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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  August 9, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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. a deadly crash. a night out ends in tragedy for several college students. one of them died after their car hit two trees and turned over. what police say contributed to the crash. practice makes perfect a live look outside lincoln financial field where the eagles will hit the gridiron today. it's the second and final practice that's open to the public. what a day for some football. really any activity outdoors. we're in for plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the mid 80s. there is a threat of showers, but that's not coming up until the work week. welcome back to nbc 10 news. i'm rosemary connors. let's get to our weather from meteorologist michelle grossman. >> good morning. perfect day today. we'll deal with the showers starting tomorrow, heavy rain
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also on tuesday. right now blue skies, looking at clouds mixing in here's a live look outside. we're down at the beach. looking from our cape may camera. ocean water temperatures in the mid 70s. air temperatures pretty close to where they were 24 hours ago. two degrees warmer in philadelphia. two degree was warmer in atlant city. almost a carbon copy of yesterday. we'll end up at about 86 degrees. right now we made it to the 70s. some spots into the 80s. 80 in philadelphia. 76 in allentown. 71 in lancaster. you're walking out the door to 77 in millville, new jersey. 77 in wildwood. 76 in dover, delaware. temperatures have jumped over the past hour and a half. they will continue to jump to near 86 degrees this afternoon. 80 degrees at 11:00 a.m. 83 degrees at 2:00, and 86 at 5:00.
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showers and storms returning to your forecast and also some 90s. we'll talk about that coming up. thousands of eagles fans are blocking to lincoln final field this mondaying for the second public practice of this summer's training camp. jesse gary is live outside lincoln financial field in south philly where he is in the mix and in the thick of the crowd. hey, jesse. >> rosemary, how are you doing? the gates have been hoping. thousands waiting for the past hour to get inside, now they're able to get into the link in the middle of this sea of green. one brave sole from an enemy camp. this toms river resident got lost on the turnpike, instead of going north he came south and wound up at the linc. he says he came from a family of
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eagles fans but broke ranks and when to the blue. tens of thousands of eagles fans are here to see the final practice of training camp and hon honor america's service men and women. >> thought i would come down and look at philly. >> kind of dangerous to come down here and wear that. >> i understand that. it could be worse. i could be wearing a dallas jersey. >> it's heart warming to knows there a great organization in the eagles, they honor the men and women in uniform. i love coming to this event. i've been here before. they treat us well. the uso is another great organization that they partner wit with. >> practice starts at 11:45 this morning. a lot of eyes on sam bradford's surgery repaired knee. can de marco murray's legs last the entire 16-game season, is this the final year for a super bowl championship? those are the questions people
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want answers to. one week from today, the first preseason game against the colts. that will be on the road. season is here. football sunday. yea. live outside the linc, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> as we just saw in jesse's report. today is military day down at the linc. if you are a member of the military, head down for free food, fun and special treatment. don't forget, nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we'll have pregame and postgame coverage all season long as well as every snap of the eagles preseason opener. our coverage begins on that game at 12:30 next sunday august 16th. in other news, a 20-year-old man is dead after a crash in philadelphia's society hill neighborhood. it happened earlier today. philadelphia police tell nbc 10 that the victim was a college student and was driving three friends after a night out. he lost control of his suv,
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struck two trees and flipped over. this happened near 4th and lombard streets. police believe speed was a factor and say the driver was not wearing a seat belt. the passengers inside that suv were not seriously hurt. philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot a man in the back. nbc 10 was on the scene at levick street summerdale avenue where the shooting happened just after 1:00 this morning. the victim told police that he never saw the shooter and he was not robbed. it's unclear of the victim's it's unclear of the zgi'9m's police in philadelphia are also investigating a shooting in west philly. somebody shot a man just before 11:00 last night at 60th and locust streets. we're working on finding out more about the circumstances of the shooting. some voters in philadelphia will head to the polls this week and elect a candidate to finish the term of a state representative who resigned after a corruption investigation.
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three candidates are vying for the open seat. democrat donna bullock is an attorney and former special assistant to the city council president. republican adam lang is a computer engineer and write-in candidate judith robinson is a life-long resident of north philadelphia and a real estate broker. the special election for the 195 led legislative district will be held this tuesday. polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the district includes the strawberry mansion and spring garden neighborhoods. michelle brownlee resigned her elected position as state rep of that district after pleading guilty in connection to a cash for favors sting. five others have also been charged in the corruption investigation. the candidate who wins brownlee's former post will serve out the term and be up for re-election in the spring. today there's a mass to celebrate nine new seminaryians in the diocese of camden.
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bishop dennis sullivan will celebrate mass at christ the redeemer parish assumption church at atco at 11:00. pennsylvania's attorney general, kathleen kane, is now a criminal defendant, but she says she will not resign from her and is rejecting a call from governor tom wolf to step down. kane ignored cameras and reporters questions on the way to her first court appearance in norristown, montgomery county yesterday. a judge set bail at $10,000 unsecured, which means kane did not have to post money in order to be released. she surrendered to detectives days after the district attorney's office in montgomery county charged her with perjury and abuse of power. lawyers on both sides of this case are talking. >> our job in going forward here is simply to do justice and bring the truth out in the courtroom.
