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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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mostly clear skies overnight. the temperatures have dropped into the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 70 at philadelphia international and 57 pottstown. wilmington just moved up to 66. down to 58 mt. holly. a cool start and sunny start but clouds will be building as the day goes on. nice and sunny. 71 degrees at 7:00. humidity stays low. even though the temperature is clisk at 10:00 this morning. 78 degrees. by 1:00 we will see more cloud around and 83 degrees. no sign of any showers at 1:00. but that changes this evening. we will go through it hour-by-hour when i come back in ten minutes. let's see what is happening on the roads now. jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. looking quickly at 95. not seeing a total drive time increase yet but you can see we are losing out that right hand shoulder. we have some different cones in the area of the northbound lanes but southbound we are still 14 minute drive time from wood
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haven road toward the vine street sprevert expressway. but no problems yet but i see it coming. then this accident so watch out there. heading out the door the 42 freeway clear again. that accident scene out of the way so no problems as we look at this drive time here. five minute trip from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. ben franklin is nice and clear. volume on the ben into philadelphia with two lanes blocked westbound for ongoing construction. we are updating breaks new we have been following the past hour. a fire in the homesburg section of philadelphia sent one woman to the hospital with smoke inhalation. it started on oakmont street in the basement. apparently. investigators say the injured woman is blind. she was taken to nazareth hospital. and she is expected, however, to be okay. good news. preparing for the pope. and the papal shutdown.
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>> commuters and neighbors are bracing for major road closures when the pope visits philadelphia next month. ben franklin bridge, no cars allowed on the bridge from friday, september 25th through monday, the 28th. if you cross the bridge you have to do it on bike or on foot. >> the highways during that time the eastbound schuylkill expressway will shut down from the blue route to internet 95. the westbound lanes of the schuylkill close from 95 to u.s. 1. portions of u.s. 1, city avenue, will be closed from bellmont to lancaster. an area where the pope will be staying overnight while he is here. vine street expressway is shut down both directs. i-95 will remain open during the papal visit. yesterday, the city of philadelphia released details of what it calls the traffic box to the pontiff's visit.
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here is a map of what the box looks like. a three mile secure zone covering parts of center city and west philadelphia. zone extends westward to 38th street. drivers allowed to leave the traffic box but not allowed back in. word about the papal road and bridge closures is spreading fast and so is reaction. >> matt delucia is live in radnor, delaware county. what are people saying about these changes? >> reporter: they are saying they have got some planning to do. that is for sure. this is the front page of "the daily news" this morning with the headline "god help us." i'm sure a lot of people are waking up thinking after listening to what you two just talked about, a lot to think about and a lot to digest in terms of what roads are closed and what will stay open and this traffic box. right behind mere hee you got 476 that is staying open and take the brunt of some of the traffic issues but there has been speculation and rumors over the past few weeks you name it but yesterday with the mayor's press conference a lot more became clear of what roads will
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be shut down and how this whole traffic plan is going to work. nielson to say some people are trying to figure out how they are getting to work and how special needs individuals will get around. the organizers and city leaders have been saying they are enthusiastic about the upcoming papal visit but it's becoming more of a headache of those within this newly labeled traffic box. >> i actually work at the hospital so, actually, i am basically not going to work at all during that time and i'm planning to rent out my place and hoping somebody will rent it out and i'm just going to leave the city. >> reporter: another aspect of the papal travel plan happens today and the septa lottery. remember, that happened on monday where you would have to enter online to try to buy the passes for the regional rail? the 18 stops are making their way to center city for the papal visit, those winners will begin to be introduced later on today via e-mail so check your e-mail inboxes and even those spam boxes just to make sure you get that e-mail because you only
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have a few days to make that purchase. we are in radnor right now. one of the towns that will be affected by the papal visit. because one of the train stops is around the corner from where we are, we talked with police about how they are planning to manage the traffic, if you will. i'll have that coming up at 6:30. live in radnor township, matt delucia, nbc10 news. we have breaking news from overnight. police in louisiana are looking for the gunman who killed an officer. you're looking at new video this morning from the scene in shreveport. police say the officer was responding to a report of an armed man threatening people inside a house when he was shot. we have just learned police will be holding a news conference at 10:30 this morning. you can count on us to update you on nbc10 news at 11:00 a.m. this morning, the fbi is waiting on the medical examiner to determine if a body found in a delaware county creek is a missing 11-year-old boy. searchers discovered the body in the darby creek while looking
