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tv   Today  NBC  March 25, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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ing. >> here's a live picture of skyforce 10 over that fire. we'll have updates on the "nbc 10 news" app. thank you for watching today. good morning. search and recovery. investigators on the scene in the french alps trying to figure out what caused the germanwings to crash. the cockpit voice recorder found, damaged while usable. new reports surface that the jet had been grounded one day before it went down. severe storms wicked weather from texas through the midwest today with large hail damaging winds and possible tornados. al is tracking the threat. judgment day? the amanda knox case back before italy's high court this morning. will her murder conviction stand and if so could she be forced to go back to prison in italy.
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get out fast passengers evacuate a bus moments before it is swallowed by a massive hole and swept a bay by flood waters. the frantic scene caught on camera today this march 25th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we will tell you about that dramatic bus video in a few minutes. >> incredible to see and as we come on this is the first full day of searching an incredibly remote and treacherous crash site from the germanwings crash. >> the tragic plane crash and the difficult work facing investigators at that site. carry simmons made his way to southern france. what can you tell us?
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>> good morning. this morning they are urgently looking for the second black box. they are going to the difficult to reach crash site. using helicopters behind me and searching for answers to the many questions. why did this plane simpley fall from the sky? the wreckage is spread over a wide area. the plane has been pulverized one official said. the aircraft was grounded 24 hours before the crash. experts are already examining one of the recovered black boxes. >> one box. >> which one? >> it has been damaged according to reports, but may provide evidence. this man lives in the last village before the crash site. >> it's behind that mountain? behind there. what did you hear?
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>> i loud unusual sound like this and then nothing. the a-320, one of the most popular airliners descended in just eight minutes according to a website that tracks movements. on board 150 people many german and spanish, now rescuers are searching for bodies. the only way to reach the crash site is by walking up the mountain or by helicopter. bad weather is hampering that search effort. >> a growing memorial for 16 high school students among the passengers and a deepening mystery over what happened to the plane they were in. overhead you can hear another one of the helicopters on the investigation coming in to land here. we are hearing that one of the reason yes the aircraft may have been grounded just before it flew the next day and crashed was a problem with the nose
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door but we hear it was cleared for safety but meanwhile we hear that some aircrew are refusing to fly a-320s worried by this mystery. >> carry simmons, thank you very much. debra herselfman served and is president of the national safety council. good to see you. >> good morning. >> we just learned the cockpit voice recorder has been recovered and it is damaged, but usable. what information might they be able to glean from it. when you hear it is damaged, what does that mean to you? >> there is an external casing that could be damage. you want to make sure that the information inside is readable and usable. you are looking at potentially a two-hour recording so you should get the whole flight.
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you can hear take off procedures and maintenance that had been done and also the critical minutes and seconds leading up to the crash. you want to know what happened. the voice recorder will be critical. >> very quickly, how quickly do you think they will be able to get the information from it? >> you can download that information within the span of a few hour fist it's not damage. that will be the test. >> it's early in the investigation and we don't want to speculate, but one of the facts about this is a moment or so after reaching cruising altitude this plane begins a descent. not a fast descent or a so descent, but a controlled descent over eight minutes. what do you make of that fact? is that something that the pilot his to initiate? >> the cockpit voice recorder will give them insight whether it was initiated by the crew or
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whether there conversations or whether perhaps they are setting in auto pilot. it's important to understand why they did what they were doing and hopefully they will give that information today. >> in terms of the crash site itself you can hardly imagine a more forbidding place for a search and recovery. this is described as a plane that was pulverized and not even accessible by roads. how confident are you that they will be able to piece this together? >> absolutely confident that the investigators are going to figure out what happened but for sure the first days will be for the families for the recovery of their loved ones and to make sure they have what they need. >> i'm glad you mentioned the families. that is of foremost importance. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> got their hands full no question about it.
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some of those images when you look at it and the fact that the pieceses are so small. >> you can't imagine the power of the imact. they have their work cut out for them. >> al has his eyes on severe weather targeting the heartland. >> could be the first tornado of march. we haven't had one yet and we would like to keep it that way. we have snow through green bay and michigan and some may pick up five to eight inches and a warm front is pushing in. we have activity right on top of that. we will be looking at severe weather developing. clouds and showers and snow on the back of this system. here's what we are watching. the risk of severe weather from texas, oklahoma and arkansas and missouri. enhanced risk of strong storms. oklahoma city tulsa, fayetteville and joplin where
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they are recovering from the deadly tornados. heavy rain as well. they are picking up three to five inches of rain. flood watches into thursday morning into north eastern oklahoma. this is a widespread threat that lasts this afternoon into overnight. they are the roughest times for tornados to strike. we will continue to track this. >> natalie is back with a sad story out of california. >> so tragic. a san jose police officer shot and killed overnight after responding to a call about a man threatening to kill himself. bob is in the bay area with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. police in san jose confirmed the suspect shot and killed their fellow officer is dead. the mayor is calling what happened here the city's darkest hours. last night a little bit after
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dinnertime a family member called 911 to report a 57-year-old man scott dunham was intoxicated and despondent and wanted to hurt himself and others. as officers approached his apartment, he started firing from the second floor, hitting san jose police officer michael johnson, a 14-year veteran with the force. he died on the scene. his colleagues did return fire. it's not clear if they struck dunham in the exchange. they stood off with him overnight until about 50 minutes ago. we heard the sound of four grenades and officers entered the apartment and found him on the balcony dead with at least one gunshot wound. the first san jose police officer to die in the line of duty in the city since 2001. >> very sad. bob redell in san jose for us. thank you. a wisconsin state trooper was shot and killed with a
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possible bank robbery suspect tuesday in the city. the suspect was killed in the exchange of gunfire. the name of the trooper and the suspect had not been released. u.s. troops in afghanistan won't be coming home as soon as expected. president obama agreed to slow the u.s. military pull out from afghanistan at the request of its new government. they said the delay won't jeopardize his commitment to end the longest war before leaving office. the latest plan will leave 9800 troops in place rather than downsizing to 5500 by year's end. there is newly released video showing the incident with the secret service agents showing they were intoxicated when they hit a barricade outside the white house. there was a bomb threat going on at the time and a woman drop off a package outside the white house and more than 30 minutes later, a government car pulls up in front of the security check point and bumps a plastic
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barricade. the investigation is ongoing in that incident. frightening moments caught on camera. the road collapses in brazil and passengers were able to escape just in time because you see what happens there. the bus is swallowed up by a massive hole in the road. it's not over. the bus was swept away by rushing floodwaters. again, fortunately no one on the bus was hurt. nobody was on the bus at the time. will ferrell will be etched among all time hollywood wood greats. the snl comedian was presented with a star on the walk of fame. for a brief moment it was not sure whether he would go through with the ceremony. take a look. >> it goes without saying i feel so fortunate and yet i can't accept this award.
7:12 am
so -- just cover it up. cover it up for someone else. >> ferrell joined by his wife and threes during that specialer is moano tuesday. he is so funny. i love him. he said he would stop by from 3:00 to 5:00 and polish the star. >> whoever decided to evacuate the people from the bus at that moment that's a hero. unbelievable. thank you very much. mr. roker? >> as we look at what's going on around the country, showers in the pacific northwest and decent weather throughout florida. temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s and on the chilly side and the heat continues in the southwest into southern california. we will hey rich, what's that in your hand? my at&t cell phone bill. verizon bill? yeah. that's cool. nooo... how much are you spending per month? $110 bucks $120 bucks $330 yeeeah... what if sprint could cut your rate plan in half? and give you unlimited talk and text in the u.s., and match your data.
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goodbye verizon. i am done with at&t. bring in your verizon or at&t bill, turn in your old phone and we'll cut your rate plan in half. switch now and we'll pay whatever it costs for you to come to sprint. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning, bundle up as you head out the door. and take your umbrella with you, rain is on the way. before the rain arrives, temperatures climb. the upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, near 70 in between showers and a chance of an evening thunderstorm. then the cold comes back. a chilly day friday. colder saturday and into sunday morning we'll see a low temperature of 32 degrees. turning warmer monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> the eyes of the world will be on amanda knox as her case goes before italy's highest court.
7:14 am
at issue, will the murder convictions of knox and her companion be upheld by the court. peter alexander is watching developments for us. >> this is happening as we speak in italy. the judges are hearing argue ams from the prosecution and both defense teams before deciding whether to confirm knox's guilty verdict or whether it returns for yet another appeal. amanda knox's former italian boyfriend arrived in court for what could be the final hearing in their infamous murder trials. the panel of judges will decide whether to uphold the verdict for the recent appeal or send the trial back to yet another appeal. knox's legal team remains confident. >> you hopeful it will be overturned? >> yes. we are looking for the conviction overturned. >> it has been a roller coaster ride. initially found guilty for the
7:15 am
2007 murder of meredith kercher, the two were acquitted and freed after nearly four years in prison. knox returned to her hometown of seattle and remained in the united states. in a stunning reversal an italian court upheld the original guilty verdict. in 2013 knox told matt she couldn't imagine returning to italy for an appeal. >> i was imprisoned as an innocent person in italy and i can't reconcile the choice to go back with that experience. it's not a possibility. i was imprisoned as an innocent person. i just can't relive that. >> they have maintained their innocence and he told savannah on "today." >> there was nothing in the murder scene that links us to the murder. >> he did return to italy and had his passport taken by
7:16 am
authorities after the last guilty verdict. if the conviction stands he is facing a return to prison to 7 his 25-year sentence. his legal team is holding nothing back filing an additional document trying to distance himself from knox. as for knox she could face a new battle. the italian authorities her back to italy to continue her 28 years behind bars. if the court uphold this is conviction it's not certain what happens. they could move to extradite her and that would require the u.s. to send her back. they believe it's unlikely it wouldn't happen without a fight. bottom shrine amanda knox's legal limbo could extend for much longer. >> it might go to the state department. >> that racist chant video that led the yesterday of oklahoma to shut down a fraternity is in the
7:17 am
headlines. a member who can be seen in the chant is scheduled to speak out for the first time. gabe good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that stay tuned is levi pettitte one of two no longer here on campus. he plans to meet with the chair of oklahoma's legislative black caucus and african-american civic leaders and pastors. >> two weeks after participating in this racist chant --
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almost 7:30. i have a layer of ice on my windshield this morning. let's go to meteorologist bill henley. bill? it is cold outside. no surprise there. 28 degrees at nbc 10. the sun is up but temperatures are still nice and low this morning. feels like winter bundle up. grab the winter coat and an umbrella, too. right now we are in the teens and 20s. atlantic city 19. 23 in trenton. 24 in wilmington. before the rain arrives those numbers will be higher. the light showers just moving toward d.c. right now. they will be moving in this afternoon. they will only have light showers during the day. on and off showers by lunchtime, 42 degrees. 46 at 3:00. legts get an estimate on the
7:27 am
drive times from christine maddela. >> driving on the vine street expressway, that will take you 37 minutes this morning. the schuylkill expressway from the blue route to the vine will take you 23 minutes. the crews are battling a warehouse fire in the lehigh valley causing big problems for neighbors there. skyforce 10 is live over the scene here of this road in bethlehem. you can see more than 300 people there do not have power there. a heads-up for drivers with the roadway closed and people parked on west laurel street can't move their car because of the fire. more in 45 minutes.
7:28 am
jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman
7:29 am
sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail.
