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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> philosophically i want to keep all our drafts next year. i think you build your team through the draft. >> breaking news eagles head coach chip kelly speaks out for first time since making a flurry of moves to revamp his roster. coach made had his comments at the owners meetings in arizona. we spoke -- he spoke to the media about the trade that sent star running back lesean mccoy out of town to buffalo. he was sent to the bills earlier this month in exchange for a linebacker. later in the month, the birds signed dallas running back demarco murray it replace mccoy. kelly was asked whether it was hard to sell owner jeffrey laurie on the trade since the owner seemed fond of mccoy. >> i'm very fond of lesean
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mccoy. i think we all are. but when you look at moving forward and that was a really big number. and they weren't moveing off the number, that's where the decision was made. but you're talking about the all time leading running back for the philadelphia eagles. he led the league in rushing two years ago. that was a real difficult decision. >> the coach had had a lot more to say including discussing under what scenario he would consider trading up in the draft to get marcus mariota. more from the news conference on and, of course our nbc 10 mobile app. and more breaking news now, philadelphia mayor michael nutter just made a big announcement following the results of a department of justice's findings into the use of deadly force by the philadelphia police department. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at city hall for that announcement. matt, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well mayor nutter signed that executive order less than 30 minutes ago, establishing a community oversite board for the philadelphia police department. that board he says will not have any members directly tied to the
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police department. instead made up of experts and professionals who will report to the mayor. mayor nutter says he did this after reviewing the report that came out on monday where 90 recommendations were made as to what needs to change in the department including training and community relations. this board, he says will ensure that those recommendations are completed. >> the goal here is to de-escalate, have as few confrontations as possible as few shootings as possible, whether it is citizen on citizen, citizen on officer or officer on citizen. we need to lower the overall level of violence here in our city. >> reporter: and people are still being added to this board, so it is not in full effect just yet. but important because since 2007, we averaged about 50 officer involved shootings here in the city of philadelphia. so he says he wants to get this off the ground as quickly as possible. so, of course this is something
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we'll continue to follow. live at city hall matt delucia nbc 10 news. and early morning warehouse fire forced some northampton county residents to spend much of their morning sheltering in place. monique braxton is live on the scene in bethlehem for us where the fire burned for several hours. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the fire chief wrapped up a press briefing a short time ago. but if you look down montauk road, you see that emergency and hazmat personnel are on the scene. the american red cross is assisteding them. look at this video captured as the sun was rising from skyforce10. a much different scene. dozens of firefighters responding to the two alarm blaze at this industrial park along the creek. firefighters say they started getting calls before 4:00 as the smoke filled homes. at one point, smoke could be seen in allentown. no one was injured. but the fire chief tells us most employees of the manufacturing
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plant that contains plastic and rubber products were on their way to work. firefighters have been urging people to shelter in place because the smoke was hanging low to the ground. >> at the present time the air is being monitored and has been monitored. and we have no readings on our meters that have been going around the city even though there might be a slight haze and a rubbery smell in the air. the air has been monitored and at this time every business in the area is allowed to be open and function. >> reporter: now when asked about the hazmat status the chief told us until they determine where the smoke was coming from every building in the surrounding area was considered hazardous, given air sole cans and tires in people's garages. now the investigation continues. the cause of the blaze has not been determined. the emergency personnel from northampton and lehigh counties are still on scene and will be until tomorrow according to the chief.
