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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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snow and ice turn deadly on the roads. at least two people killed as winter weather leads to more than 100 crashes in a single day.
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an nbc 10 viewer sent us this video of a track fire on septa. the agency is trying to figure out whether the salt caused the fire. it happened on the market-frankford line. and in camden snow likely caused this roof collapse on chestnut street. a second home is also in danger of collapse. both homes were abandoned. it is officially spring but seems we aren't finished with winter. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. you can see from the radar, most of the snow's moved out of here but left a host of problems behind. >> we have live team coverage on the snow and the icy conditions we're still seeing. glenn schwartz has the forecast for us. >> if the temperatures drop a little bit, there's going to be more and more icing. you can see in the live picture outside the station, the road a
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little bit on the wet side. a couple of degrees colder, it's ice. in the parking lots there's snow and slush right now. and that's going to be slippery in the morning. the storm has pretty much moved out. certainly the snow. but we're left with little pockets of drizzle and with the temperature down below freezing in some places as you can see, that's freezing drizzle like in trenton and allentown, pottstown, just barely freezing so it's not widespread. but there are issues with that. as the storm ends we have that freezing drizzle in some parts of the area. patchy icing tonight. and we'll still have some icy spots until about 8:00 or so. as soon as that sun comes up things are really going to start melting. the amounts of snow got a lot to melt in parts of buck county. philly international, 3.9. we'll talk more about other snow totals and see what's in store.
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60 degrees at least one day in the seven-day coming up. we have seen crash after crash because of those slick conditions. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in cheltenham. what's going on? >> reporter: we have seen a lot of crashes in the last few hours. the concern going forward, that refreezing glenn was talking about here on the streets. clean-up crews saved these two cars in cheltenham collided head-on, not much left after the horrific crash. the roads here definitely slick but still unclear if weather was the culprit. and earlier on the atlantic city expressway two people were killed in a fiery accident. new jersey state police responding to more than 100 crashes, saying people were driving far too fast for these winter conditions. >> take it as slow as possible. hope everybody behind me notices
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this giant mattress on top of the car. >> reporter: james baylor hit the road at rush hour with heavy snow falling on this first day of spring. >> i expected sunshine and flowers. but this is what mother nature has to over. >> reporter: old man winter doesn't know when to quit getting the last laugh here in maple shade burlington county. some 5 inches of heavy, wet snow ironic because when the clock struck 6:45 p.m. it meant spring has formally arrived. so it is 6:45, which means as of this minute, it is officially spring. >> yeah. love the spring weather we've got here. >> i'd rather have the spring weather. >> reporter: and you can see that water pooling on the side streets. back here live in cheltenham. the concern going into the overnight hours is that water refreezing on the surfaces. you can look for frozen parking lots and sidewalks first thing tomorrow morning. randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news.
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take a look at this messy situation. a good-sized tree fell onto the road late this afternoon. lincoln drive just reopened a little more than an hour ago. drivers taking it slowly tonight in woodland-delaware county. a lot of snow and slush on roads across the entire area. and you really have to be careful on foot too, as the temperatures drop tonight. stay ahead of any storm with our nbc 10 first alert weather app. get updates sent straight to your home. it's a free download on we are following breaking news. a scare at new orleans international airport. authorities say tsa agents shot a man with a machete three times at a security checkpoint. we've learned one tsa agent was hurt but is expected to survive. a bystander was also grazed by a stray bullet. you're looking at witness video of the incident. it prompted the shutdown of concourse "b" but the rest of the airport remains open.