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for laquan lattimore last seen monday afternoon riding his bike. he boy's family says he has never run away or disappeared before and they are offering a $1,500 reward for any information. pennsylvania's top prosecutor could face criminal charges today according to sources. attorney general kathleen kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to a newspaper. she has denied the allegations. however, a grand jury recommended that authorities charge kane with perjury and other offenses. that report was handed over to montgomery county district attorney furman in december. we contacted d.a. furman but she would not confirm or deny the report that kane will be charged today. we will stay on top of this' let you know as soon as we get new information. one of the four people indicted along with congressman chaka fattah appeared in court for the first time today. vederman is accused of bribery and racketeering and money
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laun laundering. the indictment alleged that he was part of a scheme that used campaign money to pay off a student loan of the congressman's son and the fed say vederman agreed to buy a used porch from nbc10 news anchorwoman renee chenault-fattah. she say the car sale was fraudulent and she continued to title it and insure it and store it at the fattah house for years after the car sale. >> the arraignment will be at some point in the future. at this point in time mr. vederman will plead not guilty and we look forward to vindicating him at trial. >> renee chenault-fattah has previously said in a letter that she used the cash toward a vacation home but has done nothing wrong. she has not been charged with a crime and on leave from nbc10. congressman chuck fattah is to
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appear in court on august 18th. in the meantime the four here face charges in the indictment and waiting to find out when they will face a judge. we are starting off with some sunshine and a nice cool view from here where the temperatures are in the low 50s this morning. most of the rest of the area is in the 60s and with sunshine to start with, we will warm into the 80s. but it's not going to be'm day sunshine. a cooler morning with clear skies overnight. a few thin clouds in the area. a warm afternoon but during the afternoon, clouds will be on the increase and i'm tracking some rain for showers expected this evening and rain into tomorrow morning for parts of the area. 57 degrees right now in doylestown. just the mountains that are in the 50s. philadelphia is holding at 70 degrees but 64 in millville. and we will see sunshine and it will be nice and bright to start with. it will warm things up into the 80s this afternoon. but it's later today that we will be tracking some rain
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moving into the area. showers, the possible thunderstorms are two-to-our west and moving into the ohio valley. this is the storm that will bring not just rain but gusty winds into the area for tonight and tomorrow. the strongest winds will likely be in delaware and south jersey. at 11:00 this morning, we will see sunshine, a few high clouds and rain will be to our west. but during the evening hours that rain moves in at 8:00 theching. a few scattered light showers in delaware and into south jersey. then some heavier downpours are possible during the late evening hours and early morning hours at midnight tonight. you can see the heavier rainfall in southern delaware and into south jersey. so neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast calling for a warm afternoon and dry for allentown, quaker town and reading. mostly sunny skies there. you can see cloud increasing this afternoon for trenton, mt. holly and norristown. 85 later today. clouds and breaks ever sunshine.
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80s at the shore. rehoboth beach up to 82 and 83 in dover. dover and vine land will likely see showers in the afternoon hours. got the seven-day forecast to show you how the threat of rain lasts and what the weekend looks minutes. a lot of anxiety about the road closure when the pope visits but that is still a month away. >> jessica boyington is watching the roads for you. >> let's deal with the anxiety we have day-to-day right now. 422 around trooper road in theory allow that active work zone. headed eastbound toward the schuylkill expressway no problems. still doing okay eight minute trip from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. pottstown still watching this accident scene industrial highway and south keim street. moving on to that accident in
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bellmawr, new jersey, moved out of the way and all lanes moving along nicely. in the next ten to 15 minutes or so we start to see increase a lot wood haven to vine street. mass transit no problems or delays for these transsits. more drive times in ten minutes. this morning, there is a new twist in the continuing bill cosby scandal. we will tell but a judge's order that involves the comedian, the playboy mansion and a 15-year-old girl. what firefighters are saying about the wildfires raging across california. we are learning more about a man accused of killing his father with a sword. we will tell you what police say he told his dad just before the deadly stabbing.