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now, he also told us that he had to cut off the power to about 2500 customers nrbl ss initially when battling the blaze. right now, about 370 customers don't have power. i should tell you i called more ravian college and they told us they did open classes -- did start on time. we also grabbed a couple of students who were walking to class, running to class, and they told us their only concern now is that they don't have internet. it is an investigation we will be following. live in bethlehem, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a judge is sentencing former philadelphia sportscaster don tollive son. his attorney is arguing against jail time for the 62-year-old. prosecutors say he stole more than $300,000 by selling fake sports themed trips, promising that the money would go it charity. he faces up to 37 years in prison. get updates on today's sentencing on or the nbc 10 app. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> plenty of cloud cover out there this morning as we take a live look at center city philadelphia, our camera moves around gives you a look at the entire area. if you're heading out anytime soon, don't forget your umbrella. showers and that green, i believe, is on its way. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the rnoon, midafternoon. >> it is coming into parts of the area pretty quickly. and it will be gone by dinner time. that's just a fairly small area. we got a lot of clouds associated with it right now. and most of this rain is on the lighter side. earlier this morning, when it was colder it started as freezing rain in parts of south central pennsylvania. now that it is warming up, it is just rain. you can see it is getting closer and closer to the area. kent county and delaware chester county berks county all just about to get into the rain. that will be coming within the next hour. but you can see how narrow an
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area it is. this is something that is not going to be lasting all day. we're 43 degrees now. warmer than it was at anytime yesterday. but the rain has kept the temperature down in lancaster to 36. it is not exactly going to be a warm afternoon out there. here is what it looks like as we go into the early afternoon, the rain coming in through the philadelphia area from philly northward. less of a chance of rain the farther south you go in delaware and in extreme south jersey and later on in the afternoon, it moves out. the temperatures really start to go up. it actually may warm up at some parts of the area during the night tonight. so look what happens in dover as we go into the morning tomorrow. getting up close to 60 degrees while it is only 38 degrees in allentown. we'll talk more about how cold it is going to get later on and how warm it is going to get tomorrow, along with the chance of thunderstorms with the seven-day. >> we'll see you then glenn.
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police are investigating the stabbing of a man in the brewerytown section of philadelphia. this happened about 3:30 in the morning. the victim was stabbed in the torso and is listed in critical condition at temple hospital. so far police have no suspects or a motive. a suspect is recovering this morning after he was shot by philadelphia police following a chase. this all happened in the city's nice town neighborhood. there were two shooting scenes. the first at 17th and cuyahoga streets. the second at 17th and blavis. the first location police say someone unloaded on a minivan, firing at least 15 bullets hitting a man inside several times. police arrived and found another man in the back seat. he had two guns on him and tried to run. the officers chased him to 17th and blavis. >> he turned. he pointed the weapon in the direction of both officers. that's when one officer discharged his weapon. striking the suspect in the torso. >> that suspect was shot three
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times, both he and the other victim are expected to survive. they're trying to figure out if the man shot at by police was the one who fired on the minivan. we're hearing from the attorney for one of the men accused in the murder of a philadelphia police officer. carlton hicks and ramon williams who are siblings were due in court today on murder charges, but their hearing was continued. earlier this month, sergeant robert wilson iii was buying a gift for his young son at a game stop store in north philadelphia. investigators say the brothers tried to rob the store and that's when a gun battle broke out. sergeant wilson was killed. >> it will be a lengthy preliminary hearing as there is overwhelming evidence in the case. >> i think a lot of people are assuming he's guilty. unfortunately the law thinks people are presumed innocent. people are talking about videos and medical evidence and all that, which might be true but won't know that until we get in a courtroom. >> today's hearing was scheduled -- reskethd for may 20th.
