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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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meteorologist brittney shipp. >> temperatures will warm back into the low 90s. this is going to be day seven, another hot day for us. 65 degrees in pottstown. mild start in reading if you're waking up with us the poconos 66 degrees, 73 in philadelphia but your eight-hour planner shows by 7:00 a.m. we're at 76 degrees. take a welcome at 1:00 p.m. that's a warm lunch hour. quoin speeds out of the south, southwest at 11 miles an hour. that wind direction is always important. that's more moist air coming up from the south and southwest. that will lead to warmer temperatures and sticky conditions as we head through the rest of today. low 90s in allentown and right along the shore here close to 90 degrees even for wildwood. our humidity is returning, i'm
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tracking how long it will stick around plus tracking storms and when this heat wave will end. i'll go over that in my full forecast in about ten minutes. first, let's check in with nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> overturned vehicle on 95. we'll have skyforce 10 over the scene in just a moment. 95 northbound approaching the commodore barry bridge. it is look blocking the right-hand lane. police activity on the scene as well. updates to are you to come in the next ten minutes or so. out in kensington air emergency go avenue at lehigh avenue still an accident wean have police activity. your best bet to get through the area frankford avenue. if you're out the door on the schuylkill expressway right around spring garden street you can see the schuylkill starting to gather a little bit of volume. everything was moving east and
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westbound. we have the spring garden street off ramp closed to the schuylkill expressway right now. your best bet is to take girard avenue to get around the area. that will there be until about august 4th. preparing for the pope we rm 351 days away from the pope's visit to philadelphia. you have just 18 hours left to get the septa papal passes. matt delucia is live for us at the ft. washington train station. >> i'll tell you thousands of people have already signed up for this lottery, according to septa. we'll show you how all this works in just a moment. this is only for the regional rail service. this is 1 of 18 outlying regional rail stations that will shuttle people in and out of
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center city during the papal visit. this lottery is open just for today. the winners will be announced starting on thursday. you'll get a congratulatory e-mail. you'll be able to purchase the passes for $10 each. if you are selected you'll have to take the next step and buy your pope passes. this is for september 26th and 27th. this process comes two weeks after septa tried to directly sell passes online. the website crashed quickly after high demand. let's come back in here live. you go to, good to the website and it has a link for one-day regional pass lottery. stick on that and you put in what station you prefer to go to. you also put in what times
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you're looking at. you put in your information there, click submit your entry. a lot of people say they went through the process without any problem. i've been talking with septa. they're hoping it get a full status update within the next hour. within the first hour of this lottery opening they had 2,500 entries. a lot of people are doing this right now. coming up at 6:30 we're going to tell you about something else that you need to keep in mind once you get these passes if you are selected. a lot of things to keep in mine, a lot of instructions are on that website to help you get walked through this entire process. it's starting to show better thanes than it did a couple weeks ago. for now i'm live at ft. washington.
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the nbc 10 news app has everything you need to know. download the app for free to get a lumpg to septa and the mostly mostlily ask questions. be sure to join us for an exclusive program. nbc 10's jim rosenfield spoke with his close friends, the pope's colleagues and critics. to learn more about the man who became the people's pope. that's tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. 6:05. new from overnight, fire crews put out a house fire in philadelphia's jrmentown neighborhood. officials say it appears the fire started in the basement. everyone got out safely. thomas coffey faces charges in the shooting death of thomas cook. police say he was with friends
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to buy an atv that was advertised on craigslist. when cook showed up for the sale cough fiz robbed and killed him. this is 95 northbound approaching the commodore barry bridge. jessica boyington has been watching this. you can see they have all lanes blocked right there. no. one lane is getting by. we'll get an update from jessica boyington on how to get around this. >> meanwhile, officials will perform autopsies on a couple from warrentown bucks county. >> they had been on a crew trip in maine. they've been identified as roy and judith carlile. officials have not found their canoe. fishermen found roy carlisle's body saturday morning.
