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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. breaking news -- >> i am innocent. >> that breaking news congressman shama fattah makechaka fattah makes his first comments. you watched it live on nbc 10 and on nbc our deanna durante is at the ymca in haverton. >> reporter: he told the group inside that he is not facing any distractions despite the indictment that was handed down by federal prosecutors last week. we spoke to the congressman
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outside here when he said he is innocent and has no regrets about things he has done in his past and denies all of the charges that federal prosecutors have late out. >> and i'm glad they have made that campaign and i do know that we now have every major newspaper and civic entity in town saying that we need to prioritize poverty, and i'm happy that i raised that issue. >> the congressman talked about his accomplishments while serving in the united states congress and he talked about the fact that he will not step aside from the appropriations committee. he says that he will continue to do his job and also announced to us that he is planning to run for reelection next year and plans to fight all of these charges. that is the very latest reporting live in havertown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> four others earn indicted last week. he is accused of stealing
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taxpayer money and charitable doebations and accused of taking a secret campaign loan and fattah denies the charges. congressman fattah is married to nbc anchor renee chenault-fattah. she's labeled as person e and an affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the feds allege she participated in the scheme to fraudulently sell a car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. right now at 11:00 police have arrested a suspect in a string of tire slashings in south philadelphia. it's a story you saw first on nbc 10. there were more than two dozen incidents near 13th andel elsworth streets. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in south philadelphia. jesse, have police found a
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motive for these crimes? >> reporter: vai, they have been questioning the suspect in the case all morning long but still no word on a motive. meanwhile, the 30-plus vehicle owners affected by the crime will have to deal with the aftermath. in south philadelphia the ride to work stalled even before it got started. upwards of 30 cars and suvs sitting parked with slashed tires. >> i just found that tire right there slashed. you know unfortunately, it's the bad side of living in the city but it does happen occasionally. >> reporter: around 2 time 15 this morning a report of car tires slashed. neighbor nicolaward was lying on the couch first the puncture of the tire and the aires caping. >> i actually saw him do it to my neighbor and her car, and i saw him go down the street and do it to the next car. >> reporter: a second witness says the suspect was carrying a
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rambo-style hunting knife. about a dozen more vehicles were vandalized starting in the 1100 block of south 13th street and extending north for a few blocks. police arrested the suspect at broad and christian street a heavy-set bearded man wearing khaki shorts and a black shirt. as investigators work to uncover the motive spares are replacing the damaged tire but today's crime does not have them contemplating a move from the city. >> i like living here and we've lived here for ten years and it's never happened. this is the first time. >> reporter: we are looking at other cases of vandalism in the city over the years to do a compare and contrast and see if there is an upward or downward trend. we'll have more coming up in the next 30 minutes and also we'll check back in with police to see if they have charged the suspect that's now in custody in this case. live in south philadelphia jesse gary nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> our heat wave is entering the seventh day as we take a live
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look at center city philadelphia. will the heat wave reach day 8? nbc 10 meteorologist brittney shipp is here with what inquiring minds want to know. >> we are on day six and tracking day seven with a high of 93 degrees and high temperatures are fairly warm and 78 in kenneth square and 84 in wilmington and 78 in the poconos and 81 currently in redding and right along the shore here temperatures are in the 80s and mid-80s in woodvine and 82 degrees in evdoer. so if you remember last week we started on tuesday with these temperatures in the 90s and our average is 87 and this has been a long heat wave even throughout the weekend staying in the 90s and as we head into the start of the workweek and temperatures expected and between 91 and 94, hot and humid conditions and isolated
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thunderstorms possible as we head into tonight. our wind speeds will be 5 to 12 miles per hour and that's where humidity will come from in the southerly wind and that's when we start to see the best chance of thunderstorms and showers and moving mainly throughout honeytown and we'll see another round from 10:00, 11:00 before we start to see more clearing and we will see more clouds tomorrow morning when you wake up and i'm tracking temperatures staying in the 90s and how long the humidity will last and the next chance of storms is coming up in my next forecast. vai? >> septa's one-day lottery is going on right you in. it's the only chance for riders to score rail passes for the pope's visit in september. there are a limited number of ticket available and the odds are in your favor. matt delucia talked to riders in mount washington. >> this is one ride riders are hoping to win.
