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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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charged with perjury and abuse of power along with several other criminal charges. there are calls for kane to resign but she vows to stay on the job. kathleen kane is denying the criminal charges. nbc 10's deanna durante has been following the investigation for months and was in the courthouse in norristown when the charges were announced. >> reporter: prosecutors have painted a picture of a woman who wanted revenge. they say she used her office and her staff to try and embarrass former staffers. >> this was her war based upon the evidence conducted without regard to the rules, without regard to the laws and without regard to any collateral damage the battle might entail. >> reporter: it's a battle kathleen kane says she will continue to fight. the now criminally charged attorney general says she will not step down from her office. in a written statement, kane says i remain committed to leading the office of attorney general and doing the job the citizens he heelected me to do.
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a resignation would be an admission of guilt and i am not guilty. last year a newspaper article wrote about a case kane failed to prosecute. kane, according to court papers was angered by the article and the criticism that surrounded her decision. the d.a. says kane blamed two former staffers for leaking the information and wanted to embarrass them. >> devised a scheme to leak confidential information and grand jury materials. >> reporter: the d.a. says there is no evidence against the two men but once it was discovered kane was behind the leak she was questioned in front of a grand jury. >> she lied repeatedly about her own actions, about the law and about other matters simply to support her version of events. >> reporter: the d.a. says kane enlisted the help of others in her office to continue to uncover information she and her staffers were not supposed to have. >> no one is above the law. >> reporter: the attorney general has not been arrested. she is scheduled to turn herself
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in in the next couple days. also charged today, a security agent who the district attorney says snuck into grand jury files in order to obtain information. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. governor wolf wants kane to step down. he says fighting the charges will be a full-time job. >> i don't know how she can defend herself against those serious charges and remain in office and do the job that we pennsylvanians need her to do. >> the district attorney will likely not prosecute the case herself. she is leaving at the end of the year to run for judge. two men are competing to take her job. kevin steele is running as a democrat and county commissioner bruce castor is running on the republican side. count on nbc 10 to follow developments as kathleen kane prepares to surrender to face charges against her. read more about the
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investigation right now on the nbc 10 news app. turning to weather, we are keeping an eye on the radar for possible rain late tonight. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen joining us with the first alert forecast. >> some parts of the area seeing rain late tonight but a few showers already trying to move in. here's a look at the big picture. the clouds have definitely been on the increase but areas in lancaster county right across 76 and maybe chester county seeing some light sprinkles or just very light rain showers. that's really about it for the time being. big area of low pressure is back off to the west and that will track down to our south as we go through tonight and your friday then leaving as we go into saturday. we do expect at least some rain from this for part of the area. take a look at future weather. overnight the low gets closer we get some showers overnight and for tomorrow part of the area could see some rain. but coming up i will show you if it will last into the weekend and if we have any more 90 degree temperatures in the forecast. a traffic nightmare.
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today we tried to clear up just how people from new jersey and delaware can get into philadelphia for the pope's visit. the ben franklin bridge will be closed to drivers on friday september 25th until monday september 28th. but people can walk the two miles across the bridge. nbc 10's tim furlong is already on the bridge's pedestrian walkway. people really need to be prepared for quite a hike. >> reporter: yeah you're not kidding. this is a long bridge. once you get off the other side of the bridge you have a long way to go. here's the thing. coming from delaware or south jersey here's an option. it's a long walk but good option. lot of people and tour buses will be able to park near the camden riversharks stadium, they will walk on this road they will be able to get on the bridge down there and be able to walk across the bridge. there are lanes of traffic you see going right now, these lanes are going to be closed but again, once you get off the bridge, it's a pretty good hike
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to the pope on the parkway. driving up to see the pope from delaware, driving might be your first mistake. >> unless i have to be here, no. going to be madness. >> reporter: parishioners are going to bus it up. they know once they get near the no traffic box they are hoofing it. >> they expect two to three miles of walking each way. >> reporter: many got pope pass confirmation e-mails from septa but once you get to a station you have to walk at least a mile to the parkway. no buses will run. dominick knows how he will get there. >> probably right now walking. because of how bad the traffic is planning to be. definitely walking. >> reporter: thousands are expected to park along the camden riverfront and walk across the ben franklin bridge which will be closed to cars that weekend. google maps tells us it's about a four mile walk and should take about an hour and ten minutes, depending on your age. >> at first it's really steep. that will be hard. once you go downhill, easy.