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a pizza delivery woman left a robber holding a pie in philadelphia's west oak lane section. police tell us a man called to have a pizza delivered to rugby street around midnight. they say he pulled out a gun to rob the delivery woman when she arrived but didn't get any money. she handed him the pizza and she got away. police are still looking for the robber. we're checking to find out if charges were filed one day after a woman's broady was found buried near her home. investigators say her body was found in the shallow grave near the frankford avenue l train. they believe the woman in her 30s was likely killed over the weekend. when police tried to question the woman's boyfriend about the grave, witnesses say he took off. officers used a taser to stop him and take him into custody. and new this morning, rutgers university has shut down the school's chapter of the sigma phi epsilon fraternity following an incident involving a severely drunk student. a 20-year-old member of the frat was taken to the hospital in
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november due to his intoxicated state. the student's hospitalization came less than six weeks after another rutgers student died after drinking at another nearby fraternity house. the university says it takes alcohol and substance abuse by students very seriously. wilmington family is now recovering at local hospitals after they were poisoned on a caribbean vacation. stephen esmond is the middle school principal at the tatnall school in greenville. esmond, his wife theresa devine, and their two sons came down with major respiratory problems after someone used a highly toxic pesticide inside the vacation condo that the family rented on st. john in the u.s. virgin islands. a family friend tells nbc 10 stephen his ezesmond and his wife are in serious condition. the sons are in critical condition. no one from the condo complex returned our calls. the epa will decide if anyone will face criminal charges. police are hoping that that new surveillance video can help them catch the suspect in
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multiple thefts at the whole foods in washington square. back on march 8th, the suspect grabbed pieces of meat from the meat counter and left without paying for them. he returned to the store two more times on march 15th and stole more items each time. if you happen to recognize this man, you're asked to call police. search and recovery. the efforts under way now in the discovery by investigators that could make it even tougher to figure out what went wrong in yesterday's plane crash in france. and a live look at the u.s. congress at the capitol where a historical address is under way right now. grab your umbrellas, i'm tracking showers headed our way. we're getting a bit of a break from the cold temperatures too. that's just ahead.
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. french investigators opened up the black box of a german plane that crashed in the french alps killing all 150 people on board. here is new video just in to nbc 10 as crews continue their search operation today. officials say the crash on the germanwings airbus left small pieces of wreckage scattered on this mountain side. the plane crashed yesterday while flying from spain to dusseldorf germany. and here is a look at pictures of that black box recovered from the crash site. the french interior insterminister says the box is damaged. this is a key part of the investigation to figure out why that plane descended for about eight minutes before the crash
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and why the pilot never sent out a distress call. this is video taken shortly after the plane crashed. you can still see the debris is still smoking there. this morning people gathered for a minute of silence outside barcelona's airport where the plane took off yesterday. in madrid, flags were flown at half-mast at the german embassy and at government buildings around the city. majority of the crash victims were from germany. and we have an update in a story we first brought you as breaking news this morning. authorities in san jose california, state suspect who shot and killed officer michael johnson is now dead. the body of scott dunham was found on a balcony after police forced their way into his apartment. it is unclear if he killed himself or died when officers returned fire. johnson was the first san jose officer to be killed in the line of duty in 14 years. meanwhile, in wisconsin, investigators are working to piece together a timeline of events there that led up to the shooting death of a state
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trooper in fond du lac. he made some type of contact with the suspect and there was an exchange of gunfire. both the suspect and the trooper were killed. happening now, afghanistan's president is speaking to a joint meeting of -- this say live look from capitol hill. ashraf ghani is only the second president of afghanistan to address congress. the speech comes a day after he and president obama announced the u.s. will not reduce troop levels in afghanistan by the end of the year. afghans in the capital of kabul welcome the announcement of a slowdown. the u.s. had planned to cut the number of troops in half by the end of 2015. but now the military will keep its current level of 9800 troops. a member of afghanistan's parliament says the downturn in the security situation helped pave the way of a change of plans. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we continue to have unseasonably cold weather and now we add some rain to the mix. we have showers moving through during the next several hours. so take the umbrellas with you. we have a brief, big warmup coming tomorrow. but then also possibility of some thunderstorms. getting closer and closer to opening day for the phillies. it is cloudy. it is cold. not exactly baseball weather out there yet. 43 degrees, no wind ten degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. it is not going to warm up a whole lot. perhaps up to 48 degrees if we get a little sun late in the day. 70 tomorrow and 52 on friday. we have one day with above average temperatures and it is going to rain on that day too. 43 in philadelphia. only 36 in lancaster where we have seen some rain during the last hour or so.
