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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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residential apartments. we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them. >> another big story we're tracking tonight. spring storms closing in on air area and this line of storms is coming in from the west and we could see heavy downpours, gusty winds and even lightning. glenn, where is the threat right now? >> that line is centered right here harrisburg at the moment but is strengthening pretty quickly and you can see more and more lightning strikes right along that line that goes down into maryland and it is moving to the east and it's moving to the east fairly rapidly and at this pace it would be near redding, around 7:00 and philadelphia closer to 8:30 tonight. >> now that will continue to be strong as long as the sun is up and once the sun goes down, the energy will start to go down a little bit. so the threat this evening and some very heavy rain at least
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for a briefzepc%=ze he last half hour if you were watching. high winds, not much of a threat and hail and tornadoes hardly any threat at all, but you can see the timing of this. 8:00 at your pottstown and doylestown and by 10:00 it's weakening and the colder air is coming in. we'll talk about how cold it's going get and even snow in the forecast with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. you can chart the storms throughout the night and prepare for the colder temperatures tomorrow. download the weather apps to help you plan ahead. it's true that that was the case then god help us all. >> tonight at 6:00 a murder in the sky over the french alps has local travelers changing their destination. >> today french prosecutors say the co-pilot of the germanwings plane intentionally crashed the jet into the mountains. the french government has asked
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the fbi to help with the investigation. today families of the victims visited the rugged remote crash site and we learned the identity of the third american killed in the crash. his name is robert oliver. nbc 10's cydney long is live tonight at philadelphia international airport. cydney, you spoke with some travelers who said they're now changing their plans because of today's developments. >> jacqueline they are because they say what happened is the absolute unthinkable and they are experiencing feelings of sadness and also apprehension when it comes to flying and placing their lives in the hands of someone else. >> if it's true that that was the case then god help us all. >> diane of warminister is in sheer disbelief. >> my heart goes out to them. >> that a co-pilot tasked with keeping travelers safe intentionally crashed and germanwings 9525 in southern france according to authorities, all 150 onboard were killed. >> we don't want to be on a
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plane and then this happened confirmed our thoughts of traveling. >> howard born and his wife canceled a 50th anniversary vacation this summer. someone can get on an airplane and cause such dramatic terror. >> and just one day after seeing the wreckage of the lufthansa subsidiary airline in pieces their nephew called off a college spring break getaway. >> the backpacking trip with six boys and they canceled because of that trip. 16 students were killed and they identified with it. >> flight attendant joe graham knows and trusts air travel safety. he only spoke to us about his feelings as a passenger. >> you have flight attendants who will come up and serve as a barricade. >> north american travel is the safest in the world. due to rigorous screening and safeguards to prevent unauthorized entry to those at the controls. though sad today, flies somewhere new with her grandchildren each summer and says she won't cancel. >> i think if you give in to
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fear you're really trapping yourself into being someone that is afraid. >> reporter: lufthansa only had one arrival from frankfurt, germany, here at the gate about 5:15, 45 minutes ago. the airline pilot's association, the world's largest pilot union also asked people out there to refrain from speculation so that investigators can thoroughly do their jobs. live from philadelphia international, i'm cydney long nbc 10 news. yesterday we told you about emily selke, a 2013 drexel grad who was killed in the crash in the alps. her mother yvonne was also killed. it turns out she was originally from delaware county. yvonne selke graduated from springfield high school in 1975. she had told friends she was going to be at her 40th reunion in the fall. the current principal of the school showed us yearbook photos of yvonne. she still has family members living a few blocks from the school. one of yvonne's former
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classmates says she was heart broken when she realized yvonne was among the crash victims. >> i heard about the daughter and i'm, like well this is our local connection to the crash victims, and i thought somebody should stand up for yvonne because she grew up in delaware county here. >> the class of '75 reunion has a special tribute page dedicated to yvonne. our coverage of the murder in the sky continues in about ten minutes and we will speak with the local pilot and aviation expert about the mental health of pilots and the training requirements requirements. happening now, former players and dignitaries are gathering to remember a former football legend. chuck bednarik died at the age of 89. deanna durante is live in bethlehem where a public viewing is being held for concrete charlie. what is the reaction of friends and fans showing up tonight? >> reporter: they're showing up in the number 60 jerseys and
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eagles sweatshirts and the guy by the nickname of concrete charlie changed their life and football as we know it. >> he's my childhood hero. i have his pictures about 15 of them all signed by him. >> holding bark tears, marty said the football giant made an impact on his life. yes, he did. yes, he did. why i'm here today. >> the stories from fans are all the same. when they first met him. >> he was great. i was shaken. i was nervous because, like i said, he's my hero. for many, they turned to friendships that lasted until the end of his life. >> he was a strong guy. he put his arm around me and honest to god i told him he was going to choke me to death. he was so strong and so sweet. >> eagles owner jeffrey lori paid his respects to his family saying bednarik was an icon. >> toughness, passion for the game. pride in the city humble in every way. >> many called him concrete charlie, but to those who loved him -- >> chuck was chuck. i just appreciate the chance to
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get to know him. >>ese a great guy. nobody can say anything derogatory about chuck bednarik. >> chuck had a heart of gold. i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: and jeffrey lori says there are plans for the eagles to officially honor bednarik coming up. those plans are still in the works. reporting live in bethlehem, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00 protesters angry over the police shooting of brandon tate brown disrupted this community meeting last week and today they took their fight to philadelphia city hall. nbc 10 in center city as demonstrators chanted who killed brandon tate brown? they are demanding philadelphia police release the names of the officers who shot and killed tate brown during a december traffic stop on frankfurt avenue. district attorney seth williams says brandon tate brown did not follow officers' orders during that traffic stop and was running back to his car to get a gun when officers shot him.