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judeth'sith judith's body was found as well. the v.a. medical center is hosting an open house to highlight changes made in its fats ilt. it's part of national press day, showcasing their accomplishments. services are being offered to veterans throughout the tri-state area. the faa is investigating after a pilot in gloucester county reported a close call with a drone. it happened around 5:30 near sewell airport in washington township. the pilot said he made a turn to avoid that drone. this follows two reports of close encounters at one of the nationest busiest airports. on friday a jetblue plane
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reported flying a drone. a delta fly also reported seeing a drone. an 8 inch main broke yesterday in bustleton. it broke around 3:00 on ferndale avenue. about 50 homes have not had water service since then. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. eye mild start. as we head into the afternoon, it will be a hot and humid day. it will feel stick in 0 out. it's 73 degrees currently in philadelphia where it's 66 in washington township 62 in chester springs. 66 in shore shum. 62 in allentown, hid-60s for
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mt. pocono. 65 if you're waking up with this this morning in wood bean. we've been staying hot. our average is 87. it started way back last tuesday with a high of 93 all the way straight into this past weekend. and now as we head into today we'll see a high of 93 degrees. it will be a long heat wave on tap for us steel start off with mostly sunny skies. by 4:00 p.m. you start to track a chance of a fewitelated showers and thunderstorms. that will spread from potts twl down to honeybrook around 4:00, 5:00. closer to 10:00 we'll see another round moving into dover, parts of new castle county and near the poconos and allentown. we'll see plen i of sunshine as we head back into tuesday. i am tracking an unsettled
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workweek. i'll go over the details of that coming up in ten minutes. time to check in again on the situation on 95. >> jessica boyington, what can you tell bus it? >> tracy and vai, all lanes appear to be blocked at this moment. a few moments ago it was only the right-hand lean with that overturned vehicle. police activity there and that's the proof right there as we zoom out on skyforce. all lanes blocked. you can see the backup is going to stretch on for quite a while here and it's going to be at the exact worst time of the morning. on the northbound side again, that's approaching the commodore barry bridge. the alternate is to take route 13. i will be searching for better
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routes as well. out in kensington an accident scene on aramingo avenue. as for 422, starting to see it pick up quite a bit around trooper road on the eastbound lanes. still an eight-minute drich time. no obstructions there. >> 11 minutes past 6:00 right now. a lot of people are excited about the pope visiting philadelphia, including noncatholics. >> it's not the world meeting of catholics. it's the world meeting of families. >> we talked to a south philadelphia baptist pastor who has an opportunity to share his message. and a wildfire in california forces thousands to evacuate. this is just one of many wild flyers continue to spread.
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four
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of:15. we are following breaking news. you can see some lanes are getting by. the bookup is massive. jessica boyington will have an update coming up. firefighters are working right now to try to contain dozens of wildfires burning in several western states. the blazes are tearing through forests and threatening homes. most of those fires are in northern california like this one, the so-called rocky fire. officials now say this blaze scorched around 84 square miles north of san francisco. the officials have told more than 12,000 people to evacuate. in southern oregon officials have ordered
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evacuations for close to 200 homes near the stout fire. hot temperatures and gusty winds have caused it to double in size to around 15,000 acres. and new this morning, preparing for the pope. by now you know the world meeting of families is the event bringing pope francis to philadelphia. it's open to all faiths and features speakers from various backgrounds. as nbc 10's chris cato reports one of them won't have to travel very far to deliver his message. >> reporter: founded in 1809 the first baptist church is one of the oldest of its kind. >> he spoke from that exact pulpit. >> reporter: the man behind the pulpit now, the reverend
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terrence griffith will find himself preaching to another flock on the world meeting stage. >> it's not a world meeting of catholics. it's a world meeting of families. >> reporter: he's speaking at the world meeting of families in september. he believes organizers chose him because he has a message for parents of all faiths. >> we need parents to get back to basics. we need parents to train their kids, take their children to the mosque, the church, the synagogue. >> reporter: he believes a lot of the problems facing american cities today, crimes drugs and unemployment ultimately exist because children aren't in church like they were 50 years ago. there's no accountability, he says, to a higher power. >> without god in the society, the society is destined for destruction. >> reporter: he says philadelphia needs families to go to church, almost as much as churches need them. >> without the family, there's no church. without the family there's no synagogue. without a family there's no mosque. we need a family. >> reporter: families have held his church together for 206 years and counting. in south philadelphia, chris cato, nbc 10 news.
