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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 7, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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inant part of the morning. we have little rush hour usually. i don't want to get ahead of myself here. the schuylkill expressway around montgomery drive, eastbound or westbound. these are the westbound lanes. hardly any vehicles that way. 12 minutes if you're headed in the opposite direction. from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway we're moving along just fine. the cars are green and moving. 11 minutes at the most headed northbound or southbound from 30 up towards the schuylkill expressway. we are still watching for a road closure out in honey brook on twin county road which is right in here. that's closed between 322 and ash road. 322 itself isn't closed. right in here can be your alternate alternate. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on sheridan street where police are investigating a home invasion and monique, i understand you just spoke to some police out there. >> did i just talk to the night time commander.
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he told us within the hour a few men broke in a house here in the 2400 block of sheridan street. he says it is a home invasion. he said there was a scuffle, shots were fired but no one was struck. he also told me that five people live inside this house. two of them suffered facial injuries. they refused medical treatment but he says that this house is known to police and it does spell trouble. we're going to stay on top of the investigation, touchback with police and have an update for you in the next hour. live now from south philly monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. we'll check back with you then. two families and a firefighter are in the hospital after getting sick from carbon mondayoxide fumes. police tell us an older couple left their car running in a garage. seven people, including a firefighter and two children
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went to presbyterian hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. shutting down and shipping out. the bakery behind the bread most likely used for your cheese steak or hoagy is moving to camden county. >> matt delucia is live outside the bakery in southwest philadelphia. there's a lot of history there. >> the work continues for now. we're on south 55th street. this facility has been here for 55 years. a lot of years at this location, a lot of workers have spent a lot of time here roughly 200 workers have jobs at this bakery. wednesday night, they were notified they would be laid off. amoroso's says it has outgrown this facility and bought a building in belmar two years ago. the operations will be moving there. the reason for the layoffs is that a new company is being formed with all this. and that positions will be terminated as a result. people who work here now will have to interview for the new
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jobs. and some just aren't willing to cross the bridge to work in new jersey. >> we have to re-apply. that means we'll be singled out, who they want and who they don't want instead of our work ethic. >> you've been here 15 years. >> 15 years. >> you feel it's down the drain? >> down the drain, yes. >> amoroso's was actually a new jersey company to start with. their first baking operation was opened in camden in 1904. it moved to philly 101 years ago and is now heading back. layoffs of the some 200 workers won't start until october. live in philly matt delucia nbc 10 news. a road rage attack caught on camera. watch as a man takes out a baseball bat and starts swinging. this happened tuesday night in north philadelphia. in the video, a 26-year-old victim pulls up to a stop sign. a man with a baseball bat
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attacks, smashinging windows and beating the woman. the suspect then leaves in a dark suv. the victim has a broken wrist. philadelphia police are also searching for the marne who chased and attacked a woman in queen village last friday. police just released this surveillance video yesterday. in the distance, you see the man slam the woman to the ground. this is on passyunk avenue near 7th street. he grabbed her cell phone because she was trying to take pictures of him. police are hoping someone will recognize him and call police. there are unanswered questions surrounding the death of laquan lattimore who left his neighborhood on monday afternoon. he ended up two miles away dead in darby creek. the medical examiner ruled his death and accidental drowning. what they done the know is what happened to his bike and backpack or who he was with and they can't explain why the nonswimmer would have even gotten into the murky, fast-moving water. >> there's a lot to be
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investigated. a lot of people to be looked at. we just don't believe it happened the way it did. >> everything's just like you know, in riddles. >> despite the confusing questions, police don't think the death was malicious. investigators tell us whoever was with laquan when this happened is not in trouble they just want to speak with them to get some answers for the family. the papal planning has entered a new phase. now that folks know the scope of the road closures around the area trying to figure out what happens next and what to do. that includes business owners will have to plan for traffic changes. most of the owners we spoke to in manayunk will try to tough it out. >> are you closing for the world meeting of families. >> absolutely not. >> i'll try to get him in here for a workout. >> try to get the pope in here? >> absolutely. >> that's ambitious. you will not be able to get
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to manayunk via the schuylkill expressway. the expressway will shut down from plymouth meeting to south philly. you can't forget about this three square mile traffic box in philadelphia in center city. you can leave for manayunk. heading out of center city toward manayunk but you won't be able to get back in the city. this morning, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has less than 48 hours to turn herself in now that she's been charged with several crimes. the montgomery county district attorney announced the charges against kane yesterday. they include perjury, obstruction and conspiracy. kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to punish two former staffers she felt were critical of her. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is among those calling for her to resign. >> you don't know how she can defend herself against those serious charges. and remain in office and do the job that we pennsylvanians need her to do to be the chief law enforcement officer. >> kane says she's innocent and is refusing to step down.
