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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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very close call after this woman and her family narrowly missed getting hurt. after a school bus crashed right into their house. the images from skyforce10 and from the ground show just how far the school bus went into the house. it caused a lot of damage as you can imagine. it all happened around 8:00 this morning along windermere drive in whitpain montgomery county. nbc10's deanna durante is live at the scene and spoke with the family. when you see these pictures you wonder if the family was inside the house. we know they were. where were they exactly? >> reporter: they had just left the front room. you can see construction workers putting up temporary beams to be able to stabilize the front of the house before major repair work can be done. the homeowner says she and her daughter were standing right by what used to be the front window of this house and just walked away when the school bus came crashing through. >> i was standing right here when the bus hit.
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and i saw the whole thing happen. and i saw it come down the road. and then it slide -- it slid into our lot and hit the street sign and that flew into the yard and then it crashed into the house. >> reporter: she had just stepped outside. her mother and sister were inside their house, standing in the front room. >> it sounded like an explosion. i literally thought there was a gas leak and something exploded downstairs. >> reporter: she says she and her daughter left the room seconds before the school bus came smashing through their house. >> i said i prayer and, thank you, god, my kids were not in that room because we would have been pinned to wall. . i don't know what could have happened. i don't want to think about the what-ifs. it's too scary. >> reporter: she got the rest of her family out of the house. this sz an 11-year-old girl was ushering her classmates out of the back of the bus. >> i was kind of encouraging the kids, you have to get out, come o let's go.
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>> reporter: with the kids out of the bus and unharmed all the attention turned to the 58-year-old bus driver. >> he was very shooken. he was extremely concerned that the kids were okay. >> reporter: many tell us heard the driver say he blacked out. with the bus removed from the house, police will examine it. no word as to what they think caused the crash. as for the family, they salvaged a few things from the house and rebuilding will take some time. >> it could have been a heck of a lot worse. >> reporter: now that bus driver is being treated at abington hospital. we know police will look over the bus and try to figure out what happened here. we also spoke with a group of kids that were waiting for the bus just downed the road. they tell us they were standing there as the bus came passed them and then crashed into the house. those kids never getting on the bus but seeing the bus crash here. that's the latest. reporting live deanna durante, "nbc10 news." >> we know what a different outcome this could have been had that family not left that room moments before. in light of the latest accident
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nbc10 investigators took a closer look at school bus safety. coming up at 6:00 what we skofrd about the number of accidents that happen every year. plus the riskiest part of traveling by school bus. we're following breaking news in delaware's frankford section. police took a man into custody after neighbors say they spotted him burying a woman's body along frankford avenue. officers told nbc10 they later found a woman's body in a shallow grave. they ended up using a taser on the suspect after he took off running. no word on what charges he may be facing. now to a developing story in france where a german airliner carrying 150 passengers and crew crashed into the french alps. we learned french authorities have called off the search until tomorrow morning. nbc10's renee has been following following -- joins us now with more. >> jacqueline germany's chancellor angela merkel said today's crash has plunged
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germany, spain and france into profound mourning. now, the germanwings airbus was traveling from barcelona, spain, to dusseldorf germany. the plane went down in a remote area of the french alps near a small town there. the president of france francois hollande said there are likely no survivors. the pilots never sent out a distress call. witnesses say the impact sounded like an avalanche as the crash sent debris down mountains and down steep ravines. we have learned at least 16 german school children were among those on board. a spokesperson for lufthansa which owns the airline, said it's too early to say what led to this crash. >> for the time being, we say it's an accident. there is nothing more that we can say right now. everything else would be speculation. >> french officials say one of the plane's black box recorders has been found and will be
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examined immediately. the black box should give us some insight as to what brought that plane down. now, this afternoon the white house is saying that there are no -- there's no evidence whatsoever of terrorism bringing down in plane. of course, count on nbc10 and to bring you the latest on this story. also tonight coming up at 6:30 we'll have the very latest "nightly news" will on the airplane crash in the french alps claiming 150 lives. reporting live from the digital operations center. we are following a developing story near pittsburgh. a worker has been hurt after part of a church collapsed while crews were demolishing it. the church is in beaver falls b 30 miles outside pittsburgh. the worker fell 10 to 15 feet. but officials haven't said just how seriously he was hurt. well after four full days we're still searching for spring. we ushered in the season with
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snow and we remain about 15 to 20 degrees below normal. meteorologist sheena parveen is here. we know the groundhog said six more weeks of winter but we're past that. >> it's time for us to start warming up. we will have a brief warm-up in the forecast but we also have some spring showers in the forecast, too. not tonight, not this afternoon. in fact, all the clouds we had today, those are quickly clearing. finally for the evening hours, we are starting to see a lot more sunshine. there's a live look at the comcast building in philadelphia. right now in philadelphia, we jumped up to 39 degrees. we've been mostly in the mid-30s all day today. now that the sun is coming out, temperatures are starting to warm up. at least a little bit. and i mentioned those spring showers. we have some rain off to our west, so one weather system we're watching tomorrow we could have a chance of showers. later in the week that's what we expect even more rain to be moving in. and they'll have that brief warm-up, too. as for this evening, for the rest of tonight, by 6 p.m.
