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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 31, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, nbc 10 first alert weather radar is tracking wet weather on its way. much of our region will get rain. some places will see snowflakes falling. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. march is not exactly going out like a lamb this year in some parts of our area this afternoon. it looked more like the middle of winter. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast and an explanation. glenn? >> vai, especially here in the pocono mountains, it is going to be looking like winter this afternoon and evening. this is french manor. it is cloudy. but it won't be too much longer before there is some snow moving
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in. look at this area of snow moving right toward the poconos, also toward the lehigh valley. berks county getting involved in that. not a huge storm, but there are parts of it where it is coming down at a pretty good clip and it would certainly be reducing visibility quite a bit if anybody is driving up in that direction. very little down toward the south and east. certainly too warm for snow this afternoon and eventually we'll get some rain. 49 in philadelphia. only 44 in allentown. 35 in mount pocono. those temperatures of course are going to be dropping as soon as the snow starts to fall. and we're in the 50s farther to the south. so there is going to be a huge temperature contrast across the area. by 1:00 this afternoon, little mix of rain and snow in the allentown and snow at mount pocono. while at 60 degrees in dover. and southern delaware could get even into the mid-60s while it
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drops toward the 30s in allentown later on during the afternoon. here is the afternoon rush. we have rain in parts of the area. we have got snow in parts of the area. 8:00 tonight, it is just nasty for the afternoon rush and into the early "ic7r'g hours. it is getting colder. it is getting windier. and that area of some snow getting closer and closer to philadelphia. we're talking more about the higher elevations seeing a little bit of it not necessarily expecting accumulation orn any kind of roads but it is late in the season for this isn't it? we'll be talking more about the timetable for this coming up with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we'll he is yousee you then glenn. you can get weather advisories on your smartphone or tablet. download the app right now. it is free. breaking news in the shooting death of an off duty delaware county police officer
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over the weekend. rosemary connors is live for us in darby borough, delaware county, where a news conference just wrapped up. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we got new information on this case, vai. this woman here 27-year-old tiana finch will be charged with first and third degree murder in the shooting death of 26-year-old darby borough police officer mark hudson. this suspect is already in jail. she was brought in over the past few days on charges related to an incident in august in which she's accused of threatening and assaulting officer hudson. police described that as a tactical move bringing the suspect in on unrelated charges so they could shore up their murder investigation. now, this all unfolded the officer's death, on saturday afternoon when he was shot and killed inside of his darby township home. police tell us from the start of this, they suspected that his on and off again girlfriend was involved. >> we always from the beginning had suspicions she was the one. there was only two people in the home when the incident occurred.
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and it was the officer, officer hudson and the female girlfriend of his. >> reporter: police characterize the relationship between the officer and his girlfriend the suspect, in this case as tumultuous and hostile. in fact earlier this year police say officer hudson had filed an emergency protection from abuse order against her. according to detectives, the suspect in this case is claiming self-defense, but police say that forensic evidence proves otherwise. we're going to continue to stay on the story throughout the day and into the afternoon. we'll have new developments starting at 4:00. reporting live in darby borough, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. thank you. we're following a developing story out of fairfax county virginia. police have given an all clear at an hospital where an armed prisoner escaped custody earlier this morning. they continue to search for the man who was arrested last week on federal bank robbery charges.
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he overpowered security guards took an officer's weapon and escaped. they believe he carjacked a woman in a toyota camera not far from the hospital and he's considered to be armed and dangerous. skyforce10 over i-78 in berks county. the crash involved two tractor trailers, one laying on its side. one person was killed in this accident. the westbound lanes are still closed. a messy commute this morning because of a crash approaching the vine street suppress way. skyforce10 over the scene at around 6:30 a.m. two people were hurt in this accident. they're working to find out what their condition is. septa officials are working right now to release surveillance video of the latest assault on one of their subway lines. the incident follows violence on a platform two weeks ago.