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>> last week we reported ten members of the same group were arrested last week during a protest at a community policing meeting in long crest. now they're calling for prosecutors to drop the charges against those who were charged. >> we believe the philadelphia police are so far gone that we can no longer trust them to protect and serve us. the philadelphia police should be disarmed, disempowered immediately. the philadelphia police department cleared both officers of any wrongdoing in tate brown's death. saving money and investing in education. that was the goal of the school reform commission in philadelphia today. this morning in center city members refinanced bonds that will save the district more than $3 million a year. they also issued 46 million in bonds that will be invested into the school's building transportation and computer systems.
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the src is voting to meet on a budget plan next year. the parent/teacher association wants them to have a choice when it comes to an and artized plan. that is the same opinion coming from teachers unions and school boards. delaware is moving to a tough new standardized test called the smafter, balanced assessment. new at 6:00 in bethlehem. a new plan could transform a mostly vacant commercial high-rise into a high-end apartment building. a real estate developer recently bought the ten-story office building on east elizabeth avenue and last night the zoning board approved the plan to ven straight the top six floors into 48 upscale apartments. one apartment could go for as much as $900 and a two-bedroom could run you $1200. it needs to sign off before construction can begin. >> more high-rises is going up in the lehigh valley.
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including a 33-story sky scraper in allentown and people are already signing up to move in to the strada luxury flats which opens in july. on the jersey shore, wall street isn't happy with this report from the atlantic city emergency management team. the report is aimed at turning around the struggling resort and it calls for layoffs and spending cuts and ruled out bankruptcy. moody's says the proposals may leave open the possibility could default on its credit. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00s, who was the co-pilot behind the murder in the sky? what aviation experts are saying about the differences in security standards affecting your safety in the sky. i'm tracking this line of thunderstorms that continues to strengthen. it's going to move into our area within the next couple of hours. plus the end of the one-day warm up. the coast blast you can expect tomorrow and into the weekend. plus why septa says it's
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not putting up a fight when it comes to running these controversial ads on busses.
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this is nbc 10 news. nbc 10 first alert weather tracking spring storms moving into our area tonight. the system headed our way could
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bring heavy rain lightning and gusty winds. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the storms in his full forecast in just a couple of minutes. new information with these controversial ads, images of adolph hitler is what those ads show. septa is dropping its fight. it's fighting to keep those ads off of the busses. we can tell you earlier this month a judge ruled septa must allow those ads to go up on the sides of busses. now septa says it will not appeal that ruling and that announcement came at a meeting this afternoon. the ads will appear on 84 busses throughout april. thearounds feature hitler and carries the tag line jew hatred. it is in the koran. freedom initiative produced these ads. tonight nbc 10 is learning more about the timeline of terror. before the co-pilot of the germanwings plane intentionally crashed it into the french alps.
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audio recordings reveal pounding could be heard on the cockpit door from the captain who was locked out and trying to get back in. those recordings reveal alarms were sounding onboard and passengers in the cabin were heard screaming. this german wings crash is revealing that commercial air lean standards vary across the globe. nbc 10's drew smith joins us to explain why these issues affect your safety and security in the skies. >> jackie when you ply in the united states it is unlikely a pilot or co-pilot would ever be alone in the cockpit but as the crash shows the rules are not the same in europe. >> pilot and current flight instructor walked us through how it is possible for co-pilot andreas lubitz to take control of a plane. switches on the flight deck like this one allows pilots to lock people out. >> the security measures made it difficult for pilot to get into the cockpit. >> a flight recorder shows the pilot tried to punch in the code
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and the lock switch overrode that. investigators are focusing on the co-pilot's personal family and professional environment. we asked if the issue of pilots intentionally crashing could be prevented. >> pilots have a medical certificate from a doctor on a regular basis. they ask questions about mental health. >> aviation expert and attorney arthur wolf says that may not be enough and airline standards aren't strict across the globe. he wants a closer eye on pilots. >> we have to find out what their social situation is. we have to essentially put up a spy network to make sure that the guy in the front is all there. >> here in the states the federal aviation administration requires physical exams for pilots up to two times a year. a psychiatric evaluation is not required, but they're asked to self-report mental issues. drew smith nbc 10 news. we'll have nightly news right after this news kafrtcastnewscast.
