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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we'll be near 90 but the humidity is dropping. cooler air in the mountains this morning, in the 50s. that cooler air is working its way in through pennsylvania and starting to move into new jersey as well. 68 degrees in millville, trenton 65 and look at the low 60s for allentown and pottstown. it's down to 71 degrees at philadelphia international. there's the sun, justç getting ready to come above the horizon. we will see more and more sunshine as the day goes on. the good news is, we'll also see a nice wind developing. a northwesterly wind that's drier, cooler air that will be working into the area. we'll fall short of the 90s this afternoon. it will be warm, up to 88 degrees at 2:00 with bright, sunny skies. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. right now, let's find out how the roads are faring. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're still watching this accident scene out in furlong and bucks county where we have a road closure on york road.
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that's closed in both directions until about 9:00 a.m. now we have word of that. there will be cleanup to make sure that roadway is safe for drivers to pass on through the area. that's at sugar bottom road. your best bet to get through the area. you can see the cars running through there are nice and green. if you're heading out the door on 95, this is right around the betsy ross bridge. dealing with that ongoing construction, we're losing that right-hand shoulder pretty much in both directions. all lanes still moving north or southbound. that's good news. on the schuylkill expressway, right through the conshohocken curve, you can see everything still moving along there as well. we're coming up on that time, 6:00 a.m. right now, the next 20 or 25 minutes or so, if you have to head out on the schuylkill expressway, go now. that's my advice to you. the blue route up towards the vine, a 13-minute trip. no delays on mass transit. we want to continue to
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follow this breaking news from camden. skyforce 10 is out over a fire that is at two alarms. it is not under control yet. we just got an update from camden fire officials. three houses in total. fire started in the rear of one of the houses and spread from there. when skyforce 10 got there about 20 minutes ago, flames were sho shooting out the back of one of those row homes. no reports of injuries. we'll keep you updated on air and our nbc 10 news app. >> the red cross is helping month are than 30 people after a fire destroyed their apartment complex. this fire started just before 1:00 this morning in cumru township, berks county. nbc 10's matt delucia has been at the apartment complex all morning long. matt, what can you tell us. >> reporter: red cross told me 33 people are displaced, left homeless, including 11 families. that is the damaged building. you can see the fire marshal,
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some of the investigators working to determine the cause. now that we're getting more daylight, more sunlight, we can see the extent of this damage. a lot of it really to the roof of this building. earlier this morning, firefighters were out here trying to put this one out. this started around 1:00 this morning. it's a three-story building at the shillington commons complex in cumru township. 12 units are in this building. firefighters tell us all of them are damage. you figure 1:00 in the morning when this fire started. the firefighters say they had to evacuate quickly. fortunately, no one was injured. they do believe they know where this fire started. you can see where the firefighters are working right now. the investigators at the center of the building. on the other structures of this complex, there's a landing, a porch, if you will, that overhangs the exterior and that
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is where the firefighters believe this started. again, right now they're working to figure out exactly what caused this fire toç begin. again, at this point, 33 people displaced, all being helped by the red cross right now. fortunately, that he, no injuries. live in cumru township, berks county, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:04. new from overnight in philadelphia, a man is dead after a drive-by shooting along 53rd and berks in wynnefield. police say a car with three people inside drove up to a victim who was on a bike and someone in the vehicle opened fire. officers are looking for the people involved. happening today, supporters of a man shot and killed by philadelphia police will hold a rally for justice. officers shot brandon tate brown in mayfair last december. police said officers opened fire while tate brown was going for a gun inside a rental car. the d.a.'s office said it would not prosecute the case. supporters are expected to renew their call for a federal investigation at the rally in mayfair later this morning. a grand jury has cleared six
