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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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outbreak of severe weather we saw in illinois. my colleague, nbc10 meteorologist brittney shipp has more on the damage there. >> a second tornado victim has now died as we get a better look at the destruction. this system saw a deadly tornado in the midwest. homes were ripped from their foundation littering the ground with debris. one woman died. seven others were hurt. everyone in this community of 200 suffered some kind of damage. the winds near the tornado were powerful. they were so strong that a truck flipped over on its side as the tornado got closer to the road. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> look at the cars. >> look there goes cars. >> oh my god. >> i saw headlights go flying. >> scary situation. as most people tried to get out of the path of this huge tornado, a group of storm chasers purposely drove towards the potentially fatal weather just to record the storm. both victims killed by the severe weather were in their 60s. about a dozen other people were injured.
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rosemary? >> thank you. keep tabs on the rainy rush in our area and the impact it will have on your friday night plans with the nbc10 news and weather apz handy. in the meantime our delaware news room a deadly apartment fire in new castle county neighbors forced from their homes. keith jones on the story for us. >> do we know what started the fire? >> not yet. the fire marshal is still investigating. one woman died another hurt and a firefighter needed to be treated for burns. neighbors ran from that scene. check out the flames. this was shot by an nbc10 viewer with a cell phone. the three-story apartment fire started around 10:00 this morning. and these are the possum park apartments. residents from other buildings raced to save people inside. >> i was trying to make sure the baby was out of the building but
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one lady got stuck in the building. i just rolled up and saw flames shooting out of the windows and a lot of smoke. >> one woman did not make it out alive. here's the after malt of the burned out building. the total damage about $250,000. one firefighter had burns to his ear. he was treat and released. we're awaiting the autopsy of the woman killed at. the red cross is helping families while the fire department works on it. the brand new owner of the closed revel casino has a crisis on his hands. >> that's right. power has been shut off at the sprawling beach front property. because of that the city has slapped that new owner with fines. nbc10 jersey shore bureau reporter drew smith. >> explain the potential danger it could create. >> reporter: jim and rosemary, those fines are for fire code violations. think smoke alarms or water
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pumps. they're not working inside this building right now. for that reason people are not allowed inside. we just learned the occupancy permanent for the revel has been revoked. the few people who ventured out on the boardwalk in front of the revel casino, agreed it's a shame new ownership is starting out in a power struggle with the energy supplier for the 48-story building. >> it seems like he got a good bargain, so he should probably pay the electric bill. >> reporter: he's talking about glenn straub who officially purchased the property this week. but negotiations for how to pay for the power have so far failed. >> it was just built and now there's a chance it could catch fire and burn to the ground. >> reporter: the city is most concerned about what it calls life safety systems. without power, sprinkler water pumps are useless. >> an astronomical risk. it's real -- really really almost possible to get water above the seventh floor. >> reporter: firefighters say
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they would need to climb dark stairwells with heavy equipment going up against a fire 40 stories up. in a building a few years old, it's like going back decades in fire suppression technology. >> we'll be faced with an extreme difficult hazard situation there. >> reporter: i've been in touch with a representative for glenn straub, the owner here. she told me her team followed protocol when the power went down. they're going to safely and efficiently bring in generators to bring the power back up. when we asked, when is that going to happen she did not have an answer for us. new information tonight in the case of a disability benefit scheme that local prosecutors say included holding mentally disabled people captive. a second person pleaded guilty. eddy ray wright faces life in prison. wright and three other were arrested after four mentally
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disabled people were kept in the basement. they were beaten raped starved and moved to various states to avoid being caught. according to prosecutors, lindon westen gregory thomas eddy wright and jean mcintosh conspired in the alleged scheme. prosecutors will not try a philadelphia priest on child sex charges for a third time. father mccormick was accused of molesting an 11-year-old altar boy in bridesburg. in two trials neither jury could reach a verdict. police in burlington county want your help finding the man you see right here. he's suspected of leaving graffiti on a number of properties in burlington city last weekend, including the n.j. transit town center station. if you have any information or you recognize him, call burlington police. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a vigil for the man who died in police custody in cumberland county. that event brought together the community and the city's top cop. nbc10's south jersey bureau
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reporter cydney long was there for the vigil. while the community asks for answers, the investigation is still going on. have we learned any new details about the deadly encounter caught on camera? >> reporter: jim, i can tell you that we know the family of phillip wright has paid for an independent autopsy. through the family attorneys and spokesperson, we're asking for the results. every bit of transparency in this investigation the people of vineland say there ease the tensions. >> we're not here to protest, pass judgment or point fingers. we're here to pray. >> reporter: the people of vineland led by pastors of seven denominations are praying for peace of the death of phillip white. cell phone videoindividual video captured police arresting a man.
