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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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was found poured around their bedroom and john's dna was all over the gas can. police believe john sheridan stabbed his wife, then cut himself on his neck and torso. they believe he set the bedroom on fire and pulled a large armoire onto himself, crushing his ribs but they say he was alive at the time the fire was set with soot in his nasal passages. finally police say there was no sign of forced entry into the home and there are questions about whether a third knife was used. testing was done on a piece of metal that melted into the bedroom floor. it can't be ruled in or out as a knife. now, just moments ago, we did receive a statement from the sons of john and joyce sheridan. they say they are not pleased with the findings of the somerset county prosecutor's office. they say there is an absence of a motive for suicide. also an absence of any forensic evidence, they say, that investigators cannot explain why there was never a knife discovered in relation to the
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stab wounds that killed their father and that their findings the somerset county prosecutor's findings is at odds with the forensic pathologist that they hired. they say they'll have more to say in coming days. of course, we'll be in touch with them with any brand new information just as soon as we have it. so will you. live outside cooper hospital in camden, cydney long, "nbc10 news." nbc10 first broke this story on our "nbc10 news" app. right now you can read the entire police report on the deaths of john and joyce sheridan using the free nbc10 app for smartphones and tablets. our friday got too far a soggy start. here's a live look at cape may from our live sky cam network down the jersey shore. >> things are drive drying out in the philadelphia area in time for the afternoon rush. as we take a look at the schuylkill expressway in center city. our nbc10 first alert meteorologists are tracking the
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last of the rain as it makes its exit from our area but conditions are not expected to be very spring-like as we head into the weekend. >> don't like the sound of that. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to explain. >> yeah, it's just going to get colder. if you can believe that. as cold as it was today, it's going to be even colder than that tomorrow. and there's a live shot of cape may. you can see the streets are all wet. it's been raining there all afternoon. the live radar shows, still raining all over the shore area. and a little bit heavier in southern delaware. but we're starting to dry out from philadelphia north and west. this area is not moving back our way. it's moving more out to sea, but it's doing it very slowly. and we're only up to 47 degrees. 46 in allentown. colder in southern delaware. 39 degrees in georgetown and in
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wildwood. we'll tell you how cold it's going to get this weekend and when it will warm up with the seven-day in a few minutes. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a deadly stabbing inside this philadelphia home. one woman is dead, another in critical condition. and a teenager is slashed. nbc10 investigative reporter harry hairston has been talking to police. >> do investigators know who did this? >> police say they're continuing their investigation right now. no one has been named and no one has been charged, but police tell me they have not ruled out the son as a possible suspect. right now they are waiting to talk to the survivors of this stabbing as soon as their condition gets better. the home where the triple stabbing happened was well known to police. investigators telling us since last september, cops were called to the home several times. once for a disturbance, loud music and a person screaming. today's call was for a person with a weapon. >> my neighbor across the street called me at 6:30 this morning because she saw an ambulance and many cops.
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>> reporter: kelly mcgrath lives across the street from where this morning's stabbing happened. she tells us she had concerns about the 18-year-old, who was also wounded. >> he seemed malnourished. he was very very skinny. >> reporter: now the 18-year-old is in the hospital with cuts on both hands. his grandmother is in critical condition with stab wounds. the mother 50 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene. again, i want to remind you, investigators believe these are the only three people involved in the crime. we're learning new information about what's inside that house. they say once investigators got inside that house they found it in disarray feces and other kind of dirt and grime that made it deplorable conditions inside that house. we'll continue to stay on top of this story and bring you the very latest as we get it. live from the digital operation center, harry hairston, "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news with this. saved by septa. a bus driver comes to the rescue of a little girl wandering the
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streets. >> she was spotted at torresdale and magee avenue. we got surveillance of that rescue. >> reporter: a 4-year-old girl captured here on septa surveillance video is back safe with her mother after a 3 a.m. journey alone on city streets. we're blurring her face to protect her identity. on the video, you can see a man approach the route 56 bus and say something to driver harlan jenifer. >> as soon as i seen it, that was it. >> reporter: the girl climbed on the bus, talked to other passengers and moved around to different seats, while jenifer called his control center. >> he asked me twice. he was shocked, too, what was going on. >> reporter: the girl was soaked from the rainy weather but driver and passenger said she was in good spirits. hope to go to a convenience store for a slushy. she stayed put until officers
