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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00 from pennsylvania's top prosecutors to criminal defendant we have the mug shot of kathleen kane the first woman elected as attorney general this as her attorney goes on the defense. >> we're very confident that when all the facts in the case come out that she's going to be exonerated. >> good evening i'm denise nakano. it is a unique case that stretched across montgomery
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county today. kathleen kane was with her legal team in norris town while a judge watched it all on a tv screen in collegeville. tonight, we have nbc 10 live team coverage offed to's developments. we begin with rand y gyllenhaal >> a quick proceeding. a few minutes long and the first step in what could be a very long criminal trial against pennsylvania's top law enforcement official. >> attorney general kathleen kane walk under to the detective's bureau in norris town and flanked by photographers she had no comment. kane was immediately processed and fingerprinted. her mugshot was taken and then led to a video camera to face a judge. seven miles away in collegeville, judge kathleen rebarr walked into her courtroom
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and kane was read her charges but the public was not able to see any of this because the judge tilted the video monitor away from the media. you could only hear the proceeding. >> i went to the grand jury. >> reporter: pennsylvania attorney general is accused of perjury and abuse of power and prosecutors say she devised a plan to leak confidential grand jury documents to a newspaper. a scheme to make her rivals look soft on crime. kane said she understood those charges but did not enter a plea. a judge set a $10,000 bail, but kane won't have to put any of that cash up front, just her signature. the attorney general had no questions and the hearing lasted about five minutes. and just a quick note from inside the courtroom, a number of news agencies objected to the proceedings saying that live video feed should have been seen by the public. some reporters tried to put official complaint on the record and the judge said, "this is a
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court of no record and then denied that request." live in collegeville, randy gyllenhaal. >> thanks. let's go to monique braxton in norristown where kane was in a hurry from beginning to end. denise? >> when she arrived here at 1:30 for that closed circuit arraignment that randy was talking about, it took her 22 seconds to walk from the edge of the crosswalk to the door. despite our questions, he declined comments about the allegation against her. >> how do you feel about being fingerprinted like other alleged criminals. >> reporter: she offered no response as state security guards ushered her to the detective offices. 40 minutes after she arrived today, she dodged microphones and questions by exiting a different door at the county complex. >> attorney general kane came here not to address the media, but because it waa court ordered
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appearance today. i believe that she will be addressing the media. >> reporter: while her attorney ross kramer didn't say when pennsylvan pennsylvania's first female ag will talk he did slam the prosecutor's case against kane. >> leaves out players and leaves out communications. it is really only a small part of the story. not uncommon in a criminal case and we expect as time goes on, a great deal comes to light and we're very, very confident that at the end of the day, attorney general kane will be exonerated. >> reporter: but special prosecutors michelle henry from bucks county and kevin stele from montgomery county cite a sad day for pennsylvania. >> we have a team of career prosecutors working on this case. and our job in going forward here is simply to do justice and bring the truth out in a
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courtroom. >> now, kane will appear in court here for a preliminary hearing on august 24th. live in norristown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. kathleen kane's driver is also facing charges. patrick reece is charged with attempt. prosecutors say he secretly accessed the files of the grand jury that was investigating his boss. kane said she will not be stepping down from her job, but pennsylvania's governor wants her to. governor tom wolff says kane cannot do her job while facing such serious charges. can kane be forced out? one former supreme court justice says yes if the court feels her misconduct is outrageous. the court could order an emergency suspension of kane's law license. she would have ten days to fight that suspension, but if she fails, she would have to leave
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office. she could be impeached by the legislature and the governor would then appoint her successor. the one who brought the charges against kane and leaving office in december to run for judge, but both candidates vying for her job say they will move forward with the case. and stay with nbc 10 news for developing coverage. now to breaking news in west kensington where a man arm would a rifle opened fire this afternoon. one person is dead and two others wounded. the shooting happened here at east street and allegheny avenue about two hours ago. no arrests have been made, we do have a crew on the scene working to find out more information. and more breaking news. this time in gloucester county. police have evacuated as they try to talk a man out of a nearby home. the home and we've seen officers with their guns drawn on the scene, but it's not clear if
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that man inside is armed. however, neighbors tell us he is. police haven't said how this all began. we do know it's been going on for several hours now. we'll keep on top of the situation, have more information for you as we get it. now to our weather. what a weekend. a live look across the ocean tonight and we see some mixes of clouds and sun and even a nice breeze blowing. and it doesn't get much better than this. >> my gosh, picture perfect out there. another weekend winner and so beautiful and a nice one tomorrow before things begin to change on monday. we'll pick monday, right? temperatures pretty nice. mainly the 80s and 83 in allentown and 81 in lancaster and 77 in millville and 73 in wildwood. 74 degrees right now in atlantic city. reach a high of 87 in philadelphia.