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police officers of a deadly shooting in south jersey. the winslow police officers shot and killed daniel st. pierre last august. prosecutors say he had a gun and struggled with officers before the shooting. the officers were not hurt. a delaware county teacher who sexually abused nine children will spend two years in prison. hochschwender pleaded no contest in january and has already served seven months of his sentence. he also received ten years probation and will have to register as a sexual predator for life. a jury handed down a guilty verdict for a craigslist killer from montgomery county. thomas coffey was convicted of first degree murder and immediately sentenced to life in przen. prosecutors say coffey shot and killed daniel cook when he responded to an ad for an atv on craigslist. coffee robbed cook after the
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murder. a march for peace and a call for justice for 5-year-old little girl kidnapped and beaten last week. >> put the guns down! >> put the guns down! >> stop the violence! >> stop the violence! >> nbc 10 in north philadelphia last night. two philadelphia police officers joined the group of loved ones and neighbors at 17th and west lehigh as they made their way to hutchinson street. that's where, police say, last tuesday, a man climbed through an alleyway window of the family's home and forced the girl outside where he beat her. the child's mother found the girl barely conscious in the backyard. police say they are still looking for surveillance video and witnesses that may lead them to the attacker. 6:06 and 74 degrees outside. happening today, we'll get an update from allentown lawmakers on the fbi investigation of city hall there. fbi agents raided city hall last
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month. reports say allentown's council held a secret meeting on possibly replacing mayor ed pawlowski. the mayor has not been charge with a crime and he has said he will not resign. the city solicitor will update the public at tonight's council meeting. a delaware county wawa is getting closer to being in the beer business. last night, the concord township board of supervisors became the first in pennsylvania to approve wawa's plan to sell beer. it won't be at every store but the one on naaman's road in chadds ford for now. the customers will be allowed to buy two six packs at a time. even with the limits, local beer distributors are worried. >> there's only so much beer than can be sold in a geographical area. the more people that will be selling it, the less that will be bought from us. >>ç don't expect to walk out wh a six path just yet. the pa liquor control board still has to approve the plan. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill
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henley. >> sun is up. we're coming up on eight minutes after 6:00. the temperatures will be coming down during the day today along with the humidity. it's already falling this morning. that's going to make for a nice keshl breezy afternoon. the winds picking up later today, bringing in the cooler weather that's going to continue. we have a cooling trend that will have us in the lower 80s by the end of the week. 62 right now in reading, philadelphia, 76 and 70 degrees in cape may. still some scattered clouds over south philadelphia. you can see them across the ballpark this morning. no sign of any showers. by later today when the phillies meet the dodgers, it looks like it will be nice and sunny and warm but less humid air, thanks to the northwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour. they'll still be blowing out of the northwest at 10:00. the temperatures in the 70s by then. a nice evening by then for baseball. the storms that moved through delaware and south jersey last night are out of the picture, not only for those areas but the
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rest of the area as well. 76 degrees for mt. pocono, 80s for allentown, reading and quakertown. at the shore, plenty of sunshine. after clouds thin out this morning, it will be a cloudy start. temperatures rebound into the upper 80s for cape may, rehoboth, 89 for vineland this afternoon. we could see a couple of 90s pop up with much less humidity. it will be much more bearable today. 86 this afternoon for westchester and 88 in wilmington. changes before we get to the weekend. got your seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. just about 6:10 this wednesday morning. at last check we have a road closure to inform you about. >> let's get you updated with jessica boyington. >> what we're looking at right now is video of that accident scene involving a u.p.s. truck. as you can see, crashed into a center median in furlong, bucks county, closing york road in
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both directions, right around sugar bottom road. that will be there until about 9:00 a.m. your best bet to get around that scene is to take 611. that's when we'll see most of the traffic start to accumulate. we're also on the schuylkill expressway right now watching out for a disabled vehicle. crew on the scene trying to get him out of the way. they are in the center median also passyunk avenue. word of a road obstruction on the avenue. 6:10. a lot of people have done it, you speed up to try to make it through a light before it turns red. some drivers do it more than others and that's putting philadelphia on a list no city wants to be on. plus this. >> not at the level of panic but anxiety is pretty high. >> he's talking about the
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legionnaires outbreak in new york city but the disease is not isolated to new york city. just ahead, we look at the nationwide threat.
