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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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meteorologist bill henley says the cooling trend start today. it is just 5:30. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll get a check on your first alert forecast in just a moment. this is a live look at the scene where a u.p.s. truck slammed into a barrier along york road. the truck cab caught fire the driver got out. crews rushed to the hospital. york road is closed in both directions near sugar bottom road as they clean up and investigate this scene. find out how to get around let's get to nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. help us out. >> vai, that's exactly what i'm here for. furlong, bucks county york road closed in both directions at sugar bottom road. your best bet to get around the scene as it will be out there for cleanup and investigation for quite some time take almhouse road or take 611. that accident scene is just in that area right now. you'll be fine with not a lot of
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traffic around the area for now. on 295 in new jersey we're working through the work zone where we're losing out that left-hand lane. move the camera. there's active work zone crew up there but still a 13-minute drive time southbound from 38 up towards this point at the black horse pike. moving forward to the 42 freeway, everything is moving along, a five-minute drive time you're headed up to the philadelphia area and the walt whitman bridge. currently no problem on the walt. the tac pal is fine the ben is clear. we're losing two right-hand lanes due to ongoing construction headeding westbound in philadelphia. we'll have an update for you in ten minutes on mass transit. for now, we get a check on today's forecast with bill henley. temperatures climb back into the 80s this afternoon. we won't see the 90s. it's a cooler start this morning. look at the 60s for pottstown, doylestown, 74 degrees right now in philadelphia. and 70 in northeast philadelphia. a cooler start this morning and
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less humid. you'll feel the difference this morning. as the day goes on the clouds will disappear, we'll see more and more sunshine and a northwesterly wind will bring in the drier air. that wind up to 11 miles an hour. as we climb into the upper 80s at 1:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. new from overnight dozens are searching for a new place to live after a fire forces them from their home late last night. >> this happened in an apartment complex in cumru township just outside of reading and very close to the shillington shopping center. matt delucia is live in berks county for us this morning. >> a jarring morning for those neighbors, matt. >> reporter: absolutely. especially this happening in the middle of the night. a lot of people sleeping. fortunately no injuries. right behind me this is the building that's affect. we're in the back of this building at the shillington complex herep this. you can see the fire marshal is
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out here on the scene, got out here not long ago. going through the damage the debris here especially down here in the center of this building where it's believed this fire started. this is a three-story building, 12 units inside. all are damaged, firefighters tell us. 32 people are displaced. 1:00 in the morning when this started, people are sleeping. the firefighters say they had to quickly evacuate this building. take a listing to the fire chief in cumru township talking to us about this effort. >> we had a report of smoke in the building upon arrival, the unit seen fire outside the one entrance of the building. immediately went into action as far as the pressure was concerned and also evacuating the remaining occupants of the building. >> again fortunately, no one was injured. they do believe they know where the fire started. right now as we look live, you can see where the fire marshal is. there was a landing of the porch
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where the entrance of the building is right in the center of that structure there. they believe the fire started in that general area. again, the cause has not yet been determined. the red cross was out here earlier, helping the people who were affected. a lot of damage out here to this building, again, mostly to the roof there. because that's where the fire spread to. the firefighters telling us that they were initially waiting for daylight to come out here. we're starting to see daylight out here right now to get a better view of the back of this building and the interior to try to figure out exactly how this fire started. for now, i'm live in cumru township, berks county matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:34. this morning, we're learning more about pennsylvania's push for speed cameras on major highways. under the proposal cruise will put cameras along penndot and turnpike work zones where lawmakers say speeding is a problem. they would detect speeding vehicles and capture an image of a license plate.
