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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we spoke to him within the last 15 minutes outside of cindy's nails. you can see, workmen are getting ready to board things up. he says his wife was one of two people injured and taken to the hospital. he tells me her condition has improved her injuries are only minor at this point. he says that's the good news in this case. however, as we mentioned, this was a deadly accident one person died. we'll continue to stay out here throughout the afternoon, get more information about that victim and we'll pass along any updates as as soon as we have them at 5:00 and 6:00. police tell he had they don't expect charges to be filed in this case. rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." >> thank you. skyforce10 over more breaking news today. a death investigation in lower moreland township. the bodies of two people were found inside this home here. investigators aren't saying how those people died or whether or not they're looking for a suspect. count on updates as we learn
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more information. businessdy si day for skyforce10. over breaking news in cumberland county a man died in police custody after officers arrested him. authorities say the man died on the way to the hospital. the prosecutor's office tells nbc10 it's investigating. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this. firefighters held hostage at gunpoint allegedly by one of their own inside the montgomery county fire house. the suspect was recently let go from the department. one shot was fired during that confrontation. >> and they -- they're nervous, they're upset. obviously, it's not a great situation, but they -- they muddled through it. >> the s.w.a.t. team and hostage negotiators moved in and brought it all to a safe conclusion and no one was hurt. >> today's hostage situation began just after 10:30 this morning. it was inside the lamott fire company on penrose avenue in the elkins park section of
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cheltenham township. we brought it to you live on the air and on "nbc10 news" app. deanna durante has been on the scene since the violence erupted. >> you talked to at least one of the hostages? >> reporter: he says he's okay. his mother and fiancee came rushing here when the fire department was still a crime scene. you can see police have now released the fire department back over to the fire company. just within the last half hour they have released the name of the 25-year-old suspect. they say his name is paul jordan. he came in this morning with a loaded .9-millimeter gun and held some of his former colleagues hostage. >> my son called me and said tell them i'm okay. i said well, okay for what? he said well i'm one of the ones that came out, i'm one of the hostages. >> reporter: police say the siege began after 10:30 this morning. a man with a gun walked into the
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lamott fire company holding firefighters hostage. >> one male was holding four males hostage in a basement with a handgun. he fired one shot into the wall. >> reporter: police from all over the county responded to the area. in the end, the cheltenham hostage negotiators got him to surrender. a volunteer firefighter they say was angered because he was let go. >> obviously, you can't take people hostage with a gun. >> reporter: now, investigators tell us they're still working on determining what criminal charges jordan may face and he's going to be taken for a mental evaluation. we're told as soon as the fire department is turned back over to firefighters they to want get this department back in service right away. reporting live deanna durante, "nbc10 news." >> and you can read more about what the hostages endured during their crisis on the "nbc10 news" app. we want to take you back to breaking news.
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nbc10's drew smith is on this story for us today. >> what can you tell us about this case? >> reporter: very limited information right now, but we can show you the scene. there's a police officer right here with lower moreland blocking what is country lane. you can see it's just a small driveway that leads down to the home. we want to show you some video from skyforce10. we have learned around 12:50 p.m. today police responded to the 1100 block of country lane here in lower moreland. two people were found dead inside that home. police are not releasing any details yet about who died or how they died. we don't know if they were related or why they were here. lower moreland police and montgomery county detectives are working the scene right now. as i said we are in touch with police. we've called the station a few times, trying to get some more information. we'll stay out here on the scene and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. live in lower moreland, drew smith, "nbc10 news."
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some spring snow in the poconos this afternoon. snow could pile up in some areas. >> storm force 10 live on the roads out there. other parts of our viewing area are expecting rain. that could complicated afternoon rush. let's get the timing on the snow and the rain and who will be effected. >> nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here following it all for us from the first alert weather center. >> we do have rain moving into a good bit of the area. snow for some. we have cloudy skies in philadelphia, but the rain has been delayed. that's why the temperatures allowed to get up so warm. you can see the solid area of snow to the north. it's not a very large storm that will be moving through here. in the poconos, just up on the edge of this snow. we have significant rain though, coming down through chester county montgomery county that will be moving through the philadelphia area. and this rain/snow line, just north of the allentown area has not really moved very much yet.