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a traveling vietnam war memorial wall is headed to northampton county. it will be there august 13th through the 16th. the traveling memorial is smaller than the one in washington and contains the names of more than 58,000 service men and women lost during the vietnam war. new york mayor bill de blasio has called for the city wide inspection of cooling towers after seven people have died from legionnaires disease. right now doctors are treating dozens of other new yorkers in what is being called the worst outbreak of the disease in that city's history.
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experts blame rooftop cooling towers as the source of the outbreak. officials say the once contaminated powers are now clean. according to the cdc, this is part of an increasing trend. ]eár200% fr across the country, up to 18,000 americans are hospitalized every year with the disease. new this morning, a just released poll says how many african-americans feel they've been treated unfairly by police. that number, half. 50% of black participants say they've experienced it personally, compared to 3% of whites. another 15% of those polled say they have a people family member that has witnessed this mistreatment. and sandra bland's family and their tornlg announced a lawsuit yesterday against the
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waller county sheriff's office, the state trooper who arrested bland and two jailers who found her dead in her cell. she died three days after being stopped for a traffic stop. investigators say bland hangd herself in herself. >> i am still confident in the fact that she knew enough about jesus that she would not take herself out. >> the attorney for bland's family says they are not seeking a specific dollar amount. they want answers to questions about her death. the family is also calling on the justice department to investigate. 6:16. a history-making hire for a major philanthropic organization in. the philadelphia organization has its first latino president. this is pedro ramos. the philadelphia foundation provides about $20 million a year in scholarships and grants. ramos is the former chief of the school reform commission.
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he says he looks forward to the opportunity to give back to the community. the low-priced grocery store aldi is looking to fill dozens of positions as it re-opens stores across our region. you'll remember aldi bought out bottom dollar earlier this year and closed more than 60 stores. they are re-opening about half of them under the aldi name. the event runs from 9:00 until 6:00 at four aldi locations across the philadelphia area, trenton, belmar, franklin mills. the state is spending month are than $3 billion on transportation projects. most of the main will go to road repairs. also on the board, improvement today's ramps at i-95 and route 141 in new castle, an expansion of the rail station in newark. new this morning, philadelphia has some of the most dangerous roads in the country.
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that's according to a new study that was released at midnight showing that philadelphia ranks eighth among u.s. cities when it comes to red light fatality. this week is national stop on red week. a map is being used to identify the most dangerous intersections. go to the nbc 10 app or for a link to that interactive map. >> the study does not body well for us, neither does that accident in bucks county. >> let's get you updated with jessica boyington. >> we have updates to the jessica boyington scene as well involving a u.p.s. truck, furlong, bucks county, closeing the road in both directions. that's around sugar bottom road and york road. take 611 to get around that. out on the vine street expressway,(asound 18th street, we're moving great still in the
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east and westbound lanes. on either side, cones to watch out for. you can still see a three-minute drive time headed westbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway. 95, one of the first majors to see an increase in the drive time, southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. an 18-minute trip. adding on five to six minutes there, the schuylkill expressway and the blue route still doing just fine. coming up in the next ten minutes, we'll do a mass transit check. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 6:00. a check of the skies, no sign of showers. though we do have clouds to start with. you see glow of sunlight on the buildings in center city. sunshine is up. the temperatures will be climbing from the 70s into the upper 80s. we'll be near 90 this afternoon but the humidity is already lower and it will be dropping as the day goes on. sunshine starting to peek through the clouds at cape may. a live, dry view from the
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marquis de lafayette. showers and thunderstorms offshore. the clouds will pass through the area dry. we will see sunshine take over this afternoon as less humid air pushes into the area. but i'm watching an area of showers and thunderstorms moving through missouri. that could be here on friday. the first of it could be coming in tomorrow night. we will see showers develop first in delaware and into south jersey. that's 11:00 tomorrow night. that will bring us a possibility of showers and possibly thunderstorms on friday. not today. breezy, less humid. still quite warm but you'll feel the difference this afternoon with the lower humidity. it means a cooler start tomorrow morning, down to 64. 86 in the afternoon with partly sunny skies. friday, that chance of showers and thunderstorms, especially in delaware and south jersey. but it clears out for the weekend. in fact, the weekend is looking nice with high temperatures in the 80s. the humidity will be in check for saturday and send. then a chance of storms returns early next week. >> bill, thanks. 20 minutes past 6:00.