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you can count on nbc 10 for new information as kathleen kane prepares to surrender to face the charges against her. read more about the investigation and the grand jury findings right now on the nbc 10 news app. fired for a second time. that's what's about to happen to a philadelphia police narcotics officer who won his job back after being cleared of corruption charges. this time, though, police say his firing is because he failed a drug test. police commissioner charles ramsey says perry betts will be suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. a law enforcement source tells us that betts tested positive for marijuana. jury acquitted betts and five other narcotics officers on federal corruption charges. a judge ruled the department had to give the officers their jobs back. they've since filed defamation suits against city officials. business will be back to normal at the deptford mall today after this muddy mess. skyforce 10 was over the scene of a large water main break in
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the parking lot. crews spent the afternoon fixing the break and clean up the damage. the mall was back open by 5:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 5:00. 69 degrees. and the rain has ended in philadelphia. we're starting to dry out. gusty winds this afternoon will help with the drying process. that's low humidity that will be flooding back into the area making for a dry but warm weekend. we'll see sunshine plenty of it, too, for saturday and sunday. clear in allentown northeast philadelphia has cleared out. still clouds in delaware and south jersey. atlantic city is cloudy and 67 degrees right now. beach avenue doesn't look all that damp. a few scattered showers in cape may county. most of the rain is quickly tapering off at this hour. it's done in allentown, trenton, philadelphia and wilmington. just a few light rain showers in kent county and sussex county. as you saw, beach avenue really
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isn't all that damp. showers are heading out. sunshine taking over for the pocono mountains. 78 degrees this afternoon. a gusty wind blowing at times for allentown and quakertown. sunshine and low 80s for atlantic city dover up to 80 this afternoon. clouds and sunshine will be bright this afternoon. and enough to warm temperatures up to 85 in philadelphia williamstown, 84 degrees. we have the seven-day when i come back in ten. 5:09. heading out the door let's check the roads for you. we have a lot of cameras we monitor for you. >> some people may be taking today off, others may be heading to the shore. the traffic with jessica boyington. >> roadways relatively empty so far this morning at roberts
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avenue. on the southbound side of boulevard you'll do just fine. if you're heading out the door on 422, you're in montgomery county. an eight-minute trip where we normally see the delay on the eastbound side from 29 up towards the schuylkill. mass transit, currently no problems or delays. you'll do just fine with new jersey transit septa and patco. we'll tell you the unlucky couple that hillary clinton was with during the gop debate last night. then the philadelphia connections to last night 'de's debate. and this -- jon stewart signs off after 16 years on the air. the two new jersey natives that appeared on the episode.
