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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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rain moving through the area, some of it it heavy. nbc 10 getting hit tonight, but a bigger change in weather is on
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the way. good evening i'm jacqueline london. we'll have your first look ahead. we begin with developing news. the search for answers as to why the co-pilot of the germanwings praen intentionally murdered 149 people. the 27-year-old locked our customers the captain of the mane and crashed it into a mountainside in the french alps. they have searched the apartment where he lived and the home of his parents. there is no indication that he was a terrorist. we can tell you that the plane took off from barcelona at 10:01 a.m. at 10:27 it levelled off at cruising altitude. they set altitude for a straight line decent. the captain tried to get back into the cockpit but he would not open the door.
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at 10:32, they tried to contact the plane but no one answered. at 10:40 the passengers began screaming and the plane made impact. a mother and dad had ties to our area. randy is live in our digital operations center and you have been talking to those who knew the victims. >> yes they have deep ties to philadelphia and delaware county. a mother and daughter on a trip together to see europe. inside the halls of springfield high school, a picture of yvonne skelte. >> classmates are planning their 40th reunion. >> it is a prosecuty tight knit
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group. yc y yvonne daughter emily, was also on the flight. both mother and daughter have relatives still living in delaware county. at this point investigators think all 149 victims on board were murdered by the co-pilot who intentionally crashed the jetliner after locking the other pilot out of the cockpit. eight long minutes later the plane crashed into a mountain. in flights here in the united states, it's standard practice to always have two people at the front of the plane to prevent against this kind of sabotage. >> most airlines would have had a lead flight attendant go into
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the cockpit. >> they call yvonne and emily both amazing people. robert oliver a third american victim, was identified by the state department. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the deadly plane catch. for more information on the pilot's background and what we learned from those who knew him. you'll also find the latest on the crash investigation. now to breaking news in west philadelphia someone shot three people at media street. all three victims are being treated at a hospital right now, we're told no arrests, yet. >> turning to the weather and a wet night. the rain is moving in to center city. you can really see the movement there in the sky. here is a look at the nbc 10 first alert radar.
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what to department for the rest of the night and what to wake up to sheena parveen is tracking it all for us. >> a heavier rain today, thunderstorms with quite a bit of lightning and things are quieting down now. most of this is on the lighter side. parts of montgomery and bucks county into parts of newcastle county in delaware. you see the lighter rain shown by green, but we're watching an area of rain around washington and baltimore. some of this is a little heavy year and i think it will be moving in as we go overnight tonight and some showers linkering for tomorrow. the future weather continues moving in. if this is how early you're leaving we're looking at scattered showers around the area. temperatures here should be around the mid 40s. the clouds still around and around the philadelphia area and anywhere along i-95 47 to 48
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degrees in the morning. temperatures here in the mid to low 40s. some models are trying to pick up on a brief period of snow falling. i'll have more details on that and colder air moving in for the weekend. >> to a developing story in new york city 19 people are hurt including several firefighters after an apparent gas explosion caused a building to collapse. this is just in. it shows the moment that the building started to collapse after the explosion. rubble and shards of glass were sent across the east village. they were working on plumbing and gas lines in the building at the time. here is a closer look at where this is unfolding on second avenue in the east village.
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we will have video showing neighbors jump into action to help a wok escape. philadelphia police are on the hunt for a bike riding gunman. you see a man coming up on a bike. you see two men standing outside of the store, he pulls the gun and starts shooting while still on the bike. the 17-year-old is in critical conditions. he fell off of the bike got back on, and pedalled away. bounty hunters on the wrong side of the law. they're accused of capturing a boy and putting a gun to his next. one of the bounty hunters allegedly cracked a guy in the head with a tire iron and even a kidnapping according to police.
