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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  March 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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n we get colder temperatures and we have that this morning. look at pottstown and trenton, both at 23 degrees. 27 in millville. and middle 20s for northeast philadelphia. we'll warm only into the 40s. very low 40s this afternoon. right now some cold temperatures. 27 degrees at 7:00. at 29 degrees by 9:00. by middle of lunchtime, 35 degrees. doesn't look like spring does it? in ten minutes, i have the hour-by-hour forecast to show you how warm it will get in your neighborhood. but right now, let's go to christine maddela. good morning christine. good morning. you need to turn the heat on this morning because it's cold outside. and in the 6:00 hour that's when we see the volume increase on the major interstates in our area. like on interstate 76 the schuylkill expressway this is henderson road. the eastbound lanes. we are seeing the volume pick up but it's really not going to
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overall contribute to much of a delay yet. taking a look at the roads in the lehigh valley and interstate 78 the northeast extension still looking good if you are heading in that direction. taking a look at your drive times on 95 the southbound side is where we start to see things slow down in the morning commute. but we're still getting a green light out there. ten minutes from 495 to 295. and this is in delaware right there. you can see in that area. take a look at the bridges, everything in the clear. no openings planned so far. tracy? all right, christine, thanks. skyforce 10 just arrived over breaking news we're following in northeast philadelphia. let me tell you what's happening with police investigating an accident here near horax street. one man was rushed to the hospital with chest injuries. we are working to find out the circumstances of the accident and how the man was hurt. and new from overnight, several car owners in a philadelphia neighborhood are missing something thieves stole.
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their air bags. matt delucia is live inthis morning for us with more from rhawnhurst. >> reporter: you can see one of these damages cars here this morning. when it comes to the black market, because hondas are a more popular car, so are their air bags. this is what owners are waking up to this morning with four cars out here with broken windows and three without air bags in this area. police came out here at 2:00 this morning with the break-ins happening along the roadway. and car owners here are not very happy. we spoke to one who saw his car being burglarized. >> the guy broke the window. be careful if you have a honda because every honda they are taking the air bag. >> here's what i found out, a new air bag retail goes for
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$1,000. but only $50 to $200 on the black market. police investigators are trying to find connections between these break-ins this morning and another rash of break-ins that happened not far from here. also in rhawnhurst. what can you do to protect yourself if you don't own a honda? we're working on that story coming up in 30 minutes. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 6:03 camden county police are working to crack down whoever stabbed a man and woman in what appears to be a random attack. nbc 10 was there with officers collecting evidence at sixth and cherry. a second man was also attacked there and we don't know their conditions right now. philadelphia police are trying to find the person who shot a man in summerdale on bridge street before 1:00 this morning. that man is in critical condition shot in the arm and chest with the police saying the suspect got away in a dark-colored sedan and a bag of marijuana was left at the scene. and in southwest philadelphia, a driver is hurt
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after crashing into a concrete pole along island avenue just before 4:00 this morning. officers say the driver lost control near limberg boulevard and suffered minor injuries. a former volunteer firefighter accused of setting fires that he responded to will go on trial today. john cork ran set at least three homes ablaze in darby borough and darby township. in two of the cases he arrived on a fire truck to help put the flames out. in a separate case corcoran is accused of raping two dozen children over a two-year period. >> a man may have saved several lives when he shot and killed a gunman who open toed fire inside a barbershop. yesterday afternoon a guy got into the argument with the barber on north preston street. he pulled out a gun and started shooting another man, heard what was happening and ran into the shop and shot the gunman killing him. nbc 10 talked to the teen
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getting his haircut when the bullets started flying. >> when i was watching tv in the barbershop, i heard gunshots so i ducked and i ran. >> police say the man who killed the suspect had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. they are investigating this as a case of self-defense and have not filed charges and they have not released the name of the man killed. the philadelphia teenager is not facing charges for accidentally shooting his sister. this happened on saturday at a home on charles street in philadelphia's wissinoming neighborhood. the boy took a loaded gun out of his father's night stand and it went off hitting his sister in the head. the 11-year-old girl is in critical but stable condition. and breaking news just into nbc 10. here's a live picture of a house fire this is in willingboro. the fire started this morning just a little over an hour ago. the house is vacant is no one in
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the home was hurt. police call the deaths of a bucks county couple an apparent murder-suicide. the bodies were discovered yesterday afternoon on lampa road in the holland section of north hampton township. the bodies of the husband and wife were found in their 60s on the second floor along with a handgun. their names have not been released but we do know they owned a store on jeweler's row in center city. investigators are looking into the cause of a deadly apartment fire in philadelphia. flames broke out at 7:30 last night in the city's germantown neighborhood. they found a woman's body on the third floor. they have not released her name. and about 30 people are out of their homes this morning after a fire tore through their jersey shore apartment complex. the fire broke out around 3:00 a.m. sunday morning at somers point apartment complex in atlantic county. neighbors say one of the injured jumped from a second-floor
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balcony to escape the flames. >> my neighbor was yelling, fire, fire fire! i just lifted up the window and got my son out really quick. and then i told her, don't jump don't jump. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. 6:07. less than an hour away from sunrise. we need it. it's springtime but it feels like winter. a winter chill in the air this morning. we are in the 20s. it is freezing outside. and it's going to stay chilly through the day despite bright sunshine. bright enough for your sunglasses but you also need your winter kochltcoat. it will be a few days before temperatures reach into the 60s. we are not alone in the cold. 20 in doylestown. philadelphia at 28. cape may is 28 degrees. at least here it's just cold. in chicago, look at the snow falling. this is a live view from the streets of chicago.
