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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  August 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, pennsylvania's attorney general is expected to surrender to authorities in a live report, we'll explain what's next for kathleen kane as she is set to face the criminal charges against her. murder in mayfair. violence erupts in a philadelphia flabhood and police say it all started with a man warning a driver that he was going the wrong way. get ready for a beautiful summer weekend. once the sun is completely up, conditions will be warm but comfortable. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the mild weather this weekend. michelle, it's nice not to see 90s in the forecast. >> isn't it? we haveç 80s pretty much throughout the entire forecast.
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mid-80s. so nice for august. lots of sunshine, low humidity. looking very nice today. looking pretty already. here's the sunrise. we're looking at temperatures cooler in most spots compared to this time yesterday. even millville, 10 degrees cooler, 5 degrees cooler in atlantic city. 7 degrees cooler compared to 24 hours ago on mt. pocono. we'll put that mainly in the 50s and 60s across the area. 70 degrees in philadelphia. that's the hot spot. every other spot, 58 in allentown, 62 in reading, 51 in mt. pocono, 50s and 60s to the south and east as well. 68 degrees this morning in dover. waking up to 62 in atlantic city and 64 in wildwood. a cool start to the day. we'll be comfortable by later on this afternoon, temperatures warm in the mid-80s. low humidity. by 8:00, 71 mostly sunny, lunch time, mostly sunny 81 and 3:00 84 degrees. a beautiful day today. we'll end it with a beautiful note as well on sunday. we'll talk more about the
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weekend forecast. we'll track showers and storms for the workweek. that's all straight ahead. philadelphia police say a man was killed while trying to help out a driver. according to authorities, the man saw a car driving the wrong direction on revere street in mayfair. he yelled to try to alert the driver. the car stopped and police say a passenger jumped out and stabbed the man. right now, officers are still searching for that driver and passenger. also new from overnight, a teenage boy shot in trenton is in critical condition. the shooting happened around 1:00 this morning on monmouth street. the victim suffered a chest wound. we're working to get some more information from police. as soon as we have an update, we'll pass it along. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is expected to surrender this afternoon to face criminal charges. nbc 10's jesse gary is live outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. jesse, explain what's behind these charges. >> reporter: rosemary, according
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to the montgomery county district attorney, this was a war conducted by the attorney general. kathleen kane will now have to answer charges against her. she'll be arraigned by a collegeville district judge by video conference around 2:00 this afternoon. kane is charged with leaking secret grand jury testimony in an attempt to embarrass two former staffers. court papers say kane was angered about a philadelphia newspaper article critical of her decision not to file charges in another case involving several lawmakers. >> devised a scheme to secretly confidential investigative information and secret grand jury material. she lied repeatedly about her own actions, about the law and about other matters simply to support her version of events. >> reporter: the suit alleges the a.g. used her position and staff to carry out her alleged plot. kane will be processed inside the detective's bureau up on the 5th floor. she says she will not resign and
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had other things to say in a statement. we'll have that for you coming up in the next half hour. live in norristown, montgomery county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. a scare in the air stopped a flight from philadelphia from getting very far last night. a passenger sent us these images of sparks coming from the wing of an american airlines flight. the plane was flying from philadelphia to seattle. skyforce 10 was over the scene as the airbus 320 jet landed back at philly international after just 40 minutes in the air. 145 passengers were on board. nobody was hurt. and the passengers were ableç get on another plane. federal authorities are now investigating. now to an update on a story we first brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. police are on the hunt for two men who shot and robbed a bakery store owner in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. the victim was opening best cake kosher bakery at haverford and city avenues around 6:00
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yesterday morning when robbers shot her in the neck. she's in critical but stable condition. this is the second time robbers went after her in just the past week. last friday she fought off her attackers. investigators are asking any witnesses from yesterday's shooting to come forward to help them make an arrest. police in delaware county are learning more about where an 11-year-old boy went this week before he disappeared and was eventually found dead in darby creek. police say a tip call led them to laquan lattimore's bike and backpack. the medical examiner ruled his death an accidental drowning but the boy's family wants more answers about what led up to his death. in montgomery county, this restaurant is the focus of a pick pocket investigation. security video shows two men appearing to rip off unsuspecting customers at the bar. police say the two men appeared to steal from businesses in philadelphia and the suburbs last month. we showed the video to some women in the area yesterday and most who saw it admitted they
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don't always pay attention to valuables in public places. >> absolutely horrible. >> i would probably do the same thing. i'm sitting and talking and not paying attention. >> right where you see it is, that's where it is. >> you always keep that purse on your arm? >> always, always. >> they want you to watch out for these men. if you know who they are, police would like to hear from you. college students across our area are preparing to head back to campus soon and new sexual assault protections will be in place when they arrive for the fall semester. it's all thanks to the campus save act. the law spear headed by senator bob casey of pennsylvania which requires uniform reporting standards for sexual assaults on college campuses. they will also provide clear guidelines to students outlining sexual assault policies.