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positive for the bacteria that caused the disease. crews have decontaminated those towers and the city's health department ordered all buildings with cooling towers tested over the next two weeks an decontaminated if necessary. the cooling towers at eight campus buildings are higher than acceptable levels of the bacteria and the university took steps to kill that bacteria. the city of camden is taking steps to make sure schools and parents are on the same page ahead of the new school year. officials met with parents last night to talk about big changes coming to see schools. earlier this year the school district in camden announced five of its lowest performing schools would be taken over by nonprofit groups. the district said the move was necessary to improve performance. right now, only one in ten students at those schools performs at grade level. meantime an update on the controversial new standardized tests in new jersey. the state says the tests will continue but they won't hold any
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extra weight in teaching evaluations, at least not for the upcoming school year. the park test measures student performance and the results are used as a factor in evaluating teachers. results were expected to account for 30% of teachers performance grades but yesterday the state agreed to keep the results at only 10% again this year. talking politics now, the top ten republican presidential candidates faced off in the first debate of the 2016 election cycle. some of the people in the middle of some of the most memorable exchanges were men with ties to new jersey. businessman donald trump and governor chris christie. >> i can totally make that pledge if i'm the nominee. >> front-runner trump was the only candidate who refused to rule out running as an independent if he fails to become the republican nominee. trump was asked about his previous comments on women and christie clashed with rand paul over government surveillance programs.
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>> women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no, it wasn't. >> you know that's a completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know, megan? >> use the fourth amendment. >> i tell you how -- >> get a warn the. get a judge to sign a warrant. >> senator -- >> governor christie make your point. >> when you're sending a subcommittee blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. >> the next gop debate is set for mid-september. it's 5:16. one of the questions in last night's debate came from a philadelphia woman. >> please describe one action you would do to make the economic environment more favorable for small businesses
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and entrepreneurs and anyone dreaming of opening their own business. >> tania sent in her question to facebook. marco rubio said he would reform the tax code to help small business owners. where do the candidates go from here? donald trump and marco rubio will be on the "today" show later this morning. that's coming up at 7:00 on nbc 10. while the republican candidates were debating democratic front-runner hillary clinton was getting support. kim kardashian west and her husband, kanye, posed to are a selfie with mrs. clinton. kardashian west said i loved hearing her speak and hearing her goals for our country. democrats have released their own debate schedule. there will be six presidential debates, four taking place before the iowa caucuses on february 1st. here's the schedule. the candidates will face off october 13th in nevada. in november they'll meet up in des moines iowa and then
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manchester new hampshire in december. next year 2016, the dpee baits move to charleston, south carolina, miami, florida and wisconsin. it's 5:18. usually it's nice and clear this early in the morning. it's a friday. let's hope for the best if you're getting ready to head out the door. >> we'll check in with jessica boyington now. what are you seeing jessica? >> it's a quiet friday morning. that's typical for a summer approach to the weeked' we are watching an accident scene in honey brook. 322 isn't actually closed. take that as your alternate for right now. 42 freeway in new jersey we're moving along right along the new jersey turnpike. this is in runnemede. the northbound lanes are doing fine. we have about a five-minute drive time from 55 up towards that point. no problems on the walt whitman bridge. the area bridges doing fine this
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morning. just watch out for the ongoing construction on the ben heading into philadelphia. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are moving out. the temperatures are coming down this morning and we are drying out. no wind in philadelphia but some wind gusts as we head into the afternoon will be impressive. right now, 69 degrees. humidity is elevated compared to yesterday. that number will be dropping and those winds will help with the drying process. look at that nice clear view from the pocono mountains. this is the view from the french manor in morning with temperatures falling under clear skies in the mountains. 69 in philadelphia. 65 in trenton. chester springs down to 62 degrees. quakertown allentown with clearing skies are in the 50s right now. delaware and south jersey, still clouds. the temperatures are a bit warmer and there are just a few springs in parts of the area. you won't find them in pennsylvania. it's cleared out nicely in allentown. clearing skies in philadelphia. the clouds over delaware and south jersey filled with light
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rainfall. but it's starting to taper off. rain in the cape may area that's light. futurecast showing the gust 11:00 this morning, 23 mile-an-hour wind gusts for atlantic city and cape may. as we go into thia of nan, some of the gusts into philadelphia, up to 14 miles an hour. still stronger gusts at the shore at 4:00 today. cape may, winds of 22 miles an hour. during the day today, we will see sunshine. back in the 80s this afternoon. gusty winds at times to 25 miles an hour. but they die down tonight. tomorrow, a cool start. 65 in the morning, 87 in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine for saturday and sunday. 89 degrees on sunday. then a chance we'll see showers later on monday and into tuesday, a possibility of showers and thunderstorms and we're drying out for wednesday and thursday. nice to see those 80s. thanks, bill. businesses are planning for the pope. home owners are planning for the pope. but what about the schools? we'll tell you what one school
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district is now requesting ahead of the papal visit.
