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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a little bit of breeze out of the north, while some spots are calm and 5-mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia and cooler in the suburbs as normal. 59 now for pottstown and allentown. 60 mt. holly and 64 and still falling in wilmington. clear skies and temperatures will come down a bit more but during the day, go the other direction with sunshine, high clouds to start with. 69 at 6:00. by 9:00 up to 76 degrees. still a little bit of a breeze. not much at noon time. 82. but gusty winds are on the way as well as some rain. the hour-by-hour future cast when i come back in ten minutes to show you when that will be moving in. if you're heading on y ing oing door, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bellmawr an accident. approaching 295 up in this direction. blocking the two right-hand l e lanes and you can see here all cars moving behind and around
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the incident. not causing a backup yet but something to watch out for. 95 around the vine street expressway and ben franklin bridge no problems northbound or southbound but the total drive times here on 95 southbound from wood haven road to the vine street expressway where see that delay in the morning. northbound on 95 as well 11 minutes. blue route cars moving. 15 minutes at the most heading southbound up to 95 from the schuylkill expressway. we are following breaking news in the holmburg section of philadelphia where one person was hurt in a fire. it started on oakmont street. we are working to find out how it started and how badly the person was hurt and new information as soon as we get it. preparing for the pope and the papal shutdown. >> commuters and neighbors are bracing for major road closures when pope francis visits philadelphia next month. let's begin with the ben
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franklin bridge. no cars will be allowed on it from friday, september 25th, to monday, 28th. if you need to cross the bridge you have to do it on bike or on foot. ÷:ç schuylkill expressway shut down from the blue route to interstate 95. westbound lanes of the schuylkill close from i-95 to u.s. 1. portions of u.s. 1, city avenue will be closed from belmont to lancaster the area near where the pope is staying overnight. the vine street expressway will be shut down in both directions. in the meantime, you will be able to drive on i-95. here is a live look at the interstate in south philadelphia right now. again, i-95 will remain open during the papal visit. >> yesterday, the city of philadelphia released details what it is calling the traffic box for the pontiff's visit. here is a map of what the box looks like. three square mile secure zone covering parts of center city and west philadelphia and zone extends westward to 38th street
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and drivers allowed to leave the traffic box but not allowed back in. all of those changes are sparking a lot of reaction. >> some are griping and others are coming up with strategies how to get around. matt delucia is live in radnor. how will the drivers deal with the detours? >> reporter: put it in perspective here, this is front page of "the daily news" with the headline, "god help us!" there is concern after we learned what the traffic plan will be. the mayor's press conference yesterday answered a lot of questions but raised a lot of concerns for people who travel in and out of the city every day. a lot more became clear about what roads will be shut down and how this whole traffic plan is going to work. some people are still trying to figure out how they are going to get to work and how special needs individuals will get around. the organizers and city leaders are saying they are enthusiastic about the upcoming papal visit but it's really becoming a headache for those within this
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newly labeled traffic box. some have decided to leave town and not deal with it and others are hoping for the best. >> well, i would expect there is going to be something of a clog of disappointed people for one thing. and then people who will be looking for parking spaces. >> hope to see him at some point, you know? but i don't know if that is going to be possible. >> reporter: this is unlike anything we have encountered before. 476 right there will likely take the brunt of some of the traffic issues but another aspect of the papal travel plan happens today. the septa lottery, those winners will be announced later on today via e-mail. we are at radnor and stations here. i spoke with police about that issue and that is coming up when i see you again in 30 minutes. matt delucia, nbc10 news, live in radnor. tap the nbc10 news app for a breakdown of the transportation changes for the papal visit and find the pope's itinerary there and see him and where you can see him while he's in philly.
