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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  August 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. ahead why police need help catching the person seen running in that video. cole's new look. phils ex-ace now a texas ranger. here from hamels himself and the fans about the big trade. we will warm into the 90s yet again today and there's more hot weather in the forecast. a live look at camel back mountain resort. i'm thinking that wave pool will be packed today. the first alert weather team showers. westbound. i'm rosemary conconnors, 6:00 on saturday. let's get to michelle. all things considered, a pretty nice summer day. >> august. 91, still hot but we're used to 90s in the past four days. we won't have humidity. great place to be would be the beaches today, we're looking at
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sunny skies on the beaches later this afternoon. water temperatures warm. breezy throughout the afternoon but otherwise right around 80 this afternoon at the beaches. we are waking up to temperatures a little warmer this morning, 6 degrees watermelon in wilmington, 7 degrees warmer mount pocono voer. temperatures across the region mainly in the 60s, 70s, so to the north and west may be looking at the 60s. mid to upper 60s. cooler to the north and west. right around the city looking at 75 in philadelphia 75 in northeast philadelphia. 63 in allentown, 73 in millville and 73 in wildwood. for today, plan on lots of sunshine. plan on sunglasses. plan on sunscreen 76 by 8:00. by lunchtime 87 and by 4:00 91. the hot one, tomorrow track the hot air and finally a break in the heat wave. we'll do that in just a few minutes. >> new from overnight, police in philadelphia are investigating a
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shooting death in the point breeze section of the city. investigators tell us the 30-year-old victim was shot four times in the 1900 block of mountain street. he was found lying on the ground between two cars. there's no word on a suspect or motive at this time. >> officers arrested the suspected gunman. this morning philly police continue a search for a woman who killed a young mother right inside of her home in front of her2-year-old toddler. nbc 10's jesse gary live in port richmond where the community is coming together trying to cope with this loss. >> reporter: the crime scene has a memorial in front of it. a couple minutes ago a person walking down the street paused
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here looking at candles, card balloons flowers, stuff bears, et cetera memorializing steph dzikowski. surveillance video shows someone running down the street after the crime. she was shot in the back of the head execution style. her body found inside her home she shared with her boyfriend, father and 2-year-old daughter. last night about 100 neighbors gathered for a memorial vigil for the murder victim. dzikowski recently started working as a dental high again is and police say she had no enemies. police say they hope to talk to the person running in that video that will help them find more clues or ultimately lead them to the person responsible for the murder. jesse gary nbc 10 news. thank you, jesse. today family and friends will gather for funeral services for
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frances arroyo. he was in the car with his brother in juniato neighborhood when an suv crashed into them and did not stop. arroyo was survived by a pregnant fiancee and two sons. had they found the suv and know who the owner of the car is bethey continue to investigate who was driving that night. make new information on the abduction of a teenager girl from luzerne county. pennsylvania state police tell us that teen has been found and is safe this morning. an amber alert was issued for jena patterson. she was taken in wilkes-barre by walter lewis. they say she was found in the area but they have not given any specifics. family members tell us patterson and lewis were romantically involved and the teen had a protective order against him. nearly 40,000 union workers at verizon are hours away from striking if they fail to reach a contract agreement with the
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company by midnight. verizon employees in nine states, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware have voted to go on strike if necessary. the communications workers of america union is rejecting demands that workers increase their health care contribution and make concessions on pensions. a verizon spokesperson said the company has made a solid proposal and offered a path toward success. negotiations do not involve verizon wireless employees in our region. happening tonight at 7:05 the phillies will take on the braves right here on nbc 10. here is a live look at citizens bank park. it's already a new era for phillies fans. in a single week the phillies traded jonathan pappelbaum cole hamels and ben revere. it's definitely safe to say the phils will be rebuilding for years to come. hamels name has been circulating in trade rumors for week.