7:30 am
we are back at 7:30 and these are frighten inging images for distracting teen drivers. disturbing new research that reveals how big this problem is and if you are a parent you want to watch this. >> we will get to that one. here are the stories making headlines. weather and rough terrain in the french alps at the site of that person jet crash. officials are going-over the damage but and the murder today on the convictions of amanda knox and her former boyfriend in the 2007 death of her british roommate. if the convictions are upheld,
7:31 am
she could be extradited back to italy. experts say it's unlikely. >> the university of oklahoma student that took part in the racist chant makes his first public comments about the incident today. levi pettitte is expected to address the media after meeting with members of several african-american groups. >> new insight into the life of robert durst before his arrest for the murder of his friend. a woman who said she once dated him shares her story for the first time with stephanie gosk. good morning to you. >> for years, robert durst lived a nomadic lifestyle. he lived in new york city, los angeles, and here in dallas. people remember him as a real estate businessman, quiet and unassuming am one woman got closer than most. linda walker met robert durst on an airplane from new york to
7:32 am
dallas in the spring of 2000. >> on the airplane he said he was a lawyer and had two daughters. they both went to harvard. >> a complete fiction of his life. >> she didn't recognize the name durst. she didn't know the real estate dynasty or the story of his young wife, cath whoa went missing. they started dating. >> there was a little bedroom and it had a concrete floor and a saw. >> it's a big story here in dallas. >> they write about real estate in dallas. she spoke to the building manager who asked durst about the concrete floor. >> he said he used a lot of chemicals. >> what does that mean? >> i have no idea, but it's creepy. >> she said it was durst who pursued her. flowers, fancy meals and a handwritten thank you letter.
7:33 am
>> last night was fun and special and will not forget it. >> one night her 13-year-old son joined them for dinner. >> we started down the street and he said oh i forgot, i have two guns in the back seat. i was absolutely shocked. >> during one meal she said durst got angry when she wanted to order the same entree he was ordering. >> he kicked me under the table. >> was it an accident? >> no. >> still she liked his company. she said durst was a good listener. he told her about his friend, susan berman. >> he said she was having problems and she lived in l.a. i'm going to have to go out there and see her. >> not long after she broke off their friendship, tired of him. she doesn't know if he made the trip to los angeles. berman was killed execution
7:34 am
style in her home. durst said he didn't murder his close friend, but news reports raised suspicion that he may have been involved. >> a light bulb went off. oh my. >> within a year he was on trial for the murder of morris black, a neighbor in texas. he admitted to killing him, but was found not guilty of murder. they stumbled across the handwritten letter and support it to detectives in l.a. now that durst had been arrested, she wants to tell her story. >> i needed to talk about it, i think. >> the former lead investigator in the susan berman case confirms that he spoke to her about their relationship. we reached out to the dallas police to see if they reopened
7:35 am
cold cases with possible links to durst but they have none. >> that are is incredibly unsettling. >> they rent an apartment to someone who said he uses a lot of chemicals. a. >> a lot of landlords are like we will take the rent. >> you guys ready for a warm up? don't get too excited. hey -- >> give me a minute. right now it's 71 in san francisco and l.a. 79. 79 in san diego. 86 in san diego and los angeles. friday 91 in fresno. 86 in san diego. san francisco is 70. you come out here and a little on chilly side.
7:36 am
44 in portland and cleveland is 58. look at tomorrow. it warms up. 75 in d.c. 63 in new york city. cleveland is 40. >> that's the rain now. >> then on friday you can see temperatures drop. we will continue to track hopefully a warm up next week. that's the ticket. next week. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening -- i have good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning, bundle up as you head out the door and take the umbrella with you. rain is on the way. before the rain arrives, temperatures climb. upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, near 70 in between showers and a chance of an evening thunderstorm. then the cold comes back. a chilly day friday. colder saturday and into sunday morning. we'll see a low temperature of 32 degrees turning warmer monday and tuesday. have a great day.
7:37 am
don't forget to get the weather any time you need it. >> sounds good. thank you very much. >> just ahead a surprising and honest revelation from jon hamm. >> alarming findings on what is distracting your teens when they get behind the wheel. why their cell phone shouldn't be your only concern. first these messages. to unlock the possibilities of tomorrow......"lift tab." behold the beauty of balance. crisp flakes of fiber-rich bran. answered by the perfect quantity of sun sweetened raisins. and with the sublime addition of ice-cold milk, the day begins. ♪sun'll come out, tomorrow♪ tomorrow is waiting. own it, with kellogg's® raisin bran see you at breakfast™. and delight in temptingly tart and sweet new kellogg's® raisin bran with cranberries.
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7:41. listen up. parents with disturbing new numbers out this morning that deal with distractions facing teen drivers. if you are a parent, you want to hear this. tom costello has the story. good morning to you. >> good morning. the most exciting moment in many teens's lives when they get the keys can be the most terrifying for parents. a new aaa study shows that parents have reason to worry.
7:42 am
this generation is addicted to their devices. driven to distraction. the problem is worse than we first thought. teens today have so much in their hands. their music make up, cell phones taking their hands off the wheel and eyes off the roads. rear ending a pick up and just missing this semi. lexy is one of thens who had two cameras mounted on her car in exchange for a discount on auto insurance. every time she braked hard an e-mail was sent to her mom. >> she was constantly messing with the radio and we disabled the radio. >> i was looking at my ipod and when i looked up i was on the other side of the road. >> the wisconsin teen wasn't hurt, but it could have been worse. >> i was like oh, my god she could have been killed and totalled the car and she wouldn't have known what hit her.
7:43 am
>> the of a generation driven to distraction. >> they believe it's not the cell phone which is distracting the driving it's the car keeping them distracted from communicating with their teen friends. >> cell phones only contributed to 1% of teen accidents but aaa said the problem is much worse. phones to blame for 12% of accidents only behind distractions from other passengers. >> one additional passenger in the car increases their fatal crash rate by 44%. four kids in the car quadruples the risk. friends can be fatal. >> while they limit new teen drivers to only one passenger under 20, four states have no restrictions and 21 states do not ban teens from texting and holding their phone while they drive. >> i see people all the time on their phones or with ear buds in. i think you have no idea what
7:44 am
could happen. >> so what should parents do? experts say believe it or not, the teenagers are listening. others have a hard time believing it. spend time with them to show them what's safe. parents, put the phones away when you are behind the wheel. >> definitely. >> they always have them warning you. dad, you are not supposed to. >> good for them. >> carson has been checking in with people online. >> what percentage of the audience say yes, they text and drive? >> 90%. >> wow, that's high. >> here's the zero. 54%. we asked them to be honest and 46% say no. half say they text and drive. it's a big number. >> thank you very much. still ahead, three questions being raised by angelina jolie's decision to have surgery to remove her ovaries. a woman who opted for the same
7:45 am
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back at 7:40. carson is in the orange room with a mystery. online search. >> this image was taken after hurricane katrina devastated the new orleans area nearly ten years ago. air force staff sergeant mike maroony after he rescued this little girl from the roof. for years he tried to find her to see how she is doing. that's where social media comes into play. help us reconnect this vet with this little girl. the hear tag has been shared
7:50 am
thousands of times. we spoke to the air force times and although there is no grand reunion reunion, they confirmed social media provided promising leads. this has been a touching story. shannon writes in sweet story. what a smile and a hug. and hopefully it will bring them back together. >> hope it comes through. >> live with new developments on the tragic plane crash in the french alps as we learn that two americans are among the dead. but first on a wednesday morning, your local news. sooo, you're all set to book a flight using rewards miles from your airline credit card. but then the illusion begins. the flights you really want - surprise - they're not available because they cost a ridiculous number of miles. enough is enough... switch to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles. and using those miles is easy. just book any flight you want, on
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plus a 50% reduced deposit. and it's now combinable with our buy one get one offer. call 1-800-royal-caribbean today. almost 8:00. good morning, i'm vai sikahema.
7:56 am
we'll get a first alert forecast look with meetteorologist bill henley. good morning. the sun has been up an hour and the sunshine is already starting to fade. that's a live view from the melon bank building in center city. temperatures will be climbing before the rain arrives. right now in hagerstown maryland, the d.c. area are seeing the showers not far away. showers move in this afternoon, they will be light, but it will be warmer. 21 in mount holly. 22 in pottstown. wilmington and northeast philadelphia right now are in the 20s. carry an umbrella with showers moving in this afternoon. thank you, bill. we'll check on the traffic now with christine maddela. >> if you are in monthgomery county taking 422 toward the schuylkill expressway we are stacked up. here's a look at the drive times, 95 southbound 44 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. here's the 422 drive time 22 minutes from route 29 to the schuylkill. we are following breaking news in the lehigh valley this
7:57 am
morning with crews still trying to get this warehouse fire under control. skyforce 10 is over this fire in bethlehem. hundreds of people don't have power there. the roads near the college are closed and nbc 10 has a crew on the way to the scene to bring you updates right here on nbc 10 or on the "nbc 10 news" app. and brothers accused of murdering a philadelphia police officer had a court hearing today. earlier robert wilson 3xxxiii3iii was buying a game for his son when the gun battle broke out and they killed sergeant wilson. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. see you in a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, the angelina effect. answers to the questions many women have in the wake of the star's choice to undergo preventive surgery. and reunite and it feels so good. >> you are stunning. >> more of our exclusive with the cast of pretty woman 25 years after the release of that iconic film. the prank that turned into one of the movie's most memorable moments. and the scene that had julia roberts shaking her head. >> i said this is not funny. nobody will think it's funny. >> plus, duane johnson's rise. the larger than life star stops by to talk and remember his late costar paul walker. today is wednesday march 25th 2015.
8:01 am
>> from oregon, the high school band. >> good morning, arkansas! >> my first time in new york. >> hi, dad. we're here. >> we are from miami and our hearts are warmed on the "today" show. >> i have been a fan for 39 years! >> now on wednesday morning, 25th day of march, 2015. go ahead and say it. what do we have? we have a big crowd and happy to have the folks in new york. >> we sure are. let's go to natalie for a check of the top stories. >> good morning once again. a grim search resumed in the
8:02 am
french alps after the crash of a germanwings passenger jet. debris from the plane is spread over high remote mountain side. all 150 people on board were killed. the voice recorder has been recovered. finding the second is the focus of the search. the doomed jet was grounded for technical problems 24 hours before it crashed. among the plane's victims were 16 students and two teachers from a high school in germany who had been on an exchange trip to spain. katie is in their devastated hometown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning natalie. first breaking news. we have images of the cockpit voice recorder that is dadly damage. they have not confirmed the images, but you can see what bad shape the voice recorder is in. two americans were on board this
8:03 am
flight, but as for where i am now i'm 40 minutes north of dusseldorf where eastern people lost their lives. 18 students and two teachers were on a spanish exchange program for a week in barcelona and inside the teenagers at the school are trying to come to terms with such a huge loss. it was supposed to be the highlight of their year. instead their friends and classmates are lighting candles burning with their memory. classes were canceled, but kids were encouraged to come to school anyway to mourn the counsellor, teach areers and friends. the loss touched everyone. they told reporters no power in the world can take away that pain. last night she showed me a photo of her 16-year-old cousin.
8:04 am
>> i can't believe she will never come and i can't say goodbye to her. >> how is the school dealing right now? >> empty. >> empty for that one giant question on everyone's mind. and written in german on the sign outside of the school. warum -- why? the school bell might as well been the ring of a church bell for the mourning going on inside. the students were 15 and 16 years old. they were mostly girls and just some of the 160 passengers that are being remembered from the flight. natalie. >> so tragic. katy in germany for us. thank you. a new disclosure for mad men star jon hamm. he recently completed treatment for alcohol addiction. he plays troubled advertising executive don draper who struggles with alcoholism and
8:05 am
other vices. no other details are known and he is asking for privacy. mad men is set to start the final season next month. the driver of the big rig stuck in the mud received unique roadside assistance. this happened outside on a louisiana interstate. muz caused the 18 wheeler to begin to tip, two of the three elephants on board enlisted to help. they were leaned up against it to keep it from overturning. they were being transported to a circus in dallas. good news and good thing the elephants were there. let's get another check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much. a friend from the bahamas. you are going to the north pole? it's always better in the bahamas and better in the north pole. let's see what we have got going on now. showers and seattle and wet weather making its way in from
8:06 am
cleveland. you may see snow before its over, but we are looking at rain making its way through. the rest of the country, 5i risk of strong storms and texas into lower missouri and parts of arkansas. we also look for wet weather in the pacific northwest. icy conditions with plenty of sunshine through the gulf. warmer down south and 87 in miami with sunshine. oh good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning. bundle up if you're heading out the door and take your umbrella with you. rain is on the way. before the rain arrives, temperatures climb. upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow near 70 in between showers and a chance of an evening thunderstorm. then the cold comes back. a chilly day friday. colder saturday and into sunday morning. we'll see a low temperature of 32 degrees, turning warmer monday and tuesday. have a great day.