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>> bounty hunters chased a man with an active warrant for drugs on pavement before offroading it near this travel lodge. police say they crashed near there date of birth this date of birth path. >> she is a director in her church choir. she worked for me for 14 years. she doesn't kidnap or do anything like that. >> this time police say it went too hard. they caught the 17-year-old. held a knife to his neck and put him in their car. because he was with the man with the warrant. >> tonight five bounty hunters are behind bars facing charges of robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. >> i don't even know who the other four are. i know two of them and those two
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were only there to -- she a drug dealer and he has been selling drugs. four of those bounty hunters according to police had active warrants for various offenses themselves. one of those five bounty hunters had certify bonds person status. that 17-year-old was not injured. reporting live in waterford township, keith jones. also a picture of a suspect in a home invasion where a woman says the intruder choked and tried to sexually assault her. the man got into the home flu the front window. it all happened around 4:00 this morning. the victim told police that the attacker asked her for money and grabbed her by the throat. her husband says she is okay. the intruder did not take anything. wrestled to the ground and
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robbed, it's grainy but this video from philadelphia police shows apair of men attacking two win on fairmont avenue. they claimed they had guns and brought the victims to the ground and took their purses and cell phones. security cameras got good images of the red pickup truck they were driving and you can clearly see the face of one of the suspects here. a bucks county mother is accused of facing cancer during a child abuse trial. police say in july she brought her daughter to the hospital with severe injuries. she blamed them on her husband but police ruled them out. the mother went bald and claimed she had ovarian cancer. that wasn't true either. fire forced a family out of
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their home in burlington county tonight. we're told even made it out safely no word on what sparked those flames. a septa bus@ collide. the two people in the camry went to the hospital to be checked out. the victims are expected to be okay. from our trenton bureau a win for parents and students that don't want to take standardized tests in new jersey. the state attemptably voted to approve a bill that requires schools to accommodate those children. they already have the right to opt out of the test. they provide educational alternatives in another room for those students. >> tomorrow family and close friends will gather at a private service to bid farewell to one of the most legendary eagles of all time. the nfl players and dignitaries
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said their final gooked to chuck bednarik. he played a franchise record 14 seasons with the eagles starting in 1949. his toughness earned him the nickname concrete charlie. he was 89. temperatures taking a big drop with rain overnight. stick around for your morning rush. i'm tracking how cold it is about to get. a new york building explodes and chances hospitalizing more than a dozen people. new video of a woman rescued.
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. tonight philadelphia police think a reported abduction was
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part of a domestic dispute. officers are still looking for the car and the people involved. updating developing news in new york, 19 people injured after a gas explosion triggers a building collapse in new york. ida, what can you tell us. >>fire firefighters have been hard at work for seven hours here in the east village if is nothing more than a gaping hole and a pile of rubble. the last part of the facade collapsed in the last hour or so. we have new video to show you of the first building as it came down. this video shot by the fdny shows flames raging out of the building and then the building
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could not withstand the heat and pressure. it collapses and falls down into a huge plume of smoke. residents are still trying to digest what happened here. >> i was at home working and i heard a big explosion and it sounded very large, and i convinced myself at the time it was maybe a car backfiring but it was very loud. >> we have a major building collapse on 2nd avenue. >> they say it started with a explosion in a sushi restaurant. >> we thought it was a bomb or something. then a manager thought a car ran into the restaurant. >> i saw the whole storefront is on the street. >> you could feel the building shake and all of a sudden a ton of glass and plaster, weird stuff like burning pieces of paper started to slam against the window. >> witnesses saw people severely
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injured. some were lying on the ground unconscious. >> i saw three people across the street with blood all around their body. >> the fire quickly spread to neighboring buildings affected four in total. then the first building came down. >> the first two floors of 121 121 2nd avenue have collapsed. it is a five-story building. sfwlrchlg the first 15 minutes before the building started so collapse made extremely dangerous searches of these buildings and were forced out by the subsequent collapse of 123 and 121. >> firefighters sprayed the buildings from three different