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6:17. time to get another update on that situation on 95. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching it for us. what are you seeing now. >> we're watching skyforce 10 over top of this scene. we have good news. you can see lanes moving through the area. just a few moments ago we had all lanes blocked on the northbound side of 95. it's still slow going behind that scene. they have just recently opened it back up. right now your best bet is to take an alternate. right around here where 322 is the commodore barry bridge. that accident is on the northbound side of 95 approaching that scene. that's backed up past 452. you can see route 13 underneath nice and grown. you can take that to get through the airy. that would are be your best bet.
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>> everything still moving along just fine. we're losing that left-hand lane due to ongoing construction. still a 12-minute drive time from 38 up towards the black horse pike. walking the left lane an accident there. take frankford avenue to get through. we'll have updates on the backup of that consistent on-- scene on 95. thousand your nbc 10 weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> the heat wave tens as we head into the rest of today. it will feel even more hot -- hotter i should say and the humidity is back. it will feel hot and humid. we're tracking the chance of a few isolated storms as we head into the rest of the afternoon and evening. across the rest of the region, 70s for philadelphia mid-60s in cape may.
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plenty of sunshine 73 degrees, humidity is up 207to 76%. the wind direction like i've been saying is always important. that's warmer air coming up from the southwest. 66 degrees currently in the poconos, 65 in shenandoah. 68 in wilmington 66 in mt. holly and right along the shore here in beach haven, 74 grows. day six was yesterday with a high of 90 degrees. today will be day seven of the heat wave. temperatures staying at or above 90 degrees. 91 as we head into tuesday and our satellite radar shows plenty of sunshine expected for us until we get into the afternoon. that's when we'll see a few changes as changes as we push closer to 4:00, 5:00.
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another round closer to 10:00, for dover and parts of the lehigh valley once again. we'll stay nice and warm today with humidity increasing and we'll see plenty of sunshine on tuesday. temperatures won't drop out of the 90s until thursday. it is cecil all over again. there's a new outrage after zimbabwe named a second american big game hunter in the killing of another liar. this time it's a doctor from pennsylvania. the search tens for flight mh370. now malaysianzelaysian officials are reaching out to fin the being 777.
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happening today, a push to spur research for cures for rare diseases that affect children. doctors will join with senator bob casey later today. he's unveiling a new bill that would make permanent a federal program to give incentives for
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drug development for rare diseases. that program is set to expire in less than a year. and jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. just a quick update on the accident scene on 95 approaching the commodore barry bridge. it has cleared. there are small residual delays behind that. if you want to avoid all delays take route 13 for now. we're looking live at another part of 95. that's around girard avenue with a 17-minute drive time. you can see the drive times being reflected on the lanes with the headlights headed towards the camera there. northbound doing just fine in that spot. for now we'll see how today's forecast is looking with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> there's a live look at the light house in cape may. 76 degrees, 73 if you're walking out the door in philadelphia. return of humidity for today.
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plenty of sunshine and isolated storms will start to move in. this is now going to be day seven of a heat wave that started last tuesday. today's forecast high will be around 93 grows for philadelphia. more details coming up in my full forecast. vai? >> preparing for the pope. there are 51 days left until the pope comes to philadelphia. >> part of the preparation to some means septa passes. not everyone will be lucky enough to get them. and this. i'm jesse gary live in south philadelphia. more than two dozen vehicle owners waking up to a headache. what happens, why this person is changing a tire. we'll have all of that coming up right after the break. no pads and no fans. but there's still a lot of excitement at eagles training camp. we hear from sam bradford, just ahead.
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nbc 10 breaking news.