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back to the west of lancaster, though, it is warm. it is 63 in cincinnati ohio. 68 in nashville. some of that air is what is coming up here during the day tomorrow. but then you see how much colder it is up in the northern states. that's coming in too. here is that band of showers. generally on the lighter side coming into dover right now, just about to go into new castle county, just about to go into chester county and berks county. we don't see anything too heavy with that. that's just a warm front. this is the beginning of the more significant system that is going to be coming in during the day tomorrow. so the future cast not only shows the showers, but also the temperatures. because that's going to be interesting. as we go through the day today, we're generally in the 40s as you can see with the rain moving out before the afternoon rush for the most part. just isolated showers. then we may drop into the upper 30s, briefly this evening before
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we start warming up overnight tonight. and so by tomorrow morning, it is going to be way warmer than it will be at dinner time tonight. especially south. look at that dover is 58. millville, 57. 39 in allentown. so tomorrow is going to be one of those days not only are we going to need the umbrella but there will be a big contrast from north to,dt=6x south. some of the places like dover and wilmington likely to get to 70, could get to 70 in philadelphia. and then here comes this line of showers and maybe thunderstorms in the evening on thursday before the colder weather starts to come back. showers, still on the chilly side. generally in the 40s by the end of the day. but temperatures do not fall tonight. and then up near 70 tomorrow of course not as warm in northern areas. showers in the morning, some thunderstorms in the evening.
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we could have some lingering showers into early friday morning. and then much colder for saturday. we could even see some snow flurries or snow showers. it is going to be that cold. and windy. then cold sunday morning before we warm up a little. >> thank you, glenn. still ahead, it is a problem that really stinks. the issues affecting people in one new jersey community from the stench they say is coming from across the river. and later, almost as good as peeking into oprah winfrey's closet yourself. the queen of talk is putting some of her personal items on the auction block. details on what the big o will have up for bids.
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this week's wednesday's child is a wonderful girl that we are really rooting for. she's sweet and caring and has so much love to give. and is looking for a forever family that will love her back. i want to introduce you to jalea. you must be jenna. jalea is a funny young lady. she possesses a can do attitude. she has a passion for cheerleading so we wanted to learn new cheers from the experts. penn cheerleading squad. >> one two three, four. >> reporter: she jumped right in and got to work. she had a ball learning some of the routines. >> jalea has the ability to light up a room when she comes in. she has a caring heart and really sweet disposition. >> reporter: the fifth grader
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hopes to be part of the cheer squad one day and has dreams of becoming a lawyer in the future. >> what i really like about jalea, she's so open to trying new things and willing, you know, if you ask her to do something, she has a willing heart. >> reporter: she is passionate about helping people in need which has led her to volunteer her time at shelters and homes. >> today i'm going to a nursing home because i make cards for them. i want to pass them out. >> she's getting in there, getting involved, what can i do to help? that's kind of a recurring theme with jalea. >> reporter: she has so much potential to achieve her goals. she needs a forever family to support and care for her throughout her life. >> she needs someone who will be her cheerleader, in her corner rooting her on highlighting her positives and pointing her in the right direction. >> reporter: jalea is this week's wednesday's child. i mean she's too good to be true. she volunteers at a nursing home.
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if you would like to help make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our website,, and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center directly 1-866-do-adopt. a man on a mission. the long awaited comments from chip kelly this morning. all those trades made a few weeks ago that made a lot of eagles fans dizzy. plus all eyes on an italian courtroom today in the latest legal battle involving a former american exchange student amanda knox.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> you're talking about the all time leading running back for the philadelphia eagles. he led the league in rushing two years ago. that was a real difficult decision, but it was a decision we thought we had to make. we had too much money at the running back spot. >> breaking news.