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a snowy scene and that snow is going to be tracking toward our area. right now we're in the clear, but look at the snow into wisconsin, northwesterly illinois is getting some of the heavier snow and eastern iowa. now it's going to be moving our way tonight as we see the clouds, but the snow showers will get as close to central pennsylvania. and then fall apart. so we should stay dry. and we'll be dry today too. and chilly. after a cold start this morning, temperatures only in the middle 30s by lunchtime today. not much of a warm up at all. 33 degrees in allentown at that hour. 36 in dover and millville. and going into the afternoon, temperatures will peak only in the 40s. about 15 degrees colder than normal for this time of the year. yes, lots of sunshine. mostly sunny skies but breezy. the winds are out of the northwest to 20 miles an hour. that will keep a lid on the temperatures today. making weekend temperatures it will be dry but chillier on
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saturday, 46 degrees. similar to what we saw yesterday. it's sunday that will be a little bit warmer with a high of 50. yes, we'll get a warm up before we get to the weekend. i'll be back in ten. 6:10 this monday morning. we already have a few problems out there. we'll check on the morning commute. now to an update from christine maddela. what are you seeing christine? >> it's cold out there but road conditions are good. that's good news for drivers out there. in taking a wider view at the roads with realtime traffic data, a lot of green including into south jersey 295 and the pennsylvania turnpike and the blue route. so all the majors overall are looking pretty good. but it is this hour when things are starting to stack up. interstate 95 at girard avenue, the increased volume especially on the southbound side that's just normal for a monday morning especially heading closer to 7:00. but overall right now, you can see southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. we are still getting a green light to take you 14 minutes
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even though there's increased volume. we are still looking good as does the blue route southbound heading from the schuylkill to 95. 6:10 right now. out with the old, in with the new. the new credit card technology that is supposed to protect you from getting ripped off. and twitter chat. a bloomberg college player lashes out at mo'ne davis.
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caring for you and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med.
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this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. 6:13. suspected killer robert durst is expected in court today. his lawyer wants to challenge his gun charges calling it unlawful based on an unlawful warrant. he says it is possible to depend him against the murder charges he's facing after killing his
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friend 15 years ago. and new this morning lawmakers is a i theysay they need to hear from four secret service agents. he wants them to testify at a hearing tomorrow as they look into the incident that happened on march 4th when two agents allegedly were drinking before crashing the car near the white house disrupting the investigation into a suspicious package. yesterday lawmakers sent a letter to joseph clancey demanding he make the witnesses testify. he has until 3:00 today to respond. new credit cards with new technology are coming soon and experts say they cut the chance of you getting ripped off. they are called smart card technology already being phased into use for credit and debit cards in this country. those cards contain a chip to protect your information. mastercard and visa have set a deadline to make the switch.
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expect to get one of the new cards in the mail in the next six to eight months. and more crash-strapped americans are turning to refund advances instead of waiting for their refunds. but they are complaining that regulators are not sure how much the advances cost them in fees. the consumer financial protection bureau is finalizing rules on prepaid debit cards to disclose the fees and the risks on those prepaid cards. and this is your time to find out about hundreds of job openings. the spring jobs fair is running at dover's campus running from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you can earn up to $15 an hour. younger job seekers must be between 14 and 17 years of age.
