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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  July 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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police are going over surveillance video trying to figure out if it was the result of drag racing. one of the region's longest serving congressman is indicted. chaka fattah is not under arrest but the state attorney's accusation against him are wide ranging. a first alert is in effect for the change of potentially severe weather today. welcome back. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. a first alert weather day in effect because of high humidity and heat out there and bill henley is standing by with his forecast. >> you can feel the steaminess. it is going to be oppressive heat with the temperatures in the 90s this afternoon and feel like in the middle to upper 90s thanks to the very high humidity. then the storms roll through. a chance of severe weather later today. right now, we are looking at warmer temperatures for most of the area. it's nine degrees warmer this
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morning in reading and up by two in trenton and wilmington and millville six degrees warmer. which means 70s to start with. hour-by-hour forecast we can see some clouds that are around. a few spotty showers possible this morning and storms this afternoon. i'll be back with the hour-by-hour future cast in ten minutes. jessica boyington here with your first alert traffic. we are starting things out right now in montgomery county on 422 so right around trooper road where we see a drive time hasn't really been lifted yet. eight minutes from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. the eastbound side here. you can see that drive time. westbound doing just fine as well. heading out the door on to 95 our drive times haven't creeped up at all so southbound from wood haven road to the vine
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street expressway the same trip if you're going northbound and going the opposite direction. arlington township fallen power cable around edge hill road. take rockwell road to get through the area and mass transit you're free and clear so far for the morning. the others doing just fine. indicted. long time philadelphia congressman chaka fattah is charged with many things including bribery and stealing money intended for charity. >> it all dates back to his failed race for philadelphia mayor in 2007. the 29-count 85-page indictment includes misuse of tax use and misspending taxpayer money and secret campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. >> monique braxton is outside of his district office in winfield.
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>> reporter: good morning. federal investigators say they began investigating congressman chaka fattah after they say he arranged for and received what they are calling an illegal, unlawful, million dollar loan to support his 2007 for mayor. after losing the race investigates say fattah paid back the $100400,000. in another alleged scheme prosecutors say fattah hand delivered a note to president obama in order to secure an ambassadorship or other post for lobbyist herbert vederman and in change he offered bribes including a porsche owned by the congressman's wife nbc10 anchorwoman renee
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chenault-fattah. they say he used the money for closing costs on a poconos vacation home soon thereafter. the congressman said he has done nothing wrong and vows to remain in office and fight the charges. >> it's, obviously, going to be important to my constituent that this not be a distractionion and i'll try it not to be a distraction. >> reporter: in the final scheme prosecutors say this person chairman nicholas ceo of fattah's nonprofit education group got 50,000 in grants for a higher education conference that never happened. count on nbc10 to follow this story and bring you any late-breaking developments. live now in winfield monique braxton, nbc10 news. we are elated and we are going to have an opportunity to go to the congress. >> that was chaka fattah in 1994 shortly after winning his bid for congress. at the time he was a 37-year-old
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state senator. now is serving -- fattah is serving his 11th term in congress and recusing himself from leadership position on the house appropriations committee. he grew up in west philadelphia and his roots in the city are deep. >> so is his impact. in march, the congressman was at this launch party in center city for the big brothers big sisters mentoring resource center. a center funded in part with fattah's help and now some nonprofit leaders are concerned that federal money may be harder to come by with fattah surrounded by those criminal allegations. >> i am concerned. i am concerned about how will that impact us this year and next year. >> in a statement fattah said he stepped down from his committee leadership role as a matter of house rules and precedent. so what happens next in this? well it's important to note that congressman fattah is not under arrest. he will have to appear in court but no date has been set. the congressman, again says he is confident he will be cleared
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of these charges and he has also vowed to stay in office. the indictment does point to his wife nbc10's anchor renee chenault-fattah being involved in part of the alleged crimes. she is not criminally charged. renee is on leave from the station. we have continuing coverage on and on our news app. read the entire 85-page indictment and hear congressman fattah's statement from washington. 5:36 now. breaking news from overnight. police say drag racing may have played a role in a violent crash that ripped this car in half killing three people. it happened on red lion road in philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood. investigators say the driver hit a curb and went airborne and slammed into a tree. three killed and one in krl condition and investigators are looking into whether another car was involved in drag racing that car. just days after pitching his fir career no-hitter, cole hamels is being trade to do texas.n5g
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olding back as they react to the trade talks. we will walk through the plans and what it means for baseball in philadelphia. a steamy start this morning. 78 degrees at 5:37 and clouds overhead. your hour-by-hour future cast is coming up.