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escorted her off the bus. >> this day and age, someone could pick her up. it's scary to see her out at that time of night. >> the little girl got up when her mother put her to bed and then got up, got dressed and got out of the home. no charges. >> at about the same time another septa bus driver was getting beaten up by two men. police say a pair punched the driver in the face. the driver is in the hospital but expected to be okay. the two men took off. it's the second attack on a septa bus driver this week. skyforce10 over mercer county today where a school bus burst into can flames. take a look at the bus. no one was on that bus. we just checked and investigators tell us the fire was caused by an electrical problem. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a home in philadelphia to go up in flames. the fire started around 10:00
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this morning. no injuries here either. the red cross is helping the family who lives there. we have new video in from the scene of yesterday's explosion and collapse of three buildings in new york city. a pile of rubble is all that's left. two people are still unaccounted for and crews remain on the scene, putting out hot spots from that fire. investigators believe the apparent gas explosion was caused by workers inside one of the buildings. fire department video shows the moment the buildings crumbled in the heart of manhattan's east village. the collapse happened less than an hour after the blast. 22 people were hurt four of them critically. new york's mayor spoke about the disaster today. >> this city knows how to handle adversity. we never welcome it. we know it will come but we know how to handle it. people band together, people help each other out. >> because the buildings collapse authorities say is it could take days to bring that fire under control.
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andreas lubitz they founded a sick note that would have grounded him the day of the crash. here's nbc. >> reporter: germany investigators looking into the reasons why andreas lubitz co-pilot of germanwings, flew that plane into the alps. they found a couple copies of a sick leave certificate issued by a doctor for lubitz to be examined from work over a number of days including tuesday, when he flew that plane into the mountains because of an unspecified illness. even though we don't know what that illness is we know during his training to become a pilot about six years ago, he spent six months on leave because of a burnt out syndrome some kind of depression, so investigators are looking into whether this is
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related to that kind of illness. one thing is sure that lubitz did not tell lufts hanhansa about this illness. leading only to speculation that lubitz may have believed his illness would prevent him from flying in the future. investigators also mentioned that they did not find any suicide note or claim of responsibility. they do not believe that this was politically or religious motivated. that of course, is leading up to that speculation. the particular illness we don't know what that is. may be linked to his decision to down that plane and take 149 innocent lives with him. claudio lavagna, nbc news. two of the americans killed in the crash were emily and yvonne selke. her mother was a delaware county native who graduated from
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springfield high school in 1975. that third american killed in the crash was robert oliver. oliver lived in spain where he worked for a clothing company. his parents spoke today and say they feel no anger toward the co-pilot blamed for the crash. >> i don't feel anger. i'm really sad for the father -- the parents of that young pilot. i can't imagine what they're going through right now. >> robert oliver's parents say they have no plans to travel to the crash site. skyforce10 now over breaking news in tacony where a woman has been shot. the victim is being rushed to einstein hospital for treatment at the moment. we don't know how she's doing right now. we're asking police as well about the shooter. stay with nbc10 for more on this shooting in tacony. nbc10 has new information about the robbery of a delaware
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county gags station that led to a hit-and-run. one man is under arrest. police arrested shawn mcginness and he's in jail bail at $200,000 in cash. they say he had a knife when he robbed the shell gas station monday morning. as mcginness tried to drive away with some cash, police say he hit a good samaritan who was trying to stop him. that person is not seriously hurt. from our delaware into row, new castle county police arrested five people wanted in connection with a shooting last week. one of the suspects is 16 years old. officers say the five are responsible for shooting two men at rogers manor park last sunday. the victims were parked in a truck. one is in critical condition. police say it was just a matter of time before they caught the people who did it. >> this is our backyard. you do not come here and commit murder or attempt murder or even carry a gun.