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applications will be available at baldwin's run community center and the department of health and human services. today marks five years since president obama signed the affordable care act. according to the census bureau in 2010 close to 50 million people were uninsured. now that number is between 30 and 40 million. five years ago health insurance was not required by law and now it is and the uninsured face fines from the irs. officials kickoff an event later today. this year's theme is expect the unexpected. the police and transportation workers are encouraging drivers to use caution when going through construction zones. speaking of driving, anything you may face heading out the door we'll check the traffic. >> here's christine maddela. hey, christine. >> always a good idea to give the construction crews extra
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time. slow down if there's a different traffic pattern you may not be expecting. take a look at interstate 76 near the conshohocken curve. volume is starting to increase and will continue to increase as we head into the morning rush. and speaking of the conshohocken curve, on the schuylkill expressway, we want to take a look at the drive times out here. there's some of the slowdown we're seeing with the yell heow on the map, but here's the green light. two minutes more on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine to take you about 14 minutes this morning. and taking a look as we continue throughout the area this is in montgomery county. route 422 at egypt road. the eastbound lanes are the onlyes that stack up. if you travel the bridges, take a look at the ben franklin, the betsy ross the walt whitman, everything is in the clear.
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weatherwise we're in the clear but we are also in the cold. it feels like winter outside on this first monday of spring. a few high clouds over center city. nothing falling from them. just the temperatures that have been falling this morning. 28 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's 12 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. and a breeze blowing to make it feel colder. we are getting closer to sunrise, 42 minutes away. you can see as the skies start to lighten up they are mainly clear. so we'll see a lot of sunshine today. sunglasses will come in handy, it's nice and clear for allentown, reading and lancaster. still high clouds over delaware and south jersey. those clouds will be moving out and temperatures will be climbing but only into the upper 30s to lower 40s today. chilly today and chilly tomorrow after another cold night tonight. but a warm up on the way that starts wednesday. 53 degrees. look at thursday. i just updated this closer to 70
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degrees on thursday afternoon. there's a chance to hit 70 but we have a good chance for rain and a slight risk of thunderstorms on thursday. by friday we'll see this move out of here. 46 degrees on saturday afternoon. sunday we'll see sunshine with a high of 50. thank you. 19 minutes past 6:00. today delaware's governor is making a change that will make smaller restaurant owners and patrons happy. and time is up for a beloved philadelphia church. just ahead, the 19th century church that will soon be a piece of history.
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happening today, governor jack markel will sign a new law to allow smaller restaurants to sell alcohol. it will give eateries tohe opportunity to apply for a
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liquor license. and a traffic order for any driving through chestnut hill. the philadelphia streets department says it will take an extra week to complete demolition of the willow grove avenue bridge because of bad weather. demolition began at 11:00 last night and will run through thursday march 26th. most of the work will be done overnight to avoid interruption on septa service. demolition is just the first phase of $3 million project. overall construction is expected to be completed in december. 6:23 a.m. skyforce 10 is over the scene of a crash in fox chase. i'll move out of the way to see crews cleaning up here. this is kaufmann avenue and rockwell avenue. there's a fire truck on scene as well as several police vehicles. so if this is part of your morning commute be aware. they are blocking a portion of each of the roads cottman andis
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closed. this could cause a problem for the morning commute if this is part of the area you travel in. this is the time of day when we see slowdowns. a few minutes ago i showed you the schuylkill expressway. look at interstate 95 on the southbound side. this is normal things really start to back up. we'll look at travel times out there. you will see overall we are getting a bit of a slowdown here like i said, 95 southbound to the woodhaven expressway is 22 minutes. still a green light on the schuylkill eastbound and the blue route southbound. it is a cold start this morning. clear skies over citizens bank park. a couple weeks away from opening day. even though the calendar says spring, it certainly feels like winter outside this morning. we're looking at 20s right now. 2 degrees here at nbc 10. and the rest of the area solidly in the 20s with one exception. toms river right now is 19 degrees. it's 21 in doylestown.