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finally it became official. he was just 18 years old, look at that baby face when they made him 17th pick in 2002 draft. since then phillies have rich to the top of the baseball heap and fallen again making hamels expendible. >> i'm glad for them. but you know you've got to rebuild at some point. his pitching won't get us anywhere. hopefully prospects will. >> he got us to the only championship i was alive for. >> best move logically on the surface, unless somebody emerges out of the lot they got. we'll hear what hamels has to say about the trade coming up a little bit later in sports. top honors for a chester county teacher. derrick woods is one of 100 teachers who met with president barack obama yesterday. wood has been a teacher at the
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high school for years. he teaches science and affirm p chemistry. wood and the other teacher received 2013 presidential award for excellence in science and math. >> i feel truly honored and blessed to receive the presidential award and really exemplary educators surrounded by and taught with every single day. my students and administrators all those together have molded me to the teacher i am today. i see it really as a validation of all of them. >> the president said it's important to invest in teachers who can inspire the next generation of explorers and innovators. next is this what they have been looking for. investigators looking at a piece of wing found on an island if it's connected to missing malaysian jet. already sent some folks in our area to the hospital the
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a nice start for the weekend. partly cloudy skies across the area. we'll see plenty of sunshine mostly dry as we head through saturday. a hot day today, another hot one tomorrow. here is a live look outside. we are looking at clouds outside. really a nice start saturday. we'll have a nice finish as well on sunday. temperatures mainly in the 60s, 70s. we are off to a warm spot in many spots. 63 enallentown, 65 in lancaster, 62 pottstown, mount pocono. warm spot 65 in philadelphia 61 dover, 73 in wildwood, new jersey. as we go through the afternoon, we see temperatures rising quickly. 80 in pocono possibly thunderstorm 87 allentown, 88
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quaker town doylestown 91 mount holly. temperatures mainly in the 80s, 88 cape may. 91 in vineland. temperatures 80s, 90s, 91 philadelphia 92 wilmington and 91 in glassboro. hot one today and tomorrow. finally a break in the heat wave. we'll talk more pout that and look at your seven-day coming up. a firefighter from south dakota is dead after battling one of more than a dozen wildfires currently burning across california. forest service officials have not revealed exactly how he died but happened while he was fighting flames. he vanished sometime thursday and his body was not recovered until yesterday morning. fast moving wildfires in california are threatening homes and businesses and have prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. happening now french aviation experts are examining what appears to be a piece of an airplane wing to determine if it
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came from malaysian airline jet that vanished more than a year ago. debris from flight 370 has arrived in paris. experts say it's likely from a boeing 777, the only known missing boeing 777 is that malaysian jetliner. the debris was dofrd on french island of reunion in the indian ocean. if confirmed, it would be the first significant finding from the flight. investigators will also be looking for clues as to what caused that flap to break off. flight 370 dapd in march of last year on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing. there were 239 people on board. next the coast guard calls off the search for those missing teenager boaters. family members are not ready to give up. a policy change for anybody living in ph run properties. in philadelphia. what you'll no longer be able to do and why.
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off the coast of florida, the coast guard search for two teenager boaters is over. the crews searched in waters for seven days before the operation was suspended last night. 14-year-old austin stephanos and perry cohen has not been seen since july 24th when they took a boat into the waters off jupiter, florida for a fishing trip. while the formal search and rescue effort is over the boys' family says they will continue to look for the teens with volunteers private planes and helicopters. >> i'm giving it all i've got. i'm not going to stop. i know those boys are out there. i know they are okay. they are not your typical kids
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they are very strong willed and intelligent. >> owners contributed $340,000 to a fund so families can continue their private search as they are still holding out hope for a happy ending. some news from zimbabwe where authorities are seeking extradition of an american dentist who killed an animal lured out of a park cecil the lion. it sparked outrage all over the world. hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition urging the white house to get involved. u.s. authorities say they have been contacted by a representative for palmer. the the dentist could face criminal charges in zimbabwe including poaching >> to know something as powerful and symbolic as cecil can die so treacherously and tragically, it shows what a slippery slope we are when it comes to protecting the rest of africa's amazing species of wildlife.