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they'll be selected by email starting thursday. three things you need to know before entering the papal lottery. the lottery is only open today until 9:00 p.m. second this is only for the saturday and sunday that the pope is in town. that's september 26th and 27th and third, if you do get picked you only have a few days to purchase your tickets and otherwise you lose your spot. this is what the website looks like. it's on and septa tells me roughly 2500 people signed this lottery in the first hour and it opened at midnight and this is only for the regional rail service and riders have been telling us what they think about the idea. >> what do you think about a lottery now? >> i mean i guess it makes sense to handle the amount of people that want to try and get the tickets, but i mean for people that want to get around town just to get to work or just to get somewhere that they need to be it just doesn't make sense to me. >> if i really have to i'll just drive, i guess, but i'm afraid to drive, too, because
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everything will be closed down. >> reporter: you may remember a couple of weeks ago septa tried selling passes online but the website crashed rather quickly and so far this process appears to be working better but another big concern is parking. not a problem right now at the fort washington station and septa warned riders and their advice is to get a ride to and from the station and once you get to center city you have to be prepared to do some walking, as well. at fort washington i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. and the nbc 10 news app has everything you need to know before you enter the lottery for the papal pass download the link for free and the most frequently asked questions about the lottery process, and then be sure to join us tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. for an exclusive half-hour program on pope francis. we're the only news to visit his homeland argentina.
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nbc 10 jim rosenfield spoke with his close friends, his close colleagues and even some of his critics to learn more about the man who became the people's pope. that's tomorrow here on nbc 10. we have new information on a crash we first told you about in bucks county. police say a 20-year-old woman was killed and five others were hurt in the accident on i-95 in yardly. police say the woman was traveling home from an audition from the show "american idol" at temple university. witnesses say the suv carrying the group was flying at high speeds when it flipped and rolled over. philadelphia police are searching for the driver who hit a little girl and then took off. this happened just before 5:00 last night along lambert street in north philadelphia. investigators say an suv hit the 5-year-old and the driver backed up and then took off. medics rushed the child to the hospital where she was last reported in stable condition. the vehicle is described as a
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light-colored suv or jeep with possible p.a. plates and the jjsg-6673. anyone with any information on this vehicle should call police. sky force 10 was over a house fire this morning in kensington. that fire broke out at 7:30 on two stores -- in two stores on kensington avenue that had apartments above those stores and we're still working to find out if anyone was hurt in this fire and philadelphia police released new video showing a suspect wanted for trying to rob two businesses in south philadelphia. this happened on july 11th. they say the man tried to hold up an employee at the little cesar's in oregon avenue and made off with nothing. that same man entered the dunk in indoughnuts on south 18th street and again left without taking anything. police are looking for this man, he's wanted for placing skimming devices on several atms in philadelphia and montgomery
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county. this incident was caught on surveillance at a 7-eleven on walnut street in center city on july 11th. there's a $3,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. if you happen to have any information or if you recognize this person you are asked to call police. >> a tragic development after an accident at a baseball game. a child serving as bat boy was struck in the head and this morning a story that's taken a sad turn. >> after word of cecil the lion's death there are new reports of another african lion that may have been killed illegally. this time the hunter in question is from pennsylvania. and i'm tracking another round of heat and now humidity as we head into the start of your workweek and i'll let you know how long the heat wave will last, plus i'm tracking the return of storms and that's coming up in my full forecast.
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the u.s. military released a video yesterday of what it says are successful coalition air strikes against isis targets in iraq. the strikes were carried out saturday in coordination with the iraqi government. the military says the strikes destroyed an isis facility and the united states and its allies carried out 18 air strikes in iraq and six in syria all on saturday. a 9-year-old bat boy accidentally hit by a bat over the weekend has died. kaiser carlisle was a bat boy for the liberal b.j.s.