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vineland city police chief was among those who bowed their heads. is it very important for the vineland community right now in light of phillip white's death? >> i view these leaders as important every day. maybe more important today. >> reporter: white's death inspired an online group anonymous to make threats against investigators. in our search for answers -- do you have the autopsy report or text coming? we formally requested the medical examiner's findings. the prosecutor would not comment on any part of the investigation. other than they know we are looking for the cause and manner of death. members of community like jennifer, she's relying on police to solve her own brother's murder one year ago and says white's altercation with police stirs emotion. >> i just really want justice for phillip white's family as well. if if means putting the bad guy away you know the bad guy isn't always the one on the street. sometimes it is the one in uniform. we don't know.
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>> reporter: and this right here is a statement of unity that is standing behind the white family. also standing behind police that 36 religious leaders in this immediate area have signed since that 1:00 vigil. we are also looking for finality in this investigation asking for the death certificate from the county medical examiner. we'll let you know what it says when we get it. live in vineland, i'm cydney long, "nbc10 news." >> thank you. now to new details about the investigation into that deadly police station in south carolina. law enforcement officials have now revealed that they were doubtful of officer michael slager's version of events from the very beginning. nbc10 national correspondent sara dolloff has more from south carolina. >> reporter: slager initially said scott tried to grab his taser but investigators say they were questioning his story before that disturbing cell phone video ever surfaced.
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a day after dash cam video was released showing the initial traffic stop that brought officer michael slager and walter scott together. at first, their interaction is routine. then scott gets out of the car and runs. there's a gap in between what happens after that and where eyewitness cell phone video begins with slager firing eight shots. the state agency investigating the shooting says they saw inconsistencies right away saying what appeared to be gunshot wounds in scott's back. the statement reads, we believed early on there was something not right. the cell phone video shot by a bystander confirmed our suspicions. slager a coast guard veteran has been charged with murder and fired from his job. his mother has yet to watch the video but offered an apology to the scott family. >> i just want them to know i'm sorry that this happened. i know their family is grieving. our family is grieving. and i would hate for this to happen to anybody.
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>> reporter: two families torn apart. >> i will miss his phone calls. he would call his mom every day. >> reporter: and the troubling moments captured on video. the scott funeral is scheduled for this weekend. north charleston will provide his family with a police escort. in south carolina sarah dallof "nbc10 news." this man's wanted in connections with a shooting in the city's port richmond area wednesday. this is video of the suspect running away from the shooting. you'll see that coming up. police say the man shot at a car on martha street after the driver honked his horn asking for the suspect to move out of the middle of the street. the suspect escaped by running into a nearby grocery store and out the back door. no one was hurt. a carbon monoxide leak in a philadelphia home sent one to the hospital. pgw was at the house assessing air quality. fire officials tell nbc10 it's not a pgw issue.