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>> her side of it has not come out. it will over the course of this case. that's how this process works. it's a marathon. >> prosecutors claim kane leaked secret grand jury information to a philadelphia newspaper to make her rivals look soft on crime. kane did not enter a plea yesterday. her next court appearance is august 24th. her driver is also in some trouble with the law. patrick rocco reese is charged with indirect criminal contempt. you're looking at video of kane and reese taken last month. prosecutors say reese secretly tapped the files of the grand jury investigating his boss. you can count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage on the kathleen kane case, you can get developments on our website, or on the nbc 10 news app. still ahead, taking aim and firing along a street in kensington, philadelphia.
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police need your help to find the man in this exclusive video. a gloucester county park is and it's not just a bright expression of color. it's a show of support, maybe a political statement. why one new jersey family has decided to give their garage door a dramatic new look.
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i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad.
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i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. welcome back this sunday morning. looking good. temperatures in mid 70s. some spots 80 degrees. beautiful day to be outside in the city. a live look outside. looking at a mix of sun and clouds. looking good in the poconos. looking good at the shore points. 80 in philadelphia. 74 in chester springs. 77 in washington township. also in the 70s in allentown, 76. south and east looking mainly at the upper 70s. 77 at the atlantic city airport. 76 in dover, delaware. by this afternoon, temperature jumping to near 84 degrees in allentown. mix of sun and clouds.
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same story as we go down to the south and east. montgomery county, norristown, pennsylvania, 85. 84 in mt. holly. the shore points in the 80s. that risk for rip currents and closer to the city looking at 86. a beautiful day today, changes coming on monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thanks, michelle. take a look, this surveillance video shared exclusively with nbc 10 shows the frightening moments when a man armed with a rifle stormed out of a barbershop and opened fire in a philadelphia neighborhood. patrons fled the shop with their kids and took off in cars. barbershop employees say the man came into the store yesterday with a box and sat down as if he was getting a hair cut. he then took a large rifle out of the box, ran out of the store and began shooting. the suspect killed one man and wounded two others. neighbors who did not want to show their faces on camera tell us the shootings in the city are
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getting out of control. >> no words. scary. especially when you're raising a family here. we have kids on this block. a lot of people. >> the video shows the suspect wearing a white shirt and blue shorts, rounding the corner and leaving the scene. if you recognize this man, philadelphia police would like to from you. she says she is taking a stand. a local mom has a powerful response to homophobic graffiti spray painted on her house. she turned the words "i'm gay" into art. erin kennedy delong says her 17-year-old daughter noticed the vandalism at her house on july 30th. she was the first one to spot it. both of her daughters are bisexual. instead of cleaning up the graffiti, the family decided to take it one step further and patient rain panels on the door as a show of support. still ahead, back on the ground after an emergency landing. find out what damaged the
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windshield and nose cone of this delta jet. and thirsting for a new idea. these young minds have one. see what water bottle of the future does besides just hold water. with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow.
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very special event next weekend. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are teaming up with animal shelters in our area to help find homes for pets in need. it's called clear the shelters. it's happening saturday, august 15th. on that day, shelters will offer reduced adoption fees to help find homes for the thousands of animals. help us raise awareness by sharing the event on social media. use the #cleartheshelters, and come out next saturday, august 15th to welcome a new friend
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into your family. for shelter locations and more information on the fee, tap the nbc 10 news app. today expect to see plenty of pink on the beach in wildwood. the lifeguards will be wearing pink cure at the shore t-shirts which you can buy for a $10 donation. 100% of the proceeds goes to the susan g. komen fight against breast cancer. if you want to know what a hail storm can do to an airliner, look at this. this delta passenger jet flying from boston to salt lake city on friday night had to make an emergency landing in denver. you can see the damage to the windshield and nose cone. the passenger said folks on board started holding hands when the flight hit major turbulence. fortunately nobody was hurt. out west, state officials have lifted evacuation orders in northern california after cooler weather has been helping crews gain some more ground othver th
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wildfires. this fire is 70% contained after it swept through 109 square miles. the u.s. forrest service says one firefighter was killed last night. a tree fell on top of him while he was battling a wildfire near lake tahoe. closer to home, we're tracking nice weather today. nice today, big changes come on monday. we'll bring in more cloud cover, also the chance for showers, some storms later in the day, that rain continues until tuesday. today, enjoy the sunshine, a mix of sun and clouds. looking good. a beautiful start to the weekend yesterday. hopefully you got out and enjoyed it looking at a perfect day for mid-august. looking at a rip current risk. once again we had it in place yesterday with that onshore flow. it will be in place today. showers returning in our seven-day as early as tomorrow and also on tuesday. 80 degrees in philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies. we'll call it a mix of sun and
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clouds. still a lot of sunshine. 76 in philadelphia, 77 in millville. 76 in dover. and 77 in atlantic city. so temperatures start to climb. they will climb to near 86 degrees later this afternoon. 86 is normal for this time of year. we are right where we need to be. looking outdoors, this looks hazy, but a mix of sun and clouds. a live look from the adventure aquarium camera overlooking center city. when you look out your window, you will see the mix of sun and clouds. a nice start to the day. high pressure still in control. that's a good thing on the weekend. that's keeping us nice and dry. this model wanting to bring in showers. showers will hold off until later tonight, at least overhours in the poconos. there are the showers by 9:00 in the morning.
