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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the medical examiner's office. two other people who were inside the salon were also injured. they were taken to the hospital initially in critical condition, but we're understanding from some family members their conditions may have improved. back out here live at the scene again, it's going to be a difficult time for these crews and for the owners of this salon to clean up. just a terrible accident here. police describe the driver and the passenger as two elderly women. they were coming here to shop this afternoon when this all unfolded. they are uninjured but certainly shaken up. they were here this afternoon to do some shopping. at this point, no charges are expected to be filed against the driver. police say that she seemed to mistake the brakes for the accelerator. that's the cause of this accident. reporting live in the northeast, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." skyforce10 is live over breaking news in south philadelphia. crime scene tape where a teenager has been shot.
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crews are taking him right now to the hospital. we have no word on his condition. this is at 13th and christian streets. police are telling us there are no arrests at this point. we'll update you as we get more information. more breaking news in montgomery county. >> police are on an investigation in lower moreland home. drew smith is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: investigators are still down this single lane road right here. this is country lane. you can see the officer blocking it. and the homes are much further down. around 12:50 today police responded to 1100 country lane in lower moreland. two people were found dead inside that home. we do not have many details but since 5:00 we've spoken with several neighbors who say they know neighbors that live back there. this is a nice community. nice homes as well. we also said to a man who was
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sitting here said he was a friend of the family. obviously very upset to learn what happened. >> when it strikes home it's unbelievable. disbelief, for sure. >> reporter: in lower moreland police and montgomery county detectives are out here trying to piece together exactly what happened. we have been checking in with them. we're hoping to get some more information. we'll bring that to you in a little bit. for now, two bodies found in a home off country lane. live in montgomery county drew smith, "nbc10 news." nbc10 is tracking breaking news in cumberland county. >> a man held by police has died in custody. ted greenberg live for us in vineland. >> reporter: well, jim and jackie, authorities are releasing very few details so far about what happened here on grape street this morning but
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witnesses tell me police got extremely physical with the suspect after he was already restrained and unconscious. >> the guy was out cold. >> reporter: a witness says police had phillip white handcuffed on the ground in the middle of a vineland street just before he ended up dying in custody this morning. >> they punched him, stomped him, quicked him and let the dog out of the car and the dog bit him, on his face and his body. >> reporter: a dog is heard on a police dispatch recording of the incident, which unfolded around 11 a.m. >> 118 west grape, subject hyperventilating. officers out. >> once a man is handcuffed and unconscious, they should have stuck him in the patrol car and take him to the police station. instead they decide to beat him right here. >> reporter: the cumberland county prosecutor tells nbc10, the suspect was being arrested at the time but we don't know
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why. audio sheds more light. >> subject under. apprehension. tried disarming me. >> how can a person in handcuffs take a gun from a police officer? >> why -- what he was doing? i don't know. i'm trying to get answers and closure now. >> reporter: valerie white is the suspect's man. >> he lived the street life but he was a human being. >> reporter: again, authorities are not yet providing any information about the officer's actions here. the case is being investigated by the cumberland county prosecutor's office and the new jersey state police crime scene unit was also out here on grape street earlier today. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. live tonight in vineland, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." right now nbc10 first alert radar tracking a system that's arrived in our area. and the evening rush could be a wet one. some of us could also see, yes, some snow.
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that snow shouldn't amount to much. >> that's good. nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking that storm. what can we expect tonight? >> tonight we can still expect the rain to continue so a rainy evening commute for most of the area. if you're up in the poconos, that's where you're seeing the snow falling. the rest of us dealing with pretty consistent rainfall especially around 95. so the major interstates are on the wet side. here's a live look at blue mountain ski resort. we've been seeing the snow falling pretty much all afternoon. mostly those late afternoon hours. you see it's still falling now. those higher elevations, that's where we continue to expect the snowfall. now, the rain shown in green. from trenton up to wilmington, we see lighter rain up into new jersey. this will stay around as we go through the next several hours. even through later on tonight. big temperature difference though, with what's happening with the snow up in the poconos. temperatures below allentown. dover, 63 degrees.