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it should start to move as we get closer to sunset. look at this temperature contrast. 33 in mt. pocono. 40 in allentown. 58 in philadelphia. 47 in pottstown. it's in the 60s in southern delaware. that's about as big a contrast as you get. the showers coming in as we go to 6:00 getting heavy at times by about 8:00 as temperatures drop pretty quickly and the rain ending late this evening. it will not be raining when you get up in the morning. we'll tell you when the next rain is coming and when it's actually going to get really warm around here with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right. now would be a good time to get the "nbc10 news" and weather apps that way you can keep tabs on the changing weather. always available on your smartphones and tablets. family members and supporters of mumia abu jamal undiagnosed diabetes put him in the hospital in critical
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condition. abu jamal was rushed to schuylkill medical center yesterday. family members say his blood sugar was dangerously high and he could have gone into a diabetic coma. he is serving life in prison for the 1918 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. abu jamal's wife claims doctors are giving her family the run-around about why her family is sick. >> we weren't told that he had diabetes. he was in the infirmary. we were told that he had eczema. and they were treating him for eczema. >> abu jamal's family complains state prison officials failed to provide him with proper medical care. the prison tells us, it doesn't comment on the medical condition of inmates. new information right now about the shooting death of an off-duty police officer in delaware county. authorities telling us now the officer's girlfriend is about to be charged with murder. for now they're holding taina
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finch for allegedly assaulting mark hudson last summer. police tell us they had a history of domestic problems. officer hudson was shot and killed with his own service weapon on saturday. that shooting took place inside hudson's home. darby's police chief spoke today about the case. >> we can bring this to closure for the darby police department, the people of darby borough, especially for the mother and family of my officer. >> in addition to his full-time job as a police officer, mark hudson was also a volunteer firefighter. and we have this just in. pennsylvania state attorney general kathleen kane lost a legal challenge today. the skate supreme court issued a ruling saying a lower court judge has the authority to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate kane. and today's ruling means she could still be charged for perjury and other offenses. at issue are accusations kane gave secret grand jury information to a newspaper. skyforce10 over a deadly
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crash on i-78 in berks county. one person died when two tractor/trailers and a car collided in the westbound lanes. it happened around 4:30 this morning in greenwich township. it tied up traffic through the morning rush hour. from the ground, you can see a fedex truck took out a portion of the interstate divider before it overturned. the driver of the truck was killed. both westbound lanes on the interstate were closed for seven hours at the scene. skyforce10 flew over this crash involving several cars in springfield county. happened after 9:00 this morning on north bishop avenue. emergency crews had to take off the door of one of the cars to rescue the driver. four elementary school students get hurt when their school bus collides with a pickup truck in lancaster county. police say the 72-year-old driver of the truck took his foot off the brake when something spilled on his lap. the crash happened yesterday afternoon when the bus was
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taking students home. >> most of the kids came off themselves. some obviously shaken and upset. we did carry some off but it wasn't because they had to be. it was just easier. >> the students had minor injuries. no one else was hurt. police don't expect to file any charges against the truck driver. investigators trying to figure out what started a fire at a montgomery county home that started before 3:00 this morning at west first avenue in con sha conshohocken. you can see the intense flames from a picture a viewer sent to us. fortunately, everyone made it out safely. a local man accused of causing the overdose death of a mayor's son. this is video of the man appearing before a judge. they say he applied the drugs that led to the overdose of akers. he pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and drug possession
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charges. new information today on a story we brought you earlier this month. according to the press of atlantic city, police have now charged 25 students after a large fight at atlantic city high school back on march 19th. that fight began in the hallways after students had finished taking a standardized test. the school's principal, assistant principal, and a security guard were all injured. from our delaware bureau officials at a private school say there's no evidence a former head master accused students there. christopher wheeler was indicted on 25 counts on providing porn. officials at the tower hill school sent a letter home to the parents last night. the wilmington school hired wheeler in 2004. he served as head master until 2013. the school began their independent investigation into wheeler's background last year. school officials consulted a private investigation firm, board members, faculty staff,
