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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a mother and daughter survive being wedged beneath a tractor trailer. >> the two tires just like inches from me. >> tonight, one of the women is telling her story to nbc 10 and so are the firefighters who pulled them to safety. >> we're working on it we're going to get you out. >> good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. this is how the crash looked from skyforce10 a mangled car trapped beneath an 18-wheeler on the northeast extension. >> one of the survivors admits it is a horrifying picture here but she lived to tell about it. nbc 10's george spencer live at abington hospital. both women in remarkably good condition. >> reporter: that's right, jacqueline especially for a crash they say bounced them around like a ping-pong ball. that daughter is still recovering at this hospital tonight, and when i spoke to her by phone she sounded like a survivor who almost could not believe she is still alive. >> looked at my mom and i looked at me and i just we're alive.
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and i just thought, this is absolutely miraculous. >> reporter: miraculous indeed, as these images from skyforce10 attest. an 18-wheeler fully atop the mazda sports car it just hit, and beneath it all, this woman, 55-year-old cathrenia moening, somehow still alive and conscious. her 78-year-old mother right next to her. the moment of the crash itself seared into their minds. >> i thought anything could happen at that point, but when the car stopped, i looked at her, i looked at me and thought, this is miraculous. >> reporter: this was an inch by inch rescue. >> correct, correct. >> reporter: george was among the responders. the truck was merging when it slammed into their car. the 78-year-old mother was freed quickly, but for her daughter it was a precise and frightening operation, and she spoke the entire time with her rescuers.
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>> we let her know what we were doing. stay calm, we're working on it we're going to get you out. >> reporter: rescuers had a pathway in after working almost two hours, we saw moening emerge from the wreckage. moments later, a kiss from the husband who had rushed to the scene. it was teamwork from four rescue crews that really worked. >> makes me happy to have a day like today. >> reporter: this is a good day. >> this is a very good day. >> i just had such a wonderful team all putting their effort in, and it had just a wonderful outcome. >> reporter: wonderful indeed. i'm told this was a mother-daughter trip to the mall badly interrupted. that mother is doing fine tonight. her daughter though, will require several more tests before she's allowed out of the hospital. we're live tonight in montgomery county, george spencer, nbc 10 news. also new at 11:00, we are hearing from the student hurt when someone threw a rock through the window of her school bus.
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her injuries were serious enough to send her to the hospital. >> nbc 10's keith jones is live at philadelphia police headquarters tonight. keith, what have you learned? >> reporter: police tell me that brick, that rock was a cement chunk about this big, a foot by a foot. it sent shards of glass into that school bus and into this student's eyes. >> no i don't. i just cried. >> reporter: a mother's heart shattered like the window of this school bus carrying nine students with disabilities here at 47th and aspen in west philly. >> in the background on the phone, mom i'm hurt. mom, hurt please come help me. >> reporter: police say six kids threw two chunks of cement at the bus, one crashed into the window. the kids ran. >> her face is all bleeding she had blood on her wrists and arms and her eyes. >> reporter: this is what courtney, who suffers from seizures and lives with social and behavioral orders looked like after being treated at presbyterian hospital. this is what she looks like tonight. >> i can't see out of my one eye. >> reporter: you still can't see
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out of that? >> no. >> reporter: she says her daughter has been the victim of bullying and believes this time she was targeted. >> all the kids probably from that immediate area and i'm sure there's people out there. a lot of people on the playground there saw what happened today and need to do the right thing and call our tip line. >> i want them to be found. that's all i want. everything to be over. in prison and looking back what he did was wrong. >> reporter: and she has to go back to the hospital back to presbyterian tomorrow for more treatment. they tell me the doctors fear there may still be more shards of glass in her eye they have to check out. in the meantime police here at headquarters, they are telling me if you know anything about these six kids make sure you give them a call. reporting live keith jones, nbc 10 news. to a tornado outbreak. now people down south are recovering tonight after dozens of twisters slammed the region yesterday. at least six people are dead and along with the tornados came flash floods, as well. winds up of to 140 miles per hour hit van, texas.
