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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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jesse gary is live at the scene. also we're watching this this morning. this may have led to that accident in fact. rain coming down. we can see it here in this camera, focused on the comcast camera in center city. rain is falling through the area. we're tracking that live. >> a look at the radar showing that rain moving through. there's a change for the afternoon, then perhaps some afternoon thunderstorms. 5:30. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and that rain that's currently falling. you told us this was coming yesterday. we saw storms move in earlier this morning. it's been heavy at times. >> it has. tapering off, an improving view from the comcast center in center city. that line of heavier showers now moving through trenton, though it is not as heavy as it was earlier. scattered heavier showers just to the south of chester field in
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burlington county. those storms are moving to the east at 20 miles an hour. improving conditions in cape may, just as it has already improved in dover. sunshine on hold to start with but we should see breaks later this morning and into this afternoon. rainfall this morning, 72 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00, scattered showers and 75. we'll get breaks of sunshine and then there's a chance of more showers popping up this afternoon. and the threat of some thunderstorm activity later today. we'll go through it hour by hour. the futurecast that's just been updated when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's find out about the traffic and this wet weather that may be affecting lots of roads this morning. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> yes, bill, we still are watching that accident scene on the schuylkill expressway. finally some relief around university avenue on the westbound lanes, they have re-opened. you can see traffic moving through the area right now. this jackknifed tractor-trailer
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that we've been dealing with for the past hour or so now moved over into the right-hand shoulder. the eastbound lanes are doing just fine as we take a look at the drive times right here, 13 minutes headed eastbound from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. they were diverting traffic off around grays ferry. if you want to skip past the scene, take 95 to the vine street expressway westbound. we go live to jesse gary who's on the scene of this accident. give us some details, jesse. >> reporter: jessica, they've also opened the ramp to the south street exit and south street bridge which i'm standing on. traffic is moving clearly as you said on the westbound schuylkill past this accident. they did this in two phases, towing the cab of the truck up here to the bridge. that's offç to my right and th trailer is actually still back on the freeway on the right-hand side off on the shoulder, the very narrow shoulder but enough room to allow them to move the trailer over and let traffic get by again. so you can see the backup is
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starting to dissipate. off in the distance, traffic moving again. we'll let you know when they get all of this equipment off the freeway, coming up in the next 30 minutes or so. live on the south street bridge, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. happening today, a state appeals court judge will hear a case related to three former penn state administrators who were accused in the jerry sandusky scandal. that hearing involves the university's top lawyer who represented those administrators, graham spanier, gary schultz and tim curley. the lawyer is accused of violating attorney/client privilege by testifying against the men. they face charges that they covered up child sex abuse allegations against sandusky, the former assist and the football coach who is now serving prison time. also today, federal investigators are meeting to determine the cause of last year's crash on the new jersey turnpike that injured comedian tracy morgan and killed his friend, james mcnair. the two were in a limo van when their vehicle was rear-ended by a walmart tractor-trailer. morgan suffered head trauma, a
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broken leg and broken ribs. this morning, a 12-year-old boy remains in stable condition after sand on a beach in ocean county collapsed on him. witnesses tell us the boy was digging a hole at the beach at 17th street in surf city when the sand caved in on him. lifeguards and other people helped remove the boy from the sand and beach patrol staffers worked to revive him. >> it points out real vividly, the inherent danger of digging in the sand, an unstable structure, it will collapse in an instant. >> in surf city, it is illegal to dig a hole on the beach more than a foot deep. trapped behind a counter and beaten by a masked man. this morning, a gas station clerk walks us through that attack caught on camera. and you'll see in the video soon here, the man jumping the counter there, kicking in the door, tackling the victim to the ground. this happened at a sunoco station in strawberry mansion.