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nbc 10's jesse gary is live in center city with an update. what can you tell us? >> septa transit police are checking video recordings on two septa trains. the market frankford line. there are six cars so a total of 12 cars. they're at different spots one at the 69th street terminal and the other at the butler term until in far east philadelphia. there is a second source of video that from the platform on the site of the attack but that does not show the attacker just the victim falling to the ground. the police told me the man in his late 50s, early 60s remains in hahnemann hospital with a broken jaw. they're trying to reset his jaw. it was broken when a group of teenagers approached and punched the man repeatedly in the head. it is similar to an altercation on march 19th caught on surveillance video. the attack took place on the walnut locust station in center city. the victim was sitting on the bench when he was hit by a
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youngster and a mob of kids starts swinging. >> kids they intimidate and they prey on who they think or suspect is weak. and sometimes need to be taught a lesson the hard way. >> reporter: all of the three primary suspects between 15 16 years old from 5'6" to 6 feet tall weighing dark clothing. we're waiting to hear from septa police if they provide that additional platform video to us within the next 30 minutes or so. hopefully if we have that we can bring that to you. if not, we can update you on the condition of the gentleman in the hospital at hahnemann hospital. jesse gary nbc 10 news. philadelphia firefighters are investigating two suspicious fires. nbc 10 was first on the scene in this garage fire on north ferno street in north philadelphia this morning. crews managed to put the flames out quickly. no one was hurt. nbc 10 also on the scene of
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an overnight fire in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. investigators are calling this fire suspicious as well. the fire broke out in front of a store at 60th and catherine streets around 1:30 this morning. they're talk ing to a person of interest, but so far there are no arrests. and no injuries in the house fire early this morning in conshohocken. these are photos from a witness who was on the scene. it started around 2:45 this morning on first avenue by robinson alley. that's just off of fayette street. a neighbor says he was watching a movie and then smelled smoke. >> i see flashing lights. i ran downstairs and opened the door and i'm being greeted by police officers basically, like get everybody out, the whole neighbor's house is on fire. >> investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started, the fire chief says it does not appear to be suspicious. today, investigators will try to figure out what started a deadly house near delaware county. the fire started around 7:00 last night on west jackson
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street in darby township. nbc 10 viewer shawn cane reported this video on the cell phone. he tells us he called 911 and witnessed an explosion. officials haven't released the name of the victim who died but neighbors tell us the homeowner was an olderly man. neighbors tell us the man collected junk. fire officials say those possessions or junk made it hard to get inside. nearby homes were also evacuated. and new video this morning shows a man philadelphia police say is a suspect in the car break-in in society hill. they say cameras capture the man casing a parked car on the 400 block of lombard street on march 19th. the suspect broke the driver's side window and made off with items worth more than $3,000. if you know the man in the video, you're asked to call police. the corruption trial of six narcotics officers continues today. jurors heard opening statements yesterday. prosecutors say for six years
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the six men broke into homes without search warrants and robbed suspected dealers of millions of dollars of cash and drugs. lawyers for the officers say the government's case relies on 19 lying criminals and a turncoat cop. the trial is expected to last about ten weeks. a local target is making changes to its dressing rooms after police arrested a suspected peeping tom there. the abington target is installing floor to ceiling changing rooms so customers can have complete privacy. this after police arrested this man. police say he had been placing a camera pin at the gap at the bottom of the changing room walls since last november. he was arrested on saturday at the abington store more than a week after one of his alleged victims came forward to nbc 10. >> i noticed a pen-like instrument on the ground with a blue light on it. and as i went to grab it it got pulled away from me. >> police say he admitted to
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watching women live and recording them while they were changing their clothes. a former university of delaware graduate student who pleaded guilty to secretly recording women in campus restrooms has been sentenced. javier mendiola soto will spend the next two years in prison. the 39-year-old hid cameras in at least ten locations around the university and newark. the tragedy leads to a mystery in the midwest. a fire claims three lives including a child and could it be connected to an ongoing rape case? we'll tell you what police are saying coming up. i don't want you to wear it anymore. that's my uniform. >> confrontation caught on camera. a man calls out someone he says is pretending to be a member of the military. we'll tell you why the man says he felt so motivated to speak out. the last day of march, but we still have snow in the forecast for parts of the area. i'll show you what to expect and when coming up in my first alert forecast.