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in sports. eagles coach chip kelly speaking to the media at the nfl owners meetings in arizona this morning. talking about the trade of running back lesean mccoy a move he said was not an easy decision. he also took more questions about what it would take for him to trade up in the draft to get oregon quarterback marcus mare mariota. >> give me a scenario. if you go to 12 and it costs us an unconditional pick that's -- you can go back and forth. that's what it is all about. >> the coach had a lot more to say. more on the news conference on and our nbc 10 mobile app. checking out our top stories, mayor michael nutter skined an executive order to create a community oversight board for the city's police department. nutter says he did this after reviewing monday's report from the u.s. justice department that recommended changes in the way officers used deadly force. in northampton county, crews
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brought this warehouse fire under control this morning. this broke out sometime before 6:00 this morning. it burned for hours on montauk road in bethlehem. according to the website, the plant fabricates metal. former sportscaster don tollefson will learn his sentence today. his attorney is arguing against jail time for the 62-year-old. ss tollefson stole money and promised the money would go to charity. now the nbc 10 first alert weather. >> showers are heading our way. here is a live look outside now at the ben franklin bridge. looks fairly clear there. as you can see here the rain is moving our way. that green blotch you see there as you look at the radar. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the forecast. glenn? >> vai as you can see, we had a little bit of showers headed this way. a lot of clouds.
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you can see the clouds and pocono mountains here lake wallenpaupack, and ice still on the lake. so it is still plenty cold in many parts of the area. the actual weather observations just cloudy skies reported at reading and lancaster. right now, more sunshine in new jersey with the clouds starting to move in. you can see this on the radar over the past few hours. it was some freezing rain couple of hours ago, back to the west, but as temperatures have gone up this is just rain now. lancaster county in the rain so it may be light, at least in parts of the county. and very narrow area. so if it does start to rain where you are, it is not going to last that long. it is not going to be especially heavy either. it will knock the temperature down a bit for at least a portion of the time that it is raining. kind of a nasty, chilly day. and then later on today, once the rain moves out, temperatures
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will go up a little bit. 41 in dover. 46 degrees in millville. one of the warm spots. you can see the future temperatures as we go into the afternoon, still in the 40s. there is that little bit of light rain and as it moves past, temperature goes up up to 50 degrees in lancaster by 3:00 where it is the cold spot right now. and then as we head into the night tonight, if anything the temperature starts rising later tonight and by tomorrow morning, it is not going to be near as cold tass was thisas it was this morning. dover, 57 degrees at 6:00 in the morning. we'll talk more about how warm it is going to get tomorrow and also about the potential for thunderstorms with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. investigators are on the scene of that deadly german jetliner crash in the french alps. they're trying to figure out what caused the plane to crash killing all 150 people on board. here's nbc's keir simmons.
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>> reporter: clues are scattered across the mountainside the wreckage spread over a wide area. the plane has been pulverized one official said. german media says the aircraft was grounded 24 hours before the crash. today, experts are already examining one of the recovered black boxes. >> one box. >> one box. >> it was the voice recorder. >> reporter: it has been damaged, but may still provide evidence. claude lives in the last village before the crash site. it is behind that mountain just behind there? what did you hear? a loud unusual sound, he says, like this. then nothing. the a-320, one of the world's most popular commercial airliners, descended from 38,000 feet in just eight minutes according to a website that tracks plane movements. on board, 150 people many german and spanish. now rescuers are searching for
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bodies. while in germany, a growing memorial for 16 high school students who were among the passengers. and deepening mystery over what happened to the plane they were in. one of the unanswered questions is why there was no may day signal over a period of eight minutes. in terms of the plane being grounded, 24 hours before the crash, we understand that there may have been a problem with the nose door for the landing gear but that it was checked and found to be safe. there are reports that some air crews in the region are refusing to fly on a-320s, so worried are they about this mystery. back to you. >> that was keir simmons reporting. president obama is marking the five-year anniversary of the affordable care act by announcing a new plan to cut health care costs. at a white house event this morning, the president announced the health care payment, learning and action network. mr. obama says its aim is to reduce unnecessary payments
11:36 am