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right now. but this is the greatest area of concern. this line of storms rolling across pennsylvania will be moving in during the afternoon hours. at 7:00 this morning might see a spotty shower because most of the area is dry this morning. this is the line to the west that will be an issue for the evening commute in philadelphia. noon time west of allentown the storms moving through lee hs high lehigh valley.high valley. the line on the move and heading offshore and tonight will feeumñ refrqárr'g change as the humidity will be coming down but not during the day today. hot and very humid conditions. storms this afternoon with temperatures climbing into theup upper 80s and low 90s and feel like the middle to upper 90s later today. there is a more comfortable change on the way. got that with the seven day when i'm back in ten minutes.
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smashing car windows and throwing stones. we will show you more of this amateur video that captures a crowd clubbing cars. tell you what is behind the attack. what might be behind the attack. plus swimming in sewer water. a new report find that is pretty much what athletes headed for rio have ahead for them. tell about the water tests that is raising health concerns ahead of the 2016 olympic games. you is see with we are moving along just fine either direction. no problems or backups. check in with more drive times coming up.
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a live look this morning around sunrise here over philadelphia. we are looking at the university of penn campus. a hazy view because humid is in place once again and you'll notice that as soon as you walk out the door. 78 degrees and feels warmer than that and feel close to triple digits with the humidity out there and temperatures in the 90s. be prepare if you have to stay outdoors for long and take tra pre extra precautions and drink lots of water. most kids at summer camps across the region had to head
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inside early yesterday because of the heat and too dangerous for them to stay outside all day. counselors and parents packed extra supplies and stayed in the shade while resting at this water park here. >> just had to come out today. >> sunscreen and brought some gatorade. >> if we see their face red we tell them to get a drink of water. >> on days like these, many suggest staying in the shade or air-conditioning and important to give the elderly and pets extra attention. 5:45 and 78 degrees outside. a former ohio police officer heads to court today to be arraigned on murder charges in the shooting death of a driver during a traffic stop. ray tensing was a university of cincinnati police officer and accused of killing assume dubose after pulling him over with not
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having a license plate. dubose offered the officer a bottle of alcohol when he was asked for his license. the officer says he shot into the car when dubose tried to run over him but the county prosecutor said that did not happen. >> if he is starting to roll away, seriously, let him go! you don't have to shoot him in the head! >> the university of cincinnati fired tensing from his job. following that indictment, dozens of university of cincinnati, the people there on campus, took part in a black lives matter rally. after the rally the crowd marched through the streets of cincinnati. ways of finding solutions to bridge the divide. >> that is the focus of the seventh annual mlk 365 beer summit happening in center city today. both the arresting officer and the professor later attended a beer summit hosted by president obama that is why they call this
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meeting today the beer summit. so two local organizations organize their own beer summit for concerned citizens to meet and discuss race relations. to withlmington. the city has launched a new program to help young people reach their full potential. my brother's keeper will improve the lives of inner city men and women. a meeting held last night. participants talked about education and public safety in wilmington. on to decision 2016. now almost 20 people in the growing field of republican candidates chasing that nomination for the 2016 presidential election. former virginia governor jim gilmore is the 17th person officially vying for the ticket. he completed one term as governor in 2002 and a former army intelligence officer.
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come tour your tv and look at this. scene earlier this week outside the mexican city airport. an angry crowd attacked uber drivers. they say 10 to 12 cars were damaged during the attack. the ride sharing service says between 12 and 10 and 12 cars were damaged in the attack. the organized taxi drivers of mexico, a union campaigning against uber, has denied involvement in this. the mystery into that missing malaysia jetliner that van issued last year deepens this morning. investigators are confident that a piece of debris found in the indian ocean yesterday belongs to that missing plane. a u.s. official says investigators say that the part is a wing component that is unique to the boeing 777 the same model of malaysia airlines flight 370. now that wing part washed up on the coast of the french island la reunion that sits 600 miles off the coast of madagascar but more than 4,000 flights from the plane's last known location south of vietnam.