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temperatures should be around 40 degrees. we continue to see more developing sunshine. unfortunately, it didn't come during the day today. mostly the evening. 8 p.m. tonight, temperature around 37 degrees. with those clearing skies tonight, by 10:00 we could be in the mid-30s. so a clear and cold night tonight. some locations will be right around 20 degrees as you wake up tomorrow morning. coming up, i'll show you how cold it will be tomorrow morning. and also the timing of the rain and when we'll see that warm-up that's straight ahead. new at 5:00 a two-day public forum is under way in washington about the dangers of walking on railroad tracks. the national transportation safety board is leading that forum. they say in 2013 close to 500 people died and more than 400 were injured. trespassing on train tracks. last year in our area 20 people were killed on train tracks in new jersey. all of those incidents involved new jersey transit trains. eight people died in pennsylvania walking on septa tracks. three people died in delaware.
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those deaths involved norfolk southern and amtrak trains. from our delaware bureau a destructive stowaway turns up in wilmington. a rare bug called a leaf-hopper. u.s. customs and border control found it in a shipment of bananas at the port of wilmington yesterday. the bananas came from guatemala. we know the leaf-hopper has only been seen in the u.s. once before. it can damage crops and spread infection. take a look at these pricey pictures from peru. customers and border control agents say they are full of cocaine. the frames are, anyway. officers say a peruvian passenger had the drug-filled frames when he landed at newark international liberty airport last saturday. they arrested the passenger of the cocaine. it's worth about $30,000. all new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, on your mark get set, slow down and pay attention to the road.
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new jersey state police are on a mission to crack down on bad drivers. it is part of a national campaign to save lives and it begins today. nbc10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in mt. laurel with who should be paying particularly close attention. >> reporter: we can tell you, three major offenders ought to listen up. people who simply cannot put their cell phones down while they're driving or if they refuse to wear their seat belt and buckle up. also, police say, if you're heavy and you put the pedal to the metal on the gas, police say, consider yourself warned. >> we just came from south carolina so it went from 70 to 65. you know that's high speed. >> reporter: motorists along the new jersey turnpike and i-95 say they could see a difference. >> you noticed an increase? >> yes. >> reporter: in the number of state police marked patrols saturating both the north and southbound lanes. today begins the first ever i-95 challenge for new jersey state police. their mission or goal is to bust
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aggressive drivers, speeders and anyone with a cell phone to their ear. >> it's a good idea. there's a lot of traffic. >> not sure why. i have kids and, you know you are driving for yourself and other people on the road, too. >> reporter: the reason to decrease dangerous traffic accidents and fatalities on new jersey roadways. nationwide there are 33,000 fatal crashes annually. while new jersey's 2014 statistics aren't ready yet, we found out that in 2013 there were 508 fatal motor vehicle crashes in new jersey. she says she doesn't want to be part of any statistic, getting a ticket or getting hurt. >> i know one slip eyes off that road, you can be in an accident. >> reporter: today's surge in patrols continues through sunday. there will also be two other enforcements by state police, in
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august and december on the turnpike and i-95. that to encompass different weather elements. it will also all be posted on social media. state police tell us they will review those heavy enforcement days, compare them to light enforcement days to determine if their greater visibility really can save lives. from mt. laurel, cydney long, "nbc10 news." swallowed up by mud and debris. check out this crater that opened up along a new jersey street. the hole ate a car, the sidewalk and is threatening several homes. no one was hurt here but wait until you hear why the timing of today's incident is so vital. also cancer concerns. angelina jolie decides to undergo more preventive surgery. ahead, we speak to a local oncologist about jolie's choice and what it means for other women with a family history of cancer. and taking action what penn state is doing across campus in the wake of a fraternity sex investigation.