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want a chance to see the pope while he's in philadelphia and get paid? just ahead, we'll tell you where you'll want to be in about two hours. and all you need is love. that's the case for this delaware county abused dog who's now getting a second chance at life.
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6:24. a dog that was the victim of animal cruelty has a new home this morning. trooper was emaciated and had a shackle embedded in his neck when someone found him in june. this is trooper now with his new owner david byrd. it took two months for the delco spca to nurse trooper back to health. police are looking for a suspect in this animal cruelty case. clear the shelters day, all
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happening saturday, august 15th. on this day, participating shelters will be offering reduced adoption fees in hopes of finding homes for the thousands of animals that are in our local shelters. here's how you can help. join the conversation and help raise awareness by sharing the event on your social media platforms. make sure you use the hash tag clear the shelters and send us pictures of your pets as well. of course, come out saturday august 15th to welcome a new friend into your family. for shelter locations and fees, just tap on the nbc 10 news app. and good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. so far, we're having a good run with most of our majors. you can see that reflected on route 42 around the atlantic city expressway. the only part we're starting to see volume in on the 42 freeway is just approaching the 295 interchange. we'll check in with more areas that are picking up volume, the typical places on the schuylkill
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expressway and 95. coming up in the next five minutes or so. for now we get a check on today's forecast with bill henley. jessica, sunshine and just a gentle breeze blowing. the wind will be picking up as the day goes on, which is great news. that's dry air. the humidity is lower this morning. little bit of a breeze out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour in çphiladelphia. that's more dry air that's going to be coming in for this afternoon. new from overnight in berks county, an apartment building goes up in flames leaving dozens of people homeless. we'll take you live to the scene with an update. and it's about time. the first gop presidential debate is just a day away. we check out who made the cut, who didn't.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> it is just about 6:30.
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breaking news in bucks county, york road is closed after çu.p. crashes and bursts into flames. you're looking at a live picture as crews are cleaning up in the area. from overnight, a shell of a building is all that's left of an apartment in berks county. dozens of people are left homeless. finally, we are off to a cooler start this morning. we're getting a break from the extreme heat at least for the next few days. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. >> beautiful sky. >> welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 74 degrees and the humidity is lower at 6:30. it's a beautiful morning. let's get an update with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> it's a day you will not need your umbrella. leave it at home. even though we have clouds right now, we'll see more and more sunshine. grab the sunglasses. temperatures have been falling at 71 in northeast philadelphia. look at the 60s for pottstown and doylestown, blue bell is at
6:31 am
61 degrees. down to 60 in collegeville and a nice, cool start, 50s for gilbertsville this morning. dry air is allowing the temperatures to fall. with clouds moving out, we'll see sunshine. there will be a quick warmup during the day. 75 grows at 8:00. by 11:00, middle 80s and upper 80s by this afternoon. with the wind developing out of the northwest, that's dry air coming in. much less humid as we go into the afternoon hours. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's find out about the roads. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we're still watching an accident scene out in furlong in bucks county. where we actually have a u.p.s. truck that's crashed into the center median, as you can see right here. it's tieing things up on york road, closing that in two directions, in both directions, right around sugar bottom road. that's, again, going to be closed there until about 9:00
6:32 am
this morning. that's what we just had word of that right now. your best bet to get around the scene, now starting to see yellow, alternate 611. a little bit of a slowdown. there will be tie-ups at least until 9:00 a.m. leave just a tad early. so far this morning on 95, we're running through the work zone, the southbound lanes starting to see an increase in the drive time of 22 minutes from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. the opposite direction going northbound, not doing too bad. still watching out for reports of a road obstruction on stenton avenue and walton road. 202, all the cars are still green. more updates for you to come for the accident scene out in bucks county. vai. back to the breaking news we're following in camden this morning. a fire that spread to three homes on sheridan street. this is video from the scene less than an hour ago. you can see the flames shooting