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breaking news out of indiana where the governor of that state holding a news conference now where he's hoping that the legislature will clarify language in their religious freedom act that will basically keep businesses from discriminating against gays and lesbian couples. we'll continue to monitor this situation and bring you information as we get it. meanwhile, negotiations over
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iran's nuclear program continue. in switzerland this morning, ahead of a midnight deadline to reach an agreement, according to the obama administration it is still 50/50. tracie potts is monitoring the latest developments. >> reporter: this is new video this morning of what may be america's last chance to keep iran from building a nuclear weapon. everyone is at the table, the u.s., britain, france china, russia germany and iran to sell this deal iran needs to go home with relief from u.n. sanctions, the world is making money selling oil. iran wants to get back in the game. secretary of state john kerry needs to assure a skeptical congress there are enough tight restrictions on iran's uranium. >> they're not going to make it a partisan issue. >> reporter: tonight's deadline comes after iran said no so shipping some of its nuclear fuel to russia. >> i think you have to assume the worst that here is an attempt either to weaken the u.s. position or to preserve a
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capability that certainly is not in the interest of the united states. >> reporter: the issue, can iran be trusted to dilute that fuel on its own? >> it can't be based on trust. it has to be based on verification. >> reporter: if there is no deal today, congress has already made it clear iran can face more sanctions. a new washington post poll finds most americans, six in ten, want to see this work. tracie potts nbc news, washington. spain arrested two adults and two teens they said were going to syria to fight with islamic militants. officials released video of a raid just outside barcelona. one suspect is a woman. government officials say the brother of one of the teens had already gone to syria after a jihadist group recruited him. he was killed last year. and lufthansa says its insurers are setting aside $300 million to deal with possible costs in the aftermath of last week's germanwings jet crash. meantime recovery teams began using a new road today to get to
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that crash site in the french alps. previously they had to use helicopters to get to the site. officials are still searching for the second black box in last tuesday's crash. 150 people were killed including the co-pilot andreas lubitz who authorities say deliberately crashed the airbus a-320. investigators in ohio trying to figure out the cause of a fire yesterday morning that killed three people. this happened the same day that one of the victims, a 10-year-old girl was scheduled to testify in a rape case. police say the girl died in the fire in youngstown along with her grandparents. relatives believe a man accused of sexually assaulting the girl had something to do with the fire. his trial was set to begin yesterday. >> what did you say to her as you -- >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. you're a good mommy. you were a good mommy. once you got the baby home she was a good mommy. >> right now investigators say nothing looks criminal, but police are involved because the
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girl was an alleged victim in an ongoing criminal matter. caught on camera. a florida veteran confronts a pan handler wearing an army uniform. and the vet claims the man never served in the military. >> i don't want you to wear it anymore. that's my uniform. >> this confrontation has been seen by millions of people online. garrett goodwin saw the man asking for money near mcgill air force base. he said the guy did not have any military i.d. and when he asked what branch of the service he had served the man told him special forces which is top secret. garrett said his sadness led to anger. >> i was disgusted and then angry and frustrated and then motivated. >> the former army combat medic says he felt compelled to say something especially after losing a fellow veteran recently. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
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>> well ending of march, about to start april, and we have snow on the radar. well, it is a rainy afternoon, and most of the area but there will be some snow north of the pennsylvania turnpike and the closer you get to the pocono mountains, the greater chance you have of seeing some snowflakes at some point this afternoon and this evening. but it is going to be warm for all of us later this week. we have cloudy skies right now across the area. but not everybody is seeing precipitation. hardly anybody at this hour. 49 degrees. and the wind is only 5 miles an hour. now, we see significant temperature difference from north to south across the area now. but that difference is going to widen this afternoon. 44 nowin allentown. 51 in atlantic city. by this afternoon, the temperature will be down in allentown and up in southern areas.
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it is 55 in dover right now. so we're already seeing an 11-degree difference from allentown to dover and mount pocono is only 35 degrees. we may be seeing 20 degree differences by this afternoon. could see this area of snow fairly impressive moving through central pennsylvania headed right to the pocono mountains and lehigh valley. not quite there yet, but it -- well let's go back to vai for some breaking news. yeah glenn, we'll interrupt you for a moment. we have skyforce10 over breaking news. this is in montgomery county. police are responding there to the lamont fire company in cheltenham township where they say a person barricaded themselves inside that building. we're still working to gather more details. we're making phone calls and as soon as we get more information, we'll come back to you. in the meantime, back to glenn at the weather center. >> okay. we're going to be seeing these
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temperature differences from north to south increase by this afternoon, some snow moving into the pocono mountains and the lehigh valley. temperatures starting to drop there. but going into the 60s farther to the south. very tricky temperature forecasting today. but look at some of that heavier rain toward the afternoon rush in the areas north of pennsylvania turnpike temperatures down to 40 degrees in allentown. and then down to the 30s in many parts of the area by 8:00 and it is still coming down. rain in most cases, but some patchy areas of snow. not expecting it to accumulate but it could reduce visibility a little bit from time to time. and then by tomorrow morning, it is cold again, but it is dry. as we go through the day today, there is that big temperature contrast, 44 to the north. 64 to the south with the rain developing.