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a rude awakening in the past 30 minutes, we found dozens more cars with tires slashed, leaving some angry owners in south philadelphia. securing septa passes just might be an act of god, at least that's what it might feel like for some. getting those passes means logging on signing up and crossing your fingers hoping your name is chosen. the heat will be a doozy. the wind flapping with those flags. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 73 degrees outside already at 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist brittney shipp with her steamy first alert forecast. >> that's right. we are going to see steamy conditions. temperatures push into the low 90s plus the return of our humidity. it will feel more uncomfortable than this weekend. 62 in chester springs, 73 in
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philadelphia 65 in horsham. temperatures in the poconos starting off at 66 agrees and right along the shoreline, 66 at the atlantic city airport. the city planner shows us over the next eight hours or so we'll warm things up. by 2:00 p.m. back to the 90s we go. wind speeds out of the south/southwest at 12 miles an hour. the end is near with the heat wave. we are going to see day seven today with the high of 93. by tomorrow, day eight. after that we start to cool things down. i'll show you what that looks like coming up in my full forecast. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're on the schuylkill
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expressway starting to see backup right here, right around conshohocken. you can also see a disabled vehicle on the right-hand shoulder. east and westbound we are still moving along. we're seeing the drive times reflect a little bit of volume eastbound from the blue route up toward the vine street expressway. 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vein an 18-minute trip there. currently in problems headed southbound on the blue route and heading out the door this accident scene has cleared out of the way, the northbound side. the good news is, the accident is gone the bad news you can still see the backup behind that scene. all of the traffic is moving through the area. the best bet is to take the
6:33 am
alternate here. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at 13th and ellsworth. jesse, more vehicle have been hit. tell us what it's happening. >> tracy in the last 30 minutes we learned about a second wave of vandalism on south 13th street now. the cars are lined up. it's similar to the scene we've õ is one has a baby spare that was put on it. at least nine people had their right tire slit. we talked to one woman who witnessed the attacks on ellsworth. she heard the puncture of the tire and the air escaping. the noises got louder and louder
6:34 am
as the vandal moved west on ellsworth street toward 13th. the philadelphia police detectives are interviewing a child of interest right now. >> really bizarre. i don't know what would possess you to want to do that. he's not from the neighborhood. i don't recognize him from the neighbor ready or anything. i don't think he knows anyone on this street that he was angry at. >> this person of interest is a heavy set bearded man, 29 years old wearing khaki shorts an a dark t-shirt. he's being called by detectives called a person of infleft. thx store on the corner of eldz worth -- ellsworth and 13th has surveillance cameras. it could extend further north
6:35 am
towards city hall. if you park anywhere in this area, you might want to come and check your vehicle this morning and make sure you, too, do not have a flood tire. jesse gary nbc 10 news. septa's one huff day lottery is the only chance for riders to score rail passes for the pope's visit in september. >> the odds are really not in your favor with a limited number of tickets available. the site has been up and running for six hours. any problems? >> no. there is no guarantee you will get selected in this lottery. three big things to keep in mind. the lottery is only april until today, go to second, this is for the saturday and sunday that the pope is in town september 26th and 27th. third, if you do get picked you
6:36 am
have a few days to buy your tickets. this is what the website looks like. roughly 2,500 people signed up for the lottery in the first half this morning. this is only for the regional rail service. riders have been telling us what they think about this idea. >> i haven't really heard a lot. >> everybody is talking about what the situation is going to be. nobody knows what to do. >> reporter: you might remember a couple weeks ago, saep to tried selling passes online but the website crashed rather quickly. another big concern as we look live is parking, not a problem here at the ft. washington station. septa's advice get a ride to
6:37 am
and from the station. once you get to center city you have to be prepared to do quite a bit of walking as well. we'll be keeping on eye the this process. the nbc 10 news app has everything you need to know before you enter the lottery. down load the app free plus get a link to septa. >> enjoy us for an exclusive half hour on pope francis. we're the only local news operation to visit the pope's homeland ar jen too that, prior to his visit. that's tomorrow at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. indicted congressman shaka fatah will appear in our area
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this afternoon. the congressman is accused of misusing congressional influence, stealing taxpayer money and charitable donations. he's accused of accepting a secret million dollar campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. congressman fatah is married to renee chenault-fattah. she's referenced in the criminal complaint against herself, labeled as person e and an affiliate. >> referee: the enterprise. she's not charged and she denies wrong doing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a mild start for us as we head into the workweek. 66 degrees in the poconos, 62 in allentown, 69 in reading.