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once you go downhill it's henot that bad. >> reporter: walking, bussing, it will all be tricky unless you just don't go. >> i heard it will be a gigantic mess so we're staying far away. >> reporter: you see from sky force 10 there's a lot of traffic on the bridge. how weird will it be to see no traffic except humans on this bridge. here's the thing. i want to show you, you can see it's a steady climb uphill. that's why a lot of people exercise here. if you look this way, you can see it's not too, too steep. you should be okay if you drink a lot of water. hopefully the weather cooperates, you give yourself plenty of time and wear smart shoes. the shoes i wore today, not a very good choice. i'm not very comfortable. that's okay, i'm going back to the truck. live on the ben franklin bridge tim furlong, nbc 10 news. public school students in philadelphia could get another day off because of the world
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meeting of families. the superintendent requested today that public schools close thursday, september 24th. school is already closed wednesday for the yom kippur holiday and friday because of the post's visit. the vote will be held in the next two weeks. check your in-box and spam folders. septa e-mailed the winners of the special pass lottery today. if you were selected you will have three days to complete the purchase or the tickets will go to someone else. is your company staying open for the pope? let us know on our facebook page. plus find out all about the pope's visit on the nbc 10 news app. a developing story now. a body found in a delaware county creek yesterday was the missing 11-year-old boy. just a short time ago the family of laquan lattimore told us the boy drowned. we will have more on this story tonight at 11:00.
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philadelphia police are searching for a man they say chased down and attacked a woman in the early morning hours on passyunk avenue in queen village. investigators released this video last week. you can see the man slammed the woman to the ground twice and then grabbed her cell phone. residents tell nbc 10 this is a nice neighborhood where they feel comfortable walking around at night. thnchlgts >> this is very upsetting. this is a terrific neighborhood. i have lived here for a very long time. to hear things like this happening is just very disturbing. >> police are hoping someone recognizes the man in the video and turns him in. today, the voting rights act turned 50. the landmark legislation legally protects everyone's right to vote. in wilmington today, a number of groups came together to celebrate the anniversary. speakers told the crowd it's a special day for america but they also said there was more work to be done. some called for same day voter
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registration. a proposed bill in the delaware state senate would allow voters to register the day of an election. voters in delaware now need to register at least three weeks in advance. ten republicans will face off in a new hours in the first big presidential debate. donald trump gets the center spot because he scores the highest in several polls. chris christie made the cut to take the stage tonight as well. a new poll hereleased today shows chris christie's popularity in his home state is dropping. a rutgers/eagleton poll showed voters in new jersey are more dissatisfied than ever. just 30% have a favorable opinion of the governor. 59% have an unfavorable opinion. his job approval rating is at 37%. the democrats today announced it will hold six presidential debates. the first is set for october 13th in nevada. four debates are planned for early primary states in advance
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of the iowa caucuses on february 1st. a break in the case of car break-ins in new castle county. police arrested five young people for thefts in the county's northern district. witnesses alerted police when they saw a group of kids going car to car to see which ones were unlocked. a bucks county man busted for child porn. today police in lower makefield arrested joseph lind at his home. he is accused of having 50 videos on his home computer. detectives say he distributed them. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" police hope this man holds the key to solving the cold case of a missing child nearly 25 years ago. what he told police today about a campground that could help. kids sick at day camp. why the camp shut down this local lake. i'm tracking rain for part of the area as we go into tonight and even for friday.
