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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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survive in the human spirit is more powerful than just about any force that's out there. pretty amazing. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> and we have new information from center city where a cop car and a taxi collided. where the officer was going when the crash happened. matt delucia is live on the scene with an update. plus, we've issued a first alert day. lightning lights up the sky overnight and some people could see more storms later today. and today marks the unofficial start of the 2015 football season. the eagles are practicing at the link and you can go watch the team for free. i'll be there. >> you will? >> alumni day. >> right. good morning, welcome to nbc 10. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley who has issued a first alert for today because of the storms moving through right now and the potential for storms
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later in the day. bill? >> i'm tracking the storms on the first alert radar, a line of storms moving to the eve at 40 miles an hour. it's a fast mover. when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, these storms were moving through york county and now lancaster county has seen them clear. but they are raging through portions of chester county and into delaware county. some of the heaviest rainfall crossing into delaware county. these storms are on the move at 40 miles an hour. it won't take long for them to move to philadelphia. could be here with the heavy rainfall by 5:30. as well as heavy rain there's a potential, you can see a potential for hail damaging winds. these storms could produce winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. some very heavy rainfall within those storms but they are moving to the east. those storms expected to be offshore by midday. then we'll get sunshine and with heating we'll be back in the 90s this afternoon. that could fuel more storms that
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could turn severe later today. we'll have continuing coverage all day long. i'll be with you through the morning. chief meteorologist glenn schwartz will be here and meteorologist sheena parveen will have you covered this afternoon an nbc 10 starting at 4:00. also get important weather updates on the nbc 10 app. let's get a look at traffic now. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is standing by. jessica, what are you doing over there? >> i don't know what everybody is doing today. everybody is having a hard time with my name. jessica boyington here. wee start things off on the vine street expressway. tracy is laughing over there. >> i started this. >> yes you did. >> heading westbound in here towards the schuylkill expressway and 30th street station. you can see everything moving along just fine. a three-minute drive time headed up towards the schuylkill expressway. the schuylkill expressway
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speaking of that, everything moving along through conshohocken curve. no real problems there. out in horsham, north bethlehem pike and welsh road. great alternate so far for the morning. septa and the patco speed line are running on time with no delays. tracy, back over to you. >> jessica, thanks. 5:03. a police officer was injured in an accident. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on scene. you've been gathering information the past hour. bring us up to speed here. >> within the past 30 minutes, the intersection at 56th and haverford re-opened. that police car and the taxi just behind that police suv are still out here at the scene. there's still a lot of shattered glass and police threw some of the sand down there to clean up the oil and fuel that was spilled as a result of the crash. it's happened around 3:00 this morning. three people are in the hospital include the female officer. the cabbie and passenger are
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being treated, from what i'm told minor injuries complaints of pain i'm told by police. i did ask what was going on at the time of the crash. officer, police tell me was responding to a call for a person with a gun and the lights and siren. >> reporter: apparently on at the time. i asked police if there was anything else going on here. no impairment suspected on the part of anyone involved. a septa because just rolled by. in intersection was closed for two hours but has now re-opened. live in west philadelphia matt delucia nbc 10 news. 5:04. we're following this breaking news from overnight. a shooting outside a hip hop concert in monmouth county in the parking lot of the pnc bank arts center in homedale. witnesses say there was an argument, someone started shooting. two people are in the hospital and police are searching for the gunman. happening today, eagles training camp moves to the link for an open practice.