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it is damper out there. students didn't event have coats on. glenn, more rain is coming for us this evening, though. >> some of the warmth that we had today is helping to fuel the thunderstorms that are moving in our direction. we continue to track those storms as they get closer. the showers should be lingering into tomorrow at least in the morning and a cold weekend ahead. right now we've got some sunshine and the western sky. clouds overhead and it is pretty warm and 65 degrees and highs at 16 miles an hour and that has helped to increase the severe storm threat heavy rain and lightning coming through tonight and very little threat of damaging winds or hail or any kind of tornadoes.
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now, we see the temperatures contrasting tremendously. it's in the 60s and cold enough to snow in northwestern pennsylvania. there's that line of storms and you can see the lightning developing along it and moving at its current speed and it would hit lancaster around 6:30 and philly around 8:15 or so and it's moving fairly quickly. it's just a narrow line. so we're talking about maybe 15 minutes of a real burst here and then look at that snow on the back side of that. so we're going from 70s to in some places getting snow. here is the hour by hour at 8:00 and it's getting closer and closer to fill up the area and the western suburbs getting at 8:00 and then it may start to breakup as we're losing the sunshine and the heat of the day, but lots of rain during the night tonight and then another
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little disturbance coming up and bringing some rain even into tomorrow morning's rush hour and in some cases, perhaps a brief period of snow back to the north and west as the colder air starts to move in. and then i have another chance of snow on saturday, snow flurries or showers. the showers and thunderstorms this evening, briefly heavy, gusty winds and 46 degrees for the low in philadelphia by morn morning as the winds shift. the morning showers and clouds linger during the afternoon, as well and the temperature way down compared to today. low 50s. an average high 56 and saturday the high is 41 and most of the days in the 30s plus wind will feel like winter when we get the snow flurries and snow showers out of it and look how cold sunday morning and 25 in philadelphia and perhaps teens and some of the suburbs and only into the mid-40s sunday and it
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eases up a little bit next week. hi. i'm amy fadool from comcast sportsnet, the flyers got a win last night, but lost two start irs. details on that and the blue jehs. highlights ahead.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk, your home for the most live sport. i'm amy fadool with comcast sportsnet. cole hamels likely opening day starter on the mound in florida against the bluejays. phillies wondering where the offense will come this season. how about from carlos ruiz in the four inning? utley comes around 1-0, phils.
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the second to last spring start. dalton pompeii. you had no chance on the check swing and too much for jose reyes as well. phillies fall 4-1 and hamels with the inning and he still thinks there's room for improvement. >> i would prefer to be able to go out six or seven innings and i threw a lot of pitches, and that's kind of the focus and it's to try to get ahead of hitters early and then be able to get them out with three to four pitches left just so i can, you know go a lot longer and stretch out my inning. >> on the ice, the flyers stay true to form last night playing well en route to win over another playoff team with the chicago black hawks and however, they sustained two losses in the injury column. and he broke his leg blocking his shot and they fired with 28 goals and just one away from his career guy. so is defenseman andrew mcdonald who broke his hand blocking his shot and he talked about those
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injuries today. well it hurts for sure. >> i think it gives other guys a chance to step off. i'll see a couple of our younger players and in a little bigger role than you've seen in the past and the players are never good. >> eagles owner jeff lury and jim kelly both addressed the media in phoenix, arizona. he was asked why he was so comfortable giving that information to personnel despite his years in the nfl. >> he's bright and obsessed with football. this man is all about winning. it doesn't matter to him the public perception of a trade or the, un,you know the intention of where he's coming from and trying to read between the lines and he's all about football and making us better and that's whati think you want as an owner and a coach. >> that will do it for sports. >> tonight at 11:00, a local mother accused of faking cancer
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to cover up the abuse of her 11-year-old baby. the elaborate lengths police say she took. that story tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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who better than ben franklin to help kick off the spring season at franklin square. the square offers a variety of family-friendly events including carousel rides and there will be concerts movie nights and food truck events and just a great night tonight for that. >> especially in a couple of hours when that line of thunderstorms gets to philadelphia. it continues to move now into burks county and lancaster county and it's getting started there. it will take a couple of hours before it does get into the philadelphia area but we do expect that to happen about 8:00 tonight and then it should weaken after that. >> for glenn and all ever us here. i'm jacqueline london. the news continues with the motive of the co-pilot. good night.
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on this thursday night, mass murder in the sky. a shocking turn in that air disaster. investigators say the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane. the captain locked out of the flight deck banging on the door. passengers heard on tape screaming in the terrifying final moments moments. also inside the cockpit, the post-9/11 door meant to keep intruders out. but in this case did it seal the fate of everyone on board? the breaking news in new york city. a building explodes and collapses, people critically hurt. hundreds of firefighters battling the blaze. and to the rescue as the season's first major outbreak of tornadoes makes a direct hit in a place that's seen so much heartbreak. the heroes that help so many


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