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big contrast from north to south. as we go through the rest of the evening, 6 p.m. we'll have showers around temperatures mid-50s in the philadelphia area. 8 p.m. there's a chance we could see some heavy rain dropping into the low 50s. by 10:00 tonight, that's when we'll see a lot of this rain coming to an end. big changes weighs go into tomorrow. later this week, temperatures near 70 degrees. i'll show you that and timing of our next round of rain. that's coming up. the s.w.a.t. team was called here this morning when an armed man fired a shot and then held several volunteer firefighters hostage inside. you saw the entire ordeal unfold live right here on nbc10 at 11 a.m. the lamott fire company is located along penrose avenue in the elkins park section of cheltenham township. deanna durante rushed to the scene, as may have heard live on the air by phone. i know you spoke with one of those hostages. >> reporter: we actually talked to another one a little while ago. many firefighters are gathering here inside the fire company. we can see them inside.
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some are giving handshakes and hugs. they are having a meeting before they put this fire house back out there to fight fires. right now it's on hold. another fire department covering for them. they tell us it was a long hour but they're okay. >> i'm fine. i have nothing -- no comment right now. >> reporter: four firefighters all held hostage for an hour this morning after being reunited with their family members say they're doing okay. >> well they seem to come out pretty good. i talked to all of them all four of them. they're nervous, they're upset. obviously, it's not a great situation. but they muddled through it. >> reporter: police tell me the men were held by former firefighter paul jordan a 25-year-old philadelphia man. investigators say he was let go from the department yesterday. police say he fired one shot in the basement wall, not hitting anyone. did he say anything? what you were supposed to do? >> i can't get into that. >> reporter: cheltenham police chief says hostage negotiators were on the phone with jordan
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who let one hostage go then another before surrendering. >> the front door was open. he was in the basement. we cleared the first floor. we want to get our hostage negotiator closer. and we were doing that and he gave up. >> reporter: now, jordan we're told is now awaiting a mental health evaluation before investigators begin to file charges. again, all four hostages are okay. this evening the fire company president tells me right now he's meeting with his members before they put this department back in service. reporting live in cheltenham township deanna durante, "nbc10 news." happening right now, a memorial mass is under way for terri schiavo. this is a live picture of the cathedral basilica of st. peters and paul. today's mass comes on the tenth anniversary of terri schiavo's death. schiavo was a native of
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huntington valley, montgomery county. she passed away on this day in 2005, more than 15 years after she collapsed and became incapacitated. her death came at the end of a prolonged legal battle, a battle which pitted her parents and siblings against her husband. the husband wanted to remove her feeding tube and carry out what he said was terri's wish to not be kept alive artificially. we're learning new information about the co-pilot who deliberately crashed his jet into the french alps. what he allegedly told flight instructors six years ago about his health. plus how search teams are getting help at the hard to reach crash site. feel like you spend days sitting in traffic? you're right. especially in philadelphia. wait until you hear how some commuters are stuck in the cars. plus where our traffic ranks nationally. also ahead -- >> you know that snowstorm we had on the first day of spring? it brought allergy sufferers a few more weeks of easy breathing. i asked the experts, are question we going to pay the price extra hard?
