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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  March 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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to start the weekend, and it looks like snow there. >> yes, she said it. we may see flurries just a couple tomorrow morning. it's still the weekend, we'll enjoy that right? >> sure. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we had to warm up yesterday, but not today. we'll begin with bill henley and the first alert forecast. you may see snowflakes in the pocano mountains and in the northern and western suburbs. it won't be all snow as it will mix with rain drops, but it's a steady rain for most of the morning and into this afternoon. that's a live view looking across the delaware. rain has intensified now in lower bucks county and in philadelphia. the rain streaming through the area this morning is going to be steady. it's not heavy at times. right now the heaviest rainfall is in central and lower bucks county and moving toward trenton at this hour. the showers are going to be on and off with the heavier showers mainly with light rain during the day. look at center city that's the view from the melon bank
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building this morning. so don't forget the umbrella. and use a pretty good coat too. 42 degrees at 6:00. 42 at 9:00. then not much warmer at noontime with the rain still in the area. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten minutes. now we'll find out how the roads are doing with the rain. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is here. good morning, bill. you know as well as anyone it is wet out there. for drivers leaving right now, of course take care of rain jackets and making sure the wipers are working. you will need them. and there's ponding on the area roadways. taking a look outside, 76 at city avenue you will see the blue route and the vine at 16 minutes, butted a a ed ated a but add a few minutes here in new jersey and in delaware. coming up details for you with overnight construction affecting traffic on the pennsylvania turnpike that goes into effect this weekend.
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tracy? thank you, 5:31 and 42 degrees outside. two teenagers are under arrest this morning after philadelphia police say they robbed and raped a woman overnight. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the scene with this story. matt? >> reporter: yeah police say that this victim was very brave and very helpful in getting the two suspect ss caught. police are still on the scene near richmond and lewis. this is mostly an industrial area where a lot of trucks and tractors come through the area. it is pretty vacant for the most part, but it happened in the path by the train tracks. here's video here of what happened just after 11:00. someone reported a person screaming in this area. when the officers got here they found a woman robbed and sexually assaulted by two men at gunpoint. she gave a description of the men to the officers and both suspects were caught not long after. they were positively identified and found to have the victim's belongings on them. now both suspects are under the age of 18 and police say that is
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not all they did. >> if she called the police, or told anyone including her family that they would find her and kill her and also kill her family. so you can imagine she was very, very frightened in when she was reporting this information to the philadelphia police officers responding. >> reporter: and back out here live investigators are expected to be back out here to continue processing this scene. you can see police are out here holding it for the moment. all she was trying to do was walk home from the gym and then two men bring her down here by this path and hold her at gunpoint. the two suspects and the victim had been questioned by investigators overnight. and later this morning police tell us they are going to be trying to find more surveillance video to put more of the pieces of the puzzle together even though they have a lot of evidence in this case. you can see there are a lot of factories in this area so hopefully they can get more of that evidence to try to seal
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this case up. now live in port richmond matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and more breaking news overnight, two people died following a triple shooting last night in west philadelphia. police say two suspects tried to rob two men when one of theic have victims also pulled out a gun. police have not said which of the two men were killed. 5:34 now. to new developments overnight in the german crash overnight. investigators are trying to figure out why the co-pilot deliberately brought down the plane killing 149 other people and himself. they searched andreas lubitz's home and his parents house. the german prosecutors will release an update around 7:00 a.m. our time as well. and new video into nbc 10 of german investigators bringing evidence out of the co-pilot's home. you can see investigators