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new at 11:00, back here at home a bank robber targeted a city center bank on this friday night. nbc 10 outside the td bank not far from city hall around 8:00 tonight. police say they thought one suspect inside the bank but there might be a second suspect still out there. no word on how much money was taken. killed while on their way home from church. tonight, we're learning about the two people who died in a crash with a suspected drunk driver. >> we brought you to story as breaking news last night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. nbc 10's george spencer is live tonight in feasterville. george, what have you learned? >> reporter: the two victims were basically neighbors returning together from church. 24 hours later, this scene is now clear. but tonight we've learned the driver accused of hitting them may actually have had an open container of alcohol in the car with her at the time of the crash. >> she was redecorating the
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house. >> reporter: these piles of fabric sit frozen in time on the dining table of sharon. a long interior design career halted by this deadly crash last night. the emotion? >> angish. >> reporter: you were that close to her? >> yeah. >> reporter: 79-year-old charlie was also killed. he was in the car with vince returning from an event at their church. but these images from sky 4 last night shows the pair never made it home. the 27-year-old driving a chevy ta hue tahoe, hit a curb burst her tire. and investigators confirm alcohol may have been a factor in the crash. a terrible thought for their loved ones. >> getting hit by a drunk driver
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is just a big loss for her family and myself. >> reporter: that 27-year-old driver had to be cut out of her car and rushed to the hospital for her own injuries. so far, no charges have been filed. live tonight in bucks county, george spencer, nbc 10 news. a car with three off-duty new jersey police officers crashed into a truck early this morning in staten island killing two people. tonight, investigators want to know if the driver had alcohol in his system. linden police officer frank viggiano tiedied in the crash along with another man. the driver is a police officer. investigators say they were heading the wrong way. police say the driver posted a photo to instagram a few hours earlier of three shot glasses filled with liquor. they say the four men had been at a strip club on staten island before the wreck. the cause still under investigation. tonight, we're learning more about a teenager who was found strangled inside her house in
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kensington today. her name is margaret molina. she's a high school student. tonight, police are questioning suspects but have not revealed a motive. new at 11:00, former pennsylvania state senator vincent fumo wants a judge to release him from his supervised probation two years early. he's only served a year of his three-year term. in a petition filed today, he said he'll be 70 years old soon and has health problems. in tonight, he was found guilty of defrauding the state senate and two charities out of millions of dollars. pennsylvania governor tom wolf standing behind his controversial pick for pennsylvania's cop top despite republican lawmakers calling on the governor to withdraw his pick. yesterday, brown apologized for
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taking down two roadside signs that criticized him. his actions sparked a misdemeanor theft investigation. today, governor wolf addressed the controversy. >> he acknowledges that he made a mistake, that he was acting as a father and was upset with what he saw, that his children were seen and he has apologized for it. seems to me he's done the right thing. >> brown says the signs were put up in front of his children's bus stop. and as a father, he didn't want his kids to see them. this first day of spring dumped up to 7 inches of snow in parts of our area. when this winter weather will break and how soon temperatures will hit 60. penn state students protesting a fraternity's punishment for allegedly posting naked pictures. what two lawmakers are doing to make stricter laws when it comes to what you put online. you're going to be feeling that pain. >> plus, seals showing up on the jersey shore in big numbers.
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why officials say they're prone to attack you and your pets.
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call for action at penn state. dozens of students gathering to demonstrate against a fraternity there, kappa delta ro is accused of posting nude photos of women on a facebook page. protesters want the university to cut ties with the fraternity. >> we demand that all responsible parties, those who are found to have participated both actively and passively in exploiting and endangering our fellow penn staters be expelled from the university. >> the fraternity's national organization has already suspended the chapter in state college. that scandal could result in a new state law. two pennsylvania lawmakers proposing a bill to amend the law. the new bill would add penalties
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for people who publish unauthorized pictures of people they don't know. the current law only applies when the victim has a relationship with the person who publishes the photos. new information at 11:00 on a mother found murdered inside a philadelphia home. she was found shot inside a house on spruce street in west philadelphia. police say her body was found underneath a burned mattress. we have learned the victim is 29-year-old geneva owens who you see pictured here. police are still looking for her killer. if you know anything, please give them a call. a 15-year-old accused of murdering a man walking his dog has surrendered to police. high school freshman tyfine hamilton is accused of killing james patrick stuhlman. nbc 10 was there as police searched hamilton's family home in west philadelphia earlier today. >> how much money can you
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possibly have walking your dog? at most, you have your keys with you. but you're walking your dog. what are you going to get from something like that? it's just stupid. >> brandon smith was also arrested in connection with the murder earlier this week. a 14-year-old is charged with lesser crimes. messages of protests found scrawled across the ground in front of philadelphia police headquarters today. it reads, killer cops destroying communities. followed by by #whokilledbrandontatebrown. it comes a day after two officers were cleared of criminal wrongdoing in the shooting death of brandon tate-brown. prosecutors say tate-brown did not comply with police requests and was reaching for a gun in his car when officers shot him. last night, we showed you how loud protests interrupted a community policing meeting in northeast philadelphia. the protesters were angry over
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the decision not to name or prosecute the officers involved in tate-brown's death. ten demonstrators were arrested. from our jersey shore bureau, the search to find the owners of a video camera that washed up on a beach is over tonight. an nbc 10 viewer helped solve the mystery. the camera is full of vacation memories for eileen and her family and will soon be back in their hands. yesterday we told you how cape may police needed help identifying the family seen on videos on a go-pro camera. but friends of the family recognized them and sent an e-mail to eileen after watching the story. >> it's given me a priceless gift. i have refound trust in people and something that i can pass on to my children. >> cape may police are mailing that go-pro camera back to the family. seals are showing up in
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large numbers along the jersey shore. in just over a week people reported seeing at least 40 harbor and gray seals. sightings are common in march but not this many in such a short amount of time. brigantine police blame a cold weather. more will likely surface in the coming months. a cold start to spring too. >> a cold and wet and snowy start to spring. not what anyone expected. >> that's right. but, remember in 1968 on this date we had 10 inches in philadelphia. and up to 50 in chester county. so we got off light. now you can see, the traffic is moving fine on i-95 in south philly. but the road's wet. the road's wet in the parking lots. so with the temperatures we have to monitor, possibly some icy spots. in pennsylvania 7 inches of snow in warminster. 6.5 in huffs church.
