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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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evening september 25th through at least sunday september 27th. even the ben franklin bridge will close friday night september 25th for all vehicles. it won't reopen until monday. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal was with the mayor when the new information was revealed, randy joins us now live from city hall. a lot of changes, randy? >> a lot of changes, but the one road that will remain open and this is pretty important, is i-95. no closures whatsoever, however, basically, every other major artery in and around philadelphia will see some shutdown and it begins that friday around 10:00 p.m. >> we are preparing for the papal pilgrims. >> for the first time, officials told us which roads and bridges will be shut down. the impacts will be felt from center city, rippling out to the suburbs. the schuylkill expressway 76 will see a major shutdown from the blue route in conshohocken all the way down to i-95.
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portions of city avenue will close near bala cynwyd, that's where the pope is staying overnight. the vine street expressway, 676 will close entirely. >> these road closures are necessary for public safety to effectively move emergency vehicles as well as a large number of buses that are expected. >> on the bridge, we've learned the historic ben franklin will be shut down to all traffic letting the masses of papal visitors literally walk across from new jersey. >> just plan for yourself. make a plan. think about it? what do i usually do on friday, saturday, sunday and then kind of adjust, have a plan and then come out and have a good time. >> just a quick note on the schuylkill, there will be a tiny sliver of it open from manyunk to conshohocken going westbound. when is this going to get back
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to normal? they can't know for sure, it could be late sunday possibly even by noontime on monday. if you are planning to get out of the city for the weekend, know you may not be able to get back in until sometime monday morning. live in city hall, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> randy, we are just 51 days away from when the pope touches down saturday september 26th, the world meeting of families begins earlier that week. for all questions related to the pope's visit, we have an entire section on the nbc10 news app and online on breaking news now. fbi agents are waiting to confirm if a body found in a creek late this afternoon is a missing 11-year-old delaware county boy. he was last scene on his bike more than 48 hours ago, the boy left on his bike from his home in folcroft on monday. a marine unit found the body in
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montgomery park. drew smith joins us live with the latest. drew? >> jacqueline, the last investigators just left the park here, they reopened it, there's one of two access points to the darby creek in this area. it was around 3:00 today when this huge team was out searching for the 11-year-old descended upon the park. that is where a body was found. at this point, i've been making calls to the medical examiner's office, they can't confirm the identity of that body. >> police raced into montgomery park this afternoon, after a search boat launched at this darby creek access point had found a body. >> i was taking the trash out and i saw a helicopter fly in, a bunch of cops drive down. >> family and friends began to show up on the scene holding back teers, the marine search crew wassing looing for laquan lattimer. this is part of a larger team checking all over the folcroft area looking for where that boy
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had gone missing monday afternoon. >> the family helped hand out flyers today, hoping someone had seen the elementary school student who was last seen on his bike. >> we got this group of boys ride along. different parts of the neighborhood. >> police even searched through neighbors cars, searching for any clue, friends of the young boy said all of this is hard to understand. >> he's usually outside playing around. or i seen him with the other boys riding his bike around here. >> investigators cannot confirm the identity of the body found in the darby creek, there are still a lot of questions left in this missing person's investigation, which is still open at this point. we checked with the fbi, they're still investigating, the big question again, where is that bike he was last scene riding on. drew smith, nbc10 news. tonight we've learned new details as the fbi targets two local mayors in less than an hour. there's a community meeting in
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allentown to talk about the investigation for mayor pa las ski last month. reading city council president francisco acosta pleaded guilty to accepting bribes. denise nakano reports. >> reporter: francisco acosta left his post. he received a bribe check in the form of $1800. he'll be sentenced mid november and faces up to five years in prison. >> now to the federal probe into allentown city government and its mayor, the fbi executed a search warrant on the offices of allentown's mayor ed pulaksi last month. federal agents are looking into any possible connection between campaign contributions and development contract in allentown. allentown's mayor told nbc10 in
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a previous interview, he plans to stay on the job. >> i have no intention of resigning. you know, we are doing our job here. i'm doing my job as mayor. i want to keep doing that job. >> that was denise nakano reporting. one of the four people indicted along with congressman chaka fattah went before a federal judge this afternoon. herbert is accused of bribery, racketeering and money laundering. deanna durante joins us live from independence mall. you spoke to beaderman's attorney this afternoon? >> reporter: he said very little, his attorney is vowing to fight the charges against him. >> he bought a car that never -- >> the possession of the car -- would you pay student loans? what do you have to say about the accusations? >> nothing. >> herbert didn't answer any of our questions today outside or inside the federal court
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building. >> the arraignment will be at some point in the future. and at that point in time, mr. beaderman will plead not guilty, and we look forward to vindicating him at trial. >> it's the first time we've seen him since the indictment was unsealed last week against him. chaka fattah and three others, beaderman lives in florida and is involved in the scheme where fattah money was used to pay off the student loan debt, and a sham car sale. she agreed to sell her porsche to him for $18,000. they used the cash for a vacation home. he never took possession of the car, and renee continued to title it, insure it and drive it. beaderman provided the congressman with gifts and other items of value, in exchange for his help to obtain a federal appointment. >> he was released on a signature bond. he was not required to put up any cash about he was required
