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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they say justice wasn't served. one of the victims says at least now, she hopes, tollefson will never do this again. >> the foxes are very disappointed with the sentencing. >> reporter: they sat through a four-hour hearing, the family of fallen police officer fox. >> there's a total lack of accountability on his part. >> reporter: tollefson tells a judge he's humiliated and he's reflecting on what he did to people who doesn't deserve it. to date he hasn't paid back any money to his victims, according to prosecutors. >> do you think he's going to pay you back? >> no. >> reporter: cindy moffett is out $500. other charities are out thousands. >> he expressed remorse and his desire to me in all my meetings with him, to make the victims whole and he sincerely feels bad. >> reporter: he turned down a flee deal which would have had him in jail for seven months. now he'll be sentenced to a state prison where he'll undergo
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drug and alcohol treatment. this sentence is harsher than what was originally offered. >> state prison is tough under any circumstances, especially for someone that's never been there. >> reporter: defense attorney goldman says tollefson's good work shouldn't have been overlooked here. some of his victims testified on his behalf saying that he had done so many good works for their charities, that they didn't want restitution in this case. tollefson also told a judge he's hoping to write a book. his lawyer says that he will take the proceeds from that book to repay his victims. reporting live in doylestown deanna durante, "nbc10 news." right now if you take a look, the ride home from work looks mainly dry out there. showers moved in earlier. we can see some fog and more rain tonight. live picture of traffic moving along i-95 in south philadelphia. >> after the rain and the fog, the big weather story, it's all about the temperatures.
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nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. just a brief taste of spring. >> that's right. the temperature will actually be rising some tonight. tomorrow some places are going to reach 70. but it's not going to last. we have a lot of clouds out there right now, but not a lot of rain. we saw this rain earlier with a band of showers that improved. now we have a few more light showers about to move into the area. you can see lancaster county berks county lehigh valley getting it now. just about to move into chester and upper montgomery and upper erper er bucks. still haven't reached 40 in allentown and reading. you'll get a whole lot warmer than that tomorrow. 53 in georgetown delaware. sign of things to come. there's plenty of warm air to the south. as we go through the night tonight, once in a while you see these green blips, a little mist, a little fog. and the temperature's on the
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rise. especially in delaware. look at this. as we go into tomorrow morning, 57 in dover. and then it's up from there, along with the showers. more on the timing of the rain tomorrow, thunderstorms, too, and how warm it's going to get with the seven-day in a few minutes. you think you and i were surprised here well, chip kelly didn't just shock eagle fans and players when he shook up the team with big off-season moves. >> his fellow coaches say they didn't even see the changes coming. john clark is in phoenix, arizona. chip kelly talked about his controversial moves today. >> reporter: i tell you what just being out here all week at the nfl owners meetings, owners and coaches were shocked and stunned by what chip kelly did with the eagles, sending away or trading away a lot of his most popular, high-profile, pro bowl players, especially on offense. let's take a look at chip as he sat down at the breakfast and writers and media. he met with us for about an
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hour. chip doesn't really look forward to this too much. he said it's like his yearly dentist appointment. he did give us good information. first of all you know he traded away nick foles. and chip today said he did not want to deal away his quarterback nick foles. he loves sam bradford and he thinks sam bradford can be the new franchise quarterback of the eagles. he, of course, got him from st. louis in the trade. sam bradford has torn up his knee the last two years. and chip kelly says he wanted to have sam bradford nick foles and mark sanchez. >> we were trying to keep nick but at the last second they wanted a play. we were trying to get it done but it didn't work out that way. >> i would say it's probably easier for a quarterback with a knee injury than it is a-w a shoulder injury as we went through the history of it. you know we didn't bring sam to run the ball 75 times a game. i think it's a lot easier for a quarterback with an acl than a receiver with an acl.