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patco officials say operators had to remove passengers from trains traveling between jersey and philly, stopping operations. they say the problem is in the brake pads of older cars. he says the agency is working on temporary solutions. patco is in the process of phasing out its older cars. in may they rolled out six refurbish cars to help give commuters a more comfortable ride. the cars also have several updated safety features. today in the lehigh valley, bands and other performers will take the stage at musikfest in bethlehem. musikfest continues through august 16th. 5:37 and 69 degrees on this saturday morning. today, a new effort takes effect in new york to keep people safe from an outbreak of legionnaires disease. how emergency crews are
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recruiting more help to protect new yorkers and visitors to the big apple. plus, saving a stranded dolphin. it's been stuck in a new jersey river since the middle of the week. now rescuers give it another shot to get it out to sea.ç
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> bought full sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon, the sun just starting to come up. we're looking at temperatures, cool compared to this time yesterday. 10 degrees cooler in millville compared to this time yesterday. mainly putting us in the 50s and 60s. probably don't need the air conditioning this morning in many spots. 58 in chester springs, 61 in wrightstown, 63 in trenton, 64 in wilmington. to the north and west, low 50s in some spots, mid to upper 50s in others. 58 in allentown, 57 in coatesville. just 51 degrees in mt. pocono.
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72 in beach haven, 62 in the atlantic city airport, 59 in millville. 68 in dover, delaware and 61 in mt. holly. plan on lots of sunshine, the sunscreen, sunglasses, sunny and warm. temperatures mainly in the mid-80s, 83, 86. i think we'll end up around 85 in philadelphia. a little breezy at the beaches. we'll talk more about that. also looking at a rip tide current issued at those beaches. we're looking at a shower chance in the poconos tomorrow. we'll talk all about that coming up. a piece of mississippi history is damage after a tree fell on top of it this week. the building you see here is a slave house built in the 1830s. yesterday a 175-year-old oak tree collapsed and crushed part of the structure. the current owner was able to save some of the historic items inside the cabin. inç north jersey, marine rescuers will try again today to move a stranded dolphin from a
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shallow river into deeper waters, even if the spectators don't like it. somebody spotted the mammal swimming in the river many middlesex county on wednesday, yesterday, the rescuers tried moving the wayward dolphin using a jet ski. today the eagles fly for leukemia charity will be at the philadelphia zoo for an evening of food and fun. eagles fly for leukemia who's raised more than $10 million for pediatric cancer research and family support. in center city today, reading terminal market will hold an outdoor country fair to celebrate 35 years of the pennsylvania dutch at readi ini terminal. there will be horse drawn wagon rides, a farm animal petting zoo and live blue grass music. a town hall in new jersey has turned into a cat house and no one's explaining.
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>> some of our residents come in and specifically ask for him. >> i'm ted greenberg with a pet who's gained popularity because of where he chooses to spend his days.
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a popular children's retailer is recalling some jackets because of a choking hazard. the children's place is recalling nearly 14,000 of these boys knitted fleece varsity jackets. the metal snaps on the jackets can detach and a small child could chokeç on them. no injuries have been reported yet though. consumers can return the jackets to the store for a full refund. today in new york, teams will begin testing all the cooling towers in the bronx in an attempt to cut off a deadly outbreak of legionnaires disease. mist from cooling systems like this one have been linked to the outbreak. all of them will be tested within the next two weeks and decontaminated if necessary.