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neighbors say they think a basement generator is to blame. one neighbor explains how she saw the homeowner react. >> yeah he looked like he was worried. he was outside and a little -- figuring out if everything was okay before he went inside. >> no other houses were affected. an overturned tractor/trailer backed up rush hour traffic on the benjamin franklin bridge. it blocked two lanes right into the city. took about three hours for crews to get that truck upright and clear the scene. a first alert traffic note for anybody who travels the bridges over the vine street expressway. if you think traffic is bad now just wait. >> oh boy, major construction about to get under way. it's certain to have an impact. here are the details for you. it's a four-year project to replace structurally deficient bridges over the vine street speedway. expressway. it begins in the overnight hours
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early tuesday. it's a $65 million project. deanna durante is live in center city to tell us more about the penndot project and its impact. >> we're talking about seven bridges here but it will affect traffic all around those bridges as well. >> reporter: how could it not, rosemary? when you take a look at the vine street expressway, it's not even 5:00 and look how busy it is. penndot tells us the first step to happen is all lines on the vine street expressway need to be redirected in order for the construction crews to move in. >> i don't know about that one. that's going to be rough. that's going to be real rough. >> reporter: it's a project expected to last for the next four plus years. >> wow. i didn't know that. >> reporter: and just about everyone we talked to in the city today, the news seems to come as a surprise. >> when were they going to let us know? >> reporter: consider this your warning. those construction trailers and heavy machinery you now see on the upper levels have vine street, they're about to be put to use. plans call for crews to start
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working after midnight on tuesday. lanes will be shifted so eastbound lanes will be shut down tuesday and thursday morning. opening again around 5:00 in the morning. westbound lanes will be closed wednesday and friday, so no access there, again, until 5 a.m. drivers will be instructed to follow detours through the area during those lane closures. all seven bridges spanning the vine will be demolished. the first family court will be closed on may 4th. >> it's going to be horrible. >> reporter: that is what people were echoing all over center city today. the bridge where we're standing on here at 18th street is scheduled to be shut down and start to be demolished in october. that's after the world meeting of families. penndot tells us that come september, construction crews will clean up pack up and get out of the way for the visit from the pope. reporting live in center city deanna durante "nbc10 news." >> as this bridge construction project gets under way, you can count on nbc10 to bring you important information on the work and the impact on your commute. you can get that information any
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time at your fingertips using the "nbc10 news" app. support for philadelphiaens with intellectual disabilities and autism, that was the focus of a forum for the democratic nominees hoping to become philadelphia's next mayor. the event was hosted by philadelphia support parent groups envision for equality. of course, six candidates running for the democratic nomination for physical mayor. abraham, diaz kenney oliver street and williams. there's just with uncandidate on the republican side. businesswoman melissa murray-bailey will be the gop nomination for mayor. here's the nbc10 election calendar. tuesday, may 19th is the primary and tuesday november 3rd voters will head to the polls for the general election and choose the next mayor of philadelphia. an extended autism assessment center is open in chester county. it will provide families with autism testing, support and guidance services. the service's clinical director
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tells us adults will benefit as much as children. >> they need the diagnosis, so to help them understand what it is, why they're having difficulties with social skills difficulties in their job and to help them get the right treatment also. >> families will also not have to wait as long to get a diagnosis. an ohio college basketball player who inspired many during her battle with cancer has died. 19-year-old lauren hill was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, given just weeks to live but the mount st. joseph university basketball player defied doctors. she lived for months. the school began its basketball season two weeks early so hill could play. in massachusetts, a jury is now in its fourth day of deliberations in the murder trial of former new england patriot star aaron hernandez. jurors have so far spent more than 16 hours considering whether to convict hernandez in the june 2013 shooting death of odin lloyd.
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lloyd was killed in an industrial park. now to decision 2016 after months of speculation, former secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to announce that she will once again run for president. sources close to her campaign say clinton will announce her candidacy as early as sunday. clinton is expected to make the announcement on social media with campaign stops scheduled for next week. one of those stops will likely be the first in the nation caucus state of iowa. on the republican side two candidates have so far announced their bid for the white house, senator ted cruz of texas and senator rand paul of kentucky. president obama is in panama this weekend for the summit of the americas. mr. obama spoke with cuban president raul castro on the phone for the second time ever ahead of an expected face-to-face meeting. it comes amid an effort to restore tice between cuba and the united states.
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it's more than three days since we've seen the sun but we'll see a whole lot of it before the weekend. we have a bit of rain around during the afternoon rush but a windy saturday and a sunny weekend overall. we'll see lots of sunshine. nice warm temperature. flag still blowing out there. it's going to be blowing tomorrow but it's going to be blowing dryer air in here. it's 54 degrees now. the wind is finally going into the southwest. and that has pushed the temperature 12 degrees higher than yesterday. it was supposed to be closer to 30 degrees higher than this time yesterday we're in the 50s across much of the area. 58 in mt. holly. as we head farther to the south the warmer air has come in. aloke chakravarty, 62 degrees. 62 in dover. and it's 70-plus degrees in sussex county in delaware.