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drones flown by search and rescue teams today revealed the damage. more than a third of the town was destroyed. a tornado hit a mobile home in nashville, arkansas as well. a couple was shielding their toddler daughter at the time. they were killed while she survived. in krum texas, flash flooding trapped residents, making for dramatic rescues that were caught on camera. no storms in our area. plenty of heat though. nbc 10 in elkins park where we found people cooling down. some temperatures could approach record highs. >> let's take a closer look with meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena? >> yeah tomorrow is going to be a warmer and still humid day. take a look at some of the records we have for tomorrow. philadelphia 90 degrees, atlantic city 90 degrees, allentown 89 wilmington 90 degrees, millville 88 and our forecast highs will be very close in many locations. there is a chance some of these temperatures could get close enough to maybe match the record highs, but, of course we'll be
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tracking these temperatures as we go through the afternoon. definitely a summer-like day in store for tomorrow. now starting out with the morning hours, we do have some patchy fog in the forecast will be mild when you step outside around 8:00 a.m. 69 degrees, 10:00 in the morning already in the mid 70s. by noon tomorrow already in the low 80s. so it is going to be a warm day, but don't get used to it because by wednesday we're going to have about a 20-degree drop in temperatures. i'll show you how cool it will get after the warm air coming up. tonight, it appears tom brady won't go down without a fight. the reigning super bowl mvp will appeal the punishment sidelining him for the deflategate scandal. >> late this afternoon the nfl announced they will suspend brady four games without pay. the league is fining the new england patriots $1 million and the team will also forfeit two draft picks. >> john clarke joins us live. the nfl is making a statement with this ruling. >> you said it.
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this really is a big statement one of the biggest punishments in nfl history involving one of the best players in league history, and tom brady's agent says, "the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis," so they are appealing. but the nfl believes brady did not fully cooperate with the investigation and wasn't completely honest. >> i have no knowledge of anything. >> reporter: the nfl did not believe tom brady. former eagle troy vincent, the nfl's executive president, he wrote to brady "there is substantial and credible evidence to conclude you were at least generally aware of the actions of the patriots' employees involved in the deflations of the footballs, and it's unlikely that their actions were done without your knowledge." bob costas on nbc's nightly news says commissioner roger goodell was under pressure not to underinflate the punishments. >> the nfl has been under a lot of heat for player misbehavior, team misbehavior, unrelated to this particular type of offense, but it still creates a kind of
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atmosphere and there's been heat on commissioner roger goodell, so in that sense the patriots and brady are victims of the atmosphere surrounding the lead and their marquee status. >> reporter: phillies fans had mixed reactions to the sanctions. >> i think they went easy on him. if they give ray rice two games for beating his girlfriend now wife but give tom brady four games, really? >> i don't know if the punishment really fits that with what they've been suspending other players for. >> they don't need to cheat. that makes it worse, in my opinion. if they didn't need to they did it anyway, it's just arrogance. >> reporter: patriots' owner bob kraft issued a statement tonight. that coming up in sports. for now, i'm john clark. tonight we're learning more about george zimmerman's most recent run-in involving police two years after his highly publicized acquittal. this time zimmerman was sprayed with glass during a shooting near orlando today. authorities say the man who called 911 is the same person
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involved in a road rage incident with zimmerman last year. no charges have been filed yet. in 2013 a jury acquitted zimmerman in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager trayvon martin. and today zimmerman's latest brush with the law, this past january police charged him with assault for throwing a wine bottle at his ex-girlfriend. they have since dropped the charge. in november 2013, police arrested zimmerman after another girlfriend told them he pointed a gun at her. prosecutors did not pursue that case. and two months prior to that zimmerman was accused of smashing an ipad during an argument with his ex-wife. no charges were filed. we have an update tonight on the search for a penn state student whose parents reported him missing when he was a no show at this past weekend's graduation. police say jon steindorf has been found safe and sound. his parents went to state college friday for what they thought would be his graduation but he was nowhere to be found and turned out he dropped out last fall. a friend spotted steindorf today
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and drove him home to his family. if his lawyers get their way, the case of new jersey's senior senator will be heard in our nation's capitol. robert menendez filed a motion to have his corruption trial moved from new jersey to washington, d.c. the democrat is accused of accepting more than $1 million from a friend in exchange for political favors. his lawyers say a move makes sense because the senator spends most of his work week in washington. a bill that would have scrutinized tax incentives in new jersey is dead tonight. governor chris christie vetoed that bill that would have forced the state to disclose more details on the benefits of economic development subsidies. those subsidies have awarded companies $5 billion in tax breaks on christie's watch. several companies received multimillion dollar tax breaks to move to camden, including the 76ers, who received $82 million in incentives for a new practice facility lockheed martin took advantage of $107 million in
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incentives, an energy company called holtec got a $260 million tax break and diogenix is getting $7.5 million worth of breaks. tomorrow the pennsylvania state senate will vote on a bill to legalize certain medical marijuana products. the measure is expected to clear the senate but whether it will pass the house remains unclear. today the senate amended the bill to include patients suffering from crones disease, diabetes, and chronic pain allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana through oil extracts ointments, and vaporizers smoking it would not be allowed. near record highs, then temperatures drop almost 20 degrees. how long we'll stay near 90 before cooling off. the ship arrived days ago from africa, but today what was found onboard launching an investigation, keeping it in philadelphia. if i don't get my money back that's a lot of money. >> she planned a fake sheryl crow concert to steal thousands from fans and vendors.