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millville is at 27. northeast philadelphia both in the cold zone 2506at 25 degrees. thieves hits one car neighborhood. matt delucia is what thieves were targeting. >> this is what car owners are waking up. smashed windows and missing air bags. coming up after the break, i'm working to find out how to prevent this kind of thing from happening. i believe in america and her people and believe we can stand up and restore our promise. >> that's the voice of the first candidate to officially throw himself into the ring to be the develop nominee in the race to become president. if you don't recognize him, we'll tell you who he is and how he made the announcement.
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thieves hit a neighborhood with a quick smash and grab but it was not a radio they were looking after. they were looking for something more valuable and this is not the first time this neighborhood was targeted. and winter is in the air instead of the spring. we are off to a cold start, so bundle up. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's go to bill henley and the first alert forecast. doesn't feel like spring at all. temperatures really plummeted overnight. so you need a winter coat this morning and plan on sunshine. so grab the sunglasses. bright sunshine is just a half hour away. that's a live view from skyforce 10 this morning. the temperature, 25 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington is at 24. it's 23 in trenton. a cold start, yes but a sunny day? yes. temperatures will be coming up very slowly. 27 at 7:00. by 9:00 just a couple degrees
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warmer. then it will still be in the 30s at lunchtime today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is showing you how warm it's going to get this afternoon when i'm back in ten. right now christine maddela is watching traffic. good morning christine. good morning to you bill. we just got an update from the skyforce 10 crew that said the accident we were watching in fox chase on cottman avenue is now cleared. that's good news for those brewing in and around that area this morning. but take a look right now on the map, these are the normal trouble spots. 95 southbound slowing down approaching the vine street expressway along with the schuylkill expressway eastbound and westbound. taking a look at 95 this is the southbound side at castor avenue all stacked up. that's normal this time of the day. we are seeing this reflected in drive times. 29 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. on 95 the july illinois expressway southbound is going to take you 17 minutes to get from the blue route to the vine. the blue route is still looking pretty good. mass transit, no problems to
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report. tracy? thank you. new from overnight, thieves set their sights on stealing air bags from one car in the philadelphia neighborhood coming just weeks after several were stolen from cars not too far away. matt delucia is live to tell us more. >> reporter: this car owner put up a plastic bag after his window was smashed and the air bag was stolen. you can see what we're talking about, this is what owners are waking up to this morning. we saw four cars with broken windows, three of them with no air bags left in this area. police came out here around 2:00 this morning and investigators are trying to find a connection between these break-ins and another rash of air bag thefts not far from where we are right now in rhawnhurst. all of them are hondas. because of the black market the air bags are likely going to be found in other cars. i found out ways to be cautious through the national insurance crime bureau.
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first, always use a reputable auto body shop. and inspect the air bag prior to installation to be packaged in a sealed manufactured container. when looking for the srs light that normally pops up if you don't see the light, that indicates a problem with the air bag system and it may not activate in the a crash. the problem now for the folks is that repairs are likely going to cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. so not a very good morning here in rhawnhurst. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and the philadelphia man is behind bars this morning after police say he shot his ex-gift's son. jamille carter turned himself into police last night after going into his ex-giftrlfriend's home yesterday morning and started hitting her. her son came down and that's when carter shot the boy in the leg. >> this is a big shock. like it's never happened here.