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you commit a crime here, we're going to arrest you. >> police have charged the five suspects with attempted murder. new information about a missing nurse from hicksburg with ties to our area. paul once lived in south coventry township. he was reported missing after he left a pittsburgh bar with friends in december. his body was found a week ago in a river in wheeling west virginia. preliminary autopsy results show he drowned. family members and friends organized search parties after his disappearance. they spent countless hours looking for him. his family in pottstown released a statement saying quote, though we're left with many questions. what we know for sure is paul was the light of our lives and we will not be the same without him. to a major demolition project in camden on hold now. according to, the company hired to knock down more than 100 dilapidated properties
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backed out of the deal. camden officials say it's because of issues that came up during the bids process. le city says it will take bids from other companies to complete the work. from our jersey shore bureau former cape may police chief robert sheehan is suing the city over his demotion. earlier this month, council demoted sheehan to captain because of an ongoing investigation by the prosecutor's office. the prosecutors are looking into improper use of comp time by another member of that department. >> i'll resign effective immediately from this council. >> the vote to demote sheehan prompted one council member to quit his post and walked out of last month's meeting. sheehan's lawsuit against the city claims it violated the state whistle-blower act. plans are back on to redevelop the pier shops at cesar. the ceo will announce plans for the site next week. he bought the shopping dining and entertainment complex for $3
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million last fall but he ran into a legal dispute with caesar's that was recently settled. nj governor chris christie continues to push to gain republican support for a possible presidential bid. christie is at the annual lincoln dinner. it's a fund-raiser for the republican party. christie is the keynote speaker. he's not saying yet whether he'll enter the 2016 presidential race. tom wolf is pushing two of his initiatives today. he stopped in scranton this afternoon on his jobs that pay tour. quadrant plastics is a company he says is offering opportunities for the future. earlier today the governor visited cedar crest high school part of his schools that teach tour. he spoke to young leaders at district 8 student council conference. >> doing what you're proposing to do in terms of getting more engaged in the communities around you, that's what democracy is all about. we need you to keep doing what you're doing.
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not just on student council, not just as you're doing this for student council, but every day. >> governor wolf says he wants to find more sources of revenue for schools. he's proposing new taxes on natural gas extraction. the cost of workers' compensation insurance is declining for the fourth consecutive year in pennsylvania. the state announced today that overall rates will decline by nearly 6%. benefits for injured workers remain unchanged. the changes take effect next wednesday. it will save businesses about $140 million this year. the minority leader of the u.s. senate will not seek re-election. harry reid made the announcement in a youtube video and he had a message for the man who replaces him as senate majority leader. >> my friend senator mcconnell don't be too elated. i'm going to be here for 22 months. you know what i'm going to be doing? the same thing i've done since i first came to the senate. >> the 75-year-old nevada senator suffered a serious eye
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injury in january but he says the accident is not the reason he's retiring. reid says he wants to focus on putting the democrats back in power in the senate. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with a school split. >> a local law school will be going at it alone. widener's university law school is parting ways with their km pus in harrisburg. tim furlong explains the reason behind the decision and the impact it's expected to have. >> congratulations, delaware. your second independence day -- >> reporter: that is the day dell's only law school gets a more dell-ish name. the north campus will be called the delaware law school. after a few lean enrollment years, this guy is set to take over as the new delaware dean. >> i know you've worked very, very hard. in the harder times, since 2008 in which every educational institution in the united states has been stretched. >> reporter: widener's president tells me having two law schools
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and one campus hasn't been working and delaware's campus is much busier. he says the new independence will keep more resources here get more alums more active and hopefully boost enrollment. widener university isn't just counting on the growth and continued success, businesses up and down route 202 count on them. lining this one, you can see, are literally across the parking lot from campus housing. >> it's a very good thing it's here. their success is our success. >> reporter: they get a lot of business from students and faculty. more law students like these here means a brighter future for the business business that support them. >> they're a big supporter for us. we try to give back to them with our money. >> reporter: tim furlong, "nbc10 news." cloudy skies out there today. and, of course it's cold. this guy's bundled up for a walk
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in camden county. and everybody saw the clouds today. some parts of the area saw more rain than others, but we're all going to be experiencing a cold weekend. we've been telling you about it for quite a while. it certainly looks that way. possible flurries or snow showers in parts of the area tomorrow but next week, a whole lot warmer. one exception, as you'll see a little bit later, the clouds still with us but breaking up just a touch. 47 degrees. wind north at 13 gusting to 18. it's 18 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. remember parts of the area got up to 70. well, there we were, 67 officially. we'll get to about 48 today. so every day but yesterday below average. the weekend is going to be way below that average of 57. we're not even going to get to 50 over the weekend.
