the total amount in a lot of the areas we went to in chester county, knorr northern delaware, this is about as much as we got in kennett square. not insignificant. the main roads were a little slushy but not too bad. penndot tells me the road surface temperatures have been up lately so it made life a little easier for them today. a little salting here and there, especially on the back hill roads of montgomery county chester county but in most spots is wasn't too bad. wasn't a plowable amount of snow. as we come back live along state
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street in kennett square the travel lanes are looking okay. they're just wet. the side streets, you can see, there's a little slush in the parking spot lanes there. of course the one thing we really want to hit on is the sidewalks. be careful as you go out tonight because those in kennett square haven't been treated so be extra careful as they freeze up overnight. tim furlong, "nbc10 news." most kids had to make the snowy trek to school this morning. wayne avenue in germantown where kids hurried to get to the steel school. they didn't hurry right there. they're waiting for the safe crossing. jesse gary continuing team coverage in center city. traffic near city hall can be a headache on a normal friday. how is it looking tonight? >> reporter: as you would imagine, it's a slow go home this evening because of the slushy conditions out on the roadway and particularly on the sidewalks, which have not been treated. but they are clearing the area
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around citile hall. see that machine that guy is driving? that's been able to blow up on the sidewalks here. so, this is clear and easy to walk. your problem will be where this has not been cleared. snoi snowfall about 15 minutes ago it tapered and then five minutes ago returned with heavy flakes. one woman said she does not mind this winterry start to spring. >> imglad it's doing one more round. it's not sticking. it looks nice. i'm okay with it. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. as long as it doesn't stick, i'm not sick of it. >> reporter: but it is likely to freeze later tonight. you see all that slush and water on the street. keep that in mind if you're out late tonight. this could be a refreeze situation where you have a lot of ice on the roads. live outside philadelphia city haul, center city jesse gary nbc10. nbc10 was along jersey shore
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when the first flakes started to fall this morning. the black horse pike in atlantic city mostly wet for drivers there today. snow's moving out tonight but our nbc10 first alert weather app will help you plan for the weekend ahead. download it for free to get interactive radar and seven-day forecast on your smartphone. to other news now. senseless and stupid that's how philadelphia's top cop describes the murder of a man who was walking his dog today, the 15-year-old accused of firing the fatal shot surrendered to police. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey isn't holding back his thoughts on this crime. nbc10's deanna durante live in overbrook where the philadelphia father was gunned down last week. you also reached out to the high school where the three suspects were students? >> reporter: we have. we spoke to a number of students outside the school. they tell us that not too many people are talking about allegedly happened although some tell us they're surprised the students were so close to home. now, it was last thursday night when police say that group of
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boys was here in this neighborhood when they decided to rob a 51-year-old man. >> i've seen some very young people commit heinous crimes. >> reporter: it's not the age of the two suspects that has philadelphia's police commissioner furious. >> how much money can you possibly have walking your dog? anybody that has a dog, knows -- most you got your keys with you. i mean, you're walking your dog. so, what are you going to get from something like that? it's just stupid. >> reporter: it's the motive behind the brutal crime. sources say both tyfine hamilton and brandon smith have confessed their roles in the murtd of james stuhlman who was walking his dog when the teens went to rob him. police are working on the case despite the reported confessions, and where the teens got their hands on the guns used to commit the crime. >> hopefully they spent the rest of their lives in jail. i have no sympathy for them none at all. >> reporter: the commissioner says all the sympathy goes to the family of stuhlman whose wife and daughter who will never see him again. reporting live in overbrook,
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deanna durante, "nbc10 news." we have new information now on a woman found murdered inside a boarding house. she was found shot inside a home on spruce street in west philadelphia. police say her body was found this morning under a burned mattress. we've now learned the victim is a woman named geneva owens. police are looking for her killer. a war of words today from two candidates in the philadelphia city council district 7 case. manny morales spoke today about what his manager calls a facebook fiasco. morales says he wants to concentrate on his campaign and the voters. he says he is not quitting the race. candidate's opponent and current councilwoman sanchez showed us racist sexist and homophobic comments on his facebook page. morales says he never posted that that and his facebook was hacked or they were photoshopped. >> those are not my views and i
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did not make those postings. i love every human being as equal, all. that's what i will do. i will work for all the constituents of this district. >> morales' campaign manager says an internal forensic investigation into the posts is under way. late this afternoon, sanchez released a statement. in part it says quote, we welcome further investigation into manny morales' social media postings because it will further illustrate that manny morales is not only a bigot, he is also a liar. end quote. new information now on a story we first told you about last night at 6:00. a mercer county father accused of child endangerment is now in police custody. jonathan rivas turned himself in last night. they say he along with haydee santana put their own kids at risk. they found the five kids malnourished and in need of medical care. the house had no electricity or heat. both are held on $150,000 bail.
