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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 11:00, breaking news a deadly stabbing in philadelphia's bridesburg section. one person was killed and two others are hurt at this location. it happened at a house and neighbors say police had been to the location before. nbc 10's monique braxton is live for us on the scene in bridesburg. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: homicide investigators have been here in bridesburg for about two hours now. also you can see just over my shoulder the crime scene unit it here. we have seen them completely suited up as they would be in hazmat situation. still an vaktactive investigation here. police say an argument preceded the triple stabbing and death of one woman.
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neighbors watched as detectives went in and out of this home in the 2800 block of reynolds. police were called here just after 6:00 by neighbors who heard screaming. when they arrived, they found a woman in her 50s stabbed to death. an elderly woman in her 70s also stabbed. both have multiple wounds. an 18-year-old male had a cut on his hand. sources tell us he told police there had been a home invasion. then he showed them where a kitchen knife was hidden. >> absolutely. >> why would you say that? >> it was very concerning to all of us on the street that she never allowed him out of the house. the screaming, there wasn't always screaming, but something must have snapped in him and i guess last year and things have just gotten progressively worse. >> reporter: the elderly female we're told by police is listed in critical condition. right now the motive for this attack is not known. but detectives hope to question
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the 18-year-old male as well as the elderly woman who was now in critical condition. back out here live you can see one of the forensic team members suited down as if he's investigating a hazardous situation. we should also tell you that i have reached out to both the dhs and the school system to find out exactly what was going on with the teenager if he at one point had been enrolled in philadelphia schools. i'll let you know what they say and as soon as they get back to us in the next half hour. you'll hear from another neighbor who has more specific evidence about the screaming that she heard overnight and early this morning. live for now in bridesburg monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather weather. >> is that snow possibly? looks like it. we saw flurries in center city this morning. didn't reach the ground but it did in other parts of our area.
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it is raw, wet, nasty day at the shore. the rain is expected to fall during much of the day today as we take a live look at cape may, new jersey. live look at the radar shows where it is raining across our region. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. glenn, this rain will continue into the afternoon? >> especially for new jersey and delaware. it is going to be a really wet afternoon. it is cloudy across the entire area. and it is breezy and it is colder across the region. remember, we got into the 60s to near 70 yesterday. not out of the 40s today. there is the live radar showing more rain from philly southward. and it is moving right in our direction. look at this. moving from southwest to northeast. so it will be dryer the farther north and west you are. and the more hours of rain toward the shore. and delaware south jersey getting significant amount even more back there in virginia
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moving to the northeast. just does not look like it is going to be clearing. here is the hour by hour. you can see the more significant rain in new jersey and delaware. some sprinkles generally in the philadelphia area and some places north and west. and even by 6:00 still might be around. by 8:00 it is still around in parts of new jersey and delaware. and this particular model even brings a couple of showers in by later this evening. it is a damp picture. it is 42 degrees now in philadelphia. 43 degrees by noon. going to be damp and the rain mostly toward the south and east, new jersey and delaware this afternoon. temperatures stay in the 40s. gets even colder than that with some snow showers over the weekend. the timing coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. philadelphia police arrest two teenagers who they say they robbed and raped a woman overnight. it happened on a path alongside train tracks near the corner of
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richmond and lewis streets. police tell us the woman was walking home when two teenage boys held her at gunpoint and robbed and raped her. she was able to positively identify the two teens. they were caught a short time later and had the victim's belongings with them. the victim was not hospitalized. police interviewed her and both of the suspects overnight. two people died this morning following a triple shooting last night in west philadelphia. police say two suspects tried to rob two men on conestoga street when one of the victims also pulled out a gun. both suspects were shot and so is the unarmed victim. police have not said which two men were killed. right now, police are looking for the two men who punched the septa bus driver in the face. this happened around 12:30 this morning at broad and lehigh in north philadelphia. the driver went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. this is the second attack on the septa bus driver this week. on wednesday, police arrested a man who assaulted a driver in
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strawberry mansion. and now to the crash of germanwings flight 9525. new this morning, german prosecutors say the co-pilot appears to have hidden evidence of an illness from his employers. they found torn up sick notes from the day of the crash when they surrounded andreas lubitz's home. they aren't saying what the illness was, mental or physical. officials say no suicide note was found in their search and there was no indication of any political or religious motivation for lubitz's actions. investigators are looking for an explanation of why he crashed the plane into the french alps killing all 150 people on board. families layed flowers and lit candles dedicated to the victims of the crash. most of those killed in the crash were german and spanish. airlines around the world meantime are hastily changing their rules that require two
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crew members to always be present in the cockpit. the u.s. made that a requirement after 9/11. today, the german aviation association will consider a rule change. airlines in britain, norway and iceland all implemented the policy yesterday. you can count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the daily plane crash. check nbc 10 app and for more information on the pilot's background and what we have learned from those who knew him. you'll also find the latest on the investigation. and look at this a ride by shooting, an update on the breaking news we brought you yesterday on nbc 10 news at 11:00. a man on a bicycle opened fire on two people in philadelphia's kensington section. it happened yesterday at amber and cambria streets. the man shot a 17-year-old in critical condition. the gunman fell off the bike got back on and got away, no word on a motive. philadelphia police are looking into a report of an abduction in fairmount park.