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the centers for disease control and state officials have sent staff to help with the massive task. >> this is an all hands had on deck situation. we need all of our partners at every level of government to help address the situation. >> health officials insist they have a handle on the outbreak as the rate of newly diagnosed cases is slowing. so far, 101 people have been affected and 10 people have died. federal investigators will meet on tuesday to determine the probable cause of the crash that injured comedian tracy morgan and killed one of his friends. the ntsb hearing comes more than a year after the deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. a walmart truck slammed into the back of a van that were coreying morgan and a friend. the comedian says he doesn't remember the accident. earlier this year in may, morgan settled a lawsuit against walmart. morgan's friend and fellow comedian, james "jimmy mack"
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mcnair was killed in the crash. a preliminary report found that kevin roper was going 20 miles an hour over the posted speed limit in a construction work zone at the time of the crash. now to news from our delaware bureau, drivers should start to notice a -- at one of the state's busiest interchanges. the reconstruction at i-95 and route 202 in wilmington is now finished. the project took three years to complete. governor jack markell helped celebrate at a ceremony yesterday. they widened and extended ramps at the interchange and added a traffic signal and installed better lighting. >> this is in places where they can get products to market quickly, they want to be in places where their employees can get to work. i live very, very close to here. i know senator lovell does as well.
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>> the entire project cost more than $33 million. in cape may county, a cat adopted from a local shelter has attracted quite a fan club as nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us, it's because of where he prefers to spend his days. >> his day begins with a short commute just before 8:00 a.m. >> he follows me right to the door. >> the door of the middle township municipal building. >> he actually will sit and head butt the door until someone lets him in. >> he is courthouse, a cat named for the cape may courthouse section of this community. >> just about everybody knows him. >> for more than a year -- >> he first has breakfast in the tax assessor's office. >> he's chosen to spend business hours -- >> he'll get in amongst all the paperwork. >> pitching in or roaming around town hall. >> he'll go to our municipal court, sit up on the bench with the judge. >> what happens if you need to use that calendar. >> i'll find something else to do rather than make him move.
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>> normally i would think only service animals are allowed inside. >> correct, yes. he's been welcomed by the governing body. he's a mascot. >> courthouse does have a home right across the street. >> he's a community cat.ç we created a facebook page for him. he has more friends than my wife and i combined. >> miking cronyn and his family adopted the 4-year-old feline and his sister who prefers staying closer to home a couple years ago from the cape may county animal shelter. >> it's the right thing to do. the shelter takes such good care of these animals. >> i asked the people if they are worried about courthouse getting hit by a car. >> they say he knows what he's doing. >> i swear he looks both ways. >> courthouse can last eight hours without catching cat naps and he definitely doesn't look forward to 4:00 p.m. >> at the end of the day he doesn't like being kicked out. >> courthouse soon heads home for the night and unlike most of
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us, this guy is happiest when it's not the weekend. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> as you heard this family mention, they adopted courthouse. if you would like to adopt a pet, we have great news. because next weekend we are clearing the shelters, adoption fees will be lowered at local shelters to help pets find homes. here's how you can help. help raise awareness by sharing the event on social media, use #cleartheshelters. and of course come out on saturday, august 15th. that's the big day to welcome a new friend into your family. for shelter longss and more information on those fees, check out the nbc 10 news app. don't miss our special clear the shelters addition of nbc 10 "@issue" tomorrow morning. we'll have tips for easing a shelter pet into your home and we'll talk about why shelters are flooded with kittens right now. plus, nbc 10's keith jones will tell you about his new
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8-week-old puppy charlie. don't miss nbc 10 "@issue," that's tomorrow morning at 11:30. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a beautiful day to take those dogs out for a walk. quiet weather as we head throughout the weekend. that's the good news. we have issues down at the beaches, maybe a shower in the poconos tomorrow. otherwise we're looking at a picture perfect weekend again. a super saturday and sunday, both days really nice. we're looking at the chance of some rip tides at the beaches. if you're going to jump in the ocean, keep that in mine. remember always swim parallel to the beach or to the shore, the shoreline if you feel like you're being caught in a rip tide. temperatures falling back into the 70s and eventually the 60s. right now, 69 in philadelphia. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. temperatures are cool this morning to the north and west.
