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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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now, as for the driver no charges are expected to be filed. reporting live in the northeast, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." nbc10 also in montgomery county where police are investigating two people found dead inside a home. we've just learned the two were injured with a chain saw and discovered by their own child. >> nbc10's drew smith is awaiting that news conference. you just got us new information. bring us up to date. >> reporter: i just walked inside here. for the police department they handed us these pieces of paper, letting us know indeed these two bodies were found by the child of a pair of parents. they were found unresponsive. and that shocking part right there, the lacerations were from a chain saw. at least one part of this, they're looking into this as a homicide homicide. no other details are being released. the home is on country lane in lower moreland township. that home right there is apparently where these bodies were found around 12:50 this
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afternoon. we were talking to neighbors this in that neighborhood. some told us they knew this couple. they say they have been married for several years and have lived in this neighborhood for more than a decade. it's a qui oat area. they were surprised to hear this happened. >> all i know is two people were dead and it kind of caught me off guard because not a lot of stuff like that happens in this area. it's surprising because it was just randomly and all the fire -- firetrucks, police cars and ambulances. >> reporter: police are not releasing the names of the two people who are dead at this point. they are still notifying some of the family. autopsies are scheduled for tomorrow at the montgomery county coroner's office. again, we want to say that this late-breaking information is that a juvenile caller called 911 after finding his parents unresponsive with lacerations from a chain saw. drew smith, "nbc10 news."
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now to the latest on a group of firefighters held hostage in their own montgomery county fire house. tonight, those firefighters are also safe and a suspect is in custody. >> police say that suspect used to work with the very firefighters he held hostage, but had recently been fired from the lamott fire company. deanna durante joins us live with more on what happened inside that fire house today. >> reporter: that 25-year-old suspect investigators tell us was fired from the fire department just yesterday. we've learned he's a current philadelphia housing employee as well as someone who worked for the salvation army. firefighters are back inside the fire company today, after they were held hostage for over an hour this morning. police say they were on the phone with 25-year-old paul jordan as he held several firefighters hostage in the basement of the lamott fire company this morning. police say the volunteer firefighter had been let go by the department yesterday. >> obviously, you know can't
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take people hostage with a gun. >> reporter: police wouldn't say if jordan had any other issues with the department, other than he walked through the front door of the unlocked fire company and held them hostage. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: jamal robinson's family rushed to the scene even though they knew he was okay. one of four held hostage by jordan who eventually surrendered by police. >> i've been in the military so it's not scary to me. >> reporter: police chief teltz us hostage negotiators were on the phone almost immediately with jordan. they said he was crying talking. he said what was he trying to accomplish? he said he couldn't talk about that. we can tell you jordan is awaiting a mental evaluation. deanna durante, nbc10. >> nbc10 will continue to follow the latest on these developing stories. you can get updates at any time on and the nbc10 app.
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we have two very different stories to tell you tonight. this is a live look from our camera on camelback mountain where you can see snow falling. >> to the south, temperatures are up near 670 degrees. a look at cape may. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us now. >> glenn, many parts of the region are also seeing rain. in some areas, that could turn to snow? >> yeah. it's getting very close to changing in parts of the lehigh valley. right now it's been snowing for hours in the pocono mountains. another shot at blue mountain where it continues to snow. it is starting to accumulate on at least the tables there. and on the slopes. you can see the rain area moving through your region. the snow area is actually shrinking now as this storm seems to be weakening over the last hour or so. there's a little bit heavier rain back to the west that may
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be coming in over the next couple hours. in the meantime the rain/snow line has come down to the allentown area right now. it continues to snow in the poconos and the lehigh valley. getting into the action now, too. it's down to 36 degrees there. only 38 in pottstown while it's 50 in philadelphia. and 64 in georgetown delleaware. how about that? almost a 30-degree contrast not including the mountains. auto 50 degrees with showers right now and continue to drop with occasionally heavy rain. many areas dropping into the 30s by 10:00 tonight. keep the winter coats with you. a big warm-up is on the way. i'll tell you when with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> you can keep an eye on the rain and snow using the "nbc10 news" app with an interactive radar and updated forecasts from our team of meteorologists.