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this team is in wichita, kansas. it's a summer league for college players and a part of the national baseball congress. one of the players accidentally hit kaiser during a warm-up swing as the little boy was getting a bat. he said he heard the bat hit kaiser who was wearing a helmet before he took a few steps and fell. kaiser's family said the boy died of head injuries yesterday. another american doctor is accused of illegally killing a lion during a spring hunting trip in south africa. officials have banned big-game hunting in one of the popular national for efforts and willie gieft has more. >> reporter: the outrage growing with the government of zimbabwe now alleging a second illegal lion killing by an american. according to a statement by zimbabwe national park john zeske illegally killed a lion during a hunt in april. his guide who is cooperating with authorities hunted without
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a quota or permit. he posed with other trophy killings including an elephant. he could not be reached for comment and there was no answer at his house. seski is the second american doctor of illegally killing a lion in more than a week. zimbabwe is seeking the extradition of palmer the minnesota accused of the big game death. palmer has not been seen publicly since the news made international headlines. he stated everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted. over the weekend a tribute to cecil was projected on the empire state building. cecil's brother jericho was confirmed to be alive after false reports surfaced that he too, had been killed and a field researcher snapped a photo this morning. >> he's a mature lion and he's 11 years old himself. >> the two lion killings are sparking a heated debate over the practice of big game hunting both illegal and legal.
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>> two avid hunters from idaho are among those drawing backlash online after posting photoeys of their legal kills like this giraffe. some commenters are calling the hunters human garbage and far worse for killing a giraffe. the hunter previously has fanned the flames posting a meme challenging the critics stay tuned. you'll have so much more to be upset about. >> that was nbc's willy geist reporting. officials are asking for help from other islands where a suspected piece of the missing malaysian airlines was discovered. this as malaysia's government confirmed that the piece found last week came from a boeing 777 aircraft. that's the same kind of craft as the missing malaysian aircraft flight 370 and the transportation minister did not want to speculate if it was part of the missing jet. the wing is now in france for examination by french u.s. malaysian and boeing
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investigators. an unusual piece of sea debris washed up on the florida coast over the weekend and it's a piece of a european space rocket that was used to blast satellites into orbit around the earth. it appears that it was part of the galileo project. a work in progress to make an independent european navigation system and officials believe this piece of debris has been floating for a year. one witness insists there's some out of this world debris left on it. >> maybe some space dust but i just -- i touched it to my tongue and nothing happened so -- >> police believe the rocket launched from the french vienna and guyana in south america. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. temperatures today are going to stay above average for us switching back into the low 90s. so the heat wave is still on and this will be day seven as soon as we hit 90 degrees and our
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humidity is going to return and you probably felt the difference and we say nice and dry over the weekend and that's changing for us and i'm also tracking storms isolated storms as we head into the rest of tonight. right now for allentown we're in 82 degrees and mid-80s in philadelphia and 86 with plenty of sunshine and cape may and here is a live look at boathouse row and we're in the mid-80s and the mix of sun and clouds with the humidity and 46% and our wind speeds out of the west-southwest at 17 miles per hour and we'll continue to see breezy conditions today and it's still going to be a hot day, well above average and not too bad for august and right now we're at 78 degrees in the poconos and 82 in allentown and quakertown 86 in wilmington at washington township at 81 and 83 with mount holly and we're at 84 in beach haven and 86 in the atlantic city airport and 84 degrees. yesterday it was officially day six of this heat wave with the high of 90 degrees.
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today we're going to make a run for day seven with the high of 93. we could even hit eight straight days on tuesday with a high of 91 degrees and it's questionable as we get into wednesday whether the heat wave will continue and i'll show you what that looks like in our seven-day forecast and our satellite radar shot shows quiet conditions and the clouds moving into wilmington and as we head into the rest of today you'll notice these clouds start to increase. by 6:00 p.m. we'll have a chance to see the showers and starting to push toward lancaster county and these will linger until 8:00 and we don't expect a whole lot of activity and it is possible that we could see heavy downpours embedded along with these isolated thunderstorms. we'll start to see a few more clouds moving in overnight and we'll see more of a mix of sun and clouds as we head into your tuesday. highs around the region today at 84 degrees in the poconos and 90 in allentown and 90 the high in quakertown and 90 the high
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today and mount holly, even right along the shoreline here and it will be warm and 80s for cape may and rehoboth beach and things will stay in the 90s and drexel hill at 92 degrees. we'll have another day or two with temperatures above 90 degrees and as we head into wednesday we're right on the threshold and it will be a possibility that we break the heat wave wednesday and definitely by thursday with temperatures dropping down into the mid-80s and a chance of showers starts thursday and continues all of the way until saturday. >> thank you, brittney. hey, do you know a child who is a very picky eater? it may be a sign of a larger problem. see what else may be troubling those who have very limited diets. that's straight ahead. and researchers say female doctors are paid less than their male counterparts and we'll look at why that is and how much less they earned straight ahead.