6:33 am
from the roof. that's the back of the home where most of that fire happened. skyforce 10 was actually on the way to another breaking news story when it saw the smoke in the sky. fire officials say the fire started in the back of one home and then spread from there to two other homes. the fire is now under control. no one was hurt. 6:33. new from overnight, dozens of people are searching for a new place to live after a fire forces them from their homes in berks county. at an apartment complex in cumru township, just outside of reading and close to the shillington shopping center. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on scene. this must be agonizing for the neighbors to stand and watch their homes go up. >> reporter: absolutely, tracy. i'll tell you, some of those residents are going back inside toç retrieve some of their belongings. a lot was lost in this fire. just behind me you can see this is the building that was affected by this fire earlier this morning, right around 1:00 when the fire broke out. we're at the shillington commons
6:34 am
complex in cumru township. three-story building, 12 units inside. firefighters tell us all are damaged. 33 people are displaced. 1:00 in the morning when this fire started, people are sleeping. fortunately no one was injured. firefighters tell us they believe they know at least where this fire started. >> right now we're focused on back of the building in an area that's right above the entranceway. it's some sort of a decorative type of porch type area. it's not really an occupied area. >> reporter: back live out here again, fire investigators were out here a couple minutes ago. they're around the building, some going inside the building. they're focused on the center of this building right now. there are several buildings in this complex. this is the only one that is affected right now. the red cross helping the people who were evacuated. a lot of damage out here, especially to the roof, the chief saying investigators have
6:35 am
been waiting for daylight to try to get a better view of what was going on out here to try to figure out the cause of this fire. live in cumru township, berks county, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a bucks county man is expected to be charged with the murder of his own father. skyforce 10 over trapp lane in langhorne, bucks county. a man in his 20s stabbed his father to death after an argument. officers do have the son in custody. a philadelphia police officer is recovering this morning after being dragged by a car. this all happened last night along grant avenue in northeast philadelphia. and this is a look at the scene from skyforce 10 after it happened. we're told the officer hurt his hand. the suspect was arrested and is in police custody. 6:35. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. we spoke to a man who helped point police toward a person of interest in the disappearance of a cape may county boy more than 20 years ago. 1-year-old mark himebaugh
6:36 am
vanished from his middle township neighborhood in 1991. it's also the area where a man in a police sketch was seen talking to himebaugh before he disappeared. a former prosecute who saw our report, says the man in the sketch is a former client of his, former child predator mark butcavage. >> are you positive this is the boy you saw in the video? >> yes, tommy told me it was him. he confessed, said it was him. i said what did you do with him? he said i did like i did the rest of them, i dispose of them. >> police believe it was coll that triggered an initial investigation of butcavage in 1996. he's in priszen for unrelated sex crimes. septa riders requested more than 328,000 regional rail passes in the papal lottery. the special passes are required
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to ride the rails the weekend of pope francis's visit in september. septa will notify you with an e-mail tomorrow if u happen to be one of the lottery winners. u.s. security associates will screen potential candidates at a job fair at the pa careerlink center at suburban station. the job fair runs from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. this morning. meantime, meet ac is trying to get theç word out that hote rooms are still available. the last weekend in september. guests of participating casino hotels can use express train station from atlantic city to 30th street station on new jersey transit. those train tickets must be prepurchased, they go on sale august 15th. you can buy up to four tickets for $30 round trip. be sure to download the free nbc 10 news app for the latest developments ahead of the world meeting of families and the papal visit.