4:18 pm
even warmer than that farther to the south. we started the day off with cold air all the way up and down the east coast. it's just a question of how far north that warm air was going to get. watch the southerlily winds push us into the 80s in southeastern virginia by 1:00. starting to come up through delaware but just not enough. look at that. temperatures in the 80s ko near 90 degrees farther to the south. that also suppressed any kind of thunderstorms. this is what we're left with. a couple showers coming through the area. it's wet in the lehigh valley berks county upper bucks about to get some but nothing like what was back to the west with this system yesterday. we still see showers in western virginia. that could create thunderstorms later on once it goes into the 80-degree air. our future weather computer showing it could get up as far
4:19 pm
north as sussex county in delaware by 6:00 7:00 tonight. and then the front comes up by 9:00. again, a chance of some briefly heavier rain in south jersey and delaware from philadelphia northward it's going to be pretty dry by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. and that affects the phillies and the wind that starts to the southwest becomes the northwest wind as the game goes on. doesn't often do that. and the temperatures actually going up as we go through the evening hours once the dry air comes in. kind of a weird pattern this evening. overnight tonight, it's the early rain and then clearing. chance of a thunderstorm toward cape may county southern delaware. temperatures in the 40s tomorrow. kind of a windy day but the temperatures up to 60 or low
4:20 pm
60s. the wind gusting to 35 miles an hour possible. seven-day forecast. beautiful on sunday. much less wind. up near 70 on monday. and showers monday night and into tuesday. some more nice weather for wednesday and thursday. you don't see any cold air next week. today rolling out the red carpet for the holy father. >> it's certainly an exciting time for many. a challenge for others. >> it's so much to consider. getting staff in. >> preparing for the pope and why some in the local hospitality industry may have to rough it while francis is here. i'll explain the kinds of accommodations they can expect. you're saying that that was illegal, that you are still the borough manager? >> absolutely, i am. >> a town in turmoil. her colleagues kicked her out of office, but she's not going anywhere. new at 4:30 the nbc10 investigators with the power struggle that has taken one community's fight to a new low. and the woman who wed ten
4:21 pm
times. that's certainly unique. it's what she did not do in between marriages and has become a crime.
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peco says shutoff notices are beginning to go out to customers who are behind on their bill. they say 250 to 400 customers are shut off each day. about 145,000 customers are more than 30 days behind on their bills. those include both businesses and residences. they say shutoff notices are sent out with about ten days' notice before services are cut off. the deed line has been extended for those with lheap to apply for financial help. it provides help with paying those heating bills. the new deadline to apply is may 1st. from our south jersey bureau, some big brand names coming to the gloucester premium outlets, set to open this
4:25 pm
summer. stores include adidas armani banana republic brooks brother, calvin klein -- i think that's enough for now. the outlet will feature 90 designer stores in all. they promise savings of 25% to 60%. they are set to open august 139. now back to one of our top stories. >> a deadly apartment fire in new castle county. one person was killed and four others injured at the possum park apartments in newark. a couple of residents and a firefighter suffered injuries in the blaze which destroyed six apartments. what they did was illegal. >> power struggle. new at 4:30 the nbc10 investigators with a developing story. a shakeup for one local government that's left two people out of office. they're not giving up. sloppy finish to a dreary week. showers creating a rainy rush in some places. i'll let you know when the sun
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a rainy rush for commuters. spring showers are giving the region a good soaking, but we dodged those severe storms. also didn't get the warm temperatures that could have helped fuel those storms. >> a live look at the schuylkill expressway this friday afternoon. the rain certain to slow things down a bibtt. nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back. >> we expected higher temperatures and storms but mother nature had other plans,
4:30 pm
didn't she? >> we needed the warmer weather to create the environment for the storms so if we don't get one, we don't get the other. this foggy picture tells the story. that's the way it's been much of the day. that cold dense air is really stubborn. it's in the 50s in most parts of the area. 64 in aloke chakravarty. 63 in dover. just farther to the south in virginia, it's well into the 80s. actually at 90 degrees in one spot. but that cold damp air that's been over us for more than two days now is more dense than the warm air trying to come up on the southerly winds. that makes it hard to move out and also cuts the thunderstorm chances. so that's why any storms that form will be farther to the south tonight. you can see some of the showers across the area. not a whole lot right now. farther to the south where the air's a lot warmer we have showers and maybe thunderstorms starting to develop that could come across portions of that
4:31 pm
area. we'll get into that with more detail with the rest of the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, glenn. you can track the rain on your smartphone or tablet with the "nbc10 news" and weather apps. it's the same technology our first alert weather team uses. to a developing story now in delaware county. the council chaos continues in the small community of colwyn at this hour. nbc10 is rooif there right now. here's what's going on there. yet another public battle ended in confusion and change in power in that tiny borough of colwyn. >> the manager was fired and the town has a new council president but some say the moves were illegal. the borough manager refuses to hand over her keys or leave the building. as harry hairston and investigators reports, she tells us there's only one way she'll leave her job. >> reporter: if the courts order you out, will you obey the court? >> if the court does i would. i would take my order from a