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that's right on the money where we are supposed to be in august. northeasterly flow and this is the key that is keeping us comfortable and looking at low humidity and nice, comfortable temperatures and keep the windows open and the air conditioning off tonight. winds anywhere five to ten miles per hour and eight miles per hour in wilmington. a strong onshore flow at the beaches and have that once again tomorrow. otherwise a nice day on sunday. tonight, you can enjoy your saturday night plans, as well. by 9:00, 5 and by 11:00, 72. a nice night tonight and a nice day tomorrow and changes coming on monday. details straight ahead. police are holding three women tonight in the murder of a man in graceberry. the victim's sister found her in the backyard of her home. she thought he was sleeping but turned out he was stabbed to death. the woman discovered her brother dead around 3:00 this morning. police tell us the victim was in his 40s. still looking into whether this is a case of domestic violence.
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philadelphia police are also investigating the murder of a man killed trying to alert the driver of a car this morning. the man saw the car going in the wrong direction on revere street in mayfair just before 3:00 this morning. he yelled to warn the driver. the driver stopped and police say a passenger of that car got out and stabbed the man to death. so far, no arrests have been made. authorities now tell us police were involved in the shooting of a 14-year-old boy in trenton this morning. the teen was shot in the chest on moth street around 1:00. he is in stable condition tonight. the attorney general says it's not unclear who shot the teen, but both state police and the mercer county sheriff's office were at the scene. also tells us a weapon was recovered. well, trump gets dumped. the trash talking republican frontrunner gets axed from an important gop event over another controversial comment. and one year later. we go back to ferguson,
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missouri, as the town marks the anniversary of one of its darkest days.
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that is michael brown's father helping to mark the one-year anniversary of ohis son's death in ferguson, missouri. this morning about 200 people gathered on the street where brown died last august. brown was 18 years old and unarmed. he was shot and killed by a police officer. officer darren wilson was later cleared. he has since resigned his position. the shooting by a white police led to weeks of unrest in ferguson. it also launched the black lives matter movement. stranded in shallow water. tonight, we have an update on rescue efforts to free a dolphin stuck in a north jersey river.
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recapping our top story. pennsylvania's top prosecutor is taking on the new role of criminal defendant tonight. kathleen kane was arraigned today on charges obstruction, perjury. police shortly released her mugshot shortly after that arraignment. she arrived for the hearing this afternoon. she is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to punish two former staffers she felt were critical of her. authorities announced the charges earlier this week. kane did not enter a plea during today's arraignm, but she maintains her innocence. and her attorney said today that he's confident it will be proven. >> the fact that as time goes on, a great deal more will come to light and we're very, very confident that at the end of the
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day attorney general kane will be ex be. stay with nbc 10 for the continuing coverage of the kane case. get the latest developments on the nbc 10 app. now to decision 2016. donald trump is fighting back after he was dumped from a conservative gathering in atlanta today. the republican presidential candidate was scheduled to speak at the red state gathering, but organizer erick erickson booted trump from the lineup after hearing his comments about fox news reporter megyn kelly. he said she had blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of her whatever. >> i really think it's inappropriate. i got my wife here, my daughter here and i have 800 friends of mine here. it's a family-friendly program and if he's not going to clarify this isn't what he meant, i don't think i am going to invite
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him. >> trump's campaign called erickson a weak leader. an update to the story we brought you earlier. a dolphin stranded in north jersey has died. the old male bottle nosed dolphin beached itself around noon and died a few hours later. the mammal was in the south river on the border of old bridge and fairville. rescuers were trying to help the dolphin make its way back to open water. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all right. a good saturday evening. lots of sunshine today. we're seeing mixture of sun and clouds right now. a beautiful start to our weekend. really nice finish, as well. a spectacular saturday. really a weekend winner, once again. we'll enjoy that tomorrow, once again. the only caveat we have a rip current risk at the shore at the beaches. we have that tomorrow and in place tomorrow and keep that in mind as you jump in the ocean tomorrow. showers returning for your workweek monday and also
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tuesday. heavy rain with the showers, as well. right now 81 degrees in philadelphia and mixture of sun and clouds and enjoy that. temperatures in the low 80s and 83 in allentown and 81 in lancaster and 81 also in philadelphia after high of 87 degrees. 74 right now in atlantic city and 77 in millville and 77 degrees in dover, delaware. temperatures not bad at all right now. looking at a nice shot a mixture of sun and clouds depending on where you are. some people seeing more sunshine and some seeing more cloud cover and everyone is dry and seeing a pretty pleasant night. as we go through tonight, temperatures dropping into the mid lower 60s depending on where you are. by tomorrow back it into the mid up ander 60s. 84 the high and then monday we'll be a little cooler than that with more clouds in place, probably topping out right around 84 degrees and tuesday even cooler than that. high pressure remains in control tonight. also tomorrow. so, another nice day. see a little more cloud coverage to the north and west and
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poconos and lehigh valley and that will be little more sunshine to the south and east. then by monday, that's where our changes come. little more cloud cover that comes to play. partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies and the cloudy skies in the afternoon and then watching for some showers as early as the evening commute. sunday in the poconos looking good. 78 degrees, sun and clouds and the cloud cover will be more persistent and at the beaches rip current risk and temperatures right around 80 degrees and mostly sunny and a beautiful beach day today and onshore flow bringing breezy conditions. a few clouds tonight, comfortable. 66 in philadelphia and 63 north and west and tomorrow mostly sunny and warm. 84 to 87. we'll top out right around 86 degrees and 87 is normal. pretty close to normal. mostly cloudy, chance for a thunderstorm especially in the afternoon. mostly cloudy 82. wednesday breezy, 85. but the sunshine returns and thursday, nice one. 84. now, we start to get warmer on
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friday and mostly sunny skies and 86 and 90s by saturday. hot and humid. hello, i'm john boruk. the phillies play deep into the night in san diego. the eagles wrap up their first week of training camp. all the news is next.