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you look at the history right now in terms of sports science and what doctors are doing now, it's unbelievable. >> yes, so chip kelly has taken a big risk by going with sam bradford, who has really missed the last season and a half with those two torn knees. as you heard him, he thinks it's es esasier for a quarterback to play through that. he's hoping sam bradford can do the same. we'll have a lot more on eagles' economics and chip kelly now having to do with the salary cap and why he really let go of lesean mccoy and trade him to buffalo. that's at 6:00. i'm john clark. back to you. the smell of burning rubber and plumes of smoke, that's what people in and around bethlehem woke up to because of this fire at an industrial fire across
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from the college campus. nbc10's monique braxton has details on the investigation. >> reporter: just before 4:00 this morning, smoke blanketed the west side of bethlehem and part of allentown like fog. >> our 911 center was getting inun inundated. it has a rubbery smell to it. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters from across northampton county responded and found a warehouse engulfed in smoke. people were urged to shelter in place until the blaze was brought under control and the smoke started lifting before 9:00. the fire chief tells us the building that contains plastics and rubber products was vacant. no one was injured. >> we have no readings on our meters. we've been going around the city. even though there might be a slight haze and a rubbery smell in the air, the air has been monitored. >> reporter: emergency personnel from lehigh county are assisting
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along with pennsylvania's department of environmental protection and emergency management. when asked if the fire was suspicious, the chief told us, they'll be on scene here for at least another 24 hours. not only monitoring the environmental conditions but also trying to determine what caused the inferno at this warehouse. mow neection braxton, "nbc10 news." to this now -- keeping police brutality off philadelphia's streets. an executive order from the mayor today aims to do just that. the order establishes a new civilian oversight board to improve training investigations and community relations. mayor michael nutter says the board will also supervise the police department and report back to him. the justice department revealed 91 recommendations in a report monday issued by police commissioner ramsey. the mayor says the city averages 50 police-involved shootings per year. >> the officers cannot just drive around in their cars with little to no interaction with
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residents. that type of hands-off policing does nothing to foster better relationships or create trust. >> in addition the mayor wants funding for body cameras, tasers and more ammunition. no board member will work for the police department. computer hackers hijacked a south jersey school district server demanding ransom. school officials now know the hackers are in china after receiving a malicious message sunday their data would be held hostage. the district refused to pay $18,000 in internet currency known as bitcoins. the hackers demanded as ransom. parents are breathing a sigh of relief that all student data was stored on a remote offsite server. >> anybody that's smart enough to figure these things out, they can get access whether through the school system credit card or another way. it's a shame that's the kind of world we live in. >> classroom computers are
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slowly coming back online. students also resumed testing on the computers. the district must rebuild its servers from scratch. how about this temple continues its run in the national invitational tournament tonight. they topped george washington on sunday to advance in the n.i.t. they face off now against louisiana tech. they beat texas a&m on monday. it's very dangerous when i work on one of these brackets. mine is a mess right now. that game you see right there, tonight, tip-off is at 9:00. the winner moves on to the n.i.t. semifinals at madison square garden. not in my backyard. this time it really isn't. complaints are building from across the delaware river about this bucks county landfill. happening tonight, why residents in new jersey may not have to deal with an ongoing stench much longer. up, up and away. changes are coming to philadelphia international airport. why officials are banking their future on stretching out one of its runways.
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and better late than never. this he was supposed to be returned to the library five decades ago. despite being 50 years late why there won't be any late fee attached.
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now to a developing story. freed american hostage bowe bergdahl is being charged with
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de desertion. he left his post in afghanistan and captured by the taliban. he was held for five years before being released in a prisoner exchange. the charge of endangering fellow soldiers carries a strong penalty. >> carries a maximum potential penalty of a dishonorable discharge, reduction to the rank of e-1, total forfeiture of all allowances and possible confinement for life. >> bergdahl is currently working a desk jop at ft. sam houston in texas. a hearing will be held to determine if a court-martial should begin. in the war against middle east extremism, there is aback for america. >> the president of yemen is reportedly running for his life. that story now from nbc10 national correspondent steve handelsman. >> reporter: with yemen's port city of aden under attack by rebels, president haddi reportedly fled though his
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loyalists denied it. he had been a u.s. ally against al qaeda. >> the violent takeover of yemen by an armed faction is unacceptable. >> reporter: u.s. officials finally agreed to bomb sending u.s. pilots to fly air cover for anti-isis militias run by iran and adding to the irony, it's iran yeahs. that complicates u.s. nuclear talks with iran which in turn damaged u.s. relations with israeli prime minister netanyahu. three weeks after the israeli's controversial address to congress, the president of afghanistan ashraf ghani today got a rousing reception. he lived in new york. he was there for 9/11. that was planned in afghanistan. now despite a taliban comeback and isis moving in, ghani says most afghans reject extremism. >> we are willing to speak truth to terror.