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never. >> the boy is expected to be okay. it is 6:33 and 28 degrees outside. happening today the philadelphia police department may have to change its policy for when officers shoot at people. it all depends on the results of a department of justice report that is due out today. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at police headquarters in center city to tell us more. jesse? >> reporter: well, at the time police commissioner ramsey said his request was not an indication that something was wrong but rather he believed things could be improved and still believes that. later today we learned some of the avenues to approve according to the department of justice reports detail finding and action for reform following a rash of police-involved shootings in the city the last few years. the head of the fraternal order of police said some of the problem is working with a deficit when it comes to the number of cops on the street. commissioner ramsey said he felt an overview from washington would be beneficial. one of the recommendations coming later today we have learned will be issuing a taser
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to philadelphia cops. that's a non-lethal form of weaponry. since the commissioner called for the outside eyes to take a look the numbers of officer-involved shootings have dropped to 43. the years before that had the counts ranging from the mid-40s to highs in the lower 60s. the initial report was supposed to be released a few weeks ago but then the murder of officer robert wilson iii happened and it was delayed until today. the report comes out at 11:30 at police headquarters in center city. jesse gary "nbc 10 news." and new jersey senator robert menendez could face corruption charges as soon as this week. sources close to the investigation say details of the case are still being worked out. the investigation centers on the ties to the florida eye doctor. authorities want to know if menendez accepted gifts from the doctor in exchange for influencing the senate to help the doctor with business matters. and the first major candidate in the 2016 presidential race announced his run for the white house
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overnight. texas republican senator ted cruz used social media to help kickoff his campaign. >> i believe in america and her people and i believe we can stand up and restore our promise. >> crews posted the video on twitter along with a message that says i am running for president and hope to earn your support. the 44-year-old princeton grad has been a senator for two years. and republican hopefuls are expected to make announcements over the next few weeks. chris christie would be one of them. last month they started a super pac to generate funding for him in case he would run. his reputation has been hurt by the new jersey jam investigation. it's a spring freeze this morning with most of the area in the 20s. we'll see a chilly day in spite
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of bright sunshine but there's a warm up on the way. later this week the temperatures will be much milder as we head into the latter part of the week. heading out the door right now, this is why you have to bundle up. grab the winter coat and the scarf because the wind will be blowing during the day today. 16 degrees in mount pocano. 20s for northeast atlantic city. starting to see the skies brightening in the pocanos mountains. this is a view from shaunee with lots of scattered clouds in the mountains after a cold start this morning. we are watching the radar. nothing to show you here but there are some showers. snow showers are moving through chicago, which will give us clouds tomorrow. but i think we'll be snow-free tomorrow. it's certainly cold enough for snow. look at the temperatures climbing as the day goes on. the middle 30s at lunchtime. at 4:00 that's as warm as it will get. 41 in philadelphia. millville 4rks 2. pottstown, 41 degrees. wilmington, 43 degrees.
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stand by you need to bundle up this morning. mostly sunny skies. breezy, yes, with winds gusting to 20 miles an hour to make it feel like temperatures are in the upper 30s to lower 40s colder. making weekend plans, dry saturday and sunday but still on the chilly side this time of the year. saturday, 46 degrees and up to 50 with bright sunshine on sunday. a look at when to expect the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 6:37 and time to get a check on roads and mass transit for the morning commute. >> for your monday morning commute. christine maddela is watching it all for you. christine? >> we just had a couple incidents pop up. and the camera froze here so this is not the right camera but on interstate 95 i just showed you a few minutes ago it's slowing down on the southbound side at girard. there's now a disabled vehicle slowing things down even more. so in addition to the normal volume out there, interstate 95 southbound at girard with that
6:38 am
disabled vehicle is going to really impact things and slow things down more than normal this time of the morning. and we have an update from twitter, road work on route 422 westbound between evergreen road and arm and hammer boulevard. this is on the westbound side outside of that normal rush on the eastbound side of 422. but just be aware if you are heading westbound in montgomery county. look at our drive times, it's worse than just in the past five minutes from woodhaven to the road. the vine street expressway just changed to 40 minutes for your commute there with a sis availabled vehicle disabled vehicle. things are still looking good 16 minutes for your drive there. isis is shifting its tactics with the terrorist group putting out a kill list. >> just ahead, who is on the
6:39 am
list and how the government is responding. and little league baseball star mo'ne davis has a line out with a disney movie in the works about her life. >> but not everyone is happy about this 13-year-old girl's success. the nasty tweet that got a bloomsberg baseball player kicked off the team.
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we just got an update as police know the reason for the accident here in northeast philadelphia. the man was working on his pickup truck when it flipped out of gear and the truck landed on him. police are also going to give us an update on the man's condition saying he's in stable condition at the hospital. and police are looking for two men who tried to rob a customer at walmart and roughed
6:43 am
up somebody else. the suspects are at the store in new castle on friday. the men tried to rob someone and then another person jumped in to help. they attacked that customer. police have identified one of the suspects as aaron lomack. if you see the men, call delaware state police. a baseball player from bloomsberg university is off the team after an offensive tweet about mo'ne davis. the tweet used an obscene to describe the little phenom from philadelphia. his account was deactivated and bloomsburg dismissed him saying his comments do not reflect those of the university. and senator bob casey is behind a bill to provide one year of voluntary pre-k to all children. this will focus on special needs children and kids from low-income families.