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carrying bags of evidence and appeared what appears to be a computer and computer equipment. more information this morning, a german tabloid is reporting that lubitz had a serious, depressive episode six years ago and that a, quote, medical problem was noted in his aviation record. in the wake of the german crash, airlines around the world are quickly changing rules to require two crew members always be present in the cockpit. the u.s. made that requirement after 9/11. today the german aviation association will consider a rule change. airlines in britain, norway and iceland all implemented the policy yesterday. and we have been telling you about emily selke, the grad from america killed in the sh kra. her mother was also killed and originally was from delaware county. yvonne selke graduated in 1975 and planned to be at the 40th class reunion this fall. the current principal showed us yearbook photos of yvonne with
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family members living a few blocks from the school. they didn't want to talk on camera. >> i heard about the daughter and was like this is our local connection to the crash victims. and i thought, somebody should stand up for yvonne because she grew up in delaware county. >> the website for the class of '75 reyouunion has a tribute to yvonne selke. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the deadly plane crash. check nbc 10's app and our website for the latest on the investigation. and it is 5:36. right now in new york city firefighters are spraying water on lingering flames at the site of an apparent gas explosion. here's a live look of what used to be a five-story apartment building. and we are learning more on what led up to the explosion. plumbing and gas work was happening inside the building and con edison says the work
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failed in this expansion an hour before the explosion. this is a close look at second avenue in east village. fire from the explosion engulfed a total of four buildings. con edison also says the gas main mains were being inspected in the area on wednesday and crews found no leaks. no gas odors were reported either. 19 people were hurt in the explosion, 4 critically. mayor bill de blasio says it appears everyone was accounted for but one family says a 23-year-old man is still missing. well, this morning a local mom is under arrest after she faked a serious illness to try to get away with a crime. and it's one of the most memorable images from superstorm sandy and now there are plans to replace the roller coaster that was tossed into the sea. it's a rainy, chilly start this morning. the winds are getting a bit stronger. that is cold air that's coming into the area.
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right now 42 degrees at 5:37.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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a rare view of citizens bank park this morning. a steady rainfall that is continuing into the afternoon. but the phillies could be rained out in clearwater where they are expecting close to an inch of rain during the day today. for us we won't see that much rain, but it's a lot colder here. it doesn't feel all that good especially with a wind at 25 miles an hour. 32 degrees in philadelphia. look at the rain moving through philadelphia. that rainfall is going to be on and off for the morning. while the steadier lighter rain keeps coming through the morning and into this afternoon. and to the north, that's where the snowflakes are falling into the pocano mountains. some of the northern and western suburbs are getting the colder air. so don't be surprised to see
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snowflakes mixing in north and west this morning. the hour by hour forecast shows 9:00, the steadier rain in south jersey and delaware. it will try to taper off north and west but 11:00 and into the afternoon the rain will keep coming. that's noontime today. so if you are leaving the house, grab the umbrella and be able to use it not only this morning but this afternoon. and 67 degrees yesterday. nowhere near it today and getting colder heading into the weekend. i have the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. a penn state fraternity is suspended for posting pictures of naked women on a secret facebook page. this morning we have new information about the police investigation and the victims now coming forward. and small business saturday is not just a holiday shopping day anymore. the one day to give local businesses a boost. and taking a live look outside in east new jersey. this is a live look at 73 right
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at green tree road where you can see not a lot of traffic at this intersection, but it is wet out there. wet conditions throughout our area. especially on the majors.
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just about a quarter to 6:00. we are ten days from opening day at citizens bank park.
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can you believe it? baseball season almost here but someone needs to tell spring to get here. we're getting cooler again this morning at 42 degrees now. and we will see highs in the upper 40s today, but with fairly consistent rain throughout the day for most of you. meteorologist bill henley is back in a moment with a look at what the weekend will bring. and authorities in bucks county say a woman faked cancer to get sympathy during a child abuse investigation. police say ashley reichard lied to investigators and told them her 11-month-old's severe injuries were caused by the girl's father. she also claimed she had ovarian cancer which police say isn't true. she faces several charges including aggravated assault and endayingngering the welfare of a child. and easing restrictions on medical marijuana. the state assembly passed a resolution saying the state's health department has put unnecessary regulations in place. if it passes the senate the health department has to revise those restrictions.