6:38 am has an entire section dedicated to how the region is preparing for the pope's visit. in decision 2016, the first republican presidential debate is set. ten candidates made the cut, including new jersey governor chris christie. based on the national polling numbers, donald trump scored the top spot, followed by jeb bush and scott walker. chris christie made the stage but just barely. rick santorum and carly fiorina were among the seven candidates who did not make the cut. the debate is in cleveland tomorrow night. meantime, jeb bush is backtracking after making some comments about funding women's health programs. here's what he said at the southern baptist convention in nashville yesterday. >> you could take dollar for dollar -- although i'm not sure we need $500 million for women's health issues. and in that budget i can promise you there will not be $500 million going to planned
6:39 am
parenthood. >> democrats pounced on the comment, including hillary clinton who tweeted jeb bush, you are absolutely, unequivocally wrong. jeb bush said he misspoke and said he was only referring to planned parenthood. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the sun has been up for more than half an hour. we will see more and more sunshine. there are clouds moving through the area at least to start with. we'll see clearing skies during the day. the humidity will be coming down, thanks to a nice breeze blowing this afternoon which sets the stage for a cooling trend. it is cooler this morning, look at doylestown at 61 degrees. still in the 70s for philadelphia. clouds thin out in millville, 70 degrees there and we are seeing clouds disappear from the pocono mountains. that's a nice trend that will be pushing through the rest of the area, too. even though we're still seeing clouds in the airy, no sign of any showers. the showers and thunderstorms that erupted over delaware and
6:40 am
south jersey last night are now offshore and done for the rest of the day. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 80s this afternoon for allentown and quakertown. the humidity will be dropping for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly and sunshine will be tag over at the shore, warming into the upper 80s for cape may, rehoboth up to 89 and 89 in dover and clouds to start with but sunshine will be bright this afternoon with the humidity coming down for wilmington, philadelphia and narberth. . the full seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. let's take a look at traffic, especially the schuylkill. >> we're starting to see the typical jams we see around this time every morning. the schuylkill expressway around city avenue, westbound headed towards the king of prussia
6:41 am
area, about a 16-minute trip from the vine up towards the blue route. just a typical delay there. out in furlong, bucks county, still watching york road. that's closed in both directions until about 9:00 a.m. for a cleanup atç sugar bottom road. take 611 to get through the area. still watching for road construction in whitpain. new jersey transit, septa and patco running on time. you may want to ease off the gas pedal. there's a new plan along pennsylvania's highways that could cost you if you don't. being stranded on the new jersey turnpike is not such a bad thing as long as you have something to help pass the time away. next how frustrated drivers spent their morning, noon and night, waiting for the road to open.