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6:15. new information from fire officials out west. crews are gaining ground against a massive wildfire burning in northern california. officials say the fire north of san francisco is now 30% contained. dozens of homes have been destroyed and residents are being warned to stay vigilant because the changing winds can cause flare-ups. so far flames have scorched more than 100 square miles and largest of the 23 wildfires statewide. new information this morning in the bill cosby sexual assault controversy. a los angeles county superior court judge has ordered bill cosby to give a sworn deposition this october in response to a civil lawsuit. the lawsuit was brought by a woman who accused the comedian of sexually assaulting her at the playbalk mansion in the '70s. the woman was just 15 years old at the time. we are learning more about a man who allegedly stabbed his
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father to death in languahorn, bucks county. goodrich was arraigned yesterday on weapons charges. officials now say goodrich used a sword to kill his father by stabbing him in the stomach in the parents' home tuesday night. according to police, goodrich stabbed him after he said his father would not control his mind any more. investigators are cleared tate-brown, the officer who killed him. >> no justice! >> yesterday, brandon tate brown's family and local activists rallied in mayfair where he was shot. police say he shot when tate brown was going for a gun inside a rental car. the d.a.'s office said they would not prosecute the case but tate brown's family is demanding a new investigation and reforms to the philadelphia police
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department. in response to the rally, philadelphia police say the district attorney's office has made its decision but the people have a right to protest if they want to. 6:17 this tuesday morning. time to get another check of traffic. >> jessica boyington is watching the roads for your ride to work. what are you seeing? >> a little light so far this morning. a little bit later. we are on 95 watching out for this disabled vehicle. not a lot of traffic moving through the area but right around the vine street expressway so just something to watch out for you're heading out the door there. rest of our drive times like i said seeing the slow down on the southbound between wood haven road and vine street expressway. traffic light malfunctioning in south hampton township and taking out both directions around 06 so watch out for that area. later on this afternoon at citizens bank park a phillies game at 1:05 versus the dodgers
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and just the tail end of the lunch hour so see lots of volume and traffic in that area and center city area as well. the sun is up at 6:17 18. the warming process will begin. a few high clouds moving past center city but a lot of sunshine this morning before clouds take over this afternoon. 70 degrees. not seeing a lot of humidity at 55%. a little lower than just an hour ago. the temperatures down by six compared to yesterday. winds are calm but a coming storm system will bring us gusty winds into the philadelphia area. right now, the flag here at the nbc10 studios is at rest and nothing more than a few thin clouds. so that has allowed the temperatures to cool down with clear skies overnight, 50s in pottstown and doylestown and wrights town 54. a pleasant start. clouds will increase during the
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afternoon hours and will lead to what this storm system is already producing in the midwest. rain and possibly some thunderstorms. the first showers possible this evening. in fact, by midnight tonight, we could see more than a quarter of an inch of rain in the atlantic city area. in fact, more than a third of an inch on the way to half an inch with light rain pushing to the north into south jersey and into northern delaware. but philadelphia might just get a sprinkle out of that this evening. storm system will still be in the area tomorrow morning but look how it stays to the south and that is where the rain is going to be steadiest to start with on friday and chance of showers during the day on friday. some wet weather ahead but maybe not the big needed rainfall that most of the lawns could really use. today we start with sunshine and then clouds taking over later this afternoon. a warm one. low to mid-80s this afternoon. the showers coming through this evening and into tomorrow. rain mainly to the south and scattered showers during the day
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on friday. most of the day may be dry for philadelphia and dry to the north. 80 degrees the high temperature on friday. by the weekend it's clearing out with partly to mostly sunny skies on saturday and a warmer day sunday up to 87 degrees. sunshine fades on monday as showers return late monday. a good chance we will see showers and thunderstorms on tuesday but clearing wednesday. imagine taking a walk in nature and stepping on a live grenade from world war ii. we will tell you why investigators are baffled by where the explosive turned up. plus 70 years since the atomic bomb. we will show you how japan is marking the deadly anniversary.
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>> 70 years since the first atomic bomb and how japan is
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marking the solemn anniversary at hiroshima. tens of thousands of people including survivors and u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy attended the annual memorial ceremony in hiroshima's peace park. during this week in 1945, two atomic bombs killed more than 200,000 people and led to the japanese surrender to end world war ii. imagine strolling by a lake and you look down and you find a live grenade. bomb sqauad in boulder county, colorado, detonated two grenades. a fisherman stumbled on the first one from world war ii. a tv crew discovered the second grenade more modern and not live. no one was hurt. emergency crews will return to the lake today to look for any other explosives. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington here with your first alert traffic. looking live right now at route
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309 at susquehanna road. we will have to battle sun glare in the area but right now, traffic looking okay and no sun glare really to speak of. coming up in the next few minutes we will check in with some philadelphia drive times. for now a check on later today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> starting to see some sunshine in the area. the sun is coming up this morning. temperatures have been coming down overnight. 69 degrees here at nbc10. a light breeze developing during the day. we have got a 6-mile-an-hour wind but northerly flow so dry air will continue to make things comfortable during the day today. preparing for the pope. we are here to help you get around town during the papal visit and so is nbc10's matt delucia live in radnor. >> i'm asking local towns how they are planning to handle the influx of drivers and riders when the pope comes to town. i'll have that after the break. i'm monique braxton live outside the courthouse in norris
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town where all eyes on the district attorney today in a case involving pennsylvania's attorney general. we will tell you why after the break.