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>> in a statement palmer has said i deeply regret my pursuit of an activity i love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion. talk about deja vu, remember from earlier this month a pro surfer who punched a shark attacking him during a competition? another incident happened off the coast of australia this week except this time the shark was trying to attack a former boxer. he put his skills to good use. he suffered serious injuries to his leg and hand as he punched and fought off a shark yesterday morning. it happened in the water off evans head. that's a town around 340 miles north of sydney. friends say he was just about to sit up on his board when it flipped over and the shark went after him. >> he was paddling out to catch a wave. we hadn't gotten to where we would normally catch the wave. my friend yelled out, there's a shark, head back in.
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a second or two later he went under the water. >> police say people walking on the beach helped save his life by using surfboard leg ropes as tourniquets. if you have ever been to the jersey shore, you have seen them flying high above the ocean. kind of like entertainment on the beach. now they are marking a milestone. the oldest banner company is celebrating it's 30th anniversary. paramount air service based in cape may county. paramount's 12 vintage planes pull banners over the ocean from cape may to sandy hook, new jersey. the ads are did he signed to catch the eyes of thousands of beachgoers below. >> we're just part of the jersey shore experience and have been for seven decades. thanks to my parents who started it. >> paramount was started in 1945
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by barbara's father and his brother-in-law. in case you're wondering it cost between $200 and $4,000 per flight to ties on one of the planes. so as a disclaimer we should let you know we did not pay for this. they surprised us when we showed up to do the story. the company made this personalized banner for nbc 10 shore bureau. looking great at the beaches right now. we do have a beautiful forecast coming on so we'll show you the forecast in just a few minutes. otherwise waking up to sunshine mild south texas across the area especially cities south and east north and west a little cooler. heat wave does continue 90s today and 90s on sunday finally breaking later in the workweek and lots of sunshine today. we'll see a few chances for an isolated shower or thunderstorm mainly north of philadelphia. i'll show you that in a minute. right now 75 already in philadelphia. sun and clouds winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour.
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temperatures, as i mentioned, cooler to the north and west low 60s. 63 in allentown, 65 lancaster, 65, that's the warm spot in philadelphia. south and east of philadelphia 71 millville, 73 atlantic city. it is 71 in dover delaware. there's the mild start, hot finish once again. sunshine, breezy outside. we'll be windy later on this afternoon. breezy this morning but winds picked up as a cold front moved through later this afternoon. look at winds right now right around 7 miles per hour in philadelphia to 8 miles in wilmington. by later on this afternoon, you'll see winds from 15 20 gusting up to 20 miles per hour at times. then we'll see those winds dying down once you lose daytime heating. weak cold front moves through. it should move through for the most part dry. see those winds picking up. a shower or two mainly north of philadelphia especially poconos. possibly a thunderstorm, possibly an isolated shower. if you're going to be in the poconos, you want to keep that in mind.
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otherwise a mcknight tonight, hot, temperatures into the low 90s won again. hot today, hot tomorrow hot on monday. things finally begin to change on tuesday. especially wednesday they stay put in the 80s. that's the good news. there's a look at your sunday night again, mcknight. more cloud cover on monday. here is the shore looking perfect today. 84 breezy at times later on this afternoon. lots of sunshine. lots of sunshine on sunday. temperatures right around 80 degrees. a warm one and we're going to be warm, too closer to the city. 89, 92 sunny and breezy winds out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour but gusting higher than that at times. 89 sunday, monday more cloud cover, bump up that 96 tuesday 92. wednesday finally breaking that heat wave, not at hot, 87. showers later in the day. showers on thursday 84 and a nice one on friday 85. next the dangerous and extreme heat is sending folks
6:22 am
across our area to the er. what you need to remember so you don't overdo it as temperatures hit -- continue to hit that 90 degree mark. it's all fun and games until cops get involved. ahead why an entire family got into some big trouble during a recent trip to the park.