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to turn over any firearms along with his passport. he's not to have any contact with the codefendants in this case. deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> nbc10 news anchor renee chenault-fattah is on leave from nbc10. the family of a man killed by philadelphia police eight months ago is making another call for justice. investigators have already cleared the officer who shot brandon tate brown. tate brown's family insists that shooting was not justified. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> today brandon tate brown's family and local activists rallied in mayfair, that's where officers shot tate brown last december. police opened fire while he was going for a gun inside a rental car. the d.a.'s office said it would not prosecute the case, tate brown's family is demanding a new investigation and reforms to the philadelphia police
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department. philadelphia police say the district attorney's office is adding to the decision, people have the right to protest if they want to. new at 6:00, today president obama announced he plans to name a former pennsylvania congressman to a top job. patrick murphy will be undersecretary for the army and the department of defense. murphy served in iraq as a paratrooper and was the first iraq veteran elected to congress. murphy represented the eighth district in the house from 2007 until 2011. next at 6:00, four months and waiting, tonight nbc10 looks into why thousands in new jersey still have not received their state tax refund. the heat wave is over. at least as of now. now we're looking ahead to rain. is it going to affect the weekend? the forecast coming up next.
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with just 51 days until pope francis arrives in our area, we're learning of numerous traffic changes. driving into center city will be off limits with the pope's visit. keith jones joins us with the traffic troubles. keith? >> the area you see inside these green lines right here, it's called the traffic box.
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these boundaries go into effect ahead of the pope's arrival. they're going to last at least until sunday night. the southern boundary is south street. it cuts across the bottom of the city right here. the northern boundary, if you follow my finger here, goes from spring garden street up ridge and all the way across to fairmount, right? the east/west boundary on either side, basically river to river, from delaware avenue on the east side, all the way across to the schuylkill river right around here. and then center city to 38th street. here are the rules from friday night to sunday night. private vehicles can move around inside this area right here, if they want to brave those crowds. of course, the many detours that are inevitable. they can also leave these boundaries, can't get back in, of course. bikes, pedestrians are free to go in and out. jackie? >> great breakdown, keith. thank you. for all questions related to the
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pope's visit, we know there are many. we have an entire section on the nbc10 news app and online at charges tonight against a former guitariest accused of trying to lure a 14-year-old girl to an atlantic city hotel room for sex. the grand jury indicted daniel jorgensen. he contacted the girl on the internet, he engaged in sex acts with her on the beach in atlantic city, then tried to get her back to a hotel. >> new information about two school buses that collided in burlington county. no children were on the bus. police tell us two adults were injured. one of them seriously. >> sky force 10 above the scene. officers say one bus driver rear ended another bus that was stopped at a red light. you can see the damage it caused that that smaller bus. the driver was injured, an aide was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. thousands of new jersey
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taxpayers are still waiting for their rebound. in fact, they may not get their money until winter. the state pulled a million people's returns because they want to protect people from identity theft. the tax deadlines to file your taxes was april 15th. we're now in august as you know, almost four months later. and people have to wait at least another three months for their money. nbc10's cydney long joins us from cherry hill. what is taking so long? >> i can tell you hackers looking to cash in on your personal information are partly to blame. intuit turbo tax was hacked back in february. it didn't directly relate to new jersey, the department put into place very thorough and time-consuming safeguards, ultimately designed to protect you. >> shuffling money back and forth. >> stacy and her family are fed up with the waiting game they've been playing with new jersey for months now. >> stay on top of it so we can
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get our refund early. and we do rely on that for other things, here we are august and we're still waiting. >> she's not alone. the state treasury department dug deeper this tax season into the potential for fraud. today they told us 50,000 returns have been processed and some fake returns found as a result. >> i tried to explain to them it's out of my hands. >> dave evans is sympathetic to his clients and taxpayers statewide. waiting and wondering when their refund will arrive. >> it's more like 150,000. >> how much longer could these people wait? >> they don't know. >> the other thing is, be we got something in the mail that was requiring us to give them more information. something that we've never had to do before. >> she sent the additional proof of income. to add insult to injury for those who continue to wait, it's money they could have invested and grow interest. >> should the state be paying interest on these belated
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returns? >> they claim they're not going to pay interest. >> i've never had to do this before. maybe we should start being more proactive and seeing how many people are in the same position we're in, it's just annoying. >> they could contact their representative, the governor's office, they could contact the treasury. the more noise they make and the more noise collectively the people make, the more pressure it puts on the government. >> new jersey is not alone, hawaii, kansas and connecticut are all dealing with belated returns due to fraud protection. also, pennsylvania got back to us. they flagged seven times as many returns for refunds this year over last year, and new jersey also processes more refunds because of the way the state does its withholding. live in cherry hill, cydney long, nbc10 news. if it felt a little more comfortable today, that's because it was. the temperature down from