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51 in mount pocono, 58 in allentown, 69 in philadelphia. south and east, 50s and 60s. 62 at the atlantic city airport. 59 degrees in millville, new jersey. lots of spots cooler compared to just 24 hours ago. we're looking at sunshine. we're going to see sunshine all throughout the day. just a few clouds out there. we see the temperature climbing to 85 degrees. very comfortable for this time of year. by 5:00, temperatures in the low 80s to the north and west. 80 in allentown, 77 in dover and 74 by 5:00 in atlantic city. the temperatures eventually dropping back into the 60s overnight. another nice sleeping weather night. we're looking at temperatures comfortable, low humidity today. low humidity on sunday as well. future weather as we go throughout time here, high pressure in control. that's going to keep us nice and dryç today with low humidity i place, winds out of the northeast bringing in that low humidity air. that's going to be the situation today and also on sunday.
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nice night tonight, a nice day as you wake up on sunday morning. lots of sunshine sunday morning. we'll see another beautiful day on sunday. we may see a shower or two, certainly more cloud cover to the north and west, later on sunday. keep that in mind as you have sunday plans. that would be the extent of it. otherwise we're looking at dry skies and sunday night looking good, too. monday we have a chance for showers and storms. tuesday, toe, that's your better chance for showers and storms. highs today across the area neighborhood by neighborhood. 79 today, mt. pocono, 84 in quakertown, 84 in reading. same to the south and east. the beaches looking good in terms of the temperatures. keep in mind that rip tide current, 83 in atlantic city, 83 in vineland. closer to the city, we top out at 85 in philadelphia and 84 in wilmington. lots of sunshine today. we'll do it again on sun, 86. by monday, a little more cloud cover. chance for a shower possibly a thunderstorm, 85. better chance for showers and storms on tuesday.
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mostly cloudy skies, wednesday the sunshine returns, 85 and looking really nice on thursday, breezy on friday, 86. next, living history. we'll take you to gettysburg to show you hoe some re-enactorsri of the civil war this weekend. ♪
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to the superhero legends, and the rubik's bros. to the sweet talkers, the sky walkers, and the dance-off pros. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah find your pack. be yourself. kohl's.
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this weekend, the re-enactment of the battle of gettysburg will resume today. the event was sciuduled last month but had to be postponed because of bad weather. the re-enactment started yesterday. >> of all places that it should be shown, it should be here. if somebody wants to carry it or fly it in their yard as an expression of hatred, that's a different story. this is not hatred here, obviously.
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this is history. >> the gettysburg re-enactment runs through tomorrow. as you drive around today, you may see more people selling items along the side of the road or in front of their house more than usual. it's national garage sale day. according to, u.s. garage sales generate more than $4 million each week. it's 5:57 on this saturday. just below 70 degrees. pennsylvania's attorney general is expected to surrender to authorities later on today and face criminal charges. nbc 10's jesse gary is following the developments. >> the process to prove a.g. kane is not guilty of the charges begins on the fifth floor of this building this afternoon. we'll explain it all after the break. 50s and 60s to start our saturday. lots of sunshine, too. a beautiful shot outside. get out, enjoy it, temperatures
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for the mid-80s later on this afternoon. we'll look ahead towards the workweek in just a few minutes.
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come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news
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today, facing the criminal charges against her. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is expected to turn herself in for allegedly leaking secret grand jury testimony.ç and this morning, police in trenton are investigating a shooting that sent a teenage boy to the hospital. details are coming up. we are in for a weekend beauty. just light cloud cover out there this morning as we take a live look at center city. temperatures will rise to the mid-80s thanks to plenty of sunshine. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to that weekend weather with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, rosemary. a beautiful day, temperatures in the mid-80s. really nice for this time of the year. starting out comfortable with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll see lots of sunshine as we head throughout our saturday. looking good, too, for sunday. there's a live look outside. temperatures cooler compare


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