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new at 6:00 from our south jersey bureau. a major announce nounsment regarding the future of the old dupont owned plant in gloucester county. it will become a new delaware river port. the dupont site is located in greenwich township. it was once a nitroglycerine factory and chemical plant but it's been closed for more than a decade. the investment group plans to purchase the site turn it into a newport. it's expected to bring more jobs and economic opportunity to the area. >> there is an area of growth in ports. and we want to be part of that growth. that's where the good paying middle class jobs are. >> no word on how much the site is selling for or how long it will take to complete the project. well it's not the way we wanted to start spring. later this evening, winter is over in less than an hour but doesn't look like it outside. a live look from i-95 in south philadelphia right now. changing conditions later tonight could create a new concern on the roads.
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glenn? >> yeah once that snow leaves freezing drizzle could develop, creating slick spots. i'm tracking the change in precipitation plus the warm-up that's finally going to make this snow melt. big railroad repairs could upset small town haynes port and businesses here tell me there was no warning signal. road closures could force them to close their doors. i'll explain next.
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nbc10 first alert weather tracking snowfall. mostly rain now in cape may. nbc10 first alert traffic reporter christine maddela is monitoring the road conditions. any trouble spots out there? >> there have been trouble spots. it's been a messy commute, not just because of the road conditions, the slush and wet roads, but accidents. interstate 95 at 676, vine street expressway there is an accident blocking the right lane. be on the lookout for that. on i-95 we've watched an accident on the blue route. stacking things up on interstate 95 as well as the blue route and interstate 295. you can see there is some police
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activity out there due to an accident on interstate 295. be careful as you head out today because there are a lot of problems. including this downed tree on lincoln drive. it's closed in both directions at gypsy lane. taking a look at your drive times, look at this it is slow. getting better about 31 minutes, 95 southbound from wood haven road to the mine street speedway. new at 6:00 bill big railroad versus small mom and pops. business owners in one south jersey town say a railroad renovation project snuck up on them. the renovation project is affecting haynesport. owners are worried it will cripple their businesses. south jersey bureau reporter cydney long has the story tonight. >> i may lose a lot a lot of business. >> reporter: kelly and her husband say they didn't see it coming. >> there was no courtesy. >> reporter: subcontractors for con rail giving only a week's notice that the intersection, a
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dividing line between haynesport and mt. laurel will be closed beginning monday until april 13th. it will impact a number of businesses who are counting on spring traffic. >> easter spring break, college break. >> reporter: this restaurant has been attracting locals for 29 years. d.j.'s deli for 25. there's also a dentist, caterer and hair salon. >> they're sabotaging our business, pretty much. for four weeks straight. >> people cannot access hainsport with this bridge out. >> reporter: they alerted conrail, the work must be complete within four weeks, not three months the railroad asked for. businesses say there could be rain delays. they're worried also about emergency response. >> you have state troopers that come over to 95 for an emergency, what have you. >> you live in this area to my left you can't get over here without going miles out of the
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way. >> reporter: it's about a five-mile detour. signs posted alert drivers that with the intersection closure, businesses will remain open. the county says all first responders are being notified of the detour options and they will post those on social media. business owners plan to reach out to senator for oversight on the project. in the meantime the county says it will begin a serious ofes of 911 calls to alert them that the work begins here on monday. from hainesport, cydney long, "nbc10 news." new information this evening about that crash on the new jersey turnpike last june that injured comedian tracy morgan. court papers show the children of james mcnair, who died in the crash, won a $10 million settlement from walmart. he died when a walmart truck crashed into a van he was riding with morgan and others. the 30 rock" star suffered a traumatic brain injury. back to our weather now.
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at least one place appreciating this last blast of winter. taking a live look at camelback mountain resort in the poconos. skiers, snowboarders, they love night skiing and conditions are great tonight. here's glenn with more on what we ask expect around the region. >> and the snow has stopped in the poconos as well. it's pretty much stopped outside our station here. and the traffic is moving just fine even on the side street here monument road. that's an indication of improving conditions. we have other issues to deal with. here's the latest snowfall reports. 5 inches in florence, new jersey. mays landing at 3. we'll continue to update these on the web and tweet them out to you. lynnport, 7.3 inches. berks county 6 1/2. media, delaware county 6.1. so north of the pennsylvania turnpike, you got the most snow.