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here's a live look at the nbc10 weather radar. we have snow and we have rain. now, really only the higher elevations are seeing the snow, but the rest of us will be dealing with rain this evening. coming up i'll show you the timing of when it clears out and
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some much warmer air later this week. now to indiana and the growing opposition to the state's new religion freedom law. indiana's governor now says he wants to change the law by the end of the week. governor mike pence says he's been meeting with lawmakers to address concerns the law will allow businesses to deny service based on their religious beliefs. pence signed the law last week. supporters say it protects religious freedoms. opponents argue it legalizes discrimination against gays and lesbians. as you see here applause as indianapolis city council passed a resolution opposing the new law last night. indiana governor said today, he intends to clarify the law. >> i've come to the conclusion that it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anyone. >> the indianapolis star
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newspaper is urging lawmakers to respond to criticism of the law. an editorial printed today entitled "fix this now." now to information on the co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing a passenger plane in the french alps. airline officials say lubitz informed a flight school six years ago he had a serious de presses ive episode. they say lubitz locked the captain out of the cockpit and flu the plane into a mountain a week ago. all 150 on board were killed. there is progress tonight in france where authorities are working to identify victims. recovery teams began using a new road to the remote crash site today. late this afternoon, the defense rested its case in the boston marathon bombing trial of computer forensic expert says web searches for radio transmitters and receivers were made on a computer belonging to dzhokhar tsarnaev's brother, tam
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tamerlin. an fbi fingerprint analyst says dzhokhar tsarnaev's fingerprints were not found on any bomb components. jury deliberations could begin soon. an unexpected hailstorm pelted a city in northern india. it's the first hailstorm to hit the area in 25 years. this has been the wettest month in india in more than 100 years. more hail is expected in the next few days. we're going to be dealing with more showers, more rain, too, and the some will see the snow around. for most of us, it will be a rainy evening commute. snow for those north and west. we're talking the higher elvagus. parts of the lehigh valley there's a chance you could see a bit of a mix as we go through this evening. otherwise, it's mostly going to be rain for the area.
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warmer temperatures later on this week. near 70 degrees by the end of the week. that is actually going to come with rain. here's a look in the poconos, though. we're seeing the snow continuing to come down mt. pocono reporting a pretty good snowfall there. 32 degrees. feels more like 27. yeah this is the one exception across the area right now. big temperature contrast in the poconos, certainly seeing the cold. here's a look at the radar. there you see the snow pretty far up to the north. now, for much of the lehigh valley down through philadelphia and delaware and even south jersey mostly just seeing that rain falling now. and temperatures farther south are a lot warmer to support only rain. now we're looking up in the poconos and you see around scranton, the snow falling, continuing in the poconos. then you see that transition to rain as we get closer to lehigh valley buctionzks chester, and even new jersey area. here's a live look out right now. citizens bank park where we continue to see that light rain
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falling. it's going to stick around for the rest of the evening commute. wet roadways out there. even in parts of delaware the rain is moving in and that will continue, too, for the next few hours. big temperature difference. allentown, 37 degrees. then we have mid-50s in philadelphia. then we have a 63-degree temperature in dover. quite a difference for our weather pattern today. that will change come tomorrow. we'll be uniform with our temperatures today. future weather, the snow stays farther up to the north. later on this evening, 7 p.m. 8 p.m. the rain continues around the philadelphia area major interstates across 95 even into south jersey and delaware. we continue to see the rain even by 9 p.m. i think by 9:00 most of the area will clear out. the jersey shore and much of delaware, you'll be dealing with possibly some moderate rainfall but then overnight we start to see even more clearing. tomorrow we have some nice improvements. a sunny day tomorrow a dry day. temperatures will be around 50 degrees. a little bit on the cool side.