6:44 am
they will hold a briefing at the parent center on locust street later today. and the first lady will hold a roundtable discussion at lafayette elementary school in bristol to talk to teachers and administrators about the state's plan to improve the public education system and then read to the kids. two women became the first same sex couple to be jointly ordained in the presbyterian church. holly clark porter and casey clark porter were ordained in wilmington and have been married three years. >> this is not only the church saying that yes, we will allow you to be married, we will allow you to serve. we are celebrating the two of you in all your being and who you are together. >> last week presbyterian church usa, the largest presbyterian
6:45 am
denomination changed their definition of marriage to include same sex couples. today the philadelphia archbishop will be out raising awareness on hunger and homelessness ahead of pope francis' visit here in september. he is scheduling to visit health clinics and food pantries today. this is organized by the hunger and homelessness committee of the world meeting of families. oscar romero was an orange bishop who stood up for the rights of the poor. and the plans do demolish a church built in the late 1880s will happen today. it will cost $2.5 million more to repair and restore the church than to demolish it. the church was closed in march of 2014 in danger of collapsing
6:46 am
but the school will stay open. and groundbreaking ceremonies for the runway repair project. the $98 million runway project will be fixing concrete that has happened over the last decade. they are looking how to get this done by december of 2015. and this morning sharper is supposed to be in court after sexually assaulting two women. then he'll be in an arizona courtroom to change his plea to guilty to one felony charge of sexual assault there. on friday sharper's lawyers say he reached a plea agreement to settle rape charges involving at least nine women in four states. and prosecutors in the boston marathon bombing trial may rest their case later this
6:47 am
week. the defense attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev rarely cross-examined witnesses and admitted that tsarnaev quote, did it. but they are making a case his older brother was the mastermind and it will be up to the jury to decide if he receives the death penalty or life blind bars. this morning we're learning about the names and personal information of the isis hit list. a group called the islamic state hacking division posted the information online. they say dozens of americans on the list should be killed quote, in their own lands as they walk their streets thinking they are safe. the defense officials tell nbc news some names listed are service members while others have not been confirmed. they also say that the threat is all about intimidation and propaganda. the u.s. is helping train iraqi forces to fight isis. this video from a military base north of baghdad shows iraqi
6:48 am
soldiers during weapons training. the soldiers are also learning how to coordinate security efforts on the ground to work alongside with coalition air strikes. the iraqi military is fighting isis militants to regain control of tikrit. and time to head north to look at what is coming up on the "today" show this morning. >> we have a preview from savannah guthrie and matt lauer. >> hi there. coming up, first out of the gate how ted cruz's decision to jump into the presidential race will impact the rest of the potential field. and the new rossen investigates. selling explosives powerful enough to level a house with virtually no regulation. plus some of the biggest stars on the planet here. oscar-winner al pacino the award-winning cast of "madmen," and the"the fast and the furious" cast. >> thank you guys.
6:49 am
see you in about ten minutes. >> all right, see you then. in about ten minutes we'll also see some bright sunshine. sunrise time 7:00 this morning. the skies are already starting to brighten up. we can see in twilight a little bit of sunshine on the building in center city. we need it too. look at the numbers, it doesn't look like spring. feels like winter outside. what you won't need is this the snow in chicago, those clouds are moving our way. so we'll be tracking the snow overnight reaching into wisconsin. and now into southwestern michigan. and it's going to be moving toward our area for tomorrow
6:50 am
morning. but it's going to fall short. by this evening, 9:00 southwestern pennsylvania getting some light snow. and still a few snow showers at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow morning. hagerstown, maryland might see a few snowflakes that fall apart going into the afternoon. for today, sunshine. don't forget the sunglasses. 41 degrees this afternoon at 4:00. another cold night tonight with the high clouds. no snow for the area 45 tomorrow afternoon. and a chilly day tuesday. but a warm up for wednesday and thursday will come with umbrella weather. later wednesday and thursday even the slight chance that we'll see some thunderstorm activity thursday. getting close to 70 degrees on thursday. then chilling down for friday and the weekend. but it will be dry saturday and sunday. thank you, bill. after weeks on the rise prices at the pump are starting to fall again. the national average for regular gas dropped a penny in the last week to $2.43 a gallon.