4:32 pm
judge. >> reporter: just moments before borough manager paula brown spoke to us delaware county district attorneys carted multiple boxes of financial records away. she says she asked them to come. >> the main priority is to protect the records, the documents. >> reporter: earlier she let us in as she gathered the documents for investigators. last night's power move four council members voted to fire brown. you're saying that was illegal. that are you still the borough manager. >> absolutely i am. >> reporter: things got heat last night just before the four council members took that vote to oust her. >> no no! >> reporter: the vote came after council president paul meuser said he adjourned the meeting. but four council members say the meeting wasn't properly stopped and continued on to both remove the president and fire brown. >> i'm council president because we made a motion to adjourn and
4:33 pm
what they did was illegal. >> reporter: the person making the motions, brown and meuser's former ally fred lesher who says he's the new council president. >> we actually got rid of a faction on council causing a lot of problems. >> reporter: jesse brundage supports brown and brought her foot. she says if the court orders her out, she's not letting those four council members who voted against her in. those members reached by phone had no comment. for the investigators in colwyn harry hairston "nbc10 news." >> paula brown has been the focus of attention in the past. in 2000 when she was the mayor of darby borough, brown parked her car on csx train tracks to protest malfunctioning crossing gates. in 2004 council members tried to move her out of the mayor's office inside the police department. she locked herself in. again, nbc10 live in colwyn as we monitor the situation there. you can count on nbc10 to bring you new developments in this ongoing power struggle on the
4:34 pm
air and on the "nbc10 news" app. a new jersey teacher who assigned her class to write get well letters to a convicted cop killer is now suspended from work. this happened in orange essex county. the school superintendent said he had no knowledge the teacher assigned her third grade class to write the letters to abu jamal. school administrators say the teacher did not ask for approval and parents were not told about the assignment. the letters were sent to abu jamal who was hospitalized. the former black panther is serving life in prison for the murder of daniel faulkner. tonight the ground could shake and you could hear some explosions at joint base mcgwire dikes lakehurst. marines will conduct training exercises tonight and saturday. this will detonate explosives between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. they say the noise could travel with overcast weather conditions.
4:35 pm
happening this weekend in bucks county hundreds of athletes will be in bensalem for what's billed as the largest college fencing event in the world. students from more than 40 schools will participate in the college fencing national championship at bensalem high school. the competition begins tomorrow. organizers say it will give the local economy a boost. >> all 1,000 participate apts have to go eat. they'll stay in our hotels. they'll visit our attractions. so, you know, it's a win-win for not only bensalem but all of bucks county. >> by the way, the event is free and open to the public. today the cost of care. >> nbc10 with the new numbers and just how expensive it is for paying for a family member in a nursing home. later, preparing for the pope as the region braces for a visit from the holy father. the one warning that's being issued and what people are being told not to do during his visit here. and next protection with
4:36 pm
pounds. how extra weight may be good for your health, at least in one way as you get older. all new at 5:00 pothole repairs do not take the weekend off. in fact penndot crews will be extra busy tomorrow. where they plan to work and a progress report on area potholes.
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i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget.
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uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted. kill her. flo: it will save you money! the name your price tool isn't witchcraft! and i didn't turn your daughter into a rooster. she just looks like that. burn the witch! the name your price tool a dangerously progressive idea. carrying extra weight during middle age may actually give you some protection against dementia later in life. researchers found people who were very obese in their 50s were 30% less likely to develop dementia than those with a normal weight. people who were underweight were the most likely to develop dementia. experts say they are not sure why extra weight seems to have a protective effect against memory decline. the cost of caring for the elderly is getting more expensive. an industry survey shows the average price for a private room in a nursing home is now $91,000
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a year. the report found wide differences from state to state. in oklahoma for instance the average cost per year in a nursing home came out to $60,000. in connecticut it was $159,000. so, big differences there. well we've all heard of blushing brides. >> that's right. today one woman in particular though, may be blushing for other reasons. she tied the night ten times. then she got caught. why investigators say it was not love but a crime. i've got my eyes on this front. it's creating some rain for the rush hour. find out how long the rain will be around before it makes its exist and the sun will return in my exclusive "nbc10 news" first alert weekend forecast.