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it's not until the end of the week when we get closer to 70 degrees. rain changing to snow areas north, more like higher elevations. 34 for the low in philadelphia. 27 north and west. tomorrow, sunny and cool. highs around 50 degrees. a breezy day, too, but a pretty nice day compared to what we're seeing outside right now. thursday temperatures mid-60s. thursday's going to be a really nice day. then we go into friday near 70. this is going to come with rain. there's a chance we could see a couple thunderstorms and then we go into saturday. we'll start to dry out through the day saturday. the winds will start to increase. going into your easter sunday, looks pretty good so far. 56 degrees, on the cool side but looks dry. monday for the phillies' home opener does not look too bad. near 60 degrees. there's a chance we could have a couple showers. but it doesn't look anything like what we'll see on friday with a lot of rain around. >> that's good news. i didn't see any below freezing
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temperatures on the seven-day either. are we finished with snow? >> we cannot officially say we are finished. there's als a chance the higher elevations could see snow depending on what pattern comes into play. right now sun angle is changing temperatures warming, it will be difficult. >> it's working in our favor. >> yes. as of now we're seeing things improve for the better. >> hopefully it will be april rain showers and not snow showers. >> and then may flowers. >> that's right. that's what we're looking forward to. thank you. new at 5:00 you know along with the colorful flowers and lush green of spring comes something less attractive. the needsing sniffling and watering eyes. >> but the ongoing cold weather, it's delayed allergy season so that's good news for some. now experts are saying you better get ready. nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explains. >> reporter: you know that snow we had on the first day of spring? it probably bought us a couple extra weeks of allergy-free breathing.
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>> usually by the end of march people agony from allergy. >> reporter: the schedule is lighter than usual. the tree buddes haven't been budding on the normal schedule. the grass hasn't come alive. the testing equipment is ready -- >> take a deep breath in and blow out completely. >> reporter: so far, not many complaints. delaware environmental officials have an air quality monitor on their building in new castle. any stuff finds its way into this hole. the counts so far have been low. mary francis has allergy and asthma. she's starting to feel trouble brew in the air. she will watch most of spring through the window. going outside is not a happy option for her this time of year. >> basically, i get wheezing and short of breath. i don't go out and take walks or anything. >> reporter: the doctor says it wouldn't be a horrible idea to get out ahead of your allergies. if there's some sort of medication you take this time of year you might want to get on it sooner rather than later.
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a preemptive strike. the doctor has his patient's allergy shots ready. he knows eventually when the trees pop, they'll pop hard and the patients show up. this is his busy time. >> between now and the end of may, no vacation. >> reporter: tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> speaking of doctors the doctor will see you now, especially in the state of pennsylvania. that's because doctors across the keystone state are seeing more new patients than many of their colleagues around the country. the reason. and where delaware and new jersey rank. a bittersweet win for this l.a. lakers play. why this homecoming was so tough.
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high school students in our area ranking among the top half in the country when it comes to success on advanced placement exams. students in new jersey rank fifth in the u.s. delaware ranks 17th and pennsylvania students ranked 24th in the country. research shows overall gains in both participation and success in ap exams, more than 1 million 11th and 12th graders took exams, more than a 20% increase than 2014.
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the cdc study shows the percentage of doctors accepting patients with private insurance, medicare and medicaid. pennsylvania delaware and new jersey are all above the national average for doctors accepting private insurance but pennsylvania and delaware are above average. and pennsylvania ranks above average for new medicaid patients. we're tracking new developments in the shooting death of an off-duty police officer. >> reporter: the officer's girlfriend is being processed here right now. just ahead, the two vastly different accounts she told detectives about the night in question. also ahead, preparing for the pope. we'll show you why one local school will suddenly be a lot more crowded when pope francis comes to town. and here's a live look at snow continuing to fall in the poconos. this has been the scene for much of the day here. it's part of a system bringing
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rain to most of our area tonight. you could see snow mixed in as well depending where you live. the full forecast is ahead.
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new information about this woman, tiana finch, she's in custody, accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend, an offduty darby borough police officer. a short time ago the county
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attorney laid out the details of the case. >> nbc10's george spencer was at that news conference. what did we learn today about this? >> reporter: the district attorney just told us that tiana finch laid out two very different stories about the final minutes of officer mark hudson's life. right now she is inside the courthouse here, awaiting a video arraignment on charges that she murdered her own boyfriend. prosecutors tell us on saturday evening and sunday finch first told them one version of her story, saying hudson was shot accidentally as she tried to remove his gun from the mouth of her dog. that dog had allegedly picked up the gun where hudson left it. but prosecutors say by yesterday her account changed dramatically. she described a late afternoon argument with hudson involving a lot of back and forth allegedly the gunshot when hudson moved at her.