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temperatures is millville at 62 and currently we're at 66 in wildwood. it is a mild start no matter where you are. 66 at the atlantic city airport. our average since last tuesday is 87 degrees. we've been well above that average. 93 degrees today. our heat wave will continue today. our highs around the region 93 in northeast philly, 92 in mt. holly. 89 in wildwood. as we go into the rest of today, i will continue tracking a slight chance of showers, closer to 5:00. we see another round closer to delaware, new castle and kent counties. that we be by so:00, 11:00.
6:40 am
we will start to see everything drying out. those clouds will linger. i am also tracking an unsettled rest of your workweek. i'll go over that in my full forecast in about ten minutes. >> it is 20 till 7:00 this monday morning. they cleared the accident near the commodore barry bridge but the backup was sa large. >> let's check with jessica boyington. >> first we start with a delay that we're starting to see on the 42 freeway around the new jersey turnpike. northbound from 55 up towards the bridge there, five-minute drive times. thumbs up because that accident scene as cleared out of the way. on the north side approaching
6:41 am
the commodore barry bridge. traffic allowed to move through the area. your best bet is to take route 13. you can see all of the cars are green and moving along. more updates an backups to come, vai. vice president joe biden may not have closed the door on the presidential run. and this robot hitchhikehood its way through europe and can that with no problem. wait until how hear what happened when he visited the city of brotherly love.
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♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪
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[snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. it is day two of the philadelphia eagles training camp. the birds will be back on field today as they gear up for a new
6:45 am
season with new faces. the biggest head scratcher was a trade for nick foles for an often injured sam bradford. he's limited from minicamp as he recovers from a second acl surgery but it was a full day of training yesterday. he was all smiles after the workout. >> it's been almost a year since been on the field full speed playing football. to get out there, knowing my knee can do it it was a big step and first day today. >> sam said he's excited to be at the game. nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. if you're following the train at training camp, have pre and
6:46 am
postgame coverage,. some of the republican presidential candidates will participate in a presidential forum in new hampshire. the event comes just three days after the first debate on thursday. new jersey governor chris christie is among those planning to be there donald trump says he will not attend. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" pole shows trump is leading the pack with 19%, followed by scott walker jeb bush and ben carson. the top ten candidates will participate in thursday's debate. trump spoke yesterday on nbc's "meet the press." >> i don't have tollsters. i don't want to be unreal. i want to be me. i have to be me. >> he was also asked about the possibility of vice president jb jb joining ing
6:47 am
joe bitd joining the race. the aide is a former biden campaign staffer. the move comes as biden's associates have resumed discussions about a possible 2016 run for the white house. these five democrats have all five candidates will speak at the dnc convention later this month. the transportation minister did not want to speculate if it was part of mh370. the wing is in france for investigation. malaysian officials are asking for help from other islands near where a suspected piece of the
6:48 am
miss ing missing airline. keiser carlisle was a bat boy for the liberal bj's team in wichita, kansas. it's a summer league for college players. part of the national baseball congress, the team president says one of the players accidentally hit keiser during a warmup swing. he said heç heard the bat hit sizer her was wearing a mel met. keiser's family says the boy zoied of injuries yesterday. a cross-country journey was just completed. they traveled more than 3,000 miles on specialized bikes. their journey began on june 1st in california and ended at the marine corps war memorial in arlington. the goal was to raise money for
6:49 am
the semper fi fund. the controversy over the killing of cecil the lion sparked international outrage and now there are new reports that a hunter from pennsylvania may have illegally killed another african lion. authorities in zimbabwe say a pennsylvania doctor illegally shot a lion on land where it was not allowed. as for sesle. the zimbabwe government has suspended the kind of hunting practice by palmer and stopped all big-game hunting around the park where cecil roamed. check out this pit stop at pokio raceway. whoa. driver coming in too fast his brakes fail and he crashes into two members of his own crew. the impact tossed one member
6:50 am