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11 minutes before 6:00 and minutes before sunrise. we are going to see sunshine and that is going to lead to another hot and very humid day. the humidity is already very high. tracking showers and thunderstorms for this afternoon. those storms roll through and then it turns less humid tomorrow. but right now steamy and clouds over the pocono mountains at 75 degrees. right now at trenton at 76 and wilmington. you can see the cloudy view from the french manor in the pocono mountains. storms mid-day in the mountains but philadelphia will likely see the storms during the evening commute. first storms will be north and west. a line that is moving through pennsylvania. those are the storms that will be here later today. and with those storms the potential for damaging winds. there is a risk of severe weather later today. but until they get here the heat is on. 80 for mt. pocono. upper 80s for allentown and
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reading. into the low 90s for mt. holly and norristown. 88 degrees this afternoon and feel hotter thanks to the high humidity in trenton. 80s along the coast. 88 cape may and dover into the low 90s this afternoon. and low 90s, yes for wilmington and drexelville and swedesboro and thanks to the high humidity feel like in the middle to upper 90s this afternoon. but you'll feel the difference tomorrow and even though hot in the afternoon, we get a cooler start and less humid conditions for friday. much less humid for friday. and it continues into the weekend with sunny skies saturday and sunday and low 90s in the afternoon. then the humidity returns monday and tuesday. turning a bit cooler wednesday.g)3 >> thankful for the air-conditioning. thank you, bill. ten minutes until 5:00. let's seego to jessica boyington with a look at the
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roads. >> if you left or leaving the next five or ten minutes you should be just fine. the schuylkill expressway around 202 currently no problems westbound doing fine as well. then we can see that reflected in the drive times 13 minute trip here. no problems heading through the work zone on 95 right now from wood haven ron towardad toward the vine street expressway. p.a. turnpike so far you're doing just fine there. westbound or eastbound a 22 minute trip at the most from route one towards valley forge and check in with abbington coming up. happening today in washington democratic lawmakers including house minority leaders nancy pelosi will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the voting act that was signed into
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on law 50 years ago next week. up to the u.s. senate to shore up a critical transportation bill. . senate will take up the bill that the house passed overnight. it would serve as a three month extension to shore up federal highway aid. the fund would be replenished with $8 billion and enough to keep highway and transit aid flowing to states through on the middle of december. the is in the has until friday at midnight to pass the house's bill. from a no-hitter to a new home. according to many sources, the phillies have traded pitcher cole hamels to the texas rangers in exchange for several players, including three star prospects. here is nbc10's vai sikahema to break it down for us live in our studio. hamels takes a lot of history with him to texas. >> reporter: he does. hamels is the first pitcher in baseball history to be traded directly after throwing a no-hitter which he tossed on saturday against the cubs in chicago. hamels is a third all-time in strikeouts for the phils behind
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only hall of famer steve carlton and robin roberts. he was named world series mvp back in 2008 and helping to deliver the city's only championship over the past 30 years. here is what fans had to say last night. >> it wasn't a surprise but, you know, i was planning to go down to the park tomorrow night to see his last start and then they switched that. >> this is ridiculous. this is ridiculous! cole hamels is like a part of philly. it's crazy. >> get him going. he doesn't put butts in the seat and he got a no-hitter, so what? >> what about the world series? >> it's over! he is going to go down as one of the best pitchers in phillies history but time to move on. the rebuilding, no point having a 31-year-old on a team. let him go somewhere with he can actually win a world series. >> yeah. probably look for the texas rangers to play in the world series this year? story will continue to follow throughout the day. you can check out more of hamels history with the phillies on our
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website at >> good to see the phillies fans are holding back there. advantages vai. how washington is getting ready for the pope's visit and who will see him when he is there in the nation's capitol. coming up at 6:00 i'm working on this devastating story that took place overnight in northeast philadelphia. three young people died in this crash. investigators up here say it's one of the worst they have ever seen and it all may be because of drag racing.
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1-2-3! >> there it is! a barn welcoming pope francis now hangs in center city and unveiled yesterday outside the cathedral. they are hosting lectures leading up to the pope's visit in september. they are displaying religious relics also. philadelphia, of course, is not the only city preparing for a visit from the pope.
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not the only u.s. city that is. francis will also address congress when he visits washington, d.c., the first stop on his u.s. visit. seats to see him there in congress, they are hard to come by. yesterday, the house voted to limit those allowed into the chamber on september 24th to 11 categories of people. that is six fewer than normal. who gets in? members of congress. the president and vice president, of course. supreme court justices. current officers of the house. the librarian of congress and department heads. count on us to bring you the information you need to know leading up to the pope's visit and we have his complete itinerary there and a whole section dedicated to that on our nbc10 news app. new this morning an independent study shows the water is so contaminated of the water at the sites of the olympic games in rio. the government doesn't test for certain viruses. experts say the athletes would be infected by drinking three teaspoons of that water! triple crown winner american farir
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fair fair american pharoah is in new jersey.merican fair american pharoah is in new jersey.fair american pharoah is in new jersey.american pharoah is in new jersey. ' always laugh at the trainer who responded to questions if he knew his horse 1.5 miles at the belmont was a long race. he saiddj2 horse doesn't know. he just runs. >> baffert wing 6 of the 11 times he has horses here. >> thank you, chris. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> we are followinging breaks news from overnight and live on the scene of what is left of a car after a deadly crash in bustleton neighborhood in
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philadelphia. three people died and police say street racing may have played a role in this accident. indicted on corruption charges. congressman chaka fattah accused of participating in five schemes. there is relief on the way in the form of storms today and could be severe. welcome back. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we are dealing with another first alert day because of the heat. another 90 plus degree day and let's get right to nbc10 meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> it's not hot yet but certainly is steamy and oppressive heat is what we will have to deal with later today. we will warm into the lower 90s but high humidity and make it feel like in the middle to upper 90s this afternoon. then the potential for severely storms. strong storms rolling through later today. and then we will get some relief. right now few isolated showers popping up in new jersey. we saw


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