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it is just about 6:30 this thursday morning. today, commuters will find out if they hit the papal pass lottery and the right to ride the rails. we are live with what you need to know about the septa sale. plus, today, hammer could drop on pennsylvania's top prosecutor. sources say officials are expect to charge kathleen kane in an investigation into leaked information. enjoy the sunshine today. especially if you're down on the shore because rain is moving into the area. we will have the timing for the wet weather in your neighborhood. good morning. welcome to nbc10 news. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson.
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6:30 and 69 degrees. a while since we have been that cool. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley with physici his first alert forecast. >> everybody is running cooler this morning at 7 degrees cooler in northeast philadelphia and mt. holly and wilmington 4 degrees cooler this morning which has us in the 50s and 60s to 70 at philadelphia international. the temperatures will warm. it will be a warm day. you can see the glow of sunlight on the buildings in center city. lots of sunshine to start with. 71 at 8:00 and 11:00 up to 78 degrees and good news is the humidity on will stay low. it's this afternoon that we will see the clouds move in. 83 degrees at 2:00. then a chance of some rain by this evening. a look at your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i bottom in ten minutes. let's see how the roads will are looking for the sunshine and usually leads to sun glare. jessica boyington with camera
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outages. she has your first alert traffic. >> right on time here! we are looking at sun glare on 95. right hand corner is heading southbound. southbound drive times up to 21 minutes and adding ten minutes to the wood haven road into the u trip an traffic lights are malfunctioning. on the p.a. turnpike 22 minutes heading eastbound or westbound route one. no problems for mass transit. preparing for the pope. today's septa will let you know by e-mail if you won its lottery for the papal rail passes. there are no guarantees. septa is still figuring out which of its designated train stops sold out and which ones still have passes available. one of those train stops is radnor in delaware county where
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nbc10's matt delucia is joining us live. matt, will radnor be able to handle the crush of papal riders 5,month? >> reporter: the folks here at radnor, especially the police, they have been planning for quite a while and meeting with emergency agencies throughout the area an county and the city as well as septa and trying to make sure that people can get in and out of this area as quickly as possible. and as efficiently as possible. radnor station is around the corner from where we are right now, you have the thorndale line through this area and 18 stops on the septa plan and radnor is on that plips the police here in the township are expecting more than 20,000 people coming just for travel to and from the city during the papal visit. the emergency operations center will be open and other suburban towns are making similar adjustments.
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>> the radnor police, all vacation time for them has been cancelled. emergency workers will be on double shifts i'm told to make sure that traffic moves to and from the trains. >> their advice is make your plans. as far as who will ride that septa lottery winners will be introduced via e-mail starting today. there is a limit per station so there is no guarantee that you will get your pass. if you enter that lottery a good idea to check your e-mail constantly throughout the day and make sure you're one of those selected because you only have a few days to make that final purchase. live in radnor this morning, matt delucia, nbc10 news. we are just 50 days away from when the pope touches down on saturday, september 26th. we now know what streets and highways will be closed. here is what philadelphia is calling the traffic box. it's a three square mile secure
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zone enveloping parts of center city and west philadelphia. you'll be able to move around inside and leave if you need to but you won't be able to get back in. ben franklin bridge and parts of 76, i-676 and city avenue will be closed from friday september 25th through at least sunday, september 27th. as we get more information about security and transportation and other details surrounding the pope's visit, nbc10 will post it on and the nbc10 news app. a special section called preparing for the pope. it has all of the information that officials have released, including how septa, even the trolley lines will be affected. we also have a list of the pope's stops where you can see him. we are updating this information constantly. you can find all of this right now on happening today sources tell nbc10 pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will be charged in montgomery county. monique braxton is leave at the courthouse in norris town. tell us about the potential charges, monique.