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and snowy mix up to the north. rain and snow this evening. clearing late tonight, temperatures down to the 30s and 20s in some of the suburbs with that northwest wind. and the 1e67bseven-day forecast sunny but chilly tomorrow. sunny and significantly warmer on thursday. and then the warmest of all, friday, some places could hit 70 degrees, but showers are likely then. we dry out over the weekend, but cool down a little and there is a chance of some showers for the phillies opener on monday. glenn, thank you. we want to head back to skyforce10 which is hovering over this breaking news story we want to tell you more about. and we want to warn folks in this area in chetten ham encheltenham to stay away from this area because of serious police activity. police are responding to the lamott fire company in cheltenham township where they
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say a person has barricaded himself inside that building. a dangerous situation. a very fluid, very dangerous, of course, so we ask you not to be in that location, stay away from that area. we're working to gather information. we're making phone calls from our newsroom. and as we get more information, we'll bring it to you as this continues to develop over the next hour or so. and new developments in the death penalty debate. a group of pharmacists are taking a step that could make it more difficult to carry out capital punishment. we'll tell you what role they're playing and what they're asking their members to do coming up. doctors overseas fixing a problem that was previously considered to be inoperable. we'll tell you about a pioneering new type of face transplant.
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11:26. back to this breaking news skyforce10 hovering over montgomery county. police are responding to the lamott fire company in cheltenham township where they say a person has barricaded themselves inside the lamott fire company. this may possibly be a hostage situation. this is the 7600 block of penrose avenue in elkins park p.a. in cheltenham township. this started about 10:45 this morning from what we're gathering. and police as you noticed those
11:27 am
white vehicles along the road there, those are police vehicles. they have basically barricaded that area so if you happen to be in that area police don't want you there for obvious reasons, very dangerous, this is a very fluid situation. i see a person walking in front of the firehouse there. but we're being told that someone has barricaded themselves at the lamott fire company, cheltenham township. on the 7600 block of penrose avenue. this may possibly be a hostage situation. we are making phone calls and trying to gather information, our producers, our folks in the newsroom are trying to gather as much information as they can. we do see from this vantage point, from skyforce10 there are people i assume those are police officers down there walking around on that street. but as we continue to get -- make phone calls and get information on this barricade
11:28 am
situation, at the lamott fire company in cheltenham township we'll get that information to you as soon as we get it. let's head to the digital operations center. we may have some information. among our reporters who is working this story is drew smith. drew? >> vai, very early now, but we can tell you there is a barricaded subject this is coming from montgomery county telling us that there is a barricaded subject at lamott fire company. that's on penrose avenue. they are asking people to stay away from the scene so we can tell you that right now. there is some police on the scene. again, this started around 10:45. no confirmation on whether there is anybody inside besides the subject that they're looking for. we don't know any motive or what may be going on there. but we are making phone calls now, trying to get the latest information and, of course we'll update you on that. barricaded subject this is at the lamott fire company, 7600 block of penrose avenue.