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a special mass today in
4:44 pm
delaware county. these are students from cardinal foley school. they were at nearby st. dennis in havertown today for connell strong day. 4-year-old connell has leukemia and undergoing treatment at children's hospital of philadelphia. the students have been selling bracelets and t-shirts to help pay for his medical expenses. the know your value tour has landed in philadelphia. it's focused on empowering women to express their worth in business and in life. the host is msnbc's mika brzezinski, the "morning joe" co-host spoke to us about the women attending the event. >> we had a waiting list but we had a great start this morning. i was talking to women how to negotiate, how to close a deal talking about our health. >> nbc10 anchor renee is taking part in the know your value tour today. she'll join us live at 5:00. happening now in west philadelphia a chance for some
4:45 pm
high schoolers to get their hands on fancy threads just in time for prom season. nbc10 at the greater temple where state representative vanessa brown is hosting her annual prom safety and gown giveaway. boys who show up get a selection of suit. they sign a safety pledge for prom in exchange for the clothes. it runs until 7:00 tonight and tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00. we've been in the 40s for a couple days. today we've gotten into the 50s. some places into the 60s. and some places getting rain for the afternoon rush. everybody will see a windy saturday but there will be all sorts of sunshine over the weekend. we've been missing that sun, haven't we? three days of this. these low clouds have helped prevent not only a temperature
4:46 pm
rise but also any kind of thunderstorms. 54 degrees now. winds southwest at 15 miles an hour. we finally got rid of the east wind. there's a huge temperature contrast from north to south. 51 in allentown. 71 degrees in georgetown delaware. we expect an even greater contrast. 47 in the poconos. 50s across much of the rest of the area. 57 in washington township. 59 in wrightstown. starting to get warmer there. okay. 64 aloke chakravarty international. look at that. 76 degrees in lewis, delaware. found 70 somewhere in our area. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. and it's still not anywhere near warm enough for what we'd expect. now, you can see some showers coming through. this is a cold front. and the wind is going to shift into the west behind this thing. just a few showers in the lehigh valley and poconos. and that is going to finally dry things out.
4:47 pm
as we go into the evening. these showers and thunderstorms could potentially affect southern delaware later on this evening. as you can see in the future cast here we could see some of those storms in sussex county cape may county, early in the evening and then by 9:00 or so, it's gone, even at the shore. so it's going to be a quiet night and a quiet weekend. the phillies will have no trouble getting the game in. the wind is going to start blowing out, the beginning of the game. maybe around the third inning or so it shifts into the northwest. the front comes through. so, the wind will start going toward the right field corner. so, folks headed out to the game or watching the game, you might want to see what happens there. any showers will be ending by about 7:00. we're going to be actually seeing the temperature go up during the evening hours as we clear out. and get that west wind. tonight the early, patchy rain and clearing late for a low in
4:48 pm
philadelphia. 44 north and west. tomorrow sunny, windy. highs in the low 60s. winds gusting as high as 35 miles an hour. seven-day forecast not much wind on sunday. that just makes it a spectacular day. 70 degrees and sunshine on monday. then some showers monday night and into tuesday. we have more showers coming in toward the end of the week. but one thing you're not seeing highs in the 40s. nothing like that next week. >> we can look forward to that. >> oh, my gosh. what a change. >> thanks glenn. fans flock to apple stores around the world today to try on the apple watch. that watch starts at $349. it's available to preorder today and was available for a preview in stores. preorders were to be delivered on april 24th but after today's demand, a lot of the most popular models in apple's online stores, only available in june. most models will only be
4:49 pm
available in mid to late may. too many trips down the aisle earned a woman a trip before a new york city judge. there was no rice thrown here, only accusations as prosecutors say the woman married ten men as part of an immigration scam. today she pleaded not guilty to two counts of filing a false marriage application and license. prosecutors say she was married to eight men at once in the new york city area. the grooms are native of egypt, turkey, pakistan and mali. the countdown is on. >> the faithful are eagerly anticipating the highly awaited visit of pope francis to our region. today, why some are being told to put it in park for the papal visit. plus, i talked to local hospitality leaders about the challenge ahead for them and where their workers may have to crash for a couple nights. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 following the money trail. just who's funding the candidate in the race for philadelphia mayor. it was a topic in the debate we
4:50 pm
just hosted. now the nbc10 investigators are digging for answers.