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nbc 10 and telemundo teaming up with dozens of animal shelters in the area to help find homes for pets in need. it's called clear the shelters and happening saturday august 15th two weeks from now. on that day participating shelters will be offering reduced adoption fees in hopes of finding homes for the thousands of animals in those shelters. here is how you can help. first just join the conversation and help raise awareness by sharing the event on social media. if you do use #clear the shelters. also send us pictures of your pets. we love to see them. of course come out saturday august 15th to welcome a new friend into your family. for shelter locations and fees tap on nbc 10 news app. local hospitals have seen a boost in emergency room visits. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal
6:26 am
reports it's directly linked to our soaring temperatures. >> there is definitely increases due to the heat. >> allen brun okay is a registered nurse at the emergency room at delaware county memorial hospital. he says as temperatures soar so do the number of people needing medical attention. right now the boost is moderate but that could change with the mercury expected to go even higher next week. >> they are coming in very sick. >> reporter: bruno says they are dehydrated. when they come to the each r medical teams quickly pump water back in. people are staying out in the heat way too long. >> they are becoming dids y, lightheaded, having a little bit of nausea. >> asthma and other breathing disorders are sending people to the hospital. >> in addition we are seeing mild to moderate cases of heat illness, such as heat exhaustion. >> er dock yisrael said thirst
6:27 am
is a problem, confusion, elevated temperature, profuse sweating seek medical care. another worrisome thing is when you sweat a lot and then stop. >> that can be a sign of severe danger. >> reporter: randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. those at risk are very young and old. doctors warn anybody can be at a higher risk if you're not used to heat. your body will adjust if the heat wave continues. you've got to take it easy. don't forget about furry friends or pets. keep them in a shady area if they are outside. better yet, keep them inside with you and give them plenty of water. if you have an animal in your yard in the sun all day long. >> think about it a fur coat on. spca said they have responded to 120 animal heat related cases this week. in some events some instances, dogs locked up in cars or
6:28 am
chained up with no matter. the time rise now is 6:27 p a mother murdered. jesse gary live in port richmond neighborhood this morning with details on the case. jesse. >> reporter: rosemary as morning moves along and people coming out to look at this sidewalk memorial emotions are still very strong. we'll talk about all this including the latest on the case right after the break. >> off to a warm start already. temperatures in the mid-70s in philadelphia. warm spot. we'll be hot later this afternoon. a little breezy too, this morning. windy this afternoon. here is a live look outside, looking from the lowe's camera. the heat wave will continue and finally a break ahead. we'll talk about that in a few minutes.
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[clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. @ó this is nbc 10 news. >> tears and hugs as a philadelphia neighborhood mourns a young mother shot execution
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style right in front of her2-year-old child. we have some new information about this freight train derailment that created a chemical toxic cloud in gloucester county when the wheels of justice will finally begin moving. weekend warm-up. expect another day of 90 degree temperatures. without that stifling humidity. that's the good news of it. there is a threat of showers. that's coming up later on in the seven-day forecast. we'll have the details. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connor just after 6:30 on saturday. michelle is tracking already warm conditions outside. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, marianne. temperatures in the mid-70s. we're used to it. last four days in the 90s. 90s today, 90s on sunday but really looking beautiful outside. this morning mostly sunny skies across the area. we should have a good deal of sunshine as we head through the
6:32 am
afternoon. temperatures this morning, a little warmer compared to 24 hours ago. 6 degrees warmer wilmington 5 degrees warmer in philadelphia. you'll feel that difference as you step out this morning. this afternoon feeling a lot like yesterday. we'll keep our humidity low. keep temperatures right around 90 in philadelphia. top out around 91. north and west 63 allentown, 65 lancaster. 75 in philadelphia 75 northeast philadelphia, 73 atlantic city airport and 73 in wildwood. as we go to the afternoon, 90 degrees. hot today but a break in the heat wave coming up. we'll talk more about that in the seven-day. >> looking forward to it. thank you, michelle. this morning a philadelphia community continues to mourn for a mother who was murdered in her own home. it happened right in front of her toddler. meantime police are searching for her killer. nbc 10 jesse gary live in port
6:33 am
richmond. jesse, police have new evidence they are hoping will lead them to the person responsible. >> that's right. they have surveillance video. we'll talk about that in a second. as the hours move along this morning, we see more and more people come out to this sidewalk memorial and pay their respects. we saw one man a few minutes ago broke down in tears standing here looking at all the candles, pictures et cetera all the memorials of stephanie dzikowski. 100 friends and neighbors came to hold hands and pray last night. the 22-year-old was shot and killed thursday night inside her home she shared with her boyfriend, father and 2-year-old daughter. neighbors pooling their strength to try and cope with this crime. >> we all get together. >> investigators say she was shot in the back of the head execution style.