tests and hospital visits. >> don't need to reinvent the wheel. you already are figuring out what works to reduce infections in hospitals or help patients with complicated knees. what we have to do is to share the best practices, the good ideas. >> the white house says the goal is to tie more payments for health care services to the quality, not quantity of health care services. in massachusetts, police diffuse a suspicious device rigged to blow up a house if someone flipped a flight switch. investigators say the owner of the home went there yesterday with his electrician for an inspection. the electrician discovered the explosive device. they called police. >> the device in the house, it took some work to put it in there, it was inside of a gallon container, it had wires that were wired into the home. >> police say the house was about to go on the market and had been rented. now police want to talk to the
11:37 am
people who rented it as they continue their investigation. today, we'll hear from a former university of oklahoma student at the center of that racist chant video. it is the first time levi pettitte will talk publicly since the sigma alpha epsilon video went viral earlier this month. he'll sit down privately with an oklahoma senator. civic leaders and local pastors before his appearance. allegations of racism surfaced that sae chapters at other challenge colleges. in california, police are expanding their search for a kidnapped woman who is reportedly being held for a ransom. denise huskens boyfriend told authorities that intruders took her from his home early monday morning. he says they demanded a ransom for her return. for some reason the boyfriend waited 11 hours to report the abduction to police. officials say detectives are interviewing him. but don't consider him a person of interest. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is set to be released from a federal prison camp in montgomery alabama,
11:38 am
tomorrow. he will reportedly serve the final months of his sentence in washington, d.c. in a halfway house there. he has been serving a 30-month sentence after he pleaded guilty in february of 2013 to using campaign money to buy more than $750,000 worth of luxury items. we are seeing how a police officer rescued a young boy from a burning home. the whole thing was captured on a body camera. take a look. >> and my grandbaby. >> it happened in griffin, georgia. police sergeant joe hudson arrived on the scene before firefighters and he took action. he found the 3-year-old boy laying on a bed, he grabbed him and ran out. >> you sign up to run towards the bullets, not away. i did what i needed to do. i'm supposed to run and do what others might not. >> this is the first time the 14-year veteran ran into a burning home to save someone. and we're following breaking
11:39 am
news this morning. eagles coach chip kelly meeting flurry of moves earlier this month to revamp the roster. comcast sports net john clark is covering the owners meetings for us in phoenix where coach took questions. john, tell us what he had to say. yesterday, we heard from the owner. today, the coach. >> reporter: yeah, vai. it is pretty unbelievable out here in phoenix, arizona, when you get here to the breakfast, you get to sit down with your philadelphia eagles head coach, chip kelly, for an hour. when you walk in there is a throng of philadelphia media surrounding chip kelly's table. then you look at some of the other coaches, not as much media. so chip kelly is the star of this nfl owners meeting. it is because of the march makeover chip kelly had with his eagles team, trading away his biggest offensive weapons. let's look at one of them. lesean mccoy was traded to buffalo. what did chip kelly get in return? he got kiko alonzo the
11:40 am
linebacker he had with oregon who is a very very good player. but lesean mccoy is the eagles' all time running back. and, yesterday, jeffrey laurie the owner, said i did ask chip several times, are you sure about this are you sure about all these moves you're making and here is chip kelly talking about convincing jeffrey laurie you know what, this is a good deal for us. >> i'm very fond of lesean mccoy. i think we all are. but when you look at moving forward and that was just a really big number. they weren't moving off the number. that was where the decision was made, but, i mean, you're talking about the all time leading running back for the philadelphia eagles. he led the league in rushing two years ago. it was a real difficult decision. >> and he also said the eagles really wanted to keep jeremy maclin, they made a competitive offer, but in the end, it got too rich for them. the kansas city chiefs gave more money than they wanted to give jeremy maclin. chip kelly gushing about the
11:41 am
eagles new quarterback sam bradford and believes he can help him stay healthy, especially with his sports science and believes sam bradford could possibly be the franchise quarterback that the eagles are looking for. for now, live in phoenix, arizona, john clark. back to you in philly. >> john, we'll see you later this evening at nbc 10 at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. today, the eyes of the world are on amanda knox as italy's highest court is considering her murder case. the panel of judges will decide whether to uphold a guilty verdict from the most recent appeal or send the trial back to yet another appeal. knox and her former boyfriend were initially found guilty of the murder of her roommate in 2007. the two were then acquitted and freed after nearly four hour -- four years in prison. last year an appeals court upheld the original guilty verdict. knox and her boyfriend have maintained their innocence. up next curbing that craving. the next time you want to reach for a piece of chocolate, researchers say you should do this instead. the simple solution that could
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help you really keep off that extra weight. showers are heading this way. and finally so are the warmer temperatures. we'll let you know how warm it is going to last just ahead.