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about 5:05. sources tell nbc10 pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will be charged in montgomery county. monique braxton is live at the county courthouse with more on these possible charges. tell us more. >> reporter: this case has been under review by montgomery county's district attorney here for about six months now. the investigation into p.a. attorney general kathleen kane centers around her alleged role in leaking information about a 2009 grand jury investigation to a newspaper last year. she is also accused of allegedly lying about it under oath. kane, the first democrat and woman to be elected a.g. has denied any involvement. however, in december, a grand jury recommended kane be charged with perjury and other offenses. the grand jury's report was then handed over to montgomery county district attorney lisa furman. we contacted furman who is
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seeking a judgeship but she denied and would neither confirm or deny the report that kane will would be charged today. against furman would not confirm or deny the report that kane will be charged today. no doubt we are going to stay on top of this story and you can count on nbc10's news app to keep you posted of any late-breaking developments. live in northtowne outside the courthouse, monique braxton, nbc10. one of the four people indicted along with congressman chaka fattah appeared in court yesterday. vederman is accused of racketeering and money laundering and they say he bribed the congressman for an ambassadorship or other high level appointment. they say he paid off the student loan of congressman's son. they say vederman agreed to buy a used porch from the congressman's wife nbc10 news
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anchorwoman renee chenault-fattah. they say the car sale was fraudulent and she continued to title it and insure it and store it at fattah house after the sale. >> arraignment will be at some point in the future. at this point in time mr. vederman will plead not guilty and we look forward to vindicating him at trial. >> renee chenault-fattah has previously said in a letter she used the cash toward a vacation home but has done nothing wrong. she has not been charged with a crime. she is on leave from nbc10. congressman chaka fattah is scheduled to appear in court less than two weeks on august 18th. others are facing charges in this indictment including bowser and nicholas. journey colic mann was a vice principal at a high school and in her lawsuit she claims
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she was wrongly accused of covering up sexual misconduct by torches and her reputation was ruined. three teachers were arrested in 2012 having sex with three high school students on numerous occasions and two of the students were under 18. those teachers all pleaded guilty and sentenced to probation. the school's principal katherine depaul also pleaded guilty and is on probation. the prosecutor's office declined to comment on the lawsuit. eight minutes after 5:00. we are about an hour away from sunrise this morning and we will see lots of sunshine to start with. getting a cooler start this morning with clear skies and temperatures in the 50s and 60s for most of the area. sunny and warm during the day. bright sunshine this morning but as the day goes on we will see more clouds and that will lead to some rain in parts of the area this evening. we are tracking that rain to the
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west right now. 51 degrees in mt. pocono and 62 trenton and wilt and you can get a view of the clear skies in the pocono mountains. a few thin cloud overhead and no sign of rain in the pocono mountains. the poconos will likely stay rain-free from the coming storm system. radar shows it is completely dry this morning. there are showers to the south and not affect us but this is a storm that is coming together for parts of the area tonight. those parts that are most likely to see the rain delaware and south jersey during the early evening hours. at 7:00 we will see the clouds that have been moving in during the late afternoon hours. showers and possibly thunderstorm activity by 11:00 tonight some heavier downpours to the south and southern delaware and scattered showers into the philadelphia area. just barrel into the philadelphia area. so your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast calling for 80s for allentown and quaker town and reading. the humidity will be low during the day.
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we will start with sunshine in doylestown and trenton and mt. holly and late day clouds and clouds building late this afternoon for cape may and dover and atlantic city. rain during the evening hours. and some of that is going to continue into tomorrow. a chance of some showers from for wilmington this evening and dry. i'll show you how long the rain threat will last for the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. i see some green on jessica's map. i think that is a good sign. >> we should get a thumb's up, right? >> we love green! 202 northbound or southbound we have all green lights. you can see seven minutes total from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. not a car in sight in this area. so, again, that was 202 around the schuylkill expressway. but an accident scene in bellmawr and blocking out two
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right-hand lanes and you can see the accident is in here. right behind it you can only see a touch of yellow so that doesn't mean there is a big backup behind it right now. just something to watch out for if you're moving through the area. 422 as well everything is green there. eight minutes heading eastbound from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. coming up in the next ten minutes we will do a check on mass transit and area bridges. what is in the water? the creature that drew crowds of people to the south river in old bridge. plus this -- >> hey, man! awesome job, bro. >> rescuers reunion. the coast guard gets a big thank you from this man who says they saved his life.
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5:14. happening today the first band takes the stage for music fest in the lehigh valley. tonight's performer is duran duran. remember them, vai? >> of course. >> snoop dogg and reba mcintyre and nonmusical performer jerry seinfeld. smoking is forbidden inside homes at oxford village. tenants caught smoking will be asked to attend counseling sessions. it is the largest public housing agency to adopt such a policy. philadelphia is about to get a new high-rise.
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officials broke ground yesterday on a new 17-story luxury apartment tower at second and race. the first one to earn lead gold certification which is an internationally recognized green building certification system and this is what the building is supposed to look like when it's done. the project includes rental and retail space and include a fitness center, dedicated dog washing area which i have never heard of! outdoor green space on the fifth floor roof. a boater rescued off the cape may got to thank the crew who saved his life. that is dame jen sexton shaking hands and hugging the coast guard. they rescued him. the four crew members plucked him from the ocean last weekend. he was rescued after four hours in the ocean. there he is in the water in this video released by the coast guard. a huge wave knocked him off a fishing boat saturday night. no life jacket.
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he just started swim. he chased a container ship about ten miles before the crew found him. >> i can't even put it in words. it was, like, thank god i'm going to be alive and going to see my family again. you know? i didn't think i was going to make it. >> sexton did make it. he was more than 40 miles off the coast of cape may when the coast guard finally reached him. let's get a check of the roads for you at 5:16. >> jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> not a lot in terms of traffic heading southbound but that drive time still doing okay on. about a 12 minute trip from wood haven road toward the vine street expressway. watching accident scene in bellmawr, new jersey p.m. ta.