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yesterday, the humidity down from yesterday, and the heat wave, can you say good-bye to that. rain for some parts of the area as we head toward the end of the week, and maybe even the beginning of the weekend, and that is one of the questions here, especially for saturday. especially for the shore area. now, a lot of sunshine right now. and we've seen it all day, 88 degrees, the humidity low, feels like it's 88 because of that low humidity. as far as heat waves are concerned, this is far from the worst, that we've ever had. we had the much longer one in 1988, usually if we have a long heat wave like this. we'll have some days of 95 to 100, and the feels like temperature over 100. so we kind of lucked out a little bit, considering how long that heat wave was. we didn't have any terrible days. the current temperature 88. it's low 80s north and west, and with the lower humidity and west wind, feels pretty nice out
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there. it's going to be a beautiful evening. great weather for phillies game here, we have lots of sunshine, in the east, a lot of dry air over the great lakes, and the pretty good amount of moisture down to the south and west toward the st. louis area, and that is what we're going to be watching. this area of low pressure coming straight to the east. not real strong, and it's going to track south of us, we're sure about that. the question is, how far north is this rain going to come? further south it goes, the weaker it is, the less chance we have of the rain coming all the way up. but it's going to cause the wind to come in off the ocean, that's going to make it cool. windy and this particular model strengthens it, right along the coast. makes it into a nor'easter. there's the northeast wind, there's the rain all the way to philadelphia area, and that's saturday morning. you're not really rooting for that solution. now, the computer models are not
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as extreme as that one. so with that in mind, what the shore would look like, we have rain on friday, regardless. saturday northeast 20 to 30 mile an hour winds and rain at the shore. sheena will update that at 11:00, we have a couple more days to go. 66 for a low in philadelphia, 66 in the suburbs. tomorrow nowhere near 90, and fairly low humidity, the rain comes in at night, especially south of philadelphia. that's where the heaviest rain is going to be on friday. friday night and maybe even into saturday. especially toward the shore, but sunday is looking good. and then more moisture comes in next week. nbc10 is your official eagles station. today american airlines is spreading its wings as the official airline of the eagles. usairways has been the team's airline for the past decade, and now that american merged with
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usairways it's not scooping it up or taking it over. speaking of the eagles, john clark? >> we're going to tell you which eagle is taking off this training camp. who has really impressed the coaches and what does the standing ovation mean to jimmy rollins last night. patients recently rated their care experience at
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over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet, the phillies are the hottest team in baseball since the all-star break. they're 13-3. aaron hurr angle try to lead them to another win against the dodgers. last night phillies fans gave
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jimmy rollins a longstanding ovation in his return to citizens bank park. he had two hits. it was the highest rated phillies game on comcast sportsnet this season. the ovation was special. >> greatly appreciate it. >> went longer than that. i thought it came out about acknowledged him, got in the box, and they kept going. geez. we have a game to play, but, you know, it was a great moment for them to show their appreciation, and i'm glad it was that way. >> that was cool, how about this, last night dodgers starter alex wood loses the ball, the ball never went into foul territory, it was ruled a balk. goofiest phillies play of the year. chase utley will play another rehab game tonight in trenton. he could rejoin the phillies
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tomorrow. chase was 1 for 4 and looked good in the fweeld. the eagles have been raving about nolan carroll, looks like he will start with byron maxwell at quarterback, birds defensive coordinator admitted he probably should have inserted nolan in there at quarterback, late last season when bradley fletcher was getting burned. nolan was motivated to show the eagles he should be starting. >> coming from miami, just playing a bunch, and then all of a sudden, come somewhere else, not playing as much frustrated me a lot, man, i knew what i was used to, and what i could have done, and i had that will feeling of really feeling like i didn't con tribute as much. i just feel like i had to do something different this year to get on the field. >> noel is set to start. he has one of the best offseasons around. >> i'm john clark, we're right back. we work weekends here.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to
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make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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finally broke the heat wave,
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a beautiful night ahead. >> very good. thank you, glenn. i'm jacqueline london, the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt, we'll see you back here at 11:00. there is developing news as we come on the air. a deadly shootout at a movie theater in tennessee. a man armed with a gun and a hatchet goes on the attack, opening fire as police take him down then blow up his backpack. our team is there live. conclusively confirmed. malaysia says the wreckage found on an islandid in fact come from that missing jet. what investigators are saying tonight after examining the debris. unlimited leave with pay for new moms and dads. on the heels of that stunning announcement from netflix, the amazing perks other companies are now offering to keep employees happy. and the race is on down in rio. one year from tonight the opening ceremony. we're there where a mad dash is under way even before the games


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