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parents and students. they investigated 90 people over a six-month period. the head of the school and the board chair said in a letter there were no red flags of any abusive misconduct by dr. wheeler, either during the vetting process before he was hired or during his tenure as head of school. some new information on the cyber attack that crippled internet service at rutgers university. fbi agents are now investigating that attack. university officials tell us it began on friday. the system is now working on campus but technicians are still restoring off-campus service. a spokesman says there's no evidence any confidential information was compromised. $30 million, that's the amount of money the airline involved in last week's crash in the alps says -- or $300 million, rather in the alps crash say insurance is setting aside there. a laftufthansa spokeswoman says
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it's setting aside that amount. 150 people were killed when the co-pilot intentionally crashed into the mountain there. crews began using a new road to the crash site to speed up recovery efforts. two victims killed in the crash have ties to our area. emily selke was a 2013 drexel university graduate. her mother grew up in delaware county and graduated from springfield high school. the race for philadelphia mayor heating up and one of the democratic candidates received a big endorsement today. >> the "a" student in this government for the last 23 years have been jim kenney. >> today three districts endorsed jim kenney for the democratic ticket. he says he's humbled by the support. >> one thing i can guarantee you
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is conversation face-to-face negotiation and a fair fair approach to what your wages, benefits and health care should be. >> he says he welcomes ideas and innovation from union members as to how to make the city better. one of six democrats running in the may primary. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell wants local students to be engaged in the race for mayor. the rendell center for civics and civic engagement will host a mayoral forum streamed live to elementary, middle and high schools. >> rendell center will be sending out lesson plans to all the elementary schools on how to use the debate as a motivator to talk to the kids about elections. >> that mayoral forum will be held on may 4th two weeks before the democratic primary. nbc10 and telemundo 62 are proud to partner with the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce to host the debate for philadelphia mayor one week from today, tuesday, april 7th at 7 p.m., live at the kimmel center.
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i'll be moderating the debate which you can watch right here on nbc10. we want to give you a chance to ask your questions of the candidates. all have you to do is click on the "nbc10 news" app or go to while you're logged on you can also find a link to buy tickets to the events. this week on nbc10's " @issue," you'll hear where they stand issues that will impact your life everything from your wallet to your safety. don't miss "nbc10 @issue" at 11:30 after "meet the press." happening now, new jersey governor chris christie is holding a town hall meeting where he's expected to taut his proposal to further reform for the state's public worker health care as well as pension system. this event is being held at harding elementary school in kenilworth, union county. the governor has been holding town hall meetings every week since he presented his preliminary budget plan for the next fiscal year.
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he says he plans to keep doing this until a budget deal is reached in june. meantime speculation is growing that christie could make a run for president. today we learned the governor is planning a two-day trip to the early voting state of new hampshire, april 14th and 15th. christie is planning on meeting with community leaders and then set to return to that state for a gop summit on april 17th. governor wolf of pennsylvania taking questions from pennsylvanian this afternoon during a facebook town hall. dozens of people posting questions about the governor's plan to overhaul the tax system school funding, legalization of medical marijuana and campaign spending. it's either a cold day or warm day depending on where you are across the area. we have a tremendous contrast here. a rainy afternoon rush in much of the region but other places are getting snow. others will change to snow over
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the next few hours. but everybody gets warmer late in the week. we have cloudy skies in philadelphia now. we have had the rain but not yet. that's allowed the temperature to go up along with the southerly wind. 58 degrees for temperature right now. what a contrast. allentown, 40 degrees. mt. holly, new jersey 52. dover, delaware, at 63. we warned you that was going to happen. that's a tremendous difference. you can see the difference between just pottstown, philadelphia. 47 in pottstown. 58 in philly. 48 in reading. the reason? southerly winds are on this side. northeast winds here. they come together right there. no wind in wilmington, while we have a 25-mile-an-hour wind in
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dover. in the same state. that's pretty weird. now, you can see this area of rain coming in through chester county delaware county new castle county montgomery bucks, berks, lehigh, but this is the rain/snow line. and it is north of allentown. you see down here. it has a ways to go before it gets down even to the lehigh valley. it's going to take a little while. the temperature's going down. already fairly cold. but by 8:00 we're down into the mid-30s even in doylestown. northeast philly, 38. rnl, we're in the upper 50s now. that's a 20-degree drop. once that wind shift comes down here, you'll see the temperature go down fast. you may see some pretty heavy rain right along that boundary. and then headed toward the shore by 9:00 as the rain tapers off, but the temperatures are way lower. down in the 30s.