6:34 am
neighbors tell police they heard one gunshot and saw a man running from the scene. detectives recovered this video showing a man running down the street at the time of the murder. they are trying to track down this person to see if they have clues or information or can lead them to the person who committed the crime. again, this is raw, emotional for people in this community. live in port richmond jess gary, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, jesse. this weekend american red cross teaming up with philadelphia fire department to help save lives. this is part of no more fire deaths campaign. firefighters and red cross volunteers will go door to door in the city installing free smoke alarms in high-risk neighborhoods. they will also educate people about the importance of fire safety. the partnership installed five smoke alarms since noon. news from south jersey bureau. trial date set for first lawsuit
6:35 am
in the train derailment in gloucester county. september 8th a federal judge in camden will hear the cases about derailment. several train cars operated by con rail went off the track spilling vinyl chloride. that gas is linked to respiratory problems and death. several first responders sued conrail warning they were not warned about the potential health hazard. a new has been filed in connection with the deadly am track drain derailment in new jersey port richmond neighborhood. it happened back in may. the suit was filed on behalf of rachel jacobs ceo of a tech company. she died in the crash. jacobs was riding in the first passenger car. jacobs family accuses am track of willful, deliberate and reckless disregard for the safety of its passengers. the train was traveling double the speed limit when it hopped the tracks as it rounded a sharp curve. in total eight people died.
6:36 am
more than 200 others were hurt. philadelphia housing authorities ban on smoking in public housing complexes will take effect next week. the ban will be put in place on wednesday. that makes i the largest public housing agency to conduct a policy. smoking is forbidden inside homes and on housing property except for designated outdoor areas. we spoke to one resident who is opposed to the ban. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's an invasion of privacy. they are not allowed to tell us what to do in homes. it's illegal. >> tenants caught smoking in housing will be asked to attend counseling sessions. those who smoke in buildings after the ban risk being evicted if they violate the rules a total of four times. i was super lucky they found
6:37 am
me when they did. >> next he survived a crash in the woods all alone. here how he did it and what he learned from the accident. a.
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6:39 am
welcome back this saturday morning. we're going to look at another hot day today, another hot one sunday. temperatures into the 90s, beginning workweek before things come back to the 80s. we're off to a warm spot in many spots, especially philadelphia south and east. to the north and east mainly in the 60s, 63 allentown, 64 mount pocono, 65 lancaster, warm spot northeast philadelphia around 75. 73 wilmington 71 millville. the 73 degrees in atlantic city. so a warm start to the day. winds relatively on the light side right now.
6:40 am
they are going to pick up as we go through the afternoon. see them coming out of the west. so 7 miles per hour in philadelphia. up to 8 miles per hour in wilmington. by this afternoon pretty breezy anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour gusting higher than that in some spots. today's forecast planning your day by 8:00 76 lots of sunshine. lunch time start to really feel those breezes, 87 by 4:00 91 degrees. it doesn't continue very well. we'll talk about the when the break comes in a few minutes. >> thank you, michelle. now to a summertime survive story. a teenager is recovering at cooper university hospital after a dirt bike crash deep in the woods in south jersey as nbc 10's george spencer found the young man has a harrowing tale and now a timely warning for other young riders. >> i was actually hoping, i can't wait until i'm sitting in the hospital bed. that's what i was looking forward to. >> reporter: not many people look forward to being in a hospital bed but fin miller has his reasons.
6:41 am
the 15-year-old was rescued after a dirt bike wreck left him unable to walk and alone. >> i think when it happened, i was in shock. it happened so quickly, it hurt, yes, but i wasn't in much pain. >> reporter: miller got the bike back in june and intended to take a quick spin in the township woods. so thickly wooded we couldn't even see the trail below from skyforce 10. >> my legs smacked and threw me -- smacked directly on the tree and three me off and i landed on the ground. >> reporter: miller's leg broke badly left dangling below the hip. his family and rescue crews began to search these woods. he first tried to get back on the bike and then tried to use tree branches for crutches before finally dragging himself down the trail on his elbows. it was two and a half long hours here before he finally saw his grandfather and friends.