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>> and then again, says officer hudson approaches her in an aggressive fashion and that he flinches, in her words, he flinches toward her. at that point in time when he flinches toward her, she then points the gun at him and fires the weapon striking and killing officer hudson. >> reporter: two very different versions told by her, prosecutors said. they also tell us that the evidence, including statements from neighbors that day, simply does not support finch's account that she acted with that gun in self-defense. it could be several hours before she's arraigned here. she is not eligible for bail and now faces the possibility of life in prison on these murder charges. we're live this evening in media, george spencer, "nbc10 news."
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right now, check out the wintry conditions at camelback ski resort in the poconos. snow has been falling for several hours. some of it heavy. >> more proof that i guess, old man winter doesn't want to go away without a fight. heavy snowfall in parts of northwestern pennsylvania today. nearly 3 inches of snow blanket blanketing the ground. not everyone is seeing the snow. much of the area will get rain tonight. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is backtracking the system. what can we expect for tonight? >> most of us will be seeing the rain however poconos, higher elevations you will be seeing the snow continuing. a live look at the poconos, blue mountain ski resort area. the snow falling right now. this is one of our live cameras. very steady snowfall. we have been seeing it pretty much all afternoon. there you see it on the radar now. closer to allentown, that
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transition to rain with temperatures above freezing for the trenton area bucks county all the major interstates new jersey all light rain shown by the green. we'll continue this as we go through the evening. we have a big difference in temperatures, too. cold air lies to our north where we're seeing the snow and mild air south of philadelphia. we have a big contrast through the area. 36 in allentown. 54 in philadelphia. and still sitting at 63 degrees in dover. it really depends on where you are today. might feel like winter or might be feeling more like spring. by 6:00 this evening still looking at showers around mid-50s. 8 p.m. there's a chance some of the rain could be hefavy. we could have heavy pockets. 10:00 tonight, we could see a lot of this come to an end. more clearing going into tomorrow. a little cooler and near 70 by the end of the week. but that comes with some rain.
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i'll show you the timing on that coming up. >> we look forward to that. we know you'll return with the seven-day first alert forecast in a few minutes. you can get up to the knit information auto your nbc10 weather and news app. it's a free download. an argument turned physical on a septa subway platform and all caught on camera. now the search is on for the teenager who slugged a man. the video here shows a 60-year-old man being struck on his right cheek. he then got knocked off his feet at the 15th street septa station in center city yesterday afternoon. he was left there unconscious. police say a teenager threw that punch after a 20-minute verbal altercation on the train. >> we have a grown adult engaginging in an argument with kids who were not a problem before he got on the train, so there are a lot of questions that have to be answered here. >> the victim suffered a broken jaw and required stitches to the face.
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he remains in the hospital. police are asking any witnesses to come forward. philadelphia's budget taking center stage today. city council held its first hearing on mayor nutter's budget plan. they will begin reviewing and amending with a new approach. darrell clark says his message is department and agencies can't come before the council. he wants the budget to focus on improving the city's public schools, income inequality and also affordable housing. new information today on a story we brought you earlier this month. according to the press of atlantic city, police have now charged 25 students after a big fight at atlantic city high school back on march 19th. that fight started in the hallways after students had finished taking a standardized test. the school's principal, assistant principal and security guard were all injured in that fight. the world meeting of families gathers in philadelphia less than six months away now.