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>> reporter: montgomery county district attorney has been viewing this case here at the courthouse now for about six months. the investigation into pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane centers around her alleged role in leaking information about a 2009 grand jury investigation to a newspaper last year. she is also accused of allegedly lying about it under oath. kane, the first democrat and first woman to be elected a.g. has denied any involvement. however, back in december, a grand jury recommended kane be charged with perjury and other offenses. now the grand jury's report has then handed over to the montgomery county d.a. furman. we contacted furman who is seeking a judgeship but she would neither confirm nor deny the report that kane will be charged today. now well, of course, stay on top of this story. make sure you download the nbc10 news app and also go to for any updates on this investigation.
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live now outside the courthouse in norris town, monique braxton, nbc10 news. allentown residents are pawlowski to step down over city corruption concerns there. the mayor did not attend last night's city council meeting. instead the members took the heat of what is!u a fallout of fbi investigation into a possible connection between campaign contributions and building contracts. >> failed to represent us. you have failed to hold the administration accountable. ethically and morally, i think it stinks! >> [ inaudible ]. >> councilmembers say they were kept in the dark about the federal probe. in an earlier interview with the mayor he says he is staying on the job. so far no one has been charged in this investigation. a former vice principal arrested in a school sex scandal is now suing the camden county
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prosecutor's office. mann was vice principal at triton high school. and in her lawsuit she claims she was wrongly accused of covering up sexual misconduct by torches and her reputation was ruined. three teachers were arrested in 2012 having sex with three high school students on numerous occasions and two of the students were under 18. those teachers all pleaded guilty and sentenced to probation. the school's principal katherine depaul also pleaded guilty and is on probation. the prosecutor's office declined to comment on the lawsuit. 6:on 37. bright sunshine right now. there are some clouds in our future. clear skies overnight, a cooler morning than yesterday. we are down this morning but the temperatures will warm with sunshine into the 80s this afternoon. during the afternoon, clouds will be increasing. and that will lead to some rain.
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i'm tracking rain that is already in the ohio valley and that storm will also bring gusty winds but we are not seeing it now. 61 degrees and sunshine in reading and 70 for philadelphia and cape may 68 with mostly cloudy skies for cape may. in the clear here. a few clouds overhead. 54 right now in lake wallin this afternoon. the radar nothing in the immediate area. but the rain, the potential for strong gusty winds, that will be moving in this evening as it's already moving into the ohio valley, that steady rainfall most likely in delaware and south jersey but you won't see it during the day. 75 mt. pocono and bright sunshine for allentown and reading and lots of sunshine for trenton and mt. holly and norris town but the clouds increasing later in the day. clouds across cape may. 85 degrees. rehoboth 82 and 85 for vineland. showers holding off in the
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evening hours for there. sunshine fading later this afternoon as the clouds come in. i'll show you how long the rain will be around with the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. for a thursday morning at this hour, relatively light out there, i think. >> fingers crossed. knock on wood. check lae >> you notice by the end of the week it trails off on thursdays and fridays. everybody heading to the shore. taking a longer weekend. on the schuylkill expressway right around spring garden street, we are seeing just typical drive times there. a little bit slow but not setting anybody back too much. 19 minutes at the most heading eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway and 12 minute trip so adding on a couple of minutes or so. z s malfunctioning in south hampton so watch out there. out the door on 202 cars still
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moving along nice and green and ten minutes hasn't changed at all so far northbound or southbound from 30 to the schuylkill expressway and currently no weather related delays at the philadelphia international airport and coming up we will check in with more drive times in ten minutes. republican presidential hopefuls take the stage tonight in their first debate. we will have a preview of what to expect. plus, donald trump gets some presidential advice from an unlikely source. we will tell you who that was that gave him the advice and why it could hurt him with conservatives. reunited after a rescue at sea. we will show you the reunion between coast guard members and the man they saved after spending hours in the ocean.
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6:43. new this morning the power is back on at los angeles international airport. it happened last night. airport police say flight operations were not affected. to make sure we checked on flights from l.a.x. arriving at philadelphia international airport and they are on time this morning. police say the suspect in yesterday's movie theater shoot in tennessee was armed with appeal let gun. >> it happened outside of nashville. they say montono had a hatchet and pepper spray he unleashed as he walked into the middle east theater. he tried to escape through the back door and s.w.a.t. members shot and killed him. one member suffered a minor hatchet wound but is expected to be okay. in the fast hour, we have gotten an update from malaysia's transportation minister who says a team has collect more plane debris from reunion island.