8:07 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right al. thank you so much. the glaring differences between men and women when it comes to ordering dinner at a restaurant. >> he found the sign in the crowd that he loves. >> if you can recite every line from pretty woman julia roberts and richard gere are pete to the test. >> furious seven. hosting and bringing "baywatch" to the big screen. first these messages. >> he will write more i love carson signs. binge eating disorder, or b.e.d., isn't just overeating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged, i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied no matter what the quantity was. afterwards i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d. go to
8:08 am
and talk with your doctor. i'll trade you three of these for trash duty. ♪ ♪ sure. today, sweeten the deal. get low prices you can trust every day on reese's peanut butter eggs and cadbury creme eggs.
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8:10 am
the community in virginia called the rotunda is cracking down. residents have to register dogs and let the condo take a dna sample. it links back to your dog, you could be fined $600. >> this is why we need the law and order. >> the superintendent's office got the snow blower and doing sophisticated dna tests. >> like csi. >> exactly right. >> they are barely taking it. that's great. >> you laugh until you step in it. that are that are then you are like who did this? you going to take exactly what you want or ask the waiter for suggestions or perhaps you are like this. >> what can i get you? >> i will have a number three.
8:11 am
>> i would like the chef salad, vinegar on the side and apple ala mode. i would like the pie heated and the ice cream on the side and strawberry instead of vanilla and if not onlied cream then out of the can then nothing. >> not even the pie. >> no just the pie, but not heated. >> i love that scene. apparently most women are not sally. they don't want to seem high maintenance and they keep it simple. how men and women order differently at restaurants. turns out the stereotypes are true. women like salads and entrees and men go heavy on the meats and starches. >> it's just like the differences. there. >> the theory and i live with someone who loves food. she is a foodie. what she will do is go on the website and read the menu. when we sit down, she orders --
8:12 am
she know what is she wants. >> i like that. i like that. >> it takes the courting of the restaurant out of play. >> some are like what should we get? that should be on this menu. >> i order the first thing i see that appeals to me on the menu. you order the same thing all the time. that's not interesting. >> i do a lot. >> i want to show you video. this is the talk of twitter this morning. the first lady appearing on jeopardy. some were not listening to what she was saying. instead they are focussed on her hair. asking if she actually shaved her head. all right? a lot of people say no she has it pulled back tightly and it's the lighting. that's what it is with me. >> she has it in a ponytail
8:13 am
between the nuclear talks and the announcement about troops in the white house has not found time to comment on this. what do you think? >> it's pulled back. >> so obvious. >> lighting in the white house could use some work. >> up next three major questions a lot of women are asking in the wake of angelina jolie's latest surgery
8:14 am
>> we are back with the angelina jolie effect. a lot of women have questions after angelina jolie reveals she had her ovaries and falobian tubes removed after a double mastectomy. here is important information. dr. carol brown is an oncologist and sarah is an ambassador for the nonprofit. good morning to you both. sarah, you have been through this and i want to ask you about it in a moment. we are focusing on the questions that a lot of people have coming out of this. angelina jolie writes about this and a lot of people pay attention. if someone is wondering if this situation applies to them, it's only if they have the gene mutations? >> the preventive surgery is for women who have a strong family
8:15 am
history of ovarian or breast cancer or a known mutation in bracket 1 or two. women at high risk for getting ovarian cancer are candidates for the surgery. >> you had the surgery in december. >> just this past december. i have a strong family history of december for the genetic mutation in 2007. i was fortunate enough to have two amazing girls and when i turned 35 it was right for me and my family. >> it bears repeating that it's so unique to each individual woman's situation. another thing that angelina was kapdid about is because of the surgery she will go into early menopause. what would a woman expect to go through when they go into early menopause. is it different than the one that happens naturally?
8:16 am
>> some of the symptoms are hot flashes, long-term increased risk of osteopoftsteoporosisosteoporosis. it is similar to natural menopause just a lot earlier in life. >> how has it been? >> i feel fortunate to have that as my option. the side effect of menopause i said is it warm in here for the first time. to be honest, they removed my uterus as well and since they removed the breast tissue, they can give me hormone therapy. that helped stabilize it and it's natural. fortunately it's not affecting much of my life at all. >> that's a good thing to hear. before we let you go reducing the risk of ovarianian cancer in the 50 place. >> the important things are know your family history. if you have history of breast or
8:17 am
ovarian cancer, you need to get tested for the mutations. women who take oral contcentives reduce the risk by 50% if they take them for five years. the third thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight and lots of exercise. those are things that all women can do. >> you are the an ambassador for this group and you are sharing this story of something that happened a long time ago. you just went through it. why is it important for you to be part of this? >> they provided such support for both myself and my family and outreach and guidance and helping me live a healthy lifestyle. without them and the doctors, i would not be sitting here with a smile. >> you are a wonderful ambassador for them. as positive as a role mossle as angelina jolie is. thank you. we will send it over to matt.
8:18 am
>> thank you very much. it's time for more of our pretty woman reunion. this morning the stars and director together again for the first time in 25 years. on tuesday we heard about their favorite scenes and the post it note that led to movie history. we are finding out who remembers their lines after all these years. >> how about the makeover scene where your character goes to pick vivian up at the hotel where she is waiting for you in the lounge. i will start it. you say -- >> you're late. >> and you say -- i don't remember the scene at all. >> and you say -- >> you're stunning. >> and i say you're forgiven. >> you look nice. >> where is he when you need it? >> we will start again. >> you're you're late. >> you're stunning. >> you're forgiven. >> you're late.
8:19 am
>> you're stunning. >> you're forgiven. >> isn't it heart breaking when you can't remember your date? >> this is all i remember. this is. >> snapping. >> he may remember it because that famous moment from the movie was actually a preplanned practical joke. >> you tell the scene. >> i have a gift for her which was a ring? a necklace. a beautiful necklace. >> he was there. >> that was how long ago? i never have seen the movie. i have seen the movie. i have a box and this is fabulous. i'm in my tuxedo and you open the box and it's wonderful. we did three or four takes. it's wonderful. she is so excited. gary said snap it when she
8:20 am
reaches for it. >> she was out late one night and she was there, but i figure snap it. he snapped it but she laughed so well, it was for months. >> one of the charming moments. >> it wasn't the only classic charming moment to be improvised. >> we improvised with the handkerchief. >> that's right. i said gary, this is not funny. >> that's what she said. >> i said this is not funny. nobody will think it's funny when i blow in the handkerchief. i said i know you know funny and this is not funny. >> it's his reaction that's funny. >> she had know one movie under her belt and she is telling you. >> there were more than a few surprises. like the popularity of vivian's
8:21 am
tough talking roommate kit. >> for 75 the wife can watch. >> the role of the impact of kit. >> that's part of the heart and the response i get when women talk to me about loving this movie. they talk about that friendship. >> the friendship is what made it. i must say that was one of the greatest moments when they say goodbye. >> take care of you. >> another scene in the hotel room, you are ordering sam pain. you ordered champagne and strawberries for vivian and you deliver a line about the seduction. you say something to the effect of i really appreciate this whole seduction thing but -- >> i'm a sure thing. >> does it ring a bell? >> i do remember. >> let's go in the bathtub.
8:22 am
that bathtub i understand was fraught with peril. >> my favorite. >> it was really? >> it was a moment where she went under water. >> why is that your favorite moment? >> it was fun tow me. >> that's wrong. >> i wanted to do a great prank and richard was in on it. when we shot it and she went under water all the cameraman left. nobody was there. >> where did you go? >> stay down as long as you can. >> that's the one where you completely butcher prince's song, kiss. >> that's a strong statement. >>. ♪ you i just want your extra time and your -- kiss ♪ the a cappella version of kiss. >> i just love prince.
8:23 am
>> we wanted a gift for all of you and we found one gift we thought was appropriate and it's for you. >> that's not fair. >> i know it's not fair. >> you have to have it for the whole class. >> i hope you understand the fact that this took a trip back to the 90s. >> this is not going to be good i have a feeling. it's going to spring out. >> make believe it will be good. >> is it -- is it something inappropriate. i have children now. >> not at all. >> how do you each find one of these. i didn't know they existed anymore. >> not only one but the exact one. >> i think i had one of these. let's press play. >> you leave it all up to me ♪ >> this is what i remember about being in the bathtub. my hair was died red and i had a strong detergent and i kept going under and coming up and by
8:24 am
the end of the day the detergent took off all my hair color and she said why do you look blond? i need to see you in the light. we had emergency hair color at 10:00 at night because of the bathtub. >> i love the stories and i love seeing you all. it's a great vision to see you all side by side. 25 years after pretty woman. hector, laura, gary and julia, richard thank you very much. this has been a blast. >> i want to thank you for lending us your yellow walkman. >> you did put batteries. >> where do you find a cassette? >> they still have the chemistry i feel like. >> the pretty woman fun may not be over. gary marshall announced he wants to take pretty woman to broadway. >> that are would be amazing. >> thank you very much. julie is here and we are cooking
8:25 am
up another week night wonder. you guys can eat in 35 minutes or less. we have salmon and pea s. first your local news and weather. it's 8:26. sky force 10 is live over breaking news in northampton county.
8:26 am
crews are still trying to get this warehouse fire under control. you see firefighters on that ladder. this is in bethlehem. hundreds of people there don't have power from ppl. roads are closed but there's no threat to the campus. disaster volunteers about the red cross have been out here about two hours providing support to first responders and checking to see if residents need help. now let's turn our attention to the weather. here's our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> good morning, vai. it is a cold start this morning, feels like winter. still some snow on the ground but sunshine overhead in the pocono mountains. this is a live view from shawnee. 27 degrees right now in mt. pocono. it's up to 32 in philadelphia and 36 and climbing in wildwood. but look what's on the way. rain to our southwest will move in this afternoon. temperatures will be warmer by then. at lunchtime 42 degrees. middle 40s this afternoon. let's get a check on traffic with christine.
8:27 am
>> it is still a slow go on interstate 95 especially on the southbound side. northbound is a little backed up as well. before you head out the door let's get a look at your drive times. southbound from wood haven road to the vine street expressway is going to take you 42 minutes. 25 on the schuylkill eastbound from the blue route to the vine. also throw on 422. >> thank you, christine. temple will take on louisiana tech in the nit tonight. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on the nbc 10 app. we'll see you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 on a wednesday morning the 25th of march 2015. a pretty day on the plaza. a spring break crowd and elton john? >> playing for a good reason. we would like to wish sir elton john a very happy birthday today. many happy returns. >> all right. coming up, we have duane johnson in the house to talk about the action and the new fast and furious movie. what he is planning for his big hoving gig this weekend on snl. >> a nerve racking experience for any new parent. the first bath. why it's much more about -- i will tell you why it's about more than getting the baby clean. >>or run for today, we get set
8:31 am
to take part in a half marathon in the form of a remarkable woman i had a chance to run along with. i will get to meet her. >> we have another wondrous week night meal. we will get it on the table in less than 35 minutes. we will find out about that and get a check of the weather from al. >> we have a lot of folk who is wanted to do weather. i will call out melissa and macy. come on down here. you are locked in. we certainly made this easy, didn't we. come on in. okay, so you are a mom and daughter cheerleading team? >> we like to cheer.