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the democratic primary for mayor is may 19th. nbc10's jim rosenfield will be moderating the first debate between the candidates at the kimmel center tuesday, april 7th. you can see it live on nbc10. if you have a question for the candidates, let us know. can you submit them right now on or the nbc10 app.
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we are getting our first look at surveillance video that shows secret service agents hitting a barricade outside the white house. it happened as officers and agenting investigated a suspicious item left in the area earlier this month. the agents were reportedly drunk when they arrived at the scene. one of the agents has been identified as mark connolly. the second in command of president obama's security detail. the other is george ogilvie, a senior member of field house. today the head of the agency appeared before the house oversight and government committee, which is investigating the incident. >> if it is determined that any of our employees failed to report information about this alleged incident they will be held accountable. our mission is too important for this to happen. it undermines my leadership. and i won't stand for it. >> both of the agents involved have been reassigned. the united states will keep
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most of its troops in afghanistan through the end of the year. president obama made the announcement after meeting with afghanistan's new president at white house today. just under 10,000 u.s. troops will remain in that country through the end of 2015. president obama had planned on cutting that number by about half. >> i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to help afghan security forces succeed, so we don't have to go back. >> prior to meeting with president obama, afghanistan's new president laid a wreath at the tment omb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. to the boston and marathon bombing trial, the focus seems to be evidence linking the suspect to radical islamist and the finish line where and the scene where an m.i.t. police officer was killed. here's nbc national correspondent jay gray. >> reporter: testimony continued focused on evidence focused on
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sdoth dzhokhar tsarnaev's sxurt. dr. michael leavitt talked about the impact of extremist videos downloaded to dzhokhar tsarnaev's computer and the message he scribbled inside the bullet-riddled boat where he was captured. he was challenged on who introduced dzhokhar tsarnaev to the radical writings and in what could be damaging testimony, the doctor said quote, at a certain point it doesn't make a difference where you got them. dzhokhar tsarnaev's legal team says his older brother was the mastermind, a father figure who pulled him into the crime. state scene investigators investigating ballistics information and from the boat and the scene of the shooting of m.i.t. police officer. they expect to wrap up their presentation to the jury by the end of the week.