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>> reporter: 10,000 u.s. troops will remain this year. >> thank you for staying. >> reporter: ghani's nation is no longer ground zero in the war on terror. but terror's not dead. instead, it's spread. and now yemen looks wide open. the middle east factions that fight one another but agree, america is the enemy. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. watch "nbc nightly news" at 6:30 for more on afghanistan and the decision to charge bowe bergdahl with desertion. the fbi is told to speed up the pace when it comes to fighting terrorism. it's part of a new report by members of the 9/11 review commission. the report says the fbi needs to improve its analysis and collection of intelligence. it calls on congress to provide the agency with state-of-the-art tools it needs to fight terrorism around the world. it will be friday before we learn the decision from italy's top court on amanda knox's murder conviction. the panel of judges will decide
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whether to uphold the guilty verdict from the most recent appeal or send the trial back to yet another appeal. knox and her boyfriend were found initially guilty for the murder of her roommate in 2007. they were then acquitted and freed after nearly four years in prison. last year an italian appeals court upheld the original guilty verdict. knox and her boyfriend have maintained their innocence. a pennsylvania father is one of supporters of a new bill in washington to legalize hemp oil. families and lawmakers rallied outside the capitol today. the oil is only available in california, colorado and virginia. it is made from marijuana but with very low levels of thc, the element that makes people high. it helps stop seizures. one mother says her 8-year-old girl went from having 1200 seizures a month to about two with hemp oil. a pennsylvania family says this oil could give them a fighting chance. >> it's tough to live a life, you know. we just saw her develop when she
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had some seizure control, when she was on the one medication that worked that we had to pull. we want that back. >> congressman scott perry, a republican from pennsylvania introduced the bill to legalize hemp oil. a push on capitol hill today for a new drug that's being called a game-changer for those living with lou gehrig's disease. they delivered a petition with 270,000 signatures they hope to pressure the fda to fast-track the drug. they say drug trials show promise. if the drug doesn't get accelerated approval it could be years before patients have access to it. >> could wait for two years for a lengthy phase three trial, but in that time most of this generation of als patients will pass away. so, to me the risk of inaction is greater than the risk of action.
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>> right now there's one medicine available that extends the life expectancy for patients but only by a few months. this group says it needs other options. you know the saying better late than never. well a library book missing for nearly 50 years has been returned to its home in albuquerque, new mexico. the book was checked out in 1966 and wasn't seen again until late last month when someone returned it anonymously. it is a self-help book for people who want to learn italian. library officials hope it's been put to good use all these years. >> the people who borrowed it were able to learn italian. and perhaps go on a fabulous trip. we of course, have no idea who borrowed it. >> how can you imagine with that late fee would have been? all records that show who checked the book out are long gone and the library stopped charging fines 25 years ago. they would have been fined if
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they were still charged at five cents a day, the late fee for this book would be $8,000. ouch. sounds like a "seinfeld" episode. in fact, it was a "seinfeld" episode. one of great ones. we have some not so great weather around. drizzle and fog overnight tonight after some showers today. we've got a brief warm-up tomorrow we've been talking about for a long time. and, also, thunderstorms for thursday night. just before it gets cold again. right now, we've got cloudy skies. 45 degrees. the wind only 7 miles an hour. and we still have not hit 40 degrees in reading and allentown. and not even close at mt. pocono. farther to the south, mostly in the 40s until you get to extreme southern delaware where it's in the 50s.
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and that is just a sign of things to come as we have temperatures nearing 70 degrees even in kentucky right now. there's the band of showers that came through around midday. it's already in long island. the southern batch coming in right now. it's very very light, as you can see, coming into chester county and upper montgomery, bucks, berks county, lehigh valley. more like sprinkles happening right now. then a big break. this is the area we're watching for tomorrow. this will develop into severe thunderstorms this evening in the middle of the country. now, what's going to happen around here we'll have some drizzle. as you can see these little blips of green every once in a while. nothing heavy overnight tonight. temperatures are level or then start to rise as we head toward day break. the temperature in dover by morning, 55 degrees. here comes some showers, more significant showers. some of them on the heavy side, according to this model. and then watch these
5:21 pm
temperatures go up. well into the 60s. in some cases into the 70s. there's the 70 at dover. and close to 70 in philly. look at this now, 6:00, that's that line of shower and thunderstorms from allentown to reading to lancaster, comes right down through the philadelphia area. as we get toward 9:00 we're losing the heating of the day. so may not be a strong in philadelphia and new jersey as it is north and west when it gets there before sunset. for tonight, we see drizzle and fog, temperatures rising slowly. by tomorrow morning, nowhere near as cold as this morning. then tomorrow a very mild day. you won't need a heavy coat but you will need an umbrella. showers in the morning, very warm in the afternoon, then the evening thunderstorm that you saw in some places getting into the 70s. and the seven-day forecast yeah, there's that one day of warm weather. much colder on friday. chance of some showers in the morning and parts of the area.