8:32 am
>> where are you from? >> arkansas. >> do you have a favorite cheer? >> yes. are you ready? >> al al he's our pal! >> short and sweet. are you weather fans? >> yes. yes. we love al. >> what's your favorite weather? >> sunny and warm. >> let's see if we can find it on the map for you. you see any sunshine and 70s? >> sunny and 70 on the west coast and in texas and our home state of arkansas. the south looks good. >> 77 degrees and may have strong storms later today. let's put up tomorrow and see if you can find sunshine and 70s for you. a bunch of rain. a bunch of rain. gulf coast to the northeast. >> we need a rain cheer to get on here. >> what was your rain chooer?
8:33 am
>> ar, a, i, n. it's going to rain. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning. bundle up, if you're heading out the door, and take your umbrella with you. rain is on the way. before the rain arrives, temperatures climb. upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow near 70 in between showers and a chance of an evening thunderstorm. then the cold comes back. a chilly day friday. colder saturday and into sunday morning. we'll see a low temperature of 32 degrees, turning warmer monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> knowing that you guys love weather you should tune in on cable to get it weather you need it. >> we will. >> back to you.
8:34 am
>> now more of the parenting team. this morning we are talking about a major milestone. baby's first bath. >> the national correspondent is a new dad himself. good morning. >> you remember this not long ago. >> sure can. >> getting baby into the water for the first time is an adventure, but the bath time is more valuable in more ways than one. first coming home from the hospital about three weeks ago, rocco has mastered posing for the camera and had his first st. patrick's day. >> we are learning every day and i think we are doing pretty good so far and hopefully he thinks so too. >> on this day, another first for his parents. his first real bath. >> what had you heard about the first bath experience?
8:35 am
>> we heard mixed things. sometimes when they get in the water they don't like it so much. we don't know what to expect for this little guy. we gave him a couple of sponge baths with mixed reaction. >> this will be his first full emergence. this could go horribly. >> as rocco took the plunge he didn't even pee on you. that's a win. >> we have his pediatrician on hand to help out with the first time parents. >> the first thing every parent needs to know is you should be doing nothing else except bathing the baby. you never respond to anything else outside of a severe emergency. always keep one hand on the baby. the bath water needs to be nice temperature, but you need to make sure it feels warm to your hands and not hot. it should be comfortable to you. >> rocco seems to be liking it for good reason. it's more than just a bath.
8:36 am
>> bath time is a multipurpose event. you top the give them a sense that mommy or daddy is here and i'm taking care of you and it's a quiet time. it's an experience between the baby and the parent. >> according to recent research nine out of ten parents say bath time is more than just about getting a baby clean. 42% say it's important to the baby's brain development. >> just that gentle touch to the baby acts as a stimulant and helps with brain development and growth. bath time is one of the developmental times and encouraging that stimulation of the baby is extremely important. >> the water would be perfect and you get under the neck and ears where it gets dirty. this is important. get a good grip on him. he's slippery. all right? >> you don't top the go out of the bath?
8:37 am
>> way to go rocco. >> bathing three to four times a week is enough and only for a few minutes. the best time for a bath is right before bed. >> it's a segue to sleep. baths usually relax us all. >> even after the bath it's extremely important to continue that touch. so if you are drying the baby off and getting ready to wrap them up in the blanket put them next to your skin and get that bonding and that touching experience and the benefits of the connection. >> rocco's pediatrician said you should use gentle massage and moisturizer to help baby relax and bonding time. she said to four times a week. you say --
8:38 am
>> every night vail gets a bath because it's part of her routine. bath, bottle, bed. >> look at the most adorable baby. >> she was like 6 weeks old and the first time i gave her a bath, she cried and i cried because i was traumatized. then they love it. they don't want to get out. >> the more time they want to spend in there. >> the warm water. >> there is the boy. >> always be careful with the boys. have the diaper ready. >> check out more about what he knew before becoming a dad. today they have thoughts about it. >> thank you. still ahead, pressed for time. you don't want to miss the week night wonder. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:41 and we are back with the special series. the half marathon here in new york city. >> that's right. >> natalie knows and she is off and running with erica hill. you have a story of a competitive runner who is unbelievable. she heard people tell her what she can't do but you will see that the word can't is not in her vocabulary. illness took her sight from an early age, but with the help of her husband, she is full of life and hope. >> imagine the dhurnlg it takes to run without being able to see where you are going. that is how yvonne lives her life. >> do you have memories of vision? >> i have no memory of seeing.
8:42 am
>> retinal cancer led doctors to remove both of her eyes. >> my name is yvonne. >> her strength was obvious from the start in the documentary into the mainstream. showing her navigating the busy streets of new york city. working extra hard to be an ordinary kid at her public school. yvonne is extraordinary. she went on to graduate from stanford and earn her mba and climbed mt. kilimanjaro before she found a passion for running. she training at the olympic training facility in southern california. as a member of the triathlon team for pair olympians. she has done it all with volunteer guide. her closest guide is her husband, john. >> do you think running brought you closer together as a couple? >> yeah. it's an activity that we can do together all the time. the funniest thing is when we
8:43 am
are out running, we have a tether. no matter where we are people come upon us they say hey that's a good way to keep them in line. >> this couple is living proof that the ties that bind us together can set us free. >> what do you feel when you are running? >> when i run there is a sense of peace. it's a sense of freedom. it's emotional because it's going through cancer last year, it was the one thing that kept my spirit alive. so running really had a powerful, powerful place in my heard. >> just last year, yvonne was treated for a rare form of bladder cancer. she said she is in recovery now
8:44 am
and back to training. what makes her unstoppable? >> her courage. her courage and determination to fight. >> now you reduced me to tears. >> when emotions got the best of us, we did what came naturally. we ran. >> you are going to let me be your guide? i'm going to tether myself. >> it was a privilege to serve as yvonne's guide on the path to santa monica. >> for the visually impaired boy or girl who are hearing your words, if they thought that i can't do that, what do you want to tell them? >> there is nothing you cannot try. there is nothing you cannot do.
8:45 am
you may have to find a different way to try it and make it happen but it can be done. >> she is such an inspiration. incredible. to be a guide for her you need to run like a 4:40 mile. she runs fast. it's unreal. she is such an inspiration. god bless. hope her health is -- she is clean for now. her last test came back good. we are hoping the news continues. >> what a love story. >> an incredible love story. what a couple. if you are interested in becoming a guide runner we have a link to a great organization. we have more stories like this leading up to the race on april 19th. >> if that doesn't get you inspired -- >> can't do it that should get you for sure. >> quick and easy dishes so good your family will think you hired a chef. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> 8:48 and we are back with healthy meals that take less than 35 minutes to get on the table. great news. billy is the owner of the rocket bar-and-grill in chicago and the gang is downstairs forks in hand and ready to eat. >> welcome. great to be back. we are making grilled salmon and super healthy and delicious. >> it's english 53s with a bunch of herbs. kind of crunchy and chunky. we will start with french english pea s and it's fun to do with the family.
8:49 am
you will cook it for about four minutes until they are spender. you see them rise and what we are doing is blanching them. >> they all float in. >> they do. you branch them in ice water. >> why do do you that? >> to stop the cooking. we will keep them firm and at that point it's tomorrow. you can throw the herbs in. we have bis il and mint and chives and garlic and lemon juice. salt and pepper. >> all of it? >> it's one tablespoon. we will pulse it up. you don't need to do too much. you can go off on this thing. amazingly layered and lots of nutrients.
8:50 am
>> i noticed the gang is already chowing down. >> so good. >> it's wonderful. awesome. >> how did you make it? >> salt both sides and you are going to throw it on a hot side to get the seer. >> this is the vegetable oil. we seer the lemons to carmelize them. do about four minutes on one side and on the other. the presentation has a nice golden brown. >> start to finish, you can get it on the table in less than 30 minutes. we will throw the amazing pea s. i cut them on a diagonal to keep them light. i will have you throw the salmon on while i make the dressing. olive oil and lemon juice.
8:51 am
a little dash of salt and pepper and top this off and we are ready to go. >> 35 minutes or less. >> and tomorrow we will have more. up next, one of hollywood's biggest star duane johnson is down in the studio. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
it's 8:53. back to the scene with the newest installment of the fast and furious franchise. take a look. >> who is that? hey. did you bring the cavalry? >> woman, i am the cavalry. >> that's a good line. >> i have to say you are a success. >> there is a couple of things. with them, you have the action and the beautiful cars.
8:54 am
you all have family. >> and on that subject, it's a bitter sweet nature to this movie. paul walker died a while ago and does that make the release of this movie difficult? you are happy to have it and it brings a lot of emotions back to the surface. >> i have to be honest. i feel they couldn't wait for the move tow come out and talk about it. it's an opportunity to talk about paul. i miss him and i love him. you know paul. what a beautiful man he was. it was an opportunity for us to try to find a balance between entertaining and pay a respectful tribute to him. is it difficult? loss is always difficult for all of us. this this case we got through it and we made a good movie and paul is beautifully honored at the end of the film. >> i think you pull that off.
8:55 am
you have another project in the works. "baywatch" movie. >> slow motion and we can't wait. we have been working on this for a long time. paramount. the idea is to make it nice and big and rated o and funny. >> that's great. we have an announcement died to the movie. i'm going to be your costar. you in. >> are you willing to wear the speedo? >> she. >> clearly you are. >> that's it. that's going to be coming in. >>. >> you have a lot of assets, matt. >> when is it going to come out? >> maybe 2016. >> hosting snl this weekend. >> does that mean you are not nervous anymore? >> i'm excited to get back on the stage. snl broke my career in
8:56 am
that breaking news is in northampton county. crews are still trying to get a handle on this industrial warehouse fire. this is in bethlehem. it broke out sometime before 6:00 this morning, so this is going on three hours now. you can see crews pouring water onto this fire and sky force 10 video. this is from less than a half hour ago. officials tell us a shelter in place order has been lifted. no one was in the building when the fire broke out. roads near the college are closed but there's no threat to the campus. the red cross is on the scene and providing food and other support to first responders. let's get our first alert forecast now from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> vai, we're seeing enough sunshine to see the temperatures climbing this morning. just pumped up three degrees in philadelphia in the last hour. it's now up to 37 degrees in wildwood. look at the sunshine in cape may. sunshine will be fading as the day goes on and you'll need your umbrella. we've got rain on the way.
8:57 am
right now 20s and 30s. those temperatures are climbing ahead of rain that is to our southwest moving through the d.c. area right now. so stand by with your umbrella you'll need it today. and make it -- make sure you have a nice jacket with you too. it's going to stay chilly right on through this afternoon. the brothers accused of murdering a philadelphia police officer during an attempted robbery have a court hearing today. carlton hips and ramon williams face murder charges. earlier this month sergeant robert wilson iii was buying a gift for his young son at a gamestop. the brothers tried to rob the store and that's when a gun battle broke out killing sergeant wilson. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. of course you can get the latest news and weather with the nbds 10 app. we'll sending you back to the "today" show. have a great day and we'll see you in another half hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
this morning on today's take. duane johnson is back on the set. our entourage. television and film star, debbie mason. and the country star. all that and more, coming up
9:00 am
right now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" for a wednesday morning, march 25th 2015. along with matt, glad to have you back. >> willie is off today. >> we have new names. >> will this keep changing? >> you have a whirl wind week and it will continue. >> satly. i'm in for a day and in miami with a gloria estefan concert. >> sadly. >> you are missing the kids and a lot of work this week. >> keep going. >> luckily you are not going by bus. >> the incredible videos and this is out of brazil.