6:51 am
prices are still 15 cents higher than a month ago. the average increases this time of the year with refineries conducting planned maintenance to limit fuel proyou can theductionproduction. and here's a look at the averages, philadelphia is $2.55. delaware is at $2.28. and south jersey, $2.15. >> you fill up on that side of the bridge for sure. speaking of driving, we'll check your drive to work this morning. christine? the falling gas price is good for all of us but especially for those on 95 southbound as they are stuck in traffic and will be for quite some time. a long red line here on 95 southbound. that's in part due to the normal volume for a monday morning and in part due to an earlier disabled school bus that was out there. the good news is the disabled bus is out of the way.
6:52 am
but we still have a delay. 95 at girard avenue there's the long line of traffic on the southbound side. taking a look at the drive times, now 48 minutes on 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. if you are driving on the schuylkill, 22 minutes is what to expect out there. we have an update from twitter from njdot with a disabled vehicle on the westbound ramp to gloucester city. part of that ramp is closed and could delay you out there. 422, 17 minutes is your drive time eastbound from route 29 to the schuylkill expressway. so starting to slow down due to the increased volume. but the bridges are clear. targeted struck and stolen. several cars were targeted in the rhawnhurst neighborhood.
6:53 am
and next what the philadelphia police is told to do to decrease the use of deadly force. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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i'm matt delucia live in rhawnhurst where air bags were stolen this morning. you can see the damage out here this is not the first time we have told you about something like this happening here in this neighborhood. we are along the 2000 block of hartel avenue. just a few weeks ago nine cars had air bags stolen not far from here. all the cars are hondas and this morning investigators are looking for the thieves. one of the residents heard commotion and heard the break-in and called police. the air bags are a big value on the black market but repairs
6:57 am
are likely to cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. live in rhawnhurst, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news"." i'm jesse gary live at police headquarters in center city. happening today, the department of justice officials release reports on their findings of deadly force used by philly cops. a rash of police-involved shootings had enraged the community and had watchdog groups second-guessing the city's bravest. one of the recommendations? continue to issue tasers to philly cops since the commissioner charles ramsey requested the overview, police-involved shootings have dropped. the justice department officials will release their finding beginning at 11:30 this mo. live in center city jesse gary "nbc 10 news".." and 6:57 we are seeing slowdowns, especially on 95 southbound with the long line of red in the middle of the screen. also slowing down the schuylkill expressway, but if we take a look at the delay, i-95 on the
6:58 am
southbound side at castor avenue. this is normal volume with an earlier disabled bus to contribute to this delay. so just take it easy out there. we'll check on the drive times, 44 minutes is what you can expect if you're driving on 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. heading eastbound on the schuylkill, you will see a 21-minute commute from the blue route to the vine. if you are traveling on the blue route, you are still getting the green light there. that's good news. 17 minutes southbound from the schuylkill to 95. so that is the bright spot in our morning commute. route 422 is also slowing down. also for the new jersey drivers, there's a disabled vehicle on 76. the westbound ramp to gloucester city. that disabled vehicle is partially blocking the ramp there. prepare for delays. we are getting a wintry start on this first monday of spring. the pocano mountains are in the teens. this is a live view from big
6:59 am
bear which is going to be seeing a lot of sunshine. you'll need to bundle up in philadelphia heading out the door. temperatures have dropped down overnight into the 20s. we will see lots of sunshine. but the wind is picking up to make the chill stick with us into this afternoon. right now we have a stronger wind in wildwood at 12 miles an hour. over philadelphia just an 8-mile-an-hour breeze. look at the windchills 3 in mount pocano. 19 is what it feels like in philadelphia and wilmington. so a winter coat and some sunglasses as we've got bright sunshine ahead. 28 degrees at 8:00. 9:00, 30. up to 36 by lunchtime. the low 40s today. but we could hit 70 later this week. it is a possibility on thursday. what a turn around huh? that's springtime. >> and does spring have anything to do with why we slip by so fast? >> i think they always go by
7:00 am
fast but that's just me. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you for local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can always get updates with the nbc 10 app. have a great day. good morning. let the race begin. republican senator ted cruz becomes the first major presidential candidate with an announcement online overnight declaring his run. >> it's going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make america great again. >> could this push others to jump in sooner? hit list. the u.s. military vows not to budge after isis publishes the names and addresses of u.s. service members. even the photos of some of them, urging their loyalists to go after them. the durst dilemma. as robert durst heads back to court this morning, the question facing authorities, should he stay in new orleans and face weapons charges or be extradited to los angeles for the murder of his friend?


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