5:35 pm
major preparations already under way. >> including at a local high school where hundreds of students from across the country have been invited to stay for the papal visit. nbc10's katy zachry spoke to faculty and students at st. joseph's. >> reporter: in just a few months this jesuit high school will open its doors to hundreds of students from across the country, canada and puerto rico. they want as many students as possible to experience being this close to the pope. >> st. joe's prep in north philadelphia is focused on the future the near future when pope francis viflts philadelphia for the world meeting of family and conducts mass just a mile from these halls. over the last few months a team of staff and students has invited hundreds of jesuit high school students to take part in this historic event. so far, 300 have accepted. they'll sleep and stay at st. joe's over the long september weekend. >> have it done here at our school and provide people that opportunity is really a great thing. >> reporter: they're also hoping for a visit from the pope
5:36 pm
himself. when mayor nutter went to the vatican last year he took with him a st. joe's jersey which has special significance for the mayor, who's an alum. >> now for him to be visiting us and to put that into perspective that he's kind of right here right in our backyard is a big deal. and i think we're all excited about that. >> we hope to progress down there as a jesuit family and in the spirit of prayer and pilgrimage to celebrate with the pope and church. >> reporter: in addition to their plans from the school to the parkway, the students will spend time here eating sleeping attending mass and attending small workshops. katy zachry "nbc10 news." >> our coverage of the pope's visit to philadelphia continues online. we have a section with the pontiff's schedule how to volunteer and how to rent your house to visitors. check it out on the nbc10 app or at some good news for pennsylvanians struggling to pay their home heating bills.
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governor wolf announced they are extending the deadline. the federally funded program was originally set to end april 3rd but the wolf administration extended that program due to the severe winter we've all had. find out how to apply by going to our website at usually professional athlete with local roots comes to town to play his home team there's a lot of excitement but for this philly native last night's sixers game was full of sadness. john clark explains why wayne ellington was so upset. and stuck in traffic. if you think your commute is rough, you're right. wait until you hear how many hours the average philadelphia driver spends going nowhere fast.
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well here's a look at the
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nbc10 first alert weather radar. we are still watching snow in the poconos. that's continuing. rain elsewhere so for the rest of this evening, we continue to see the precip move through. coming up, i'll show you timing of it and which day will be near nearing 70 degrees this week. i'm nbc10 vince lattanzio. nbc10 is hosting the debate for philadelphia mayor, next tuesday at 7:00. we asked you at home to post questions for the candidates. ask away you did. more than 150 people shared their thoughts on who -- asking questions from the democratic mayoral candidate. we analyze all those questions and narrowed them down to ten. they include one like this. we know the government has limited spending capacity. are there certain city departments in which you envision investing more? are there agencies you envision investing less? you can find answers on
5:41 pm or "nbc10 news" app. those candidates want to be the mayor of philadelphia. six democrats competing for your vote. this sunday on "nbc10 @issue" you'll hear from each candidate and hear where they stand on each issue. everything from your wallet to your safety. don't miss "nbc10 @issue" sunday morning at 11:30 right after "meet the press." the democratic primary for mayor is the 19th. i'll be moderating the debate between the candidates next tuesday at the kimmel center. you can see it now on nbc10. staring at miles and miles of tail lights. if you add up all that time we literally spend days each year sitting in traffic. we know it's bad in the philadelphia area but would you believe it could be a lot worse? and tonight you might be sitting in traffic with rain falling. coming up i'll show you the timing of which all this will clear out, who will keep see the
5:42 pm
snow falling and when the warmer temperatures move in. plus months after he disappeared, this philadelphia man was found dead in the schuylkill river. police say it was no accident. the suspicious details surrounding his death coming up at 6:00.
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we continue to follow several breaking stories, including a death investigation in lower moreland township after two people were found dead in a house this afternoon. we're checking but police are not revealing many details at this point. we have a nbc10 live crew at the scene and we'll keep you updated. police say they don't expect to file charges in a deadly nail salon crash in northeast philadelphia. the driver of a car slammed into the salon shortly before noon. a customer inside was killed.