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now, most analysts agree the defense will not focus most of its effort on the guilt or innocence portion of the trial right now but, instead, on the expected penalty phase here. jay gray, nbc news, boston. new at 5:00 crews have finished demolishing the home of school shooter adam lanza in newtown, connecticut. the town voted to have it torn down earlier this year. he headed to sandy hook elementary school where he killed 20 children and 6 adults and then took his own life. a recall tonight involving nearly 92,000 chevy malibu mid-size sedans. the problem, the power sun roofs. the automaker says they can close inadvertently, even if drivers barely tough the switches. it involves sedans between 2013 and 2015. gm says it's not aware of any
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injuries. this is the same problem that prompted the recall of about 67,000 cadillac atf small sports sedans last month. well cloudy and cold today certainly did not feel like spring outside but it is. as we go through tonight, it's going to be cold again. some of you will be in the 20s through the overnight hours. that's mostly going to hit when you wake up tomorrow morning, right around sunrise. then we go through tomorrow after. we have a chance of a shower. mostly later in the day tomorrow. but the better chance that comes as we go into thursday. showers thursday and there's the poernl we could see some thunderstorms, too. we will have a brief warm-up as we go into that day thursday. but for today, we really only got to around 39 degrees in philadelphia. tomorrow will be closer to 50. thursday, that's when we jump up to possibly 70 degrees in the afternoon. the average high 56 degrees. that's the day, thursday where we could have some
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thunderstorms. friday, we'll cool back down. that will continue as we go into the weekend. temperatures right now are in the mid-40s in allentown now that the sun's coming out. 40 in reading. much of south jersey and delaware sitting in the mid to upper 30s. now that the clouds have cleared, the temperatures are actually continuing to go up. then they'll drop back down as we go through tonight. live look at center city the clouds clearing in this picture. pretty much clear skies. and this will be helping the temperatures to drop again tonight along with those calmer winds. like i mentioned, some areas in the 20s. now we have some weather back off to our west. we're watching all this rain. again, a chance of showers as we go through tomorrow. a better chance though, that comes as we go into thursday in part, because we're going to get warm. future look at tonight, we stay nice and dry. tomorrow morning looks dry. by afternoon and evening hours, there's a chance we could have showers around. won't be as widespread as thursday. here's what happens thursday morning. we could have showers moving in to start the morning commute.
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middle of the day we'll have the strongest southwest wind so more moisture moves in warmer temperatures. by 1 p.m. we could be dealing with some heavy pockets of rain. we could see a bit of a break in between the midday rain and the evening rain. that could jump us up to near 70 degrees on thursday. but this will only be fueling the potential for some thunderstorms later in the evening thursday. so this particular model by 9 p.m. showing a line of maybe some thunderstorms developing north and west of philadelphia lehigh valley, poconos moving toward philadelphia closer to 10:00. then it kind of washes out into friday morning where we could have showers around. any snow does look to stay up north. but the colder air still moves in as we go through the day on friday. this does continue as we go into the weekend. for tonight, we have clearing skies. cold around 30. philadelphia 20 degrees areas north and west. it will be a cold start to your day tomorrow. through the day, mostly cloudy chance of the shower through the afternoon. 46 to 50 degrees. so not so bad like today. a little bit warmer.
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thursday, that's the warm day, but it comes with thunderstorms. over the weekend, we could only be at 39 degrees as we go into your saturday. a legal loophole nearly cost a local couple the chance to tie the knot. it all has to do with this pink piece of paper. it's not that hard to get a marriage license in new jersey unless time is critical. why one man wants that changed for other couples. and keeping an eye on greek life. how penn state leaders plan to police fraternities following a sex scandal on campus.
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there are amber alerts for missing children and silver alerts for missing seniors. today on capitol hill a push for a blue alert. the nationwide system would send information to the police the public and the media as criminals injure or kill police officers. on the bill the names of two new york city police officers shot and killed while sitting in their patrol car several months ago. today a group of senators and congressmen held a news conference, pushing for its passage. >> police on patrol from new york to florida to california to alaska. if you get that heads up there's something going on an active threat against a police officer, you're more apt to be alert of what's going on around you. >> similar legislation has been
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introduced in previous congresses, but never passed. the president of penn state university is setting up a task force to review the greek life culture on campus. it's in response to a police investigation of a secret facebook page tied to the penn state chapter of kappa delta rho rho, the fraternity's invitation-only page posted pictures of women nude or semi-nude. it appeared the women were sleeping or passed out. the fraternity has been suspended for a year. it was supposed to be a spring break in paradise, but it took a sudden and very scary turn. a delaware family was just days into a vacations in st. john's. right now the two adults and two children are in the hospital. what happened in their rental suite that poisoned them. and that sinking feeling, the ground swallowed up a car in new jersey this morning and is threatening a neighborhood. why timing was so important in preventing injuries here.