11:29 am
that is in elkins park. that's the latest we have here. vai, back to you. >> drew thank you. just a note here that we're keeping this camera shot wide as it is. sometimes those of you who watch our broadcast know that our -- this camera has a capability to zoom in and get tight and get license plate numbers, but we're not doing that specifically because we don't want to give away police position from somebody -- whoever has barricaded himself inside that building, maybe watching the broadcast and where police are. we're keeping it high this way, giving you a more broad perspective of where this area is. you see a baseball field in the upper left there, or ball field. but and there is an apartment building there on the right-hand side as you see some homes, residential area. this is a very dangerous, very fluid situation. we want to keep our eye on this and make sure that anybody who may be in this area may be inside your home stay
11:30 am
barricaded stay inside be safe, and we'll keep an eye on this and this is a situation that has happened started about 10:45 according to drew and information we're getting from our producers. this is near the linwood garden apartments there. so a lot of folks that live in that area residential area you see there is apartment buildings at the center of the shot there, on the upper part of the shot apartment buildings in the right as well. separated by that road. we see police vehicles along that entire area there. this is the 7600 block of penrose avenue elkins park p.a. glen was glern glenn was telling me he's
11:31 am
familiar with this area. very nice area by the way, lots of home there, you see a baseball diamond, so there is ballparks there for kids playing little league baseball. so -- >> yeah vai, this is an area close to where i grew up. and it was always considered pretty nice real estate. it is just north of cheltenham avenue, and elkins park kind of starts right at cheltenham avenue and goes up toward church road and then township line road and in that vicinity. that is elkins park. again, it is a very nice area cheltenham township covers a pretty wide area. but it is all north of cheltenham avenue, going up toward township line. this particular location is much closer to cheltenham avenue itself. and as you can see, you know there are houses there are
11:32 am
apartments, there are houses of worship in elkins park. several of them. some of them world famous as a matter of fact. one of the most famous architects in the world, frank lloyd wright built one of the synagogues right in elkins park there. so it is pretty well known area. and this part of elkins park is the southern part of cheltenham township, down toward cheltenham avenue. >> we're keeping skyforce10 hovering over the scene. you have noticed there is not a lot of movement here with vehicles. that's because police have cordoned off this area and asking people not to drive in and around this area. if you're in your home stay in your homes. don't leave if you can possibly help it maybe difficult for you at any rate to get around there because of the police vehicles that have basically cordoned off and surrounded the lamott fire
11:33 am
station there because of a barricade situation that may be possibly hostages in this situation where making phone calls, trying to gather information on how this happened, we do know it started about 10:45 this morning. so maybe less than an hour ago. we launched skyforce10 shortly thereafter. it is hovering over the scene. we're keeping this shot wide not to give away the position of the police. >> which road is which? that one that -- the straight one that goes from left to right is penrose avenue. >> that's penrose? >> yeah. and the curved one is humphrey mary way. and the park is called john russell park. and, again, it is a few blocks north of cheltenham avenue. >> as we pull back our shot there, you can see vehicles at the very top of the screen that are moving around there.
11:34 am
they're not coming down that main road. remind us glenn, what that main road is that splits right in the middle of our screen. penrose goes left to right and the one that goes north and south is what? >> north and south is humphrey mary way. >> that's humphrey mary way. there aren't any cars. doesn't look like there are any cars driving on that road for obvious reasons. i'm guessing police have barricaded and are not allowing vehicles to drive into that car. you see on the top of the road there are cars going left to right and east to west there. so this is just a fluid situation. we come upon the scenes on occasion in breaking news and this is live television so we don't know exactly what is happening down there on the ground. we do -- i should tell you we do have a crew that is headed to this location. they'll get set up and we'll probably get a report from our reporter there as soon as they get set up and they won't get
11:35 am
nearly as close because they're subject to the same barricade that everybody else is. but they'll try to get a location where they can give us a live report and perhaps talk to some officers who are on the ground there and gather some information. and they're gathering information, our crews are, as they're driving. i can promise you that. they're make phone calls and checking with their sources. here is a google map of that location of that area. the little red tab as we zoom in a little bit. gives us a better idea of where we are. there is the baseball field to the left of the screen. it is a little bit -- a little league ballpark. the building we're talking about is just to the right there. there we go. the arrow moves, that's the building that's the lamott fire station where someone has barricaded themselves there. we understand that there may be hostages involved. we're trying to get that confirmed. it is confirmed that somebody is
11:36 am
barricaded in there and so police are obviously concerned. they are family members. may be concerned. have every reason to be concerned and we don't know -- we don't have a motive don't have suspects don't have any of that. we have deanna durante on the phone with us. how are you? >> we are approaching the scene there, heavy police presence here as we were driving up 309. we could see five or six police cars heading to the scene as well as incident command units. you see the chopper is above. we're about a mile out from that fire department vai. multiple sources telling us the police and s.w.a.t. team response is in regards to reports of three hostages being held in the basement of the lamott fire company. those are reports that multiple county and law enforcement sources are telling me.