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witnesses say they saw a woman forced into the back of a pontiac grand prix just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. this happened on sethly drive. police are checking to see if this was a domestic dispute. investigators are hoping surveillance video will help them capture the suspects who attacked two women in northern liberties. it is a bit grainy but this video shows a pair of men attacking the women on fairmount avenue last friday night. the men claimed they had guns. and then forced the victims to the ground and took their purses and cell phones. security cameras captured good images of the red pickup truck they were driving. and you can see clearly the face of one of the suspects right there. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call police. and an update on a story we brought you yesterday morning. police have released a suspect sketch from a home invasion where the victim says the intruder choked her. take a look. philadelphia police say the man got into the home through the
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front window. police say he choked the woman and tried to sexually assault her. this happened around 4:00 a.m. yesterday on south chadwick street in the point breeze section of philadelphia. the victim told police the attacker asked her for money and then grabbed her by the throat. her husband says she's doing okay. police say the intruder did not take anything. new jersey state police release this sketch of a man wanted in a possible child luring in burlington county. investigators say the man approached the young girls walking on powell road and tabernacle township. and tried to strike up a conversation. this happened two weeks ago and again last sunday. he drove off in a black and gray truck. and one person is in the hospital in critical condition after a car crash in montgomery county. nbc 10 at shoemaker and pine roads in lower moreland. the car slammed into that utility pole and knocked wires down. the roadway was closed while crews worked at the scene. it is now back open. and new this morning, a man
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accused of robbing a delaware county gas station is behind bars. police arrested shawn mcginniss late last night. a judge set his bail at $200,000. police say he was armed with a knife when he robbed the shell gas station on market street monday morning. they say mcginnis got away with an unknown amount of cash. authorities say he hit a good samaritan trying to stop him. that victim was not seriously hurt. and a missing nurse from our area was found dead last week. authorities made the announcement yesterday. investigators say paul kochu's body was found in the ohio river. he was a pottstown native who worked for allegheny general hospital in pittsburgh. he was last seen in december. there is no word yet on how kochu died. and putting out the hot spots, and searching for a cause, we have new details on yesterday's massive gas explosion in in city as two people remain unaccounted for. a big announcement this morning about the future of
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senate minority leader harry reid. not going to feel like spring around here this weekend. just how cold is it going to get? we'll let you know what to expect just ahead.
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this afternoon, new york city mayor bill de blasio will give an update on the apparent gas explosion that leveled this apartment building. 19 people were hurt. four critically. nbc 10's rehema ellis has more details including what officials say led to the explosion.
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>> reporter: the collapse caught on camera in manhattan's east village thursday afternoon. the first of three buildings to go down. >> we have a major building collapse on second avenue. >> reporter: after firefighters responded to a two alarm fire that quickly escalated to a seven alarm fire. >> i ran outside and saw people injured, pretty terrible. >> get out of the area. >> reporter: 250 firefighters from at least 50 fdny units were on scene trying to inging to control the blaze in the bull gilding. one man caught on tape helping a woman down from a fire escape right before firefighters arrived. the collapse came less than an hour after the fire began. >> fully involved fire at this time. >> reporter: flames quickly spread to neighboring structures as crews worked overnight to contain the fire that new york city mayor bill de blasio says
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was possibly caused by plumbing and gas work. >> we are praying that no other individuals are found injured and that there are no fatalities. >> that was nbc's rehema ellis reporting. officials continue to investigate yesterday's collapse of a central texas highway overpass that killed one driver and injured three others. the i-35 overpass bridge was under construction when an oversized tractor trailer hit a concrete beam. it knocked several other beams loose which crashed into the north and southbound lanes below it. one beam hit a pickup truck and killed a driver. three other drivers were also hurt. a crash in houston this morning sends a school bus tumbling over on its side. police say another driver ran a red light and struck the bus. crews were eventually able to get the bus right side up. four special education students were inside the -- inside the bus when the accident happened. they were not hurt but were taken to the hospital as a precaution. the bus driver broke his arm.