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after taking that beating, the clerk grabbed the phone and called 911. that's when the would-be robber took off empty handed. the clerk says it happened fast. >> i was trying to defend myself. he put fingers on my eye, pushed my face and hit me on the back. >> this video shows the same man an hour and a half before the attack buying cigarettes at the store. detectives say he's wearing the same shoes worn in the attract. 5:31 and 71 degrees outside. we want you to take a look at this video of two guys suspected of slashing tires. two dozen cars were vandalized in queen city july 26th. the vandals hit cars on queen, south swanson and south third street. if you have any information, police would like to hear from you. it is legally official now. stockton university can begin a search for another buyer for the
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former show boat casino in atlantic city. the school bought that property last year, wanting to turn it into a satellite campus. but a deed restriction would not allow that to happen. straub filed a complaint last month and is now banned from interfering with the purchase. stockton university can look for another buyer now. preparing for the pope. we know what roads will be closed but what about the schools? we'll tell you0who's staying open and who's closing and for how long. and will you be jamming to maroon five in atlantic city? the city council makes a decision about the beach concerts. improving conditions in philadelphia, still a threat of more heavy weather later today. 71 degrees right now at 5:36. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is just ahead.
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now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist bill henley. rain is coming down this morning. it's a live view of the comcast center in center city. you can see the rain is steady but not as heavy as it was a short time ago. with the rain in the area, of course the humidity is high. look at the temperature, 72 degrees. that's warmer than yesterday. the winds is gusting to 22 miles an hour. that makes a light rain feel heavier. the heavy showers left this behind. some of the heaviest downpours were in delaware county where an inch and a half is in the ground. southern elle delaware county, northern new castle county and lower bucks county topping an inch. close to it for northeast philadelphia. that's what's already on the ground. we're seeing light rainfall in the wake of that line of heavier showers. moving into ocean county right now. they're moving off of the northeast at 20 miles an hour. there's a possibility we'll see more downpours this morning. mainly light rain at 8:00 for philadelphia.
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we could see heavier showers in south jersey and farther north and west. we get a break for much of the day. isolated showers at 3:00. but later this afternoon, a line of storms may take shape with heavy downpours and could see gusty winds with those storms later today. so your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling sunshine but occasional showers and thunderstorms, low 70s for the pocono mountains, near 80 degrees for allentown and makertomake quakertown, mt. holly and norristown. cape may, rehoboth, and vineland up to 80 degrees this afternoon. and 80 also for wilmington with showers this morning, then a break, then possibility of storms later this afternoon. that storm threat also for philadelphia and williamstown. seven day when i'm back in ten. something to watch for the rest of the day. thanks, bill. 20 minutes till 6:00. we got the mess on the schuylkill out of the way for the most part. >> it seems like traffic is moving pretty well.
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there wasn't that big of a backup because it was so early. jessica boyington can fill us in. >> finally relief on the schuylkill expressway right around university avenue. you can see on the westbound side right over here all lanes have re-opened. we do still have that tractor-trailer, pushed over to the right-hand side. something to watch out for. no detours, everything moving along. no backup at this point. the eastbound lanes are doing fine as well. on the schuylkill expressway, we can actually prove it to you. take a look at the drive times. rain still falling in the distance. eastbound or westbound, a 13-minute trip from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. currently no weather related delays at the philadelphia international airport. mass transit doing just fine, no problems or delays for new jersey transit, septa or the is likely to cause parking problems. the neighborhood in new jersey and will you be able too use uber during the pope's visit? and it's the must-see video of the morning.
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a tornado hits traffic, swallowing up cars.
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5:44. local schools are making decisions now to be ready for the pope's arrival in philadelphia next month. >> temple university is the latest college to announce it's closing for the holy father's visit.
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temple's campuses will shut down friday, september 25th. drexel and the university of pennsylvania will shut down along with the community college of philadelphia and rutgers university, camden campus. the world meeting of families has asked the university for its parking spaces from friday through sunday that weekend at villanova so people can park there and access septa's norristown high-speed line. philadelphia public schools are working to figure out exactly how many days they will close during the papal visit. the district requested an additional day off ahead of the pontiff's arrival. schools are already closed on wednesday, september 23rd for yom kippur. and then students already had off friday, the 25th because of the holy father's visit. so now they're also asking for thursday, the 24th as well.