9:01 am
take a look at this road that is about to collapse. the passengers fortunately were able to get off the bus just in time. so the road gives way and the bus gets sucked under into flash floods. fortunately the drivers saw what was happening and got everybody out of the bus in time, but that is just crazy. it opens up as the bus got in. >> it got stuck and started opening up. you can see it here. it holds up. everybody gets off. >> and then that happened moments later. >> smart bus driver who realized the danger that was determining. another piece of video. no one saw this coming. this is what happened in louisiana. an 18 wheeler became stuck in
9:02 am
the mud. from florida texas from the danger of tipping over. what do do you? look who comes to the rescue. they were pushed toot side to prop up the big rig. then they were able to get a road true to help out and to clear the truck. >> thankfully it wasn't much. they work for peanuts. >> poor allison. >> they didn't have to unload. they had their own drunks. good thing that didn't happen in alabama. >> i didn't see that coming. >> stuck. he needs an intervention. >> two in the front and two in the back. >> in a bag of eminems. he paints his toenails different colors.
9:03 am
>> i'm not getting that one. it is supposed to be funny. >> they were not funny. >> give us something. >> i missed you, but not that much. >> a shot an elephant in my pajamas. >> i should have stopped you. >> not using color like that got will ferrell a star on the hollywood walk of fame in classic style. he thanks his wife and threes. >> you guys look like a million bucks. you want to step up and take a tour around and show off your suits? >> take a lap. don't step on the star, but show everyone. just keep walking around and now sit back down. maybe one more lap.
9:04 am
keep going around. now you can sit back down. i feel so fortunate and yes i can't accept this award. so just cover it up. cover it up for someone else. >> i will be here every day from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. polishing the star. >> he probably will. >> favorite will ferrell movie? >> talladega nights for me. the player scene with the coca-cola. >> there so many. exactly. i love all of them. >> you love how he had his kids take another lap. >> if they were girls he would have never done that. >> i love it. adorable. >> here's the other one. were you a big fan of entourage? >> i never watched it, but i feel like i need to.
9:05 am
everyone loves it. a couple of seasons. not all of them. >> take a look. look at the entourage. >> like i told you 15 years ago the next level is coming. >> we'll be right back. nobody leave. except you. you can go. >> my first movie and i want you to star in it. >> i wanted to do that next. >> ari? >> he acted like you don't have to watch the show to love the movie. >> he knows who the characters are and you heard enough about the story line.
9:06 am
>> when we were in hollywood for the oscars, they were filming. they made the film up until about now. they put some of us in the movie. i know i will not make the movie. >> theoretically i will be in the out takes if they somehow air in guam. >> did you sharknado. you did a great job. >> you call it oscar worthy. >> june 5th and entourage star will be with us for the next half hour. >> we love her. speaking of something else we love, have you heard of what we named it? >> wednesday. >> it's remember wednesday. >> get it? when? remember back whens day.
9:07 am
>> it's a day earlier. >> next week it's going back to crush. nevertheless i'm going to go out and quiz for the audience. do i show them at home? here at home. can you see that? the emmy award winning actor is turning 50 years old. i forgot my notes. she is turning 50 years old today. we absolutely love her. one of the first roles was little orphanano broadway. i don't know how she does it, but she can tut it loose and get carried away. i'm going to go outside. here we go. natalie, can you hear me? take it away. >> she gets carried away. she is foot loose and has adorable children and a
9:08 am
fantastic husband and today she turns 50. she might be the most -- do you know who this is? >> how did you know? >> i recognize her. >> do we have a prize for you? do we have a prize? no prize? oh my gosh. there is your prize. something way better. guys, did you guess it? >> yes. i got it. >> i will just take a selfie while you do that. her face is the same, right? >> sarah jessica parker. with tom hanks. >> 24rs tom hanks and sarah jessica parker. >> he looked a little angry.
9:09 am
i don't think she is enjoying it. >> she is enjoying 50. happy birthday to sarah jessica parker. >> a random piece of video. >> let's show you what's happening right now. we have a double barrelled system. snow to the north and severe storms to the south as we look at detroit. we will show you we are looking at more showers and pushing through the detroit area. foggy in fact. in parts of michigan, we have the risk of severe weather as we get the twisting in the atmosphere. ft. worth and springfield and conway, but we have an area of enhanced list. if there will be tornados and fayetteville and joplin. a lot of heavy rain and some areas picking up three to five inches of rain. generally we are talking to two. flood watches for southern
9:10 am
illinois into north eastern oklahoma. we will check the weather good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning. bundle up, if you're heading out the door, and take your umbrella with you. rain is on the way. before the rain arrives, temperatures climb. upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow near 70 in between showers and a chance of an evening thunderstorm. then the cold comes back. a chilly day friday. colder saturday and into sunday morning. we'll see a low temperature of 32 degrees, turning warmer monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> coming up next, he has gone from the wrestling ring to the big screen. always has been a larger than life personality. who else but mr. duane johnson, the originator of the pec pump.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
turbo charged movie in theaters. >> we can't wait to have duane johnson back as the elite diplomatic security service agent. >> and ready to take on a crew of bad guys, take a look. >> you just earned yourself a dance with the devil boy. you are under arrest. >> like i said i'm here for the team that crippled my brother. >> it was man and he's standing right in front of you. >> that's the best fight scene. when you are reading the lines that come from your character do you laugh out lout? >> some of them are awful.
9:15 am
>> it's the example of how much fun i have with this character because he's able to say anything. i enjoy saying we create these lines that are meant to be absurd and daddy has to go to work. this is the one. >> come on. come on. >> the come i am. >> so many stunts and the fight scenes, when you get ready for a movie like this, do you have to train to do these things? >> i do. yes. it just requires a good amount of time. for example, i have a massive fight team with jason. we kickoff the movie. our goal was -- let's put a fight scene together. that was the goal. we took probably about a month to rehearse and the fight scene
9:16 am
lasts a good two or three minutes. it still requires a tremendous amount of work and strategy and you want to make sure that the balance is right and on top of that you want to make sure that you balance out great action with a line like the man. you put a little of the gravel as we call it. >> honey coated gravel. do you get injured when you do the fight scenes? this is really is over the top. >> what's great about jason he is one of the -- i feel one of the movie stars who has a legitimate skill set. we were not pulling a lot of punches. it was in the body. let's just take it. as silly men do. let's take it. >> you were talking about
9:17 am
"baywatch." to "baywatch" and how does that happen? >> the 2k3w0e8 was always to have a diverse career when i first started 15 years ago. i'm happy to be sitting with you guys now. going from everything from "baywatch" to doing an action comedy can kevin hart to san an dre as, more of an earthquake movie. the was to have a diverse career. >> were you a hasselhoff fan? >> yes. we have all known the hoff. i'm a fan of taking a franchise like that and trying to create something that is really cool and global and we can up the ante and make it cool and funny and make it bad as with good language in the morning. >> we bring the same skill set to snl. >> i cannot wait to host
9:18 am
"saturday night live" again. i'm very excited about that. yes. there i am. >> there you are. >> a little dancing and singing and the great part about it is -- >> no fanny pack or turtleneck. >> like now. you never know what's going to come on a saturday. >> okay. >> the great part about that, i have dinner with lauren michaels and the cast last night. for me in 2000 when i hosted it gave me an opportunity to showcase skill at that time, but broke me in terms of my career. the studios were calling and i love going back. >> nice. i can't wait to see what you are doing. it's going to be good. >> tell me about the lip synch. >> lip synch battle. we kick it off and i love jimmy.
9:19 am
>> the first time i hosted it, he is -- we would go at it. >> i'm just gonna shake, shake, shake. ♪ >> look at you. ready? i need you guys to say shake, shake shake. one, two, three. >> shake, shake, shake. >> right in the chair. >> look at you. >> i love it. >> our sister company from universal pictures hits heaters on friday. shake it in there. >> still ahead, you know her as the take no prisoners on yell. she is bringing the big screen and tells us all about it and that's it. good job.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
. >> taking a look at the headlines, hoping they voice recorder can provide important clues about a german passenger jet. all passengers were killed. among the victims two americans as well as 16 students and two teachers from a high school in germany. a new study reveals air pollution is linked to an increased risk of stroke and anxiety. they analyze the environment and hospital admissions in 28 countries. as exposure to air pollution increases so did stroke and stroke death. a second study found women had more anxiety symptoms than those further away from traffic. rio dejaneiro brazil said the polluted bay where the sailing
9:24 am
events were set to take place will not be cleaned up in time. they were hoping to cut the raw suge by 80%, but have since admitted it's not likely. they have seen floating sofas and animal carcasses in the water. >> millions of americans don't have enough in their 401(k) to live on after retirement. the median amount is just over $18,000 and 40% of american employees have less than $10,000 in their 401(k) account. california san diego zoo is welcoming a new baby to the family. a hippo born to the zoo and the mom and her when i'm shopping for a used car, i want to be comfortable. i don't want an aggressive salesperson breathing down my neck pressuring me into a decision. when i go to the supermarket there's no one pushing me to buy the more expensive cereal. i just want to shop like i do everywhere else.
9:25 am
♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. just about 9:30. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. we're expecting some wet weather. let's get our forecast with bill henley. >> we're seeing high clouds move into the area but it's still cold outside. so far you just needed the winter coat and some sunglasses but that changes. annum umbrella is a good idea
9:26 am
because that sunshine is going to change. wet weather in d.c. moving towards baltimore and into maryland. that's heading our way. expect it to arrive this afternoon. temperatures are climbing ahead of it. we'll be out of the freezing zone by the time the rain starts falling so it will only be rain during the day today. clouds take over. rain showers will be light and on and off this afternoon. >> thank you bill. we have an update on breaking news in northampton county where crews now have this warehouse fire under control. it's been burning for hours. according to the website, the plant fabricates metal for structural purposes. officials have lifted a shefltlter in place order. >> we did do air monitoring. nothing has shown up on our meters in this area at all. >> the chief says the crews will stay on scene most of the day doing air monitoring and putting out hot spots. a shooting in philadelphia led to a police chase that ended
9:27 am
with police shooting a suspect in the city's knifetown section. someone shot at a minivan more than 15 times. police arrived to find two men inside. one was shot the other made a run for it with two semiautomatic guns. he dropped one gun but pointed the other at officers. the cops opened fire. we'll have much more in 25 minutes.
9:28 am
9:29 am
30 minutes past the hour and welcome to today. wednesday morning march 25th 2015. big stars on the show today. debbie is just continuing. it is good to see you. shawna roberts and it's hard to believe it was eight years. >> i know. >> and the blockbuster, good
9:30 am
fellahs. >> and the 25th anniversary. >> really? >> i know. it's a great catch. >> get it back together. >> the film festival. the 29th. >> amazing. >> you can catch debbie in the tv land series. the new single 40 something. and now we are here to talk about maggie the character. you have to give love to the fashion. a fashion icon from head to toe. natalie was admiring the nails. >> i run to a store. i don't like to borrow too much because somebody else wears it and who wore it better. it's a sing. >> it's beautiful. >> tell us about the bully. you play maggie. who inspired you to play her? >> he loves women and she is a good friend and a good listener.
9:31 am
she a lesbian which is a different departure for me to play. i live in williamsburg and she is a new yorker. it's the story about recognizing yourself and owning it. and dealing with ageism and the workplace with love and marriage. >> you are back in new york. >> i love the architecture and the history is so rich. to be able to do a show and not have a big set in the background. i feel like i made it finally. >> you made it a long time ago. this is part of the story line. they just gave an extra talking about the ages. she experienced even in her iconic status as a woman when you have a rich character life with maggie. are are you able to say yes?