6:45 am
that the same place where a wing fragment was found, now confirmed to be from the malaysia airlines plane that disappeared last year. the minister says maintenance records helped them identify the debris. investigators say the wing piece could provide clues about what happened and when the plane hit the water but may not ever solve the mystery of exactly what went wrong. now to the decision 2016. tonight is the night for the first republican presidential debate. >> voters will see the top ten gop candidates take the stage for a prime time showdown and here is a look at who made the cut determined by national polls select by the host fox news. donald trump led those polls so he'll take center stage in cleveland tonight. jeb bush and scott walker will flank the billionaire businessman and barely making the cut new jersey governor chris christie and ohio governor john kasich. the gop candidates who polled lower will have a debate this
6:46 am
afternoon. encouraging words from former president clinton may have helped donald truvmp to ru for president. hillary clinton her presidential campaign lead is holding steady according to the most recent poll. she got 52% from both democrats and voters leaning democratic. bernie sanders a distant second at 16%. vice president joe biden who has not announced he will run, he got 12%. philadelphia is about to get a new high-rise. officials broke ground yesterday on a new 17 story luxury apartment tower. the first high-rise property in the city to earn lead gold certification which is an
6:47 am
internationally recognized green building certification system. this is what the building will look like when it's finished. it includes rental and retail space and a fitness center and dedicated doig washing area and outdoor green space on the roof. music fest begins today in the lehigh valley. tonight hit band from the e'80s duran duran will perform. snoop dogg will also perform over on the weekend and comedian jerry seinfeld. jobs are up for this morning's concerts down the shore featuring maroon 5 and nick jonas. jobs include wristband checkers and you have to be 21 if you want to be a bartender. apply today from 10:00 a.m. to noon and also from 1:00 p.m. to
6:48 am
3:00 p.m. you must at least 18 to work both concerts on august 16th and 20th. a boater rescued off the coast of cape may got to thank the grew for saving his lob. >> hey, man. awesome job, bro. >> awesome job, bro. damien sexton is shaking hands and hugging members of the coast guard yesterday. the four crew members plucked him from the ocean last weekend. he was rescued after four hours in the ocean. there he is in the water in this video released by the coast guard. a huge wave knocked him off a fishing boat saturday night. no life jacket. he started swimming. he chased a container ship about ten miles before the crew found him. >> i can't even put it in words. it was, like, thank god i'm going to be alive and going to see my family again. you know? i didn't think i was going to make it. >> he was more than 40 miles off the coast of cape may when the coast guard finally reached him.
6:49 am
hitchbot untimely demise. nbc10 has learned the mechanical globetrotter could return to philadelphia next year. the creators of hitchbot say one of the options they are looking at. it was a social experiment and traveled the world on the kindness of strangers until someone destroyed it in philly this weekend. hitchbot's creators confirm this purported surveillance video is a fake. as we previously reported the man who released this video is an internet prankster. let's see what is coming up on1eshow this morning. >> nice to see you both. coming up, it's debate day in cleveland. a crowded republican presidential field is that is going head-to-head. this morning, what we are expecting from front-runner donald trump and his rivals. >> the father of a bat boy who died when he was accidentally hit in the head by a practice
6:50 am
swing, he is speaking out and what he wants you to know about his son. >> we have those stories and jon stewart is signing off as host "the daily show" tonight and look at his memorable moments and how he has changed late night politics and the news. >> if we could have gotten one more day out of jon because of the debate tonight. just one more day, you know? it would have been so good. >> maybe he'll come out of retirement. >> thanks. see you at 7:00. >> you got it. ten minutes before 7:00. sunshine to start with. a few high clouds moving through the area. live view from center city. it's going to be a warm afternoon but, right now, we are six degrees cooler than yesterday and the humidity is low at 55% and 70 degrees right now in philadelphia. the wind is calm but wind coming in tonight and look at the clear
6:51 am
view from citizens bank park. a great day for an afternoon ball game. the phillies and dodgers. a warm afternoon but it's not going to be hot with partly cloudy skies, we will see 82 at 1:05 with westerly wind at 6 miles per hour and light wind will continue and warmer at 4:00 in the afternoon with a few more clouds by later in the afternoon. no sign of any rain during the game. that changes this evening. you see the clouds that are starting to move in. those are the high clouds we saw on the live picture. but those are some serious clouds with lots of rain, heavy showers and some thunderstorm activity and it will start to move into the area this evening. this could bring more than half an inch of rain to parts of south jersey. it's on the move during the day today. noon time today still to the west. we will see sunshine but the sunshine fades this afternoon. and this evening here comes some scattered light showers at 8:00 this evening as we go into the later evening hours, steadier rainfall in south jerusalem and