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and then very cold on saturday. chance of some snow flurries or snow showers. struggling to get to 40. and then down in the 20s sunday morning before we warm up a little. >> thanks glenn. hopping a train to the king of prussia mall and beyond. it is still years in the making. that's where you come in. a public meeting about new rail service is happening right now. next, a look at what the commute could look like and where it will go. and crowded nest. a day after showing you a baby eagle hatch in this pennsylvania nest comes even more happy news for nature lovers.
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this shows the first avenue branch heading east on first 'away from the valley forge casino. one proposed branch would follow mall boulevard and north gulf road. this shows wrapping around the new children's hospital and ka long what will be the 135-acre mixed use village of valley forge development. finally, this rentedering showing the route 202 trunk, which briefly follows the turnpike away from the mall. a deal between pittsburgh-based heinz and kraft foods will create one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. it combined company would own heinz, kraft oscar mayer,
5:26 pm
ore-ida and have a combined net worth of $28 billion. in the chicago area where kraft is based and in pittsburgh where heinz is based. it still needs approval of shareholders. comcast says it's going to take longer for its $48 billion purchase of time warner cable to go through. the reason, the federal communications commission and justice department are still reviewing the deal. comcast had predicted the deal would close in early 2015. now it's looking more like summer. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. turning to this now, airline disaster. crews in the french alps continue to search for crews amid the wreckage. >> as we learned today one of the american victims had ties to our area. tim? >> reporter: that's right, jacqueline. she lived in virginia but she graduated from drexel university. we'll explain emily selke's ties to our area when nbc10 comes
5:27 pm
back. we have new video showing a new jersey police officer accused of causing a deadly wrong-way crash next week. what the video shows the officer faced more than two years ago.
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we wanted to bring you to breaking news. skyforce10 live on the scene of an accident involving a fire
5:30 pm
truck at third and gray streets. it's not clear if anyone was hurt as a result of this accident. we're going to continue to monitor this situation and bring you the latest updates from our news room. in the meantime right now at 5:30, plane crash tragedy. today we learned this young drexel university graduate is one of the victims of the deadly plane crash in the french alps. emily selke was a 2013 drexel grad. >> she and her mother were one of 150 people killed when the airline plunged into the french mountain. such a tough day for those who knew emily. >> reporter: when emily was here, she spent a lot of time in this building in drexel on market street a music industry major. the school is on spring break, but we found upset faculty members. they chose not to talk with us about her today but deferred to a university statement which offers condolences to emily's family.
5:31 pm
she and her mom, two of three americans killed in the crash in the alps. here at drexel emily was vice president of a national service sorority. we reached out to them today. they are remembering her as an enthusiastic leader a good person. our sister station in washington, d.c. went to his home in washington. he lost his wife and daughter. he didn't speak to us but a neighbor did. >> real nice. i would see her in the winter. kids were happy then. real shocking you know. life can be over just in a flash, you know. like they were good people. >> reporter: we learned more about emily from her instagram and twitter pages. we noticed she graduated college in three years. her linkedin page shows she had a music blog. we got a statement from her workplace. they say they'll miss her smile and work ethic. she did a lot of community and event planning for their
5:32 pm
organization. tim furlong, "nbc10 news." meanwhile, investigators are still trying to determine what caused that crash. initial reports indicate the plane didn't slow down. it was probably going about 500 miles per hour when it crashed. they found the black box recovered from the scene, though badly damaged, provided some audio audio, but investigators say it will take days even weeks for the data to be analyzed. >> we just succeeded in getting an audiophile which contains usable sounds and voices. we hope to have first a rough idea in a matter of days. >> also today, the state department says a third american was on the flight. stay with "nbc10 news" and "nbc nightly news" at 6:30 for the latest on the deadly plane crash investigation. light rain, fog are in the forecast tonight so if you plan to hit the road be careful out
5:33 pm
there. >> nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. temperatures are about to warm up but we shouldn't blink because it will be over like that. >> yeah we got a little tease here coming in in the next 24 hours and then it's back to reality. the colder than normal pattern. we've got a lot of clouds around the entire area. camelback in the pocono mountains, totally overcast. we're totally overcast over the entire region. we had one batch of showers past new york now. another one, with even lighter showers, coming through the area now, through berks county and into chester county. rain reported in reading, allentown and about to get some as well. the temperature still has not hit 40 degrees. in allentown and reading, barely 40 in pottstown. 45 in philadelphia. so far we've been up to 47 before the rain started falling. it's a little warmer in southern delaware. and a lot warmer south of delaware.