9:32 am
>> i live every day like it's my last. it's a half century. it's not just a number. i don't believe that. i think you can do anything you want at pretty much any age. i love wisdom. would i want to be younger? why not? i love to go back to 20 and who wouldn't? >> madonna got up and she exercises and she is an artist and expresses herself. it's a beautiful thing. >> i have to ask you about entourage and a movie. >> i'm so excited. shawna is back in it. >> i hear lots of stars. >> a wonderful cameo. after sports and personalities. production values. incredible. the movie looks beautiful. the stakes are high. i'm happy that we had so much
9:33 am
fun. >> they are lots of fun. >> can you do us a favor? al has a cameo in the film. can you make sure he doesn't get on the cutting room floor? are they are going around. >> for al too. >> really? i think you are a hollywood star on your side. when debi talks, people listen. >> perfect. >> thanks so much. tuesday march 31st on tv land. >> and our superstar who will have a cameo sooner or later. al roker with the weather. >> like extra virgin cooking show. wednesday night good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning. bundle up, if you're heading out the door, and take your umbrella with you. rain is on the way. before the rain arrives, temperatures climb.
9:34 am
upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow near 70 in between showers and a chance of an evening thunderstorm. then the cold comes back. a chilly day friday. colder saturday and into sunday morning. we'll see a low temperature of 32 degrees, turning warmer monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> we missed you this week and haven't had a chance. starting things off with surprising sad news. as mad men is about to air the last few episodes, one of the biggest stars and really cool guy admitting he just completed rehab and he plays don draper and issued a statement saying the support of his long time partner, jon hamm completed treatment for his struggle with alcohol addiction. they asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward. he checked into the silver hill
9:35 am
hospital for 30 days in february. he was here and i was at the event kicking off the mat men final season. he was as charming as ever and gave a speech that everyone was in his hands like putty. charming and fun and we wish him the best. absolutely. getting treatment. is bradley cooper about to direct beyonce? according to the hollywood reporter the american sniper star is about to add director to his resume. the 1937 film a star is born. beyonce was attached to the film and stopped when he got pregnant. that tells you how long the film has been in the works. clint eastwood was in talks as far back as 2011. he dropped out when he started working on jersey boys. no word when the film will be released, but it may explain why they have been in l.a.
9:36 am
reportedly their daughter is enrolled in school there. that's where they make all the movies. a fantastic role for her. the truth is out there and it's real. the x files are coming back. confirming the news and call the 6th episode of the next mind bending chapter. they have signed on to return as fbi agents. the show went off air in 1993. they call it a commercial break and tweeted it's me are you ready? the show will start production this summer. i still think one of the top tv shows of all time. >> it's a huge hit. >> wouldn't it be great get x files meets x men. >> only a few years ago he was selling t-shirts while on tour.
9:37 am
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9:41 am
i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. turning out the way a lot of country stars get into the business. >> he is country music's newest sensation nominated by the act of country music by the new artist of the year. >> ain't for the whiskey. more on the rise to fame. it was this song, chilling it that sold more than one million copies and propelled him from song writer to star on the rise. chilling it became the highest selling debut single from a solo country male since 2013.
9:42 am
>> >> even sold t-shirts on the tour. he put it into his album as he performs on tour. >> the current singles ain't worth the whiskey marked the 30 number one off the debut album. >> he is here with us and you are bringing whiskey later. i love your expression. is it like a this is your life moment? >> absolutely. i think every time i step on the stage it doesn't matter what kind of day it has been. what i feel at home and what i love to do. i act like it's my last time. this is fun. >> you are writing all these
9:43 am
hits. when does the switch go on and say i will record some of these for myself? >> they seem to ask me that and i looked at florida georgia line and all the people that recorded my songs, that was huge for me before i had a record deal. i get to go back and play for the songs in the set. he wrote this song and this song. i think it paid off. they have been selling a couple more albums than i would have. it's good to have them on the albums. >> you paid it off selling t-shirts. what was that about? >> first i moved to nashville to be an artist and a better songwriter. he needed a merch guy and needed a job. it worked out. we watch him do his thing and i was learning the whole time and this was our shot. >> last night at barclay's
9:44 am
center. >> for the second time, that was the first big country show in there and the locking. >> you can see it in your face, this energy that you are projecting. the happiness in your minds or your boy diary write down this is where i might be at this point? >> i always dreamed of having a record deal and being a country music artist but i never thought i would be sitting here on the "today" show. this is what we normally don't get to do. >> don't go away. he is going to sing his ain't worth the whiskey. if you don't, get some coffee an i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel.
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9:48 am
welcome to our sales event. [crowd] thanks jan. you're the best jan. oh! nice. 0% apr financing on select models... hey, on top. you're welcome. and that's my typical day. [kids cheering] you're up. you wanna... nope. at our 1 for everyone sales event, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2015 prius. offer ends march 31st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit this is out of this world. you bet your asteroid. toyota. let's go places. >> we are back with the hit single ain't worth of whiskey off his debut album. are you ready? take it away. >> let's do it.
9:49 am
♪ i don't care that you done me wrong ♪ ♪ i have already moved on ♪ ♪ i don't care what his name is ♪ ♪ girl it is what it is ♪ ♪ i won't waste your time ♪ ♪ or the bartender's time ♪ ♪ trying to catch a buzz ♪ ♪ over the dawn of us ♪ ♪ i'll drink to a country song ♪ ♪ to another long workweek gone ♪ ♪ and i'll raise my glass to a long lot of buddy i saint seen ♪ ♪ i might pay for one more round ♪ ♪ i might close this place down ♪ ♪ but don't think for a second i will have to drown your memory ♪
9:50 am
♪ baby, you ain't worth the whiskey ♪ ♪ it don't matter what they say they never liked me anyway ♪ ♪ they see me drunk in this bar ♪ ♪ because i'm drinking to a country song ♪ ♪ to another long workweek gone ♪ ♪ and i raise my glass to a long, lot of buddy i ain't seen ♪ ♪ i might pay for one more round ♪ ♪ i might close this place down ♪ ♪ don't think for a second i have to drown your memory ♪ ♪ baby you ain't worth the whiskey ♪
9:51 am
♪ here's to a good country song ♪ ♪ to another long workweek gone ♪ ♪ and i'm raising my glass ♪ ♪ i might stay for one more round ♪ ♪ i might close this place down ♪ ♪ but don't think for a second i have to drown your memory ♪ ♪ don't think for one second i have to drown your memory ♪ ♪ girl you ain't worth the whiskey ♪ ♪ oh, no ♪ ♪ baby, you ain't worth the whiskey ♪ ♪
9:52 am
>> coal swindell.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. >> hey vai. temperatures are climbing great news. certainly needed the winter coat this morning as the numbers dipped down into the teens and 20s.
9:56 am
sunshine is fading. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. the temperatures climb now, 38 in wilmington. trenton is up to 37. wilmington just updated now in the low 40s along with atlantic city at the airport. a quick warmup ahead of rain. no threat of icing as those temperatures climb but umbrellas will likely be necessary a little later today. thank you, bill. just minutes from now philadelphia mayor michael nulternult er -- nutter plans to make a public safety announce maenltmentannouncement. it follows a report on community policing within the philadelphia police department. the mayor will speak at 10:00 at city hall. an nbc 10 crew will be there. in northampton county crews have brought this warehouse fire under control. this broke out sometime before 6:00 this morning and burned for hours in bethlehem. manoccas fabs in bethlehem.
9:57 am
this was the scene earlier in the morning from sky force 10. officials have now lifted a shelter in place order. the fire chief says crews will stay on scene most of the day during air monitoring and putting out hot spots because of that fire. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. back to the "today" show. we'll see you in a half hour.
9:58 am
9:59 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hoda's favorite day, it's wine day wednesday. march 25th. >> oh yes, we're rocking and rolling. >> still waiting for the warm weather here but we have fun for you today. funny woman, actress and former nbc page, we are proud, aubrey is leer. >> she's here with the handsome,
10:00 am
talented star of furious 7. which one is it? we're going to reveal it in just a little bit. we'll let you know who it is. >> it's also lovely lilliana's luxe for less. come on out. okay, so every wednesday, we wear something that is under -- >> $50. >> under 50. >> we're going to stand up and show off what you could be wearing today. >> which items. >> i think it's fun. >> it's different every time. >> could it be the jewelry, could be accessories it could be the shoes. it could be the dress. >> could be anything. >> over here i don't know, you look really good today. i can't imagine that anything on you is under $50. >> dress is two sizes too small. what do people do, get on -- >> on facebook and let us know what you think is under $50. or on kathie or hoda. >> lilliana adorable. >> see you in a little bit.
10:01 am
>> jorge, yes, we hear that new wine glasses are making their debut today with our names on them. apparently available over at the nbc experience store. >> we have a merch. >> what's that? >> merchandise. >> jorge is here from telemundo. >> and hoda. >> thank you. >> we have our individual glasses? >> i didn't know that. >> oh. i want to be with hoda. >> i want to be can klg. >> don't worry, $42.95. >> under $50. >> for two. >> a set. >> is it a set or is that? >> it's for one? >> wine not included. >> jorge is going to join us later. he's a hot shot from telemundo, okay, we had to work to book him. >> thank you very much. >> who knew. >> i am excited, we're going to talk to miami beach's 100th birthday. it's going to be an exciting time here. >> look at his hair.
10:02 am
>> oh my goodness. >> look how high it is. >> it's the great new york weather. >> we'll talk to you in a little bit, jorge. >> nice talking to you. it's time for words of wisdom. how about them. here we go. ready. sometimes in life our blessings come early sometimes they come late but they always come, and they're always on time. do you understand? >> sometimes they come early, sometimes they come late, but they always come and they're always on time. you think it's late, but it's on time. >> it's just when god intended is what you're saying? >> yes exactly what we say. >> by pearl frier. great guy. >> he's a guy? >> that's what i heard. joann told me so i didn't mess it up. and tried to make me feel stupid before the show started. >> now you're really going to feel stupid even more. >> why? >> you made the letterman show last night. >> i think it was because of someone else. >> okay. let's take a look at letterman, last night. >> all right.
10:03 am
>> we have a decision for you, ladies and gentlemen, time now for "today," "today" a production of nbc news. talking about the "today" show. "today," a production of nbc news. i hope you enjoy this. >> not even doing any work. he's doing all the work. >> oh! [ applause ] >> is it wrong that i'm excited? >> it's very wrong. but very funny. >> that reg, by the way, is it everywhere? >> i don't know. but every time they ask about reg and his lips. >> there are few people in the world that walk in a room and they change everything and reg is one of them. love you, reg. here's a bizarre hair tip.
10:04 am
there's a british supermodel, her name is -- >> turned actress now. she's an actress now. >> suki waterhouse. she has the perfect ingredients for hair. she says it's limp and thin without this. she's best known for being bradley cooper's girlfriend. >> yes, she is, former. >> >> i think they broke up. >> nay broke up? >> i read it in a magazine. >> it must be true. she's rinsing her hair with coke to give it the perfect amount of volume and texture. so the daily mail looked into it and they had one of the reporters, named charlie langston, tried to give her straight hair life. she says look what happened. before and after. >> you just pour coke on your hair. use it as a pre-shampoo thing. >> rinse. >> you leave the coke in rinse it with water, then you do it. >> no shampoo. >> no. >> how does your scalp get cleaned. >> it doesn't. >> okay. >> okay.
10:05 am
>> we're going to try on donna. >> i was going to try it but they said it strips your color out. >> okay. >> donna before. >> i kicked it off. >> donna's hair is thin. >> i have fine hair. i prefer the word fine, i don't like thin. >> it is kind of thin. >> can we talk about it? >> gorgeous. >> so -- >> stop it. >> it's short. >> lean back. >> okay. hold on. are you ready? >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> hoda. i want to pour syrup on your hair. >> it's so chilly. >> this is sad. >> don't get it on your dress. >> that's plenty. no let's do the whole thing. >> it feels good. >> want a facial too? >> wait there's some back here, we didn't get the back. >> is your neck okay? >> yeah. >> okay. that's good. >> all right. >> good enough. all right now what's going to happen is, laura's going to rinse it with water. >> is it wet? >> wet.