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angles. on edison at the scene earlier in the afternoon before the fire to inspect a possible upgrade. >> until we know what happened here we cannot pass judgment. we need to fully investigate. >> and certainly a long investigation ahead. firefighters will remain on scene here through the night to make sure it remains under control. reporting live from the east village in manhattan, ida ida siegal. neighbors jumped in to help before firefighters arrived. tonight, septa says they will no longer fight to keep an ad off of the side of it's busses. a pro israel group called the american freedom initiative produced the ad. they believe it violates a standard, but they rule that the
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ad must be allowed. if you take route 141, you may need to make other plans for a few weeks still. crews are spending the next two weeks repairing the potholes on the overpass left behind from our harsh winter. >> >> even thunderstorms are moving through and lightning too, now that has really started to die down. we're still seeing light showers for most of the area. and as we go overnight the rain will linger and will even linger into your friday morning. showers around for your morning commute tomorrow. cold air is starting to move in too and that will be here tomorrow. it will be colder and especially as go into our saturday. a cold start to the weekend. for your cold start to the
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weekend, areas north and west there is a chance we could see a brief period of snow starting to fall. chance of showers, and in the suburbs, showers around tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid 40s. cloudy and rainy to start your day early. still a majority of the heavy rain is away from the area now. it has already come and left but we have another area that we're watching around washington and baltimore. we have parts of newcastle county, philadelphia area, and into lower montgomery county and showers as well. and one heavier cell. that will be moving into parts of cumberland county. so this is really the one we expect to move in as we go overnight tonight. we'll continue to see the rain while you're sleeping. future weather here shows that it continues with the showers all of the way through the morning hours and notice the models trying to pick up on
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maybe a brief area of snow flurries but that is about it. then through the middle of the day we're looking at mostly cloudy conditions through the afternoon. i think we should be seeing mostly clouds around at this time, too, and then we go into saturday and the colder air starts to get here to start off your weekend. you will notice the start of your weekend will be colder. there is a chance we could have a few snow showers or snow flurries moving through the day saturday too. some of that rain could be heavy overnight. then tomorrow morning showers around afternoon clouds stick around. that is cooler than it was today. by saturday temperatures only near 40 degrees and there is a chance we could see snow showers. on sunday sunny and temperatures in the mid 40s and next week we're back in the 50s.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> hi aimi'm amy fadool. the team did not resign jeremy maclin. tonight many of those guys back here in philadelphia. another eagle who hosted a charity event for spring garden. those former eagles and current eagles in attendance. he talked about reuniting with andy reed out in kansas city. >> it was either or i was either going to be here or there. they were the two places that i felt most comfortable with the people who were there. it was one or the other, and you
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know i chose to go back home. >> he is from that area. after speculation chip kelly will make a block buster trade, jason kelsey seems pretty definitive. >> i don't think mariota will be the quarterback, but there is a lot of things in this off season that has been surprising. i won't rule anything out. the fly years stayed true to form last night getting the win over another playoff team but they sustained two losses in the injury column. simmons leads the flyers with 28 goals this system. so is andrew mcdonald who broke his hand blocking this shot despite the win. it was a tough night for the flyers. phillys and blue jays in the grapefruit league.
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how about some offense, a double to right center. chase utley scores with the suspected second to last spring start. he gets a strikeout here and was also too much for jose raez. i still think there is room for improvement though. >> that will do it for sports we're right back after this.
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a creative and crafty way to raise money for treating cancer. you can pay money to duct tape and6e"m you can tape your teacher to the wall. >> i'm sure the kids were all about that. all of them together taping a
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teacher on to the wall. keep the cooler temperatures in mind that will be linkering around in the morning tomorrow. the weekend will be a lot colder. >> thank you, have a great night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests alan cumming carey mulligan musical guest, ludacris
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 233 coming! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: oh! oh, hey! [ cheers and applause ] welcome thank you very much. thank you for being here everybody. thank you. here's what everyone's talking about. republican candidate ted cruz said recently that in the 36 hours after he announced that he's running for president, he raised over $1 million.


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