5:34 pm
as we go throughout evening we'll see the clouds hang around here. the temperature, if anything is going to be going up as we head through the evening, but still on the damp side. more significant rain coming tomorrow, maybe thunderstorms along with that warm surge. the timing on all that coming with the seven-day in a few minutes. new at 5:30 six suspected drug traffickers are in jail in berks county after a bust with more than $2 million. the drugs, a gun and cash found during the bust were on display today in reading. investigators say dealers distributed meth cocaine and heroine around berks and lehigh counties. the district attorney talked about how they tracked down the traffickers. investigators say the dealers used a secret door in a tractor-trailer to transport the drugs. >> this is one of -- probably the largest seizure of methamphetamine we have seen in this county. probably as far back as anyone can remember.
5:35 pm
and probably in one seizure, it's probably the largest ever. >> all six suspects are being held on $1 million bail each. eric barren says he'll recommend no tuition increases if lawmakers approve a nearly $50 million increase proposed by governor tom wolf. wolf proposed spending increases for state-owned universities and state-related schools. in exchange, he wants universities to freeze tuition in schools to keep rates low. wilmington residents who need a job got to meet employees face to face today. nbc10 at the hicks-anderson community center wilmington's department of parks and recreation sponsored the job fair. local and state agencies have openings sears, walgreens lowe's and the dover downs casino were also there, hoping to fill lots of different positions. if you live near a landfill
5:36 pm
you should probably expect to smell the occasional odor but what if i live all the way across the river in another state? new jersey residents are complaining about a bucks county site. why relief from the stench may not be far away. and the nest is getting crowded. this mother eagle is keeping a watchful eye on her brand new chick. what happened today inside the pennsylvania nest that will keep her even busier. we continue to follow breaking news from philadelphia's olney section. crews are on the scene of an accident involving a fire truck at third and grange streets. there are injuries. can you see that truck on its cited. we don't know how many injuries are involved or how serious they are. we are keeping a watch on this and getting more information for you.
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5:38 pm
a second baby eagle hatched in its pennsylvania net as thousands watched online. the first hatched yesterday in york county. the second poked its way free
5:39 pm
this morning. the pennsylvania game commission installed an eagle cam focused on the nest in december. officials say the eaglets won't be ready to fly on their own until late june or early july. i'm nbc10's vince lattanzio with this nbc10 digital exclusive. are you looking for a job? 130 new jobs are coming to the area. a large restaurant is opening up shop at the king of prussia mall and they're looking to hire servers, hosts, cooks and more. find out how to apply and when the restaurant will start dishing out food in this digital exclusive story from our partners at the philadelphia business journal. available now through the nbc10 app. >> thank you. rebuilding the beach, it's a vital job to protect the always vulnerable coastline. but progress comes with a cost especially one jersey shore community. why business owners in ocean county aren't happy about a
5:40 pm
beach replenishment project. i continue to track some light rain and fog for tonight. wait until you see the track for tomorrow. it will finally feel like spring, but just don't get used to it. coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 the taj mahal takes on stockton university. why it doesn't want the school in atlantic city and what could happen to students if the deal falls through.
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we're following breaking news in philadelphia's olney section. crews are on the scene of an accident involving a fire truck. skyforce10 was over third and grange streets moments ago. you see the fire truck along with an suv that's on its side there, the red one. we know at least one person is hurt here but we're working to find out how seriously they're hurt. stay with "nbc10 news." here are some other stories making headlines on "nbc10 news" at 5:45. a woman with local ties was among those killed in that plane crash in the french alps. emily selke and her mother both died in that crash. she graduated from drexel university in 2013. a music industry major. a judge sentenced sportscaster don tollefson two to four years in prison today. he was accused of selling bogus trips for charity and then pocketing the money. the judge also ordered tollefson to pay back more than $160,000.