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the fans will get their first look at the birds following an offseason of changes. jesse gary is live at lincoln financial field with a preview of the practice and spectators. >> it will be a busy day for both the players and the fans the first of two open practices starts today at 11:45 this morning but it is also eagles alumni day where they honor gridiron greats from the past before practice begins. once chip kelly blows that whistle, practice under way at 11:45. is sam bradford 100% for the season? what impact will tim tebow have on the team? and can de marco murray's withstand the ground game? there will be activities before the alumni is honored. today's public practice is free and the parking gates open at 9:00. bring an umbrella or rain
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poncho. we're seeing weather move into the area as bill has been talking to. could be a little wet out at the link. live outside the link in south philadelphia jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> the eagles will serve us brunch. i'm not missing that. nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we'll be following the team at training camp plus every snap of the preseason opener. august 16th against the colts. 5:06 and 74 degrees outside. happening today, the trial begins for the man accused of shooting and killing his pregnant girlfriend. aaron fitzpatrick is charged with the murder of the mother and her unborn child. neighbors called police when they heard a woman screaming. when paramedics got there, they founded 24-year-old tiffany gillespie dead in the basement of her south philadelphia home. police have never released a motive for the murder. also today, delaware county
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teacher paul hochschwender will be sentenced for sexually assaulting children. he pleaded no contest in january to abusing nine children in two different school districts. he's already serving time. a korean war veteran who was robbed and beaten inside his own home in chester county is elle itting his story only to nbc 10. the homan vacation happened in late june and police say a man pretending to be a water worker forced his way into the vet's home in west vincent township. here's a sketch of the intruder who never showed a gun while tieing up the victim. nbc 10's denise nakano spoke with the recovering 81-year-old vet who asked not to be identified. >> he grabbed my arms from behind and hustled me in there. and kept saying he was going to shoot me. he must have said that 15 times. i said if i had my pen, i would
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have stabbed him in the eye. >> yes, the robber got away with cash, a laptop and prescription drugs. police are looking fk a white subaru neighbors saw in the area around the time of that robbery. community leaders are joining forces with the philadelphia police department and mayor michael nutter so teen neighborhoods safe part of the national night out campaign. nbc 10 in south philadelphia for the kickoff rally. several events continue tonight. in delaware the wilmington national night out will be help at rodney's square and due to tonight's event, there's no parking on part of north market street from 3:30 till 8:30. the camden county police department also hosting several family friendly events. they can attend a community walk and movie night, all free. new information just in to the newsroom about septa's lottery for the papal passes. septa says 38,000 people requested passes. we still don't know how many
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passes were given allowed to request. the winners will be announced thursday via e-mail. the special passes are required to ride the rails the weekend of the pope's visit in september. be sure to join us tonight at 7:00 p.m. for an exclusive half hour program on pope francis. we're the only local news operation to visit the pope's homeland of argentina ahead of his trip to philadelphia. nbc 10's jim rosenfield talked with close friends of the popes, his colleagues and even some of his critics to learn more about the man who became the people's pope. that's tonight at 7:00 p.m., wigt here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 5:00. i'm tracking strong storms in the area and there's a potential for more storms later today. severe storms with damaging winds, possibly even the threat of tornadoes and some hail. these are fast-moving storms.
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two hours ago, they were just moving in to lancaster county. now they are moving into the philadelphia area. before the next round of storms we'll see some sunshine to warm the temperatures up. right now in the 60s and low 70s. you can see a flash of lightning. that's over boathouse row. a live view from the mellon bank building. this storm produced a lot of lightning as it's moved to the east. look how fast this has been going. this is one hour's animation. it's moving through chester, now wilmington and philadelphia. it's fairly isolated. damaging winds a possibility and yes, you'll see flashes of lightning. once this first line moves through, it will be quiet for most of the rest of the day. this afternoon with heating in the atmosphere we could see another round of showers and thunderstorms for parts of area. hour by hour future weather shows by 8:00 this morning moving quickly through the area. breaks in the clouds.