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within a month, violators will get a notice in the mail along with a $100 fine. >> only vehicles traveling at least 11 miles over the speed limit would get violations. the proposal calls for a five-year pilot program. meanwhile, happening today, we expect to get an update from allentown lawmakers on the fbi investigation of city hall. fbi agents raided city hall last month. they seized document dealing with how the city hires its contractors. reports say allentown's council held a secret meeting on possibly replacing mayor ed pawlowski. the mayor has not been charged with a crime and said he will not resign. the city solicitor will update the public at tonight's council meeting. new york mayor bill de blasio has called for the city wide inspection of cooling towers after seven people died from legionnaires disease. doctors are treating dozens of
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others. rooftop cooling towers are the source of the outbreak. >> we're not at the level of panic but anxiety is really high. >> officials say the once contaminated cooling towers are now clean but legionnaires disease has an incubation period of ten days so the number of cases could still climb. legionnaires disease began in philadelphia in 1976 when american legionnaires returning from a convention at the bellevue stratford hotel began to show mysterious symptoms. within a week 130 were in the hospital and more than two dozen died. with now less than two months to go before the world meeting of families and the pope's arrival, philadelphia is hosting another global gathering of catholics. the knights of columbus is holding a convention in center city this week. it's a catholic men's organization which promotes charitable works. one of the goals this year is to draw attention to the plight of christians in the muslim world. so far, the knights of columbus
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raised more than $3 million in aid for catholic refugees around the world. the convention wraps up tomorrow. a new piece of debris caught at tension of experts, where it was found and when we could know if it's part of the missing malaysian airlines plane. we're right in the thick of a week-long heat wave. the one thing you can do that could save your neighbor's life when it comes to the dangerous heat. clouds over cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. got some clouds but there's something missing this morning. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. 5:39. still looking at clouds moving through the area. but you don't need your umbrella today. showers are out of the picture this morning not expecting to see them this afternoon. in fact you'll need your
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sunglasses as the clouds thin out. 70 degrees. look at the humidity down to 57% and falling. rainfall offshore. those storms that erupted over delaware and south jersey last night have cleared out. now it is drying and less humid air coming in to play for the rest of the day. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 70s for pocono mountains, into the 80s for allentown and reading. you'll see the humidity drop as the day goes on. even with a warm afternoon for nor hisstown trenton and mt. holly into the upper 80s. still a bit muggy for the shore and the dell did elle beachaware beaches at this hour. sunshine near 90 for cape may, vineland and dover. into the upper 80s for wilmington and philadelphia. williamstown could hit 09 degrees. seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. 5:40 and usually jessica boyington isn't real busy until about 6:00. but not today. >> you're finding a number of things on your cameras.
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let's tell our viewers the problems in bucks county and anywhere else you're seeing problems. >> furlong, bucks county we're still worried about york road being closed in both directions right around sugar bottom road. your best bet, we had somebody give us a tip. we were having almhouse road actually as another alternate but there is ongoing construction there. skip that as well and take 611 to get through the area. you'll be just fine. 95 around girard avenue. starting to see some volume if you're on the southbound side. northbound looking the same. still 13-minute drive from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. no real problems there. the blue route, green and moving, 15 minutes if you're headed northbound or southbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway. e for mass transit, currently to problems or delays for new jersey transit septa or the patco speed line. tracy? it's 5:41. break news.
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we launched skyforce 10 to check out a fire. on its way it found this fire in camden which we're told is on sheridan street. it's gone to two alarms. you can see heavy flames and smoke. skyforce 10 over this fire in camden. we're working to get you more information. we can tell you it's on sheridan street. we do not know what this building is or if there have been any injuries. we're making calls in the newsroom. you can see a number of crews on scene. again, flames heavy smoke, fire crews on that scene in camden camden county. at 5:42 we're working to get more information. we'll get a crew on the way. skyforce 10 over that scene right now. bracing for impact. there's still no budget in place for pennsylvania. this morning, students share their concerns about what it will mean for the upcoming school year. the new weapon the battle against heart failure. who is using it and how it works. we'll explain.
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5:45 this wednesday morning. we have launched skyforce 10. skyforce 10 was on its way to a fire in kensington when it came across this fire in camden camden county new jersey. it's on sheridan street. it has gone to two alarms now. bill henley is telling me at 6:03 we expect sunrise.