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sick of the stink. that's what some people in burlington county say about a land fill in their backyard. for years, people in florence township complained about odors coming from waste management's land fill in bucks county.
11:45 am
tonight, the department of environmental protection will hold a hearing to decide if the land fill should stay open. katy zachry talked to community members who want it shut down for good. >> sometimes you come out and it is like you're in the middle of a garbage dump. it is bad. >> reporter: julie is worried about her family's health. they live on riverside drive in florence, and face the tullytown land fill which over the years has gotten harder to ignore. you first moved here in 2002 was it an issue or has the odor grown to be an issue? >> it has grown progressively over the years. even how high the mountains are now. >> reporter: she and 40 others in the area have filed dozens of complaints with the state department of environmental protection. that agency decides if the land fill, which is run by waste management, will continue operating beyond late may when the current permit expires. what are some of the things that you are not able to do with this in your backyard? >> well obviously, if there is
11:46 am
odor of any kind you don't want to go outside. >> reporter: she says her family has gotten sicker lately. >> extra dust. our sinuses are clogged up. >> reporter: the dep is running odor tests. in the fall they cited waste management for an odor violation. >> i just think they need to stop at this point. let it all settle. and move to a different location. >> reporter: katy zachry, nbc 10 news. and do you have cravings for chocolate? researchers say a 15-minute walk could help you say no to the sweet treat. people that walked on a treadmill craved candy less than people who were sedentary. the study found that was even true in the participants were stressed. a time when many said they would usually turn to chocolate. you can soon own a piece of oprah winfrey's home. the media mogul is selling paintings, furniture, exercise equipment and other items from her chicago home and auction next month. proceeds will benefit the oprah winfrey leadership academy for
11:47 am
girls in south africa. winfrey announced she's closing her harpo studios in chicago and moving production of her cable network it a studio in california. you heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child. and that especially ranks true when it comes to raising children with autism spectrum disorder. for the 3 million american families dealing with the condition, everyday life often poses many challenges. his son kirby has autism. and tougher is the founder of an organization that launched a kick starter campaign to help people manage life. tell us about the challenges you and other families with autistic children encounter and why you were compelled to start this organization? >> many organizations focus on finding causes or cures or awareness or therapy or educational -- but we deal with a lot of practical day to day problems.