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and it was all snow as expected there. you can see, things continuing to move from west to east. it's over in berks county and chester county and lancaster county. but here's the issue. nothing on radar in harrisburg but they're reporting drizzle and 32 degrees. that's what i'm concerned about around here. temperature just going below freezing and a little drizzle hanging around, even when the snow moves out. we still have maybe a couple hours more of snow in parts of new jersey. burlington county still getting nailed. parts of 295, mercer county still getting it. ocean county. and the temperatures are marginal here. 31, kennett square. 32 trenton. 32 in quakertown and allentown, pottstown. only a couple degrees down. and those parking lots and the sidewalks get icy later on tonight. and first thing in the morning going to have to keep an eye on these temperatures all night. now, obviously, the
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precipitation moves out. the temperatures move down but they don't move down a lot because even a lot of moisture hanging around. during the night tonight. so that won't allow the moisture to move out. won't allow the dry air to move in or colder air to move in. so the snow is ending early. we have a chance of freezing drizzle. by morning 30 for the low in philadelphia. 28 north and west. and if we get down to those numbers, there will be some icy spots around first thing. but it's going to warm up quickly. that late march sun is very powerful. with mostly cloudy skies, we get up well into the 40s. that's still below average. we get even colder. another cold shot on sunday. 54 degrees is the average high. by monday we're 39. so, now we're talking about melting and refreezing as we go into monday night and tuesday night.
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then it starts to warm up. 54, milder on wednesday. 62 with showers on thursday. i'm afraid the long-range pattern still shows cold for the rest of the month. villanova getting ready for their second game in the ncaa tournament. we'll go live to pittsburgh coming up next.
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i'm john clark. villanova getting ready for their second gachlt ncaa tournament tomorrow night against nc states. the cats are coming off the most
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lopsided game of the tournament. it was a laugher against lafayette. nova won by 41 points. their second most dominateing postseason win. the cats shot 63%, their best shooting percentage in ten years. now, villanova turns its attention to north carolina state. with more on that match-up, neil hartman is live in pittsburgh. >> reporter: well john, i'm at the villanova team hotel. all the fans have been enjoying themselves all day. the players and coaches have been busy preparing for north carolina state. the wolfpack has beaten duke and north carolina this season. while villanova hasn't played nc state this season, they're familiar with the type of team. >> between two teams, providence and st. john's on the providence side they're big, they run the ball very well. the st. john's side, their guards can really go. everybody isolates and kind of -- the guards dominate the ball. going to be a tough match. >> definitely big shooters.
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they definitely are big on the inside. definitely remind us of providence. >> reporter: well just so you know they have beaten providence three times this season. most recently a week ago when they beat the friars by two in the semifinals of the bis big east tournament. villanova will be trying to get to the sweet 16 for the first time since 2009 when they were at the final four the last time. back to you. >> thanks. that is a good sign. flyers coach met with goalie steve mason to clear the air. he pulled mason down 2-0 late in the second period last night. flyers went on to lose 4-1. mason was not happy about it. was the coach trying to give this team a spark? >> part of it, but i didn't like the goals. >> second one, too? >> yep. >> just wasn't happy with the way my game was going. i was making good saves. he was trying to change things up by changing goalies.
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unfortunately, it didn't go our way. phillies and pirates in grapefruit league play. a two-run shot. pirates win 6-5. phillies top prospect franco was optioned to the minor leagues.
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the most common side effects are nausea diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. this photo just in of lincoln and fairmont park. the road is closed at gypsy lane because of this free that's fallen in the middle of the road. you want to avoid that area for a little while until crews can get that tree cleared up. that's a worry for the rest of the evening. >> yeah some of the tree branches go down and that causes power outages. so, the snow vengtof course very very heavy. it's changed from snow to rain at philadelphia international. changed in northern delaware, much of south jersey. but burlington county, northern burlington county still getting smashed, as it lower bucks county mercer county as well.
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another update coming at 11:00 tonight. glenn, for for all of us at "nbc10 news." the news continues with "nbc nightly news." on this friday night, bombing massacre. hundreds of worshippers killed and injured, many of them children as isis claims another horrific attack. wild start to spring. a big snowstorm hitting in the east where it still feels very much like winter while the drought-stricken west bakes in the heat. how far will officials go to save water? alzheimer's drug being called a potential silver bullet to slow down memory loss in people showing symptoms. new hope tonight in the race to fight the disease. and past life what one little boy told his mother about the life he once lived, a story you might find unbelievable until you hear what he knows. "nightly news" begins now.


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