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and breaking news new allegations are expected today against comedian bill cosby. two more women who allege they were drugged and sexually assaulted by cosby are expected to speak out at a news conference in the los angeles area. several women have made similar accusations in recent months. cosby has not been charged with any crime. in the early morning hours this morning, the u.s. senate passed a budget that contains trillions in spending cuts. the 52 to 46 vote count came after a marathon session. earlier this week the house of representatives approved a budget plan. but the version of the senate is different. now the two chambers need to meld the two budgets together process they hope to finish by april 15th. and minority leader of the united states senate has announced that he will not seek re-election. senator harry reid of nevada made the announcement in a youtube video posted this morning. and yet a message for the man who replaced him as senate
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majority leader. >> senator mcconnell don't be too elated. i'll be here for 22 months. and you know what i'll be doing? the same thing i've done since i first came to the senate. >> the 75-year-old nevada senator suffered a serious eye injury in january but says the accident is not the reason he's retiring. he says his party's loss of the senate majority also did not influence his decision. reid has been in office since 1987. pennsylvania amusement park worker is recovering after being hit by a roller coaster. this happened at knoebel's, north of harrisburg. the worker was struck during a testing for a new coaster. he suffered a broken hand and wound to his head. a parks spokeswoman says according to family members, a cat scan did not show signs of more serious injuries. on again, off again plan to makeover atlantic city's pier shops is on again. philadelphia developer bart blatsteen bought the complex
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last fall but his plans to redo the mall ran into legal resistance from seizers entertainment. those differences have now reportedly been settled and blatsteen is set to announce his plans for the site next wednesday. six flags great adventure plans to cut down 18,000 trees so that it can become more energy efficient. the theme park in jackson, ocean county, will build a solar farm. it will significantly reduce the park's reliance on fossil fuels. the solar power facility is expected to be in operation by the middle of 2016. according to the park press, the park pledged a to replant 25,000 trees over a seven-year period. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we certainly have a lock of sunshine around here during the day today. also some places getting rain. rainy and colder. a lot of places got into the 60s, even near 70 yesterday, but
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going to be a struggle to get to 50. heaviest rain at the shore today, and the greatest number of hours of rain at the shore and a cold weekend everywhere. even colder than today coming up. not exactly baseball weather. home opener getting closer. april 6th. not baseball weather. 42 degrees. wind is only 7 miles an hour though. and it is pretty uniform. it is 34 in the pocono mountains, but it is in the low 40s across much of the area. 39 in glassboro, new jersey. 39 degrees at 11:00 a.m. and it is almost april. that's pretty amazing. 20 degrees colder in dover than we were at this time yesterday. 18 degrees colder in atlantic city. and 11 degrees colder in the poconos. so quite a difference. the radar showing obviously more action in delaware and south jersey than anywhere else. some of these sprinkles not even
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reaching the ground on the western side. but there is more rain in virginia coming up this way. computer models do not have this but the ones that do suggest it comes right back up here and we'll show you that on the hour by hour. and this is the one newest computer model that has been handling this the best. you can see that rain in delaware and south jersey. that's 3:00 this afternoon. some of that on the heavy side at the shore. and then it really tapers off to showers as we go into the evening. but still the threat of rain especially in delaware and south jersey as we go through the night. couple of showers even across pennsylvania area as we go through the night. overall, this weekend is going to be cold. saturday, a lot of clouds around. some snow flurries snow showers. most of the day is in the 30s. plus wind. not going to feel like spring. and then sunday it is really cold in the morning. 18 in some of the coldest suburbs. 25 in philadelphia.
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and the high of only 45. remember, the average high is 57 for this time of the year. so it is kind of colder and damp today, most of the rain is in new jersey and delaware. the greatest number of hours and greatest amount of rain. and then as we go into tomorrow there is a chance of showers, rain or snow showers, most of the day spent in the 30s. and the wind is 15 to 20 miles an hour. got to bundle up for that. saturday night into sunday morning, that's the coldest part of this. 25 in philadelphia. upper teens in some suburbs. we have decent amount of sunshine on sunday. and then things change. next week will not be nearly as cold as this weekend. as you can see, temperatures well up into the 50s. even near 60 degrees on wednesday. and even with rain on thursday we could get up near 60. >> thank you, glenn. are you expecting a huge tax bill this year?