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this morning we're learning more about pennsylvania's push for speed cameras on major highways. under the state senate proposal, crews will put cameras along penndot and turnpike work zones where lawmakers say speeding is a problem. the camera system would detect a speeding vehicle, capture an image of a license plate and within a month, drivers will get a violation notice in the mail, including a $100 fine. only vehicles traveling at least 11 miles an hour over the speed limit would get violations. the proposal calls for a five-year pilot program. v vai? authorities say a salem county program, the shots for tots program, it was found they gave wrong an outdated immunizations. officials have since shut down the clinic and the two nurses in charge have resigned from the
6:46 am
department of health. katie mcginnty was the top aide to pennsylvania governor tom wolf. now she's making a run for the u.s. senate. katie mcginnty confirmed it in this online video. mcginnty ran for governor last year and when wolf won he hired her as chief of staff. she resigned in july. she hopes to challenge pat toomey. mcginnty faces opposition in the primary from former u.s. representative joe sestak. he narrowly lost to fopat toome in the 2010 election. a man suspected of murdering a police officer in memphis, tennessee will head to court. tremaine wilbourn will be arraigned who is being held on $9 million bail. also today, president obama will deliver a speech on foreign policy and the iran nuclear deal. the president will make that speech at american university in
6:47 am
washington. white house officials say they chose the school because it's where john f. kennedy made his famous address on nuclear disarmament and world peace in 1963. president obama is trying to persuade congress to approve the iran deal. 6:47. in washington, police have two men in custody and are now looking for a third person after reports of gunfire near the world war ii memorial. it happened yesterday afternoon. investigators say the shots may have come from a parked car where witnesses say they saw two guys fighting in the back seat. no one reported any injuries and police are looking for a third person in the case for questioning. this morning, wildfires continue to rage across california and the flames are spreading in what what officiall an explosive rate. more than 13,000 people are under evacuation orders in the state. thousands of firefighters are on the front line, trying to contain the flames. rocky fire in northern
6:48 am
california has consumed more than 60,000 acres since it first began last week. there's a new clue in the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370. crews found a piece of an airliner window on france's reunion island. this morning, investigators will begin examining the fragment to determine if it is from the malaysia flight. a professional hunter from zimbabwe will stand trial today in connection with the killing of cecil the lion. the hunter is accused minnesota dentist walter palmer hunt down the popular lion. palmer says he thought the hunt was legal, however, zimbabwe is demanding that palmer be extradited to face charges for cecil's death. this is never fun. stranded in traffic. >> a lot of people were stuck. that's what happened to drivers on the new jersey turnpike when a fiery crash closed the road in
6:49 am
lyndon for hours. check out these pictures. one guy breaks out a skateboard. another driver set up her own sunbathing station. why waste a beautiful day. >> reading. >> how about the video posted on instagram? these guys decided to toss a football around. crews finally cleared the accident at 10:30 last night, 12 hours after the crash. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if it gets shut down again today, more nice weather ahead. keep that in mine. there are clouds outside right now but they will be clearing out. we'll get sunshine. we saw some sunshine on this view to start with. the clouds will be in and out to begin with. 67% humidity. philadelphia international 76 degrees. that's the warm spot. cooler at the shore with clouds starting to break in cape may. you can see sunlight on beacher
6:50 am
a. the temperatures in the low 70s in cape may. north and west, look at the 60s, much cooler for reading, pottstown, doylestown. 70 in wilmington and cape may. cape may harbor 72 degrees. 60s just to the north for cape may courthouse, woodbine and oceanview. it's in the 60s for summer's point, right now, 69 degrees. pleasant start. even though we're starting off with clouds quarterback no showers. don't need the umbrella today. drier air will be pushing into the area. that will push the clouds out of here and arrange for a cooling trend as we go through the rest of the workweek. today will be warm, upper 80s to near 90 but with breezy conditions and less humid air, it will feel much more comfortable today. it will make for a cooler start tomorrow morning. 64 degrees in the morning, 86 tomorrow afternoon. thursday is looking good. partly sunny skies. we'll see more clouds later in day on thursday. and some showers and thunderstorms manufacture in thursday night and friday.
6:51 am
friday 81 degrees. i'm not expecting an all-day rainfall in some parts of the area may not see any rain at all. most likely north in philadelphia. this weekend, 85 saturday, 86 on sunday with the humidity staying low for saturday and sunday. the chance of storms returning later monday. >> we hope no one is stuck in traffic for 12 hours today. let's check the roads, particularly the blue route. >> i don't want to see anybody sunbathing or throwing a football around there. >> the new jersey turnpike always seems to have a problem. we're looking at the blue route where we're doing okay in terms of traffic. we do have -- if the camera will come back here for a second. we did have a disabled vehicle over in the right-hand shoulder, traffic moving by as well. we'll head on over to the blue route, drive times and see how they're doing. luke i said, moving along nicely, 15 minutes, still no increase it there at all, northbound or southbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill.