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so keep the winter coats out there. even if it's mild where you are now, it's going to cool down. dover at 41 degrees. by midnight. and then everybody, of course gets even colder later on during the night and for tomorrow morning. and tomorrow's a chilly day, but it's dry. so, we've got kind of a rainy evening. some of that rain heavy. change to snow in the lehigh valley and perhaps some of the higher elevations north of the pennsylvania turnpike. 34 in philadelphia for the low. 27 north and west. and during the day tomorrow sunny and kind of cool bit of a breeze. pretty nice day compared to today. and fairly uniform temperatures near 50 degrees. thursday is way warmer. up to 64 degrees and sunshine. and then on friday that's the warmest day. but it's also the wettest day. rain, maybe even some thunderstorms. and then windy with drying
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conditions on saturday. and then a cool easter sunday. looks dry at the moment. just a chance of showers for the phillies home opener monday and then it gets wet again on tuesday. we shivered through winter and parts of spring, too. >> that's right. we have news to literally warm up the bottom line. ahead, knockout punch. nbc10 of brand new video of a man being attacked on a local subway platform. new at 4:30 sliding sales. why jackpot winnings may have convinced some not to try their luck. a new fan experience coming up on "nbc10 news" at 4:00.
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but the wolf administration extended the program due to the severe winter. find out how to apply by coming to our website, nbc10 will air the phillies' home opener in six days now. spring is here. we promise. and tonight fans will get a look at all the new stuff sit zenz bank park has to offer. they have a preview party. on display, everything that's new in food and fashion at citizens bank park. among those new items, phillies wine from chadsford winery. chefs will give us a new speak peek of the new menu items. and a new way to order that food, through state-of-the-art menu boards and the social media deck where fans can go high tech while phils fight it out on the field. tonight's preview party is private, not open to the public. as we take a live look at citizens bank park. the gates will open up to everyone soon enough next monday for the home opener where the phils take on the boston red sox. nbc10 is your home for the home
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opener. a welcome home phillies next monday, pregame coverage live from the ballpark begins at 2 p.m. we'll cover the parade as the team makes its way into citizens bank park and then the game gets under way at 3:00. right now back to our top story. breaking news in northeast philadelphia. an elderly woman killed by a car inside a nail salon. two others right now in critical condition. the driver of the car, an elderly woman, was not hurt. new at 4:30 corbett's pension payments. find out how much the state will shell out for the retirement fund of pennsylvania's former governor. snow for some, rain for others. and a big temperature difference depending on where you are. i'll tell you how long the wet weather will last and when we can expect a big warm-up in my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast.
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on "nbc10 news" at 4:30 today, we're following lots of breaking news. police tell us they don't expect to file charges in a deadly nail salon crash in northeast philadelphia. the driver of the car slammed into sat lon shortly before noon. a customer was killed. another customer and worker critically hurt. the driver was not injured. also breaking in montgomery county a death investigation here in lower moreland township after two people were found dead in this house this afternoon. we have an "nbc10 news" crew live at the scene. we'll keep you updated. and skyforce10 over breaking news out of cumberland county. investigators tell us a man died while in police custody in vineland. officers arrested him on grape street this more than.