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right now at 5:30. it started as a dream vacation. a delaware family spent part of their vacation in st. john and then they became violently ill. the parents and two children are back in our area and in the hospital. they were poisoned by something
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in their rental suite. tim furlong picks up the story from there. >> reporter: the prestigious tatnall is on spring break that's why the principal steve esmond and his family were on spring break but by wednesday they were having seizure and respiratory problems. someone used a tiely toxic pesticide in their condo before they arrived. word spread quickly about the esmonds among the tatnall community. >> steven always says hi he's on the football team. >> reporter: they are classmates of steven's son, and their mom's dental office says the boys were flown back to children's hospital of philadelphia where tonight they remain in critical condition. the condo management company in st. john didn't return my call but the virgin island government tells us they're working with
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the epa to see if criminal charges might be family. these guys say they're good friends with the esmond boys and the whole school is pulling for them to recover. >> i wish them the best of luck and we're all praying for them. >> reporter: steven is in critical condition at christiana hospital. a family spokesperson is still down in st. john. he was down there vacationing with the family. he's doing his own investigating tonight. he also wants to know who, if anybody, should be held responsible for what happened to his friends. at the tatnall school in greenville, tim furlong, "nbc10 news." the goal for the day is hitting the 40s it's clear we're still searching for spring. a lot of people thought the big puffy coats would be put away by now. not so much. nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen will tell us how cold it's going to get tonight.
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>> today we've only been in the upper 30s. that's a big improvement from today. some areas in the north and west actually in the 40s now. we're seeing the late day sunshine helping to warm things up a little bit. but essentialpecially if you're in allentown, 45 degrees right now, feels pretty nice. 41 in reading. 39 degrees, atlantic city. yes, it will get cold tonight but in the forecast before the week's over we do have a very nice warm-up. at least for one day. here's a live look at the radar. currently we're nice and dry. we'll stay that way tonight. off to our west, this is the area we're watching. tomorrow, chance of rain. as we go into thursday that will be a better chance of some showers. now for the rest of the evening, because the skies have really cleared out and the winds are going to go calm we will be getting cold again. by 6 p.m. temperature around 39 degrees. we'll be seeing the clearing skies. 8:00, 37 degrees. by 10:00 we should be in the mid to low 30s. some areas will be in the 20s come tomorrow morning. i'll show you those numbers plus the timing of the rain straight ahead.
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it's been a day this neighborhood in north jersey won't soon forget. a sinkhole as you can see right here swallowed up an empty car and forced the evacuation of several homes here. that hole opened up in amboy. nbc's brian thompson brings us up close. >> reporter: it opened up this morning. some were asleep others just waking up. some called it a sinkhole but you could just as easily call it a landslide down this hillside as it took that car with it. >> i come out of the house this morning to go to work and i hear all this and a water main break, fire hydrant went down the hill my son's car followed it down the hill. >> reporter: residents of three homes were allowed to collect whatever belongings they could carry with them. two days ago in the very spot the pavement gave way that had folks realizing it could have been much worse. then this was a major assembly point for south amboy's st. patrick's day parades.
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>> like one of the marching bands back there. >> reporter: if that asphalt would have given away? >> yeah, forget it. >> reporter: she used to play in the backyard her parents still live in. >> the wind and like something crushing. he thought it was a recycling truck. >> reporter: as for the cause, it was a leaky water main at the end of this dead end. >> once the water main went obviously, the ground was compromised. >> reporter: while the homes themselves should be fine making their streets safe again and usable will take a lot of work in the days ahead. in south amboy, brian thompson, "nbc10 news." we checked today, there's no end in sight to the problems caused by a pair of sinkholes in montgomery county. penndot says plymouth road is closed indefinitely while it tries to figure out what caused this mess. the initial sinkhole opened earlier this month along a bridge that carries thousands of cars a day in plymouth township. crews discovered a second nearby holidays later. and an arrest warrant let police in delaware to an