11:48 am
racing my own son, i realized finding an autism friendly place or location or managing an extensive team of support or other practical problems were key issues and so we set out with autism village to focus on that solving practical problems for families raising children with autism and autistic adults as well. >> tell us what the response has been from families with autistic children about your campaign. >> i'm overwhelmed and humbled. the amount of inbound e-mails and facebook messages and twitter messages welcoming what we're doing with this which is really just our first app and release, we have a lot more planned, has been just overwhelming frankly. >> and also the app that you're working on, in addition to the kick starter, how is that all going? >> well, that's going quite well. we did a lot of the work on the app in advance of the kick starter. and so the kick starter really has two goals. the first one is to raise
11:49 am
awareness that we're doing this with the app and to link into lots of people who might use the app. and so we say participation and sharing at the kick starter, even, you know with the smallest level, $1 level by the actual autism community, is really helpful to us. they'll be our first army of users. the second thing was to raise the money to finish the app. so all of the back end and database work was completed before we started the kick starter. but now the first kick starter funds will go to mobile apps for iphone android, ipads and tablets. >> the three family friendly event is taking place this saturday, the autism village dance party is taking place from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the freedoms foundation on 1601 valley forge road in phoenixville. for more information, come to our website, at, or check out the nbc 10 app. thank you for joining us this morning. best of luck with your kick starter campaign. >> thanks for having me vai. now, your nbc 10 first alert
11:50 am
weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well yet another unseasonably cold day out there. this time we're adding some rain and at least parts of the area. we're tracking some showers, not especially heavy. we're also tracking that warmup that is coming. we have been telling you about it for a long time. it is a one-day warmup and it also may be accompanied by thunderstorms. we could see the clouds thickening across the philadelphia skyline. they showed a little bit of sunshine, even just a half hour ago. 43 degrees, no wind relatively low humidity. at least at the ground. it is colder in lancaster, rain has moved in. and temperatures in the 40s across the rest of the area. and it is not going to warm up a whole lot over the next few hours until this area of rain moves through. and there it is. goes from harrisburg where rain is being reported through lancaster, now getting into
11:51 am
chester county. and new castle county and delaware and kent county in delaware. generally on the light side. only lasting a couple of hours. it is a narrow area. then we have to wait for this next system in the middle of the country to come in. that's a long way away. but take the umbrellas with you, especially from the philadelphia area and northward and as we go into the afternoon, it is also chilly, but once that rain moves out, the temperature will start to go up a little bit. this is not going to be a warm day. we're talking about the warmup that's not for this afternoon. this evening, it is still going to be relatively cold. but it may actually warm up during the night tonight. be warmer tomorrow morning than it will be at dinner time tonight. especially to the south. look at this. dover, 59 degrees at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's one place that is likely to hit 70. and look at the temperatures
11:52 am
rise up through the 60s, even in the morning tomorrow with some showers. and there are those 70 degree temperatures, that computer model showed up to 74 degrees in dover tomorrow afternoon. nowhere near that today. generally in the 40s, with showers moving through. temperatures level off tonight, or go up a little bit. and then up a lot tomorrow near 70 in philadelphia warmer than that to the south, colder to the north, thunderstorms generally tomorrow evening. regular showers tomorrow morning. then colder on friday. could be some lingering showers in the morning. and then it is going to be so cold on saturday we could see some snow flurries or snow showers. and highs only in the 30s. lows in the 20s over the weekend. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen ," gwenn stefani and act rees katie holmes. and dogs running away with the dough. the canine crimes happening in our area that is cheating taxpayers out of millions. we'll tell you what pet owners aren't doing that is affecting the bottom line of one local city. this afternoon at nbc 10 news at 4:00. some call him glenn. some call him hurricane. i call him chief. chief meteorologist glenn
11:56 am
"hurricane" schwartz. >> it is going to be another chilly day. we had enough of those, huh? >> i have. >> a lot of people have. in the 40s. some showers moving through. not especially heavy today. there may be heavier ones tomorrow including some thunderstorms tomorrow evening. look how warm though near 70 in the philadelphia area for the high. may even get warmer than that in parts of delaware. not quite as warm to the north and then everybody cools down. could be some rain showers friday morning and even snow showers by saturday morning. so not exactly the end of winter, just closer to 70 tomorrow. >> you said dover will be 59 degrees at like 6:00 7:00 in the morning. >> 7:00 in the morning. >> amazing. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz the chief meteorologist, all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay warm out there. ing-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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