4:30 pm
prosecutor's office tells nbc10 it is investigating. a rainy rush hour this tuesday afternoon. traffic slow going there on the schuylkill expressway. so pack your patience as you try to make your way wherever you need to go this afternoon. >> looks pretty congested out there. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back. >> while much of the region will be dealing with rain, other parts are getting spring snow? >> yes. absolutely. the pocono mountains, this is blue mountain here live. and it is snowing pretty hard. the visibility really reduced. and the temperature down near the freezing mark. elsewhere, we've got rain across much of the region. you can see the area of snow to the north. rain to the south. it's not a huge storm. the back edge of it already in western pennsylvania. but a band of some heavier rain starting to move into the philadelphia area itself. and the rain/snow line still north of allentown and right near the poconos. so mt. pocono up here getting
4:31 pm
some of that heavy snow and some areas will see the changeover as we go into the evening. the temperature contrast is amazing. it's 32 degrees in mt. pocono. and yet it's 58 degrees in philadelphia. at the same time. that's a pretty strong front in between there. and it's in the 60s in delaware. so, some of that colder air will be moving down as we go through the night. the rain will be moving in take the umbrellas. and some of that rain may be on the heavier side. much cooler weather by 10:00. but we have much warmer weather later in the week. we'll see how warm with the seven-day in a few minutes. fire at an ocean county university's largest dorm now being called arson. the county prosecutor's office says someone set fire to paper flyers and decorations on a dorm room door. fire scorched the door and triggered the smoke alarm. there was no major damage.
4:32 pm
today marks ten years since terri schiavo died. her life and death prompted a national debate over end of life decisions. she died over 15 years after she collapsed and became incapacitated. her death came after a prolonged legal battle between her parents, who wanted to keep her alive, and her husband, michael, who fought to have her taken off life support. as he said that was his wife's wishes. the florida judge who ordered the removal of terri schiavo's feeding tube said he was just doing his job. >> what is your legacy in this case? >> i hope they remember, or think anyway that i was a good judge. for 18 years i did the right thing, as i found it to be. >> judge george greer calls it a straightforward decision base on the evidence. former pennsylvania governor tom corbett is now collecting a pension of nearly $40,000, he's getting it for 11 years of state government. according to the pittsburgh
4:33 pm
review, his state pension is based on a final average salary of more than $186,000. corbett served over a year as appointed attorney general, six years as elected attorney general and four years as governor. new jersey expects to make more from the state lottery. according to state documents, the state first expected to rake in $1 billion for the 2015 fiscal year. but the christie administration lowered expectations to $895,000. the reason? the lottery has more competition from other games. more than 150 cadets strutting their stuff right here. they paraded during the school's annual navy inspection and review. the academy is a navy-sponsored charter school. it's hard to watch but a key piece of evidence in a local crime. punched on the platform. this video just released to
4:34 pm
nbc10. we're live with retails on what may have sparked this encounter. and next the doctors decide why so many local health care providers are refusing to see certain new patients even though they have insurance. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 if you think it feels like we spend days in philadelphia sitting in traffic, well, you're right. the results of a new traffic study.
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a new study suggests just one serving a day of leafy green vegetables could help prevent dementia. researchers looked at the diet and mental ability of more than 900 older adults over a five-year period. people who ate one or two daily servings of green vegetables had
4:38 pm
the cognitive skills of someone a decade younger. most new jersey doctors are not accepting new medicaid patients, as more people use the subsidized health insurance. according to a report. more people are using medicaid as part of state policy under obamacare. today making the case -- >> that's right. why it took local leaders 15 attempts to get help for victims of superstorm sandy before they got an answer. also ahead -- >> i don't want to you wear it anymore. that's my uniform! >> confrontation caught on camera. why one military man goes on attack against one man wearing a uniform. take a look at that. spring snow. see who will see accumulation. plus, i'm tracking a big warm-up. close to 70 degrees. my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast.
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well you might not want to but take a look at this. it's spring snow in blue mountain up in the poconos. some area is going to pick up measurable snow from this. the rain will be -- we want to see green. glenn will be back in just a moment. >> how long have you worked together? >> a long time. glenn will be back to tell us how much snow we can expect to see. >> okay ethel. caught on camera, police chase during the morning commute. a routine traffic stop turned into this chase on northern virginia. driver making several erratic maneuvers. wow. tried to get away from police. you know what, as usually happens, officers usually surrounded her truck with their
4:43 pm
cars. wow. they pinned her in. there's no word now on why they were trying to stop the woman in the first place. >> pretty amazing video. to other video that's gone viral. a florida veteran confronting a panhandler wearing an army uniform. >> the problem the man never served in the military. >> that's my uniform. >> veteran garrett goodwin was livid, as you see about what he saw in front of mcdill air force. he asked what branch of service he was in? he said a specials forces branch that was so top secret, not even the va knows about it. >> it made me sad at first. and, you know pain leads to anger and frustration, and then -- then i was disgusted. and then angry. and frustrated. and then motivated. >> goodwin says he felt compelled to say something, especially after a fellow veteran recently died.