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6.1 in lehigh valley. in new jersey burlington township, 6.6. lawrenceville, 5. atlantic city airport, only 0.3 at last report. in delaware not much south of newcastle county. claymont at 3 inches. newcastle itself at 1.7. glasgow, 0.8. there it is. the snow going away. it's moved out. but we have enough moisture left in the atmosphere for a little bit of drizzle. and that's why we have to follow these temperatures. places like chester springs, 30 degrees. trenton at 30. some icy spots. you have to watch out for those first thing in the morning if you get up early enough. forsham at 31. these areas that got a lot of snow will have areas with some ice. stay up or go to bed and sleep
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late and get up the march sun will help melt a lot of this stuff tomorrow. 32 degrees in mount holly. it's warmer farther to the south. the temperatures are not going to drop dramatically overnight tonight. but the thing we're watching for just dropping enough to create some icy patches. now, this high-resolution model showing a little bit of that drizzle through much of the night tonight and then it moves out in the morning. we get some fog as you wake up. you wait a couple of hours, the sun may start coming out a little bit. and the snow starts to melt. and no threat of icing after that. just sleep a little later. the patchy freezing drizzle overnight tonight, 30 degrees for a low in philadelphia. 28 north and west. and during the day tomorrow the fog starts in the morning and then it gets milder. despite mostly cloudy skies, highs in the upper 40s. it's going to seem kind of mild compared to today.
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and then on sunday, it's even colder. the high of only 42. the average high is 54 this time of year. and only 39 on monday. and then what happens here? you melt the snow and then you freeze it at night. look at the temperatures in the 20s, even in philadelphia. so we'll have melting and freezing issues for a couple of days. but then we start warming up. wednesday to 54. and thursday to 62 with some showers. but it does look like at the end of the month, it's going to get cold again. update now on the breaking news we brought you earlier out of louis armstrong new orleans international airport. authorities say a man was shot at a security checkpoint after he cut a guard with a machete and sprayed two others with wasp spray. the jefferson parish sheriff says the man got into a confrontation with the guard at the tsa pre-check line then sprayed the guards and cut a female officer's arm. that's when an officer shot him three times.
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the sheriff says the man was unresponsive when taken to the hospital. the female officer is expected to be okay. count on updates on i'm john clark. villanova getting ready for their second game of the ncaa tournament. we'll hear from head coach jay wright. and a record night for noel.
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i'm john clark. sixers tonight, the best game of nerlens noel's rookie season. he becomes the youngest player in nba history with at least 20 points ten rebounds five steals, three blocks in a game. nerlens and the sixers all over the knicks. look at this.
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dunking on them. he steals the show. there it is. one of his steals. then he's running down the floor. and nerlens is going to finish. nerlens with his best game tofrso far. the last rookie to have those stats, shaq. 22 years ago. sixers win 97-81. nerlens is getting more and more confident. >> i think it's just coming along with my confidence and continuing to wanting to be assertive on this team and be the go-to guy and continuing just to progress and dominate infully way possible. villanova is in pittsburgh getting ready for their second game in the tournament against n.c. state tomorrow night at 7:00. if they win, they will be in the sweet 16 for the first time in six years. the win over lafayette, 41 points, the most lopsided game in the tournament so far. the cats have 33 wins this season. most in big five history.
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so hartman asked wright if his team is the best this city has seen? >> there have been a lot of great teams in philadelphia. i don't know if number of wins determine ifs you're the best team or not. at the end of this tournament you can have a final evaluation of this team. phillyies' don brown has an achilles injury. phillies and pirates today, ashy hits his second homer in two days. that's a two-run shot. phillies up 5-1 but lose to the pierzynski 6-5. craig berube met with steve mason to clear the air today. they say their relationship is fine. take a look the union postponed tonight's match against dallas. as you can see, the snow. they'll take the pitch tomorrow at 4:00. happy spring, everybody. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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celebrating girls night. nbc 10 and philadelphia's northern liberties this evening hosted a girls night out. the shopping event featured local designers, boutiques as well as complimentary cocktails all benefiting an organization against trafficking women. and they were celebrating this across europe this morning. a solar eclipse. despite some cloud cover, it could be seen from greece to croatia to ireland. with a solar eclipse, it means the moon passes between the earth and the sun and casts that big shadow on the earth's surface. >> that is a spectacular thing if you ever get a chance to see it. >> it's beautiful. >> perhaps we should have been in greece today. >> yes. >> yeah. it was one of those rough days.
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tomorrow the temperature gets into the upper 40s after some morning fog. that will feel pretty nice. >> look at that 62. i'm all about that. glenn, thanks. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. have a great weekend.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeremy piven -- ariana grande --


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