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recommendations about what you should and should not do to pay off uncle sam.
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the people of sierra leone are being told to stay home for three days beginning today. part of a final push to rid that nation of ebola. the population of 6 million is being told to only leave their homes for religious services. teams of relief workers will also fan out across the country knocking on doors reminding people how ebola is spread and
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how to prevent it. experts say new research backs up the need for early detection and treatment of hiv. researchers found in up to 30% of patients the virus spread into their brains within the first four months of infection. once it established in the brain, the virus can reinfect the body even if it is eliminated from the blood and lymph node tissue. this morning, the white house announced a five-year plan to fight the threat of antibiotic resistance bacteria. some of the goals include researching new treatments for both humans and animals and developing rapid diagnostic tests to make it easier for doctors to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections. that way antibiotics aren't prescribed unnecessarily. president obama forced -- formed a task force to look at the issue last september. we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia's bridesburg section. one person was killed two
11:26 am
others were hurt in a stabbing. we're learning new details about the investigation. we'll have a live report just ahead. plus deadly and deliberate. we're following new developments this morning in the intentional crash of that germanwings plane. the discovery prosecutors made that is giving them new clues into what may have been going through that co-pilot's head moments before the crash.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> just about 11:30. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. philadelphia police say an 18-year-old is under arrest following a triple stabbing in bridesburg this morning. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the scene. monique, i understand the neighbors have told you this is not first time that police have been called to this location. >> reporter: that's right, vai. and homicide detectives who have been on this scene now for more than 2 1/2 hours are going door
11:30 am
to door talking to neighbors. look just over my shoulder. you can see crime scene units walking around their vehicle now. they are wearing hazmat gear processing the scene. this is still a very active investigation. police were called here just after 6:00 by neighbors who heard screaming when police arrived, they found a woman in her 50s stabbed to death. a woman in her 70s also stabbed. both had multiple wounds. an 18-year-old male had a cut on his hand. sources say he told police there had been a home invasion. then he directed police to a kitchen knife. we spoke to a neighbor who told us she had never seen the teen but she heard him scream all day and night. when asked what she heard, she said he was screaming, stop leave me alone, please no let me out. >> i saw him this morning. he was all bloody. he had -- he was in bare -- he was in his socks, pair of shorts and a t-shirt and he was bloody.
11:31 am
>> reporter: we reached out to dhs and the school district regarding the teen. we're awaiting a response. the elderly female is listed in very critical condition. the motive for the attack at this home isn't known, but detectives hope to continue questioning that surviving male as well as the female if she is able and when she is able. this is definitely a homicide investigation. we'll be following throughout the course of the day. live for now from bridesburg monique braxton, nbc 10 news. checking out our top stories now, philadelphia police arrested two teens who they say robbed and raped a woman in port richmond overnight. police tell us the woman was walking home near richmond and lewis streets when two teenage boys held her at gunpoint and robbed and raped her. they were caught a short time later and police say the teens had the victim's belongings with them. two people died after a triple shooting overnight in west philadelphia. police say two suspects tried to rob two men on conestoga street
11:32 am
when one of the victims also pulled out a gun. both suspects were shot and so was the unarmed victim. police have not said which two men were killed. philadelphia developer's plan to make over atlantic city's pier shops is moving forward. philadelphia developer bart blatsteen's efforts to redo the mall ran into legal resistance from caesar's entertainment. those differences have reportedly been settled and blatsteen is set to announce his plan to the site next wednesday. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a rainy and breezy conditions out there this morning, see the flag flapping there. much colder outside today than yesterday certainly. it was almost 70. here is a live look outside center city. and here is what it looked like a little while ago in philadelphia's fishtown section. nbc 10 at girard and marlborough where light rain was falling. skyline in the background. live look at the radar where it is raining across our region.