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this is by request from the man himself. thanks for everything, jon. >> new jersey rocker bruce springsteen helped jon stewart say good-bye last night. the comedian and political commentator hosted his last installment of the fake news show that often made the news. some of stewart's frequent targets also appeared including presidential hopefuls chris
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christie hillary clinton and lindsey graham. looking to buy an apple watch? you can get one at best buy starting today. landon dowdy is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. >> good morning to you. best buy is now the only retailer outside of apple stores to offer customers the chance to buy an apple watch in store or online. the wearable device is available on starting today. the watch is xpeblged to be on ed toxpected to be on display at 100 stores and 200 stores by the holiday shopping season. nice weekend. that's a good idea. sunshine on the way but today there's still clouds in the area and a few spots seeing some rain drops. but you won't see them over citizens bank park. that's a clearing view. 69 degrees at 5:24. jessica boyington and the first
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alert traffic center happy friday jessica. >> it's so happy and almost the weekend here route 309 is exactly what we want to see when we look at a road around norristown road. no problems whatever direction you're headed. we'll check in with the schuylkill expressway coming up at 5:30 to see if that looks the same. i'm monique braxton live in south philadelphia where two people are recovering from facial injuries suffered during a home invasion. we'll have more details from the scene.
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nbc 10 breaking news. we have new information about breaking news. a home invasion we're following out of south philadelphia. we will tell you what police are now saying after gunmen stormed a house and robbed the victims. we're live on scene. another major development in the high-profile case of a south jersey boy who went missing more than 20 years ago. it's a story you'll only see on nbc 10. and the sun is just about to start to come up. this is a live look from the poconos. it's friday. let's find out about the forecast for today and the all-important weekend. 5:28. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. looking at that shot you wouldn't even know it rained overnight for some parts of our area. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. >> it has cleared out nicely in the pocono mountains. in cape may, we still have
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clouds overhead. if you look closely you can see a hint of a puddle. there you can see a little bit of dampness. sprinkles in the cape may area. they've ended in philadelphia and you can see the skies are starting to clear right now. still clouds over the city but we will see sunshine. and a warm day, 69 agrees at 7:00. by 10:00, 77 degrees and look at the winds, starting to pick up. the winds will be gusty this afternoon as we warm into the 80s later today. with showers for philadelphia are out of the picture. we have the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast to show you when we can expect a few more rain drops that's when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, it's a from i, let's get a traffic report. jessica boyington with your traffic. >> have a happy friday so far. we're not dealing with much in terms of traffic. it is a little early for that still. we have about another hour. 95 around cottman avenue, a
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13-minute trip if you're headed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. everything moving along just fine so far. heading out the door on the schuylkill expressway as well. we're in the clear right now, right through the conshohocken curve. you can see the cars are green. 13 minutes is your biggest drive time headed eastbound into the center city area, average speeds of 60 miles an hour there. in honey brook on twin county road closed in both directions between 322 and ash road. your best bet for an alternate, 322 isn't close. take that in either direction. as for philadelphia international airport, currently no problems or delays there. coming up in ten minutes, we'll give you a check on mass transit. >> we continue to follow breaking news in south philadelphia this morning. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on sheridan street where police are investigating a home invasion. monique? >> since we last talked to you, three people


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