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current temperatures, 47 in philadelphia. it's even colder to the south where the clouds have been thicker and the rain has been there for just about all day. dover and atlantic city, both 42. now, the coldest of the weekend is going to come early sunday morning. 12 degrees in mt. pocono. 18 in allentown. 19 in quakertown and reading. 20 in doylestown. 21 in norristown. 23 in trenton. i remind you, this is almost april. 26 in dover. 23 in westchester. 22 in glassboro. and we've had some cold months recently, haven't we? if this is the normal or the average, we were 2 degrees below average in january, 10 degrees below in february. march is showing up at about 4 degrees below. and here's the rain. southern delaware and extreme south jersey. it's just been running up there all day.
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and look back to the west. cold enough for snow. snow flurries snow showers. so the rain moves off as we go through the night. northwest winds are in and it just keeps getting colder. by tomorrow morning 5 a.m. 6 a.m., we're in the 20s in parts of the area. and then how much do we warm up tomorrow? not much. there may be some snow flurry snow showers. sometimes the computer models don't handle it very well. then we go down into the 20s and teens like we showed you for tomorrow night and into sunday morning. for tonight, this is cold enough for this time of the year the rain ending in new jersey and dell. 34 for a low in the morning. 39 north and west. during the day tomorrow, windy, very cold, chance of flurries or snow shower. highs only near 40. plus we have a 15 to 25-mile-an-hour wind. make it feel even colder of course.
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sunday after that cold start, a cold finish too. 45. look how much warmer it gets monday. then on tuesday it cools down for one day with a chance of rain or snow. and then a whole lot warmer toward the end of the week. to me it's an embarrassment to the city. >> two years housed out of a trailer. ocean city firefighters say enough is enough. why the city is taking so long to provide them a proper fire house. then an entire neighborhood in bucks county under the microscope. what police are now using to monitor their every move and keep crime at bay. coming right up on "nbc10 news."
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six flags great adventure is going solar. the park will cut down 18,000 trees to build the largest solar farm in new jersey. it's expected to be up by next year. six flags said it will replant 25,000 trees over seven years. they say the solar farm will be
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capable of meeting all of its energy needs. the park president says solar power will reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. the phillies' home opener is less than a month away. nbc10 at the ballpark today as participants picked up their packets for tomorrow's race. more than 6,000 are expected to take part. the sold out race benefits philly's charities. that race starts outside citizens bank park and ends there 3.1 miles later. the route takes participants around the ballpark made a right, head down pattison and broad start before going around fdr park. back there to citizens bank park. we have a live look at citizens bank. after crossing the finish line everyone will enjoy a cooldown lap around the warning track of the field. good luck to everyone taking part tomorrow. back to our breaking news story. >> investigator say a prominent health executive killed himself
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and his wife. john sheridan and his wife joyce were found dead in their north jersey home last september. today investigators revealed john sheridan killed his wife before setting the house on fire and then killing himself. they were very bad but the neighborhood is wonderful now. >> crime crackdown. new at 4:30 technology at a local spot notorious for trouble and the impact it's having after being on the job for only a few days. we're wrapping up the first full week of spring but we're about to get that winter feeling again. cold conditions and the chance for snow flurries. my exclusive nbc10 first alert weekend forecast.
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right now at 4:30 drying out. it's been a soggy couple days. rain is starting to make its exit. but the cold is making a comeback. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back with more. >> our second week of spring will feel anything but spring-like. >> yes jacqueline. of course, the coldest place in our area is going to be in the pocono mountains. it's totally cloudy. we've gotten a lot of ice still on the lake but this area down to about 12 degrees by sunday morning. on the other end, it's been raining all day. there it is in cape may and extreme southern delaware. everything moving from southwest to northeast, so it's not making a lot of progress offshore. it's also keeping the temperatures down. 37 in mt. pocono. 40s elsewhere. look wildwood and georgetown 39 degrees. so, we're going to keep the clouds pretty much all night and temperatures go down even with the clouds.