10:06 am
>> putting too much on there. >> let's put more down. >> okay. >> okay. >> now. >> we're good. >> okay. >> now here. >> okay. okay. >> all right. we're going to come back at the end of the show and let us know. >> nice talking to you, donna. >> what's going to happen? >> well, she comes back looking like al roker, then, you know cleaning agent it can take back the grease off -- you know how they pour coke and it disintegrates. >> you'll be fine. you're good. don't worry. >> donna, go rinse it out. >> who's going to rinse it out? >> go quickly. >> nice talking to you. >> okay. good-bye. remember when you were that young willing to do anything too? >> i miss those days. something that when i'm older than donna has made quite a splash. >> she posted a picture of herself in a bikini. and she says she wants to flaunt
10:07 am
her body with pride. i think she looks great. she's 32 years old, mother of three. posted this picture of herself on the beach in cancun and she said she wanted to show her stretch marks -- >> and she's proud of them. >> she's proud of all the marks on her body. i wear a bikini bauds i'm proud and every mark on it. they prove that i was blessed enough to carry my babies and that flabby tummy meanings i worked hard to lose what weight i could. >> i was surprised it got 350,000 likes ten million views, and for someone who looks so good in it. i was surprised. >> she ran her first, this was taken after she ran her first marathon. no plastic surgery no tummy tucks. >> that's the only way to get rid of it. >> i have had two c-sections, i'm going in for it. >> well -- >> more than a couple weeks, you know that. yeah, yeah. >> a lot of men who saw this comment didn't notice the marks. they just noticed a girl in a bikini. sometimes i think we're harder
10:08 am
on ourselves. we think people are looking at things. >> we have gisele bündchen who spits baby the out like that, and two weeks later, a bikini with nothing, not a mark on her. >> i know. >> you know what, you're right. >> and it's hard to stomach. >> breastfeeding, but stay where they're supposed to be. i don't understand it. >> freak of nature. >> isn't she? >> she's a freak. >> yes. >> hoda hates her. >> i don't hate her. okay. all right. this is kind of cool. >> this is cool. >> jersey mike's and say it's a subcompany, they want you too eat a sub today and make a difference. they are giving 100% of sales, were going to go to a bunch of local charities, school hospitals and news organizations. >> taking the cheeds off for you. >> here's one without. >> located across the country. so, they're going to give these away and donate the money. that's great. >> last year they raised like
10:09 am
$2.1 million for 100 different charities. god bless them. we're going to do our part right now. >> listen closely. do you recognize the voice of this grammy-nominated star? ♪ here's a hint, his career has taken off fast and furious. >> we're going to catch up with him right after we have this sub. jersey mikes. why are you deleting the photos? because my teeth are yellow. oh yeah, they are a little yellow. hey! why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white, it's actually good for your teeth. introducing the new crest 3d white diamond strong collection. the toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel... you can whiten without the worry. your smile looks great! oh, thanks! crest 3d white. life opens up with a whiter smile.
10:10 am
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10:12 am
[chorus singings:] ♪ roundup ♪ i'm the protector of my patio. killing weeds where they grow. a barrier forms so weeds can't appear - serious weed prevention up to a year. [chorus singings:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ so i'm fighting weeds on opening day and preventing weeds while i get away. weeds stay dead as we carve this beast, and they still aren't back when i cook this feast. [chorus singings:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ one more time let me make it clear. with no more weeds it's your year. how come? >> it must be nice to be an actor, model, grammy nominated singer and new york times best-selling author. thai rees gibson made his debut back to 2001 in the movie "baby boy." oh yes, then appeared in more than a dozen tv shows and films, well, tyrese is back delivering laughs in the latest fast and furious franchise, furious 7.
10:13 am
check it out. >> this right here my friend, happens to be the stupidest idea i've ever heard of in any life. >> i forgot you were the only one to bring the plane down. >> only thing i've ever seen him bring down is no knees denise. >> really brian? you're trying to get me off my point. >> you get the laugh baby how are you? >> how you doing? >> how many have you been in? >> energy level i just got off a plane right now from l.a., but i love y'all, i'm here, i'm here. >> shows up with a drink he calls a waky waky. >> it is a large, hot chocolate with three expresso shots four pumps. hazel nut. >> and that does the trick? >> that's how it does it. >> give me ten minutes up i'll be binging right there with you. >> end of the show. >> tell us about this film. it's a bitter sweet situation. isn't it? >> well you know, honestly, we are very proud at the way it all came together in the end.
10:14 am
you know, and with the full support of our brother, the angel who we all miss and love dearly in paul walker his whole family supported the idea of moving forward. you know, he had got through 85% of the movie before his untimely transition and you know there's a lot of sensitivities about how to move forward. i mean none of us wanted to do press interviews because we didn't want anyone to think that we were thinking it was about us. >> or exploiting the situation. >> or coming off that way. >> right. >> the family said, full support and both of paul's brothers joined us to help finish the movie. >> it's what he wanted. >> right. >> he would have wanted that. >> he was never a selfish person. he would have said if anything happened, this stops. >> you have a real friendship. and it started kind of with kind of a funny beginning. story with you guys. what happened?
10:15 am
>> well, the short and sweet of it all is, we was in the car together in miami because we started with the second one, too fast too furious. and i'm going on and on and on about this girl. one of the extras on the set. her body, her pretty face. and i was like man, i'm fired up. he's like who, cindy? i said what are you talking about? with a straight face. i'm shocked he knew her name. who are you talking about? he's like yeah i was with her last night, and you sound like you describing a girl named cindy. me and paul were hanging out with the same girl. didn't notice. cindy was doing -- >> that's a big cast. >> cindy said -- >> week or two to make it through that. >> she like both flavors you know what i'm saying. like to twist it up a little bit. >> whatever became of cindy?
10:16 am
>> cindy stayed in florida. >> okay. >> and she was one of the extras in the movie and she was fully committed to her job. >> all right. well we want to just go back to the beginning. >> i know, i want to visit with cindy. >> that's what i'm saying. >> cindy is living the life i wish i had. >> coca-cola thing. >> yeah. >> i was like what are the odds of me, of all people showing up. and y'all got it going. ♪ >> wow. >> you look exactly the same by the way. >> you do. >> my kid's jumped off the bus right now. couple hours ago you know what i'm saying. i've been drinking that benjamin button. >> benjamin button. >> by the way, you have the best
10:17 am
personality. you are such fun. >> that's what they call me. >> we wish you all the best. come see us again. >> thank you. >> and you give cindy our love. >> love to cindy. she played a grumpy assistant on tv and grumpy cat on the internet. what can we expect on the big screen? >> grumpy. find out when we catch up with aubrey plaza. she got her name from the pl ♪ ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
10:18 am
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but thanks to fingerhut, we have found our happy place. life is definitely sweeter. at we got approved to shop with low monthly payments. over 200,000 items with brand names like samsung, dyson, dewalt. and with great family stuff, like this samsung tv. and even our yoga mats. all you gotta do is click on over to get the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff for the family. al! ♪ all right. nobody could play an unmotivated underachieving assistant better than aubrey plaza who made us laugh for seven seasons playing april on the hit nbc show parks and recreation." now the show has wrapped. aubrey is going to the big screen in the new dark comedy, ned rifle. it follows neb whose on a journey to seek revenge on his father but can't shake his traveling companion susan.
10:21 am
>> let's take a look. >> what are you doing here? >> my meeting with simon was amazing, thank you so much for setting it up. >> sure, but you didn't have to thank me all the way here. >> i like you. >> oh man. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> stop. >> i know i'm a little older than you, but i am fun, and i know a bunch of different languages. and i don't do drugs, and -- >> no, nope, nope, no. >> this is a trilogy, right? this is a trilogy. >> that's right, it's a third movie in the trilogy of henry full, which is the first movie, i think not the first movie that hartly made, but one of his most well-known. >> you weren't in the first two, right? >> no, those movies were made in the late '90s. i wasn't born because i'm 18 years old.
10:22 am
but i watched them. i went to college for film school and i studied hal heartily and it's so weird that i'm now in one of his movies. >> it's weird that you were one of our patients. >> i know. >> isn't that crazy? >> swhaz experience like for you aubrey. >> fine. >> trying. >> it was abbreviated. >> you don't know anything. >> you're legendary here. we have former pagers here. >> what do they say? >> they is a that you were escorted away from the page program. >> that is not true. >> by security. >> we heard it was something dramatic. >> i don't know what you're talking about. you guys are insane. >> we've been called worse. >> everyone loves me. >> what's the truth? what's the truth? >> i don't know. >> we hear you made up facts. we hear when you gave up tours you made up facts around here. she did her own thing. she's an actress, okay. >> i like to lie. i get paid to lie. and it makes me happy.
10:23 am
>> you are so crazy. >> you are. >> whatever. >> by the way that's also, that cup is available at the experience store. we're just talking about it. >> do you miss parks and recreation? >> yes. >> and the cast. >> were you close for real -- >> yeah, yeah. we were. >> who were you the closest with? >> i mean, i don't know. it's hard to choose. amy, i guess. >> because she's the biggest star. >> chris pratt he's my husband. you know. we all loved each other. so much. but it's over now. so let's never talk about it again, okay. >> oh my god. >> i love her. >> i do too. >> she's weirder than i am. >> and that's unusual. >> that's rare. >> i'm crazy. >> all right. we to want wish you great luck. >> now i want to see the movie. i didn't want to before, now i do. >> kathie i know what you're saying. it's great. erin should check it out. i play a crazy person.
10:24 am
>> ned rifle. >> yes, and this is select theaters and available on video on demand april 1st. >> video. >> video. >> that wasn't it. we're celebrating 100 years of one of in just this one moment, your baby is getting even more than clean. the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses. nurturing her mind. and helping her development. so why just clean your baby when you can give her... so much more™? johnson's®. so much more™. well, i drove grandpa to speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll. dad, but i practiced my bassoon. and i listened. i can do this. everyone deserves ooey gooey pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop!
10:25 am
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10:26 am
forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> a nice warmup with sunshine in the area to start with. the temperatures started to climb. still plenty of sunshine in the pocono mountains. few snowboards i can see. some skiers carrying those. but to the south, it is an umbrella that you'll want to carry. rain is slowly but surely moving our way. 40 degrees in philadelphia. mount pocono 34 degrees. and 34 in lancaster. now above freezing for reading too. showers coming in. the clouds will take over. afternoon temperatures will top out in the upper 40s to 50 degrees. that will be early this afternoon. then once the rain starts that's when we'll see the temperatures drop back to near 40 degrees. right now, philadelphia mayor michael nutter is making a public safety announcement related to the justice department's report on the city's police department. the federal report released monday dealt with community policing and said something needs to be done about police involved shootings. nbc 10 news crew is at city hall and we will have a full report on the mayor's address coming up
10:27 am
on nbc 10 news at 11:00 this morning. meanwhile, a shooting in philadelphia led to a police chase that ended with a police shooting a suspect, in the city's nice town section overnight. it started at 17th and cuyahoga. police arrived to find two men inside a minivan, one was shot the other made a run for it with two semi-automatic guns. he dropped one gun but pointed the other at officers and one of the cops opened fire. both men are listed in stable condition and are expected to survive. coming up at 11:00 this morning, details on eagles coach chip kelly speaking with the media.