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you won't have any problems driving around in the area emanating from this fire. they have ladders up against the buildings. they are fighting that fire on the ground right now. i don't see anybody up in the air fighting this fire but they are -- they obviously have their hands full. we'll continue to monitor the situation. it's a two-alarm fire on sheridan street. flames are coming out of back of this building. if you're in this area, try to stay away so firefighters can do their work. there's a new clue in the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. crews found the piece of an airline window yesterday on france's reunion island. last week searchers discovered a wing fragment in the aimsame area. experts are trying to determine if that piece of debris is from the malaysian flight. this morning the pennsylvania budget is still in
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limbo. >> that's causing concerns among teachers and students as we near the start of the new school year. some students getting ready to return to public school believe the impasse will cause problems for them. local elementary and high school students bhet with state representative pamela dilicio yesterday. >> in my school there are 2,400 students. for all of those students applying for college and taking standardized tests we have two counselors full time. that's 1,200 students for one counselor. >> renss and democrats can't agree on the amount of the spending plan in the new budget. governor wolf supports a $159 million increase for philadelphia public schools. meantime, pennsylvania is now in its 35th day without a spending plan. temple university hospital has a new weapon in the battle against heart failure. the hospital is now offering a new mini wireless heart monitor. it allows patients to send daily
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readings from home saving them a trip to the doctor and allowing doctors to detect problems sooner. temp can implant the sensor in the pulmonary artery during a nonsurgical procedure. the device doesn't require batteries. this summer's scorching temperatures have killed a 64-year-old man and an 88-year-old woman in philadelphia. now neighborhood block captains are reminding residents to check on the elderly. nbc 10 spent the afternoon with alice wright of west philadelphia. she's the founder of united block captain's association in the city. she makes sure that older neighbors are staying cool with fans and air conditioners. she also recommends local senior centers as a way to beat the heat. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 12 minutes before 6:00. fortunately temperatures are cooler this morning. it's not going to be as hot this afternoon. still clouds around but no sign of any wet weather.
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you won't need your umbrella today. later on sunglasses will be necessary. clearing skies in the pocono mountains, northeast philadelphia, a few scattered clouds, 70 degrees. atlantic city is at 70 degrees. scattered clouds over lake wallenpaupack. in the mountains it's into the 50s. it will warm into the 70s. pushing into the area is less humid air, going to make it much less stressful heatwise today and much more comfortable tonight and tomorrow. it's a cooling trend. we're watching this area of showers and thunderstorms for later in the week. there's a possibility we'll see wet weather. thursday morning it will be in the ohio valley. by thursday evening those showers into delaware and new jersey. it may be steering clear of philadelphia. a nice breeze developing today, we're delivering less humid air, upper 80s to 90 degrees this
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afternoon. still on the warm side though not as hot as yesterday. here comes cooler weather for thursday and friday. low 80s with a chance of showers, most likely in delaware and south jersey. partly sunny skies saturday and lots of sunshine sunday into the middle 80s. humidity returns next week with a chance of showers and thunderstorms starting later monday evening. >> all right, bill thanks for that. ten minutes before 6:00. let's get you updated if you're getting ready to head out on the road. >> jessica boyington is our go-to person for all things traffic related. jessica? >> yes, we're actually doing okay right now in terms of looking at most of the majors. on 422 around trooper road this is trooper road in through here. that wraps around on to the eastbound side of 422 towards the schuylkill expressway it's typically where we see problems or delays. an eight-minute drive time from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway, heading out the door on the pa turnpike road work is
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lifted so far for the morning. 22 minutes at the most headed eastbound from valley forge up towards route 1. area bridges are clear. if you have to get to philadelphia currently no problems on the tac pal or the walt. we're still watching the two right-hand lines being blocked with ongoing construction heading into philadelphia. the philadelphia read summer program will hold its annual red carpet awards show in spring garden. the six-week literacy program helps students into school-level reading and prevents the so-called summer slide. the college of philadelphia will host today's show which features a guest performance by the universal african dance and drumming ensemble. ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here at nbc 10 news today? see for yourself and interact with us on the news set. >> it's very fun. we talk with people all morning long answer questions about news or what goes on behind the scenes. it's using the app periscope.