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wait until you see how cold it gets without the clouds tomorrow night. that's in the seven-day in a few minutes. here are some stories making headlines on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. police ruled the death of a hospital executive and his wife murder/sued. prosecutors say last september john sheridan stabbed his wife joyce, cut himself and then set their bedroom on fire. investigators say before the killing john sheridan was actingup set and withdrawn. philadelphia are investigating a deadly stabbing. a 50-year-old woman is dead her mother is in critical condition with stab wounds and her 18-year-old son is in the hospital with cuts on his hands. investigators believe those are the only three people involved in the crime. >> you german prosecutors say they found a sick note for the day of the crash inside the home of the co-pilot that crashed that germanwings plane into a mountain in the french alps. andreas lubitz had been excused from work by a doctor. prosecutors aren't saying what
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the illness is. german news media said he had a history of depression and may have had a falling out with his girlfriend. we have breaking news into nbc10. let's go to skyforce10 up. see it right here. we're told a body has been found in the schuylkill river. this is the fairmount park section, along kelly drive there. crews around the scene. as soon as we know more about the body found, we'll make sure we get it back to you. new at 4:30 new focus on a local hot spot for crime. >> police are using electronic as to nab troublemakers. bristol police involved cameras in one neighborhood. as deanna durante shows us officers can keep tabs on activities happening from their desk. >> i love it yes, yes, love it. >> reporter: we wanted to know why our cameras were the ones shooting her bristol neighborhood. >> i call my sister when i come
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home. >> reporter: in an area known for heavy drug activity police have been trying to get it under control. starting with foot patrols in 1994. ralph johnson was one of those cops walking the beat in the drug-infegssted streets. >> it can actually come to an area put a box around it and the camera will pan, tilt and zoom to that location. >> reporter: now as acting police chief, he's outfitting desktops cars and bird's-eye view around town. >> it's a deterrent. it's like having a marked patrol out here all day at all the locations. >> reporter: cameras went up a year ago, these are the newest that went on line a few days ago. >> people aren't out here selling drugs 24/7. >> reporter: police tell me not only were the cameras met with little objection but people who live in the neighborhood actually asked for them. johnson says in just a few days the cameras have been in place,
4:34 pm
there's a noticeable difference in open air drug sales and other criminal activity and stresses it's not about catching crimes, but preventing it. deanna durante, "nbc10 news."." . authorities say thomas muza stole nearly a quarter of a million from principle ton's club by writing checks to himself. under his plea agreement he'll be sentenced to three years in prison. a change of personnel at philadelphia city hall. mayor michael nutter announced reason that rina cutler is leaving as deputy mayor. she's going to work for amtrak. he described cutler passionate about public service and the future of cities. >> my city of brotherly love. >> my city of brotherly love. >> a pledge to philadelphia's flag. this ceremony took place at city hall today. today is philadelphia civic flag day. it was on this day 120 years ago that philadelphia adopted the flag as it's own.
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>> it has a great history to it and we revere our city flag. certainly at least as much as we do our nation's flag. >> philadelphia was the nation's first city flag. speaking of philly pride, la salle university is getting help from the community to feed those in need. students and staff loaded 4,000 pounds of food in university today. local churches will deliver if to 800 families in the area. >> what's important is teaching kids at all ages not to take for granted the things they have. >> and this is the fifth year for the food drive. some german high school students are getting a taste of u.s. high school history in camden. 23 students and 2 teachers toured the battle ship "new
4:36 pm
jersey" this afternoon. earlier they learned about county government. it's part of an exchange program with collingswood high school. gone but not forgotten. >> the impact of superstorm sandy more than two years later. >> to me, it's an embarrassment to the city. >> today firefighter frustration. the local squad flooded out of their fire house by sandy and the temporary accommodations they say are just unacceptable. and drug drop-off. it looks like a mailbox, but it could be a lifesaver. we'll tell you where people will find these popping up in our region. then all new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 the future of your ride. septa is planning a half billion dollars in improvements. what it means for your community now and years down the road.