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a new study finds female doctors have a lower average salary than their male counterparts. researchers say the pay gap of $50,000 a year is partly due to a difference in work preferences. both men and women listed optimal workload as the most important priority of a job, but substantial pay ranked second for men and fourth among women. women were also more likely to work part-time and in lower paying university settings. the typical kid menu consists of chicken fingers,
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butter noodle cheese pizza and mac and cheese. most expand their palates, but some taking picky eating to the extreme and new research shows that could be a troubling sign of psychological disorders like depression and anxiety. nbc 10 national correspondent erica edwards has more. >> this is your favorite right? >> most parents have encountered kids who like a food one day. >> i have a peach up on top. >> and then decide they hate it the next. those are very typical picky eaters. they are not who this story is about. >> ever since i can remember i've always had problems eating things. >> this story is about a small percentage of kids like corey fader who literally only ate four or five foods growing up. even now as a student at the university of pennsylvania corey experiences intense anxiety when face when consuming anything other than very specific kinds of pizza, pasta or chicken fingers. >> they make it sound simple
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why not just pick something up and eat it but if i could just eat it i can promise you i would have done it by now. >> corey's anxiety is a selective study from duke medicine. kids who were extremely restricted in their diet they were most likely found to have social depression or anxiety. >> these are sensitive kids and they feel things more deeply and that's both in their own internal experience and the world around them. >> duke's dr. nancy zucker says the kids are sensitive not only to the external world and also what's going into their bodies like food. corey says he's trying multiple forms of therapy to get past his food aversion. >> my goal is to get to a point where i can fit in socially and i can go out with my friends. >> early intervention could be key so kids can get the most effective therapies possible. >> erica edwards, nbc news. the long list of 2016 presidential candidates may grow even longer as a familiar name
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may jump into the race. reports say vice president joe biden is getting ready to run. hear what political watchers are saying about his potential candidacy coming up. and the world meeting of families is bringing the pope to philadelphia but the event isn't just for catholics. see how a local leader from another faith will be spreading his message in a very large stage.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. it is 11:30 this monday morning august 3rd and our heat wave is entering day seven as we take a live look at boathouse row and the humidity has returned and so has the chance for showers and brittney shipp here now with the forecast. good morning brittney. >> good morning. that's right. our temperatures will continue to push into the 90s and the
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good news is we do have relief on the way and it is in the seven-day forecast and just not today. temperaturewise, we're at 78 degrees and 82 in allentown and 80s right now in philadelphia and 86 at the atlantic city airport. temperatures are in the 80s closer to wildwood as well and this is how your next eight hours are going to break down by 1:00 p.m. and 87 degrees will warm into the 90s as soon as 2:00 p.m. and by 4:00 p.m. plenty of sunshine and breezy conditions out of the south-southwest at 11 miles per hour and by 7:00 p.m. it will be a warm night out and temperatures will hover close to 90 degrees and our official high today closer to 93 degrees in philadelphia and 89 in pottstown and we'll see a high of 90 degrees and 84 in mount pocono and 88 degrees in the atlantic city airport and the heat wave is alive and well for the seventh straight day for us but the end is near and we are probably going to see one more day on tuesday as we head into
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wednesday and that's when we'll see the temperatures dropping down by thursday and we did officially see six straight days on sunday with the high of 90 degrees and talk about how long the humidity will stick around and i'm tracking isolated storms for tonight and when the heat wave will end and that's coming up in my seven-day forecast. >> check out this damage in suburban chicago. a powerful storm tore through the town of grays lake and this happened last night and the roof of a high school damaged and several windows shattered and the storm mowed down trees and flipped trucks on to their sides and meteorologists are trying to figure out if a tornado ripped through the area. >> it spanned about a four to five-mile area in a small, narrow path and we're unsure but the winds were considerable because of the amount of damage that we've seen out here. more than 50,000 people are still without power as crews
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worked to fix downed power lines. what prompted a 25-year-old man to have a string of tire slashings. there were two dozen incidentses near 15th and ellsworth. you've been digging into the number of vandalisms in philadelphia. what have you found? >> vai, there have been sporadic cases of tires slashed in philadelphia like you see right here but the most infamous david toledo. he was recently sentenced to three to six years for slashing tires in and around his mayfair neighborhood twice. police are questioning the 29-year-old in custody for this morning's crimes. between 1:00 and 1:30 this morning upward of 30 vehicles with slashed tires. in south 10th and 11th streets and the suspect walked up 13th street and slashed tires for a few blocks also.