6:52 am
delaware. thunderstorm activity is possible around midnight tonight. tomorrow morning, see rain to start with in delaware and south jersey but it looks like it's going to stay dry in philadelphia for much of the day on friday. a chance of some scattered showers around the noon time tomorrow. dry today. sunshine to start with and clouds come in in the afternoon. warm up to the 80s today but the humidity stays low. until we get to the evening hours when we get the rainfall. some scattered showers on friday. 80 the high temperature. then sunshine is back this weekend and look at the warm-up. 86 saturday and 87 on sunday. warm day monday. though, we could see some late day showers monday and a good chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday. eight minutes before 7:00 right now. updated on the roads before you head out. >> that means it's time for traffica or jessica? >> that is fun. becoming a thing now. we are watching out for this disabled vehicle over here and
6:53 am
been this quite sometime and not a lot of traffic around the area vine street expressway. 95 southbound from wood haven road towards the vine 25 minutes trip. typically about 11 or so. tacking on about 15 minutes to that drive time. schuylkill expressway seeing slow downs center city area and blue route doing just fine so far this morning. out in this area an accident scene in valley forge road and woodland avenue so be careful there. transit doing okay still but frankfurt line on septa is having delays due to switching problems. the upcoming visit of the pope is meaning road closures and matt delucia is taking a look at that. >> two words for that. plan now! we will take a look at the roads open and closed during that papal visit.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
good morning. i'm matt delucia. wsas we prepare for the pope, the traffic plan has been unveiled and a lot of people are waking up this morning trying to figure out how they are going to get to and from the city next month. ben franklin bridge is shut down to vehicles friday, september 25th until monday, the 28th. highways eastbound schuylkill shut down from the blue route to i-95 and westbound lanes of the schuylkill close from i-95 to u.s. 1. i-95 will stay open. there is a three square mile secure zone covering parts of center city and west philadelphia and that will be closed once you exit. 476 back out here live. that likely get quite a bit more traffic on those days next month. still more than a month for you to plan but today, those septa
6:58 am
lottery winners will be notified for the regional rail passes. if you entered, keep an eye on your inbox. live in radnor township, matt delucia, nbc10 news. i'm monique braxton live outside the courthouse in norris town. sources tell us pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane could be charged today. this investigation into kane centers on her alleged role in leaking information about a 2009 grand jury investigation to a newspaper last year. and then allegedly lying under oath. she denies any wrongdoing. a grand jury is recommending kane be charged with perjury and other offenses. now it's up to montgomery county's district attorney furman. we contacted furman who is seeking a judgeship but would not confirm or deny the report that kane will be charged today. make sure you download the nbc10 news app and you're among the first to know if charges will be filed. live in norris town, monique braxton, nbc10 news.
6:59 am
jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are seeing those jams on the schuylkill expressway now 21-minute trip. if you're heading westbound toward the king of prussia. an accident on woodland avenue so watch out that. and the traffic lights malfunctioning in south hampton area. mass transit pretty much fine but frankfurt line having delays with switching problems on septa. a beautiful morning. we have got sunshine, at least to start with. a cooler start, down 56 degrees compared to yesterday. 55 humidity and 71 degrees in philadelphia. suburbs are cooler. 59 in pottstown. 61 mt. holly and millville 68 degrees. we will see sunshine to start with and then clouds will come in afternoon and evening showers
7:00 am
today. >> we will be ready. "today" is up next. local updates in 25 minutes. >> always get updates with the nbc10 news app. thanks for watching. good morning. taking on trump. the much anticipated first debate between the top ten presidential candidate now just hou hours away. will we see the kinder jentd ler donald he promised? we're live in cleveland. outrage. family members of passengers of on mh. -370 about the wreckage found on reunion island. the malaysian government sayings it the missing plane. other authorities say more tests are needed. boundary hunters searching for a fugitive raid a phoenix


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