11:37 am
also alert as to who this person is or what is going on inside the fire department. >> deanna as you get closer there, i'm sure the photographer will try to set up and give us a clear picture without giving away police positions. i'm sure you talked to many of your sources, you get information. glenn is familiar with this area. he degree upgrew up in this area. if you can give us a thumb nail sketch of that area as you're driving around there, what you see and if there -- it is a little too early for school us about buses to be coming home from school at this point. >> i think right now for most people they're probably -- unless they have the tv on or radio on they're not aware. 309, you see five or six police officers screaming up behind you, people are getting out of the way. but we're just in an area of
11:38 am
cheltenham mall now en route to the scene. and so it is business as usual this far out. we haven't hit the roadblocks yet. but i am driving and on my way there. >> we're seeing that the police have set up barricades. this ev basic they have basically parked their car on the bottom far left hand. you see the little white car there, that's the police vehicle, they parked it so no car can get by. there is a couple of vehicles there. police vehicles there. and they cordoned off north to south, east to west deanna. that entire area indicating how serious the situation is and they're concerned if somebody is in there barricaded -- >> they don't know what you know, they're dealing with. they probably have -- clearly have a better idea than we do at this point, won't give us too much information because you don't know what the person inside may be hearing or seeing or doing at this point.
11:39 am
they're going to try to keep that area on a pretty tight lockdown and keep people away until they know for sure what they're dealing with. and until they get the situation under control. >> as we deal -- as media, with these situations we -- we of course want to assist the police and don't want to exacerbate the situation. but if somebody who is inside this building is watching they could see clearly that they're completely surrounded. they have got police north and south, east and west they barricaded all the roads there. there is no place for them to escape. so the best situation is for them to just surrender and come out and let those folks at the -- if in fact if there are hostages in that building to let them go and let them come out and -- but we keep our eyes on this we see a truck that is pulling up on the right, but i think they're slowing down they're recognizing that there
11:40 am
is a police situation and they may not be able to get through there. we're keeping our eye on this throughout the morning of this barricade situation, the lamott fire company, cheltenham township, this is on the 7600 block of penrose avenue in elkins park p.a. we understand that that person has been there since at least 10:45 this morning. so almost an hour i guess an hour now we have learned of the situation. we immediately launched skyforce10. it has been hovering over this area. we got a shot established maybe half an hour ago. so we have been keeping our eyes on this. we have seen police walking around along penrose avenue. there is as i understand penrose is the road there, just in front of the fire company that moves east to west left to right, on your screen, as you're watching. how much further away are you,
11:41 am
deanna, from there? are you a couple of miles of -- >> it looks like a mile. yeah. just looks like just about a mile. we're going around unfortunately there are road closures we're dealing with here that don't appear to be clear, clearly related to the scene, but we are making our way over there. so, again, my source is telling me based on reports that there are three firefighters being held in the basement they're in the quite sure of the motivation of the individual that may be behind this. we have no reports of any injuries. i can tell you s.w.a.t. teams comprised of multiple jurisdictions are out here police officers are coming in from abington and springfield townships. i know many ambulance crews have been alerted to the situation as well vai. so we're just getting close here. and i'll bring you a live update when we get to it on the ground. >> we'll let you get with your
11:42 am
photographer and get set up and establish a shot and report back to us. in the meantime we'll take a break here. we have a possibly a hostage situation, but at very least we have a barricade situation at the lamott fire company. this is in montgomery county. and cheltenham township. so we're asking residents and anybody in that area to stay away from this area because it is a very fluid situation. we'll bring you more and we'll continue to make phone calls over the break. but stay with us.
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quarter of noon and skyforce10 is over breaking news in montgomery county. police are responding to the lamott fire company and it looks like the police there have somebody that they have on the
11:46 am
ground, that they're apprehending. we're watching this unfold folks, as you are. so this is live television. it appears that they have him surrounded. he's on the ground on his stomach. looks like they're cuffing him. it is not confirmed yet whether this is the suspect that had barricaded himself. but we're -- we understand that there was a barricade, it started at 10:45 this morning. now police are moving in. and they have a suspect on the ground at least. it appears they have got him handcuffed with his hands behind his back. they're taking him to a squad vehicle. but we do not know whether that's the person who was barricaded inside the lamott fire company. we just saw three or four officers going to the direction of the fire company.