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witnesses say he was carrying a rambo-style hunting knife. those affected philosophical about the inconvenience. >> some people have to commute and they get to walk to work. >> philadelphia police department is processing the 29-year-old suspect right now and they will likely charge him before the day is out. live in south philadelphia jesse gary, nbc 10 news. septa's one-day lottery is happening today. it's the only chance for riders to score rail passes for the pope's visit next month and with the limited amount of tickets available, the odds are in your favor, and if you're planning to use septa's regional rails during the papal visit, you have until 11:59 p.m. to register on this website. the winners will be announced thursday and you'll get a congratulatory email and you'll be able to buy those passes for $10 each and the passes are valid for september 26th and
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september 27th. septa officials haven't said how many passes they will sell. nbc 10 news app has everything you need to know before you enter the lottery for a papal pass. download our app for free to get a link to septa plus the most frequently asked questions about the lottery process. >> the week-long world meeting of families that is bringing pope francis to philadelphia isn't just for catholics. it's open to all faiths and features speakers from various backgrounds. nbc 10's chris cato reports one of them won't have to travel very far to deliver his message. >> reporter: founded in 1809 first african baptist church in south philadelphia is the oldest of its kind in pennsylvania. >> it's from that exact pulpit and the centennial celebration of the church. >> the man behind that pulpit now, the reverend terence griffith will soon find himself preaching to a different flock on a much larger stage. >> it's not the world meeting of
11:36 am
catholics. it's the world meeting of families. >> reporter: he's several non-catholics speaking at the world meeting of families in september. he believes organizers chose him because he has a message for parents of all faiths. >> we need parents to get back to basics. we need parents to train their kids. we need parents to take their children to the mosque to the church, to the synagogue. >> he believes a lot of the problems facing american cities today, crime drugs, unemployment ultimately exists because children aren't in church like they were 50 years ago. there's no accountability he says to a higher power. >> without god in the society this societiy is destined for destruction. >> he says philadelphia needs families to go to church almost as much as churches need them. >> without the family there is no church. without a family, there is no synagogue. without a family there's no mosque. we need the family. >> families have held his church together for 206 years and
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counting. in south philadelphia chris cato nbc 10 news. >> and be sure to join us tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. for an exclusive half-hour program on pope francis and we're the only local news operation to visit the pope's homeland of argentina before the pope comes to philadelphia. nbc 10's jim rosenfield spoke to his friends and colleagues and even his critics to learn more about the man who became the people's pope. that's tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. right her on nbc 10. now to decision 2016. republican presidential candidate donald trump says latinos love him, but a brand new nbc poll shows they don't. nbc 10 national correspondent tracey potts has more on new numbers released against another big-name democrat that could announce a run against hillary clinton. >> reporter: joe biden is quietly testing the waters and
11:38 am
could announce he's running for president by september. >> if he runs he runs. >> reporter: donald trump says he's not worried about that. >> i'm looking to discuss the issue withes and i'm not looking to take anyone out or be nasty to anybody. >> reporter: trump tops our latest nbc/wall street journal poll with 19% followed by scott walker and jeb bush. new this morning, that poll shows three in four latinos don't like trump. in the latest national average, perry is just outside the top ten. >> i expect to be on the stage. >> he's fighting for the last two spots with ohio governor john kasich and new jersey governor chris christie. >> we'll see what happens. i'd like to be there. >> it won't matter if you're number one, number five or number ten. >> i was at 1% in the national polls and ended up winning 11 states. >> only the top ten will be on stage thursday night. >> the seven who don't make the prime time stage thursday will have a separate debate earlier that day. in washington tracey potts, nbc
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10 news. new video in to nbc 10 shows a robbery at a metro pcs store in cobbs creek. philadelphia police say last friday morning this man entered the store on south 60th street and approached a cash register demanding money. the store employee told police the suspect reached inside his pocket as if he had a weapon and he took you have off with an unknown amount of cash. philadelphia police released this new video from planet fitness on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. it shows a man entering the gym and taking a set of car keys from the key rack near the customer service area. he walked out to the parking lot and drove off with the car. if you happen to recognize him or have any information you are asked to call police. a hitchhiking robot was able to travel cross country with the help of humans until it got to philadelphia. canadian researchers created hitchbot as part of a social