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new at 6:00 a major development in the case of a boy who disappeared almost 25 years ago. police in cape may county today
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got a chance to reinterview a key witness in the mark himebaugh cold case and the man provided new potentially crucial information. police had trouble tracking down daniel coles until he spoke exclusively with nbc 10 this week. he says thomas butcavage, a person of interest in the disappearance, revealed new information about a campground near the boy's home. this is an nbc 10 exclusive. >> reporter: he is the man detectives were anxious to talk with. >> you have been looking for me. >> reporter: only nbc 10 was there when he showed up at the middle township police station for a new interview on what he says he knows about the 1991 disappearance of 11-year-old mark himebaugh from his neighborhood. >> i have been wanting to come down here for a long time. >> reporter: now is the right time? >> this is the right time.
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>> reporter: he went to the cops two days after he we aired this exclusive interview with him. >> i remember looking at this little boy's face and just the look on his eyes. >> reporter: the former prostitute spoke publicly for the first time this week about seeing a pornographic video in 1993 of a boy being sexually assaulted. a boy he's convinced was himebaugh. >> i've been haunted by the eyes all my life. >> reporter: he says a repeat client thomas butcavage showed him the video, confirmed the boy was himebaugh and confessed to disposing of him along with several other kids. he went to police the next day and butcavage quickly became a person of interest. he revealed information he says he never shared with investigators before. during a prior encounter, he says he was told that he had stayed previously at this campground in middle township. i checked and the campground is
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less than two miles from mark himebaugh's neighborhood. what will you do with any new information he might give you? >> we might conduct additional interviews, we might visit businesses in the area. i'm very happy that he came down. we have been trying to get in touch with him. it's been a little challenging. thanks to your coverage we were able to make contact with him. >> reporter: new clues investigators hope could finally lead to the missing pieces of a puzzle nearly a quarter century old. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> he denied any involvement and was never charged in the himebaugh case but later admitted to sex crimes involving other boys. he remains in prison and is still considered a person of interest. something in a lake that you see here could be making young campers sick. several ymca camps are held on lake stockwell in medford lakes, burlington county. at least half a dozen campers have come down with a stomach bug since sunday. for now the kids are being kept away so officials can test for bacteria in the water.
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they expect results by tomorrow. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> a comfortable day today. temperatures cooler than yesterday, humidity down but now we are tracking some rain moving in. not for everybody, but some of you already seeing some light showers and more overnight tonight. for tomorrow most of the rain will stay south of philadelphia best rain chances will be new jersey and delaware as a big area of low pressure passes by. into the weekend, so far it looks like clearing will be taking place, maybe a little earlier saturday than we thought yesterday. right now it's 78 in allentown. 77 pottstown and west chester. 84 degrees in philadelphia. 79 wilmington. 80 degrees glassboro and millville. so it does feel very comfortable, especially with the low humidity. live look at satellite and radar. the clouds have increased, we are seeing just about overcast skies and a few showers have already managed to move in. these are mostly very light rain showers right across 76 through
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parts of lancaster county near west chester, maybe some very light showers or just some sprinkles. but overnight, i think we will see a few more rain showers move in. the models are trying to he show those to be on the heavy side. big area of low pressure is still far away from us. you see all the rain ahead of it. this is mostly going to be staying to the south. again, parts of the area will have a better rain chance than other areas. here's future weather. for the next few hours, clouds keep increasing. by 11:00, the models have been pretty consistent with showing more rain moving in more than what we have now. possibly philadelphia areas, south jersey and delaware then overnight through the early morning hours, some scattered showers through new jersey and delaware. early tomorrow morning, we could still see some rain along parts of delaware mostly southern delaware and possibly in new jersey closer to the shore. that will be the better rain chance. here's a bigger picture. future weather showing the area of low pressure off to the south and west gets closer late tonight and into friday.