11:33 am
nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with your afternoon forecast. hey, glenn. >> it is kind of damp out there, especially toward the shore and that's where we'll see the greatest amount of rain during the day today. live at cape may, see the streets are wet. the rain very light. see it on the radar here the lightest color of green that we can see on the radar. but farther away fairly large area, little bit heavier in parts of central delaware. watch what happened over the last few hours. it continues to stream up from virginia obviously delaware and south jersey are going to get the most, few little sprinkles in southeast pennsylvania. but there is more moisture back in western virginia moving up this way. so we can't rule out even some light sprinkles north and west of philadelphia during the afternoon or tonight. but by late this afternoon, the shore and extreme southern
11:34 am
delaware getting the most rain the greatest chance of being rained on. but there may even be some showers in and around philadelphia area this evening. take the umbrellas with you. look at those, more showers developing this evening. it is going to be a while before we clear out and see a lot of sunshine. certainly not today. temperatures fairly uniform in the low 40s across most places. 40 in mount holly. one of the cold spots on our map right now. now, we expect the clouds to continue, kind of cold and damp as we go through the day. that will keep the temperatures in the 40s. most of the rain in new jersey and delaware. we'll see how much colder it is going to get over the weekend. it is going to be colder than this with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. thank you, glenn. investigators in germany now believe the co-pilot who intentionally crashed the germanwings plane into the french alps was hiding an illness from his employers. nbc's katie actuaryy tur has the latest
11:35 am
on the investigation. >> reporter: the german prosecutors office has released findings of what they were able to find within the childhood home of lubitz and the dusseldorf apartment. they said they did not find any evidence of a suicide note or any note claiming responsibility for this crash. they found no evidence of a religious or political affiliation either. but they did find evidence of illness. they wouldn't say what sort of illness, but german media has been widely reporting that he was suffering from depression. they did find the evidence he was being treated presently for that illness. there are doctor notes as well, doctor notes excusing him from work in the past few days including the day he was flying that plane and the day that he crashed that plane into the side of a mountain which means that he should not have been working that day that he was ignoring doctor's orders in the to be at work. also evidence he was hiding this from his employer which would coincide with what lufthansa has been telling us they had no warning signs. it coincides with what we heard
11:36 am
from neighbors that they didn't know anything was wrong with him. >> i can't imagine he's done it this attention, it does not fit in the picture. i have from him or the people who knew him during his flight club days here that they didn't see anything wrong with him. investigators will look at whether or not they can find any reason that this was premeditated any motivation for this crash. back to you. >> katy tur reporting for nbc. airlines around the world are hastily changing their rules to require two crew members to always be present in the cockpit. the u.s. made that requirement after 9/11. today the german aviation association will consider a rule change. airlines in britain, norway and iceland all implemented the policy yesterday. and we have been telling you about emily selke, a 2013 drexel grad killed in that plane crash. we learned more about her mother yvonne who also died.
11:37 am
she was originally from delaware county. yvonne selke graduated from springfield high school in 1975. the 58-year-old was a defense contractor. those who knew her say she planned to attend her 40th class reunion this fall. >> our local connection to the crash victims and i thought somebody should stand up for yvonne because she grew up in delaware count. >> residents say yvonne and emily have relatives living in delaware county not far from springfield high school. you can count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the deadly plane crash. check the nbc 10 app and for more information on the pilot's background and what we learned from those who knew him. also find the latest on the investigation there. italy's high court is expected to issue a verdict in at peel for the amanda knox case. knox's former boyfriend arrived at the court earlier today. he and knox are accused in the 2007 murder of knox's british
11:38 am
roommate. they were convicted in 2009 and acquitted by an appeals court in 2011. but a higher court threw out the acquittal. the lawyer made the final appeal to the court saying there were errors of quote, colossal proportions in the guilty verdicts. if knox's earlier conviction is upheld she could face extradition. she's currently free in the u.s. u.s. and iran continue talks today over iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry met in switzerland with iranian foreign minister. the talks were aimed at reaching a deal that would allow iran to further its nuclear program, but stopped short of developing nuclear weapons. there is a deadline at the end of march where both sides to agree on a framework of a deal. a final deal is expected in june. meanwhile, prosecutors for poland's military are charging two russian flight controllers with contributing to a 2010 plane crash.