11:40 am
experiment to better understand how man and machine relate to one another. someone damaged the robot beyond repair in philadelphia yesterday ending its american tour after only two week but not before hitchbot picked up more than 48,000 twitter followers. >> and there were so many people to talk about it and see what it like you know? that's wonderful. >> hitchbot first set out from marblehead marblehead, massachusetts with the goal of reaching san francisco. last year the robot successfully crossed canada and parts of europe. on its website, hitchbot posted its message to its friends. i guess sometimes bad things happen to good robots and my trip must come to an end for now, but my love for humans will never end. concerns about the water quality for athletes. some olympic hopefuls put that
11:41 am
water to the test and we'll show you how they dealt with the conditions. i'm tracking another round of heat and humidity makes its return and a chance of storms. i'll let you know what to expect in my full forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> check out this video here. danger for a pit crew in the
11:44 am
poconos this weekend during the windows 10 400, and the driver going too fast and his brakes failed and he crashed into two members of his own flew. the impact tossed one crew member on to the hood there and had a tire that rolled down on to the road the track. everyone, luckily, is okay but the driver did get a penalty for the out of control tire. the road conditions caused problems where athletes competed in rio de janeiro yesterday. the complaints come after a week of worries after the water quality at the famous copacabana. the waters weren't fit for swimming because of high levels of disease-causing viruses. few athletes complained about the water, but some said potholes and manhole covers in the triathlon course caused a few hair-raising moments. puerto rico is $72 billion
11:45 am
in debt and on the brink of defaulting and that is bad news for a lot of u.s. investors. puerto rico is set to default on its debt today after the government missed a bond payment this weekend. a government spokesman telling reporters we have no money. puerto rico is trying to restructure $72 billion in debt. a ge fault would be the highest profile one since detroit which missed a $1.5 million bond payment right before filing for bankruptcy. it's estimated more than half of the u.s. municipal bond funds have some exposure to puerto rico rico. store craft is recalling a mattress for failing to meet standards for flammablity. the mattress were made between august of 2014 and january of 2015. if you happen to have that mattress stop using it and contact store craft for a free barrier cover. a tablet computer made for
11:46 am
gaming is being recalled for a fire hazard caused by overheating batteries. the 8-inch battery is called the shield. the company has set up replacement program for owners who bought the shield tablet any time since july of 2014. stop and smell the roses and other flowers at two pop-up gardens in philadelphia. here to talk about that is julian schrader orting egega for the chief horticultural garden. >> tell us more about the pop-up program. >> this is the pennsylvania horticultural society is doing pop-up gardens here and this summer we have two pop-up gardens and one in 15th and south and one at 9th and morton. they're wonderful programs and a way for phs to help people in philadelphia to understand the power of transforming a vacant lot into a beautiful space and used as a show case for us to
11:47 am
help people understand all of the community programs that are helping philadelphia across the year. >> are you trying to show people how to utilize the limited space that they may have? >> sure. we're inspiring people to put beauty into their communities and we're doing a series of work shops for people to come and learn how to garden in their house and we're doing programs about caring for trees and even doing cut flower arranging and growing food in a container garden late into the season too. >> what i'm seeing in these pictures is it's a community kind of thing because people are coming together sitting around talking and you see flowers and plants and vegetables. >> yep. everybody can come together in a beautiful spot. that was formally a vacant land vacant lot in the city and just enjoy being in the summer surrounded by plants and their neighbors. >> the programs that are in
11:48 am
store at phs. >> the phs pop-up gardens are very important for people to understand the green programs that are happening and they're a way to support important projects that are happening at phs like our city harvest program and this one is really important because here in philly, 22% of our neighbors don't have access to enough food to live healthy, active lifestyles and phs is working with a network of 140 gardeners and growers around the city. they can grow so much organic food and donate it the to families that don't have access to local food. >> the pennsylvania societiy is hosting activities with programs and celebrations and other special events. for a full schedule of events and special offers is going to and we'll create a link there so you can find out more about it. >> thank you for telling us about your programs. >> thanks for having me. >> now your nbc 10 first alert