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now drivers in new jersey are preparing for traffic visit. people living in cherry hill told us they're worried about congestion. here's why. weekend of the pope's visit, broadway, ferry avenue, lynncrest and lindenwold. when the phillies won the world series one time, the people were coming up here and parking everywhere on this street. i know it's probably going to be the same. >> cherry hill police are still trying to figure out exactly how they will handle that parking situation. we've been telling you about strict traffic restrictions in place. what about uber and taxis? officials still haven't decided whether those vehicles will be allowed. uner says it's been working with the world meeting of families about ways they can help get people around that weekend. for the latest updates on the
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pope's visit, including parking and transportation information, you can go to the nbc 10 news app for an entire section dedicated to the pope's visit. 5:47. 71 degrees. a former new jersey man is under arrest. he's accused of trying to join isis and encouraging others to do the same. now, he was taken to federal court in newark after being captured overseas in jordan. federal officials say he was trying to form a small army to fight for the terrorist organization. he and his brother are among six people arrested in new york and new jersey accused of conspireing with terrorists. investigate ares believe they were also scouting potential targets for an attack. in april, you'll remember police arrested keonna thomas from philadelphia, known online as the young lioness. authorities charged her with trying to help terrorists. sheúfhces up to 15 years in prison. then there was the woman known as jihad jane, colleen larose
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from montgomery county. she was sentenced to ten years in prison for a 2009 plot to kill a cartoonist that mocked the prophet muhammad. happening today, delaware governor jack markell will sign a new bill into law honoring beau biden. the law expands back ground checks to include people working with children on a part-time or temporary basis like summer camp or sports programs. the current law applied to employees of year-round child care facilities. today an environmental lab will issue a new report on the possible impact of frac'ing in the delaware river basin. the study is expected to show what could happen to air and water quality and human health if a ban on frac'ing in new york state is lifted. the source of the delaware river is in new york. frac'ing drills use high pressurized water to break shale and rock so natural gas can be
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released. a toxic swale caused this. the epa says crews were setting up for a system for treating that water at the mine when 3 million gallons of sludge accidentally was released into seven bodies of water in new mexico and colorado. the agency is launching an independent investigation. all right. if you haven't seen this video, even if you have, you have to see it again. violent wind from a typhoon on dashcam video. you see the moment the twister went over a road here. then seemingly disappeared in the twister right in front of the car there. my goodness. you look to the top of the screen, there's a woman sitting in the road after being tossed around by the high wind. she had minor injuries, amazingly as someone runs over to help her there. the typhoon killed at least 21 people. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 6:00. we've had a rainy start this
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morning, heavy downpours, too. this is the view from the comcast center in center city. those are low clouds over the city. rain is tapering off in philadelphia. look at the wind. winds are now gusting to 22 miles an hour. you can see it in the flags and the aramark building. an hour ago you couldn't even see the flags because the clouds were lower. at the shore, 14 mile-an-hour winds. even light rain feels like it's coming down heavier. the heavy showers, the line has moved off to the northeast. we're watching more storms in western pennsylvania. that's a possibility to swing through the area later today. keep an eye on the sky. occasional showers and thunderstorms, but not an all-day rainfall. we will see breaks of sunshine warm into the low 80s today. storms today and this evening and then tomorrow, sunshine will be nice and bright. 85 the high. after morning low of 66.
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less humid, the humidity dropping during the day. that will set the stage for beautiful weather thursday and friday. plenty of sunshine and low humidity. hot weekend into the low 90s with sunny skies for saturday, sunday and up to 91 monday. this is a good reminder with rain in the airy, you can use the nbc 10 app to track rain and storms right down to your neighborhood. track live radar as the storms move through, possibly this afternoon. the nbc 10 app is a free download at the apps store. nine minutes before 6:00. we're tracking your ride to work. we know wet roads and that accident out of the way on 76 westbound. let's find out what else. >> we don't have an app!vor that. we have something better. >> jessica boyington. >> we have jessica boyington. there she is. >> you know what, guys, we cannot get relief on the schuylkill expressway. the schuylkill eastbound around girard avenue, the exit is being blocked with a downed tree. the schuylkill eastbound around
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30th street has reports of flooding and an accident as well. this tractor-trailer still off to the right-hand shoulder but traffic moving through the area as well. if you're heading out the door in bristol on the 2,400 block of durham road, there's a tractor-trailer into a guardrail. obviously a lot of weather-related issues so far this morning. on the pa turnpike, rain actively falling on the scene, 23 minutes west or eastbound from route 1 up toward valley forge. no delays for new jersey transit, septa or patco speed line. >> the people watching us on r periscope gets to see what happens behind the scenes. >> we're talking to viewers and answering questions on the news we're doing. >> periscope is not just for submarines anymore. speaking of sea-going
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vessels, if you ever wanted to have a sleepover on a battleship, here's your chance. why the battleship "new jersey" is letting people bunk there and how much it will cost you.