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unexpected discovery. more than a dozen reptiles. authorities say officers found jennifer chad wick jeremiah fester in a filthy apartment and in possession of drugs and weapons and also found 16 lizards and a boa constrictor which are considered deadly and extimely dangerous. owning the lizards is illegal. all three face drug and gun charges as well as endangering a 3-year-old, who was found in that apartment. philadelphia police hope this video will help them track down a man they say burglarized a mini market in southwest philadelphia. police say the man broke into the rp mini market on march 4th and got away with cash, cigarettes and other items. new at 5:30 eagles' owner jeffrey laurie meets the press. it's the first time he's talked about his front office shakeup and the moves off-season head coach chip kelly has recently made. nbc10's john clark was there.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: eagles' owner spoke for 40 minutes this afternoon here in phoenix, arizona, and his message really was clear. the eagles are trying to go from good to great. they're trying to go from ten wins a season to the super bowl. jeff says he gave complete control to chip kelly for that reason. he says chip needs to be able to choose the players he wants for his unique system. in fact jeff says lesean mccoy is not the style of running back that chip kelly prefers. he says he changed his mind about howie rose mondman remaining the gm because chip needs to choose his players. >> you want to be bold as choice. do you want to hire someone you really respect their intelligence, their work ethic in all that? do you want to support them fully? that doesn't mean blindly. that means give them the most resources possible. do you basically to want say to the world and to your fans i
5:37 pm
support chip kel y i support what he's all about and give him the best chance to succeed. >> reporter: we'll have more from eagles' owner coming up at 6:00. we're going to hear from him about just how good the eagles think sam bradford can be for them. in phoenix arizona, at the nfl owners meeting, john clark, back to you. the happiest day of their lives was full of stress and concern. time was critical for a new jersey couple who wanted to marry. why it took some legal wrangling to make their big day a reality. and putting her health first. angelina jolie up for more preventive surgery. ahead we speak with a local oncologist about health options for women with similar family histories.
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a permanent memorial to a fallen pennsylvania state trooper right near the place where his children play. the town of dunmore is naming the road between its community
5:40 pm
center and little league fields after corporal brian dixon, who lived in dunmore and his sons play baseball at the fields. the corporal was killed and trooper alex douglass was severely wounded last september. police arrested eric frein after a 48-day manhunt in the pocono mountains. frein told police dixon's slaying was an assassination. he's pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, terrorism and other charges. i'm nbc10 vince lattanzio with this digital exclusive. the number of women becoming nuns has taken a huge drop and college debt is a big factor. $31,000 is the average debt women considering to become a nun have and that's a major barrier for them. 69% of religious orders have turned away potential members because of their debt. you know what all hope is not lost. sister josephine was once
5:41 pm
sadzled with debt and was able to overcome it thanks to the generosity of others. hear her story and other people being held back because of college debt in this digital exclusive story available on the nbc10 app. actress angelina jolie makes a very personal announcement about her health. she opted for surgery to remove her overaries and fallopian tubes because of cancer concerns. we talk to a local oncologist what women with similar health issues should consider. and cold and cloudy today but we do have a nice warm-up in the forecast. also i'm tracking rain. i'll show you the timing of that coming up. and coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 reports of a peeping tom at a local target. where a woman says she caught someone spying on her inside a dressing room.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. a school bus with nine students on board hit a house in montgomery county. it happened just before 8:00 in whitpain township. an 11-year-old girl on the bus helped get everyone off safely. no one in the house was hurt. investigators still don't know what caused the driver to lose control. new jersey state police are calling it the i-95 challenge. starting today, troopers are adding patrols along the interstate as well as the new jersey turnpike. the goal is to increase awareness and cut down on crashes. the campaign lasts six days. actress angelina jolie has once again started a national conversation about women's health. this time by revealing she's had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to reduce her risk of
5:45 pm
cancer. nbc national correspondent erica edwards reports. >> reporter: last week angelina jolie had her ovaryies and fallopian tubes removed after blood tests showed early signs of cancer. jolie has a strong history of the cancer and carries a brca-1 gene. >> patients with those mutations are at exceptional risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. as a result, they benefit from risk-reducing surgeries. >> reporter: in jolie's case the benefit outweighed the risks, which are significant, including the potential for heart disease and osteoporosis. jolie is now in menopause. writing in the york "times," i will not be able to have more children and i expect physical changes but i feel at ease with whatever will come not because i'm strong but this is part of life. two years ago jolie had a double
5:46 pm
mastectomy. >> i've been moved by the kinds of support from people. >> reporter: what followed was dubbed the angelina effect an increase in women talking with doctors about genetic testing and their own cancer risks. ovarian cancer is often discovered in advanced stages. >> with the ovary there's no good screening test. doing all sorts of things to image the ovaries and even blood tests are not good at picking up these tiny cancers. >> reporter: jolie was careful to explain her decision is not right for everyone. she also writes she still feels feminine a powerful message coming from one of the most glamorous women in the world. erica edwards, nbc news. joining us now is dr. david holtz, gynecologist from mainline health. thank you for being with us. other women hearing about this may think they want to have preventive measures taken as well. but how many women actually would qualify for this particular procedure?