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the pilots couldn't get to the plane. >> passengers stranded on the ground. why their pilots couldn't board the flight.
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ú lots of disappointed sheryl crow fans in our area tonight. they thought they bought tickets to see the grammy award winner this summer but police say it's all a fake. they say promoter kelly brian sold bogus tickets online duping hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars. when sheryl crow's camp caught wind of it all, they warned fans right away. >> said this is a scam that's when we decided i picked up the phone and called police. >> police arrested kelly brian over the weekend, she faces theft by deception charges. they never realized the promotion was a fake. the spirit airlines flight out of atlantic city international was delayed several hours last night and it wasn't because of an issue with
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the plane. passengers say a gate agent told them there were no tsa agents on duty to process the pilots and let them on to the plane. the flight was supposed to leave at 5:00, but a passenger tells us bad weather elsewhere in the country kept them from boarding until 8:00. he said it was another hour before the pilots got on. >> i was in atlantic city airport without a tsa presence while there's still people there. it's not like this is 3:00 in the morning. >> in a statement, spirit explained that its pilot and first officer were delayed on a prior flight. the airline said tsa closed operations but reopened at spirit's request and the crew was able to make the flight. >> tonight investigators are trying to figure out what killed a stowaway whose body was found onboard a ship at the port of philadelphia. >> the ship arrived from the ivory coast on thursday but wasn't until this afternoon a crew member found the man. denise understandably the
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workers are having a hard time coping. >> reporter: yes, we are being told they are having a tough time, many of the crew members asleep for the night behind on a ship behind this pier 84 building. many of them are getting special care from a group whose job it is to support them. a night of rest could not come soon enough for a crew of 14 aboard the sea on sea, described as traumatized by those who met with them. the cargo ship traveled from the ivory coast to philadelphia with a dead stowaway onboard. >> crew's not doing well at the moment. it's a very emotional time for them so they are really distraught. >> reporter: the body of the man was discovered among stacks of cocoa beans, his remains next to a bag of snack food. u.s. customs agents say he likely boarded the ship at the start of the two-week voyage from the ivory coast and for five days the ship docked in philadelphia, the crew unaware of his presence. >> we'll be onboard a lot in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: a chaplain with the seaman's church institute of
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philadelphia and south jersey visited the crew today and will return tomorrow night to bless the ship at the crew's request. but first, it's about getting through the night. >> some of them are very afraid about sleeping onboard the ship now, so we've got to respond to it in the best way we can. >> reporter: the identity of the stowaway has not been released. an autopsy will be performed to determine his exact cause of death. reporting live from south philadelphia, i'm denise nakano nbc 10 news. to philadelphia's race for mayor now. the pennsylvania primary just one week from tomorrow and it's a race to the finish for the democratic candidates. today, lynn abraham and nelson diaz appeared at a mayoral forum hosted by international house in university city. the other four democratic candidates did not attend but two sent representatives. the heart of today's discussion focused how the next mayor will make philadelphia a global destination. here's a look at all six democratic candidates that face off in the primary next tuesday, may 19th.
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abraham, diaz oliver street and williams. the winner will take on the lone republican in the race in the november general election. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well a warm and kind of muggy day today. tomorrow will be warmer but first we have another round of morning fog. patchy fog in your morning forecast wouldn't be surprised if some areas saw a little drizzle around otherwise through the afternoon we'll see developing sunshine and near record high temperatures at least for part of the area. then we have a big cooldown as we go into wednesday. we're going to see a huge drop from tomorrow into wednesday. here's a look at your morning planner, 8:00 tomorrow morning areas north and west you'll be starting off with temperatures around 63 degrees, mild and muggy starts patchy fog around. philadelphia, the best chance of fog will be before 8:00 a.m. as well. temperature around 66 degrees, mild and muggy. suburbs right around the mid 60s.