10:28 am
10:29 am
♪ we are back with more of "today" on this wine day wednesday, ready to play the weekly trivia game, who knew. and tomorrow marks the 100th birthday of the city of miami beach. we're getting the party started with some miami-inspired fun facts. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store. >> proud today. >> he's ready to hand out $100 for the right questions, and those who don't, get one of her fabulous cds. oh it was all quiet there. here to help me out in studio is the host of telemundo's singing competition. >> hey. >> jorge. >> how are you? good morning again. this is so nice. >> we love the wine you brought. >> thank you very much. >> ready? >> i'm ready. >> let's do it go ahead. >> lovely lady from wisconsin
10:30 am
1985, gloria e steph fan hit the hot 100 charts with conga. what was the name of the band she performed this with? >> miami sound machine. >> jorge, miami sound machine it is. >> 1975, gloria's husband started off the miami sound she backed it with miami latin voice. and yes, their number one hit, la conga was a hit in 1985 and in one of the festivals, they did broke the guinness book of world records with the biggest, longest line 119,000 people. >> oh my god. nice record. >> you have to put in every latin birthday party. >> i love that song. all right. back across to kath. >> sweet girl from -- >> louisiana. >> uh-huh. >> finishes the lyrics to the will smith song, "miami" please.
10:31 am
>> till the beat, miami beat is hotsie totsie. >> yes, good enough. good enough. >> hey how about the poppy part. >> always works. yes, will smith debut album, actually has this song, welcome to miami, he actually wrote the song after the hit of bad boys he film in miami. he loved the city so much he created the song and became a billboard top ten hit. so mike from bad boys of the the inspiration for miami. >> that's a definite download, over to you. >> trio of trouble from washington d.c. here. all right. what is the given name of miami native rapper, pitbull? arkansas man doe, mario, or jose? >> it's a. >> say it for me. >> armando. >> yes. >> you are hot today. >> armando it is.
10:32 am
i didn't know that. >> that is his name he was born in miami, florida, but cuban parents, and yes, his first debut album was titled m m.i.a.m.i. money is a major issue. i don't think not anymore, but it was back then. >> yeah he always does wave the miami flag doesn't he? >> he does. >> he does that 305, cuba and he always says that dolly, dolly is the catch phrase it's inspirational word that mean goes forth, do it. >> all right, over to you. >> i am in love with antonio. he is from washington, d.c., and i just couldn't take my eyes off his hair. how long does that take, antonio? >> well, it took one year to grow. maintenance happens probably around two or three months. but yeah, it's cool. >> it's a crowd pleaser isn't it? >> yeah. >> which of the following florida area coast is commonly used as another way to refer to
10:33 am
miami? 561, 754, or 305? >> the 305. >> the 305. >> that's right. >> the 305. >> good hair and a good answer, yes. 305 mr. 305 we're talking about pitbull created this whole word and actually put the area code out there. i know that in miami you have the same thing in new york, everybody wants the coveted area code. >> yeah. >> miami is 305. nobody wants a 786. i have it. you kind of don't to want give out your phone number. enrique used the 305 because he's in miami, florida. >> thank you so much, good luck to your and your family. you can catch jorge sundays at 8:00 eastern on telemundo. she's putting her blood, sweat and heels into her next project. amy helped make over the looks and lives of three deserving women, coming up right after this. awesome.
10:34 am
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10:38 am
on bravo's blood, sweat, and heels there's no slowing down for this lady who's a fashion expert. a little over a year ago she was stopped in her tracks when she found out she had the big c. she calls it. a diagnosis that wasn't getting in her way. take a look. >> in december of 2013, my makeup artist told me that my eyes looked green. i chalked it up to working a lot on season one of blood sweat, and heels was about to launch. the next month while celebrating my 34th birthday, i noticed it myself and decided to see a doctor. and medical team discovered a huge tumor. that was cancerous. you can get cancer all over but never expect to hear it from your own doctor. i was shocked. they surgically removed my tumor but found more cancer
10:39 am
cells that will require me to undergo six months of chemotherapy and then daily radiation treatments. this has been the toughest time of my life. but honestly it's also been the most rewarding. i have an all-star support system. i call them, my cancer cheerleaders. my biggest inspiration is my faith in god. without him, i am nothing. the big c, as i like to refer to it has been tough. i never wanted it to take over the other big c in my life, my career. i am determined to find the perfect in my pain. i have cancer, but cancer doesn't have me. >> oh my goodness. >> do you not love -- >> honey, what you have been through. >> how are you feeling? how does it feel right now? >> you know i have mixed emotions. because i feel like, i feel
10:40 am
happy that i'm alive, but it's sad. i mean to watch that story and to know that, you know battling cancer is a huge deal. and then the big c has always been the career, and like kathie said it should be christ too. sometimes it's overwhelming -- yeah, just a touch. sometimes it's overwhelming, but i feel empowered to know that i'm stronger than i ever knew i was. >> you know, a lot of people when they take this journey they do it privately. you can understand totally why. you chose instead it was something you wanted outside help with too. >> i was the polar opposite in private. i went totally public. and it was a decision that i made. my producers didn't force me to put this on my story, and i said, you know what, i wanted to show the world that, you know even if you have tough times, i mean, cancer hit me out of nowhere. i have a fabulous life work in fashion. i'm very young. but i wanted people to know that no matter what comes your way, you can make it. and you're going to see on the show me going through chemo,
10:41 am
radiation the tears, lots of tears but you're also going to see that after i loti have a lot of support. >> you brought things to us today, right? >> actually, a lot of ladies and i share the same doctor at mt. sinai. they are all from mt. sinai, some are cancer survivors and battling cancer to this day. >> i think looking good is funny because you need to feel good medically, but there is something about looking good. that's what you're going to show us after the commercial break. you're going to take care of the women make them feel their best and somehow, healing coming in so many ways, i have to say doesn't it? >> you're so right. and even my doctors would say, daisy you know what, your attitude is helping you get along. >> i agree with that. >> you really inspire me too, hoda. the last time i was here, you were sharing about your cancer, and i thought, i can do it if hoda did it i can do it. >> stick around, we can't wait to see the deserving women with a brand new look. >> and boost of confidence. this is exactly what the doctor
10:42 am
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we're worth it.
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10:47 am
we're back with fashion expert and star of bravo's blood, sweat and heels,day si. >> she's battled cancer, and now she wants to build the confidence of three ladies who have undergone treatment for the disease. >> what better way than a makeover? >> love the idea. how did you find them? >> they are from mt. sinai the same hospital i was treated at and being treated at. some share the same doctor. yeah. >> first we're going to meet adel. she was diagnosed in july of 2013. this was on the same day she found out she was three weeks pregnant. underwent chemotherapy while pregnant with her son. her baby boy was born full term, happy healthy, currently awaiting breast reconstruction surgery with hoping to feel more confident in her clothing. why don't you come on out adel let's see. >> oh yeah.
10:48 am
>> oh hi. >> oh wow. >> how gorgeous is she? >> that's darling. >> i really wanted to show off the women's positive assets. >> you look great. >> sometimes you have to deal with what you're losing. let's focus on what you have. >> yeah. >> and adel has a million dollar tush. i gave her this, i gave her this crinkle stretch dress, and the great thing it's stretch with support. so you go up or down, it works. >> our crew agrees. >> just to let you know. >> i wanted to give her -- >> they are. >> this jacket is baby pink, and really, really great pump. now ladies the higher the heel, more more shapely your tush will be. >> of course. >> don't go for a long walk in brooklyn. >> absolutely not. the pumps are only $40. >> how do you feel? >> i feel great i feel beautiful. i do. >> you look great. >> he's amazing. >> thank you so much. >> beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> gorgeous. >> she's a proud mom of three
10:49 am
boys, she was diagnosed in january of 2014. she's been in chemo in august. she found it difficult to gain weight since her diagnosis, she wanted to feel less boyish and more stylish. so vanessa, come out and let us see you. >> oh yeah. >> come on out. >> oh hot. >> wow. >> hot momma. >> yeah. >> hot momma. >> beautiful. >> tell us about it the. like she said, wanted to feel more glamorous and girlie. gave her a bright pop orange lip which is going to make you feel more feminine. and the great thing is we did layers. >> her tush is great too. >> she has a great body. we have her whole outfit from bloomingdales. sometimes you have to splurge. >> bcbg. >> we gave her a moto jacket to have a little edge. date night with the husband. and with killer legs, ladies, this is a tip that everyone use, go for a dress that hits just below, just above or just at your knee because that's the
10:50 am
skinniest place of every woman's body. >> how do you feel, sweetie? >> great. >> you look so beautiful. >> thank you. >> how's the family? >> everyone's great, thank you. >> you look great. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. >> love that. >> gabrielle, she's a proud mom, she lung cancer in february of 2013. she since gained weight, lost her hair, and feels pain pretty much all over. she no longer wants to look like she has cancer. well, gabrielle wants her kids to see her again looking happy and healthy. >> let's look at her. >> come on out, gabrielle. >> with a hoo. >> oh yeah. >> i'm sorry. >> oh my gosh. >> wow. >> kim kardashian at first. >> yeah. i know you thought it was angelina jolie. >> tell us about it. >> i wanted to give her a really great personality piece. aka, a wig. trendy hair gave her the wig and you can change it up. when she wants to feel sexier. >> beautiful. love it. >> and yeah, the jump suit is a
10:51 am
bright color. they do a great jump suit, color can enhance your mood and make you feel more glamorous and better. >> thank you. you look beautiful. >> i feel great, thank you so much. >> daisy all the ladies will get to keep their beautiful outfits. >> yay. >> you look beautiful you guys. blood, sweat, and heels premiers on bravo. >> yeah, thanks so much. you're about to find out what hoda and i are wearing that's under 50 bucks. >> lilliana will be back with the big reveal. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
back now with lilliana who's ready to reveal her luxe for less. >> lilliana dressed me and hoda in a piece of clothing or accessory for under $50. >> vickie thinks it's our shoes, belt ab and several guessed our dresses. lilliana, tell us. >> what's the truth?
10:55 am
>> i'm going to start with you. i hear the drum roll. so, kathie, the luxe for less item for today is -- >> yes. >> the shoes. >> let's get a close up of kathie's shoes, they're k%1 fabulous. these are under $50 available at i have to say, they look hot on those legs. >> yeah, don't go walking around in them. >> $39.95, super cute. then hoda. drum roll please. we need another there we are. >> it is her fabulous, dress. >> the whole dress. >> the whole dress. >> not the belt. >> not the belt. >> commercial too i saw. >> i think the belt is under $50 and the dress is $49.99, got in just by a penny. >> thank you, darling. >> okay. >> so, as we showed you earlier in the show we rinsed our girl donna's hair in coke because people were saying it makes the hair, i don't know, makes the blowout easier. we rinsed it with two liters of the coke. >> adding body i think. >> it's supposed to add body and
10:56 am
texture. >> after the coke was put in, we rinsed it with water just water. >> no shampoo. that's the before. sorry, donna. all right now donna's going to come out. this is what her hair looks like after the coke blowout. >> i cannot believe it. >> it looks awesome. >> wait a minute. >> i love it. >> sticky. >> it's soft. >> how does this compare? >> i mean, i feel like it's textured a little bit and you feel it's thicker, it feels like there's something -- >> layers to it. >> i think it might do it once a month. >> whoa. >> don't walk next to any bees. >> yeah. >> thank you ladies. >> tomorrow, grace is here. >> terrific. >> then don't miss lewis and jill on the plaza for ambush makeover. >> thirsty thur
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
nbc 10 breaking news. >> philosophically i want to keep all our drafts next year. i think you build your team through the draft. >> breaking news eagles head coach chip kelly speaks out for first time since making a flurry of moves to revamp his roster. coach made had his comments at the owners meetings in arizona. we spoke -- he spoke to the media about the trade that sent star running back lesean mccoy out of town to buffalo. he was sent to the bills earlier this month in exchange for a linebacker. later in the month, the birds signed dallas running back demarco murray it replace mccoy. kelly was asked whether it was hard to sell owner jeffrey laurie on the trade since the owner seemed fond of mccoy. >> i'm very fond of lesean
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