4:44 pm
stone valor, right here stone valor! >> remember this video? ryan burke of a man wearing a fake army ranger's uniform on broadcast friday in the mall. they gave burke distinguished service award. a federal audit shows it took new jersey 15 tries, 15, to get aid for one post-superstorm sandy program. the audit shows the state ran into technical glitches and that it failed to provide complete information on the grant application. that grant was dedicated to putting unemployed residents into rebuilding jobs. the state's deputy labor commissioner says the process was complicated and the issues were pretty minor hiccup, in his words. today's a great example of just how varied the weather can be in this area at the very same
4:45 pm
time. now, a lot of us are going to be having a rainy afternoon rush. some will see some of that rain change to snow during the evening hours. we're all going to be seeing uniformly late in the week. we've got cloudy skies. we've got some rain now in the philadelphia area. 58 degrees. very light southerly wind. that's keeping a little bit warmer. look at this variation. 32 and snowing in mt. pocono. snowing hard. pottstown, 47 and raining. atlantic city 52 and just cloudy. all at the very same time. now, let's get a little closer look. it's 3 degrees in mt. pocono. 40 in allentown. 43 in quakertown. 48 in blue bell. yet 58 at the airport in south
4:46 pm
philly. 58 in washington township. 48 in trenton. and toward the shore, it's colder with the wind coming in off that ocean but the breeze in louisville, 52. what a contrast. here's the reason we've got those southerly winds to the south. and we've got these northeasterly winds to the north. a front right there. and that front is coming down and it's going to be bringing the colder air with it and changing some of the rain to snow. at least in parts of the area. the back edge of the storm is not that far away so it's not going to last all night. but some of the rain will change to snow. here's the rain moving in to philadelphia and montgomery county, bucks county. chester county had some a little while ago. reading and allentown reporting rain but that colder air will start to come in especially as we get closer to sunset. here's the futurecast showing snow in the poconos now.
4:47 pm
dark color indicating a heavier snow. the wind flow and the rain. some fairly heavy rain at times. as we go into the early evening hours. and, of course the temperature dropping as the wind turns into the north. and so by 8:00 down into the 30s and a good bit of pennsylvania and even in philadelphia area we're getting down close to that 30 -- upper 30s mark later on during the evening. then everybody's getting down closer to the freezing mark or even below by day break. setting up for a chilly day tomorrow. so, the rainy evening could change to snow especially in the lehigh valley berks county some. high elevations north of the pennsylvania turnpike. 34 for the low in philadelphia. the only accumulation i expect is in the poconos, perhaps a few inches before it's all over especially on the grassy
4:48 pm
surfaces. sunny and cool tomorrow. no snow around then. breezy, kind of chilly this time of year. average high for this time of the year is 58. we're going to be above that on thursday. and a dry day, too. friday is the warmest day. some places should hit 70 but it's also the wettest day. and then we start to dry out over the weekend. temperatures are a little bit lower, but i think we'll settle for that after what we've got now. and here's the chance of some showers for the phillies home opener next week. it will not be bitter cold. we've seen some really cold weather beginning of baseball. >> that's nothing really. >> not too bad. >> thank you, glenn. well philadelphia's broad of an initiative aimed at helping young people reach their potential. it's called my brother's keeper. the program encourages communities to take part in a cradle to college to career
4:49 pm
strategy. six months into the program, the city says it's seeing results. a few people in the program shared their thoughts about it today. >> how often do we advise or are we advised by others to seize opportunities that are presented? >> mayor nutter also announced $7 million more for my brothers keeper. knocked out cold. >> that's what happened to one man. today slugged on a septa platform. nbc10 just got this video. they captured the crime on camera. we're live with the investigation. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, spring does bring flowers and green grass, but another tradition, too, allergy season. why allergy sufferers are getting a break so far this year.