6:42 am
they found him exhausted muddied, laying in the trail bed. >> i was super lucky they found me when they did. >> reporter: he's now reflecting on lessons he might tell other dirt biking teens, like bring a cell phone and tell others where you're riding. the most basic rule of all. >> definitely ride with someone. it was not smart of me to not ride with anyone. >> reporter: miller's recovery will take six to eight weeks followed by recovery. this year's lacrosse season seems to be off the table. given the alternative, it seems a small price to pay. reporting at cooper university hospital in camden george spencer, nbc 10 news. next amusement park arrest. why a family got into trouble with the law during a trip to the park. this is the new look of ex-phillies ace cole hamels.
6:43 am
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bees were all the buzz at new jersey state capital yesterday. there are now three new laws to support bee keepers. one bill adds bee keeping to the right to farm act. another prevents towns from regulating bee keeping. there will be a fine for damaged hives. in case you didn't know it bees are new jersey's official insects. the state has more than 3,000 registered bee keepers. a philadelphia family is accused of seeking into the dorney park outside allentown. officials say they caught up with the woman and nine members of her family in the park
6:46 am
wednesday night. the group told workers tickets were being held inside by another group but police say once inside the family ran off to avoid paying almost $300 for the tickets. she's charged with theft by deception. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> might be a good day to get to the amusement parks today. we're looking at another nice start to the day. nice finish. it will be hot. temperatures in the 90s. last four days. fifth and sixth. looks like two more before we finally see a break in that heat wave. weather headlines on your saturday morning. yes, the heat does continue. we're used to it. good news. we're going to keep humidity levels low today, also tomorrow. feeling comfortable despite 90 degrees later this afternoon. lots of sunshine this afternoon. most of us mostly dry. some of us might see a shower or two. i'll show you that on future weather. looking at a break in the heat by wednesday. temperatures back into the 80s. actually a few nice days to round out the workweek. 75 right now in philadelphia.
6:47 am
mixture of sun and clouds. nice start to the day. get out early, get exercising done before temperatures start to heat up later on this afternoon. north and west 60s, not bad. 63 in allentown, 62 pottstown. 65 in lancaster, waking up to 64 in mount pocono. get a little warm closer to the city. the city tends to hold onto that heat. i have no idea what i was going to say. hard to see the heat escaping. 75 in philadelphia. 67 glassboro 1 millville and 73 in atlantic city. a warm start for some of us and then a little cooler to the north and west. a live look outside. we're looking pretty this morning. lots of sunshine. a little breezy. see that flag kind of blowing around out there. it will be windy later on this afternoon. a cold front moves through. see those clouds. a weak cold front. not a lot of moisture with it but bringing up the winds as we go through the afternoon. may see isolated showers, thunderstorms especially to the north and west.
6:48 am
mainly poconos, out and about in the pocono mountains on saturday, keep in mind if you're heading out. mostly clear for all of us on our saturday night plan. sunday keep it mostly sunny, will be hot with temperatures into the low 90s once again and really hot as we head towards monday. the forecast there's a chance for isolated shower possibly thunderstorm 80 degrees by sunday partly sunny, 82. another warm day on sunday. today closer to the city. temperatures hot. 91, breezy mostly sunny. so a lot like yesterday with low humidity but high temperatures a little breezier than what we had yesterday. sunny, 91 mostly sunny skies by monday. that's when the heat cranks up 96 more humid, cloud cover, partly sunny. tuesday partly sunny, 92. finally a break in the heat wave 87. not as hot on wednesday. thursday showers and storms 84. a beautiful end to the workweek friday mostly sunny 85. >> looking forward to that. thanks, michelle. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show at 7:00. we check in with erica hill an
6:49 am
craig melvin join us live from new york with more on what they are working on. hey, guys. >> very nice to see you this morning. just ahead here on saturday morning on "today," we talk so much about wildfires in new york tragic story to tell you about a fire captain killed battling those relentless wildfires. he's one of 8,000 wildfires out there doing their best. more on that story. also ahead on saturday morning, where is the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion? he's still in hiding. will he be extradited to zimbabwe. we'll take a look at trophy hunting and how many people involved in the sport. we'll introduce you to ronda rousey one of the most formidable fighters in the world. craig went head-to-head in the octagon. >> probably would have done better. a major time with ronda.