5:44 pm
philadelphia mayor nutter signed an executive order today creating a new civilian oversight board. part of its job will be to watch the police department. the aim is to improve training investigation and community relations. more fallout from the video that shows members of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity at university of oklahoma chanting racial slurs. this afternoon one of the students identified in that video sat down with african-american leaders in the community speaking publicly for the first time since the incident. here's nbc10 national correspondent jay gray. ♪ we'll never [ bleep ] ♪ >> reporter: the first time we heard from levy pettitte, sparked controversy across the nation. one of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity members from the university of oklahoma in this video, chanting racial slurs and making references to lynchings. today, his message will apparently be much different. >> i believe this is a great
5:45 pm
start. >> reporter: after sitting down with state senator pittman, the chair of oklahoma's legislative blauk caucus and other members of the african-american community, he will make a public apology. >> i don't believe he is a racist. i don't believe he was raised that way. >> reporter: immediately after the incident, his family issued a written apology and said their son, quote, is not a racist. another sae member parker wright, called his actions wrong and reckless in a written statement. both say they withdrew from ou when the video went public. >> i hope they think long and hard about what they've done. >> reporter: senator pittman says she thinks today's meeting and public apology are a very important part of the healing here. >> i think it has to happen in order for us to look forward and help this young man move forward, but i think our community has to learn a lot about it as well. >> reporter: as they continue to try and move forward. now, the sae chapter at ou has been shut down but today other members of the greek community
5:46 pm
met with the university president to discuss how they intend to move on from the incident. gray gray, nbc news, oklahoma city. well we had another series of unseasonably cold days. we had some showers in the middle of the day. now tonight, we're going to have some drizzle and fog. it's not going to look or feel real pretty but by tomorrow morning it won't be near as cold as it was this morning. we have a brief warm-up coming tomorrow. many places getting into the 60s and some getting into the 70s. of course, that's not going to last. and thunderstorms coming in thursday night will put an end to that warm weather. it's cloudy across the entire area right now. 45 degrees. the wind southeast at 7 miles an hour. now, yesterday was only 40 degrees. today's high 47.
5:47 pm
tomorrow near 70 but then it's back down on friday. 52 degrees and even colder than that on saturday. well, we're in the upper 30s in allentown and reading. still haven't broken the 40-degree mark. we're barely into the 40s across much of the rest of the area. look how close the warm air is. 66 in cincinnati. 75 in nashville. just a little bit of southwest wind and it's going to warm up tremendously. it's 81 in little rock, but it is only 40 in chicago. so, the cold air's going to be coming back. we just have a little burst of warmth coming in a few showers coming into the area right now. obviously, you need the rain gear. it's pretty light, though. and then we have to go a long way to the west to find the showers and thunderstorms, the system affecting us later on tomorrow. some other showers are going to be developing to the south
5:48 pm
tonight as you'll see in a minute. here's the futurecast. if anything the temperatures go up during the night tonight. and by tomorrow morning it will be way waerm than it was this morning. in delaware we could be approaching 60 degrees by morning. we're also seeing some showers building from the south and moving up, maybe during the rush tomorrow morning. but look at the temperatures. by 10 a.m., we're in the 50s. dover's already 67 degrees. and a lot of places close to 70 during the day tomorrow. then we may get a bit of a break in the afternoon. maybe even a few bursts of sunshine. if we do we hit 70. then this line of showers and thunderstorms moves through. 6:00, 7:00 in the areas from allentown, reading, lancaster, and then closer to 8:00 or 9:00 in the philadelphia area. then look at the temperatures drop.