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so average high 72 degrees. today we got to 84. tomorrow we expect to get near 89 degrees. now watch the drop as we go into wednesday. high temperature upper 60s. thursday we're looking at the low 70s. so even though closer to what's considered normal relatively speaking, we are looking at a big cooldown. locally, we are dry across the area and we'll really stay dry as we go through the day tomorrow, but there's still a chance for isolated showers in the morning hours, otherwise most of the moisture associated with tropical depression ana, just off our coastline and that's all going to move out to sea. all the storms you see in central p.a., none of the models show that moving in. the rest of tonight fairly quiet with the fog forming. here's future weather as we go through the overnight hours, clouds around. tomorrow we warm up warm and humid. notice that cold front moving through the area it's not going to cool us down tomorrow, but what it will do in the afternoon is drop our humidity so you'll notice that. then we go into wednesday,
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that's when the cooler air filters in highs in the upper 60s, hangs around for thursday highs in the low 70s, so it's going to be a cooler noticeably cooler, middle to end of the week. for tonight though patchy fog developing overnight. warm and humid, 66 for the low in philadelphia, 63 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow afternoon, near 87 in allentown, quakertown philadelphia coming in near 89 tomorrow. mount holly 89 degrees. windy day, too, though winds gusting near 35 miles per hour and that's a good warm direction from the west. 90 possibly for wilmington, dover, as well but closer to the shore mid to upper 70s. hoping the beach could be in the low 80s tomorrow, with developing sunshine aside from the morning clouds. wednesday, big drop. thursday morning we're in the upper 40s. thursday afternoon looking really good same thing friday. over the weekend though we warm up but some showers come back into the forecast. john? >> sheena thanks. the phillies are sending
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down one of their key players to the minors to learn a new position. we're going to hear from him coming up. and herrera does something tonight for the first time in his major league career. that is next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark. tom brady hopes to deflate his four-game suspension. he's appealing the punishment from the nfl today. patriots also lost draft picks, a first rounder next year and fourth round pick the following year. pats also fined $1 million. tonight team owner bob kraft says the punishment far exceeded any reasonable expectation. it was based completely on circumstantial, rather than hard or conclusive evidence.
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by the way, the nfl believe the pats deflated footballs before the afc championship game, as well. phillies are sending cody asche down to aaa to learn to play left field, switching from third base to left field. he'll have to be there at least ten days and this clears the way to call up mike el franco to play third, maybe even by this weekend. tonight, cody asche after the game says he's going to do what's best for the phillies. >> going forward as an organization i think it's better for me to play left field, so i got to go do that. i will never stop believing that i'm a big league baseball player so 100% i think whatever challenge comes my way, i'll handle it fine and i'll be back in this uniform soon. >> phils starting a series with the pirates tonight. phils up 1-0. williams giving it up to starling marte. 3-1 shot. pirates take the lead. ninth inning odubel herrera,
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how about this? first career home run. too late, phils lose 4-3, their worst start in 18 years. they are at 11-22. cole hamels and his wife at the webster elementary school today. they are giving $53,000 in grants to eight philly area schools and they just reached a great milestone. they have given $1 million to philly area schools. that's a great job. flyers very much in the mike babcock sweepstakes, considered the best coach in hockey. visited the sabres yesterday, may have met with the maple leafs, could the flyers be next? golfer kevin kisner lost in the playoffs. kisner had a kiss for his baby but the wife wanted a kiss. it's the kiss dis, look at this. and it's mother's day, man, and his name is kisner. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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love the warm air sticking around for a little bit longer. >> yes, speaking of sticking it is sticky out. people are saying it's muggy and humid and it's all going to hang around tomorrow too. warmer tomorrow 87 allentown, 87 quakertown 88 north town. mount holly 89. philly, 90 for the high. wilmington we're going 88 and after morning fog. hot and window day tomorrow winds gusting near 35 miles an hour. and it will be humid until the afternoon. we'll have a cold front move through, so afternoon hours, less humidity. and look at the big cooldown come wednesday. 68 degrees in the afternoon. low 70s thursday but we do stay dry until the weekend. unfortunately, the timing of rain so far does put it over saturday and sunday with a bit of a warmup near 80 degrees. >> so this front comes through that's cooler without storms and rain. >> no for us no just some
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rain, fog, and that's about it. >> rain on the weekend maybe. sheena, thank you. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> for all of us here, we thank you so much for watching. we'll see you tomorrow.
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