6:50 am
also after that move over grumpy cat. might be an animal more unhappy. check out the puzzle. what we like to call his grumpy resting face. we'll share his story as well. >> he's pretty cute we think. >> he is pretty cute. >> craig, i think back to ronda, i think rousey took it easy on you. i think that's why you're still here this morning. >> you're probably right. she took it easy and we're all grateful for this rosemary but she's hard core. she is hard core. she doesn't take it easy on anyone else. fascinating look at her coming up. >> see you at 7:00. have a good one. >> thanks rosemary. today baseball fans can help dedicate the new phillies mural in center city. the eight-story painting on walnut street faces schuylkill river and expressway. several on the wall will be
6:51 am
there for the dedication at 11:30. hall of famer mike schmitt, mitch williams darren dalton. the dedication is part of the phillies alumni weekend tonight at citizens bank part. pat burrell who was just inducted into the wall of fame will join 40 other phillies legends for alumni night. then phillies will take on braves at 7:05. you can watch it right here on nbc 10. hi, from comcast sports net. the trade to send cole hamels to the texas rangers is finally official. got pitcher matt harrison and five minor league prospects. in return harrison has been already placed on the 15-day disabled list with a lower back inflammation. hamels made his way to texas, teammates in the dugout last night. he'll make his debut tonight. cole and his wife heidi took out this ad that will appear in tomorrow's "philadelphia inquirer." he said this is a bittersweet
6:52 am
ending. >> the model has been fighting phils. i believed in that and tried to live that. so you don't ever want to count us out. i didn't want to ever be counted out, but i understand this is the nature, you know, this does happen. >> phillies traded ben revere to toronto for two minor league pitchers yesterday. revere actually found out about that trade via twitter. he spent parts of three seasons here in philadelphia. philadelphia did add a new member to their wall of fame last night. >> pat burrell's unveiled. playoff run and 2008 world series team. burrell puts his relationship with the fans in perspective.
6:53 am
>> we had our ups and downs. i'm not sure more of which. but it was a fun ride. the only thing that matters to me is when i left i was on the back of clydesdales coming down broad street. >> a good memory. phillies all over the braves last night. bottom five, deep to center, said after his home run he would hit another one and he did it. second straight night. 6-0 phils later in the inning. in a pickle, hernandez caught a rundown between second and third. angela watches. phillies won 9-3. eagles report to training camp. rider university jason thompson to golden state warriors for wallace, cash and consideration. now for sports, comcast sports net. i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey!
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6:57 am
juveniles. officials cut the ribbon on the renovated center. improvements part of the project to help the youth center and juvenile probation offices, to approve them. the redesign youth center provides better security and privacy for both victims and defendants. before we leave you this morning, we do want to get one last look at the weather. before we look at the seven-day, what is going on? a spider. >> cop web and spider. >> check in on the morning news. >> my patio looks like that. the back we don't brush. sunshine, low humidity levels. really nice start to the day. my back patio, spiders and cobwebs, humidity last week. we're going to keep it nice today. enjoy today even though we reach a high of 91 degrees. typically 87. it's a hot one, used to 90s and another hot one tomorrow. >> that's going to do it for us now. we'll see you back here at 9:00.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. deadly wildfires. a captain on the frontlines of the brazen fire has died. the married father of two trying to tackle the fires. could they get a hand on them anytime soon? boiling point. record-breaking temperatures across the country this weekend. the punishing weekend pushing many to their limits. some regions waiting for triple digits. dylan is tracking it all. trouble in the skies. a drone comes close to two planes on approach at new york's busiest airport. one coming within 100


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