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health officials in delaware say this year's flu season broke new records. the state has now seen more than 2300 flu cases and 28 deaths. that's surpassing the flu outbreak from 2009 in 2010. officials say while flu season is winding down now, people should solely take precautions to keep themselves from getting sick. happening today, the doctor who contracted ebola in liberia next year will return to the university of omaha medical center for the first time since his release. dr. rick schaeffer spent three weeks in the biocoin taintntainment unit and is ebola free. and aaron hernandez is expected to take the trial in his murder trial. his fiancee was given immuneity meaning they can threaten her with jail time. the u.s. secretary of homeland security jay johnson is
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traveling to louisiana today to meet with transportation security officers and local law enforcement officers involved in last week's attack at louis armstrong new orleans airport. and the new police chief in ferguson, missouri on the job for only a week now is already making changes to get officers out into the community. he is putting officers on more bike patrols. and he's encouraging them to walk their beat and talk to residents when they do that. these changes follow the justice department's supports that criticize the police department over racial discrimination after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen last august. and protesters back here at home angry over the police shooting death of brandon tate-brown disrupted this community meeting last week and their fight is clearly not over. nbc 10 was in center city yesterday as demonstrators chanted who killed brandon tate-brown. they are demanding the philadelphia police release the names of the officers who shot
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and killed tate-brown during a traffic stop in december on frankford avenue. now a district attorney seth williams says tate-brown was not following orders during the traffic stop and was reaching for a gun when officers shot him. >> hands up! >> and last week we told you how ten members of the group that protested the shooting death were arrested during is a community police meeting in lawncrest. now they are calling on prosecutors to drop the charges against the people who are reference referenced. >> we believe that the philadelphia police are so far gone we can no longer choose to protect and serve them. they should be disarmed and protected immediately. >> again, the district attorney spared both officers of wrongdoing in tate-brown's shooting death. and 12 minutes before 6:00 and it's a rainy start. we had a nice warm up yesterday, but the rain is going to be
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sticking with us into the afternoon. and with the breeze blowing out of the north, that's going to keep temperatures chillier. there's a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. rain is steady and heavy at times in philadelphia reaching into the reading area of 41 degrees there. philadelphia is 42. and 45 in cape may. no rain right now in cape may. but that will also change during the day. we'll look at the wind blowing with rain drops past the comcast center in center city. a steady rain this morning. and yes, you still need the rain gear this afternoon, too. look at the steadier rainfall moderate showers in glenside. you're about to get the heavier showers moving through northeast philadelphia. and snow will is a possibility mixing in to the colder suburbs with temperatures dropping into the 30s. we won't see any accumulation, but snow is mixing with rain. then as far as the rain is concerned, look how far this system is going to move into the atlanta area with a lot more moisture ahead of us for the day. and the wind too, to keep
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temperatures down. the winds are steady at 16 miles an hour in philadelphia. the winds will come down a bit this afternoon. but it is that direction out there in the north/northwest that is a cooling direction for us. so the upper 60s like we had yesterday won't happen today. the upper 40s and low 50s, yes, with winds at 15 miles an hour this morning. a breezy rainy raw day today. turning colder tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower on saturday. snowflakes rain drops are possible with temperatures above freezing. topping now the lower 40s on saturday. sunshine is back sunday. we'll start at 25 degrees but up to 48 on sunday afternoon. then into the 50s for monday tuesday and wednesday. and in spite of the chance of rain thursday feels a bit warmer with a high of 60. traffic here for you, watch out for the road work in delaware if you take route 141 near wilmington manor. you may need to make other plans this week. they closed the southbound lanes
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near route 13 because crews are spending the next few weeks prepare preparing or repairing potholes. >> you will face potholes and ponding on the roads because of the rain. we'll find out what else you will face on 76 here with ponding. be aware of this with a live look at 76 near montgomery drive. you can see from this camera it is really wet conditions out there. so your drive times between the blue route and the vine are still looking pretty good. 13 minutes in both directions. that's going to creep up here as the morning rolls on and the volume increases. we'll have the rain sticking around. an alert for this weekend, sunday midnight to 6:00 a.m. for turnpike drivers in both directions, that will be closed with crews doing repair work that's pretty intense. that's for six hours. a seven-mile stretch in both