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we can see a little bit of red approaching that accident seen. take a look at the drive times approaching that scene. pass that red block there and adding on a few minutes 6 minutes now heading northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge and no problems or delays for mass transit this morning so a great alternate. next ten minutes check in with the area bridges. 17 minutes after 5:00. skies are brightening up and getting a better view of thin clouds in the area. see a lot of sunshine to start with so don't forget your sunglasses. you won't need your umbrella during the day but, tonight, that may change. 70 degrees. that is different than yesterday. down 4 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. a cooler, comfortable start with low humidity. this is a view from the nbc10 news studios. no wind but it changes tonight as a storm system coming into the area tonight. starting to get high clouds.
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you saw them on the live pictures but this is the cloud cover moving in and behind these clouds, some rainfall and spots of heavy rainfall into illinois, indiana, ohio, and tennessee seeing some heavier rain as well and the storm will start acting our area this evening. during the day, mostly sunny skies. late this afternoon, the clouds will take over and a warm one today with low humidity. we will be in the 80s this afternoon. chances of showers this evening and possibly thunderstorms in delaware and south jersey into tomorrow morning. cloudy skies tomorrow and showers in the area and 9 degrees the high temperature on friday. this weekend we are drying out with partly to mostly sunny skies saturday up to 85 degrees and warmer day sunday. the chance of showers returns later monday and especially likely tuesday. we could also see some thunderstorms in the area. 82 tuesday and sunshine is back wednesday. today, we will find out if this year's hurricane season is developing as predicted.
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the national oceanic and atmospheric administration will meet this morning. officials predicted six to 11 named tropical storms in the area and so far there have been three. the hurricane season ends november 30th. check out this video of a dolphin that got stranded in a central new jersey river. you can see it's making waves there. this is the south river in old bridge middlesex county. officials will the marine mammal stranding center say the dolphin probably just lost its way like that doesn't happen to the rest of us, but they are keeping an eye on it hoping it will get back out in the open with the next high tide. good luck. a manatee is getting a lot of attention as it makes its way through our area and spotted again in the delaware river this time at the summit north marina in bear new castle county. it's rare to see a manatee this
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far north. wildlife officials in delaware and new jersey remind boaters the animals are endangered and say if you see one, slow down and be sure to keep your distance. it could happen to any of us. jury duty. even former presidents get summoned but it's what mr. bush did while he was there that is getting a lot of attention this morning. popular drugstore no longer covering viagra. doesn't mean you can't get it there. the one way to get your hands on that little blue pill. that is coming up. roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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kansas. starting in a few months the cvs prescription drug plan will not cover viagra. landon dowdy is here with that and more. cvs health is dropping viagra from the list of drugs it will pay for under your insurance. starting next year, you have to pay cash for the little blue pill or switch to its rival cialis. if you have another drug benefit manager the little blue pill will be covered. stocks gave up early gains as oil prices turned negative fifth straight day with disney accounting for all of the losses following its disappointing earnings report. the nasdaq three day losing streak and number of people filing for unemployment, the dow falling ten points to 17540 and
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nasdaq up to 5139. back to you. >> thanks. temperatures are falling this morning. down to 69 degrees here at nbc10. clear skies and cool view in the pocono mountains and right now 51 degrees in the mountains. traffic view is changing minute-by-minute. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. we are watching approaching an accident scene on the 42 freeway right around new jersey turnpike but the accident is up ahead in bellmawr. minutes adding on it the drive time. update you coming up. i'm matt delucia live in radnor township. the septa people pass lottery winners will be announced starting today. after the break we will talk about neighboring towns are planning to deal with the extra traffic.
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are you a winner of the septa papal pass lottery? the announcement comes today. you can't play again, so what happens if you didn't win? pack your patience and probably some prayers. there is lots of road closures planned for the pope's visit. the roads that are open and closed and the others, you might
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want to try to get around. 11-year-old boy missing also a body found. we will have the latest on the search for this boy. 5:29. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's throwback thursday so throw it back when the weather was nice. bill henley with our first alert forecast. >> the temperatures are running cooler this morning. down 4 degrees in mt. holly and wilmington. 60 in doylestown and 72 south philadelphia. 65 roxborough and northeast philadelphia at the airport 66 degrees. a few thin clouds. we will start with sunshine coming up after 6:00 this morning. bright sunshine and 69 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00, we will be in the middle seventh, but the humidity stays low as we go into the afternoon. 82 degrees at 1:00. during the afternoon, we will start to see some more clouds
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and rain is on the way. first showers expected this evening. we will will through it hour-by-hour when i come back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has first alert traffic now. accident seen in bellmawr, new jersey. past where this backup is trickle down here. the two right-hand lanes blocked so right before you head toward 295 and these are our cameras around the new jersey turnpike. you can see seven minute drive time and as soon as this updates i'll say about ten minute delay there and northbound 55 towards the bridge you're getting right now average speed 42 miles an hour. still behind that backup for about ten or 15 minute trip as the morning progresses. p.a. turnpike everything moving along nicely and 22 minutes at the most heading eastbound from valley forge through route 1. citizens bank park a phillies game at 1:00 versus the


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