11:39 am
that crash killed poland's president and 95 other people. the plane went down in russia while trying to land in poor visibility. right now the relationship with russia is tense over the conflict in ukraine. happening today, the university of oklahoma will release the results of an investigation into a fraternity accused of singing a racist chant. the video of the now banned sae frat went viral. it included racist slurs. and references to lynching. administrators shut down the fraternity and expelled two of its members. today, former congressman jesse jackson jr. will spend his first entire day at a maryland halfway house. the son of reverend jesse jackson arrived at the facility called volunteers of america last night. earlier in the day he was released from a federal prison in alabama. he'll serve the remainder of his sentence at the halfway house. a judge imposed the sentence after jackson pleaded guilty to spending $750,000 in campaign
11:40 am
money on personal items. >> i'm prayerful and hopeful that -- that we're a country of second chances, that the american people and the people of the city of chicago will consider me for a second chance. >> jackson is scheduled to be released in september. after that he'll spend three years on supervised release and have to complete 500 hours of community service. the california woman who claims she was kidnapped for ransom is sticking to her story. wednesday, police said denise huskins and her boyfriend made it all up that it was all a hoax. a third attorney says the abduction did happen. authorities had questioned why it took the boyfriend 11 hours to report the kidnapping earlier this week. his lawyers say that was because two kidnappers bound and drugged him. police in denver colorado are trying to track down an alleged cell phone thief using selfies. the phone's owner says someone stole it on friday.
11:41 am
she thought it was gone for good until she got on facebook monday. there were dozens of selfies believed to be taken by the alleged thief. the owner says she then analyzed the pictures trying to find details about the woman's identity. >> i saw her hat on one of the selfies. >> the owner went to denver police and officers are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. 30 lawmakers from philadelphia got a first look at a new facility that will serve children who are the victims of sexual abuse. the suite at the philadelphia children's alliance will offer on-site medical evaluations. it will be staffed by medical professionals from children's hospital of philadelphia and st. christopher's hospital. today's unveiling is to raise awareness for child abuse prevention month, which begins in just a few days. and one of the most legendary eagles of all time is being remembered as a private funeral today. family and close friends are gathering to say good-bye to hall of famer chuck bednarik.
11:42 am
family friends and fans gathered in bethlehem yesterday to remember concrete charlie. many wore replicas of his jersey. he passed over the weekend. the liberty high school graduate played 14 seasons with the eagles starting in 1949 and ending in 1962. and he is the last pro player to play a full 60 minute game, he played offense, defense, special teams, all of it. prior to the nfl, he played for the university of pennsylvania. that was after serving in world war ii. chuck bednarik was 89 years old. a new twist on the cola wars. the drink that knocked diet coke out of the number two spot on the list of most popular drinks. well bundle up. we have a cold weekend in store. i'll let you know when we'll finally see a break from the cold temperatures just ahead.
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if you happen to owe uncle sam money on your taxes and don't have the cash don't whip out your credit card just yet. the kiplinger finance website suggests instead, you set up an installment plan with the irs. you can do that by filing a specific form with the agency if you owe less than $50,000 and if you can pay it off in under six years. the irs would charge you $120 to set up the plan. don't forget you also still have to pay interest and penalties on the taxes that you do owe. diet coke is no longer the number two soda. new numbers from beverage digest
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show pepsi replaced it. regular coke is still the top soda brand in the u.s. with nearly 18% of the market. diet coke may have slipped in the rankings because diet soda sales have fallen overall than full calorie drinks. for the past several weeks we have been talking to msnbc's mika brzezinski about her know your value tour. goal is to empower women to become more confident and achieve success. the morning joe co-host is giving women nationwide a shot at winning $10,000 to further their lives and careers. scareers. >> the competition was all over the map. >> everybody has a name oh yeah. >> my name is catherine smart. >> my name is nicole. i'm an exhausted mom of two sons. >> my name is patricia. i am entering the know your value competition. >> my name is missy. i would love that $10,000 bonus.