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today an argument that turned physical on mass transit. >> now the hunt is on. nbc10's sidly ni long is live in center city, philadelphia. >> you got a firsthand look at surveillance video expected to play a critical role in the search, right? >> reporter: it will. that's because the video is crystal clear. it is very good. septa police tell me this is not a case of a single rider being attacked by a mob of teenagers. that these teens were actually behaving before this victim stepped foot on the train. and this all may have sparked when he stepped foot on one of the teenagers. the video is difficult to watch as a 60-year-old man being
4:54 pm
struck on his right cheek, knocked off his feet on the center city 16th street septa platform. >> our victim was knocked unconscious, suffered a broken jaw, got stitches to his face and left laying there on the platform by this group of kids. >> reporter: police say it happened 3:15 monday afternoon. in is the teen police say threw that punch after a 20-minute verbal altercation that took place on the train before the group arrived in center city. >> we have a grown adult engages in an argument with kids who were not a problem before he got on the train. so, there are a lot of questions that have to be answered here. >> reporter: police say watch closely as several of the teen girls in the group try to calm the verbal argument. one of them seated and in a black coat can be seen taking cell phone video of the argument. police desperately want her to come forward about what led to this violent assault. police aren't saying where the group boarded septa in order to visit high schools and gain leads. >> the puncher has some serious
4:55 pm
questions to answer. the other kids have no jeopardy of being arrested for anything. they saw something that occurred. they can probably provide very good information. and they can certainly provide great video and audio of what occurred on that train. >> reporter: now, the victim tonight, we can tell you, does remain hospitalized. police have not yet had the opportunity to speak with him. septa police tell me all of their officers are armed with pictures of these young people. they are visiting schools in the city of philadelphia. they're also checking social media. obviously, they want anyone who knows anything about the incident 3:15 yesterday that landed them on the platform at 15th here in center city to please come forward. live in center city, cydney long, "nbc10 news." >> thanks. now to "nbc10 news" at 5:00. >> here's jacqueline london. >> all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- we're live on the scene of three different breaking news stories still unfolding. one of them is the mystery in lower moreland township.
4:56 pm
two people found dead inside a home today. we have new information from the scene. and we have rain and snow on the radar. the poconos are definitely seeing the snow. coming up i'll show you how much longer all of this will last and some near 70 degree temperatures later this week. and going nowhere fast. we know traffic around philadelphia can be slow but wait until you hear how long most of us spend sitting in our cars.
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now at 5:00. a deadly crash at a nail salon in northeast philadelphia. a customer inside died. >> nbc10's rosemary connors is live at the scene. what have you learned about the investigation? >> reporter: police are describing this and characterizing this as an accident. we want to show you what's happening at the scene right now. as can you see behind me the workers have made some progress boarding up the front entrance of cindy's nails where the car came crashing through around 1:30 this afternoon. as you can see from our video, skyforce10 was over the scene shortly afterwards. i just goth got off the phone with accident investigators who tell me the woman that died had just gotten her nails done. her family came to the scene because they realized she had been gone for too long and they were greeted by police. the woman's identity will most likely not be released until tomorrow when there's an official positive i.d. at the medical examiner's office.
5:00 pm
two other people who were inside the salon were also injured. they were taken to the hospital initially in critical condition, but we're understanding from some family members their conditions may have improved. back out here live at the scene again, it's going to be a difficult time for these crews and for the owners of this salon to clean up. just a terrible accident here. police describe the driver and the passenger as two elderly women. they were coming here to shop this afternoon when this all unfolded. they are uninjured but certainly shaken up. they were here this afternoon to do some shopping. at this point, no charges are expected to be filed against the driver. police say that she seemed to mistake the brakes for the accelerator. that's the cause of this accident. reporting live in the northeast, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." skyforce10 is live over breaking news in south philadelphia. crime scene tape where a


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