5:45 pm
another customer and worker are critically injured. the driver was not hurt. and skyforce10 over an investigation in cumberland county. police tell us a man died in police custody in vineland after officers arrested him on grape street this morning. several latest developments on the iran nuclear talks. right now, there's no deal but there's enough progress that the deadline's been moved to tomorrow. nbc10's steve handelsman explains. >> reporter: as midnight approached in switzerland, the iranians americans and others agreed to keep talking, with still no nuclear agreement in writing. >> if we are making progress toward the finish line then we should keep going. >> reporter: it may look like failure or falling short for secretary of state kerry, but many in washington are pleased. >> we're doing well. this is tough stuff. >> reporter: nuclear expert says, even though the iranians have not agreed to give up their uranium or agreed to a ten-year
5:46 pm
deal, they have agreed verbally to take most of their bomb-making gear offline and to allow intrusive inspections. >> we'll slash the iranian program, freeze it lock it up and put a camera on it. we're now just negotiating the details of how exactly how to do this. >> reporter: this is a win for the u.s.? >> this is a major win for u.s. national security. >> reporter: with the deadline for a written deal now june 30th president obama will push to keep sanctions in place. >> iran's only at the table because of the sanctions and severity of the sanctions. >> reporter: some in congress want sanctions touvened. >> they have to come up with something from switzerland or there will be a move to impose more sanctions. >> reporter: president obama warned he will veto any move by congress that he thinks could jeopardize the talks. many lawmakers up here including democrats, are worried about a bad deal with iran. there's already a talk of overriding any obama veto and toughening sanctions, even if that kills the talks.
5:47 pm
steve handelsman nbc news capitol hill. >> for the latest developments on the nuclear talks, tune into "nbc nightly news" coming up at 6:30. we still have snow falling up in the poconos but for the rest of us it will stay rainy for the rest of this evening. commute rainy through the rest of your evening and even part of tonight. then we'll see a clearing overnight. the snow will be sticking around for some areas, mainly north and west. more like those higher elevations, but after this all clears out later this week we'll have some nice warming. for some of us right now, it looks and feels like winter. as we go through thursday and friday, it will feel a lot more like spring outside. a live look at the poconos where the snow is still coming down. we've been seeing this for quite a few hours now. we'll keep seeing it as we go through the evening. a lot of moisture left over to work with. a look at the radar. most of us with the green here
5:48 pm
that's the rainfall. that's what most of us are seeing right now. up in the poconos, we have temperatures here either at or below freezing. so this is really supporting that snow falling. you can still see it here for monroe county. we'll keep that in the forecast for poconos. looks at rain closer to trenton and i-95 we have more moderate rainfall here. lower bucks lower montgomery county, also philadelphia up to trenton, we're continuing to see a rainy evening commute tonight. and this is going to stay like this as we go through the next few hours. a look at center city from adventure aquarium. raining in center city right now. traffic a little bit slower this evening. down to parts of delaware and south jersey light rain moving in and more back off to our west. we'll keep this into the forecast as we go into tonight and more clearing later tonight and overnight tonight. temperatures big difference from north to south based on our weather pattern with snow falling in the poconos, temperature 32 degrees. 36 in allentown. mid-50s, philadelphia.
5:49 pm
mid-50s, mt. holly. you look down at dover, 63 degrees. feels a lot more like spring in dover. feels more like winter up in the poconos. future weather shows all this moving through by 8 p.m. still looking at showers. the rain could be locally heavy. overnight we see this clearing out. tomorrow a sunny day. big change from today. kind of cool and windy, too. we go into thursday. that's when we start to see the warmer temperatures move in. we still stay dry but it will be more like the mid-60s. we go into friday. yes, we will be warm friday. take a look at rain moving in friday morning. through the rest of the day friday, more rain sets up back to our west and southwest. rainy to end the week but at least warm. this evening stays rainy. snow areas north of philadelphia, mostly poconos. sunny, cool, breezy temperatures. high around 50 degrees but at least we stay dry. thursday warmer, about 15 degrees warmer for most of the area. sunny skies friday.