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isolated but still bringing mr. cloud cover and humidity. everyone will start to see more clouds as we go through monday. everyone has a chance to see rain. maybe localized flooding, something to watch for the next day. you can see it tonight and check and see what the latest models are showing. sunday, looking good. partly sunny. temperature for this time of year. the beaches, 81 degrees. breezy like yesterday. 86 as we get back closer to the city. 83 to 87, topping out at about 86 agrdegrees, warm but not hot. 84 on monday, chance of showers. tuesday, rain heavy at times, 82. wednesday, breezy, and looking great for thursday before we warm back up on friday. and hot and humid by next
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saturday. 90s back into the forecast. some tech savvy students at the university of minnesota are on a mission to change the way we stay hydrated. the group designed a bottle that alerts you when your body needs a drink it factors in age, body type and weather outside while it connects with your smartphone. the students started a crowd funding campaign. >> it's cool when we see people walking down the street with our bottles or if they're in stores. that will be exciting for all of us, i think. >> so far the students have raised $627,000. the first 12,000 bottles will be shipped out this winter. still ahead, going for more than a win. can the phillies remove a attached to them for most of the season? we'll show you the highlights and all the day's sports.
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>> i'm keith jones for nbc 10 at issue. join me later today for a special edition called clear the shelters. they sit and wait and wait. thousands of cats and dogs, kittens and puppies desperate to spring from their cages to start again with a new family. one that will love them and care for them. but for too many pets the wait ends here. clearing the shelters means saving lives. >> that's this morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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talking sports now. the phillies no longer have major league baseball's worst record. they continued their west coast trip in san diego last night. hits two rbis and a run scored to lift the phillies over the padres. another rookie, pitcher adam morgan, notched a quality start. the final 4-2.
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the phillies are now 15-5 since the all-star break. here's the rest of your morning sports. the first week of training camp is now complete. sam bradford continues to take the eagles first team reps, an early indication there may not be much of a quarterback competition after all. the early reviews on bradford have been favorable. zone period. there hasn't been any issue with his surgically repaired knee. he doesn't wear a brace for support, and the support he does receive is from his head coach. >> he's getting more comfortable. the more 11 on 11 he gets and pocket awareness and things like that. i think that's what we expected when we traded for him. it's the type of player we saw on film. it's the type of guy that pat louis. another player coming back from serious injury is the signal caller on defense, linebacker demeco ryans, who tore his achilles last november in houston. ryans said he's feeling good so far.
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>> when i'm running around, i'm not thinking about my achilles at all. i'm thinking about getting loosened up and everything before i go out. once i do my pre-hab work it's behind me and i'm ready to go. >> de marco murray resumed activities after missing thursday's practice and most of friday's drills. coach chip kelly said murray was sick. michael kendricks also returned after missing friday's practice. the birds first preseason game is a week away. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we'll have pre-game and post game shows as well as every snap of the preseason opener. coverage begins 12:30, sunday august 16th. the redskins and titans concluded three days of joint practices, and it doesn't appear they'll make this an annual get-together. punches were thrown and players were tossed to the ground and the practice session was called moments after it happened.
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with hockey camp a month away, the flyers added some depth to their group signing chris porter to a one-year contract. he spent parts of the past six seasons with the st. louis blues. this signing is significant because porter played three years at the university of north dakota under new flyers coach, dave hakstol. the union visiting orlando city. union with a free kick. ritchie marquez gets a head on that orlando makes a nice save. this one ends 0-0. that is sports. i'm john boruk of comcast sportsnet. >> before we leave you on this sunday, one last check of the weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. a nice one out there. >> really nice. looking a looking at sunshine. this is where i want to be. >> i'll get the beach chairs. you bring your sun block. >> we both need that sun block.
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86 this afternoon. things change on monday, more clouds, chance for a thunderstorm, and showers on tuesday. 82. sunshine returns on wednesday, breezy, 85. thursday, back to the nice weather, 84. we start that tick tock where we were 86 and back to the 90s on saturday. >> we know we were going to see some of that in the forecast that will do it for us. "meet the press" is next.
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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone.
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mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. this sunday, is it possible donald trump has finally gone too far? >> you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> the conservative backlash is fierce. donald trump joins me to react. plus i sit down with one of the candidates who helped himself in the gop debate, marco rubio. and our new poll, wait until you see who republican voters thought won the debate. also, a leading democrat says no to the iran deal. so what happens next? i'll ask one of the president's closest senate allies, democrat claire mccaskill. finally, was this the pinocchio moment of thursday night. >> i was appointed u.s. attorney by president bush on september 10


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