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directions on the pennsylvania turnpike that will be closed. be aware of that. and i brought this map up to show you 295 in new jersey at the freeway, there's a disabled tractor-trailer affecting the right-hand shoulder. a roller coaster that game an image of hurricane sandy's devastation will be rebuilt. you'll remember seeing this jet star roller coaster knocked into the sea by the storm. the owners of the casino talk about plans to expand the roller coaster by next year. and meantime a piece of history on the delaware river is getting a quarter million donation. the nonprofit that helped to bring the battleship to the waterfront is making the donation. the ship's board of trustees will use the money to open a new tour route on the historic vessel. 5:52 now. delaware wants to boost its small businesses and help out mom and pop shops. the delmarva bureau broadcasting shop came up with the area for small business saturday. the chamber of commerce joined jack markel at the radio
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stations to promote that. you'll hear a lot about the small business saturdays on the radio. and remember that you don't pay any state sales tax. it's a controversial ad to show up on the side of septa buses. this morning septa's decision not to fight it. and sticking it to cancer literally. students reached into their own pockets for a chance of supporting a good cause at their teacher's expense.
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5:56. police are reporting several new developments in their investigation of a fraternity scandal at penn state university. several women pictured on photos on the facebook page have come forward to police and frat members are cooperating with the investigation. kappa delta row is accused of a secret facebook page of naked women that were passed out when photographed. so far police have not filed charges. septa will no longer fight
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to keep a controversial ad off the sides of their buses. the ad features hitler and carries the tag line jew hatred in the koran. septa believes the ads violate its standards for advertisements but a judge ruled the ads have to be allowed. septa had been considering an appeal but dropped that yesterday. here's to another great season in franklin square. hip hip! hip hip! >> ben franklin gets around doesn't he? he was in franklin square yesterday to kickoff the new season of family-friendly events. the square will have a great egg hunt happening april 5th on the square. a lot of food trucks there that are delicious. students at the school of
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osteopathic medicine are working all night to raise money for canscer research. and one local teacher is literally going to the wall to fight cancer. she's been an instructor at the high school and allowed her students to do this to her. they taped her to a wall. kids had to pay a dollar per roll for duct tape and that money is going to fight ovarian cancer. now the idea came from harrison runyon whose mother is fighting cancer and wanted to find a unique way to get involved. >> and it's good for the teacher to be a good sport. >> i think where i am in life i'm looking at the teacher and she looks like a student. good for her for being a good support. >> maybe that is where you are. thank you for watching "nbc
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10 news today." nbc news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. and now breaking news a woman is raped and robbed and two teens are behind bars for the crime. we're live at the scene with the latest. and this morning the investigation into the deadly german linked plane crash shifts to the co-pilot's department and his parents home. we're learning more about the man who deliberately crashed the plane. and you're looking live at the picture here of firefighters watching flare-ups from this building in new york city. and this is what it looked like as firefighters fought that fire and as this building collapsed. close to two dozen people were hurt in this fire. make sure you take your umbrella today. another rain day. we'll tell you what to expect good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're a week into spring and are still looking for spring.
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let's go to bill henley bill? the temperatures are near 67 degrees, well, they were yesterday. we are nowhere near that today. there are heavier downpours of rain in the area. and we are watching for the mixing of snow and colder areas north and west. temperatures are above freezing, so it won't be sticking but it shows you how cold it is. that colder air is coming in. and look at the heavy rainfall now in lower bucks county. that's falling and at a rate of more than an inch and a third per hour. temperatures have dropped. look at doylestown. that's what we'll see here in the doylestown area. the possibility of snow 33 degrees there. while it's 41 in philadelphia. you can see the 40s in delaware and south jersey. roxborough has now dropped into the 30s. so grab a winter coat. and your umbrella. rain drops, 42 degrees at


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