6:52 am
we'll have one last check on traffic coming up in the next five minutes. new from overnight, fire engulfs an apartment building leaving a little more then a shell. matt delucia is live in berks county with the latest. matt? at the damage as they try to figure out a cause as well. back with a live update after the break.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
good morning, i'm matt delucia, live in berks county. we're here live at the shillington commons apartment
6:56 am
complex, cumru township. 33 people areç displaced, including 11 families you figure 1:00 in the morning when this fire started people were sleeping. firefighters say they had to quickly evacuate this building but fortunately, no one was injured. right now the investigators are focused on the center of this building right here in the rear of the structure. none of other buildings around here were affected as a result. that's the good news. along with the fact that no one was injured. the cause is still under investigation at this time. live in cumru township, berks county, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic this morning. we're seeing the jams where we always see them at this time, 95 around girard avenue. you can see a 24-minute trip here if you're headed southbound, you can see that jam reflected in our cameras right here up towards the vine street expressway. northbound doing just a tad better. and still watching for that accident scene in furlong, bucks
6:57 am
county, york road is closed in both directions. that's actually until about 9:00 a.m. for cleanup. take 611, you can start to see delays on 611 as well. but you should be just fine. whitpain, we're also watching out for a road obstruction. currently no problems or delays this morning on new jersey transit, septa and patco. we're moving along on the pa turnpike, all green cars still this morning. work zones cleared out of the way, westbound or eastbound, route 1 up towards valley forge. at the most it will take you 22 minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds moving through the area right now, starting to see breaks of sunshine over citizens bank park. no sign of any showers. those clouds will be out of here by the time the phillies take the field to meet the dodgers once again tonight. what a great win last night. how about that frank coe grand
6:58 am
slam home run. knew he was going to do that. 86 degrees at 7:05. northwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour. we'll feel the difference by later in the game. 79 degrees. look at the sunshine, breaking through the clouds in the pocono mountains. that's the view from camel back. it's in the 50s in the mountains this morning. dry air is flooding into the mountains and already arriving in much of the rest of the area which has just about everybody cooler this morning. down by 7 degrees in pottstown, millville and wildwood, also seven degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. off by two for trenton and northeast philadelphia. the actual temperature now 76 at philadelphia international but wilmington has dropped down into the 60s. now 60 degrees even in pottstown. we're still looking at low 70s in atlantic city, millville and dover. still looking at clouds, too, over philadelphia. but as the day goes on, northwesterly winds develop. dry air moves in, helps to push
6:59 am
those clouds out of here. we'll still be warm this afternoon into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. but with much less humidity. this is the beginning of a cooling trend that will continue as the week goes on. eagles training camp in full swing. yesterday fans got a first look at the team during public training camp session at the linc. people packed the stands as players went through their drills. outside the stadium, there's a huge party there. that's no surprise, music, cheerleaders. everybody had painted faces, the band, a great time. alumni day was yesterday. lots of great fun. thanks for joining us. >> did you go on there, vai? >> i did. they also fed up really well. ç "today" show is up next. local updates coming up in 25 minutes. >> get the latest news and updates on weather and traffic problems on our nbc 10 news app. get it from the apps store or thanks for watching.
7:00 am
good morning. the in crowd. the top ten candidates who will participate in tomorrow's primetime republican debate are set. donald trump in. >> you don't know what's going to happen. >> two of his most vocal critics, senator lindsey graham and governor rick perry out. the head of theepublican party on what to expect. fbi investigation. america's top law enforcement agency now looking into the private e-mail server that hillary clinton used as secretary of state. how secure was it? more anger. vandals trash the florida home of the dentist who killed cecil the lion using graffiti and raw


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