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we'll see sunshine temperatures warm up into the low 90s this afternoon. during the afternoon hours, the most likely areas to see storms redevelop are to the south in delaware and south jersey. that's 1:00 in the afternoon. see a shower popping up in the cape may area. a line of storms could produce more damaging winds. the threat of tornadoes and hail later today. the forecast is calling for a hot and humid day. we'll get storms to start with then a break see sunshine and warm into the upper 80s and low 90s this afternoon. we'll be watching for more storms later today. look at the seven-day forecast with a cooldown ahead when i come back in ten minutes. 5:11 this tuesday morning. i see headlights taillights now, cars are out there. they're moving. >> let's find out, jessica boyington is watching the roads for you. >> tracy and vai, i was watching behind you guys as well. you can see the big flashes of lightning behind you and you can hear the thunder in our studios
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in bala cynwyd. we don't have rain on the 42 freeway in new jersey. northbound, towards the walt whitman bridge a five-minute trip. no problems for the tac pal or the walt. we'll search for wet cameras for you coming up in the next ten minutes. it's 12 minutes past 5:00. protect and serve, even when you're not on the clock. we'll tell you what a camden cop did to help a woman in manhunt when he was off duty. that hitchhiking robot destroyed in philadelphia but was the video a hoax? plus, what hitchbot's creators have in store for him now.
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developing right now, a wildfire in northern california thought to be under control is raging again. the so-called rocky fire is burning 100 miles north of san francisco. so far flames have destroyed two dozen homes and forced 13,000 people to evacuate. >> i am scared. i really am scared. they told us this was an unprecedented fire. it was everywhere huge. >> and take a look at this. this is time lapsed video showing the fire growing puffing flames and smoke with every passing minute. fire crews across
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distraught-stricken california are hoping the cooler weather will help them get a handle on about 20 wildfires. >> in memphis, tennessee, the tremayneine wilbourn turned himself in to officers. he was wanted in the shooting of sean bolton. >> woodhaven roadere wilbourn was out of prison on parole after serving time for a bank robbery. recruits from the philadelphia police academy are traveling to washington, d.c. to visit the holocaust memorial museum. it's part of a nationwide training program which guides new recruits on ethics society when policing. an off duty camden county police officer is being hailed a hero. the officer saw a homeless man
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charge toward the woman in manhunt on sunday afternoon, at one point attacker pulled the woman to the ground. the officer pulled his game warned the guy to stop, which he did. the officer held the man there until nypd officers got there. >> after she walked away i just asked her if she was okay. she said okay thank you, i never saw her again. police escorted her to an ambulance. >> officer dubiel had not been returned. the attacker had been released from a mental institution earlier in the day. was it a hitchbot hoax? take a look at this video. a man in a sports jersey appears to jump kick and object against a wall in an old city street. nbc 10 has not confirmed the video'sauthenticity. the person who released the footage is an internet prankster. on saturday morning robot's creators got a photo confirming
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it was vandalized beyond repair. at the time hitchbot had been two weeks into a cross-country adventure where strangers helped it travel from place to place. there's now a local kick starter campaign raising funds and money to help rebuild hitchbot. a busy south philadelphia road is closed again because of potholes. people living along 12th street say the road just re-opened yesterday after recent repairs. the potholes returned yesterday. a septa bus got stuck in one. neighbors tell us they are getting the run around when it comes to making repairs. >> he first told me i had to wait 45 business days for them to fix it. they've come twice but they just put the stones in it and every time it rains, like i said before, it washes them underneath. >> nbc 10 contacted the philadelphia streets department for comment. we've not heard back. speaking of repairs, heads up for anyone taking the
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schuylkill expressway into philadelphia. the eastbound off ramp to spring garden street is closed until next wednesday for concrete repairs. penndot is posting detours for drivers. the repairs are part of a project to rehab the bridges that carry spring garden street over 76 mlk drive, the schuylkill river and the schuylkill river trail. >> that's one thing you need to know about the roads for today at 5:19. you might be encountering in some of the rain. >> jessica boyington will give you the details you need to know. >> we're seeing wet roadways as we head out the door on the schuylkill expressway. right around the vine street expressway. you can still see them, not a lot of cars throughout the area. it's still early to accumulate in any real traffic backup. westbound, even with this rain from the vine street expressway at this point up towards the blue route, still about a 12-minute trip there. you can see slight ponding in the area as well.