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4:53 pm
less than six months to go until the pope's arrival and businesses in philadelphia already hard at work. they're making plans to accommodate the thousands, if not millions who will converge on center city. >> it's a big undertaking. i found out how they're preparing for the challenge. the brunch on sunday on the 50th floor offers breakfast made to order and sweeping views of center city. for mickey rouly and his partner lou coffman, their business is
4:54 pm
in a prime position for followers. he's hoping they'll come hungry. now it's a matter of making it all work. >> there's so much to consider. getting staff in. we're actually talking to the building and the building's fitness center about making their showers available so we can have staff on blow-up mattresses in house to work. >> our initial strategy was five-night stay nonrefundable, prepaid, the whole nine. >> the embassy suites in center city which is now sold out, can demand well over $500 a night. the hotel is the only one within 500 feet of the basilica. and every room has a balcony. its close proximity to the action means traditional guests won't be the only ones occupying the hotel. >> all the rooftops will be you know secured with the secret service. >> reporter: because the streets around the hotel will be shut
4:55 pm
down embassy suites is warning guests, don't drive. >> we're saying, don't bring your car. >> because driving will be difficult if not impossible, people here to see the pope will rely heavily on septa. i'll be talking about that coming up later in the 5:00 newscast. >> so let's check the nbc10 calendar. the world meeting of families will be held the last full week of september, from the 22nd to the 25th. pope francis will be here the weekend of september 26th and 27th. with each passing week you can count on nbc10 to bring you new information about the upcoming papal visit. you can get those details fast and at your convenience using the "nbc10 news" app for smartphones and tablets. let's move quickly to "nbc10 news" at 5:00. >> here is keith jones. >> next on "nbc10 news" at 5 -- funding the candidates for philadelphia mayor. we saw them talk about it during the debate right here on nbc10. so exactly who is putting up money to pay for their campaigns. the nbc10 investigators did some digging.
4:56 pm
see what they uncovered. i'm also tracking a few light showers over your rush hour hour, plus i'll have your weekend forecast. with dry weather ahead after the rain this weekend should be idea pothole-filling weather. where road crews plan to be tomorrow and the progress they say they've already made. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. jooishgsz
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. right now at 5:00 tracking showers. a live look at the ben franklin bridge. showers are moving through the area right now. >> nbc10's first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the details on what we can expect to see tonight. >> we're actually going to dry out. this is all we're seeing on our radar. just didn't get warm enough for us to see the powerful thunderstorms. we're seeing a few isolated showers. mainly near the lehigh valley stretching up into the poconos. as we head into the rest of tonight, we are going to see drying conditions mostly cloudy skies and most of the warm air to the south. temperatures in philadelphia in the mid-50s. 51 in pottstown. much warmer along the shore. in atlantic city. in dover you'll see temperatures closer to 90 degrees. all that warmer air didn't quite make it into our region to help fuel some stronger
5:00 pm
thunderstorms. as far as tonight is concerned, we'll start to dry out by 7 p.m. temperatures at 56 degrees by 9 p.m. 56, dry and breezy. we'll see those breezy conditions stick with us as we head into tomorrow. as we head into saturday and sunday, i'm tracking a fantastic weekend. i'll go over all the details in my seven-day forecast. >> thank you. this is the perfect time to remind you about the nbc10 first alert weather app. if you're away from your television tracking storms with radar right on your smartphone or tablet that's what you can do with this app. it's a free download like the "nbc10 news" app. this is some of the latest aerial video from the northern illinois community of fairdale. a tornado tore through the tiny town yesterday. from the ground we get another look at the damage. toppled trees, flattened homes and cars thrown around. it was one of two trrns that touched down in


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