5:47 pm
>> very good question. women with a significant family history of breast and ovarian cancer, first-degree relatives like a mom or a sister with breast or ovarian cancer or a personal history of ovarian karngs fallopian tube cancer or a breast cancer at a young age, earlier than age 40 all qualify without question for genetic testing. also, if you have a family member who's tested positive for one of these genetic alterations you would also qualify. >> now, once someone qualifies for the procedure and appears to be a good candidate for it the next obvious question is the cost and whether insurance would cover it. >> well genetic testing is a blood test. that is usually covered, again, if you have those qualifications i just mentioned. and if not, it can be relatively expensive. $70 0 to $2,000. again, when you have a significant family history you generally do qualify.
5:48 pm
your insurance company generally does pay for it. >> if someone wants to decrease their chances of getting breast or ovarian cancer are there alternatives to such a drastic surgery? are there other options here? >> yes, there are. first, maintain a good weight healthy weight, is a great way to lower your risk. another way to lower your risk of ovarian cancer specifically is birth control pills. five years of birth control pills can lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 50%. ten years of birth control pills can lower it by 70%. >> great information. we cannot stress enough, though that concerned patients should definitely talk with their doctors about their own family history and possibly a genetic counselor. dr. holtz, thank you for your time. >> thank you. and coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 a montgomery county woman shares her story. how she tackled her concern concerns and how she's helping other women make these difficult decisions.
5:49 pm
well definitely did not feel like spring today. cloudy and cold. but as we go through tonight, now that the sky's clearing it's going to get even colder. some areas will be in the 20s. clear skies and lighter winds help us get colder overnight. then we have a chance of showers as we go through the day tomorrow. not a very big chance. we could see a few isolated showers around. the real rain chance comes around as we go into thursday and by far the warmest day out of the week. we could get near 70 degrees on thursday with the rain and the chance of some thunderstorms. here's a live look outside. clouds really clearing out. temperature now 39 degrees in philadelphia. so, we have jumped up since this afternoon. and some areas north and west also jumping up. 45 now in allentown. 41 in reading. 40 westchester. south jersey and delaware still in the mid to upper 30s. the late day sunshine is making a difference with those
5:50 pm
temperatures. much more pleasant outside. we are cold across the northeast. much of the midwest. temperatures, like i mentioned, in the 30s here. but not too far to our south we have 66 degrees in raleigh. 70s down in parts of florida. and this is going to move our wast way. mostly as we go into thursday. that will help to fuel the chance for thunderstorms. weather system out to our west. still west of chicago. some will bring us a chance of showers tomorrow. like i mentioned, thursday is going to be the day where we can expect some of the heavier rain and also that thunderstorm chance. tonight, though we stay dry. here's a look at future weather. early tomorrow morning, no rain really for the morning commute but bit evening hours, we could have a few showers around. nothing very threatening, though. then we go into thursday by the morning hours, for the morning commute, there is a chance we could have some potentially heavy pockets around. doesn't look like anything too bad right now. then as we go into the middle of the day, that's when we'll see those rain chances really increase. 1 p.m. thursday we'll have some widespread rain around. and we could see a bit of a break from midday to evening hours.