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new at 6:00 developments in the case of a bustleton man who has been missing since december. they tell us the man's body was found in the schuylkill river. nbc10 was there friday afternoon as police pulled the body from the river along kelly drive. they say he had been shot at least twice in the head. he vanished on december 14th. a few days later police found his burned out suv in east germantown. investigators say they found a bullet casing inside and a pool of blood in the driver's seat. the girlfriend of an offduty darby police officer is awaiting arraignment on charges she murdered her boyfriend saturday. prosecutors say tiana finch told them two very different versions of what happened during the final moments of officer mark hudson's life. officer hudson was shot and killed with his own service gun on saturday. in the hours after the shooting
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finch initially told investigators it was all an accident and that hudson's gun inadds verntly went off when she tried to move it out of their dog's gun. >> she on would answer the questions that were posed but it was her demeanor. she appeared to be cooperative, appeared to give us information, but obviously the information lacked credibility. >> the d.a. says the two had a tumultuous relationship. he says the evidence does not support finch's self-defense claim. finch now faces charges of first-degree murder in this case. a cumberland county man is dead after he was taken into custody by vineland police. eyewitnesss telling nbc10 officers got extremely physical with the suspect after they already had him restrained and in cushion today on a city
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street. >> tried to disarm me. >> a police dispatch recording seems to tell a different side of the story. the county prosecutor's office tells nbc10 the suspect was being arrest the at the time but they haven't said why or provided information about the officer's actions. witnesses say police had phillip white handcuffed on the ground on grape street just before he died in police custody. >> they punched him, kicked him, and they let the dog out of the car and he bit him. >> vineland police released a statement saying sincere thoughts and prayers are with white's family and officers involved. they ask for time for the justice department to investigate. kathleen kane lost a legal challenge today. the state supreme court denied
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her. the prosecutor looked into whether kane gave secret grand jury information to a newspaper. that means the d.a. could charge da with perjury and other offenses. next at 6:00, what put mumia abu jamal in the hospital and why his family is upset with his treatment. >> this is disgusting. >> speaking out. an ad that will soon appear on septa buses is drawing a lot of criticism. why credits say it's hateful to muslims and what they're doing to fight that message.
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family members and supporters of mumia abu jamal say undiagnosed diabetes is what put him in the hospital in critical condition. his wife and attorneys spoke outside the schuylkill medical center in pottsville. family members say his blood sugar was dangerously high and he could have gone into a diabetic coma. >> i just came from visiting my husband, who was very weak and
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he shouldn't have been in this hospital from the beginning because he shouldn't have been in prison. >> abu jamal is serving life in prison for the 1981 murder of police officer daniel faulkner. also tonight passengers, religious groups and even the mayor are speaking out against ads like this that will soon appear on septa buses, with pictures of adolf hitler. a judge ruled septa must allow the ads. nbc10's cydney long is live in center city this evening. how are critics trying to make their voices heard about this? >> reporter: number one, they want to make clear they don't blame septa. one group plans to pass out leaflets to promote peace to septa riders. overwhelmingly the groups that met today stood together saying they did not want this message on the side of city buses
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rolling through their neighborhoods. >> a lot of young people i know catch septa every day. it's going to hurt. >> reporter: this 21-year-old septa rider and practicing muslim is beside disappointed. >> this is disgusting. why would you de nouns a whole religion? >> reporter: septa fought hard but lost a legal challenge calling for a stop to aid muslim countries. religious leaders call it propaganda and for people of the city to turn the other cheek. >> we'll share the history of tolerance with the world when we welcome his holiness pope francis, for the world meeting of families in september. >> reporter: mayor nutter welcomed philadelphiaens of all faiths saying the ads will not define or divide this city. >> do not let this message affect you in a way that causes you to act in a manner which is unbecoming of the muslim. >> it was not septa's fault.