5:50 pm
rain judgey over the weekend. saturday and sunday looks good and the phillies' opening day. schuylkill expressway in center city always a problem spot in the rain's coming down as as it it right now. a new study shows some philadelphia drivers spend an extra 70 hours a you're stuck in traffic. over the past year traffic congestion is actually up 3%. the worst peak time commutes tuesday and wednesday mornings thursday evenings. by the way los angeles tops the list with the nation's worst traffic congestion. a philly native got to take on the team he grew up watching. >> last night sixers game was full of sadness as well for lakers star wayne ellington. >> a former philly basketball star returned with the lakers last night and beat the sixers
5:51 pm
but why it was bittersweet for him. that's next. this is disgusting. why would you denounce a whole religion. >> speaking out. an ad that will soon appear on septa buses is drawing a lot of criticism. why critics say it's hateful towards muslims and what they're doing to fight that message.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
homecoming in the sports world is usually a happy event. >> but last night for a star from deep philadelphia rootsz. wayne ellington played through sadness and pain. >> wayne ellington's father was shot and killed in a northwest section of philly last november. last night wayne jr. came back to play against his hometown sixers. he bought 35 tickets for family and friends but he wishes he could have bought one more. >> it was bittersweet today. i knew someone would be missing. >> wayne ellington rarely missed one much his son's games in he pis co-pal academy. >> my father missed this game. he was always excited for me to come back to philly and play in front of everyone. >> this is the first time wayne played a game here since his father was murdered just over four months ago.
5:55 pm
>> i miss him. it's hard. it's really hard. still fresh. >> wayne could sense last night his father was watching him. >> i knew he's here. i can feel him every game before the top of every game. he'll be with me forever. >> he writes messages from his dad on his shoes before every game. along with wayne sr.'s initials. >> i got a lot of rituals. we have conversations every now and then. >> he knew what his father would be yelling at him from the stands. >> go to work! go to work! >> wayne listened. last night he scored 20 points. his most in two months. seven points in overtime and society up the lakers' game-winning basket. he dedicated the win to his dad. >> there's no question about that. it's for pops for sure. his motivation, make him proud, keep our name going. i'll name my son wayne, it will be waibyne iii.
5:56 pm
>> wayne says he'll start a foundation in his dad's memory and wants to bring more awareness to gun violence all for his pops. i'm john clark. back to you. coming up next at 6:00, nbc10 bringing you the latest on several breaking news stories. an elderly woman is dead and two other customers are critically hurt after a car plows into a philadelphia nail salon. a lot of questions in montgomery county after two bodies were found inside a lower moreland home. glenn? >> well snow's been falling for hours in the pocono mountains. it could spread to other areas tonight. i'm tracking the radar, plus details on a warm-up later in the week. next at 6:00.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
to do some shopping. >> the operator was pulling up into the parking spot to try to stop. apparently she hit the gas pedal instead of the break. >> reporter: police towed the car from the scene of the deadly accident as neighboring business owners looked on in disbelief. >> i can't imagine. they have to stop their business. they're very hard-working people. >> reporter: investigators tell me the family of the woman who died came here to the nail salon because the victim had been gone too long and they were worried something had happened to her.
6:00 pm
now, as for the driver no charges are expected to be filed. reporting live in the northeast, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." nbc10 also in montgomery county where police are investigating two people found dead inside a home. we've just learned the two were injured with a chain saw and discovered by their own child. >> nbc10's drew smith is awaiting that news conference. you just got us new information. bring us up to date. >> reporter: i just walked inside here. for the police department they handed us these pieces of paper, letting us know indeed these two bodies were found by the child of a pair of parents. they were found unresponsive. and that shocking part right there, the lacerations were from a chain saw. at least one part of this, they're looking into this as a homicide homicide. no other details are being released. the home is on country lane in lower moreland township. that home right there is apparently where these bodies were found around


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