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stopping super bugs that is the goal of a plan unveiled today by the obama
4:40 pm
administration to control the overuse of antibiotics. germs become resistant to antibiotics over time. experts say one of the biggest problems is many antibiotics are used in livestock raised for food. critics say the obama plan does not go far enough. it's expected to cost $1.2 billion. there's a new safe haven for victims of childhood sexual abuse. this is the philadelphia's child alliance. here a victim could get help from medical doctors. specific forensic interviewers get the child's story and coordinate with the county attorney da and police department. >> it's designed to keep kids safe, stop the abuse and put kids on the path to healing. >> local lawmakers were given a tour as part of the fifth annual legislative breakfast. you can call it a case of the stolen savior. >> a pricey painting of jesus intiped from a local restaurant
4:41 pm
popular with college students. controversy along the coast. one fire department got displaced by mother nature. now he had say it's time for local leaders to turn things around. prepare for a weekend chill. the cold conditions return. even a chance to see some snow flurries. but i've got some good news for those of you hoping for milder weather as well. we'll see it in my exclusive seven-day forecast.
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it's a first at a new jersey military base. >> there is now a prescription drop box at mcgwire dikes lake hurt. projects medicine drop is available to the 38,000 base pernellper personnel and their families. the new jersey acting attorney general says there is a big step
4:45 pm
to prevent drug abuse. >> 70% of the people who get hooked on prescription drugs say they got started by getting these drugs from family or friends. >> there are 126 project medicine drop boxes across new jersey. since the program back in 2011, more than 28 tons of unused medications have been collected. have a look at this. case closed. a stolen painting of jesus is back where it belongs. it was taken from the mad mack restaurant in state college. it was left leaning the against the door wrapped in red paper with a note quote, i am wholeheartedly sorry. here is your unharmed painting. please forgive me for my drunken mistake mistake. it was a soggy start in burlington county today.
4:46 pm
nbc10 in columbus. the animals had to dodge a few rain drops on the farm. and those rain drops still falling in parts of the area. it's been very stubborn to move out. and we're all going to be experiencing a cold weekend. it's cold today and going to be colder tomorrow. possible flur ris or snow showers possible for some of us tomorrow. we all get mild weather next week. in some places just about as warm as yesterday, without all of the rain. there's citizens bank park looking for baseball weather. home opener april 6th. getting closer. not like baseball weather. 47 degrees, wind 13 gusting to 18 miles an hour. the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in most of the area. the average high temperature is 57. we're about 10 degrees below average. it's even colder down to the south. only 40 degrees in stone harbor right now.
4:47 pm
so, it was 39 degrees in georgetown delaware. these are 20 to 25 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday in delaware. and in south jersey 15 to 20 degrees colder. that's why it feels so chilly today. plus the dampness. still have that rain right at the shore. it's cold enough for lake-effect snow. back up to the west. and some of that activity may be coming down in the fompl of flurries over or snow showers. as we go through the night tonight, a little bit of wind, a lot of clouds around for most of the area. areas clear out, down into the 20s tonight. and then during the day tomorrow, we don't really warm up a whole lot. maybe into the low 40s or so on average across the area. and a few little snow flurries. this model even has a little area of snow around atlantic city and up toward toms river,
4:48 pm
another area in central new jersey. so, we'll have to watch that because there's a storm developing offshore and some of the computer models actually have some of this snow backing up into portions of new jersey. now, for tonight it's just going to be cold. the rain ending 34 degrees in philadelphia. 29 north and west. at least the wind will be dying down. tomorrow the wind will be picking up again. 15 to 25 miles an hour. so look at these temperatures. near 40 degrees. most of the day in the 30s. and with the wind it's going to feel like it's even colder the chance of flurries or snow showers. that's not very springish. the seven-day forecast, bitter cold start on sunday. upper teens in some of the suburbs. at least there's sunshine. and then the warmer air comes in monday. just one day's worth before we cool down. have a chance of rain and snow tuesday. and then we really warm up by the end of the week mid to upper 60s.