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they are not responsible. >> reporter: riders and religious leaders feel passionate about first amendment rights. >> let's not diminish our condemnation of irresponsible speech. >> reporter: the council on american islamic relations, philadelphia chapter, plans to leaflet riders with this message of peace beginning wednesday. >> the best way to hate speech is not hateful but become more educational, more loving, more caring. >> reporter: now, only 84 of septa's fleet of 1400, some buses will drive these ads around the city. the ads are not yet here. once they arrive in the city we're told by septa it will take three days to attach them to the buses. septa says it will consider a request by one of the organizations to use the ad revenue for charity here in the
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city. cydney long, "nbc10 news." carl icahn is blaming casino workers union for atlantic city's financial crisis. he tells associated press unite here is a big part of the atlantic city's problems. it came a day after the union leader says icahn was trying to disembowel the union. they say the union-run health plan is too expensive. icahn doesn't own the taj yet but lending the casino money to stay open. six democrats are competing for your vote to be the next mayor of philadelphia. this week on "nbc10 @issue" you'll meet every candidate and hear where they stand on issues. don't miss "nbc10 @issue" sunday morning at 11:30 right after "meet the press." we have some amazing differences in weather
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conditions during the day today across our area. it's phenomenal. we have a rainy afternoon rush in a good bit of the area. some places are changing to snow from the rain they've had such as allentown and the lehigh valley. we'll all be warmer later in the week. it will be cooler at the shore because of the colder ocean. we have cloudy skies across much of the area now. down to 50 degrees officially at philadelphia international. that wind has shifted. now north-northeast at 20. that temperature has gone down. we'll be in the 30s in a few hours. well we've got 36 degrees and notice in allentown while it's 45 and rain in mt. holly. 57 with sunshine out, according to that report. in dover, delaware. only 37 in quakertown and doylestown. 38 in pottstown. some of these places could see snow in the next couple of
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hours. 45 in northeast philly. 47 in kennettt square. 40 in trenton. need the winter coats tonight. but not so far in delaware or south jersey. it is cold right by the ocean, but in delaware we've still got some places in the 60s. well, the difference, it's because of this. got a front. we've got southerly winds, northerly winds. a classic, classic wind shift here. north winds all in pennsylvania. south winds coming up. that helps cause the rain and the snow with 20-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia and as that front comes down, the temperature drops sharply. so we have the rain moving through the area. the snow getting a little closer. but it's not as big an area of snow as it was hours ago. we still have some heavier rain
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in maryland about to move into delaware. we now have the snow down toward allentown. one place is central pennsylvania. not too far from penn state. they've had 8 inches of snow today. it's been quite a bit. and the poconos have had several inches already too. look at these temperatures drop as we go through the future cast cast. the rain starts to move out to new jersey and dell but the temperatures keep going down. we'll be below freezing in many areas. by morning, some below freezing by midnight tonight. in northern portions of the area. far from the beginning of april. we've got a rainy evening, change to snow in some of those northern suburbs. lehigh valley parts of berks county, parts of upper montgomery county bucks. 34 by morning in the philadelphia. 27 north and west. during the day tomorrow it's sunny. kind of cool.
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a little bit breezy. but at least there's no rain or snow and there's not going to be a huge temperature contrast across the area. everybody jumps up on thursday. should be a really nice day. a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. and only the shore areas will be significantly colder. friday, close to 70 but also the wettest day. then we cool down a bit over the weekend and just a chance of shores for the phillies home opener monday. i'm john clark. eagles sign another formy cowboy and a phillies. er leaves the game today. it's all next.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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i'm john clark. eagles make it official signing veteran receiver miles austin. another former cowboy. he'll get one year $2.3 million. and he could make $3 million in incentives. he was with the browns last season but he made his name in dallas. he was a teammate of new eagles running back demarco murray but has missed 15 games over the last four seasons. he said today his ham stril string feels healthy and he likes what he sees in chip kelly's offense. >> the tempo of it the amount of plays you get ran, the pressure it puts on the defense. yeah i just thought it would be an interesting deal. i mean i feel great physically. so, i mean i think at least another, you know, 10, 15 years, you know what i'm saying? >> he could play for the phillies then. they announced don brown will start the season on dl and then ken giles left the game with a
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back strain. phillies and bluejays. o'sullivan is on the mound, they could be the fifth starter because they released slowey. gives up the homer to jose bautista. one of two homers he allows. and here's video of giles leaving with mid to lower back pain. he says he thinks he'll be okay for the season opener on monday. thank goodness. sixers lost last night to the lakers but not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to the nba lottery. how about the play of noelle and has happened since the trade of michael carter-williams. he has a really good chemistry with new point guard smith. he got his wish with ish. >> i love that kid, man. you know he finds me and, you know, whenever i'm open. honestly it's the first true point guard i've ever played with. he said you know i'm one of the alley-oop and big men he's
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played with so i think we complement each other well. villanova coach jay wright was approached by texas for their head coaching job but he said nay. temple in the semifinals of the n.i.t. the owls have been soaking in the sights and sounds of new york city. they are last team in the city still playing. highlights at 11:00. >> john clark having fun in times square. now for a look at what's coming up tonight on "nbc10 news" at 11:00 -- three students expelled from a local college because of a racist broadcast on a campus radio station. how a prisoner exposed them. that's on "nbc10 news" at 11:00. takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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>> 40 degrees and then even warmer by friday. >> thanks to all of us here at "nbc10 news." >> the news continues now with nbc nit "nbc nightly news"." this tuesday night, fixing it. bowing to pressure indiana's governor promising to rework the law ensuring religious freedom. a backlash threatens the state's bottom line. wild manhunt for an escaped prisoner. how he evade capture. imagine driving to work and someone is hiding in your trunk and starts kicking his way to the back seat. no secret turns out the airline was previously told about the co-pilot's treatment for severe de preparation. and treating back pain. the pain reliever many go to first and why it may not be the right pill for your aching back. "nightly news" begins right now.


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