11:47 am
and they just disappeared. we don't know if they went into the building if it has been cleared or whether they're on their way in to clear that building and to make sure that others are out, but there is one person who has been apprehended and we're trying to work and get information whether that's the person that had, in fact barricaded himself and taking -- we understand this has been confirmed to us by deanna durante, there were three firefighters taken hostage inside the lamott fire company. but we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that the person had barricaded himself is the one that was just arrested and apprehended by police, was on the ground and surrounded and taken by two officers to a vehicle there that is on penrose avenue. i believe drew smith, a reporter drew smith, is in the digital
11:48 am
operations center. let's see if we can bring him in. he may have more information on this hostage situation or barricade and hostage situation in cheltenham township. if you can hear us go ahead and tell us what you have gathered. >> we have been making calls to the surrounding businesses around this firehouse. just up the street there is a post office, and a domino's. we were able to reach those businesses and they said that they were not directly affected by this. they can definitely see in the scene playing out on that street, one worker told us he couldn't see the officers crouching behind the police cruisers and video we're seeing from skyforce10 there are officers with their guns drawn, obviously still a tense situation. and the businesses both did say that they had not been contacted by police or have been asked to shelter in place. so that can kind of tell us it seems that the whole incident is being contained to that firehouse in the immediate area surrounding it. we are still making phone calls to see just the latest nchks and estst
11:49 am
information and what we saw on the skyforce10 video and we'll update you as soon as we find out. vai? >> thank you, drew. we're waiting on deanna durante on her way and she's trying to set up position there to give us a live report from the ground. skyforce10 hovering over the scene for probably for the last 40, 45 minutes or so since soon after we came on the air, we learned of the situation, we launched skyforce10 and it has been hovering there for 40 minutes perhaps. here is a little bit more information we know about this fire company, the fire -- the lamott fire company is one of five companies in cheltenham, in montgomery county pennsylvania the company is located in fire district number two. in addition to the residential areas, there are two schools, a major shopping mall cheltenham shopping mall is not too far away. numerous churches apartment complexes. my floor director earnest hoffman was telling me he was just in this area and that
11:50 am
linwood garden apartments is a vast complex of apartments separated by that road you see right there. so it is a vast complex and i suppose there are enough children there that -- that there is a baseball diamond, just to the side of this fire company, we're taking a look here at google map, giving you an idea of what this looks like. obviously this is without the police barricade and officers and s.w.a.t. teams from a number of different locations have come there. now skyforce10 is now over to zoom in with their cameras. and there are enough officers walking around there that i suspect that the -- the situation has at least, to the
11:51 am
satisfaction of those men, that they're able to walk around and not be concerned about their safety. it looks like this situation may have -- deanna durante just confirmed to us and my producer has just informed me that deanna has confirmed that the -- that the person has been -- is in custody, so it was probably the person that we saw as we came back live and showed you the apprehension that was made on the ground the person on his stomach, hands behind his back. so we'll continue to monitor this situation as we zoom in on police and the apprehension of a man who barricaded himself and had taken three firefighters as hostages. we'll continue to make phone calls, get information and bring it to you when we come back.
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and skyforce10 is over breaking news in montgomery county. police are responding there to the lamott fire company in cheltenham township where they say a person had barricaded himself inside and had taken three hostages. all of whom were firefighters. that person was apprehended just a few minutes ago by police, handcuffed. we're told there were no injuries, no fatalities. but obviously very fluid situation. and police are still milling
11:55 am
about. that's penrose avenue right there that you're looking at with all those officers who were dispatched from abington and springfield and perhaps one or two other places. s.w.a.t. teams are on the ground, which was a very dangerous and very fluid situation, very tense obviously since about 10:45 this morning, little more than an hour ago when this situation unfolded. but it has now come to a conclusion with the apprehension of a suspect and no injuries, no fatalities. let's head now to glenn "hurricane" schwartz our chief meteorologist, with a look at our afternoon weather. glenn? >> vai, we have some areas that are seeing the snow right now as you can see, in central pennsylvania, it is moving right toward the pocono mountains and lehigh valley. this is more than just some flurries. this is a large area of steady snow and darker colors indicating more moderate heavy kind of snow the first portions
11:56 am
of this may be -- may not be reaching the ground but there so much moisture coming in eventually it will. we have quite a contrast in temperatures as we go through the afternoon, it will be in the 40s to the north. in lehigh valley. to the 60s in central and southern delaware. the rain developing in areas where it is not raining now. the snowy mix generally well north of the pennsylvania turnpike. that rain and snow this evening, clearing late tonight, and then we have some dry weather coming in tomorrow. and then much warmer weather for later in the week. it is not going to feel or look like winter later on this week. vai? >> all right. we're preparing now for a news conference to get some information on the barricade situation that has come to a conclusion without any injuries no fatalities. the man that was in barricade in lamott fire company, montgomery county. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00.
11:57 am
i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us at nbc 10, have a great day.
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