4:49 pm
>>. >> like the sound of that. how about a sure sign it will feel like spring soon enough? we were at citizens bank park. philly fans are headed to the park to pick up tickets for the upcoming season. we're not far off now. nbc10 is your home for the phillies home opener. join jackie london and me for the welcome home phillies monday. our pregame coverage live from the ballpark at 2 p.m. we'll cover the parade as the team makes its way into citizens bank park. also we talked to the grounds crew how the field fared after a lng winter. plus what fans can expect at the stadium this season. >> i hope the weather's good for that. we'll chat with glenn about that. if you recently bought a lottery ticket in camden county you might be a whole lot richer. a shoprite sold a $2 million winner in last night's pick six. it gets a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket.
4:50 pm
whoever bought it matched all six numbers drawn, so check your ticket. here's a look at the winning numbers. the pick six jackpot now resets to $2 million for monday's drawing. it's a shore town that prides itself on being family-friendly. >> one group isn't pophappy in the popular sea side resort. today the firestorm over their fire house and why emergency crews here say enough's enough. and all new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 could the secret to preventing potholes be tiny yellow fiber? a new road additive is being tested in our area. see how they could change pothole season and change your commute.
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for many people superstorm sandy is a distant memory. >> not for one jersey shore fire department. they have a daily reminder of storm's impact and now they're demanding changes. jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg live in ocean city. >> tell us why the firefighters had upset, 2 1/2 years after the storm. >> reporter: a fire truck and an ambulance are still kept in the fire house, but the firefighters, will they spend most of their time in this trailer. and i've learned the costs for it continue to add up. when they're not on the road this trailer is home base. >> we've been in it too long. >> reporter: 2 1/2 years after superstorm sandy flooded their firehouse at 29th street and west avenue about 15 professional ocean city firefighters are still stationed in the trailer during every 24-hour shift. >> it's an embarrassment to the
4:55 pm
city and it's an embarrassment to the neighborhood. >> reporter: station 2's damaged building now only houses department vehicles. the trailer sits next door. >> guys have had some respiratory issues that are stationed here that they never had before. >> we've had the air quality in the trailer itself tested on two occasions and it came back with no problems. >> reporter: fire department officials tell me so far the city has spent more than $40,000 to rent the trailer. exceeding its $30,000 value. what's taking so long to get the situation resolved? >> a combination of things. we had issues with fema for quite a while. >> reporter: officials say they first thought fema would pay the entire cost of constructing a new firehouse but the agency later decided that the building could, instead, be rehabbed. city leaders then determined an yishl plan to reb oe vat and expand was too costly so a less expensive option had to be drafted. >> it's time to get back into a regular station.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: the firefighters say, enough is enough. >> they're here 24 hours a day to protect and serve the citizens of ocean city and they do deserve better. >> reporter: city officials say the process of bidding and awarding a construction contract will take place over the next couple months. the hope is to have the firehouse ready to use by the end of this year or early 2016. until then the firefighters will stay in the trailer. live in ocean city, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." next all new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 if you drive, chances are, you've hit, well too many potholes. >> but what are something like these small yellow pieces could prevent the seasonal craters from ever opening up. next, new roadway technology is being tested in bucks county. see how it could change the roads and your ride. and we'll be getting colder going into your weekend. also the chance for some snow flurries. then we watch as milder air moves in. i'll show you all the details on that coming up.
4:57 pm
and peco customers listen up. a rate hike could be in your future. how much more you can expect to pay. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
of a prominent new jersey couple a murder/suicide. today their family's disputing that report. cooper hospital john sheridan and his wife joyce were found
5:00 pm
dead in their new jersey home in september. >> exactly how they died has been a mystery until today. the prosecutor's office released the report this afternoon. joyce sheridan had eight stab wounds to her sxhaed a fatal wound to the heart. she had defensive cuts to her hands. detectives recovered two kitchen knives. police believe john sheridan stabbed his wife and then cut himself in the neck and torso. they believe he set the bedroom on fire and pulled a large armoire onto himself, crushing his ribs but say he was alive at the time the fire was set. friends and coworkers say in the days before the deaths john sheridan was acting upset, withdrawn and overly worried. the sheridan family released a statement disputing the findings. they say quote, this conclusion seeks to convict our father based on little more than rank speculation. we will be filing a lawsuit challenging the conclusion announced by investigators. we will not allow our father to be convicted based on guesswork resulting from an inadequate and incomplete investigation simply because he is not here to defend himself.


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