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zoigs 2016. former pennsylvania ed rendell will chair mcginnty's run for the senate. he says she'll fight for good schools, good jobs and affordable health care. mcginnty is facing off against former congressman joe sestak. the winner of that will be facing incumbent republican senator pat toomey in the general election next year. the battleship new jersey in camden is one of our biggest touri isist attractions. >> you'll get a chance to view a 20-foot brass model of the battleship, the navy actually used this model for radar testing on a miniature scale. now it's serving a different purpose. >> definitely used by the navy,
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just hasn't been used in many years. we thought why not get it, bring it out here and allow guests to experience it. >> visitors can look at that model free of charge. we're told eventually it will go on display all around the area. you won't have to go to the ship to see it. >> it takes a lot of brass to bunk on the battleship. a historic sleepover, how about that in a sailor bunk, aboard the battleship can be yours for $75 per person. that gets one one night in a bunk, a navy locker, no shower, though. bring deodorant. unlike its glory days, the ship does have air conditioning. that's one amenity that's been added. the chow line will be offering hot dinners for adults and kids. hot dinners for adults and kids is what i said that, let the record reflect. the battleship ceo says it's a hot ticket.
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>> it's a spectacular experience, when the city lights up and the stars come out. it will be a great experience for adults and kids. >> phil rowan says the patrons will be able to walk around on their ship during the papal festivities. about six miles from the gang plank to the parkway. >> they offer that to a lot of groups. i know a lot of people who have spent the night there. >> that's pretty cool. >> pretty fun. >> not a bad walk there. people are expected to do a lot of walk for the papal visit. six miles from the battleship to the parkway. >> atlantic city voted unanimously as we told you they would probably do yesterday to allow concerts on the beach later this month. >> maroon five and others are scheduled to take the stage in five days. local business owners initially opposed the event after they were cut out of the contract to cater the shows. late last month, the catering company said she would share the job with local businesses and would hire 250 people for
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concession jobs. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> aç man is lucky to be alive after being run over by a car in gloucester county. now police are looking for the driver. more tense moments in ferguson, missouri this morning. more than two dozen arrests were made and a state of emergency is in place as protests continue. we're off to a rainy start this morning. take it slow on the roads. may be a slick ride to work. just about 6:00 a.m., 71 degrees outside. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we've seen heavy rain come down at times. it may have caused a bad accident on the schuylkill expressway that's now clear, thank goodness. let's see where the rain isle falling now. meteorologist bill henley is in with his forecast. >> the wind has picked up as the rain has moved out. the heaviest downpours are
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taking a break. light rain and winds gusting to more than 20 miles an hour. there goes the heavy stuff, that line moving through ocean county and new jersey, just in the trenton airy, an isolated shower will also be moving off to the northeast. these showers are moving at 20 miles an hour. still looking at wet weather at the shore, cape may, the heavy downpours are just offshore of cape may and in the delaware beaches. you can see how it's tapered off already in dover. that's what we're doing to see for much of the rest of the area. a murky view with low clouds over center city. this is a live view from the comcast center. still rain in the area. it's a lighter rainfall, 73 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00, still showers in the area. but we'll get breaks in the clouds and see the temperatures climb to near 80 degrees by 1:00. there's a good chance we'll see pop-up showers during the afternoon and the threat of heavier downpours and thunderstorms later today. we'll go through it


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