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"ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play)
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♪ i ride the highway... ♪ i'm going my way... ♪i leave a story untold... he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken, you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... this is xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity your home for the most live sports. the eagles wrapped up their opening week of training camp with a lighter workout. no pads before they entertain fans tomorrow. de marco murray resumed activity after missing thursday's practice and most of friday's drills. chip kelly said murray was sick
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and then a few other players including wide receiver jordan matthews had also missed some time with an illness that was going around. linebacker alonzo was still out as he deals with concussion. head coach kelly had to ask team doctors about a possible timetable. they don't appear to be too concerned. >> he hasn't had a history of it, we're not worried about it right now. but, obviously, any time that word comes up with any player, you'll take all the precautions necessary before you put him back out there. >> they have a whole protocol that they do and exercises and all those other things. >> he'll be fine. whenever he gets back he knows the defense trailing well. when he gets back, i don't see him missing a beat. the eagles need marcus smith to start playing like conner barwin which may explain why he was working with last year's first round pick after practice. the eagles are thin at that position. they need smith to contribute
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defensively. and barwin was asked what areas smith needs to work on. >> the biggest thing to me is the same thing i learned last year. you know, you can't really waste any steps. you have to be very efificient with your pass rush. when you're young in college, you can get away with it. once you get to the nfl, you know, you start wasting any steps, you don't have a chance to get there. >> well, we may have spotted a future eagle at camp today. it was family day and this is one of safety chris' kids enjoying camp. probably more than dad is. and with that speed, line him up at wide receiver, why not? well, the birds first preseason game is eight days away and nbc 10 your official eagle season. every snap of the preseason opener. coverage begins at 12:30 sunday, august 16th. the redskins and titans are
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not playing too well together. the two teams were involved in multiple squirmishes including this heated exchange towards the end of the session. the phillies chipped away at the padres one home run at a time using four solo shots and wiping out a 3-0 deficit. also marked the return of chase utley who hit leadoff for nirs time since 2004. the fourth start for aaron knoll the rookie and don brown looks like he has it and then looks like he doesn't. two runs score. a no decision as he gave up three runs in six innings. in the seventh, utley base hit up the middle and his only hit one for five in his return from the disabled list. we go top 12 and the last of the solo blast. straight away center field. and phillies 14-5 since the all-star break. here's that homer. >> i missed two pitches earlier
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in that at-bat and third time is a charm. left the pitch out over the plate and i got it. bull pen was outstanding and offense came up big. >> lefty adam morgan is looking to improve on his last effort which came last sunday against the braves when he allowed four runs in five innings. coverage begins at 8:00 on comcast sports net with phillies pregame live. with training camp a month away, the flieyers have added se depth to their forward group adding chris porter to a one-year contract. spent parts of the last six seasons with the blues. porter played three years that university of north dakota under new flyers coach. that is sports. denise? >> all right, john, thank you. perfect weather for a picnic in south philadelphia. the third annual summer street festival is winding down tonight. state representative jordan harris hosted this free community picnic. neighbors came together for a
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day of fun and entertainment and a chance to learn about state government programs and assistance. how's tomorrow looking? we have more sun? >> looking great. today was picture perfect and tomorrow same story. enjoy today and tomorrow, big changes on monday. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. we'll see you back here at 11:00. nbc "nightly news" is next.
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on this saturday night, under fire. donald trump faces harsh new criticism from his own party. he is told not to come to a big conservative forum. direct hit. destruction and death from a typhoon that dumped four feet of rain, cussing mudslides and cutting power to millions. toxic mistake. how a cleanup effort by the epa caused an environmental disaster, polluting a scenic river with 1 million gallons of wastewater. and terror in the air. how the u.s. military is preparing for the possibility that terrorists might use drone toss attack the united states. and getting hook hooked. how a les


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