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give yourself extra time. as for drive times on 95 currently no problems or increase in the drive times, southbound or northbound a 15-minute trip from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. horsham, we are still watching out for an accident scene on north bethlehem pike and welsh road. be careful if you're heading out the door there. currently no problems or delays for new jersey transit, septa or the patco speed line. coming up in the next ten minutes or so updates for you on new jersey roads and more wet cameras. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. 20 minutes after 5:00. showers and thunderstorms moving through the area. i've issued a first alert for the potential for severe storms not only this morning but this afternoon could bring damaging winds and the threat of tornadoes and hail with these storms that are quickly moving through this morning and a possibility for parts of the area later today. 76 degrees with a thunderstorm in philadelphia. that's the storm that two hours ago was in lancaster.
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you can see the flashes of lightning. citizens bank park in the background and the streets starting to get damp in south philadelphia with the heavy rainfall that's now already moving into portions of new jersey. it's moving right across the delaware into camden and burlington county. especially heavy rainfall clearing south philadelphia moving through northeast philadelphia. look at that heavy rain into burlington county. evesham is about to get heavier rainfall and flashes of lightning as these storms quickly move through. that's the one spot we're watching. the other one is heavy rain and thunderstorm activity moving through the baltimore area. it's also moving at 40 miles an hour which has it in delaware before 7:00 this morning. a stormy start and a potential for damaging winds. the threat will exist this afternoon for philadelphia, delaware and south jersey farther north and west that threat will be diminishing during the day as skies clear out. we'll get sunshine it's not going to be an all-day rainfall.
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storms to start with and hot, humid conditions into the low 90s this afternoon. most of the day will be quiet then. late this afternoon and into this evening, we'll be watching for more storms developing. 90 tomorrow less humid as we go into thursday. 84 degrees and then heavy rainfall a possibility for friday. that will keep us in the 70s friday afternoon. back into the 80s starting on saturday as the storms clear out. >> thank you, bill. sharing your amazon prime got a little more difficult. the limits it's placing on subscribers and how it could impact other people using your account.
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5:25. amazon prime is about to get more exclusive. they quietly rolled out a series of changes to its amazon household program. cnbc's landon dowdy is here to explain the changes. tell us more landon. >> amazon puts new limits on amazon prime membership members were previously allowed to split their account which is costs $99 a year with up to four people. new subscribers will only be able to split them between two adults who must authorize each other to use credit or debit cards and they can add four children. the move may be aimed at reducing the number of shared accounts spurring people to get their own. stocks to look to rebound from monday's losses that saw the dow drop for the third straight session.
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markets were moved bylier oil prices. factory orders the dow falling 91 points to 17598. the nasdaq losing as well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> thunderstorms, strong gusty winds. fast-moving storms. they're moving at 40 miles an hour. the storms moved through philadelphia now into south jersey. more storms are heading towards delaware. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. how's it looking out there, jessica? >> the roads are wet, bill. we're looking live. cars moving through small puddles in the area around wissahickon avenue. we want to give you extra time before you head out the door. more drive times and wet roadways coming up at 5:30. i'm matt delucia live in west philadelphia. the work tens this morning to
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clean up an officer-involved crash out here, 56th and haverford. a live update from the scene, coming up after the break.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> just about 5:30. breaking news a police car racing to a scene crashes into a cab. matt delucia has been on the
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scene all morning long. he's live in center city with an update. >> here's a live look at radar. that is a colorful morning. it's a loud morning outside. nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley tracking storms that are here now and then more later today. we've been watching this camera from the comcast center in center city where we've been seeing flashes of lightning. actually the people joining us on periscope have been joining us about thunder and lightning across the region. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we heard some of the lightning over our studios in bala cynwyd. you're tracking storms that are impacting us now and you're also looking ahead to the storms later on this evening. >> the storms that we are seeing right now race through the area we're in york county lancaster county. they're fast-moving storms moving to the east at 40 miles an hour which means they'll be offshore this morning.


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