5:51 pm
temperatures by that time could jump up near 70 degrees. that would, in fact fuel any thunderstorms that are trying to develop. and this model does show a line potentially north and west of philadelphia by 9 p.m. approaching philadelphia. by 10:00, 11:00, washing out overnight into friday morning. we could wake up with showers friday morning. we clear out and temperatures get a lot colder especially as we go into the weekend. not going to feel like spring this weekend. tonight, clear and cold. tomorrow mostly cloudy. chance of some showers around. highs will be warmer than today. close to 50 degrees. and then on thursday, there you see it 70 degrees. it does come with the rain though, so make sure you have the umbrella especially in the evening hours. colder by the weekend. saturday, high temperature 39 degrees. >> it's dropping down again. they wanted to tie the knot before it was too late but a new jersey couple found themselves wrapped up in a lot of red tape. next despite a terminal illness, why they were forced to play a wedding waiting game.
5:52 pm
plus, what's being done to help other couples marry faster.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
from our south jersey bureau a waiting game involving life and death. a camden man says if he hadn't received last-minute health a state law would have kept him from marrying his dying bride.
5:55 pm
nbc10's matt delucia tells us how a local assemblyman wants to change that local law. >> reporter: because of what this man went through, an assemblyman wants to give doctors the power to quicken the marriage license process, especially when time is running out. >> a beautiful mother beautiful wife. the mother of my three kids. >> reporter: in the final days of her life lynnette was battling stage 4 stomach cancer. she and her fiancee omar decided to wait on marriage and focus on her treatment. that all changed when lynnette was told she only had days to live. >> she was asking, when are we going to get married? when are we going to get married? >> reporter: what he didn't expect was that a law requiring a three-day application and waiting period for a marriage license might destroy lynnette's last wish. omar rushed back and forth from the hospital to city hall to the
5:56 pm
courthouse, getting the paperwork. >> i observed how it took omar away from his beautiful wife. those moments are really precious. and he sensed a level of frustration. >> reporter: a nurse at cooper called on assemblyman angel fuentes to use his political influence to speed up the process. >> he felt a conviction. you know this has to stop. we have to do a better job. >> reporter: hours later, omar and lynnette got married. lynnette died the next day. >> that was her dream, for us to get married. she was really happy. really happy. >> reporter: assemblyman fuentes says he knows of at least four cases like this one in the past three years, so it's not a common issue but he says it's a very important one and he hopes to get this moving through the legislature in the next couple of weeks. in camden, matt da luciaelucia "nbc10
5:57 pm
news." next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00, school bus safety. after this accident today in montgomery county, the nbc10 investigators take a closer look at crashes across the region. what we found that could give parents some peace of mind. well we're searching for spring and we'll finally get a glimpse this week but the rain could put a damp other things. my updated first alert forecast next at 6:00. plus nbc10 is working to get more information on this breaking news in philadelphia. a woman's body has been found in a shallow grave and a man is now under arrest. we'll have a live update from the scene in about 60 seconds.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc10 on the scene where a woman's body was found buried in a shallow grave. tonight, witnesses say they may have seen and heard the crime unfold. it happened on frankford avenue in the frankford section of philadelphia. nbc10's george spencer joining us live on the scene. police say they have a suspect in custody? >> reporter: renee, witnesses say he may have been captured almost exactly where i'm standing directly under the frankford "l." apparently this started with a street fight between a man and a woman that spilled into the empty lot. you see along frankford avenue. nbc10's first camera on this scene captured the man's tennis shoe right in the very spot where he was apparently struck by a taser and then fell to the
6:00 pm
ground. witnesses say around 1:00 this afternoon, they saw that man fighting with another woman. as their fight moved into the empty lot, where it seems the murder may have occurred passerbys heard plenty of yelling but they did not think much of it. >> this is philadelphia, you know people argue all the time on the street. and i just continued minding my own business. and they went back there, i kept walking. i came back and he came out and the girl never came out and that's when everybody got suspicious and they called the cops. >> reporter: again, that man was captured on the scene beneath the frankford "l." we know investigators have not removed the victim's body from the scene. we're told it was found apparently half buried in a shallow grave here. once they remove that body we're expecting another update. you can count on us to bring it to you. the latest live in frankford, george spencer, "nbc10 news." also tonight,


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