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our address is nbc philadelphia. the new pants that are keeping your phone's battery full. plus, fans flock to the linc to watch the eagles practice. the next time you can see them for free. and who's hot and who's not. right now we want to take you back to breaking news skyforce 10 over this house fire in camden. this is on sheridan street. no word of any injuries now. firefighters are on the scene, on the ground, trying to fight this fire. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you an update, coming up. oasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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it's five minutes before 6:00 right now. we are following this breaking news. skyforce 10 is over this fire on sheridan street in camden. we got there just a little while ago. even in the time we've been covering this the last seven minutes, we've seen firefighters have gotten control over the flames. we had a lot of flames when we first took this live picture from skyforce 10. you see a lot of firefighters on the scene. still a smoky scene. we're working to phone out exactly what this building is
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and if there are any injuries. it did go to two alarms. this is on sheridan street in camden. we'll keep you updated. the phillies host the dodgers again tonight. let's go to a live view of citizens bank park. >> back on it is ethier. back to the wall, it is gone! >> a big blow for the phillies last night. what's this guy's name? >> frank coe. >> the first grand slam of his careers in the phil's 6-2 win over l.a. >> only a rookie too. >> nice. >> the night began with a long-standing ovation for jimmy rollins. j. roll had two hits in his first game back in philly. he said the homecoming was sweet. >> i greatly appreciate it. it went longer than i thought. came out, clapped i nodded
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acknowledged them got in the box and they kept on going. i was like geez we have a game to play. >> we get a bad wrap in philly. i think we're awfully nice. you have two more chances to see j. roll, tonight and tomorrow afternoon. eagles training cam subpoena now in full swing. yesterday fans got a firsthand look at the team during a public training session at the linc. we asked some of the fans about new quarterback sam bradford. >> people need to give him a chance, number one. i know he's been hurt a couple years now. i would give him a chance see what he can do. >> yesterday was also alumni day at the linc. that's tommy mcdonald, the hall of famer. a lot of players were there. there i am hanging out with jeremiah trotter. this was a great opportunity to see old guys. we've heavier, greyer, not as
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fast but it was absolutely fun. the next open practice is sunday when it is military day at the linc. always a big day at camp. nbc 10 is the official station of the eagles. you'll see all the preseason games right here starting with the colts on august 16th. >> you had a great time. >> it was fun. >> there's a new product on the market aimed at making sure you're never without a charged iphone. >> it all has to do with your pants. joe's jeans has a new line called the #hello jean. they have a special opening above the pocket for a battery pack. the price tag, $189 for the jeans. i think i'll do the 30 bucks for the charger. you also have to spend more money on the portable battery pack. >> what do you think? >> not for me but we'll see if that catches on. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news.
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>> we're following two breaking news stories, first right now, firefighters are battling a house fire in camden. we're looking at a live picture. it looks like they've done a good job of containing those flames. this is from skyforce 10 live over that scene. >> in bucks county a u.p.s. truck crashes and bursts into flames. this is a live pick as crew ss clean up the scene. we'll tell you how to get around it. dozens of people are homeless after an apartment fire in berks county. drier air is moving in and cooling us down. you'll feel less humidity today. just about 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. what a relief it is. we've had a week-long stretch here of 90 plus degrees. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. bill?
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>> 93 yesterday, vai, today we'll be near 90 but the humidity is dropping. cooler air in the mountains this morning, in the 50s. that cooler air is working its way in through pennsylvania and starting to move into new jersey as well. 68 degrees in millville, trenton 65 and look at the low 60s for allentown and pottstown. it's down to 71 degrees at philadelphia international. there's the sun, just getting ready to come above the horizon. we will see more and more sunshine as the day goes on. the good news is we'll also see a nice wind developing. a northwesterly wind that's drier, cooler air that will be working into the area. we'll fall short of the 90s this afternoon. it will be warm, up to 88 degrees at 2:00 with bright sunny skies. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's find out how the roads are faring. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're still watching this accident scene out in furlong and bucks county


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