5:49 pm
and after 10:00 at the shore. but you can see that it weakens as it heads through the philadelphia area and the shore because we're losing the daylight. so, this time of the year you generally have the most severe weather during the daytime hours so the timing is not necessarily favorable for severe weather. other than, perhaps, north and west. drizzle and fog tonight with temperatures rising into the upper 40s in philadelphia. big temperature contrast tomorrow. some places getting into the 70s. just about everybody getting into the 60s. round of showers in the morning. then a break. then the thunderstorms in the evening. and the seven-day forecast colder on friday. chance of some showers in the morning. and then much colder on saturday, maybe some snow flurries or snow showers in parts of the area. and then really cold. sunday morning, 25 in philadelphia and a little milder on monday. new dash cam video shows the
5:50 pm
north jersey police officer arrested for duchlt i more than two years before he caused a deadly wrong-way crash. police say linden officer drove into a parked vehicle and could not complete a sobriety test in february of 2013. a judge later suspended the officer's license. abad jr. was behind the wheel early friday morning when he drove the wrong way on a staten island highway after a night at a new york strip club. he drove head-on into a tractor-trailer, killing one officer and a third officer badly injured. a major beach replenishment project is on the horizon for a popular stretch of the jersey shore. some argue the timing couldn't be any worse. the work on lbi, long beach island scheduled to start in late april with work in ship bottom lasting 35 days. u.s. army corps of engineers says no more than 1,000 feet of a beach, about two or three blocks, will even be closed at a time. but some locals and business
5:51 pm
owners, they're concerned because the construction could extend beyond the normally busy memorial day weekend. if you build it they will come. philadelphia international wants bigger airplanes landing at its airport. the board of commissioners in delaware county approved expanding a runway at phl by a quarter mile and adding taxiways. the cost $85 million. work should be completed by 2017. there aren't any runways at the airport to accommodate large planes that carry so much weight and fuel. the goal is to offer direct flights to places like stoke yoe and shanghai. as part of the deal the airport will pay tinicum $5 million for land for runway construction. in just minutes, residents and officials will gather in bucks county. >> they're getting ready to discuss the future of a landfill in tullytown. the concerns go far beyond the small bucks county town.
5:52 pm
residents across the river are fed up and want the landfill closed. plus 500 new jobs. the company that's bringing them and the county that's getting them. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
to a developing story out of bucks county and a landfill some residents say is ruining their quality of life. >> in a few minutes a meeting will begin to determine if that
5:55 pm
landfill should be shut down. for years they complained about odors coming from waste management's landfill in tullytown. we spoke to community members who want it shut down for good. >> sometimes you come out and it's like you're in the middle of a garbage dump. >> it's really bad. >> reporter: julie is worried about her family's health. they live on riverside driver in florence and face the tullytown landfill, which over the years has gotten harder to ignore. when you first moved here in 2002, was it an issue or has the odor grown to be an issue? >> it's grown progressively over the years. even how high the mountains are now. >> reporter: she and 40 others in the area have filed dozens of complaints with the state department of environmental protection. that agency decides if the landfill, which is run by waste management will continue operating beyond late may when the current permit expires. what are some of the things that you are not able to do with this in your backyard?
5:56 pm
>> well obviously, if there's odor of any kind, you don't want to go outside. >> reporter: she says her family has gotten sicker lately. >> extra dust, our sinuses are clogged up. >> reporter: the dep is currently running odor tests. in the fall they cited waste management for an odor violation. >> i just think they need to stop at this point. let it all settle and move to a different location. >> reporter: katy zachry "nbc10 news." coming up all new at 6:00 more concern over philadelphia's licenses and inspections department. critics claim uncertified and inexperienced workers are inspecting hundreds of properties. why they say it's putting the public's safety at risk. we've got rain moving into tomorrow morning and then thunderstorms are going to follow. we'll have the latest timing coming up in my first alert forecast. plus under attack. how hackers went after several south jersey schools and the ransom they wanted in return next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
skyforce10 over the olney section of philadelphia where a fire truck has been involved in a crash. this happened at third and grange streets a short time ago. you see the fire truck along with an suv on its side. we know at least one person is injured. we're working to find out how earscy that person is hurt. we'll bring you any new details as soon as it comes in.
5:59 pm
also hackers target school children in south jersey and then hold their computers for ransom. tonight a gloucester county school district is trying to recover from this cyber attack that took down their servers. nbc10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long joins us live. explain how the students were affected by this attack. >> reporter: jacqueline, i can tell you for one, they got out of any online homework for the past day or two. also, their park testing, which did resume today, and school higher-ups tell me they also had to write down their passwords for their school lunch money with a pen and paper and do homework this way as well which to them felt old-fashioned. investigators call it malicious. computer hackers who did the damage in south jersey from china. they demanded $128,000 worth of internet currency known as bitcoins in exchange for eliminating a ransom virus from the woolwich school district.
6:00 pm
>> it's a shame because as parents we already worry about our kids walking down the street. so to worry about someone having their information is even more frightening. >> reporter: they say all staff-sensitive information and student information is at a off-site server and wasn't breached. the fbi and state police cyber crime investigators told the school today the hackers might get away with it. >> that's the message we got from law enforcement, that we'll probably never know. the best thing to do is just pick up the pieces repair what you can and move on. >> reporter: it comes after two days of having to work old school, using a simple pen and


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