under the hood and sent a tire flying on to the track. everyone is okay. but the driver did get a penalty for out-of-control tire that made it on to the road. hitchhiking robot attempting to travel across the country with the help of humans met its end in philadelphia. >> canadian researchers created hitchbot. someone managed to damage the robot beyond repair yesterday in philadelphia ending its american tour. hitchbot picked up more than 48,000 twitter followers. >> a lot of people wanted to talk about it. that's wonderful. first set out for marble head massachusetts with the goal of reaching san francisco, last year the robot crossed
6:51 am
canza. hitchbot writes i guess sometimes bad things happen to good robots. my trip must come to an end. thank you to all my friends. i'm tracking day seven of the heat wave. the big difference is that our humidity will return. it's going to fee more uncomfortable but still hot for us and staying hot over the next few days. plus i'm tracking a chance of a few isolated thunderstorms. but across the rooj allentown, 62 degrees, it's a cooler start in in cape may with 66. our humidity is at 76%. wind speeds out of the south/southwest at 6 miles an hour. we get into the afternoon and our humidity will start to go
6:52 am
up. right now we're at 66 degrees in the poconos 62 in allentown. 69 in coatesville. 67 in kennett square. we're at 69 in northeast philly. we're seeing quite a spread. we'll continue to see the warmer, more moist air coming up from the south. 71 in delaware city, 72 in lewis. yesterday officially made day six of the heat way with a high of 95. 93 for the high today. i'm tracking the enbut not today or tomorrow. satellite radar shot here. a mix of sun and clouds, closer to 8:00 p.m. is when we start to see the isolated thunderstorms move into padresrts of wilmington and allentown. mid-80s will be the high in the poconos, 91 in allentown, 91 in
6:53 am
quakertown. we stay in the 90s as we head into the rest of your workweek. dropping back down by thursday. >> we have to keep you to work. let's check the roads. we had a couple bumps this morning. >> no one better to do it than traffic, as traffica with jessica. >> wherever you have to go give yourself extra time on the schuylkill expressway. accident cleared on 95 northbound approaching the commodore barry bridge. you can see the backup from that scene past 452. take route 13 underneath that to get through the area. you'll be juft fine. now it's time to sign up to get the papal passes. nbc 10's matt delucia is live
6:54 am
before the washington septa station with how it's all going to work out. we're about seven hours into this lottery. i've been checking in to see how things are going this time around. that's next. live in south philadelphia car troubles for more than two dozen resident he's here. i'll explain what happened and what police are doing about it.
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more than two dozen people waking up to find their vehicles have been vandalized. a witness tells me she saw a man slashing tires on ellsworth between 10th and 11th street earlier this morning. philadelphia police are talking to a person of interest but no
6:58 am
charges have been filed. live in south philadelphia jesse gary nbc 10 news. i'm matt delucia live at the ft. washington septa station. the one-day lottery for papal passes is under way right now. here's a look at the wep site. so far, no major problems reported. several the website crashed a couple weeks ago. this is something different considering there's no guarantee you'll get pick. if you do you only have a few days to make a decision to buy. septa clearly expecting an overwhelming crowd. at this point, the lottery is going smithly. now you just have to hope you get picked. matt delucia nbc 10 news.
6:59 am
good morning, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. northbound or southbound just complete bumper to bumper. either direction. 95 forbapproaching the commodore barry bridge. take route 13 you'll be just fine. now your nape first alert weather. >> good morning. we're taking a live look at cape may. plenty of sunshine expected. this is going to be a great day to be at the shore with temperatures warming into the high 80s. if you're closer to the city and 90s we go day seven for us. our temperatures don't drop back down to the 830sing in thursday. >> it seems like blue is the color of the day.
7:00 am
>> get upto the moan on the nbc 10 news app. have a great day 3 good morning. festival tragedy. a violent and fast-moving storm causes a tent to collapse at an event outside chicago. one person killed more than 15 others hurt. the same system that fired up a series of tornadoes. >> that's nuts. >> one of them ripping the roof off of a high school. biden for president? how real is the speculation that the vice president wants to jump into the race? can he take on hillary clinton? or is it too late? and as the countdown is on for the republican debate our new polls, big numbers for donald trump. in the cross-hairs. another american accused of illegally killing a lion in africa while a woman from idaho proudly posts images of herself on big game hunts. we'll talk to


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