11:49 am
weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. the heat wave continues for us and 93 degrees will be our daytime high and an uptick in our humidity and it will feel more uncomfortable out and it will remain that way at least through tomorrow and i'm tracking a few isolated storms heading into tonight. right now we're in the low 80s in allentown and 86 degrees in cape may with plenty of sunshine and philadelphia is more of a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures at 85 degrees and our humidity is at 46% and breezy wind speeds out of the west-southwest at 18 miles per hour. it will be breezy and it will abe hot breeze blowing because the temperatures are just so warm today. 78 in the poconos and 83 in allentown and 83 in coatesville and temperatures right now in wilmington at 84 and we're at 86 in northeast philly and right along the shoreline close to beach haven and 86 in the atlantic city airport and 85 in
11:50 am
lewis. our average for this time of year is 87 and we've been well above average and in the 90s since last tuesday. this is a long heat wave and it continued throughout saturday and sunday and then today we expect to stay in the 90s and 93 degrees will be our high as we head into the start of your workweek. our satellite shot shows wilmington to philadelphia to trenton and as we head into the rest of the afternoon we'll continue to see the clouds increasing and pushing into the evening and closer to 7:00 and that's when we'll track the chance to see isolated showers near honeybrook and stretching out to lancaster county and light showers moving into parts of the lehigh valley and also into the poconos. as we push into the overnight hours we'll dry out and we'll see more of a mix of sun and clouds as we head into most of your tuesday and then temperatures expected to stay pretty warm once again in the 90s and we're right at the threshold so we could see an end to the heat wave after today.
11:51 am
>> our highs around the region in the low 90s for philadelphia and 90 in allentown and 84 mount pocono and 84 degrees in atlantic city. for rehoboth beach and plenty of sunshine expected and this will be a great day to head down the shore. seven-day forecast shows we'll see warm temperatures today and humid and a chance of isolated storms by tonight and tuesday, plenty of sunshine and we'll take a look at thursday and we track a chance of showers, thursday, friday and saturday and that's going to help our temperatures drop out of the heat wave criteria so we're down to the mid-80s by thursday and we stay that way into next weekend.
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how about that music? which means it is day two of the philadelphia eagles training camp. the birds got back on the field a short time ago as they gear up for a season with new faces. the biggest headscratcher though in chip kelly's off-season playbook was a trade of nick foals for an injured sam bradford. bradford was limited throughout training camp with a second acl surgery and it was full go during the game's first practice. bradford may get days off depending upon how his knee
11:55 am
reacts. just a reminder nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. we're following the team at training camp and we'll have preand post game coverage as well as every snap of the preseason opener august 16th against the colts. now there's just one more thing missing from eagles training camp, the fans and they show up tomorrow. i will be there because it's alumni day and comcast sportsnet's con clark is in south philadelphia. he looks at how the birds are preparing for the fans and everything new the eagles faithful can expect when they file into the novo care complex. that and more on nbc 10 news at 4:00. nbc 10 and telemundo are teaming up with dozens of animal shelters in our area to help find homes for pets in need. it's called clear the shelters and it's happening saturday august 15th and on that day participating shelters will be offering reduced adoption fees in hopes of finding homes for the thousands of animals in our area in local shelters and here's how you can help.
11:56 am
join the conversation and help raise awareness by sharing the event on social media. make sure you use the the #cleartheshelters. send us pictures of your pet and think, come on out august 15th. for locations and fees check it out on the nbc 10 news app and brittney shipp with the forecast this afternoon. >> the heat wave continues and this will be day seven. it's a long heat wave for us and we'll track the chance of isolated storms as we head into the rest of tonight. it's closer to 7:00 and very isolated and more humidity expected for us as well and a few more 90s in the forecast right on that threshold. we could break the heat wave tomorrow and definitely by thursday with our daytime highs expected to warm into the 80s. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for brittney shipp and everyone
11:57 am
at nbc 10 have a great day. stay cool out there.
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>> jennifer: jj, abigail, i made some of gram's doughnuts. come get them while they're warm. >> eve: it's not gonna happen, jenny, because you're never gonna see your kids again. >> jennifer: [gasps] [breathing heavily] >> jennifer: oh! >> eve: well that's what you get for making me lose my daughter, bitch. >> jennifer: [gasps] >> eve: [thinking] god, if it were just that easy. [chuck


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