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that area of low pressure is expected to stay south of us which will put the best rain chances south of philadelphia. for new jersey and delaware, through tonight and into the day tomorrow, you have the best chance for showers, especially along the shore and delaware beaches. saturday morning, the low will be right offshore but the models have improved a bit. they agreed a little more today with pushing the low a little farther offshore for saturday morning which means more clearing closer to the shore and delaware beaches. for sunday that low moves away and we see improving conditions. along the jersey shore, if you're starting off your weekend tomorrow, we will see clouds and the better chance of scattered showers. saturday we start to see things drying out but it will be a windy day and by sunday nice conditions. that will be the warmer day of the weekend. tonight, more clouds with late lane rain developing mostly south of philadelphia. temperatures upper 50s north and west upper 60s around philadelphia. tomorrow, showers, mostly new jersey and delaware, drier farther north and west.
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temperatures staying in the low 80s over the weekend. mid 80s, more sunshine sunday. we stay in the 80s over the next seven days. it's very comfortable out here at eagles camp. coming up, we will hear from sam bradford on how his knee is holding up. why did two eagles miss practice today?
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i'm john clark live from the novacare complex. two key birds, two new eagles sat out practice today. demarco murray is sick and
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linebacker kiko alonso suffered a concussion at eagles practice on tuesday. take a look at sam bradford. he says his knee feels great after the four practices he's been through so far. he says he does not favor it at all when he throws the ball so that is great news. sam of course coming off two surgeries over the last two years. by the way, he is very impressed by all the talent on this team. >> from top to bottom, this is probably the deepest team i have ever been on. you look at what we've got outside, what we've got at the tight end position what we've got in the running back room i mean it's four five, three, four deep at each position. i think that just plays into our advantage, especially with the tempo we play as many plays as we run. we can sub guys in and we don't miss a beat. >> want to see sam play in the first preseason game ten days from now? we are the official eagles television station. all four preseason games will be on here starting sunday august 16th against the colts.
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we have pre and post game shows as well. take a look at redskins camp. desean jackson got hurt today. he was making a touchdown catch and landed on or near a blocking sled. he bruised or separated his shoulder. he will miss a week or two. how about the phillies facing dodgers star zack greinke today. over his last nine starts greinke had given up a total of six runs. today, the phillies tag him with six runs. let's take a look at citizens bank park this afternoon. jimmy rollins getting a standing ovation for the third straight day. j. roll said he was surprised it kept on going. phillies down 3-0 after a half inning against greinke. game over right? wrong. domonic brown, three run shot and the phillies are up 5-3. in the second adrian gonzalez answers for the dodgers. three run shot of his own. the dodgers up 6-5. then zack greinke at the plate in the third going yard. look at this. he flipped his bat. can you believe that?
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zack greinke gave up six runs to the phillies but the dodgers still win 10-8. so the phillies are going out to san diego. chase utley will join them and come off the l.d.d.l. we'll be right back.
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nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are teaming up with dozens of animal shelters to help find homes for pets in need. it's called clear the shelters and it happens saturday august 15th that. day participating shelters will be offering reduced adoption fees in hopes of finding homes for the thousands of animals in local shelters. for more information about shelters near you, go to the nbc 10 news app. we are so excited about the event coming up. hopefully we have good weather so a lot of people can get out to the shelters. so far we are tracking rain moving in some rain late tonight and into tomorrow. but mostly south and east of philadelphia. new jersey and delaware have the
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best chance. weekend doesn't look too bad. mid 80s. . tonight, center stage, donald trump faces off for the first time with his republican rivals as nbc news learns his secret strategy to fight off attacks. exclusive revelations revelations, late word on the latest movie thigh ter shooting. what the attacker may have been planning. bust the largest of its kind ever. 16,000 pounds of cocaine hidden in a sub. a look at the way drug runners are getting here and the new wakeup call from the cdc. too many schools starting the day too early leaving kids going on too little sleep. tonight, the time doctors say school should be starting and why schools find it so hard to change. nightly news


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