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♪ my name is leah ♪ >> from stay at home moms -- >> i recently quit my job as an advertiseing account director to be a stay at home mom for this little lady. >> -- to executives way up the ladder. >> i run my own lobbying practice in philadelphia. >> women who want to know their value and compete for the $10,000 bonus. but from all those incredible stories, we could only pick three for the first round in philadelphia. the first pick denise from lancaster, texas. >> what i would like to do if i'm able to win the $10,000 bonus is to help veterans keep jobs once they find them. >> ashton from lititz pennsylvania. >> i own a boutique in downtown lititz, pennsylvania. the store has been open for three years and i opened at age 22. >> and joanna from philadelphia. >> i created an organization called toolbox for teachers. i could really use your help
11:48 am
with my self-confidence. to be honest. >> i caught up with the finalists to give them the good news in person. >> is that denise? >> oh my goodness. mika you changed everything for me. >> we're going to make a decision and make you one of the final three. are you ready? >> no. are you serious? >> yes. >> i'm not going to cry. i'm super excited. we get emotional. i am super excited. this is going to be the biggest thing that has ever happened to me in my life and i thank you so much for the opportunity. >> hi. >> i'm mika. >> i'm allison. >> how are you? we're going to make you a finalist. >> you guys were here the whole time. >> you're in. you're in. >> thank you so much. >> you're going to go to orlando, couple of days off and we have a whole bunch of coaches, nutrition, health
11:49 am
purpose, mindfulness, your message, you're going to take that pitch that you sent to me and you're going to refine it and going to work from the inside out. >> oh my gosh thank you so much. >> hi. >> okay. >> are you hiding? >> i love your video. and we decided we're going to make you one of the finalists. one of the final three. can you do it? >> i guess. >> she's being serious. >> i'm serious. >> you're here. >> i'm here. >> and your video, i've been taken by it for days. it is so genuine. and you really have everything there to work with. and when you said, i need to work on my confidence honestly yes, you do. >> i do. i try to be honest with you. >> you have something you want to build. >> yes. >> and you just have to bring yourself to it completely. are you ready? are you sure? okay. it is going to be fun. >> denise ashton and joanna
11:50 am
congratulations. mika brzezinski, nbc 10 news, philadelphia. >> way to go. nicely done. know your value tour kicks off in center city philadelphia on april 10th. for a link to purchase tickets, go to the website, or the mobile app. for more information on the tour, use the twitter hash tag #knowyourvalue. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> april is only a few days away, but it sure doesn't feel like it. the clouds and the rain not exactly helping. we have a rainy and cooler day across much of the area especially toward the shore. going to get the greatest number of hours of rain and heaviest rain, not talking about flooding or anything just kind of nasty. and then colder weekend. colder tomorrow than it is today. cloudy skies across the whole
11:51 am
area right now. 42 in philadelphia with 7-mile-an-hour winds. 9 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. we have been way below the average of 57 except for that one day, yesterday. got to 67 degrees officially in philadelphia. and 70 in parts of delaware. right now, we're nowhere near that. we're nowhere near 50. we're in the low 40s. even cooler farther to the south, clouds are thicker. we have more rain. very uniform temperatures overall. and for -- that should be sunday morning's lows. that's going to be the coldest part of this. 16 in pocono mountains. 18 in allentown. 19 in quakertown. and reading, 20 in doylestown. 21 norristown. 23 in mount holly and trenton. these are low numbers for this late in the season. 21 in vineland. and 23 degrees in westchester. 22 in gé
11:52 am
delaware and south jersey. once in awhile a few sprinkles. some of that not reaching the ground. there is more moisture in virginia moving up in our direction, but especially delaware and south jersey you'll see that on the future cast, hour by hour. heavier rain look at that at the shore, that's 3:00 this afternoon. at the most we get a little bit of sprinkles in parts of southeast pennsylvania. but this@ny model is also showing some showers developing during the evening, even in the pennsylvania areas. and actually growing later on this evening. so want to take the umbrellas with you, need the coat. and you'll need it tomorrow too. it is going to be colder than today. high of 41. most of the day in the 30s with some snow showers possible and those low temperatures sunday morning followed by a high of 45. the average high is 57 for this
11:53 am
time of the year. so we're nowhere near thatáá today. we're colder we're damp. the greatest amount of rain in new jersey and delaware and the seven-day forecast well we have a chance of some showers, rain or snow showers tomorrow. most of the day in the 30s. we have got 15 to 20-mile-an-hour winds. it is going to feel pretty cold. need the winter coat for that. and sunday morning, sunday afternoon, not especially mild. but it does change as we go into next week. well into the 50s to even near 60 degrees.
11:54 am
11:55 am
listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. dude totino's blasted rolls. sweet. totino's blasted crust rolls... yeah. flavor at full blast
11:56 am
coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 "ellen" is all new with anne haj athaway. then the top cop in one local shore town who got demoted. but he's not going quietly. today, the new controversy at the coast that is making waves in the jersey shore community. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now. if the phillies were playing here today, they would get rained out. >> they would probably play in. light rain kind of nasty. some of the baseball games in april you know can be nasty. they like to play in it somehow. there it is. 47 for the high today. and even colder tomorrow with a chance of some snow showers. >> i like the 60s on wednesday
11:57 am
next thursday. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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